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Sophie ♥    847

Hey everyone!  Ready for a new Sophie & Pudding story?  Kit 'n' Kenzie ended last week and Pudding and I wanted to try something a little different.  I started writing this story at the beginning of the year, but it really didn't "feel" right.  So Pudding and I reworked it.  Though there are Little elements, the story is extremely diaper-focused.  It also features a boy that DOESN'T become a girl, because I know a lot of people wanted to see that!  There are still some gender elements though... sorry, I can't help myself. :blush:  It takes place in a reimagined version of our world, where people wear diapers into their teens and young adulthood.  It also has a lot of boy/boy content because that's a demographic we usually don't explore!

In short, Untrained is a mishmash of all the things that are usually absent from a Sophie & Pudding story. :lol:

As always, Early Access chapters will be available on our Patreon!  Thank you for reading and make sure to leave comments!  






"I'm Emme. Like Emma but not at all because a and e are different letters." I smiled as I rocked back and forth on the hard plastic chair, the crinkling of my diaper not at all subtle beneath the pleated skirt of the girls’ uniform - easier for changing times, really. The boy looked shy, but he was cute in a not-yet-a-man kind of way; his hair was short, but soft and pretty and his cheeks had a natural blush. "What's your name?" First day of school meant having to make new friends, after all, and though my long term boyfriend was in 11th grade, I wouldn't see him until after school. 


The whole idea of sexualizing the girl's uniforms was silly. I put my head against my arms on the table, careful to keep my top down over the waistband of my pants. It's hard to sexualize something so widely accepted, and lifting a skirt to check a girl's diaper was just that. Even boys wore the same dresses as girls in middle school, but not here, not in high school. Boys didn't wear diapers in high school the way girls did. All except me. But if they found that out, I'd be in the same outfit as the girls. "Call..." 


"That's an odd name." The tone wasn't something too condescending, it was just a pretty simple observation. "I like your pants.” Seeing a boy in pants in school hours was still something of a novelty to me and that was the easy compliment to make. "Are you nervous? I bet you're nervous. The instructors said that most of the boys would be the first few days - I bet your birthday is toward the end of summer, right? It's okay - you'll be fine." Easy for me to say - I didn't need to worry about training. 


"I'm fine... it's fine..." The black standard issue school pants were never meant to hide a diaper, and likewise, they didn't do it well. I had to be absolutely sure to always wear my sweater, even in the late summer heat, and even then I had to walk slowly. But what choice did I have?


"Can I see your schedule?" Girls weren't usually very assertive, and once we got to high school we usually fell into our natural social place - especially with the boys coming out of their shells. For now I was doing okay, though, but I expected once Corles and I spent a few days together at school that would change. "I don't have any friends and it would be really fun if we had some classes together." 


"Sure, no problem." I grabbed the slip of paper out of my jacket pocket and passed it along the table. She seemed delighted about something and passed it back. I slipped it back into my jacket and shifted uncomfortably on the seat. Wet already...? I still had three classes…


"We have the next two classes together.  How cool is that?” I smiled happily, shifting in my seat.  But the bell rang overhead and I knew classes were going to start soon. "You can hangout with me and Corles - he's my Daddy." 


"I never liked that word," I said with a frown, climbing up from the seat with much too much care. I took a deep breath and followed behind Emme. "I think it's messed up to call your boyfriend Daddy, you know? Just because of the whole diaper thing... it's kind of gross, actually." It tended to stop, though, once girls were out of diapers, too. But that was anywhere from 18-22. 


"I think it's cute. I mean, it's not like it's a permanent thing, but you think about it - we get changed here by school staff, but otherwise a boyfriend changes our diapers, takes care of us, gives us baths, it's pretty much that sort of thing." Despite the public title fading in time, the level of subservience that a girl had with a man was very prominent throughout the rest of her life. "Don't you daydream about a cute girl to lay down on a bed and stare longingly into her eyes while you untape her? Knowing she needs you?" 


“No,” I said with a frown, still following Emme at quite a slow pace. I meant it, too. I wasn't an unattractive boy, though probably not the kind of attractive most girls here were interested in. But the idea of changing someone out of their diapers...? I was the youngest - I'd never had to. It just seemed so weird to me. Why couldn't they do it themselves? I did it myself!


"You wouldn't want to lay me down... lift my blouse a little, slide my skirt up and look into my big blue eyes, look at my blushing cheeks as I nibble the tip of my thumb...?" I smiled coyly, daydreaming a little bit at the description that Corles had once given - most boys were enamored with the idea! That Call wasn't was a little bit peculiar. "Come on. Come with me." I took his hand in both of mine the way a child would with an adult and began to lead him down the hall to one of the changing halls. 


Shit, seriously? Come on! "I... hey, we have class. Cut it out!" But she'd pulled me through and into one of the changing rooms. Boyfriends changing their girlfriends at school was forbidden - it was a strictly parental or staff thing - but girls needed a place to be changed or change themselves regardless. What was worse, these places were usually checked in on pretty often... "We're going to get caught!" 


"We'll be fine." I was gleeful and bubbly - a lot of girls my age got this way when changing was on the table - and I pulled the flimsy curtain around one of the changing alcoves. It wasn't a lot of privacy, but we scarcely needed it. "Lift me onto the changing table." 


"Emme! Not only are we going to get caught and suspended,” on the first day of school, no less, “but you said something about a boy, right? He wouldn't be happy with this!" But a second later, she was standing an inch away, our heights nearly even and her eyes level with mine. Her hands fell to my hands and put them in place on her hips. I could barely breathe. 


Corles wouldn't mind - as an 11th grader he had very little to prove, and Call would be aspiring to be just like him anyway. I put the boy’s hands on my hips and smiled at him, biting my lip and whispering. "Change me, okay? I'm just a helpless girl, and I need a big strong boy to take care of me... lift me onto the table...?" I was swaying left to right, coyly, smiling cute as a button. 


Alright, so maybe it wasn't so bad... and damn, Emme was cute. I lifted her up onto the changing table, which wasn't too difficult, and she laid back against the padding. I let out a little sigh and lifted up her skirt. The diaper, despite the pink hue, was definitely wet. All I could think about was how badly I wished I could change, too... 


A boy as freshly out of diapers as Call was wouldn't have the same level of practice as Corles did, but a lot of people had younger siblings and had some level of skill at this. "You should compliment your girl when she's on the changing table, Call, because she's going to be very self-conscious and she's going to look to you to bolster that for her." The words were very adult, but my tone was still 'little', the way I spoke when Corles changed me. 


"Um... sure..." But of course, I had no idea what to say. I took a deep breath and untaped the sides of the pink diaper. Colors were pretty popular, but the cloth movement never really stuck. Some girls still wore them, but they were never very popular. It always added too much waddle. Regardless, this would be the first girl I'd ever see naked. I didn't care, not really. Nudity wasn't so intimate anymore, but it was still a moment. "You're... really pretty, Emme. I mean that, too. And you smell like vanilla..." Which I guess is better than pee. 


He was pretty good, but he needed to do better if he wanted to catch a really nice girl. "Imagine you're on the table and I'm changing you, and you're a pretty girl and you're shy, think of some of the things you'd like me to say to you..." The cold air was a sharp contrast to the warm diaper and my legs tingled with a sort of pins and needles that wouldn't last very long.


I knew how this was supposed to be done. My parents had changed me many times, and instructors in elementary school. By middle school, all the boys were changing themselves, and by high school, even most of the girls were too. And I knew how to lift her legs, but when I tried, I couldn’t get the diaper under her.  I had to ask her to lift up herself. It wasn't a proud moment for me. "You're really cute, and... and outgoing, which isn't supposed to be nice, but it really is. I would never have talked to you, and you made a friend, and that's such a nice attitude."


Okay, so it was a start. I smiled as he pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it on either side, then sat up, looking down at him with a sideways and sort of wry smile. I took his hand in both of mine again so he couldn't run, then nodded to the table. "Your turn. Up on the table." Firm and a little bit playful the way Corles was with me - I'd only seen it by accident when he'd reached up with my legs, but Call was definitely wearing a diaper.


“W-what are you talking about...?" I felt my stomach sink, turning toward where the door would be if it wasn't for the curtain. Lunch was over. The room would probably stay empty, but an instructor would be in soon to verify that before classes. I felt my chest pound. "We need to get to class." 


"You can go wet, or you can go dry. Come on, Call, I won't tell." It was weird, but I mean, no weirder than most other stuff that happened at school - diapers leaked and tapes broke and problems were problems. "I'm your friend, remember?" We were the same height and to be honest I was maybe a little stronger, and I lifted the boy under the arms and sat him on the edge of the changing table. "Lay down."


I felt like someone had lifted my stomach out of my body. I thought I'd throw up, but damn did I feel tiny, even on top of the table so much higher than the girl. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me backward against the padding. "I don't know what you're talking about, cut it out!" I tried to sit up again.


His movements to sit up were abruptly stopped, like a puppet with its strings cut, when I unbuttoned the boys pants and tugged them down to confirm my suspicions. A diaper. And a wet one, to boot. "Be still, beautiful, I'll get you all changed and dry." Okay, so I'd never changed a boy, not like this, and I'd only ever been changed by my parents, my boyfriend and school administrators (the latter of whom were quite detached) so this was new, but I emulated Corles for the most part as I untapped the diaper.


I thought I would die. It really couldn't get any worse than this, right? Wrong. The door opened a second later and I tumbled down off the table. The diaper was already gone, the same pink kind my sister wore, and I very quickly tugged my pants back up just before the curtain was drawn. 


"Young lady, you know better than to have boys back here, what is the meaning of this? What is your name." I smiled confidently as I could manage and looked up at the stern woman's face - she was my boyfriends gym teacher and we'd met only once before in passing during induction this morning. "Emme Matruglio, Miss. I'm sorry Miss, it won't happen again Miss.""And you, young man?" I answered for Call, though. "I was showing him where the girls got changed, because he was curious Miss. You know how boys are." "Yes, well..." She seemed convinced, mostly, though her temper was a little sour still.


The whole deal ended with an "If I ever catch either of you together in here again..." and I was ushered out of the changing rooms. I followed behind Emme was the teacher led us back to class. When we arrived, we both took a seat in the back. My anxiety was overwhelming.  I could barely breathe. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... 


"Are you okay?" I was smiling at the adrenaline, but I was also worried because Call looked as though he might die. "Take my bag once class starts and go to the bathroom - I have a spare." We were about the same size, and I wouldn't need my spare, since the school supplied them. I imagined that Call would, though - if he was still wearing at fifteen, that meant he was an Untrained.  Things could get very very unpleasant for him.


The first seven chapters of Untrained are available now on Patreon!  Please consider supporting us! ^_^ 

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Cute_Kitten    320

Boys in skirts...boy on boy...diaper focused....okay, who climbed into my head?  Cuz y'all are hitting all my giggity buttons. 

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CDfm    96

That is starting out to be a an incredibly good story. We have just barely started and already there is a very tense situation in front of us. Loving it and can't wait to read more. I believe I have been reduced to only one like per day and that really stinks because there are definitely more chapters that rate a like then I am given the opportunity to do so. 

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Interesting story Sophie. I can't wait to read more.  My face feels as red as his.  

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Sophie ♥    847



I didn't see her again until after school. We had two classes together, but after I changed myself in the bathroom, I was already too exhausted to talk. She went her way for the girl's class and I went to the boy's, which involved an annoying amount of previsionary testing. They would split us up tomorrow, and we'd wind up in different ranks of our gender-specific class. The girl's focused a lot on home life where ours had more to do with monetary flow and economics.


"How was classes?" Serendipitously we seemed to have the same train home and that was actually very lovely - I liked Call quite a lot. "Do you want to come over? My parents don't get home until late so I have the house to myself..." I was wet, and would be more than wet by the time we got home, but that was okay. "Plus I bet you can change more discretely at my house without your parents and siblings to worry about." 


She sure had me pegged, didn't she? I let out a little sigh and nodded my head, climbing off the train at her stop. I walked with my backpack over my shoulder and watched the houses go by. It was pretty customary to either have no kids, or four kids, and the population seemed to balance itself out pretty well. It was seen as very troublesome to have a small family with all the social expectations. Siblings taught a lot. 


We finally made it to my house and I opened the door with the small button attached to a retractable cord that was clipped to my bag. The lights came up and the air-conditioning started to hum and I waited for the boy to come in before closing the door. "We have a changing room," I explained as I led my way down the hall - my house was very large for the area and quite impressive. Changing rooms were likewise rare for a family with only one child. 


"Yeah... well... um..." I peered down at the pink plastic under my shirt with a little frown and turned to the girl. "I'm really sorry about today. And thanks for keeping my secret and all that. And for the loan. I just didn't know what else to do..." I sighed and closed my eyes, putting my hands behind my head. 


"Your parents don't know, do they? And I guess your siblings don't, either?" I knew he had siblings because he seemed to have a supply of diapers, still, though it did make me curious because most families kept pretty close eye on supply levels. "You.. know the school policy if you get caught, right?" 


"I won't get caught," was my way of saying 'Yes, I know what will happen'. I frowned and stepped into Emme’s changing room. "Wow. You have like... wow." At the very least, she had eight different colors. The changing room wasn't impressively large, but they never were. "You must have like eight siblings..." Though that was very irresponsible. Maybe six, tops. 


"Nuhuh. I'm an only child." I leaned against the changing table and winced as I felt my diaper fill with its second purpose, frowning a little. "I'll change you, don't worry, you don't have to change me." Twosies were something I was a little shyer about, though it was a natural part of my life. "Come on, over here."

"I can change myself," I said with a frown, sifting through the packages on the wall. Blue. Yes! It wasn't a very bright color, either, so it wouldn't attract as much attention as the pink. I pulled one out and turned back to the girl, her cheeks burning red. She was clearly very uncomfortable. "I said I can change myself."

"I'm going to change you." I took a breath and tried to hurry down my cheeks - I knew things were only going to get worse for the state of my diaper if he stalled, so I took the boy under the arms and lifted him onto the edge of the changing table. 


The same sinking helpless feeling washed over me and I wondered if that would ever go away. Boys were always allowed to get on the table themselves, even when we were young. But that feeling... "Emme... I've got this. Just please give me some priv-" But the next minute the smell hit me and I realized what she'd done. Most girls and boys had stopped the messes after elementary school, but the smell was always very familiar. I'd even been trained out of it at two years old! 


The realization over his face was familiar and I huffed and pushed the boy down on his back. "Be good, Call, be a good little pretty boy and lay still while I change you." I was firmer than normal, but I wanted this to be over so I could change myself. Ugh!

I sat up on my elbows. "You know, most girls your age are over that. Gosh, I'm in diapers in high school and even I’m-“ But the next time she slammed me to the table, it was much less playful. I felt my cheeks catch fire as she leaned over me. 


"You know when my tummy wasn't working right, my parents got me some things to help move things along. If you tease me again I'll see if they work on boys, too?" I untapped Call’s pink diaper and then took the blue one from his hand, tossing it aside and picking out a pink one from the shelves instead. 


I wasn't sure why I took her threat so seriously, but it shut me up quick. I bit hard on my lip while she changed me into the not-blue diaper and stood me up alongside the table. I still hadn't said a word, my cheeks indescribably red, and the girl pushed me out of the room without my pants. "H- hey..!" But then she slammed it closed. Great... 


The front door opened and there was the sound of a deep male voice calling into the house, the sort of voice that had definitely crossed over from boy to man but maybe only just. "Emme, baby girl, it's me - you here?" Corles clearly had a key-button of his own which wasn't that unusual, though when he turned the corner into the hall it wasn't his girlfriend that he saw - it was a boy about her size wearing a pink diaper. "Huh. You must be Call, right? Is she in here? I'm Corles." Corles had been the recipient of not one, but three growth-spurts, and could have made most any girl and most boys feel like children next to him. 


I did my best to pull the shirt down over the diaper, but the pink ones were difficult to protest the color of. Nothing quite had that hue. I felt my cheeks heat up as he walked over to me, about a foot higher, and stepped right past me and into the room without knocking. I heard Emme about to scream at me, but suddenly stopped when she realized who it was. The door closed again and I slipped to the floor to make myself as small as possible. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." 

It only took a few more minutes for me to emerge, a fresh diaper beneath my skirt and a red hue still in my cheeks, Corles behind me and towering above. "I'm sorry, proper introductions. Call, this is Corles. Corles, this is Call - he's Untrained." "So I see." He nodded, looking down at the boy huddled on the floor. He knelt down and picked the small boy up, setting him on his feet. "It's alright, don't worry - I'm not one of those brainless jocks who need to bully people to make themselves feel good." "Corles is actually in all the A-Level classes." I was proud of my Daddy!

"I'm not Untrained…” I hated that word, too, even more than I hated 'Daddy'. I did feel like quite a child though with Corles picking me up. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, then ever at Emme. "Can I have my pants now, so I can leave?" It wasn't that I liked being rude, but I didn't like the associations. And now it was the first day of school and two people knew about my problem! 


"What's the hurry little man? Stay a while - I'll put some food on." Though in the future it would typically be women who cooked for their men, at high school age it wasn't uncommon for a man to cook for his girl - it was a very paternal thing after all. "Yeah, please? Corles makes amazing mac and cheese and then we can all get to know each other. Please? Pretty please?" I held his hand with both of mine the way I did and Corles looked at the two of us with a smile. 


I didn't want to stay, not really, not after everything that happened. But I really was hungry, and cooking wasn't something most guys were good at, me included. I bit my lip and crossed my arms. Lina wouldn't be home, either... "Fine... but can I have my pants, please?" 


"When you go you can." I nodded, logically. "If you leak, you only have one pair of pants to go home in. And Corles doesn't mind, do you?" "Psh, naw. Come on you two." He took me by one hand and then took Call by the other without a second thought and began to lead the two of them into the large dining room.

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CDfm    96

I really liked the new chapter. It has to be hard for Call, first to be untrained and then to have a girl take control of him when he is supposed to be the adult type figure at that point. Then even worse when a dominant male enters the mix. I am trying very hard not to go and read ahead. I must have been a very good boy today, the site allowed me to share 4 likes today. I feel very special and very happy.

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Sophie ♥    847



"This is so fucking messed up," I said with a frown, sitting in one of the ritzy chairs. Our economy was great, and it really showed. I put my head on my arms and let out a long, exasperated sigh. Diapers were as much underwear as anything, and that I didn't mind, but I still didn't like being in my underwear in front of new people. On top of that, they were bright pink.

"You shouldn't curse, Corles thinks it's tacky.” I was sat next to Call at the table and I smiled, arranging my knives and forks the way I liked them, despite only needing a spoon for this meal. My headspace was definitely a little bit younger since Corles arrived. "Just relax, okay? We're friends now and Corles wants to be your friend, too. He's cool, right? I mean, he doesn't make you feel icky or anything or tease you, right?"

She had a point... and for an eleventh grader not to tease a tenth grade boy in diapers was... well, it was something. But I still didn't like the way he treated me. It was so condescending... but really, how different would it be if I was in boxers? "Maybe you're right. I just want him to tone down the childish crap. Even if I was a chick, I think it's stupid as hell."

"It's his way - you'll get it when you're his age." I smiled and put a fork in Call's hand so I could play-sword-fight with him, a devilish smile of glee on my lips. "Please be patient, okay? He's really a really nice boy. I used to think the way you did, but over time I just... I began to see how dreamy he is..."

"Yeah, well, unfortunately for Corles, I'm not interested in how dreamy he is." I frowned and pulled my head up from the table, twiddling the fork in my hand. I had little else to say until the food came in. I hated this. I hated that they were both looking down on me, like I was a girl or something.

"Here you go, baby girl, little man," Corles smiles, setting down the two bowls of macaroni and cheese in front of the two and a third in front of him as he sat opposite them both. Even sitting the boy was an imposing stature, but his smile was pretty charming. "If anybody at school finds out, you just tell me and I'll make sure to let them know not to tell anybody." Corles smiled - he'd be diplomatic, but it was hard to picture him as anything else but the sort that would just crack skulls to get results. "It's your business, way I see it." I shot a 'see?! isn't be so dreamy?!' look at Call and smiled.

"Yeah, thanks..." I let out a little sigh and blew on the mac and cheese. So maybe he wasn't so bad... "I'll get over it in a week or whatever. I'm just stressed about high school and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS." It was like mac and cheese crafted by the gods! 


"This is Corles' mac and cheese, I told you it was good, I told you I told you I told you!" I grinned and ate another spoonful and Corles laughed."Settle baby girl, don't want to spill your noodles."He was always so firm in the way that just made my head spin. Of course, following that statement, Call did just that - he spilled creamy cheesy sauce down the front of his top.

"Shit.” It was my own damn fault. I was careless. I was holding the bowl, and... ugh. I quickly put the bowl of mac and cheese down and assessed my school shirt. I'd taken my hoodie off on the train, like an idiot. But it wasn't so bad... if I had a napkin or something... 


Corles stood up the moment he saw it happen and went around the table, kneeling in front of the boy once he pulled out his chair, and with careful dabbing with a napkin he cleaned up most of it without a word. Call was looking at me over my boyfriend’s shoulder, blushing, and I smiled knowingly with a sense of happy mischief. "Let's get this in the wash, little man." 


"I got it. Really." But before I had much of anything to say on the matter, the shirt was pulled up over my head. I felt the same kind of sensation in my chest when Emme lifted me onto the changing table and shook my head of the feeling. I couldn't start acting like this! "Hey! I'm not a fucking girl, alright? I said I got it."


Corles took the boys chin and directed his gaze to meet his own. "You shouldn't curse, Call, it makes you sound like an idiot who doesn't know any better words to use. And you're not an idiot, so you shouldn't want people to think you are. Should you?" That made my heart flutter - it wasn't too different from what Corles had told me way back when, but still made my head swim to hear it again. 


I felt my cheeks turn pink at the boy's words and it was only after he took the shirt away and into the laundry room that I felt the oxygen into my lungs again. What the fuck was wrong with me... "Jesus, Emme, what is wrong with that guy. Doesn't he listen?"

"He just cares about you - you're my friend and that means you're his friend as well, and you learn a lot of lessons in school. He's a year above us, so he's just trying to help." I decided not to mention just how much of Call's blush I'd seen, though I knew it was hard for him not to feel that way. Corles came back a few minutes later with one of my white blouses - though it wasn't apparent it was a blouse from the way he held it all bunched up to slip over the boys head. "Arms up little man, you can just wear this until your top is washed and dried, no big deal." 


Well, this shirt seemed to come down a little further, at least over a majority of the diaper. I was thankful for that. But the sleeveless top certainly held a lot of characteristics I wasn’t familiar with, and then it clicked. "Hey, this is a girl's!" "We're at my house, Call. What were you expecting?" "...right, but..." 


"Would you rather be topless?" The logic was sound and I smiled as I nodded back to my pasta. "Finish up, before it goes cold, okay?" Corles looked at the two of us with a little smile and sat himself back down at his place. In the distance, the washer hummed like it was three houses away and everything was calm and quiet but for the sound of spoons chinking on china. 


Okay, so Corles was pretty awesome. I didn't want to admit it, especially with how young he treated me, but he really was cool. It took an hour to really get into a conversation where he didn't call me "little man" every sentence, but after that... "Oh shit-" "Call." "Right, sorry. It's just really late, and my parents are home for sure..." 


"It's cool - I’ll drive you home.” Boys could get their licenses five years earlier than girls, and even so Corles only recently had his, but he did have a car and it was sitting in the drive. "Come on, let's get your top and pants and I'll take you home.  Did you get our phone numbers?” 


“No, uh… I should do that.” Getting a license was a sixteenth birthday kind of thing. Girls didn't get theirs until 21. Really, our society was very suited for men. I loved it. Some people didn't, but no one with enough political power to change anything. Anyway, everyone came around eventually. Certain functions developed faster in boys, like the toilet training and fine motor function. The downside was, we often lost those things much sooner at old age.


I smiled as I watched the two and sucked on a lollipop - I had homework to do. "It was nice seeing you, Call! See you at school tomorrow? Are you coming back, Corles?" "Shyeah, I'll get Call ready, drop him off and come back, yeah? Come on, Call." Call was wet and Corles was going to change him. I didn't know what that made me as happy as it did.

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Sophie ♥    847

Thanks for all the lovely words guys. ^_^ I know I'm posting this one pretty slow - it's been a super busy week.  I'm gonna try to get another chapter up today or tomorrow!  Thank you!

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LittleFenny    7

OoOooh! I think I'm getting hooked on this one. And it's still getting posts and most of the others I want to read aren't getting new posts! Conveniently ignores how long it's been since posting any Finding New Things. So is Call just dealing with stress from the beginning of the school year or has he never actually truly been trained? Enquiring Minds Want to Know. (Did I just date myself? :blush:

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CDfm    96

I guess I caught this late enough that I was able to use one of tomorrow's likes. Loved the chapter. Call might still feel like he should be acting older but Corles seems to be acting as a true friend  and that is something I think Call really needs. I am trying so hard not to go read ahead because I want to comment. Please keep it coming. I am really looking forward to seeing more.  

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Sophie ♥    847


Corles lead Call down to the hall and fetched his clothes from the laundry room, then took the boy by the hand and took him into the changing room. He set the folded pants and top down and lifted him up onto the changing table. "It's okay little man, lay yourself down." His voice was firm, stern, but kind the way that Corles's was. One of his hands pushed the boy down with gently firm force and just like that he was undoing his diaper.

"Hey, wait-" But Corles didn't wait. I had only ever had a few people change me in my entire life - my sisters, my parents, and the instructors in elementary school. And, of course, now Emme. I tried to sit up, but Corles had already taken the diaper off. I'd expected the courteous asking to lift like my sister did, but he grabbed my ankles like a second grader.

Corles had a way of making Emme feel childish with his stature and the way he could lift her up and toss her around like she was still six. And Call wasn't any bigger than she was, so Corles still had that same advantage. He held the boy’s legs up by the ankles and then slid the new pink diaper under his bottom, pulling it up into place. "There's a good boy, isn't that better? Nice and dry and thick between your legs. You're so well behaved, Emme could learn from you."

The words melted into my body and I sunk deeper and deeper into the changing table.  By the time my body was clad in the newly pink diaper - I didn't even have a chance to argue I liked blue - I was standing on my wobbly feet again and ushered out of the room. My eyes were glossy and I couldn't help the blush. Wow...

Corles had helped the boy into his pants and top, adjusting them and fussing about them to make sure he looked his best, but Call seemed to be somewhere else entirely with his cheeks glowing crimson. "Go say goodbye to Emme, I'll wait by the front door." He smiled warmly at the still sorta dazed boy.

I nodded my head, and I was already standing in front of the girl before I realized where I was or why I was there. "Oh, right... um... bye, then... I'll see you tomorrow at school." My whole body was dizzy, clearly having not caught up with my mind. I took a deep breath and smiled. She was nice to me.

"See you tomorrow!" I kissed Call’s cheek and cuddled him, which only seemed to daze the boy even more and I had to point down the hallway. "Front door is that way, cutiepie." He really was cute, too, dazed and blushing like... like a girl. Gosh. Corles was holding the door open when the boy joined him and the two of them went out to the car with the bigger of the pair opening the passenger door for the smaller, then closing it behind him.

"I'm in so much trouble," I said the next day, Emme having sat across from me. Her boyfriend, it seemed, was not a member of our lunch period. I ran my fingers through my hair. "Mom was getting really mad at Lina. I only used one this morning, and there were the two from yesterday, but..." I took a deep breath and ran my fingers over my arms. It helped keep me calm. Movement. "I don't know what to do. If I take more..."

"You can have some of mine, I don't mind." And we had plenty - Mom worked for one of the companies so we were always flush with supplies. I shrugged my shoulders casually and ate a carrot stick with thoughtful flair in my movements. "It should be the pink ones, though, they're my favorite and if lots of those are being used nobody will really notice." It did make me think, though. "Are you going to stay this way? You know. The U-word?"

I looked around with a frown and crossed my arms over my chest. We didn't say the U word, and we definitely didn't mention diapers in relation to me, not in public. It was a very ambiguous system for one day of knowing this girl. "I don't like the pink ones. And no. It's just stress of high school. It'll go away tomorrow." 


"You should wait for it to go away before you stop taking precautions, though, and not just stop taking precautions. If you stop taking precautions and you have an..." I tried to think of a good way to word him wetting himself, "event, then things will be much much worse." I sipped from my juicebox. "We're going to see a movie tonight, Corles wanted to know if you'd like to come." 


"No, it's probably not a good idea." I frowned and played with my fork. I was cutting back on liquids very harshly, and it left me a little light headed. I had been avoiding most foods altogether, too. "I have to work on this whole issue. Like you said. I can't be having any events..." 


"Corles is going to be disappointed~" I said it in a singsong voice, sipping my juicebox. "Not as much as when he finds out you skipped morning recess and lunch. And your lips are cracked, too, so I bet you're trying to go cold turkey." I was nothing if-not observant. 


"I'm practicing," I said with a frown. It was a very nonconventional way of training someone out of diapers, and it was also the only thing I hadn't tried. Alarm systems were my least favorite, over the summer. My parents thought they worked. I just couldn't handle it anymore, and I started turning them off at night. The no water deal was supposed to demonstrate to the body how it feels to need to use the bathroom, and it involved two days with no water and then one day with nothing but. I was just hitting the end of day one. I felt horrible. 


"Well... I don't know about that..." Training was never something girls needed to worry about - one day it just sort of happened, and I hadn't even been trained out of twosies so I guess I couldn't sympathize. I didn't say anything more on the matter, though, and lunch ended without incident. It wasn't me who saw Call next, though.  Between the two afternoon classes Corles found Call in the hall and pulled him into a classroom, closing the door behind him. “Emme told me you're not looking after yourself, little man. Why don't you tell me about that?"

I pulled my hand out of Corles’s and frowned. I really didn't feel well... mac and cheese was the only thing I'd eaten in over a day now. I took a deep breath and looked up at the boy. He was so much taller than me. "I appreciate your concern, man. I do. It's cool. But I'm fine. I'm getting rid of this problem, and that's it. Alright?"

Corles smiled and picked the boy up, pulled him into the nook of his elbow, and pushed the teat of what was very clearly a baby bottle into his lips. He spoke very clearly as he did. "Be a good boy, Call, you want to make me proud of you, don't you? Drink your baba now so you can grow up big and strong." The other infantile elements of the high-school relationship status quo weren't really talked about in 10th grade, but it wasn't an uncommon thing. Corles was so much bigger, he held he boy in his arms, and weather he liked it or not the chocolate milk in the bottle was starting to trickle onto his tongue.

I kept struggling, pushing against the boy as hard as I could, but the milk tasted so fucking good, and I felt so fucking thirsty... I started to suck on the bottle. I couldn't even remember the last time I had a baby bottle, but Lina had one until she was ten. Motor function came slowly to girls, after all. I kept struggling for a while, but my own body started to overpower the psychological aspects.
I really needed something to drink...

"There's a good boy, such a good boy..." Corles praised Call and pulled him on his lap, taking a seat on one of the desks, and gently began to rock him. "And once you've finished your baba, I'll cuddle you in my arms until your diaper needs a change and I'll lay you down and change you. Won't that be nice? Get you changed into a fresh diaper, and no more ouchy tummy..."

I was probably psychotic or hallucinating or something. I wasn't sure why I agreed to any of it. But Corles really was warm, and the more he rocked me, the sleepier I got. I clung up against his uniform with a little smile and closed my eyes, too tired to care. 


It wasn't until the bottle was finished, Corles held the boy for half an hour until he felt the diaper filling up, and he'd laid him out on the desk to change him that Call's eyes finally opened. Corles lifted his legs in the air and slid the new diaper underneath his bottom, smiling at the dreary boy. "I'll meet you both in the parking lot at four for the movie." It wasn't a question like Emme had asked; just a statement. "Don't be silly with your body, little man - you only get one. Don't mess it up on a matter of pride, all things happen the way they do for a reason." He taped up the diaper and patted the front of it before tugging the boy’s pants back up. 


"I don't want to go." "Corles said you have to." "I know what he said. I told you what he said." "So come on." "No, like..." I sighed and took a deep breath, stopping outside the door. Despite the chocolate milk, I still didn't feel well. Better, definitely, but probably not well. Dairy really shouldn't have been the only thing I've had in two days, either. It wasn't smart. "He always... messes with my head. I don't know how to explain it. I just don't like it, okay? I don't want to go." 


"It's just how he is, he cares a lot and you know he means the best. And it makes you happy, I know it makes you happy. What's the harm?" I looked at the door and then at the now empty nurses station, mischievously. "If you come, I'll let you change my diaper. Right now. In the nurses station. One time offer."

"I don't want to change you, Emme. I don't want to be a part of you and Corles and whatever you have. I don't even understand where I fit in. I'm just your friend, his friend, and this just isn't friendly." I sighed and shook my head, rubbing my fingers along my arms. "You guys go see the movie. I'll talk to you both tomorrow, alright? Seriously. I just need some time..."

He spoke. I knew he spoke. But I pulled him into the nurses office anyway, closed the door, pushed him down onto a chair and summarily began to wet my diaper. I mean, it was wet already, but it would hold a little more, and the crinkling plastic was right on top of his lap so I knew he'd feel it. "Uh-oh... Call... I had a ax-see-dent..." I pouted as cutely as I could manage and took his hand in mind, guiding it down to where my diaper touched his pants. "You dun' wanna change me...?"

I wasn't sure where I'd lost it. I pushed the girl off me, completely, and stormed over to the door. She looked very taken aback, but I turned to her to clarify. "Listen, Emme. I'm fine being your friend, and whatever, but I don't like this shit. You're fifteen fucking years old, and you shouldn't act like a fucking kid, okay? So seriously, if you want to fuck around with Corles like a goddamn baby, you go right the fuck ahead, but leave me out of it!" And with that, I slammed the door hard.

I frowned and looked down at my hands, watching the little tears fall down onto my pretty pink nails. I was a nice girl, right? And Call was a nice boy, he was just frustrated and confused, that's all. Right? I wound up texting Corles to let him know what had happened and we didn't see Call the rest of the day. He wasn't at school the next day, either, but that night Corles got a phone call from the boy in tears asking to be picked up.

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kerry    0

I think Call has been found out at home...

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CDfm    96

That's the craziest thing, I just tried leaving a like in another story and only got a heart. I did the same here now with this and got the heart and the 1. I am curious as to why that is. Loved the new chapter though. Call is obviously in some trouble at home and its a good thing that he has such good friends to help him when needed. Thanks for getting this up so fast. I love you two's writing. 

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LittleFenny    7

I think he got caught too. Or maybe almost caught. Or he was out somewhere and either had an accident without a diaper or leaked and now he's scared to go home.

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Pudding    150

See? We can write boys :D

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Cute_Kitten    320

oooh evil cliff hanger!!!  I'm loving Corles, he's such an adorable daddy! 

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4 hours ago, Pudding said:

See? We can write boys :D

*hugs da puddings and waves*

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diaperpt    171

OK, so where's this one going to go?? I'm buckled up... let's see where this ride takes us!!

I'm playing catch up once more and I posted the above based on two chapters ago. That's OK... I'm still trying to figure where we're going! I like that you set this in a different society, but rather than explain all about it, we find out a bit at a time. I am waiting to figure out Corles' and Emme's motivation. Is this at all societal, is it sincere care for Call, is it a form of perversion (no,... you two certainly wouldn't be perverse, now, would you?!)? Are the two innocently sincere, naturally manipulative, or purposely and calculatingly manipulative? There are hints showing up and I know they will continue to show up. But I imagine there will also be twists here and there.

And now that something's happened at home for Call, I wonder if - after his being upset about wearing Emme's blouse - we'll see him next in a skirt!

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Cute_Kitten    320

Ooooh, Call possibly in a skirt? Adorable!  I'm loving him in the pink diapers. :D 

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28 minutes ago, Cute_Kitten said:

Ooooh, Call possibly in a skirt? Adorable!  I'm loving him in the pink diapers. :D 

I also love the pink diapers I hope he stay in them :)I think he's going to end up in skirt enabled at school once his untrained status is discovered :)  I'm guessing he was prolly zapped by  the Pee Fairy over the summer break :)

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