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WARNING: this story contains some sexuality in addition to soiling and wetting scenes. There are also scenes that are mildly scary, but nothing too intense. 

The Dark Forest Witch
by AMRose

part 1: Lost
    Jeremy was completely lost in the woods now. A lanky but short boy he was merely five and a half feet tall. He has messy brown hair that winged out on the sides. He had on a loose flannel that was open and fluttered behind him. His white undershirt was tight against his lean frame, making an outline of his mildly athletic body. His jean shorts were dirty and scuffed, mostly because he had tripped and stumbled during his initial departure from home. He was 19, almost 20, and ever since he graduated his father tried to get him to work at his company. Jeremy didn't feel like that was for him though. He wanted to find himself first, to be free. He figured he was meant for greater things than some nepotistic job with his father's business. He had many other disagreements with the man, but this was the last straw for him. He had a big fight with the man. With his backpack full of little things like snacks, a change of underwear, and what little money he had saved, he was about to walk out the door when he was stopped by his father. The man grabbed him, trying to keep him from leaving. The two struggled and Jeremy was struck across the face. The only way Jeremy was able to escape is that the incident mortified his father, who let him go. Despite this moment of clarity from the older man Jeremy did not want to take any chances, so he ran directly into the woods. That is how he eventually got lost, wandering around alone and confused. At first he was doing okay out there in the woods, setting up a make-shift tent and resting in a sleeping bag on the leaf-covered ground. To him this was better than going back, though a big part of him still missed civilization. Being all alone like this was a little scary. 

Jeremy did not get much sleep during his first night alone and awoke in the middle of the night. He had to pee badly. It was very dark so he used the light from his phone to shine the area in front of him. Standing up he unzipped his pants and held his soft penis in his hand. He kept on hearing noises all around him as he urinated. When he heard a loud crack of a tree branch he tried to pinch off the stream, but it would not stop. He looked around nervously, pissing helplessly on the ground. Unable to stop the stream he just stuffed his penis back into his pants and wet himself a little. At least it was quiet. He stayed perfectly still. Of course there was nothing there. He cursed himself, feeling silly, especially now that he had marked the front of his pants with a dark pee stain. He didn't think he would be getting back to bed anytime soon so he decided to gather his things and move again. Jeremy took out a compass and checked it. It was spinning wildly. Something about these woods was strange. He had wanted to save his phone's battery, but he was desperate now. His phone was not getting any service though. Now he was more nervous than ever. All he could do was move forward, deeper into the woods. The forest seemed to get colder. As the moon became shrouded in heavy clouds it seemed like all light was fading until the forest was nearly pitch black. That's when there was an eerie glow that lit up the trees. He was grateful that he could still see in this dark without having to use his phone's light again, but a feeling of unease was still at the back of his head. This didn't seem right. Nothing was normal. He smelled something sweet in the air. It was like tea and cakes. He walked forward, seeing a faint light. He hoped that this was civilization. He walked towards where the light was coming from. Each step he took in the crinkly leaves seemed to make an echo. Feeling suspicious he stopped walking and still heard a couple footsteps right behind him. He turned his head and saw some glowing eyes and teeth. The sight of this darkly shrouded creature in this mostly glowing forest was utterly frightening. He started to shit his pants. Large logs emptied out, making the back of his shorts stretch. Now in addition to his front being wet his backside had become dirtied, but he was too frightened to think about his shame for now. He turned and ran, hearing the creature give chase right behind him. Each large sweep of his legs made the mess spread further until it was running down his thighs, starting to peek out the bottom of his shorts. He feel forward and grabbed at the grass, bracing for what would come next. The creature made high pitched yowls and Jeremy was still alive. He opened his eyes, looking up. He saw a woman's figure, cloaked in a dark dress and shawl. She had stabbed the creature with a sword. She turned to look at Jeremy. Once he looked into her red eyes he fainted right away.
Jeremy awoke suddenly as he felt himself being lowered into warm water. He gasped, his eyes going wide. He rubbed his face and tried to let his vision adjust to the room. He was sitting in some kind of old fashioned galvanized steel wash tub, completely naked. He gripped the sides and saw a woman looking down at him. Seeing her red colored irises he put together in his head that this must be the same woman from the woods that saved him from the creature. Her skin was pale like someone that had been drowned, with a slight bluish tint to her lips and cheeks. By contrast her hair was a deep, dark black. It was unreal just how black her long hair was. Not even the light in the room seemed to shine on it, instead being absorbed right into the darkness. She was no longer in her flowing gown and shawl so her figure was more apparent now. She was thin up top with a round waist. Her arms were slender but lean and he could make out the muscular tone now that they were not being covered. In her current dressy outfit the fabric seemed to cling and adhere to her form tightly. He wasn't sure what to say and his jaw just hung open.

"Oh, finally awake? You did not wake at all while I was undressing you." the mysterious woman began. 
"Undressing me?!" Jeremy sloshed around in the tub as he struggled to sit up, "okay, who are you and where are my pants?"
The woman chuckled, covering her mouth. She gave Jeremy a deep stare before she answered. "My name is Valdis and I am a witch that has been living in these woods for a couple hundred years." she paused, "as for your pants, well, you soiled them, so I am washing them off the best I can." She stretched her arm out, showing him the boiling pot at the fireplace where she was cleaning his dirty clothes. 

Jeremy was reminded of his humiliating accident. His face became flushed with red and he sank a bit in the tub. "I'm Jeremy..." he mumbled. It almost didn't register that the woman just casually mentioned she was a witch. He sat up straight and looked her in the eyes, "Wait, how? I mean, I don't doubt that you are a witch I just mean how are you two hundred years old? You look my age. I thought witches were..." he stopped himself. He didn't want to finish that statement. 

"Yes, well, it's quite easy to remain this young in appearance when you practice the dark arts like I do." Val explained. With that she stood up and left Jeremy there while she attended to his soiled clothes. She wrung out the jeans and then hung them on a line. She tugged the line, which was attached to a pulley system, and had the pants go out the window to dry outside. "By the way, I may know magic, but not even I could save your poopy underwear." Jeremy cringed upon hearing this. Did she really have to say that, and did she really need to use the word poopy? He tried to stand, but Val walked back and pressed her hand on the boy's shoulder. She grabbed a large sponge, lathered with soap, and dipped it down into the water. She looked into the boy's eyes as she washed him. "Just relax, I need to make sure you're completely clean down there before I let you out. You really did a number in your pants back there. Poor thing, you must have been so scared." She was being so nice, but all this was getting to be quite embarrassing for Jeremy. She began washing his backside, using the sponge to harshly scrub the mess off. "Now why is a scared little boy like you walking around in my dangerous woods?" 

Jeremy shifted anxiously inside the tub as he was being clean. He would have protested the infantile treatment, but he was also pretty frightened still. This witch did save his life, but he didn't know her. She could be an evil succubus for all he knew. Still, he felt it only polite to answer the lady that was bothering to clean his childish accident up.
"I ran away." he started, "I mean, well, I was mostly just getting away from one person. I'm an adult and I should be allowed to make my own decisions..." He looked down. "I just got lost out there is all. I had no idea there was all this weird stuff in the forest."

"Well it wasn't very wise to run away in this direction. There are many creatures out here that aren't as nice as me. You'll have to stay here for a while I am afraid. It just wont be safe for you to leave yet." The witched finished cleaning Jeremy and stood him up. He covered his crotch with his hands while she draped a large purple towel over him. She dried him off, rubbing the towel all around his naked body. She then guided him out of the tub and sat him in front of the fireplace to warm him up. His now clean bottom was sitting on a plush rug. He finally felt like he could just relax. It didn't seem like this witch was going to hurt him.

Val moved with graceful strides into the kitchen. Jeremy could see colored lights coming from the next room as he looked on. He let his eyes wander a bit more. It appeared he was in some quaint little cottage. The walls were decorated in strange animal heads and symbols. He didn't understand the significance, but he supposed that these were charms that protected the house or perhaps even where she divined her powers from. Val popped out of the kitchen and looked down at the boy.

"Come, you need to be dressed properly if you're going to be staying here." The woman reached out for Jeremy's hands and pulled him to his feet. His towel dropped and he tried to grab it to cover himself again. Val pulled him away from the towel "I have already seen your naked body. It's nothing special. It's not the first penis I've seen either." The way she spoke so plainly to Jeremy stirred up feelings that he wasn't aware he had. He never thought he would give in so freely like this, and that is when he was suddenly lifted onto the table and set on his back.
"Hey, whatever you think you're doing, I am flattered, but I don't-" Jeremy was hushed with the witch's slender finger pressed to his lips.

Val spun around and pulled a thick white fabric from a nearby cabinet. In a swift motion she grabbed Jeremy by the ankles and raised his legs high. She slid the cloth under Jeremy and then set his butt down onto it. By the time she was sprinkling talc around the boy's crotch Jeremy only just figured out what was going on. 
"Now wait a minute! You can't do this to me!" he protested, sitting up straight, only to have himself shoved back down onto the table. This witch was stronger than she looked. He stared up at the woman, getting angry "I am a grown man! You can't just treat me this way!"

"Listen here, little boy," Val snarled and curled the corner of her lip, "if it wasn't me for you would be dead. You need to learn some gratitude." Her arm swooped around and her hand came in contact with his butt for one hard smack. Jeremy gritted his teeth and resisted crying as he felt the momentary pain on his cheeks. "Now as long as you are staying in my home I need to take precautions. I do not know what you do at your own home, but here I can not have you going around soiling on all my furniture like some wild animal."

"That was an accident!" Jeremy continued to object "I don't do that normally! I thought I was going to die out there!" His eyes watered as he explained his situation, but it didn't really paint a good picture. He was still like a little boy to Val, and not just because of their wide age difference. 

Val continued the diapering process, folding the cloth expertly around Jeremy's waist and then using some metal crimps to hold the sides in place. She then pulled up a pair of pastel blue rubber pants over his bottom. Why did this woman have these things? Why was she so prepared to do this? Jeremy was a little too taken aback to ask these questions. He just let someone diaper him like a baby. He had to admit to himself that the diapers were comfortable. It felt like he just belonged in them. Val picked the boy up in her arms and held him, bouncing him slightly.

"Shh, it's okay. I know you want to cry so just let it out. Valdis is here for you now... Nothing and no one can hurt you while I am here." The reassuring words calmed Jeremy, though he was still burning with shame over the treatment he just got. Val sat him in a chair in front of the table where he had just been diapered. Jeremy was totally silent, staring at the tabletop. Two plates were set down. Val had left the room and then came back with a fully cooked and prepared meal which she doled out onto each plate. That must have been what that little light show was when she was in the kitchen earlier. She must have used her magic to create the meal. There were chopped vegetables, meat, and gravy. Jeremy made a face as he poked at the meat.

"That's not the... the thing you killed outside is it?" He asked, looking apprehensive about eating this meal, no matter how good it smelled.
"Just eat it. It'll help you get stronger." She poked at her own plate with a fork. "Look, I'm eating it! Mmm, nummy nummy." She smiled, taking a large bite.
Jeremy frowned. He could tell he was being condescended to. He went ahead and took a bite to appease the woman. The food was delicious. He hungrily scooped the food into his mouth. Having only the junk food in his backpack to eat he relished this actual home-cooked meal. A smile widened on his face. He sat back satisfied. Val extended her arm and wiped Jeremy's mouth clean with a napkin. Jeremy turned to look at Val, seeing her happy expression on her face. Val seemed quite pleased to have Jeremy here. Jeremy couldn't imagine why, but he welcomed her hospitality. 

After the meal was finished, Val collected the plates and took them to the kitchen to be washed. Jeremy stood up and followed her, watching her. She looked over at the grown boy standing there in the thick diaper as her wiped down the plates and set them in a rack to dry. "Something you need, young man?" she asked. Jeremy thought about the question. He had any questions of his own. For now he stuck to one.

"Where's the bathroom in this place?" He held out his hands as he shrugged, looking about as he couldn't figure out this house.
"There is a toilet here, but I don't really think you'll be using it." Val said, fairly confident. "I'll show you." She took Jeremy's hand and lead him through the house. She came to the end of a hallway where an ominous wooden door was. When she opened the door there was a dark staircase leading downward. She leaned down a bit and smirked, speaking to him in a whisper. "Down there is my enchanting room. I go there to make my spells and potions. Go ahead. You seem to think you're a big boy. Go down the stairs, walk past the enchanting table, and it should be the first door on the left." She pressed her hand to Jeremy's padded bottom, trying to usher him forward. Jeremy took some tentative steps down the stairs, which creaked and moaned under his feet. He heard low moans and distant laughter. This was getting to be scary. He stopped when he saw a figure in front of him of a boy with no legs. He was glowing the same color as the trees outside did. Jeremy's heart was racing. He turned right around and ran back up the stairs. Val held out her arms and grabbed him, embracing the boy as he leapt into her embrace. She held him tight, laughing. Jeremy furrowed his brow and looked up at the woman. He was steamed! How could she laugh at him at a time like this? 

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Jeremy. It's just amusing to me..." Val explained. "Those are merely ghosts. They can't harm you. I understand they look pretty scary though." She tapped her finger against Jeremy's nose. "Just as well. You should probably get used to using your diapers. I seen what happens when you get too frightened." She patted his butt to emphasize her point. 
Jeremy scrunched his face into a frustrated grimace. He felt pretty emasculated by what just happened. Still, he hadn't experienced such unconditional maternal love since he was five years old. Val swept an arm behind Jeremy's legs and lifted the boy up, carrying him. She carried the boy into a bedroom. At the far end was a large bed, decorated in silky black sheets and black pillow cases. She sure had a theme when it came to her decor. She set Jeremy on his feet. "Wait here. Do not sit on the bed." Val seemed to glide as she walked towards her closet. She slid the door, which produced a wide opening on the wall. She reached into the dark closet and pulled out a soft baby blue set of pajamas. It was all one piece with little feet and a hood with bunny ears. She held it up, showing Jeremy.

"Why do you even have that?" He asked incredulously. Val did not answer. She walked over to Jeremy and held out the legs. 
"Come on, into your jammies. You're not going to put up a fuss again like you did with your diapers?" Val looked Jeremy dead in the eyes. Jeremy whined and pouted, but still found himself stepping into the legs of the pajamas. They were comfy and they kept his toes warm at least. Val zipped up the pajamas and pulled the hood over the boy's head. She cupped her hands over her mouth. "Oh... you look positively adorable." A bluish blush formed on her face. She looked away and cleared her throat. "Right. Here's where you'll be sleeping." Val walked to the bed. She pulled a drawer out from under it, revealing a smaller trundle bed. The sheets had cute animals decorated over it.

"Wait," Jeremy looked confused, "There's a big bed right there and you're making me sleep on this?"
"Of course, sweetie. You didn't think I would let some pants soiling baby sleep in MY bed, now did you?" She smirked at him. Jeremy's face got red. He was so mad, but how could he possibly fight back? Besides, her logic did seem sound. Val guided the boy down, making him lie on the mattress. It crinkled underneath him. She then raised three bars on the sides of the smaller bed. He could easily climb over them. They were just there so he would not fall out of the bed. She dropped down some stuffed animals into the bed, giggling as she watched them bounce off the boy's body. 

Val walked over to an old oil lamp and turned it on before she turned off the rest of the lights. Val pulled off her gown. Jeremy sat up straight, watching as the woman took off her clothes. She was barely visible in the low light of the room. He saw her bare butt briefly. She turned her head, her red eyes glowing slightly. "You better not be peeking. You're just a little boy." she warns. Jeremy immediately got on his back again, staring at the tall ceiling. A chandelier hung above the master bed. The light from the oil lamp made the crystals on the ceiling fixture shimmer in the dark. Jeremy heard Val climbing into the bed. She pulled the covers over herself. He glanced over as Val looked down at him from her higher position. Val reached down into the trundle bed and traced her finger over Jeremy's face. She cooed down at him and then began to sing. Jeremy couldn't understand the language. He wondered if the song must be magic because he felt his eyes growing heavy. He fell asleep, dozing off slowly.

part 2: Found
    This time when Jeremy awoke in the strange house it was peaceful, unlike the abrupt awakening he had before. He sat up in the little trundle bed and looked around for Val. She was not in her bed. He slowly stood up and felt a cramp. He needed the bathroom, and he needed it now. He carefully stepped over the bars of his little bed and wandered into the hall. He grabbed one hand at his crotch while he other groped his butt. He did an awkward walk to the wooden door that lead down to the scary room. He swallowed and gathered his courage, walking down the stairs. His diaper started feeling warm in the front. He wondered if he was wetting? He could barely tell. The diapers were just so comfortable. No, he couldn't accept that! Then there was an unmistakable hissing noise coming from his crotch. Now he knew he was wetting. He could even feel a slight rush of liquid flowing down his privates before the soft cloth absorbed it and it just felt like a comfortable pair of diapers again. He decided he would at least go poop in the toilet. Determined he put his hands over his backside and walked towards the dark room. Even in the daytime this place had almost no light in it. He saw some ghostly figures again and heard the spooky moans and laughter. Jeremy's legs trembled as another ghostly figure stood in front of the bathroom door. 

"Jeremy, good morning!" Val spoke up. Jeremy turned around, seeing the woman standing at the enchanting table. She was dressed in a new blouse, still black of course, but with a different design. She motioned for Jeremy to come over. Jeremy managed to hold back to his poop for now and he walked over to Val.
"Miss Valdis, I really have to go..." he said in a strained voice, admitting his need. It was much too urgent of a need to be coy or indirect. 
"Well let's see your diaper first..." Val undid the button snaps in the back, letting the bottom panel open and expose the boy's diaper. She hooked her thumb into the waistband, pulling it back so she could look inside. "Looks like you already went. These are totally soaked. You must've had a good night's sleep because it looks like you wet in these all night long."
"What?" Jeremy's voice raised a little "No, I just had a little accident..."
"This isn't a little accident. I don't know. I think you should just finish using your diaper and then I'll change you when I'm done working in here, okay?" Val snapped the waistband back against Jeremy's skin and then buttoned the back panel up on his pajamas. 

Jeremy hadn't pooped himself on purpose since he was a toddler. He didn't even think he could do that. Val just gave him permission to. Did he really want to do this? Jeremy took a step back and leaned against the wall, watching Val do her work at the table. She didn't seem to be paying attention to him. He closed his eyes and relaxed. He felt a big log sliding out of his bottom. It was a heavenly feeling after holding it in for so long. The poop pressed up against him inside the thick, cushy cloth diaper. There was something satisfying about the sensation of the poop on his bottom. He had an urge to sit in it, but he fought it. He didn't want to make his mess worse and create a bigger workload for Val to clean up later. When he opened his eyes he saw Val had turned around to face him, looking at him with a smug smile. 

"Aww, did someone make a poo poo for me?" Val cooed, pursing her lips. Jeremy felt like he was going to burst into flames the way he was blushing. Val laughed, covering her mouth, "Relax, stinky. It's okay." She pulls up a chair to her table. "Why don't you just sit here for now and enjoy yourself. I'm going to show you something neat."
Jeremy was confused, but Val seemed to be reacting rather kindly towards him, especially since he just shamed himself big time in front of her. It seemed she gave an indirect answer toward his own internal debate too. She gave him permission to sit down and squish his mess, and so he did. He sat in the chair, feeling the poop become smashed. It spread around, going across his cheeks. He shuddered for a second. It actually felt nice this time to be sitting in a filthy mess. 

"You ready now?" Val smiled down at him. She snapped her fingers and threw some dust on the table. A wall of flames shot upward, surprising Jeremy and making him back up slightly in his chair. The flames turned into multicolored animal shapes, dancing around on top of the table. Val clapped her hands in delight, watching her creation. Jeremy couldn't help but smile as well. He also gave a clap, whispering "amazing" to himself. A red dragon shaped flame then came along and ate up all the other animal shapes before disappearing. Val laughed at the morbid display. "Wasn't that fun?"

Jeremy stared wide-eyed for a moment. He let out a nervous chuckle and looked up at Val. He nodded in agreement. This seemed to please the witch. She picked up the boy and hugged him to her small chest. She put a hand under his butt. 
"Okay, time to take care of this." She patted his butt. She carried the boy up the stairs. Jeremy still couldn't get over how strong she was. His male ego took a backseat for now and he just enjoyed the woman's strength. Jeremy's preconceived notions about witches also had been washed away since coming to this woman's house. He nuzzled against her shoulder. Val giggled and cooed as she felt Jeremy being affectionate. 

Once she had stripped the boy of his pajamas, Val pulled down the rubber pants and then set Jeremy onto the table. She unhooked the sides and let the filthy wet cloth diaper open up before her. She seemed unfazed by the odor, perhaps another one of her magic powers. She pulled the used diaper away and folded it neatly. She put it into a box and sealed it. Then, grabbing the boy's ankles, she raised his legs high in the air and began wiping the poop off Jeremy's butt. Jeremy gave in, surrendering his control to Val now. Gone were his whines and fits. He just smiled, feeling content as he got cleaned by the beautiful woman. Val was content too. It seemed like she had always wanted to have a baby boy with her, or that she was at least prepared for this all along. Val took a brand new cloth diaper from her cabinet and put it under Jeremy. She set him down upon it. She continued to wipe him, cleaning the piss off his crotch. The cool wipes slid over his scrotum and up the shaft of his penis. The contact was making him hard. Val didn't seem to mind, but Jeremy cringed, feeling embarrassed that he couldn't control his erection. Val took her free hand and grabbed under the boy's chin, making him look at her. "It's all right. It happens to all little boys." Val let go of him and then got the talc powder. She put it into her palm this time and used her bare hand to rub the powder into Jeremy's skin. His cock was throbbing now as Val rubbed her hand between the boy's cheeks and over his privates. She slid her hand all the way up the boy's shaft, making sure it was completely evenly coated with the powder. She pulled the diaper over his front and pressing it down over his erection and locking the hard dick inside the cushy material. She secured the sides just like she did before and pulled up some dry rubber pants, the same pastel blue color as before. She decided to put him back into those cute pajamas from before. 

"Hey, um, just wondering if my regular clothes were dry yet?" Jeremy asked as he sat up on  the table. 
"Good question..." Val pulled the laundry line, bringing the boy's pants, shirt, and socks back in through the window. She nodded. "They seem to be fine. I could help you back into these, but I think your pants wont fit over your diapers anymore. Besides, you look cute as my little baby bunny."
Jeremy blushed a little, but he had to smile as well. It wasn't often that he got called cute. Sure, it was in reference to him being a big baby, but still, this beautiful woman called him cute! "Okay. I'll... I'll wear whatever you give me." He looked down, shrugging. 
"Good boy!" Val gave him a pat on the head.

Val took the box with the soiled diaper and walked outside. Jeremy followed her. It was so bright out in the morning. Val opened the box and dropped the filthy diaper into a wash basin. She pointed to the water pump. "Boys are good at pumping. Why don't you help me fill this thing with water?" Jeremy understood that Val was just teasing, clearly making a reference to masturbation, but he wanted to show her that he could handle the pump. He grunted. It was much harder than he thought it would be! He pumped slowly, using all his strength to get the water to come out. Finally the water began sputtering and then erupting into the basin. Val clapped her hands "What a strong little man I have!" Once it was full enough to her liking she tapped the boy's shoulder. "Okay that's enough." She took a scrubbing brush and poured some soap onto it. She reached down into the basin, pulling up the poopy cloth and scrubbing it down. 

"Can't you just, um, use magic to clean that?" Jeremy asked, blushing a little as he watched the woman clean up the mess he made. Val just smiled and shrugged. It appeared she loved cleaning up after Jeremy quite a bit. She must have known it embarrassed the boy too.
When she was sure the diaper was as clean as it could get she pulled it up out of the basin and hung it on the laundry line. There was still an obvious brownish stain right in the middle. Jeremy was grateful there was no one around to see the dirty cloth diaper hanging out there in the sunlight right in the open. Jeremy remembered some questions he had from before. He wondered if he should ask now. Val could see him standing a bit uncomfortable, wondering how to approach the subject.

"Miss Valdis..." Jeremy's voice trembled, "You have a lot of things in your home for a baby. A, uh, big baby. Does all this baby stuff belong to you, or is it someone else's?"
Val's happy expression slowly faded. She wrung her hands together, her mouth hanging open and her lip quivering. She spoke, "A long time ago... I had a husband. He was utterly devoted to me. We were deeply in love and wanted to spread our love by having a child. I could not conceive though. One day my husband..." she began to laugh a little, looking down, "Well, he came to me wearing a diaper and bonnet, saying that he would be the baby I could never have. I thought it was absurd at first, but I was always taking care of him and looking out for him. I just couldn't resist. It felt right. I sewed many outfits for him, got more toys, special furniture." She looked away. A tear was rolling down her cheek out. She laughed again and wiped her face. 

"Is he... Is he still around?" Jeremy asked. He took a careful step forward. "I'm sorry, Valdis, don't cry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
"No." Val said quietly, looking out into the forest. "He was mortal, unlike me, and he refused any magic to make him live long like I do. I wanted so badly to save his frail body and make him live forever. He simply forbid it. I'm not one to take orders from a man, but I felt like this was one time I should not interfere." She held her face in her hand and wiped her eyes again. "He was ready to go when the time came... and so he did."

Jeremy stood in silence. He felt like it was his fault for making Val cry. He fought back his own tears, but he began to cry as well. "I'm sorry..."
"It's fine." Val took in a deep breath and then forced a smile. She pulled Jeremy into her arms and carried him into the house. "That was forever ago. This is now." Val set Jeremy down on the floor and made him sit there. She left him alone before coming back with the plush animals she gave him last night. "Play with these while I go do something. You can explore the house if you like too." With that she patted Jeremy on the head. She grabbed her shawl and draped it over her shoulders before walking out the front door. 
Jeremy was now all alone in the house. He tried to occupy his time with the stuffed animals. It was childish, sure, but it was kind of fun. He couldn't remember the last time he just sat around and played. Suddenly he remembered his phone. Where did Val put it? He stood up, crinkling as he waddled around the house, deciding to go exploring. Val did encourage him to, after all. 

Jeremy thought about what he would do if he found his phone. It had been a while since he had played any games, but he was more concerned with how his friends were doing. He never told them he ran away. Did his father try to call him since he disappeared? He wasn't sure if he cared or not. Still, the curiosity was there. Jeremy looked in the master bedroom first. 
There were so many drawers and secret compartments in the walls. There were strange objects that Jeremy did not dare touch. Nothing that gave him any indication of where his stuff would be. What did she do with his backpack anyway? Jeremy suddenly felt the urge to soil himself again. It was so soon after his last bathroom incident too. He realized he might be all alone for some time. He felt a bit naughty, wanting to actually go on purpose. Val didn't seem to mind. 

Jeremy walked over to a dresser and grabbed the edge of it for support. He parted his legs and looked down at the bulge around his waist that was covered by the jammies. He unzipped the pajamas and pulled them off until he was standing there in just his diaper. He sighed, releasing a spurt of piss. It came out as a trickle at first until it was a torrent of pee hitting the crotch of his diaper at full blast. He felt that warmth spreading out around his cock and balls. Even as he was peeing, his wet dick became erect. He didn't even know he pee while hard! It felt so good. He grunted and made a noisy mess in the back of his diaper. Jeremy was overcome by conflicting emotions. He felt guilty about doing all this, even though he knew there was no real consequence for it. He sat down, feeling his mess spread out. 

While he sat on the floor he pulled the front of his diaper and looked down inside it. He saw his throbbing erection and just had to touch it. He had not masturbated since he ran away from home. It was odd for him, since he tended to jerk off every single day. He stuffed his hand down his wet diaper and grabbed his cock. He started rubbing himself. He leaned back, letting out some small moans of pleasure. Never before had he felt this good. He actually liked this! Jeremy was stroking himself faster, feeling like he was on the verge of the biggest orgasm ever.
"Well well well, someone sure loves his diapers!" There was a voice right in front of him. Jeremy's eyes shot open to see Val standing in front of him, looking down at him as he had his hand down his dirty diaper. He was about to apologize when Val raised her hand "ah ah, don't let me stop you. Continue, please." She began to squat down, looking at Jeremy on his level. "Go ahead."

With Val's blessing Jeremy began jerking off again. He was red all over. Val was watching him masturbate, in a wet and messy diaper no less. New worlds of humiliation and arousal were being opened to the boy. He moaned, his voice raising and cracking a bit as it hit a high note. He spurt inside his diaper, coating the insides with the sticky cum. He breathed deep and heavy as he tried to catch his breath. He pulled his hand out of the diaper and looked at it, slick with piss and cum. Val had some tissues ready, pulling them from a hidden pocket on her top and wiping the boy clean. 

"You know, I ought to let you stew in that diaper for a while." Val said with a smirk. "Naughty boy..." 
Jeremy tried not to smile at Val's comment. He just let this woman talk to him like that now. When he first arrived here he was so petulant. Now he was readily accepting of his baby boy role. In his dizzy afterglow state he blurt out something really surprising, "Thank you, Mommy..."
Right away Jeremy covered his mouth. He had an immediate look of regret on his face. Did he really just call her "Mommy?" Val stared blankly. She looked down and cleared her throat "Well..." she paused for a long time. Jeremy wanted to apologize right there. He had worried he stepped over some boundary. He shook his head in silence. Val grabbed his cheeks and made him look her right into those red eyes of hers.
"Is that what you wish, little boy?" She spoke sternly, but with a loving undertone, "Do you want me to be your Mommy?" 
Jeremy swallowed hard. He shifted around nervously and felt his own mess smearing around. Coupled with the powerful woman's deep stare the whole situation was sending him into a tizzy. 
"Yes..." he finally spoke, barely above a whisper. "I want you to be my Mommy, and I want to be your little boy..." Val could feel his face warming in her hands as she held it in place. Val took a deep breath and then sighed.
"Very well." she finally spoke, breaking the tension a little. "I just hope you understand what that means. You are to be totally devoted to me. You will listen to what I say and always do as I tell you to do."
"Yes, Mommy." Jeremy said in a husky whisper.

"That's a good boy, Jeremy." She leaned forward and pressed her forehead to his. She sighed. "You are mine now. You must never leave Mommy, you hear me?"
Jeremy nodded and Valdis felt that nod as their heads rubbed together. Val wrapped her arms around the boy in a firm embrace. She kissed his cheek. Slowly she rose and Jeremy felt himself being lifted. His feet dangled a few inches above the floor. 
Val carried the boy onto the bed with her and lied back. She held him close. "Don't go getting any ideas now. This still isn't your bed. I just... want to cuddle you for a bit." Jeremy nodded again, resting his head on the woman's mostly flat chest. She stroked her fingers through the messy hair on his head. She breathed in deeply, smelling his hair as she nuzzled him. 

(let me know if you think I should continue this story! I haven't written a long form abdl story in some time and I am excited to get back into the game! If there are any spelling errors let me know in a private message so I can fix them. Thank you for reading!)

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nanamartinez    52

This is a wonderful story and I like it! Hope it continues. ;-)

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junyour    11

I believe this story has some potential and look forward to seeing it continue. Please don't let it end here.

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SGTbaby    41

Please continue!

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Great story mammy rose.  I just finished chapter 1.  Wish. Was Jeremy

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thank you so much for a wonderfully written story... ! do hope there is more to come but if not, that was brilliant. Much appreciated. :)


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ppbenn    41

Great story. I would be interested to read more.

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Eagle0769    15

I really enjoyed your story and hope you will continue it. I wish I was Jeremy.

There is one thing I hope you will correct and that is not to write it in one paragraph

its to hard to read.

Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay

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dyperaby    2

I'd love to read more of this charming story.

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aldl4811    15

I wasn't sure about this at first, but boy oh boy did this grow on me throughout the story.  Great work, looking forward to reading more!

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Mamma Rose    79
1 hour ago, Eagle0769 said:

I really enjoyed your story and hope you will continue it. I wish I was Jeremy.

There is one thing I hope you will correct and that is not to write it in one paragraph

its to hard to read.

Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay

For some reason most of the paragraph breaks did not appear when I posted the story to the forum.

I just went through the trouble of fixing every paragraph break so that it reads well on the forum. 

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Eagle0769    15
17 minutes ago, Mamma Rose said:

For some reason most of the paragraph breaks did not appear when I posted the story to the forum.

I just went through the trouble of fixing every paragraph break so that it reads well on the forum. 

Don't get me wrong I really liked the story but it's hard to read. I will still read it if it happens again. You are a great writer. Please continue hope she likes a baby suckling. Or being she is a witch she can nurse him. 

Baby Jay for Jeremy that's my real name. Lol

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Cya    30

Excellent story. I would hope that Jeremy asks Val to use her magic to create some disposable diapers. So she doesn't have to work so hard and Jeremy can feel like he did when he was little. Nonetheless, this is an awesome story and I hope you could continued it!

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CDfm    96

This was very good. I really like how you mixed Val's 1st husband into the story. It provided a logical explanation for having the all the baby items that she had in her home. You really shouldn't need to ask if the story should be continued. Absolutely it should be continued. I would be disappointed if it wasn't. I am waiting for more updates and I am sure many others are as well. 

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Mamma Rose    79

part 3: Kept
    Jeremy was exploring the house again, his diapers rustling loudly underneath his cute bunny pajamas. The spooky parts of the house did not bother him as much anymore, but he still stayed away from the bathroom. He had gotten used to his new routine now. It was still embarrassing for him to constantly be in an infantile state, especially in front of such a beautiful woman, but the boy never had this kind of affection from the opposite sex before. Giving up his dignity for this real emotional connection was worth it to him. Val seemed to be getting something out of this too, clearly fulfilled by having him there to care for. Perhaps he reminded the witch of her late lover? Whatever her reasons for keeping him, Jeremy wasn't going to fight it. For now he accepted his role, but there was still a nagging thought in the back of his mind. His silly male ego couldn't let go of the thought that he was still in a submissive position. It's not that Jeremy wanted or even thought he deserved more out of this relationship. He liked to think he was a modern man with modern ideas, but it was hard to shake the influence his father had on him. His father gave him certain ideas about what makes a man. 

Jeremy heard the front door. Val had come home! He scurried down the hall to greet her in the foyer, almost running on all fours as he stumbled forward. Val beamed happily at the excited boy's greeting. She held a heavy looking box. She set the box down on the middle of the floor.

"I have a surprise for you. I thought maybe you might be missing your modern creature comforts." Val pulled a CRT television from the box. It was bulky and looked like it came from the late 70s. She then pulled out an old video game system and cartridges. "Huh? Yes? Isn't this fun? Now you have more toys to play with!" 
Jeremy looked at all this stuff, which was older than he was! Still, he appreciated the sentiment, and no girl had ever given him a gift before. He really was happy to have the gift. He hugged Val and she let out a laugh, ruffling his hair. While she had the boy clinging to her she went and pulled open the butt flap to his pajamas and checked his diaper. It was wet, but did not warrant a change yet. She clasped the flap closed again. "Why don't you set it up? I'll get your bottle ready and start making lunch."

While the technology was ancient and not what he was used to he did kind of miss having something like this around. Besides, the games on his phone weren't much different from the old games people used to play on cartridges. He actually found himself having fun hooking the television and system up. He wondered if there was some kind of special store witches got their things from. For that matter, what was Val doing whenever she left the house anyway? As he played the game he thought about how he never found his backpack or his phone. He then began thinking about how he would broach the subject to Val. What was going on in the outside world since he came to this witch's cottage? When he glanced over his shoulder he saw Val approach him with a warm bottle of milk. She pushed the bottle into his mouth, holding it for him. He put down the game controller and held the bottle in his hands. Slowly he rose to his feet, holding onto the bottle and sucking down the warm milk. It settled his stomach, relaxing him.
Jeremy watched Val going back to the kitchen. He waddled after her, following her. Val looked behind her as she came into her kitchen. "Did you want to help Mommy?" she asked in a sweet tone. Jeremy blushed a little and shrugged. "Well you can just keep me company I guess. There are a lot of sharp and dangerous objects here that only grown ups should be touching anyway." She pulled out a little stool and had Jeremy sit on it. Sitting on the short stool made Jeremy lower to the floor causing him to have to crane his head up to watch Val. Even though it was hard to see from his low position he got to witness Val using her magic to cut and dice vegetables.

"How come you use magic for some things but not for other things?" Jeremy asked, holding his bottle in his lap.
"I just do." Val stated with a shrug, "It all comes down to my preference. I was mortal once and there are some things I like doing the old fashioned way because it connects me to that part of myself." She looked down at her adorable baby boy. She patted him on the head "It's a grown-up thing. You'll understand some day."
"I understand!" Jeremy pouted a little, his voice coming to a squeak. This made Val giggle and blush. She thought that pouty response was really cute.
"Alright mister smarty pants, let's get you into the dining room." She picked up Jeremy, carrying him to his place at the table. She took out a bib with a picture of a black cat on it and tied it around his neck. Sitting down at the table she ate with Jeremy quietly. Jeremy thought now would be a good time to ask about his personal effects.

"Mommy," he started, figuring he could butter her up with the handle, "Where's my backpack?" 
"Eat your food." Val didn't even look up from her plate. 
"But Mommy..." Jeremy whined a little. "I want my phone, and my clothes, and-"
"Eat." Val narrowed her eyes at Jeremy.
Defeated, Jeremy goes back to eating his food just like Val told him. He did not want to disobey or disappoint her. Whenever Valdis got angry it made Jeremy actually feel like he was being a bad little boy. He wasn't a troublemaker or anything, but he couldn't remember the last time he took orders from someone so readily. The whole reason he ran away was so that he wouldn't have to listen to anymore authority figures. Now here he was, accepting this subordinate role. Part of him was actually enjoying it too.

After the meal was finished Val used the bib around Jeremy's neck to wipe his face clean. She then gathered the dishes and brought them back to the kitchen to be cleaned. Jeremy followed, waddling a bit along the way. He stood in the kitchen, watching as Val cleaned up. Her expression was blank, not really showing any anger, but she did not seem happy either. "I'm sorry, Mommy..." Jeremy mumbled. As he stood there he felt himself helplessly releasing pee into his diaper. He was only aware of what was happening until the stream was already going. He looked down at the crotch of his pajamas and listened to the faint noise of his piddle hitting the inside of the cloth. He knew Val could probably tell he was urinating. It was pointless to stop now so he let the full force of his pee stream into the diaper. It felt a little awkward to be peeing on himself after such a tense moment, but it's not like he could help it at this point. He let out a sigh as he felt the stream ebb and then stop. Val finally looked down at him.

"I did not mean to yell. It's just rude to speak while eating. You should also always listen to me because I know what is best for you." The woman spoke down to Jeremy, so sure of herself. "You need to trust me when I say that everything I do for you is for your own good."
Jeremy looked down at himself and then nodded. She did save his life. She could have left him to die. She could have possibly eaten him too. He heard that's something witches do. 
"I could give you your phone, but then I'd have to send you away. I would have to take the enchantment off of it so that you could actually use it. If someone were to track you here and find me, well, let's just say people do not have a good history of being understanding... especially when it comes to witches." She held the kitchen counter top as she spoke. She took a deep breath and the continued. "Either you will end up going away or I will. Is that what you want? I thought you were happy here. You called me Mommy."
Jeremy started feeling a little guilty now. He hadn't thought about what might happen if someone tracked him down here and found the witch's home. "I really didn't mean to offend you." Jeremy spoke after a while of silence. "I want to be with you. I was just wondering what my old friends were doing back at home. If it would cause that much trouble I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather just leave my old life behind." Jeremy was sounding pretty mature in that moment. It was a little hard to take him seriously knowing he had a wet diaper on under those bunny pajamas. 

Val finally smiled. She let out some nervous laughter. "I am not keeping you here against your will, Jeremy. You may go any time you wish, but if you do then you may never come back here." She stared at him with her crimson glare. Her eyes watered slightly. She clearly did not want him to leave her. She opened up her heart to a new boy after so many years. Jeremy was wising up to this. He called her Mommy and made a commitment. If he were to back out now it would be too cruel. He reassured the woman with a big hug, his head nuzzling just under her chest. Val hugged her boy back. She then grabbed his butt, squishing the wet diaper against him. "Care for a change, or do you want to finish filling your diaper first?"

"Um. I d-don't... feel like I need a change." Jeremy blushed as he said this, basically admitting that he wanted to stay in his wet diaper for longer. The amusing exchange did ease the tension somewhat. 

"Well now, how about you come with Mommy on her walk today?" Val beamed.
"Okay, sure!" Jeremy's face lit up as well. He was going to get to see where the woman went on her daily outings, or at least see one of the places she wandered off to. 
"Oh, but first, let's get you dressed. I made some modifications to your old clothes." Val seemed excited. She proudly lead the boy to her bedroom. She pulled up clothes from the closet. His old jeans were now like a toddler's overalls with an expanded seat so they would fit over the diaper. His T-shirt now had a patch sewn on it of a cute baby bat. She got Jeremy out of his pajamas first, folding them neatly and then stuffing them into the closet once again. Then she began to dress the boy, pulling on his socks first. She then tugged the shirt over his head before tugging up his overalls and securing the straps. She tightened them in place. She even put on his shoes and tied the laces for him. A couple days ago Jeremy would be so embarrassed over being dressed like this, but now he was used to it. 

Val picked up a bag with a long strap on it. She pulled the strap over her shoulder and then took Jeremy's hand. Jeremy was a little excited, his heart beating faster. He was becoming anxious. What if someone was out there? Surely they were all alone out here in the dense forest, but the thought of running into someone out here was scary. Sure, Val could defend him and protect him, but it would still be humiliating to be seen like this. He clearly had on a diaper under those childish overalls.
Val took long strides through the crinkly leaves, but she moved slow enough that Jeremy could keep up. The forest was not as scary during the daytime. In fact, he could really appreciate the beauty of this place when he wasn't running around and fearful for his life. The two of them began to walk uphill and soon they were around a bare patch of ground with no trees or other growth on it, only some darkly colored rocks. Valdis bent down to inspect between the rocks, finding what she was looking for. She picked some multicolored mushrooms, putting them into her bag. 

Jeremy climbed on the rocks and started walking on top of them, playing a balancing game and seeing how many he could hop to without falling. He stood above Val for once, never really seeing the woman from an angle this high before. He felt his stomach cramp up. A large poop was coming and there was no way he was going to be able to hold this in on the way back. He stood on the rock and announced to Val. "I'm going poop now." Bending his knees he let the thick log slide out of his bottom, spreading across his butt cheeks as it emptied into the cloth diaper. He smiled, feeling satisfied after his mess. It didn't embarrass him to be wet and messy in front of Val anymore. Accepting his role as Val's baby actually came easy for him now. 

"Did you leave a big poop in your diaper for Mommy to clean up?" Val asked, looking pretty pleased as she smiled back at him. It felt so strange to Jeremy to be praised for something that used to get him spankings and time outs. 
Before Jeremy could say another word he saw two hikers in the distance coming from around a large thorny brush and into view. Jeremy ducked down behind Val and whispered. "Mommy... there are people here..."

Val stood up straight and shielded Jeremy from being seen. "Pardon me, may I help you?" She called out as the two hikers got closer. They paused, seeing the pale-skinned, black-haired woman just standing there in the middle of the woods. The two hikers look at each other and then back at the woman.
"We were just on a hike." The red-haired hiker said, holding his backpack against himself. His legs wobbled nervously as if he knew just what Valdis was.
"This is private property." Val informed the hikers. "Did you not see any signs telling you not to cross in this direction?" her voice grew stern, more commanding.
"We're very sorry to have intruded. We'll be getting out of your way now." the hikers backed out. 

As they left Jeremy peeked out from behind Val's hips, holding his hands onto her torso. Val sighed "Good thing I didn't have to kill them." she then looked down at Jeremy. "I'm kidding of course." Jeremy sighed with relief, glad that he was saved some more embarrassment. It was one thing to be a baby in front of Val, but a completely other matter to be seen as a baby from other people. If they had seen him who knows what they would have thought. If they had smelled him then it might have been even worse. They might have even assumed that Val had him as her prisoner, and he wasn't about to be taken away from his new mommy.

"Let's get you home, stinky." Val whispered. She grabbed Jeremy and lifted him into her arms, holding him close. She carried the boy the rest of the way back to her cottage. All the while she hummed into his ear, soothing him. She could feel just how fast his heart was beating after the encounter. She did her best to show him it was all right now.
As soon as they entered the house Val set Jeremy on his feet. She loosened the straps to his overalls and pulled them down around his ankles. She cupped her hand to the drooping backside of his full diaper. "Now that's a big boy mess!" she commented. "Quite impressive!" She picked him up, carrying him with her hands under his arms, and lying him back on the table. She pulled down the rubber pants and then undid the sides to the diaper. She let them hang open and did what she could to clean out the mess inside the diaper and around his butt. As Jeremy was lying there getting cleaned up his dick became erect, slowly pointing upward in the air. Jeremy blushed a little, but he still smiled, knowing that Val was sweet and understanding when it came to that sort of thing. 

"My baby loves his diapy changes, yes he does!" she cooed down at him, her hand grabbing at the shaft. She started to stroke it, staring down at him. She breathed hot and heavy as she held the hard cock in her hand. Jeremy gasped, arching his back. This was the first time a woman ever touched him like this. He had always thought things like handjobs and blowjobs were something only tough, dominant guys received. Having his hard cock in Val's hand and surrendering his will to the woman's touch made him realize just how helpless he was in this position. Val was still in complete control, and now she was going to be the one controlling his orgasm. She looked down at the boy's twisting face, seeing him writhe on the table as he was brought closer. Her stroking slowed down. "Say you'll never leave me. That you will always be my baby boy." Val requested in a hot whisper. 

"I wont, Mommy!" Jeremy groaned, desperate for release, though he meant it. He really did not want to stray from Val, not ever. He didn't think there was anything better outside of his new life he built with this beautiful witch. "I want to be your baby boy forever" he said, almost crying out in pleasure. Val got the response she wanted and quickened her pace, stroking the boy faster until the white hot cum spurt out and drooled down her fist. She continued to stroke until she was sure she had milked him all the way. She moved her hand off his dick and wiped the cum off of her hand and wrist. She then wiped the boy's dick, which was getting softer now. She was able to continue with the diaper change again. Jeremy was just lying there completely still now. In his blissful state he moved his thumb to his mouth and sucked it. Val grabbed his ankles and shoved a brand new diaper under his butt. She folded it up and secured it around his waist before pulling his rubber pants back up. She then finished off by having him stand and putting his overalls back on. She took the box with his used diaper in it and set it in the back yard to be washed later. 

"Why don't you go play with your toys now, sweetie? Mommy would like to watch you having fun with the presents she got you." Val walked into the foyer and sat on her sofa, She crossed her legs, showing off the knee-high heeled boots that had been hiding under her dress. Jeremy did as he was told and was happy to show his Mommy how the games worked. He sat there on the floor, turning on the tv and the game system. It was like something out of a dream. He had always wanted to spend quality time like this with his mother or father, but it never seemed to work out that way. Now he got to relive a part of his childhood that he never got to experience before. He pointed at the screen, explaining all the things he could do in the game and what each character was supposed to be doing. Val just chuckled, thinking it was silly, but it amused her how much Jeremy liked engaging in the silly activity. Jeremy could tell Val wasn't that interested in the game or its universe, but he still spoke enthusiastically about it, figuring Val at least enjoyed listening to him. Her red eyes were fixed on the boy. Her expression was filled with unconditional love and adoration. 

After a while of him silently playing Val raised herself from the sofa and went into the kitchen to make supper. Jeremy was now fully engrossed in the game. Sitting with his legs spread he let out a purposeful stream directly into his diaper. A broad grin creeped up his face as he felt the hot wet piss spread over his crotch once again. He was really getting the hang of using his diaper on purpose! The thought of Val changing him and rewarding him with her touch again caused his dick to become erect once more. He ignored the hard-on in his diaper for now, focusing on his game. Soon there was another distraction though.

"Jeremy, dinner's ready!" called Val
"Aw but I'm in the middle of this!" Jeremy whined, trying to get through a difficult part of his game.
"I said now, young man. Don't make me call you again." Val knew just the right tone to use on Jeremy. He paused his game and stood up, waddling to the table. This time Val used some restraints, buckling Jeremy into the chair so he would be still through the whole meal. She tied the bib around his neck once again. She set the plate in front of him as well as a baby bottle of milk. She sat down near him and started eating. Jeremy ate too, going a little fast so he could get back to his game. "Slow down, Jeremy, it's not a race." Val commented. Jeremy had gotten food all over his mouth and on the bib. He didn't notice until he wiped his mouth with a napkin. He let out a nervous laugh and ate a bit slower. Val sat there, watching him eat now before she took another bite of her own meal. She waited until he was finished and then cleaned his face for him. She untied the bib and took off the restraint on his chair. "Okay, you can go back to playing your little game." Jeremy almost bolted off, but Val grabbed his arm. "What do we say?" 
"Th-thank you, Mommy." Jeremy blushed with a little smile. Val smiled back and let him go, watching him run back to the television set. 
Val finished eating her meal in the dining room while keeping an eye on her boy in the next room. When she was done she gathered the dishes and sent them to the kitchen where she would clean them. 

Jeremy was deep into his game world again. He didn't even notice as Val walked past him and patted him on the head. He paused his game again and looked over his shoulder as she disappeared down the hallway. "What're you doing, Mommy?" he asked with a creak in his voice. Val peeked back from the hallway, looking down at her boy.
"I'm just going to be doing some work in my lab. I can trust you up here, right, big guy?" Val watched the boy as he sat there, thinking the question over. He nodded. He knew that the 'big guy' comment was condescending, but it still felt nice to be called that. Jeremy watched as Val was off again, heading down those spooky stairs to work at her enchanting table. He was a little curious about what she was doing down there, but past experiences told him Val always had good reasons for doing the things she did. If she wanted to tell him then she would. Jeremy yawned, staring at the colorful television screen once again.

After an hour, Val had come back upstairs to see Jeremy asleep on the floor in front of the tv. She clasped her hands together, seeing her little man all tuckered out. She reached down to pull him back up, carrying him to the bedroom. Jeremy groaned, half awake as he was sat on the large bed. Val undressed him, all the while singing to him softly in that strange language. She got him stripped down to just his diapers and rubber pants. After she puts away the clothes in the closet she brings out a new set of animal pajamas. They're like the bunny ones from before, only now they're purple in color and have fox ears on the hood and a fluffy tail in the back. Jeremy looks at the cutesy pajamas and perks up a little. Val helps him step into the jammies one leg at a time and then pulls them up, zipping the front and then pulling the hood over his head. 

"Sometimes you're my cute baby bunny. Other times you're like a mischievous little fox!" She whispered, pressing a finger to Jeremy's nose. Jeremy actually let out a giggle. Val pulled out the trundle bed and settled Jeremy into it. When he was given the stuffed animals he gravitated to the stuffed giraffe, having formed a favorite now. He hugged the plush toy to his chest. Val raised the bars on the sides of the bed and then climbed into her own bed. 

Val leaned over the edge of her bed, tracing her finger around the frame of Jeremy's body and watching him get sleepy again. "Sweet dreams, naughty boy." she whispered. She saw Jeremy grinning at the comment. She kissed her fingers and then placed them on the boy's temple. "I love you." she said as quietly as she could. Jeremy must have heard her, because he muttered "Love you, Mommy." before going to sleep.

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CDfm    96

Very nice. This is like a bottle of fine wine, it keeps getting better with time. Jeremy has really accepted his new role as her baby. I thought it was telling as well as cute when he hid behind her when they encountered the hikers. He was looking to have mommy protect him from the strangers. I am already looking for more of this. 

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SGTbaby    41

I am curious as to what she was concocting in her lab? I think the two other individuals was interesting and wonder what will happen in the future. Looking forward to more,

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deewet    66

This is a great story of a mothers luv, and a boy who needs it.  I hope you continue with more chapters, and the two of them continue to nurture this love-me thinks it is almost time that mommy starts to lactate (maybe that is what is happening in her enchantment room), as what better way to create a tight bond than to nurse her baby.

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