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The Secret Cabin (Completed)

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This is a commission I wrote for another user here recently. Which coincides with the return of my Patreon :)

The full story is posted here: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88

For a $5 pledge you can read the whole thing now plus my entire backlog of publicly available stories (Slowly being added). For a $10 pledge there is exclusive Patreon only content as well. Currently there are five stories available only on Patreon which a $10 pledge will give you access to. For a full list of tiers and rewards, please see the link above :) This was a big success last time and I hope it can be again.

For those that don't know... Patreon is a website that allows you to support content creators with monthly financial contributions. It is not required and most of what I write will be available for free, it is optional for those that enjoy my work and would like a little bit extra.

The rest of this story will be posted here in instalments over time.

This was a commission and if you are interested in a commission yourself then don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss ideas :)

The Secret Cabin

By Elfy

Danny was feeling pretty down as he walked along the path on the edge of the forest that bordered his small town on the three sides. The 16-year-old was cursing his luck as he looked down at the bag he was carrying, it was full of cookies and chocolate bars. Normally that would make any 16-year-old happy but not Danny.

It had been hours of walking around the neighbourhood and knocking on doors. Danny was taking part in a school initiative to raise money for charity that involved selling confectionary to the local residents. Danny had only a passing interest in charity, what he had a real interest in was the prize on offer to the winner. A brand new games console!

When Danny had heard of the prize he had signed up immediately, unfortunately so had a bunch of other people. Danny had only received his delivery of the items he had to sell this morning, he had been woken up by the loud knocking on the door and Danny had been quite excited to get started. Winning the competition was just about the only way Danny would ever be able to get a console since his family was far from wealthy.

Danny was much smaller than most of his classmates. He had been born a little premature and despite not having any lasting disabilities, it did have an effect on his growth. He was just a shade under five feet tall and was very slim, he looked like a child despite having gone through most of puberty. He was very sensitive of the fact that he was smaller than everyone else and he hated when people made comments about it. He especially hated when people confused him for a child much younger than he was. Bullying was a constant problem due to his small stature.

The real problem on that day however, was that every house and street Danny visited had all told him the same story.

“Sorry, we have already bought some.” The smiling and sympathetic occupant would say, “Maybe try the next street over…”

Except that it never helped. Every street seemed to have already bought everything they needed. Danny had only sold two bars of chocolate and they were both to his parents whom he was sure were just being supportive.

As Danny walked down the street he suddenly noticed an opening into the woods that he didn’t ever remember seeing before. The wall of trees on the side of this quiet, dead-end street suddenly opened up and created something almost like a passage into the forest beyond.

Danny looked in and saw a winding dirt path that seemed to go deep into the woods. Danny pursed his lips in confusion. He had walked up and down this road countless times and had never noticed this seemingly obvious opening.

He looked around him and found that the street was deserted, not a surprise since it was never busy, and tried to decide what to do. This street, like every other street he had visited, had already been visited by other students from the school and Danny had been left frustrated again in his attempts to sell his own produce. Maybe this opening lead to a house or even a street that no one else would have found? Maybe this was the break Danny needed, after all, to live down a path like this the person at the other end must have a lot of money.

Using this questionable logic, Danny walked slowly forward into the rough dirt path. He felt almost compelled to investigate this strange opening.

After around thirty seconds of slowly walking forwards, Danny turned around and could no longer see the street he had been previously standing on. He didn’t remember turning a corner but he must have done, there was no other way to explain why the opening he stepped through had seemingly disappeared.

Danny stepped deeper into the forested area and was starting to feel like he had made a mistake. Despite this feeling, he continued deeper and deeper into the trees. The sunny day that had been brightly illuminating the street was blocked by the branches and leaves overhead that left only small streams of sunlight falling and hitting the forest floor.

After another minute of walking, Danny found the dirt path suddenly opened up into a larger clearing. The grass had grown quite long in this area and it looked undisturbed by humans except for the very obvious man-made structure right in the middle.

Danny was surprised to find that deep in these woods was a cottage. It was very old fashioned but Danny thought the cottage looked very comfortable from the outside. The windows had net curtains on the inside and there seemed to just be a general air of cosiness emanating from the small house.

Danny walked slowly and quietly towards the cottage and as he drew up close he noticed the building had a strange hand-made quality to it. The wood was a little uneven in places and the paint was peeling a little bit but it looked sturdy enough.

“Perfect.” Danny whispered to himself as he walked towards the front door.

Surely nobody had found this cottage. This must finally be a place where Danny could start making some sales. For someone to live in this area they must have a lot of money, maybe they owned the whole forest!

With a moment’s hesitation, Danny knocked on the front door. He felt a little apprehensive but he had a gut feeling that this was the right thing to do. He waited and just when he was wondering if the place was abandoned he heard some floorboards creaking and an older woman’s voice call out that she was coming and to hold on.

Danny got his smile ready for when the door opened and he could start his sales pitch. It was time to turn on the charm!

“Hello ma’am.” Danny said as the door opened, “My name is Danny and I’m selling cookies and chocolate for a fundraiser.”

The woman appeared to be in her sixties but also seemed strangely youthful. Maybe it was the way she was smiling and looking so excited for Danny to be there, or maybe it was something else. She probably doesn’t get many visitors hidden out here in the middle of nowhere, Danny thought.

“Ooh lovely!” The older woman exclaimed, “Do come in.”

The woman turned from the door and walked inside the house inviting Danny to follow her. There was a strong smell coming from inside the home. Danny tried to work out what he was smelling but it seemed to mostly be the smell of cooking, something very nice if his nose was to be trusted, but there was something else there too. The smell seemed strangely familiar to Danny, he had definitely smelt it before but not for a long time.

With a slight hesitation, Danny’s need to sell some produce made him step inside the woman’s house. Danny reasoned that at her age even if she tried to do something he could probably overpower her. Not that he suspected the sweet old woman would cause any trouble.

“I’m Mallory.” The older woman said with a smile, “Come in and sit down.”

Danny walked through the hallway that was adorned with old photographs of children who had probably long since grown up. He walked through to a kitchen that looked immaculately clean and sat at the table that his host was showing him.

“So, erm, yeah… It’s two dollars for the chocolate or three dollars for the co-” Danny was cut off before he could continue.

“So you go to school nearby?” Mallory interrupted. She was pouring out two cups of tea and bringing them over to the table.

“Yes. The one just across the street from your… Path?” Danny answered, “But about the cho-”

“Ah yes.” Mallory smiled as she sat down and handed a cup of tea to her visitor, “My children and grandchildren all went to that school before they grew up and left. Please, drink up, I don’t often get visitors.”

Danny couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kindly old lady. He picked up his drink and took a sip, the tea was very sweet but not bad tasting at all. Danny took the time to look around the room as he drank. The cottage seemed very nice, the furniture was comfortable and the place was decorated just like you would expect a little old lady’s house to be decorated.

As he placed the cup back on the table, Danny felt a brief bit of dizziness that passed very quickly. He shook his head slightly and frowned, he didn’t know if he was imagining it but had that smell got stronger? Danny recognised the smell as being similar to the smell of his little cousin’s nursery. That smell of baby powder and diapers.

“You know; I have lived here for a long time!” The old woman said excitedly as she sipped her tea and sat across the table from Danny.

“Uh huh.” Danny said distractedly. The old lady was beaming at him, why was she being so friendly to this person she had never met?

“I’ve seen this town change a lot.” Mallory continued, “It seems like everyone is in a rush to grow up and make progress these days.”

Danny was trying to listen to Mallory but he was finding it difficult to concentrate. He kind of wanted to leave the cottage but at the same time he didn’t want to be rude.

“How old are you?” Mallory asked as she leaned forward on the table, “No wait. Let me guess! Hmm, 12-years-old?”

“I’m 16.” Danny replied with faint annoyance, he always hated being mistaken for a child.

“Oh my! My apologies.” Mallory said.

Danny watched the woman’s unfaltering smile and started to feel like he had made a mistake coming here. Maybe he should forget his manners and just leave, there was still some daylight left to try and make some sales.

“That’s OK.” Danny said, “So… Do you want to buy anything?”

“Oh alright! You’ve twisted my arm!” Mallory said with a chuckle, “Hold on, I’ll get my purse from my bedroom.”

Danny smiled as she stood up and walked down a corridor to the side of the kitchen and through a door into, what Danny assumed was, Mallory’s bedroom. Finally, he would make some sales and he could excuse himself from this cottage.

A very peculiar thing happened next, something that had never happened to Danny before and something that he had no real way of explaining. As Mallory disappeared from view and closed her door behind her, Danny felt a sudden sinking feeling in his tummy. It didn’t hurt, it didn’t make him feel unwell, but it was an unsettling and strange feeling.

Danny frowned and tried to ignore it but was soon forced to recognise something was happening as he felt a sudden burst of warmth spreading around his crotch. Danny’s eyes went as wide as saucers as he looked down and saw an unmistakeable dark patch growing on the crotch of his pants.

“What the…” Danny began shouting before quickly lowering his volume. He had to try and keep this embarrassment a secret!

“Everything OK?” Mallory called from the bedroom.

“Y-Yes.” Danny shouted back.

Danny felt himself finally stop wetting and quickly glanced down at the damage. He was unmistakeably wet and so was the chair underneath him. Everyone would be able to see what he had done unless he kept to the quiet streets and covered his crotch with his bag of merchandise. Maybe, just maybe, he could get home unseen.

First, he had to leave the cottage. Danny began to stand up when he suddenly heard Mallory’s bedroom door open again. He quickly sat back down and grimaced slightly at the wet splashing sensation. He would have to hope Mallory wouldn’t notice…

“Here we are.” Mallory said with the now familiar smile. She was looking in her purse all the way until she reached her seat and she sat down again.

Danny could feel the puddle he was sitting in rapidly cooling. He tried to keep his expression neutral but he knew his face must be going bright red. He was trapped, could he really expect to be able to sneak out in his wet pants?

“Are you alright?” Mallory’s worried sounding voice broke Danny out of his reverie. She was holding out some money that she was clearly expecting Danny to take.

“Oh… Erm, yeah…” Danny said distractedly. He leaned forward, reached out and grabbed the money. As he did so he felt the urine on the chair shift slightly.

Drip… Drip… Drip…

“What’s that?” Mallory asked looking quizzically around.

“I think I better be going…” Danny pulled his bag in front of him and stood up. He prayed to whatever deity might be watching that he could leave this situation with some dignity.

“Is that what I think it is?” Mallory heard the dripping intensify as Danny stood up and stood up herself.

Walking around the table, Mallory saw the liquid on the chair and the floor underneath. She turned to Danny with one raised eyebrow.

Danny felt like a statue as Mallory advanced on him. His mouth opened and closed but he couldn’t speak, he felt tears in his eyes but he willed himself not to cry. He wanted the world to open up and swallow him.

Mallory took one of her gentle hands and grabbed Danny’s confectionary bag. She pulled it to the side and revealed Danny’s wet clothes. She looked a little shocked but when she saw Danny’s upset face here expression instantly softened.

“Oh you poor little thing!” Mallory sympathised.

Without any hesitation, Mallory pulled the young man forward and wrapped him in a giant hug. She tussled his hair and whispered that things would be fine.

Danny found himself engulfed by the older woman as she tried to comfort him. He would rather she didn’t, being treated like this reminded him of a toddler being comforted after having an accident and that was the last thing he wanted. He was a teenager, not an infant struggling with potty training. Despite the bizarre accident he had just had, it was a one off!

“Listen, I have some of my old grandson’s stuff in his room still.” Mallory said as she smothered the boy, “We can get you out of this wet stuff. No one else needs to know what happened.”

“No… It’s fine, I will just go ho-” Danny started to say.

“Nonsense.” Mallory cut him off, “Let’s get you into some dry stuff.”

Danny would rather go home. This whole situation was so embarrassing that he wanted to just run away and hide in his bedroom. He saw Mallory as a nuisance even though it was obvious that Mallory saw herself as just helping. Her sweetness made her blind to the fact that she was actually really embarrassing Danny.

Mallory pulled Danny down the corridor that she had earlier gone down towards her bedroom. Danny could feel his wet clothes sticking to his legs that made him wince.

“Don’t worry, little Danny.” Mallory said airily, “Everything will be better in a few minutes.”

Danny deeply resented being called little but he wasn’t in a position to argue right now. With his wet pants and being dragged for a change of clothes, he decided now was the wrong to argue semantics.

Mallory took Danny to a door that looked the same as any other. The only difference was that it was painted baby blue in colour rather than the plain white that every other door had. Danny barely had time to stop and wonder why he was being dragged into the room like this, couldn’t he be just told where to go to find dry clothes? As much as he appreciated Mallory’s help he certainly wondered why she was so involved.

Danny almost fell over when Mallory suddenly stopped. She reached into her pocket for a key that she used to quickly unlock the door in front of her.

“It hasn’t been used in a long time.” Mallory explained to Danny, “I keep it locked just so it isn’t disturbed, but this is a special occasion!”

Despite really wanting to tell the older woman that all this effort was not necessary, Danny remained silent and curious about where all of this was going. When the door clicked open, Danny felt himself being pushed into the room beyond. His mouth dropped open as he stared around at the unexpected sight. Why was he in a nursery?

What really hit Danny straight away and seemed almost overwhelming for a few seconds was the overwhelming scent that permeated the room. The classic smell of a well-used nursery, hit Danny like a ton of bricks.

Baby powder, lotion, the smell of fresh and stacked baby diapers. The smell was unmistakeable and made Danny feel rather strange. The smell was overpowering but not unpleasant.

“Erm, Mallory?” Danny said cautiously.

“Yes?” Mallory replied as she closed the door behind her and walked into the room.

“How was your grandson when he stayed in here?” Danny asked cautiously. He was starting to wonder if this woman was mad.

“Eighteen months or so when he last stayed here, I think.” Mallory said.

Danny nodded his head slowly. He wasn’t sure that he needed to explain this to Mallory but how did she expect actual baby’s clothes to fit the teenage Danny? Was she a little senile? She seemed like a nice person and only wanted to help but Danny was starting to wonder how much help an infant’s nursery could possibly be.

“I’m not sure tha-” Danny was cut off mid-sentence as Mallory suddenly grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up.

Her perfectly serene smile was mildly disconcerting as she easily lifted the teenage boy up and sat him down on what was clearly a changing table.

“What are you doing!?” Danny tried to keep his cool but he felt somewhat upset that this woman had picked him up without even asking. He was very self-conscious about his small stature ad hated being reminded of it.

“I’m helping you!” Mallory replied with a small laugh as if to say her intentions were obvious.

Danny couldn’t understand how this elderly woman was so strong. She must have been in her sixties and yet she seemed to have no problem in holding Danny in place. Danny was starting to feel embarrassed at how easily he was being manipulated and he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

“Listen, Mallory.” Danny forced his voice to keep a neutral tone despite his annoyance, “I appreciate the help but I think I will be OK. I can take the back streets home and no one will know about what happened.”

“Nonsense.” Mallory replied brightly as she fumbled with things underneath the changing table that Danny couldn’t see, “It’s no trouble at all.”

Danny smacked his own forehead with his palm. The old woman was listening to him at all and any attempt at physically moving was useless when Mallory seemed to have no problem keeping him on the table.

Mallory flattened Danny against the table and before he even knew what was going on, she had swiftly pulled his wet pants and underwear down and off of his body.

“Hey! No… What are you doing!” Danny struggled and swiped for his clothes but Mallory had already moved them away.

The boy was furious and went as red as a tomato with embarrassment at being naked from the waist down in front of this woman. He tried to cover up but it was already too late.

“What am I doing?” Mallory asked airily as she moved some things on the shelves under the table, “I’m changing you into dry clothes! Honestly, there is no need for such modesty, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before when changing my grandchildren.”

The table that Danny was now laying down on was rather nicely padded but the rubber mixed with his sweat to cause him to stick slightly to it. The table was a clean white colour with smiley faces painted haphazardly all over it.

This was mad. Danny tried to sit up but Mallory was unbelievably strong and stopped him. What was she doing? He didn’t need her to dress him. Even if he had drenched his pants, he didn’t need help getting into new ones.

“Let me go or I will tell the police.” Danny stated calmly. He was sure this would at last force the woman to let him go.

“Police?” Mallory asked, “Whatever for?”

“This is indecent!” Danny half-shouted with exasperation, “You are breaking all kinds of laws.”

“They don’t arrest people for being nice and helping others, silly boy!” Mallory chuckled as she spoke and acted as if Danny’s suggestion of police involvement was the most ludicrous thing she had ever heard.

Danny could feel tears forming in his eyes. He felt so humiliated and scared, he was totally trapped by this woman. It was perhaps even worse that Mallory was in no way threatening or evil. As far as Danny could tell, she was just a nice old lady who was doing what she thought was right for him.

“OK, little one.” Mallory said, “Here we go.”

Danny was about to retort that he wasn’t a little boy when he was silenced by what he saw Mallory cheerily holding up a diaper with little cartoon animals printed on the front. Mallory started unfolding the crinkly plastic padding with a smile whilst Danny was speechless. Was she really going to do this? Surely this diaper that was clearly meant for babies would never fit a teenager such as himself. Was it Danny’s imagination or did the diaper have an almost exaggerated baby diaper smell, he felt like he could smell it from the other end of the table.

“A DIAPER!?” Danny exclaimed in shock.

“When little boys can’t keep their pants dry, they need some help.” Mallory explained as if talking to a toddler, “No one will know except us.”

Danny let out a string of expletives aimed at the person who was threatening them with humiliation. He shouted and tried to wriggle free but he couldn’t get anywhere. It infuriated Danny that the old woman didn’t react to what he was saying at all. It was as if she couldn’t hear him, she seemed to think he was just a difficult toddler throwing a tantrum.

Danny heard Mallory humming a nursery rhyme as she spread the diaper between the boy’s splayed legs. He was starting to feel tired out from all his exertions, he usually had pretty good stamina but today he was starting to feel drained by these bizarre events.

It was as if Mallory could sense Danny’s tiredness as she stopped trying to hold the teenager down so much. She reached up to the shelf to the side of her and grabbed a stuffed teddy bear. It was brown and had the words “Baby Boy” embroidered on its bottom paws. She lowered it down and placed the bear on Danny’s chest and made it do a little dance. She laughed as she did so as if she was distracting an infant.

Danny looked up at the shelf that the bear had come from and saw huge stacks of folded up diapers. There must have been at least twenty disposable diapers tightly stacked in three different columns. They still looked like they were squashed together as if they had only recently come out of their packaging. Tightly folded together, it looked like something you would see in a typical nursery for a baby that was going to need diapers for a long time to come.

Despite himself, Danny started quietening down and watching the bear. He felt so exhausted.

“Such a good boy.” Mallory said calmly.

Danny saw Mallory reach under the table again and this time she pulled out a bottle of talcum powder which Danny recognised as being the same brand his aunt used on his baby cousins.

Danny watched as Mallory upturned the powder and spread it liberally over Danny’s crotch. He wanted to resist but he felt so overpowered, any movement he made was responded to with Mallory holding him in place. He felt incredibly strange feeling as the powder was rubbed in. It wasn’t an exciting feeling like one might expect, it was a curious sensation, he felt like he was shrinking but he could see that he wasn’t.

“How are you feeling?” Mallory asked lovingly, “Everything OK?”

“HELL NO!” Danny tried to shout. He was angry and humiliated; he was terrified about what was happening. Why wouldn’t this woman let him leave? Why did he feel so strange?

“What was that?” Mallory asked as she frowned slightly.

“I said NO!” Danny shouted again. This time he gasped as soon as he heard his voice.

Danny covered his mouth and looked shocked. When he tried to speak, all he heard was some babbling. Like a toddler who hadn’t learnt language, the words Danny tried to form were turned into unintelligible noises.

“What’s happening!?” Danny hurriedly exclaimed. Just like his previous attempt at speech, although he knew what he wanted to say, his mouth seemed incapable of forming the words.

Mallory just nodded and smiled at the teenager as if pretending to understand what Danny was saying. Danny tried to concentrate really hard to form proper words and to communicate.

“Please… Stop… This!” He said slowly as he tried to make his mouth obey his brain. It was no use.

“Aren’t you a talkative little one today!” Mallory exclaimed. It seemed like she had no idea what Danny was trying to say.

Danny felt his eyes filling with tears as panic engulfed him. Finding himself being diapered by an older lady was embarrassing but not being able to communicate was a lot worse. What was going on with him?

Danny snivelled and felt the tears in his eyes fall down his face as the diaper between his legs was pulled up and over his groin. He uselessly shook his head as he heard the tapes get stuck down and felt the diaper close tightly around his waist.

“Aww, don’t cry, baby.” Mallory cooed, “Nearly done!”

“Just… Let me go home…” Danny tried to plead. The only sounds that he made were useless noises in between big shuddering breaths. Hearing himself only made him more upset.

“I know, Danny, I know!” Mallory clearly didn’t understand anything Danny was saying, “We’ll put you down for a nap soon and you can rest those tired eyes.”

Mallory lifted Danny down from the table and he swayed on his legs dangerously. He didn’t seem any smaller even if Mallory seemed to be treating him like he had just gone back in time a decade.

As Mallory put away the supplies she had been using, Danny finally got a chance to look down at the diaper he was wearing and found himself feeling even more humiliated. This made even less sense than everything else that had happened so far.

The diaper was exactly like one of the ubiquitous Pampers diapers that babies wore. It looked exactly the same all the way down to the pictures of Sesame Street characters all over the area the tapes get stuck to. Danny stared down in wide-eyed horror and saw Elmo and Big Bird staring right back up at him. This was crazy!

Danny knew that he was small for his size but there was no way he should be able to fit into an actual Pampers baby diaper. He still seemed the same size physically, was it possible these were enlarged baby diapers? Did those even exist?

“This isn’t funny!” Danny tried to shout at his captor but the only sounds he made were more infant babbling. Not being able to communicate properly was driving him mad.

“We’ll put you down with a nap in a minute.” Mallory said slowly. Her voice taking on that high pitched tone that was reserved for babies, “Then you can play some of your little games.”

Danny couldn’t work out if Mallory realised that all this madness was happening or if she always saw him as such a helpless toddler. Either way, Danny was increasingly upset. Yet again, he fell into hopeless sobbing as Mallory finished tidying up and easily lifted the young man up. Danny instinctively threw his arms around Mallory’s neck to steady himself as he was effortlessly carried towards the back of the room.

Mallory hummed a pleasant tune as she placed the boy in the large crib. Danny didn’t want to let go of her neck, he didn’t want to be left in the crib but when Mallory prised him off of her, he was powerless to stop her from standing up straight again.

“Have a nice little lay down.” Mallory said, “And when you are less cranky you can come out to play.”

Mallory kissed her fingers and placed them against Danny’s forehead. She smiled warmly down at the teenager and turned to leave the room. Closing the door behind her, Danny was left alone in the room. The only sound that Danny could hear for the next few minutes was his own sobbing as his tears slowly calmed down and stopped.

“OK, OK…” Danny said out loud in the otherwise empty room as he deliberately slowed his breathing and calmed down, “I need to get out.”

Danny scooted over to the side of the crib and grabbed hold of the bars. They were solid and there was no way to bend them, they went high enough that even when Danny stood up, he couldn’t reach the top. The crib was essentially the same size as a regular bed but the bars made it feel much more claustrophobic. It was going to be impossible to get through or over these bars. He was trapped here until Mallory came back for him.

The room looked exactly like you would expect a nursery to look like. Danny stared out into the room and looked for anything that might help him escape, it was really slim pickings. The toys in the room were all out of reach and pushed against the walls, even if they had any escape value, they were impossibly out of reach.

As Danny scanned the room for other options, his eyes fell on a packet of diapers on the top of a chest of drawers. They confirmed what he had thought earlier.

The package confirmed what Danny had thought earlier. The package was just like a packet of Pampers diapers, except much bigger. Danny still couldn’t believe such a diaper existed, the packaging showed all the same logos and fonts as the rest of the Pampers diapers. It even had the picture of the smiling baby on the front. There was no way these were meant for a teenager, the fact that they fit Danny, even with his small stature was amazing to him.

A stack of diapers next to the packet looked rather intimidating. The tightly packed rectangles were all folded up and seemed like troops ready to jump forth as soon as they were required. Danny felt a shiver run down his spine as he considered the very real possibility that of all those pieces of disposable underwear were meant for him.

As Danny looked over to the diapers, all neatly stacked up, he felt a sudden warmth between his legs. Danny’s attention shot down as he tried to work out what was happening, when he felt the heat spreading around his crotch, Danny gasped and covered his mouth.

Without any warning, Danny felt his bladder emptying again. The padding around his crotch rapidly dampened and Danny could see the discoloured section showing just how much he had soaked his underwear.

Danny could hear himself let out a high-pitched whine. He didn’t understand. One wetting accident could be written off as just that, an accident, but twice in a short period? There was something going on here.

Danny felt overcome as he sat back down on his padded rear. The wet padding squelched underneath him slightly as the urine searched for a place to soak in. He felt very upset and could feel himself on the verge of tears again, but there was something else overtaking that emotion. An overwhelming tiredness was making it hard for him to hold his eyes open. He found himself drifting off in his sitting position.

There was nothing more humiliating for his teenage ego to be using a baby diaper like that. Wearing it was bad, but using it was far worse. His bladder was betraying him and he felt powerless to stop it. How could he argue he didn’t need diapers when he had just soaked his pants twice in a few minutes. When Mallory saw the state of his padding she would know she had made the correct decision.

Danny laid down on his back and heard the crinkle of his diaper as his legs fell open slightly. He was almost asleep before his head had hit the pillows. Any and every worry that Danny felt disappeared as the blackness of unconsciousness overtook everything.


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This part you posted is great. I look forward to reading the rest.

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Great beginning, Elfy.

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This reminds me of another story I've read on here...believe it was called Ellen's Visitor.

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Elfy the description of the boy sounds just like me. I can't wait for what happens next.

Baby Jerry

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5 hours ago, Elbs said:

She drugged him, didn't she?

Y'know, I was getting a 'Hansel and Gretel Witch' vibe what with the candy and the cabin deep in a hidden wood and her talking about how she's very old, but that's also a possibility.

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Fantastic start. I have a question about the Patreon, is that a monthly amount or is it a one time cost?

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53 minutes ago, CDfm said:

Fantastic start. I have a question about the Patreon, is that a monthly amount or is it a one time cost?

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Here is the next part of the story.

If you want to read the whole story right now without having to wait for it to be posted here, the full story is available on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88

For just a $5 monthly pledge you can see this whole story plus all my other publicly available stories (Older stories currently being posted). With this pledge you will also be able to see updates to any public story at least one week before general release. For a $10 pledge you can see all of my public stories as well as five exclusive stories (more coming).


Danny had no idea how long he slept for. All he knew was that when he woke up, it was with a finger pushing the wet padding of his diaper against his crotch. He rapidly sat up and pulled himself away from the finger.

“Someone’s a wet little baby!” Mallory said in a sing-song voice. It was sickeningly sweet.

“What have you done to me?” Danny did his best to ask but he remembered halfway through that he was incapable of anything other than useless babbling.

“Yes, we will get you changed.” Mallory responded. She acted like she knew what Danny was saying but it was quite clear that she had no idea.

The side of the crib rattled to the floor and Mallory’s arms reached in to Danny and lifted him off of the bed. Yet again Danny was surprised by the strength of the older woman, she seemed to have no problem lifting the teenager.

Danny felt a hand rest on the bottom of his diaper has he was carried across the room to the changing table. Danny held on to the older woman for dear life, he was terrified she might drop him. He only released his grip on Mallory when he felt the hard changing table underneath his butt.

Danny felt himself laid backwards on the table and considered making a break for it when Mallory turned around. The thought instantly disappeared though when he felt the wet padding pushing against his crotch. All of a sudden the overwhelming need to get out of this diaper became priority number one, if that meant being put in a new diaper, so be it.

The tapes on his diaper were pulled off rather quickly as Mallory hummed a lovely little nursery rhyme. It was very disarming and the tune washed over Danny and seemed to relax him. Danny found his agitated mind was soothed by the lovely sound and he closed his eyes as Mallory began wiping him down.

“What a wet little baby!” Mallory cooed as she pulled out the used diaper.

Danny wanted to complain but in his state of relaxation, it felt like trying to resist what seemed inevitable would be a terrible waste of time. He sighed and despite a voice in the back of his mind screaming to resist, Danny had rarely felt so comfortable.


Danny’s eyes shot open and he instinctively flinched as he felt something incredibly strange on his tummy.


Danny giggled and wriggled his legs as he looked down and saw Mallory bent over and blowing raspberries on his tummy. Despite himself, Danny started giggling and writhing on the table as the older woman blew raspberries against his tummy.

“No… Stop…” Danny gasped in between fits of laughter.

“Here comes another one!” Mallory said cheerfully as she blew another raspberry.

Danny howled with laughter and pretty much forgot his odd situation as he felt the strange tickling. He felt like he had lost control of his body, that he was automatically reacting to what was going on around him.

“Pffft… Oh no!” Mallory had leaned in again for another raspberry but as soon as she had started she had felt a sudden wetness on her chest.

Danny, apparently in no control of his body, looked down and turned suddenly red as he noticed that he was peeing all over the older woman!

Trying to clamp his muscles closed, Danny tried to stop himself but he found it impossible. The stream of urine only stopped when there was no more left to come out. Mallory had tried to stop it but with nothing nearby to block the pee, she just tried to limit the damage.

“Well, I guess that teaches me for tickling a baby without a diaper on!” Mallory joked after a few seconds.

Danny felt so embarrassed, even to the point of tears. What was happening to him? Not only was he being diapered by this older woman but he also had no control of his own body, it was incredibly worrying and embarrassing.

The teenage boy was lost in his own thoughts as he felt himself get lifted up and a fresh rectangle of padding was unfolded and placed underneath him. He offered no resistance as the little Pampers diaper was pulled up between his legs and taped tightly closed. Danny wanted to resist, to try and stop the inevitable, but with all of his uncontrolled wetting recently, maybe he did need diapers. He would prefer not to have such babyish diapers but beggars can’t be choosers.

Danny was picked up and held against Mallory’s hip as the older woman finally carried the boy out of the nursery. He felt relief at being taken out of the babyish environment but that relief quickly turned to incredulity and embarrassment as he looked around at the rest of the cottage.

The previously normal cottage seemed completely different. The kitchen now had a highchair against the table that Danny had previously stood at, the fridge even had artwork attached to it with magnets.

The living room that Danny could see through an open door had a huge playpen and was scattered with toys. How had this all changed in such a short amount of time? Danny hadn’t heard any of the noises that would have indicated such large changes and Mallory was acting as if the cottage had always looked like this.

Mallory carried Danny into the kitchen and placed him into the highchair. He was left there whilst Mallory pottered around the kitchen for a little bit. She seemed to be preparing some food and drink and Danny realised it must be nearly dinner time. His parents must be wondering where he was. Would they come looking for him? Would they even know where to look?

“Here you are, baby.” Mallory said as she walked to the kitchen table, “Some lovely num-nums for your tum-tum!”

Mallory placed in front of Danny a bowl of indeterminate mush. Danny scrunched up his face in disgust looking at it, he had no idea what it was supposed to be but it seemed to be baby food.

“I’m not eating this shi-” Danny was interrupted as he protested the food in front of him.

Mallory, not hearing the protests, and only seeing a boy babbling with his dinner in front of him, had picked up a spoon and dipped it in the bowl.

“Here comes the choo-choo train!” Mallory said excitedly.

“Huh?” Danny was broken from his own tirade by the interruption and as his mouth hung open he felt the spoon thrust between his lips and tipped up.

Danny’s eyes went wide and he grimaced as he swallowed the lumpy mush he was fed. He struggled against the restraints of the highchair but found himself stuck fast, the only thing his moving did was remind him he was heavily diapered as he crinkled wildly.

The mush was so bland and tasteless that even after eating some of it, he still had no idea what it was.

“Here comes train number two!” Mallory made sounds like a train travelling down the tracks and pushed a second spoonful of food into Danny’s mouth.

With Danny totally trapped, the only thing he could do was mechanically open his mouth and swallow. The sooner he finished eating, the sooner he would be allowed out of this humiliating seat. If he wanted to escape, he had to be free of these restraints even if it meant enduring this humiliating feeding.

Mallory kept up the embarrassing baby games as she spoon-fed Danny until the bowl was finally empty. Danny was very glad to finally stop eating the tasteless mush and let out an embarrassing burp as Mallory took the bowl to the sink. She spent the whole time talking nonsense and cooing to Danny who was forced to just sit in the highchair and accept it.

Danny watched as Mallory took a baby’s bottle from the cupboard and filled it with cold milk. Danny shuddered when he realised he would be expected to drink from it like a baby. He was angry but also incredibly fearful. Whatever was happening was extremely weird and there seemed to be nothing he could do to stop it. Mallory gave no indication that she knew Danny should be a teenager, she gave no indication that anything was unusual and that was the scariest part.

“Let’s get you dressed.” Mallory said cheerily, “Then we can watch a movie together. Won’t that be fun?”

“No.” Danny said gloomily. He knew that Mallory would only hear his inane babbling but he couldn’t help responding.

Mallory picked Danny up and held him to her chest. Danny’s head rested on her shoulder and his arms wrapped around her to hold on as she carried him back towards the nursery.

As he was carried out, Danny felt a peculiar sensation. A sudden rush of warmth headed south and the next thing the teenager felt was a warm and wet feeling spreading throughout the diaper. Danny belatedly realised that, yet again, his bladder had given way and he had wet himself with no idea that it was coming.

“Oh my!” Mallory said with a chuckle. She had a hand underneath Danny’s padded rear to hold him in place and she must have felt the diaper suddenly warming up.

Danny blushed as the worrying pattern of wet diapers continued. He had no idea he needed to pee and he had suddenly done it in his pants. What could possibly cause such a strange process to happen? How could Danny go from no control problems to apparently no control in almost the blink of an eye?

Mallory carried Danny to the nursery and set him down on the floor. She had closed and locked the door before turning her back on the teenager and she started routing around in a closet for some clothing.

Danny was confused. This nursery was originally for this old woman’s grandson, there was no way there would be clothes that would fit a teenager, even one with a small stature like Danny. What could she possibly have in there that would fit him.

Standing on the spot, Danny took the chance of Mallory not looking to reach down with his hand and feel his diaper. The warmth had spread through much of the padding now and the diaper had expanded significantly. He didn’t dare take a step but he knew that his knees would be forced far apart if he tried. It was an incredibly embarrassing situation to be in and Danny was thankful that no one outside of the cottage would see him.

For a fleeting moment, Danny considered ripping the diaper off, bowling the old lady off of her feet to grab the key and make a run for it. But he couldn’t. As much as Danny hated the way he was treated, Mallory had been nothing but loving towards him. Besides, this strange incontinence and his inability to communicate were really alarming him. Maybe, if Mallory had somehow caused it, he would need the elderly lady to reverse it. It was a crazy thought but he couldn’t work out any sane reason for his predicament.

Danny looked down at his diaper and realised the Sesame Street characters that were printed over it had faded in places. Renewed redness coloured his cheeks as he realised that the pictures were a wetness indicator. Just another tell-tale sign that he was wet. He may not have been a baby but the treatment he was receiving was making him feel smaller and smaller all the time.

“This will do nicely.” Mallory said happily as she pulled out a coat hanger with what looked at first to be a light red t-shirt.

Danny frowned and thought that this was surprisingly acceptable until Mallory turned around and he saw what she was really carrying. The bottom of the “shirt” had been folded up and out of view but now it came down and Danny finally realised exactly what he was looking at and why Mallory had deemed it acceptable for him.

The light red shirt wasn’t a shirt at all. The bottom of the shirt had two flaps, one in front and one behind, and little poppers allowing it to snap together. Danny was looking at a onesie, the classic clothing for a padded baby. The onesie had white cuffs and a little picture of a smiling Winnie the Pooh on the chest holding on to Piglet’s hand. It was clearly meant for a baby so why did it look like it could fit Danny?

“What?” Danny asked incredulously as he pointed at the onesie, “Why do you have that!?”

Of course, all Mallory heard was babbling and she just smiled as she saw Danny point over to the clothing she was holding. Danny felt the frustration of not being able to make himself understood again.

“Yes, Danny!” Mallory said excitedly to the teen as she carried the onesie across the room and removed the hanger, “This is for you! Aren’t you a lucky baby!”

Danny lowered his hand and just felt his shoulders slump as he yet again felt powerless to resist anything that was happening. He could feel tears in his eyes as he realised that he would made to look even more infantile than he already felt.

Even worse than that, Danny felt a deep rumble in his bowels. It wasn’t a rumble of hunger though, he realised it had been some time since he had last gone to the bathroom for number two and he belatedly considered that with this diaper on…

Danny shuddered as he came to the conclusion that he was going to be expected to mess this diaper. Even if he could convince Mallory to let him use the toilet, how could he possibly communicate that he needed to go?

He had to try though. Danny thought for a second and turned around so he had his back to Mallory, he reached around and pointed rather exaggeratedly to his own rear end. As he did so he tried to make a fart sound with his mouth. It was hugely embarrassing but it was all Danny had left. He had to embarrass himself to try to avoid something even worse.

“Oh yes!” Mallory said excitedly. Danny felt his hopes raise as it sounded like Mallory might be understanding him, “This will cover your big butt!”

Danny allowed his head to slump forward and he felt tears in his eyes as the fight drained from him. He stood in the middle of the nursery and closed his eyes as Mallory pulled the onesie over his head and threaded his arms through the holes. Danny sniffed back the tears as he felt the onesie pulled tightly against his chest. The front and back flaps were closed between his legs and popped shut.

Danny felt the diaper get pushed up between his legs and the wet padding hugged his crotch even more closely as the onesie pushed everything closer together. He shuddered as he felt the still warm padding from his accident a little earlier start to warm his groin.

He shouldn’t have been surprised that the onesie fit him perfectly but he did start to wonder why all of this stuff seemed to be perfectly sized for his teenage body when it was all originally intended for an actual infant. He would have loved to have that question answered but it was not going to be possible until he found a way to communicate with Mallory again.

As soon as the onesie was snapped closed, Danny felt himself getting picked up again. He was put over Mallory’s hip and carried back out of the nursery. With Mallory’s hand underneath his butt, Danny could feel the wet parts of his diaper pushed up and into on to him. As much as he hated to admit it, he definitely preferred the wet diaper to wet pants but that was a small silver lining to this nightmare scenario.

Whilst Danny was carried back into the living room, he felt another rumble in his tummy and this time it was accompanied by a slight cramping sensation. Danny closed his eyes and tried to ride out the wave of the cramp. As it subsided he opened his eyes and let his muscles relax, he was pleased to have not soiled himself but that relief was tempered by the fact that it was going to happen sooner or later.

Mallory sat down with a sigh on the couch and placed Danny right next to her. She kept an arm around his shoulders and held him close to her as she picked up the remote and turned on the television. She flicked through the channels briefly until she found an animated Disney film. Danny recognised it quickly as Frozen, a film definitely not for people in his age group.

“This looks like it will be fun, doesn’t it Danny?” Mallory said as she settled down to watch the film.

Danny didn’t respond. He knew talking was a waste of breath at this point. He just tried to ignore the pain in his gut and formulate a way to get out of this situation.

“Here you go.” Mallory said suddenly.

Danny looked up unexpectedly and found the latex teat of a rather large baby bottle placed in his mouth. He was so surprised by the sudden sight of the bottle that his brain didn’t click into gear in time and try to stop the bottle from being brought up to his face.

Danny reflexively sucked on the teat and found nice and cool milk fill his mouth. He relaxed slightly when he knew Mallory’s hand wasn’t going anywhere and started sucking on the bottle and gulping down the sweet liquid.

Despite the stress of his situation, Danny found himself relaxing slightly as the milk flowed into his mouth and the warm and colourful pictures from the TV filled his eyes. For a few moments he even began to feel content.

When the bottle was empty, Mallory pulled the bottle away and just sat on the couch, cuddling Danny. Danny wished this had been under normal circumstances. Mallory seemed like a nice person, if he hadn’t been experiencing all this weirdness he might even have enjoyed his time with the old woman.

After around fifteen minutes, Danny heard a soft snoring coming from next to him and realised that Mallory had fallen asleep to the soothing children’s film.

Danny saw a chance to leave the cottage. As much as the old woman had been nice, he needed to leave and get back home before people started missing him.

Standing up, Danny felt the rustling underwear rubbing against him as the onesie pulled everything closer together. He had no idea where his teenage clothes were and decided that despite the risk of embarrassment, he would be better off leaving in this onesie than naked or with just a diaper on.

Danny stood up and took a few steps towards the front door when he suddenly felt another cramp hit him. This time the cramp didn’t just pass by and he could feel a sudden pressure building in his colon.

“Ugh…” Danny couldn’t help but let out a grunt from the pain.

“Huh? What’s happening?” The grunt was apparently loud enough to wake up Mallory who opened her eyes to see Danny in the middle of the living room, “Playing games? How cute!”

Danny knew that messing his diaper was now inevitable, but messing himself whilst Mallory watched was too much. He watched as Mallory smiled at him and looked at the television again where the film was still in full flow.

Danny was struggling now; he was having to be very careful to keep his sphincter tensed as he desperately looked for somewhere to go. He could feel sweat running down his face as he searched desperately for a fix to his problem that didn’t result in a humiliating need for a diaper change.

There was obviously no such solution and with his mind racing Danny sought the next best thing. If he had to poop himself, he would do it with no one watching, he would at least save himself some dignity.

Danny started waddling towards the arm chair that was next to the couch and facing inwards into the room. Halfway to his hiding spot, Danny felt his knees go weak and he was forced down on to the floor. Desperate to find some sanctuary, Danny crawled on his hands and knees towards the gap between the seat and the wall behind it. As his padded rear swayed in the air he felt numerous small farts escape his body as he slowly lost the battle.

Danny looked over his shoulder and was pleased that Mallory was still watching the television. He reached the space behind the chair just as another wave of cramps hit him.

Slowly trying to stand up, Danny was forced to squat down by the desperate need for relief. He still tried to stop it from happening but by now his body was taking over from his mind.

The body can only take so much pressure before it forces things to happen and Danny was now beyond that point. He automatically squatted down and closed his eyes and pushed down with all his tummy muscles. It felt very surreal to be trying to do a poo when he wasn’t on the toilet but he felt his bowels pushing and it didn’t take long for a log of excrement to start pushing its way out.

Danny held his breath and pushed down harder, a small grunt left his mouth as he felt the lump of poop hit the back of his diaper. He squatted even lower to try and give it more room and he felt poop coil like a snake and spread around searching for space all over the back of the diaper.

As Danny pinched off the first log he took a deep breath and pushed again. If he was going to have a messy diaper, he may as well do a thorough job and make sure he didn’t have this problem again soon.

Pushing down again, Danny felt a soft rush of smaller and easier to pass poop that quickly dropped into the snug diaper and smeared around as the back of the diaper filled up. Reaching behind him, Danny could feel the back of the diaper sticking out slightly and he could feel the solid contents that now rested in the back of the diaper.

Just as Danny thought it was over and he could move on, he was forced to squat one more time and felt one last hot rush of poop exit his body. Finally, as if to end the ordeal with a bang, Danny felt his bladder suddenly empty and the front of his diaper was hit with a fresh, warm wave of urine. Danny couldn’t help but shudder slightly as his body finished emptying itself.

Slowly, Danny stood back up straight again. As he did so he could feel the mushy contents of his diaper smear slightly. It was not a nice feeling and Danny winced as he tried not to spread it all too far.

Danny’s first thought was to start crying as the humiliation and embarrassment of what had happened threatened to overwhelm him. Taking a deep breath, through his mouth since the smell in the room was anything but pleasant, he tried to calm down and had an almost instinctual need to stay hidden. He couldn’t let Mallory see the shameful thing he had just done.

“Are you Ok back there?” Mallory called out.

Danny knew it must look strange for him to disappear behind the chair for so long and he soon realised that he had to come back out to stop from arousing suspicion. What Danny’s long term plan was, he had no idea, all he knew was he had to at least try and avoid being discovered.

Danny awkwardly waddled out from behind the armchair. He tried to act casual but the heavy Pampers plus all of the sludge he could feel rubbing against him made it very difficult.

As Danny looked out from behind the chair, he saw Mallory smile at him warmly before returning to watch the television. In the middle of the floor was a colouring book which Danny didn’t remember being there before. Shrugging his shoulders, Danny waddled over to the colouring book and carefully laid on his front. He could feel the contents of his messy diaper shift slightly but he was sure that laying on his front would be better than smearing the mess even more.

Danny grabbed the box of crayons and started colouring in. He was so preoccupied by the lumpy feeling in his diaper that he didn’t even worry about being seen doing such an infantile task, his only goal was to avoid being detected and having his humiliating accident found.

The whole situation was a waste of time, of course Danny knew that, but he couldn’t help but keep up the charade. Even as he distractedly coloured in the book in front of him, Danny could almost feel the smell spreading around the room and he was sure Mallory would know what he had done sooner or later.

The feeling was entirely unpleasant. The oozing mess in his diaper had quickly started getting cold and Danny had to resist the urge to scratch that whole area. He was desperate to not spread the mess but at the same time he really, really wanted to be changed.

As Danny was still contemplating his situation he suddenly felt two hands grab him underneath the armpits and lift him up. Danny kicked his feet a little in shock before realising that it was Mallory who was seemingly picking him up with little difficulty.

“Wait!” Danny tried to say. All his ears hear was an infantile squeal.

Danny was powerless to resist as Mallory sat back down on the couch and brought him down on her knee. Danny winced and tensed up as he felt the knee do the one thing he had tried to avoid, the poop started spreading as Mallory bounced Danny on her knee.

Danny grimaced as Mallory bounced him up and down in a playful way. The stickiness in Danny’s diaper quickly spread all over as he tried to make the old woman stop with the bounces. It was an impossible task though as Mallory clearly thought Danny was enjoying himself and kept going whilst talking to him in a playful voice.

Whatever Mallory was saying was lost to Danny, who was concentrating fully on the feelings in his Pampers. The sticky mess spreading all throughout the back and front until it felt like a fine layer of mud that covered all of Danny’s groin. It was a horrid and itchy feeling and Danny started feeling himself getting teary eyed as he just wished for it all to stop.

“Oh, what’s wrong, Baby?” Mallory asked as she stopped bouncing the teenage boy.

Danny didn’t respond. He was taking big shuddering breaths as he felt the tears overwhelming him. Knowing he couldn’t communicate verbally with Mallory, Danny instead just pointed to his crotch before falling forwards and hugging Mallory as the tears started falling down his face. He didn’t care how he looked, all he cared about was getting out of this diaper and if that meant crying on Mallory, that is what he would do.

“Danny, What’s wro-” Mallory stopped talking as she suddenly sniffed the air and smelt the very noticeable aroma that was emitting from Danny’s waist, “Oh. I see.”

Mallory stood up with Danny on her hip and carried him out of the living room. Her hand rested under Danny’s backside and she could feel the lumpy mess.

“Don’t worry, Danny.” Mallory cooed in the teenager’s ear, “We will get you all nice and clean.”

Danny just nodded his head. He didn’t care how infantile he looked or felt at that moment. He just wanted to be out of this disgusting diaper. He didn’t care how it was done.

Danny was expecting to be taken into the nursery but Mallory carried him straight past that room and on to the next door down. Mallory pushed the door open and Danny could see that this was the bathroom. A room he had no reason to use since he got there.

Mallory placed Danny on the floor of the bathroom and quickly set about turning on the faucets and letting warm water spill into the tub.

Danny just sat there tearfully as the diaper squelched underneath him. By this stage the mess in the diaper had been spread so thoroughly that he didn’t really care about sitting on it. He just couldn’t wait for the moment that he would be cleaned.

As Mallory waited for the water to warm up, she turned to Danny pulled snaps of his onesie apart. She pulled the baby clothing up and over Danny’s head leaving him sat in just the diaper. The smell in the small bathroom was getting pretty bad and Danny was thankful when Mallory turned and cracked open a window.

Mallory lifted Danny back up and placed him down in the bathtub. She very carefully pulled off the tapes that held the diaper up. The little Sesame Street characters had now almost completely faded as the abused diaper happily fell from Danny’s crotch into Mallory’s waiting hand.

Coughing slightly and wincing, Mallory quickly balled up the diaper and ran it out to the outside trash before returning to the bathroom to find Danny still standing in the tub and looking down at himself in disgust.

Mallory attached the shower attachment to the faucet and tested the temperature of the water on her hand. She found it satisfactory and quickly aimed the warm water at the messy teenager.

“There, there…” Mallory compassionately sympathised, “We will get you all cleaned up and into a fresh diaper.”

“I don’t want a fresh diaper!” Danny tried to say but all that was heard was the usual babble.

Danny was made to turn this way and that way as the warm water blasted the excrement off of the boy and into the tub, the water carrying it down the plug hole.

It was rather embarrassing for Danny to have to bend over and give Mallory such access to his rear end but the relief of getting free of the sticky poop was indescribable. Danny instantly started calming down and as the last of the mess was forced down the drain, Mallory directed him to sit in the tub.

Removing the shower attachment, Mallory allowed the tub to fill halfway with lovely warm water and she began to clean Danny as if he was incapable of doing it himself. Danny was forced to just sit still and let the soap and water run over him as Mallory made sure he was clean all over.

The bath took minutes but it felt like a lot longer for the teenager who was made to just sit and endure the embarrassment of being cleaned by a much older lady.

The most embarrassing moment for Danny was undoubtedly when he suddenly felt the water around him getting warmer and he belatedly realised he was wetting himself in the tub. He was very thankful when it seemed like Mallory didn’t notice but it didn’t stop the fact that he was still wetting with seemingly little control.

Not a moment too soon, Mallory lifted Danny out of the tub and draped him in a towel to dry him. She rather roughly rubbed him down all over until Danny was eventually mostly dry. Danny wasn’t in control of anything, he was being forced from one situation to the next without any say in what was happening to him.

As Danny was dried he started wondering again about why all this was happening. He had felt fine as he walked around until he reached this cottage. As soon as he came in things started going strange, from wetting himself without knowledge to his complete loss of verbal communication it was like Danny had started turning back into a baby again.

Danny remembered his parents and people he had known before all of this and felt a yearning to get away. He had to find a way to escape even if he didn’t know what was happening to him. There must be a way to reverse whatever madness had overtaken him in the last day or so.

It wasn’t long until Danny was carried back into the nursery again. His resistance was weak as he was laid down on the changing table. Danny was completely naked but by this point his modesty had mostly disappeared and he didn’t try to cover up as the inevitable diaper came his way.

This diaper was a little different instead of the Sesame Street characters, Danny could see the new diaper had Muppets printed on it. The diaper appeared very similar as the previous ones but, if anything, they were a little thicker than the Pampers. As the diaper was unfolded in front of him, Danny looked over to the shelf where the diaper came from and saw the torn open packaging that the diaper had been ripped from.

These were new diapers that Danny hadn’t seen before, sat next to the Pampers was a big packet which proudly proclaimed the name “Huggies” and next to the open plastic packet was a stack of the diapers, one on top of another, the rectangular padded shapes were instantly recognisable as diapers.

Danny felt his legs lifted up and his attention returned to Mallory who was holding him with a smile.

“Who’s my little stinker!?” Mallory said in that tone of voice reserved for talking to toddlers, “My little padded pants!”

Danny blushed. The last thing he wanted was to be reminded of his messy accident, still so fresh in his mind. His spirits were very low, he felt almost broken and that escape was going to be impossible.

“I wonder…” Mallory said as she lowered Danny’s legs back on to the diaper and pulled the front up.

Danny’s attention was drawn to Mallory’s exaggerated thinking pose as she put her hand up to her chin and pretended to be deep in thought. A flicker of a smile crossed her face as she moved her hands back down and taped the Huggies diaper tightly to Danny.

“I wonder…”  Mallory repeated, “If my little boy is… Ticklish!”

Before Danny could react, Mallory started tickling his bare tummy. Danny started wriggling around on the table as he tried to get away but Mallory’s hands kept him rooted to the spot. Danny couldn’t help but laugh even though he wanted to do anything but encourage more of this treatment.

Every little movement produced a lot of crinkling. The plastic between Danny’s legs was so loud, it was almost as if the sound was being somehow magnified.

As Mallory continued the tickling, her warm face smiling down at the teenager, Danny felt his excitable bladder contract and a small squirt of urine was shot into the padding between his legs. The shame Danny felt at losing bladder control so easily made the whole situation worse.

“Looks like he is!” Mallory giggled as she finally stopped the tickling torment and Danny finally stopped wriggling.

Danny felt out of breath as Mallory picked him up again. This time he was carried over to the crib and gently laid down within it. Danny laid back and sighed. Physically, he felt exhausted and mentally he was beaten. He couldn’t argue and he couldn’t even convince himself that he didn’t need diapers after his loss of control in his diaper so many times.

Mallory lifted up the side of the crib and effectively locked the teenager inside the toddler bed. Before she left the room she reached through the bars of the crib and gently placed a full bottle of juice against the pillows by Danny’s head.

Danny was overcome with tiredness. He saw Mallory smile down at him and start singing a lullaby and very quickly his eyes started feeling very heavy. He wanted to resist sleep but there was such a soothing rhythm about the old lady’s song that Danny found his muscles relaxing and he quickly drifted off into a deep sleep.

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Great addition! Can't wait for the next part :)

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Fantastic new chapter. Danny is in denial right now but I believe he is going to surrender to the magical powers going on there. He is going to enjoy Mallory taking care of him. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

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Great chapter. I wonder where she got all the baby stuff. Hope the next chapter will be soon.

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Here is the next part of Danny's experience inside this strange cabin. Will Danny find a way out? Who is this strange old woman?

This is posted with the huge thanks of all of my Patrons! My gratitude to: Dannydazzler, John S, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Paul O, Matthew S, Pierry L, Mathew, John D, Crash B, Kent J, Jon S, Kyle K, Frank S, Cesar D, Scott S, Mr. Smileypants, James B, Sterling W, Ben F and p74_1986

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Danny had no idea how long he was asleep but when he woke up the, sounds of birds chirping from outside made him think it must be morning. Had he really just slept through a whole night in these weird surroundings.

It was only as Danny sat up that he realised that there was something filling his mouth. He recognised the latex feeling as being like the bottles he had been drinking from but this was a bit different. It took a few seconds for Danny to realise that a pacifier was filling his mouth!

How long had he been sucking on the soother? Where did it even come from?

Danny pulled it out of his mouth and placed it on the bed next to him. He immediately felt like his mouth was empty, somewhere deep within Danny was the need to fill it again.

Looking around at the crib Danny saw the baby’s bottle full of juice next to his pillows where Mallory had left it last night. Without a second thought, and with a great feeling of thirst, Danny grabbed the drinking vessel and started sucking down the most welcome fluid.

Danny felt his diaper suddenly warming but he didn’t stop from drinking the juice which, in his thirst, tasted exquisite. Danny knew that he was wetting himself, he knew he couldn’t stop it, all he could do was realise it was happening and continue looking for a chance to escape.

Danny sucked down the juice until there was no more left to drink. It was only then that he let go of the bottle and let it fall from his face. Letting out a big burp, Danny wiped his lips and looked around. He was trapped in this crib until Mallory came to his rescue, fortunately he didn’t have to wait long for salvation as Mallory soon opened the door in her dressing gown.

“My little champ is already awake!” Mallory said as she hurried over to the crib with her customary warm smile.

Mallory didn’t hesitate to lower the side of the crib and lift Danny down. She gently patted the teenager’s diaper and felt the warm wet padding, her smile grew slightly but she didn’t carry him to the changing table like Danny expected. Instead she carried the boy out of the room and through to the kitchen area.

Danny was placed into the highchair that was sat next to the table. As he was lowered into the seat he felt the warm Huggies diaper pushed against his groin, Danny had to admit that the feeling wasn’t completely uncomfortable and it was almost comforting. Danny guessed he remembered sitting at that table in wet pants and was kind of glad that if he was going to uncontrollably wet himself, at least it wasn’t leaving him cold and feeling icky.

Whilst Danny was sitting in his seat he felt an ominous rumbling deep inside his bowels. He immediately knew what it meant and he winced as he had to almost fight against soiling himself straight away. Despite knowing it was inevitable, he wanted to resist the pressure for as long as possible. Uncontrollable wetting was one thing but messing without control was just going too far.

He had to get out of that cottage, Danny knew this. Everything had started going wrong as soon as he had arrived here and it was worth running away to see if it would fix things. Maybe there was something in the food or drink he was being given, was there any other way to explain it?

There was the mystery of all this baby stuff that had been for a real baby and now somehow fit Danny, that was puzzling, and so was the baby paraphernalia that seemed to increasingly spring up all around the cottage. It seemed like whatever Mallory needed would suddenly appear for her to use. She made no comment about any of it but Danny had noticed lots of changes to the cottage and as time went on it seemed like it was increasingly becoming a home that looked like it housed a young toddler.

Danny’s reverie was broken by another cramp in his stomach. He tensed up until it passed but it was clear he couldn’t ignore it forever.

“Here we are, baby.” Mallory said as she sat at the table next to Danny. She placed a bowl in front of her and held a spoon.

“Please… Toilet…” Danny tried speaking slowly and clearly in the forlorn hope that maybe it would suddenly be understandable. Of course, the only sound that came out was incomprehensible gibberish.

“Here comes the airplane!” Mallory said cheerfully as she moved the spoon through the air in front of Danny. She made whooshing plane noises as the spoon went back and forth before finally ending up in Danny’s mouth.

Danny ignored his instinct to spit the bland mush out and swallowed it down. He assumed getting this over with was better than delaying it.

“What a hungry boy!” Mallory chuckled as she returned for a second spoonful.

It was after this process had repeated four or five times that the pressure suddenly overwhelmed Danny. The cramping and his body’s pushing became too much and despite Danny trying to resist the overwhelming urge to push, his body betrayed him.

With no input from himself, he felt a sudden sticky mush start expanding in the rear of his diaper. Since he was sitting down, the poop was getting pushed all over the diaper as it looked to fill the limited space available.

“Open the hanger! Plane coming in to land!” Mallory said with a chuckle. She clearly had no idea what was happening lower in Danny’s body.

Since Danny was so preoccupied by what was happening in his diaper, he automatically followed Mallory’s instructions and swallowed more of the baby food.

Danny didn’t even feel much need to push as he emptied his bowels into his Huggies.  Eventually he realised he was done simply because he didn’t feel any more of the mess emerging. He was deeply concerned that he seemed to have no control of his bowels now, it seemed like the longer things went the less control Danny was experiencing.

Danny noticed that the older woman seemed to have no idea what was going on and carried on feeding him in the same condescending way. The hopelessness of the situation suddenly became too much, as Danny sat in his poopy pants and was fed as if he couldn’t be trusted to hold a spoon, he started crying.

At first it was small sobs but quickly he started wailing more loudly as he succumbed to the situation. He just wanted to be gone, out of this messy diaper, out of this cottage and back at home with family who must be very concerned that he hadn’t returned.

“What’s the matter?” Mallory asked her suddenly fussy baby with concern and confusion.

Danny knew that even if he hadn’t been crying that he wouldn’t have been able to respond to the lady so he didn’t even attempt to calm down. He just kicked his legs uselessly underneath the high chair tray.

“Danny? What’s wro-” Mallory stopped when she suddenly felt the smell hit her, “Oh! Someone has made mud pies for Granny? It’s Ok darling, let’s get you changed.”

Mallory moved the mostly finished bowl of food out of the way and unlocked the tray. Pushing it out of the way, Mallory reached in and picked up Danny who made no attempt to stop her. She lifted Danny up and held him close to her with one arm around the back of his head holding him to her shoulder and the other arm underneath him on his padded rear.

Danny was carried into the nursery and laid down on the now familiar changing table. Despite the situation and the embarrassment, Danny started to calm down a bit as he knew that he was going to get a clean diaper at least.

As Danny was thinking about diapers, he was suddenly left confused when his eyes fell on the diaper pail by the door. It was empty and yet it didn’t seem like there had ever been a time where Mallory could have removed his previous diapers without him noticing.

This made Danny think about other odd occurrences, for instance the fact that the cottage always seemed well supplied with food and drink despite Mallory seemingly not leaving. Not just any food and drink either, Mallory was well stocked with baby food which she would surely have no reason to have normally. This struck Danny as very odd.

Whilst Danny was considering these things, the front of his used diaper was lowered and he jumped slightly as the cold wipes suddenly began their cleaning work. He went as limp as a doll as Mallory lifted his legs up to more easily clean his rear end. Danny’s crying calmed down as he was cleaned and cooed at by the old lady whose smile seemed permanently etched on her face.

Mallory unfolded one of the plastic Sesame Street diapers and slipped underneath Danny’s clean bum. She pulled it up and over Danny’s crotch and quickly taped it closed leaving Danny in yet another plastic prison. He was still sniffling and feeling miserable when Mallory leaned over the side of the changing table and covered her face with her hands. Danny looked up confused as to what she was doing.

“Peek-a-boo!” Mallory called out as she suddenly moved her hands and did a funny face for the teenager.

Danny jumped slightly and wondered what was going on as Mallory covered her face again.

“Peek-a-boo!” Mallory said again as she uncovered her face with her tongue sticking out. She reached down with her hands and tickled Danny’s tummy causing him to wriggle and laugh despite himself.

Mallory covered her face again and despite Danny knowing what was going to happen and how stupid this baby game was; he couldn’t help but find himself smiling at all the attention he was receiving.

 “Peek-a-boo!” Mallory said loudly and she uncovered her face but used one of her fingers to press against her nose to imitate a pig.

Danny laughed loudly and forgot about how upsetting this all was for him. A small part of his brain knew this was wrong, but a large part was telling him to enjoy it since he was stuck there anyway.

When Mallory did the routine another time and started tickling Danny again, the teenage boy excitedly babbled and made the noises of an overstimulated toddler who was enjoying the treatment. He was even quite disappointed when Mallory picked him up and carried him out of the room and back into the main part of the house.


As Danny had yet another wet diaper changed he reflected on the time he had spent in this bizarre cottage. It had now been days, Danny wasn’t sure how many, but maybe a week and things had started getting weirder and weirder.

A few days ago Danny had no interest in any of the baby games Mallory tried to play with him. He had no interest in watching children’s television and he wanted more than ever to just escape and go back home, now things were changing.

Danny had almost started looking forward to his time in front of the TV, he found himself getting more and more enjoyment out of watching the loud noises and bright colours of shows like Dora the Explorer and Sofia the First. Danny had quickly found that Paw Patrol was his favourite show and he loved watching the cute little dogs jumping into action. He could often be found clutching his teddy bear and kneeling in front of the screen as he hoped that the dogs would save the day yet again.

When he had time alone in his crib or elsewhere he knew that this was weird and he should hate every minute of it. He knew that being engrossed by children’s television shows was a bad sign, the fact he could pass hours of time colouring or playing with little army men was worrying.

Danny found it increasingly hard to recall time before the cottage. He knew he had a family out in the world who would probably be worried about him but remembering details was starting to get more difficult. Danny found his brain was increasingly worried about little more than his next meal or his next diaper change.

Another thing that was getting more difficult, was Danny’s attempts at keeping his diaper clean and dry. For the last few days it seemed like whatever tiny amount of control that Danny still had was slipping away. Usually the first inkling that Danny needed to use the bathroom now was him feeling the hot urine, or sticky poop start emerging in his diaper. His lack of control was disturbing but he often found himself being distracted before he could really worry about it.

Beyond himself, the cottage was still somewhat of an enigma. Mallory still hadn’t left the house and apparently was well stocked on everything a baby needs because Danny was well fed and supplies didn’t seem to be depleting. It was the same with the stacks of diapers in the nursery, despite going through a few of them every day, they always seemed to be topped up when the next day rolled around.

Danny was unable to ask questions since he was still incomprehensible when he tried to speak and he usually found that as soon as he was giving something to play with or watch he would forget all about the weird stuff and become engrossed in whatever he was doing.

However, there was still a small voice in Danny’s head that told him that he had to get away and sometimes that small voice became very strong. Such as right now, as Danny was picked up off of the changing table and put into a cute little sailor outfit of a white and blue shirt and dark blue shorts, everything felt wrong and he knew that even if he was comfortable a lot of the time that this was not how his life was supposed to be.

Danny acted very impulsively, perhaps like a toddler, he didn’t put much thought into what he was doing next. Mallory turned her back to the teenager and was putting something away in a drawer when Danny just bolted towards the open nursery door.

Danny’s legs felt weak as he charged out of the room. His crinkling behind was bulging out of his shorts as he raced back into the living room. There were toys scattered everywhere and Danny had to choose his footing carefully to avoid treading on anything. Behind him, Danny could hear Mallory suddenly turning around and calling his name as he ran away. She didn’t sound angry, she sounded afraid that Danny was going to hurt himself.

Danny didn’t care. That tiny voice in his head that told him he had to leave was now becoming a screaming voice. He had been looking for one opportunity and now he felt it was finally here, as he rounded the corner into the hallway Danny saw the front door like the light at the end of the tunnel. He hurtled towards as fast as his legs would let him. His mind raced with images of him running home.

He threw his small body against the wooden door and it flew open. Danny hadn’t expected it to give way so easily and he fell forwards and rolled down the stairs that lead up to the cabin.

As he dusted himself off, his first instinct, rather shamefully, was to start crying in the hope that an adult would come running.

Even more shamefully, As Danny fell down the steps he felt his bowels seemingly drop and his body pushed out a semi-solid rush of poop into his diaper. It oozed out of him uncontrollably as he landed on the dirt ground. Danny could feel the soft and sticky mush getting spread all over his butt and crotch, he winced at the unpleasant but not unfamiliar sensation.

The poop pushed out and filled all the space it could, the diaper and the shorts over the top were forced to bulge out to accommodate everything that was escaping his body.

Shaking his head to clear the thoughts of crying from his mind, Danny stood up and realised he was out of the cottage for the first time in a week!

Danny quickly climbed back up to his unsteady feet and looked around for the entrance he had walked up before. He didn’t see it.

“What!?” Danny yelled to himself. Babbling was all his ears heard.

Rather absentmindedly, Danny reached behind himself and felt the large bulge in his diaper. He grimaced at his uncontrollable accident and the poop that was sticking his diaper to his butt was very uncomfortable.

Danny’s eyes scanned the treeline around the little house and could see no exit. Panic started rising in Danny’s chest, he was sure it was in front of the house but now it seemed completely blocked up. It even looked like the plant life was so dense that trying to get through it would be so laborious that if Mallory made even half an attempt to come get him, Danny would be caught easily.

In the absence of any other choice Danny started waddling around the cottage and looking for some direction that looked promising. He grew increasingly desperate as he looked at the dense forest. When had this area become so heavily wooded?

When Danny finally found a way to get away from the cottage he ended up even more confused than before. He was stood in front of the cottage again, almost the exact same spot as when he first escaped and now he was looking straight ahead at an opening that seemed to head towards his salvation.

Danny frowned. Where was this opening just now? Did he just totally miss it?

“Whatever…” Danny whispered as he took off towards the dirt path that was lined with trees on both sides.

The rapidly cooling pile of poop in his pants was causing him to awkwardly waddle a little but Danny was so intent on getting away that he ignored the feeling. If he was going to be humiliated by being found like this, it was fine as long he got away!

The dirt path seemed to go for an impossibly long time. After a couple of minutes Danny was really confused, he was sure he had walked this path in a lot less time just a week ago. Perhaps even worse for the teenager, was that his legs were feeling increasingly unsteady.

Danny’s steps became harder and he started stumbling a bit. His legs were increasingly refusing to cooperate with his brain and he spread his arms out to try and keep his balance like a toddler still learning how to walk.

Eventually, Danny could stumble forward no more and he fell to his hands and knees. He was determined not to stop and despite now having to crawl like an infant, Danny continued his journey towards where he thought salvation must be. This new position meant that as he worked his legs, the poop in the diaper started falling forward thanks to gravity and further spreading all over him.

Danny crawled desperately forward with tears building in his eyes. Even now, on his hands and knees, crawling through the dirt, Danny could feel himself becoming even weaker and his mind became increasingly jumbled. He found the tearful panic harder and harder to keep away and he even wondered if he should just return to the cottage.

With the last of his strength, Danny found the path opening on to the road. His arms and legs collapsed and he could barely drag himself to the edge of the forested area. After a minute of just laying still he realised he needed to attract someone’s attention.

Danny knew only one way to make a lot of noise and call for help in this situation. With a deep breath, Danny started crying as hard and loudly as possible. His cries sounded just like a little baby, shrill and high pitched, it didn’t sound like his usual teenage cry, a sound he had grown increasingly accustomed to hearing.

Whatever his cry was, it was working. From down the street an old lady suddenly turned to see the teenage boy laying on the pavement. She hurriedly walked over to the young man with her little basket on wheels being pulled behind her. She had a look of concern on her face as she walked over to where Danny was, his diaper was now coated in his own excrement as all the running, crawling and wailing had smeared his poop all over himself. Despite this, Danny calmed himself down as he saw help arriving, he had to get his message across. Maybe if he concentrated hard enough he would be able to make this old lady hear what he was saying.

“Please… Help…” Danny tried to say. He tried to speak slowly and move his mouth very deliberately to form the words he needed.

“What are you doing out here all alone?” The older lady asked with a note of concern in her voice as she continued towards Danny.

Danny then noticed something very strange. This older woman whose face was the picture of concern very suddenly changed as she stepped off of the main path and next to Danny. Her eyes seemed to glaze over and her face seemed to almost slacken slightly. Her demeanour changed very subtly, from concern to a much more passive stance as her shoulders hunched over slightly and she gave the impression of looking at Danny but not seeing him.

“Help?” Danny tried again. It was a useless effort; his speech was no more understandable than a baby.

The old lady suddenly shook her head slightly and after she looked down at Danny again, she smiled warmly and nodded like she just understood something. She walked right up next to Danny and effortlessly lifted him up from the ground and sat him on her wheeled basket.

“You poor little thing.” The woman said to the stinky teenager, “You must be lost. Don’t worry, I’ll get you home.”

Danny stared in horror as this woman started pulling the basket back into the forest, back towards the cottage!

“No! Other way!” Danny tried to yell. He tried to climb off of the basket but found his body increasingly failing to listen to his commands. He couldn’t move.

“It’s OK, little one.” The woman said as she continued to pull Danny back down the dirt path, “I think you must have come from down here.”

It seemed like a much shorter walk this time. What took Danny a few minutes to run now seemed to only take a few seconds as he was wheeled back to the cottage. He turned to look over his shoulder and standing in the doorway to the cottage was Mallory. She looked simultaneously worried and relieved.

“Muriel!” Mallory called as she saw the old lady approaching.

“Mallory, my dear.” Muriel replied, “I think this belongs to you?”

“Yes, yes he just ran off when I had my back turned. You know what babies are like.” Mallory said as Muriel lifted Danny off of her basket and walked up the steps to the cottage.

Danny was like a doll in the arms of the older woman and he could only cry as he was taken back to the place he had been so desperate to leave.

“You got my message then?” Mallory asked pointedly.

“Loud and clear.” Muriel replied, “I saw that little Danny has had a rather tough time recently.”

Danny stopped crying and looked at Muriel. With furrowed eyebrows, Danny wondered how the hell this random woman knew his name. Besides that, what message was she talking about? How did she know what Danny’s time here had been like?

“Looks like he is wondering a few things…” Muriel said to Mallory as the two older ladies, “Maybe you should come clean with him.”

“Only if I actually do clean him!” Mallory laughed and Muriel joined in. Danny had no idea what was going on, he felt so disorientated and confused by everything. He was exhausted, he just wanted his crib.

The two laughing ladies carried the messy teenager into the nursery and laid him down on the changing table.

Down came Danny’s shorts and off came the tapes on the front of his diaper. He turned his head away in disgust at his own smell as his poopy crotch was exposed to the cool air. Danny was so confused that he didn’t even feel particularly embarrassed about the situation, he just wanted an answer to what the hell was happening.

“Where to begin…” Mallory began. She shrugged her shoulders and then said rather casually, “I’m a witch.”

Danny frowned. Had he heard the old woman correctly? Had she really just said that she was a witch? Was she joking?

“You’ve probably noticed some weird things going on.” Mallory continued as she wiped up Danny’s poopy rear, “Well, I missed my grandchildren so much that I thought why didn’t I get a new one. As soon as I saw you coming, I opened up the path and let you wander in. As soon as you stepped on to my land the battle was over.”

This was a lot for Danny to take in. This was madness. Danny thought there was no way this could all be true and yet what other explanations could there be for all the bizarre events that had led to this point.

“You’ll have noticed that your bladder and bowel control has continually degraded, your motor skills have decreased, obviously you can’t communicate… I’ve even noticed you have started enjoying the toddler toys and games.” Mallory said as she pulled out the soiled Pampers and balling it up.

Muriel was just smiling down at Danny throughout this whole process. The scared teenager tried to ignore her and keep calm.

“It’s a degrading effect that is reinforced from the potions in your food and drink as well as subtle mind altering spells that work slowly.” Mallory explained like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Danny tried to remain calm but he could feel the tears coming again. He realised that everything Mallory said was true. In every way he had regressed over the last week, sometimes it was so slowly that he hadn’t realised until it was too late.

“But I’ve seen you enjoying it.” Mallory added as she unfolded a new Pampers and started sliding it under Danny, “I’ve seen you increasingly wanting the attention, increasingly engrossed in the children’s television. The magic I used shouldn’t have worked this quickly.”

“It’s funny how many times that happens.” Muriel added as she looked at Mallory, “They are usually the last ones to realise that destiny brings them to these situations.”

“Them?” Danny tried to ask. There were others who had experienced what he had?

Even as he tried to concentrate on the conversation, Danny found it increasingly hard to comprehend everything around him. Danny was struggling to remember anything before the cottage now. Even his family and friends could only be seen as if through a fog.

“Danny, baby.” Mallory said softly, “The only people who find their way to this cottage are people who want to be taken back to the innocence of youth.”

Danny was speechless. Was she implying that he wanted all of this? He had to admit that he had quickly grown used to wearing diapers, and the attention was certainly nice. Mallory did seem like a lovely person even if she was causing all of this. She wasn’t doing it out of spite clearly, she seemed to genuinely love taking care of Danny.

Danny’s mind was going a mile a minute and he didn’t even stop to consider that it seemed like Mallory had understood what he had said last.

“You have a choice, little one.” Mallory said as she taped the new diaper closed and smiled down at her baby, “You can stay here with me or go back to how things were. I can make it so your parents would have a new version of you, they will never suspect anything happened. You can stay here and be the baby that deep inside, I know you want to be.”

Mallory lifted Danny off of the table and placed him on the floor on his hands and knees.

“Or…” Mallory continued, “You can leave. You will never be able to find this place again. The effects of the magic will wear off and you can grow up having the kind of normal life that I know you don’t want.”

Danny’s first instinct was to crawl towards the nursery door. His first instinct was what it had always been, to leave, to get things back to how they were before. He didn’t hesitate to start heading towards the exit.

Halfway to the door, Danny suddenly paused. He started really thinking about what he could remember of his old life. The teasing about his height, the pressures of school and family life where he was always expected to do more and be better, no matter what he accomplished it was never enough. The stress of modern society had never been something Danny relished.

Turning back to face Mallory, Danny considered the alternative. Never having to grow up, no stress, no worries except for when his next diaper change would be. Just him and Mallory having fun together.

“We even have little friends for you to meet.” Muriel added with a warm smile, “I believe there are six like you in the area, they meet up for play times a lot. They have lots of fun.”

Danny looked at the open door, then he turned to look at the crib. This was the biggest decision he would ever have to make. His thumb went into his mouth as he thought things over.

Maybe he did belong there. Maybe this was the best place for him to be happy. Danny closed his eyes and tried to picture his parents faces again, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t remember anything about his family.

Danny slowly turned around and crawled towards the crib. At first uncertain but then increasingly sure of himself, Danny shuffled over to the crib with his big pampered rear in the air and used the bars to help climb up and into it.

Danny put his head against the pillow and grabbed one of the stuffed toys from the foot of the mattress.

Mallory and Muriel looked at each other and smiled with genuine warmth. Mallory walked over to the crib and gently raised the bars as Danny’s eyes began to close.

“Sweet dreams, little one.” Mallory whispered before she tip-toed out of the nursery.

On her way out Mallory and Muriel shared a glance at each other that seemed to convey more meaning than words ever could. Mallory smiled and nodded and the two of them closed the door gently sealing Danny in the nursery.

Danny let out a yawn and rolled over. He didn’t move a muscle when he suddenly felt a warmth splashing against the front of his diaper. He just sighed, safe in the knowledge that he didn’t need to worry about it, and closed his eyes to sleep.

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Great chapter. I wonder where she got all the baby stuff. Hope the next chapter will be soon.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing is a dream...but with additional side effects afterwards lol. Great addition!

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I have read and wrote a lot of stories on this site but I have never read one as will written and thought of as this one Elfy.

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That was a wonderful story. A superb job of writing and such a sweet tail being told. If in Danny's shoes I am not sure I wouldn't have made the same choice. I will most definitely be looking forward to reading your next story.

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