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Elf on the Shelf

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Elfy    732

This story was originally posted on my Patreon but I always planned on releasing it publicly a month after posting it (which was yesterday). I don't know quite what the future is for Patreon, commissions, etc until I know a little more about the future but I will let you all know if and when either of the options become available.

I started taking Fluoxetine (Americans will know it as Prozac) yesterday and, as I was warned, it is making me feel worse before it starts helping so I don't want to commit to any financial things until I'm feeling a little more stable!

Anyway... This is a story about a teenage boy who, after finding a mysterious elf figure in his room, finds some very strange things happening to him. This is part one of four that will be released periodically in the lead up to Christmas.


Elf on the Shelf

By Elfy

Billy opened his eyes slowly. His warm bed and covers providing a nice cocoon from the cold room beyond. Billy loved the Christmas season, he just wished it was warmer. He could see the snow falling outside, it had been like a Christmas card for the last few days. Roaring fire in the fireplace downstairs and almost nonstop snow outside that mas magical for the kids and a nightmare for the adults.

Billy slowly sat up on his bed as he rubbed his eyes. He had been having an incredibly vivid dream even if he could remember almost none of it. All the 13-year-old knew was that he had woken up feeling a strange feeling of fear, a feeling of impending danger. It was really weird because he was otherwise very excited, as any young boy would be, for Christmas in just a few days.

A frown appeared on Billy’s face as his eyes adjusted to the light in his room. Over on the shelf near the door was a strange figure, and next to figure was a small box that was covered in wrapping paper and finished with a bow.

Climbing out of his bed, Billy walked over to the present. He shivered slightly in the chilly air. Why was this here? Had his mom given him an early Christmas present? He had never seen the elf doll before but it had a familiar look. Billy felt a little chill run down his spine which had nothing to do with the temperature. There was something unusual here even if Billy couldn’t quite put his finger on what.

Billy reached up and grabbed the small gift. He ripped the paper off of it with curiosity assuming it was an early gift from his mom.

Opening the lid with a little trepidation he found… A pacifier.

Billy frowned. What the heck was this? This was not a present for a 13-year-old. Was it a joke?

Whatever, Billy thought, he threw the pacifier in the trash can next to his bed. He assumed it was a joke from his mom, something about him being a brat. He would have to ask later since he knew his mom would be at work today, her last day before she took time off for Christmas.

Before Billy left the room he briefly checked himself in the mirror. It was a full length mirror that was on the wall and stretched from the ground to near the low ceiling. Along the side of the mirror, on the wall, was a bunch of pen and pencil markings from where Billy’s mom had measured his height on each of his birthdays. A small reminder of how much he had grown each year.

Billy headed down for breakfast and made himself a bowl of cereal. After pouring the milk he headed to the table and sat down.

“Ow!” Billy exclaimed suddenly.

Something was poking Billy in the leg. Digging into his pyjama pockets, Billy was stunned to pull out the pacifier. It was clearly the same pacifier that he had thrown into the trash before.

“What the hell!?” Billy said into the silent kitchen. He was sure it had landed in the trash can earlier, he had heard the metal clang after he threw it.

Billy walked over to the trash can in the kitchen. He opened the lid and dropped it back inside making sure it was definitely in the garbage as he closed the lid. Shaking his head, he returned to his breakfast and planned in his head his lazy day in front of the TV.

After a few hours of television, Billy stood up to stretch his legs and go to the bathroom. When he returned to the couch to watch more TV he almost immediately, upon sitting down, noticed that the pacifier was on top of the television set!

Billy jumped to his feet and closed the distance to the television in just a few steps.

“No way…” Billy murmured as he picked it up and examined it. It looked just like the one he had twice tried to throw away, but surely it couldn’t be.

Billy closed his fist around the pacifier and headed to the front door. Throwing it open, he stepped out into the freezing snow. He ignored his freezing feet as he walked all the way down the garden path, in his pyjamas to the trash cans that were sitting half-buried in snow. He opened the lid and threw the pacifier in one of the bin and slammed the lid closed. He didn’t hang around either, the cold was biting and causing his teeth to chatter. He quickly ran back inside the house and closed the door.

For the rest of the day Billy didn’t see the pacifier again. By the time his mom came home from work Billy had basically forgotten about the bizarre, teleporting, teething tool.

It was a normal evening for Billy and his mom. They had a nice dinner with ice cream for dessert, they talked about their days, although Billy avoided talking about his strange experience, they watched some television together and then went upstairs to get ready for bed. Billy brushed his teeth and headed into his bedroom. He almost expected to see the damn pacifier somewhere but after scanning the room it seemed the pacifier may have been gone for good.

When Billy went to sleep that night the last thing he looked at was the elf that sat on his shelf. Had the elf moved slightly? It can’t have done. It must be Billy’s imagination.


Billy woke up suddenly the next morning. Another vivid dream had Billy sitting bolt upright as his eyes shot open. Billy could feel sweat on his sheets despite the cold air in his room, the imagery of the dream had already faded but the feelings of dread remained. Billy wished he could remember what these horrible dreams were, it was very disconcerting to have terrible nightmares that you can’t even remember anything about.

As Billy’s vision slowly came into focus his fear spiked as he saw a horrible sight at the end of his bed.

The little elf figure was sat frozen at the foot of his bed, it’s little inanimate eyes staring right at Billy. The little smiling face was very creepy. Perhaps even creepier was that the little elf had another present next to it. After all the weirdness with the pacifier yesterday Billy’s first instinct was to avoid the present, to run away.

Despite his instincts telling him not to do it, Billy reached forward and grabbed the present. He seemed irresistibly drawn to the small, wrapped package.

Billy ripped of the paper and opened the box. Peering inside, Billy reached in and pulled a teddy bear. This bear was baby blue in colour with the word “Baby” on one bottom paw and “Boy” on the other. It looked like the sort of teddy bear you would buy a new born baby. Turning it around in his hands, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary about this bear.

Billy could feel his lip twitching in anger. Was this some kind of joke? Was his mom making fun of him with these presents? He felt like someone was playing a big prank on him.

Throwing the teddy bear on to the floor of the room, Billy jumped to his feet and stomped downstairs in his pyjamas. He was angry and frustrated, his mom knew that he didn’t like pranks and it wasn’t like her to do them. He just didn’t understand why any of this was happening.

“Good morning, sweetie.” Billy’s mom said after Billy had stomped down the stairs and entered the kitchen.

“Stop it.” Billy said angrily, “Stop with the prank gifts. It’s not funny!”

“What do you mean?” Billy’s mom asked innocently.

Billy thought she looked genuinely confused but he couldn’t tell if she was still trying to trick him. She must be, Billy thought, there is no other way those presents could suddenly appear in his room.

“The pacifier? The teddy bear? Whatever that little elf thing is.” Billy said heatedly, “I know what you are doing so could you please just stop!”

“Billy, I have no idea what you are talking about.” Billy’s mom replied seriously. There was a hint of warning in her voice, she definitely was hinting for Billy to drop the subject.

Billy strode around the table to where his mom was sitting reading the newspaper. He grabbed the newspaper and pulled it out of her hand. He wanted his mom to take him seriously, he wanted her to listen to him. His teenage body, flooded as it was by hormones meant he was very quick to become frustrated.

“Mom!” Billy said through gritted teeth, “Stop playing tric-”

Billy was suddenly cut off as Billy’s clearly angry mom pulled a pacifier out of her pocket and shoved it into Billy’s mouth. Billy didn’t get a look at the pacifier but he strongly suspected this was the same pacifier from the previous day.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that!” Billy’s mom angrily warned, “Go to your room and don’t you dare leave until I come and get you.”

Billy was shocked. He felt frozen to the spot, he wondered if this could possibly be happening or if he was dreaming again. He couldn’t believe the way his mom was treating him. He hadn’t been sent to his room since he was 11-years-old and this pacifier was just confusing. The pacifier would just not go away!

Reaching up with his hand, Billy was about to pull the pacifier out of his mouth when his mom quickly grabbed his arm.

“You will keep that in to you get back to your room. You need to learn that if you can’t communicate with me like an adult then you won’t get to communicate at all.” Billy’s mom glared at Billy to let him know she wasn’t kidding.

Billy, still in shock at all this weirdness, just turned and left the room. He walked back upstairs with a brain that was struggling to process anything that was happening. Ever since yesterday morning everything had seemingly gone crazy. His mom was adamant that she had nothing to do with these mysterious new gifts. But if she didn’t have anything to do with them than who did? And what was with this damn pacifier.

As Billy approached his bedroom he pulled out the pacifier and angrily threw it down the landing towards the bathroom. He was very upset at the whole world. To his teenage mind it felt like everyone and everything was against him. Nothing made sense and he didn’t know what was going on, all he knew was that it wasn’t his fault.

The door flew open as Billy nearly pulled it off of the hinges. Billy felt angry and it was all he could do to stop himself from punching the wall. As the door swung open Billy walked in and stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth dropped open and he stared around the room as if in a stupor.

The bedroom, which Billy had left only a couple of minutes before was suddenly filled with teddy bears. All kinds of different bears now sat in the room and they filled every inch of free space. His shelves that had previously contained little models and books had been replaced by the bears. Every bear was orientated to face the doorway as well, Billy felt like their beady little eyes were following him. It was intensely creepy.

“MOM!” Billy yelled in panic. He quickly ran out of the room and closed the door behind him as he tried to get his breathing under control again, “MOM! COME QUICK!”

Billy could hear the chair in the kitchen suddenly slide back followed by hurried steps all the way up the stairs. His yelling had clearly made his mom think there was an emergency. There was an emergency, Billy thought, his room was being invaded by soft toys!

“What’s wrong?” Billy’s mom finally reached Billy and looked very concerned.

“My… My room.” Billy panted as he struggled to get his breathing under control.

Billy’s mom looked at Billy and then at the door. She took the handle and pushed the door open. Billy remained outside, he felt unable to look into the room again as his mom stepped in.

There was silence for a few seconds and Billy started to wonder what was going on in there. He didn’t dare look though, he stood next to the door and waited.

“Billy, could you come in here a moment.” Billy’s mom asked from inside the room. It sounded more like a command than a request and Billy slowly walked into the room. For the second time in a minute he felt his jaw drop.

The room was back to normal. Billy looked around and there weren’t any teddy bears in there except for the one he had opened that morning. Everything else was completely back to normal. It seemed like the teddy bears that appeared had disappeared just as suddenly.

“Billy…” Billy’s mom crouched down a bit to get on eye level with her son. She sounded concerned, “I don’t know what’s up with you this morning but please don’t yell for me for no reason. You gave me a scare, I thought you were hurt or something. There is nothing wrong in here.”

“Mom, I swear this room was full of teddy bears! They were everywhere and they were all staring at and-” Billy was cut off from his ranting.

“Then where are they now?” Billy’s mom asked as she straightened up again.

Billy looked around the room again. He almost wished that the bears would make a reappearance just so that he knew he wasn’t going mad. As he looked around he suddenly spotted the teddy bear that he had dropped on the floor when he originally went downstairs.

“What about that one!” Billy loudly exclaimed as he pointed at the bear on the floor, “There were loads more but this one was in a present to me this morning.”

Billy’s mom picked the bear up and looked at it with fondness. She gave it a little squeeze and placed it on one of Billy’s shelves. Her eyes were filled with nostalgia as she turned back towards her son.

“You’ve had this since you were a baby. Don’t you remember?” Billy’s mom asked, “Your Aunt Jane bought this for you the day after you were born.”

“I’ve never seen that before in my life!” Billy replied as he got flustered again, “It was in a present this morning, I swear.”

“Billy, you have owned this bear your whole life.” Billy’s mom said seriously, “Now I don’t want to hear any more nonsense about this, OK?”

Without waiting for an answer, Billy’s mom walked towards the door and left the room. She didn’t know why Billy was searching for attention so desperately today but she had things she need to do. They were hosting a Christmas party very soon and she needed to make sure the house was clean and that they were well stocked on food and drinks for all the family and friends that would be visiting.

Billy watched her leave with disappointment and worry. Maybe she was right, maybe nothing was wrong and Billy was going mad. Billy was certain that he had never seen that bear before though.

Walking over to the mirror and looking at himself, Billy tried to see if he looked any different. He looked into his reflection’s eyes and thought everything looked normal, he didn’t look any different even if the whole world around him had suddenly seemed like it was going mad.

As he turned away he briefly caught sight of the height markers. Something seemed a little off, they looked like they had all moved up slightly. Billy stood up against the wall and put his hand on his head to measure himself and found that he was several inches shorter than the highest mark on the wall. In fact, his height was nearly perfectly level with the marking on the wall from when he was 10-years-old.

Billy frowned as he tried to work out why he seemed so much shorter. He didn’t know if it should worry him or not but he assumed that his mom was just not very accurate with measuring his height. With everything weird that was going on around him, this potentially alarming change in his height was rather pushed to the back of his mind.

As if to highlight Billy’s worries about going crazy, the rest of the day was totally normal. There were no weird changes to his room, there was no mysterious teleporting pacifiers and it just seemed like a regular day. Billy spent most of the day hanging decorations around the house and generally helping his mother with cleaning.

By the time Billy headed to bed that night he was fully prepared to think that he had imagined the whole thing. Maybe his eyes had played tricks on him, there was no way his room could have suddenly filled itself with teddy bears just to empty of them again a few seconds later.

As Billy walked to bed that night he experienced something very strange. When he went to climb into his bed he realised the bed felt higher up than usual. Billy felt like he had to climb slightly to get into bed whereas before he would just step straight into it. Feeling very tired, he didn’t really think about it too much and instead just laid down yawning deeply.

That wasn’t the only weird thing about the bed either. Normally his feet would nearly reach the bottom of his mattress. Tonight Billy noticed that the bed felt larger and his feet only went about halfway down his mattress. Was it just his imagination? Billy wondered if all of his worries were just making him notice things he hadn’t noticed before.

Instead of worrying about it all night, Billy made a conscious effort to push it from his mind to try and have a more restful sleep than the last few nights.


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DailyDi    1,305

Love this story. Need more!

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CDfm    95

Like all of your stories, this is off to a great start. I could have sworn I had read it before but that isn't possible becaude I hadn't signed up for the patreon yet. I have to believe that Billies mom is at least aware of what's going on. She might not be behind all the changes, but she is aware of them. I will be waiting for more.!  

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Elfy    732

You probably read some of it before when I posted a preview a month ago :)

This is part two and the third and final part will come around Christmas-ish... Maybe a bit before. Let me know what you all think :) I know this very innocent story is very different to what I usually write and I'm glad there are still plenty of people enjoying it!


With a gasp, Billy suddenly sat bolt upright. It took a few moments for him to catch his breath and, just like yesterday, he could feel himself drenched in sweat. The sheets on the bed were all twisted and so were Billy’s pyjamas, he must have been twisting and turning for a while.

Yet again, a nightmare had caused Billy to wake very suddenly. He could remember little about the dream he had been having but it felt like he could remember a tiny bit more than previous nights. Billy could remember a face, a close up of a face in front of a Christmas tree. That was about all he could remember though. He knew he had seen the face before too, it felt familiar and yet vague.

Billy climbed out of the bed and into the chilly room again. He took a step towards the door exiting the bedroom when his foot caught something on the floor and he tripped. He fell to the floor in a heap and let out a yelp of pain.

Holding his knee, Billy looked around to see what had tripped him and felt his stomach drop as he saw the elf sitting in that same pose and looking directly at him. Next to the elf, as expected was another present.

Billy shook his head he didn’t believe what he was seeing. He had convinced himself that everything had been his imagination. After the teddy bear episode yesterday, he had managed to put all the weirdness down to being overly tired, that he was imagining it all. Now he was staring at yet more evidence of how real it was.

Feeling compelled to open the gift, Billy climbed to his feet and took the couple of steps to reach the elf again. It was as he reached his arm out that he realised something that shocked and terrified him. His hand was smaller than he was used to, his whole arm seemed shorter. He looked at the bed, the frame of which helped gauge his height, and he covered his mouth with his hand as he realised he was now significantly shorter. Panic rose up within him like a tidal wave, there was no way this was his imagination now, there was no doubting that he was losing height.

His arms were shorter, his legs were shorter, his body was smaller in every dimension. The widened shoulders that puberty was giving him had seemed to retreat back into his body. With a sudden jolt of fear, Billy pulled the waistband of his pyjama pants away from him. He looked down and gulped as he had his worst fears realised and let go of the waistband.

The panic was making him want to run away now but he was compelled to open the present. Despite everything that made him want to run away and hide, Billy still found that he had to open the box. He didn’t know why he was so compelled to do this but it was like he didn’t have a say in the matter. It was like there was no decision to make, the wrapped box just had to be opened.

Grabbing the box with trembling hands, Billy pulled the wrapping paper off of the top and opened the lid. He didn’t even look into the box before sticking his hand in there. Feeling a cylinder shaped object, Billy grabbed hold and pulled his hand back out of the box.

He soon found himself staring at a baby’s bottle. Billy didn’t know who or what was causing this, he didn’t know how it was physically possible that he shrinking but he suddenly felt a huge burst of anger. Even if this wasn’t a prank from his mom or someone else, even if it was some cosmic force, something was messing with him and he was terrified of where it was heading.

In pure frustration, Billy pulled back his fist in preparation to hit the elf doll that seemed to be mocking him. That little face that was constantly smiling at him, Billy wanted that stupid little face to feel the pain that he was feeling. He shouted into the silence of the room as his frustration and fear boiled over.

He brought his fist forward with all the force he could muster when two very strange things happened.

Firstly, as Billy swung his fist forwards he missed the elf. It was almost like there was some kind of force field in front of it, when his fist got close he seemed to just miss it over its tiny shoulder. In confusion he swung a second time and just missed on the other side. The elf didn’t seem to move but Billy seemed unable to get to it.

Secondly, As Billy swung a second time he felt a very sudden build-up of pressure in his lower abdomen that released just as it reached a painful point. Billy felt a spreading warmth in his crotch area, a warmth that quickly started running down his legs. Horrified, Billy realised that, with no real control, he had begun wetting himself. Not a small accident either, Billy was full on flooding his pyjamas!

“What’s going on?” Billy’s mom came bursting through the door having heard Billy yell a few seconds ago.

The sight Billy’s mom saw upon entering the room stopped her in her tracks. Billy was standing in the middle of the room in soaking wet pyjama bottoms. A baby’s bottle was laying on its side at Billy’s feet and Billy was breathing hard like he had just been in a fight. The little elf just sat completely still and smiled it’s serene smile.

“Oh dear, what happened?” Billy’s mom said as she walked into the room and crouched down next to her son.

“I… The elf…” Billy was stuttering because he just didn’t know what to say or do anymore. He could feel tears threatening to overwhelm him and he tried to fight them back. He was just so scared.

“Honey, you should be in your big boy pants.” Billy’s mom said encouragingly.

“My… What?” Billy asked confused. He sniffed loudly as he tried to stop the tears that were misting up his eyes.

“Let’s get you washed up and ready for the day.” Billy’s mom said as she stood up, “Don’t worry, honey. These things happen to growing boys.”

With ease, Billy’s mom picked up her son and rested him on her hip like a mother carrying a toddler. Billy was bewildered and scared at the ease with which he was lifted up and how easily he fit in this position. He was 13-years-old; this shouldn’t be possible!

As they left the room, Billy saw himself in the mirror and felt himself gasp. Any chance that the shrinking was in his head disappeared as he saw just how small he had become. He estimated he couldn’t be much taller than an average 5-year-old. He saw that his face had reverted to a soft baby’s face, his skin felt and looked so soft. Even his hair, which had been fairly long seemed to be shorter, he looked like how he looked in old photos from when he was a kid. The shock of seeing himself in the mirror was enough to make him burst into tears.

“Shh, it’s OK, baby.” Billy’s mom said, “We will get you all cleaned up and then you will feel good as new.”

Billy was carried into the bathroom by his mom who quickly started filling the tub with water. She put a liberal amount of bubble bath in as well and soon the water was coated with a thick layer of bubbles.

“Mom.” Billy said as he forcefully tried to calm down his sobbing, “This isn’t right! I’m shrinking, I’m supposed to be 13-years-old!”

“Don’t be silly!” Billy’s mom replied with a little laugh, “You are my big growing boy.”

Billy’s mom pulled off Billy’s pyjama top and then pulled down his pyjama bottoms without much resistance. Billy wanted to stop her but he was so small now that he was easily overpowered. As soon as he was naked, he was lifted up and carefully placed in the hot bath water.

“I’m seri-” Billy was cut off.

“Now don’t you worry.” Billy’s mom interrupted him cheerfully as she took a wash cloth and started to wash her son, “All growing boys have accidents. My little man is growing up.”

I wish, Billy thought dejectedly, as his mom rubbed soap into his hair. As he was washed he had time to really think about everything that was going on. Billy knew now that this wasn’t some trick being played on him, there was no way to make him physically change like that. So what was going on?

There really were only a few answers. He might be dreaming, was Billy’s first thought. But if this was true then it had been an exceptionally long dream, and so realistic, normally realising you are dreaming is enough to wake you up which made Billy think this had to be more than a product of his sub-conscious.

It defied all the laws and physics of the universe to be aging in reverse. Therefore, Billy reasoned, this had to be some kind of magic.

Billy had never believed in magic or the supernatural. He had always liked science ever since he was a little kid… Well, ever since he was a little kid for the first time. But what else could explain an elf giving him presents and, apparently, regressing him physically.

“Mom, I can wash myself.” Billy said. It was now that he realised for the first time that his voice was much higher pitched. He didn’t hear his own voice, he heard the voice of some child, a high pitched noise that almost sounded like perpetual whining.

“I’m sure you can, honey.” Billy’s mom said. She didn’t seem to be taking the slightest bit of notice about her son’s protests that he didn’t need her to wash him.

Billy continued to complain and argue that he was a teenager all throughout his bath but his mom always laughed it off as if it was a product of over imagination. Nothing Billy could say or do seemed to sway his mom’s perception that Billy was supposed to be some little child.

Eventually, and with much embarrassment on Billy’s part, the washing was over. He climbed out of the bath and allowed his mom to wrap him in a towel. He felt panic within him but he forced himself to stay calm, he needed to try and work out what was happening and how he could stop it, panicking would not help.

After his mom had finished rubbing him dry, Billy allowed his hand to be taken and the two of them walked back into Billy’s bedroom.

Billy audibly gasped as they opened the door. The room had changed very subtly; the usually white walls were suddenly a baby blue. His bed had devolved into a much smaller bed in the shape of a race car. The posters on the wall had changed from his favourite football team into posters of astronauts and dinosaurs.

“What’s up?” Billy’s mom asked after she heard him gasp.

“My room…” Billy said as he looked up at his mom, “It’s changed!”

“Changed, sweetie?” Billy’s mom asked with a confused voice. As she conversed with her son she walked over to the chest of drawers and began to look through them.

“We were in here just now. The room was… It was a different colour, the bed… The posters… IT’S ALL DIFFERENT!” Billy finally yelled loudly. He stomped his feet in frustration. How could everything be changing like this without his mom noticing.

Billy’s mom paused for a second and looked around the room. She had a curious look on her face as if she was really thinking about something, it was a similar look people have when they are trying to recall a memory from a long time ago.

Billy felt hope flare up within him for a moment. Had his mom realised something was wrong? Was this the start of him convincing her that everything was wrong?

“Looks fine to me.” Billy’s mom said with a shrug causing Billy’s brief hope to be kicked into touch, “Here we go. Here, Billy, just in case you have another little accident.”

Billy’s mom held out what at first glance seemed like a regular pair of underwear, but as Billy looked at them he realised that they were much thicker than a normal pair of underpants. It suddenly clicked in Billy’s head that they were very slightly absorbent, they were the training pants that Billy remembered wearing as a young child when struggling with potty training.

Preferring to wear the absorbent underwear over being completely naked, Billy stepped forward and let his mom help him step into the underwear.

As his mom helped pull them up his smooth and hairless legs, Billy caught sight of himself in the mirror again. Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him but he felt like he had already shrunk a couple more inches. He was struggling to remain clam, he tried to remember what he looked like as a teenager and found his memory seemed to be faded. This was a terrifying thought, was he going to forget how old he should be?

“Mom, I’m being serious. Please, help me, I’m getting smaller!” Billy said as his mom finished pulling up the underpants.

“Honey, you are fine. You are my big, growing boy!” Billy’s mom wrapped him in a big hug, “You must just have had a bad dream.”

“It wasn’t a dream!” Billy replied. He was frustrated but tried to keep as calm as possible, “This time yesterday I was a teenager!”

“My little man has quite the imagination.” Billy’s mom chuckled. She stood up and walked back over to the drawers before returning with a shirt and some pants.

Billy frowned and pouted as his mom dressed him for the day. He felt powerless to resist as he knew that his strength had abandoned him as he had got smaller. He knew he had no real way of resisting and with his new stature he was limited to his own home, he was in no condition to fight back or run away. In many ways, Billy realised that he really couldn’t do much to alter events at all. If this really was some crazy magic or a curse, then how was Billy supposed to fight it? All he could really do was hope it would stop or fix itself over time.

“Let’s get you some breakfast.” Billy’s mom said cheerily.

Lifting Billy on to her hip again, Billy was carried downstairs. He was not at all surprised to find a high chair set up at the dining room table. His tiny legs were fed through the holes and he sat there whilst his mom went to fetch food. He felt like he was way up in the sky, in reality he was only at table height. The sudden shrinking had done a lot to mess with Billy’s perception of size and time.

He hoped it was just his perception at least. Billy hadn’t really thought about it but he really hoped the regression was just physical, if it was mental as well then it would be a hundred times worse.

When Billy’s mom returned with a bowl of cereal, Billy was delighted that he was given a spoon and allowed to feed himself. He knew in the back of his mind that this was a pretty pathetic thing to get excited about but after the relentless negatives of the last day or so, any positive was something to celebrate.

Billy slowly ate the sugary cereal whilst his mom bustled around him. She was still relentlessly cleaning the house. When Billy finally finished his cereal, his mom placed a sippy cup of juice on the high chair’s tray. Billy drained the juice to quench his first and just sat in the chair as he waited for his mom to release him.

It was a curious mood that Billy was in. On the one hand he was obviously terrified and panicky as he considered how trapped he could be. With no rational explanation for events he was a slave to whatever was happening. It didn’t seem like anyone else could perceive what was happening to him so, for the time being at least, Billy was forced to just get on with it.

On the other hand, there was a strange calmness about Billy. He knew that what was happening to him was very wrong, but there seemed to be something stopping him from just outright going crazy. Perhaps it was part of the magic or whatever was happening.

Billy yawned deeply, his disturbed sleep over the last few days was catching up to him a little bit and he was honestly feeling very tired.

“Still tired, sweetie?” Billy’s mom asked as she walked through the dining room and saw Billy’s yawn.

Billy shook his head in denial. It was silly because he was obviously very sleepy but something wouldn’t let him admit to that fact. Like an actual overtired toddler, the last thing Billy wanted to do was admit he needed a nap. When he considered what had happened every time he had been asleep, he thought it was fair to want to stay awake.

“Mmhmm.” Billy’s mom said in disbelief, “Well how about you take a little nap for me and then.”

Billy didn’t respond. He knew that at this point he had little say in his own life and when the tray was pulled away from the high chair, Billy did not protest as he was picked up again and carried back upstairs. For some reason he was feeling more and more tired with every step towards his bedroom. By the time the pair of them reached Billy’s door, Billy was having a lot of trouble keeping his eyes open. Despite his overwhelming tiredness, Billy did everything he could to fight the sleepiness that seemed to be settling over his brain like a fog.

The door swung open and Billy woke up immediately. He wasn’t surprised that things had changed again, but it still shocked him awake.

His bedroom had transformed, almost completely. His bed had been completely replaced by a crib, no bigger than a baby’s with white metallic bars. Billy’s eyes scanned the room as his bottom lip quivered, his large desk and computer had vanished to be replaced by a short changing table stocked full of supplies of diapers, wipes and powder. It was less of a bedroom now and more of a nursery.

Billy felt tears start coming down his face. His older kids toys, his games consoles, his remote control car, all of it had been replaced by toys for infants still learning things like the alphabet and numbers.

Billy sniffed and felt his body shaking. Before he knew it he was crying deeply, he took big gulps of air and wailed like a cranky toddler. As he let out his emotions he heard, not an upset older child, but the high pitched wailing of a baby. The wailing of a baby who couldn’t communicate his emotions in any other way.

“Oh baby, it’s OK.” Billy’s mom said. Pulling the teleporting pacifier from her pocket, Billy’s mom placed it in Billy’s mouth.

Almost immediately Billy’s crying calmed down slightly. Reflexively, Billy started sucking on the soother finding a strange comfort in it. He knew that he shouldn’t, he knew that only babies were calmed from the repetitive sucking motion, but he couldn’t help but feel himself relax somewhat.

Billy was gently lowered into the crib. As he watched his mom pull the side up he realised that the bars now towered over him, the whole crib was huge compared to Billy. The only explanation Billy had was that he had regressed even further. It would make sense, Billy thought, his emotions seemed a little out of control. In fact, Billy felt a little out of control in every way and that was terrifying.

As Billy’s mom laid him down and tucked him in, Billy started to fall asleep almost immediately. The mobile above the bed was turned on and the sweet melody only made Billy sleepier. He felt so small, so helpless and utterly reliant on his mother as his blanket was drawn up around him. After he had closed his eyes he felt a soft fuzzy feeling against his arm and realised that his mother had placed a teddy bear against him. Almost without thinking, he wrapped an arm around it and pulled it in close to him. Before Billy’s mom had even left the room Billy was fast asleep in his crib. As snug as a bug, Billy curled up around the teddy bear which didn’t seem all that much bigger than he was.

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DailyDi    1,305

Love this story. Need more!

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JustinDB87    9

This is a great story. Reminds me of an older story that I was a fan of titled 'The Infinite Shape'.  Can't wait for the next part!

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CDfm    95

Like all of your stories, this is off to a great start. I could have sworn I had read it before but that isn't possible becaude I hadn't signed up for the patreon yet. I have to believe that Billies mom is at least aware of what's going on. She might not be behind all the changes, but she is aware of them. I will be waiting for more.!  

Another fantastic chapter. We still aren't sure exactly how the elf is manageing to regress Billy but we know he is a baby again. We don't know how long the regression will last or if it will be permanent. I do hope the last chapter fills in a few answers. I am really enjoying the story and definitely want to read more. 

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Elfy    732

Here is the final part of the story. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope next year is better than this one. Hopefully I will be able to return to full time writing again.


Billy awoke to a cold feeling. As he opened his eyes he saw that his mom, who was leaning over the crib and holding a bottle, had stuck her finger inside Billy’s training pants to check for wetness.

“Oh, awake are we?” Billy’s mom said softly.

“Yeth mommy.” Billy lisped. He jolted awake at the way his infantile voice sounded. High pitched and struggling to enunciate correctly, Billy didn’t hear his own voice, he heard the voice of an infant, almost indistinguishable from any other infant.

“Well, let’s get you downstairs and you can play for a bit, sound good?” Billy’s mom asked as she lifted her boy out of the crib and placed him on his feet on the floor.

The first thing Billy did as he was placed on the floor was look for the mirror. He needed to see how he looked. He waddled towards the mirror and immediately noticed that he felt very unsteady on his feet. He couldn’t seem to coordinate his legs properly but he managed to totter over to the mirror.

His reflection was now like looking at a stranger. He saw none of his older self looking back at him. His features had changed so much that it was almost comical, if he hadn’t been so scared he would burst out laughing at the image in the mirror. He held out his hand in front of him and balled it into a loose fist, he just couldn’t get it through his mind that this little baby’s arm was his own.

“Up we go.” Billy’s mom walked up behind him and lifted him into the air. She no longer even had to sling Billy over her hip to carry him. She could easily rest his head on her shoulder and carry him.

They went downstairs and Billy was placed into a playpen that had suddenly appeared in the living room. Filled with toys and activities it was like a toddler’s paradise, for Billy it looked like a prison that he would be trapped in. It was intolerable that a teenager like himself would be trapped like this.

As Billy’s mom placed him in the playpen, Billy refused to let go of her and he desperately tried to force her to let him out.

“Come on, Billy.” Billy’s mom said as she tried to pry her son off of her, “Mommy has things she needs to get done!”

“Don’t go, Mommy!” Billy yelled out. He wanted to stay near her, he needed her.

Billy started crying. He wasn’t sure why, he was scared of being left alone by his mom and the only way he seemed able to process these emotions was to start crying loudly. He just didn’t want to be a baby, he wanted all of this to go away but the only thing he could do was cry about the situation.

Billy’s mom rolled her eyes at her fussy infant and produced the pacifier again. Placing it into Billy’s mouth he started to calm down very quickly. She smiled as she watched the soother bouncing up and down slightly as her baby son sucked on it for comfort.

“Now… don’t worry.” Billy’s mom said as she stroked the top of Billy’s increasingly hairless head, “I will be nearby, OK? If you need me I can get to you in a second.”

With that, Billy’s mom turned around and headed towards the kitchen.

Billy watched her go whilst holding on to the bars of the playpen. He had tear streaks running down his face but his crying, for the most part, had subsided.

Realising he had to fill his time Billy headed over to the toy chest. He wasn’t particularly interested in playing with anything but he had to occupy his time somehow. He tottered over to the chest on his unsteady legs. Carefully lifting the lid, he glanced inside and froze. He felt his heart skip a beat as he saw the one thing that Billy assumed was causing all of this.

The little elf doll was sat at the top of a pile of toys and, predictably, it had a present next to it. A box that was wrapped like all the others.

Billy pulled the box out and started unwrapping it. He had accepted that whatever was happening, he really had no way of stopping here. It was with an air of forlorn hopelessness that Billy pulled the paper off of the box and removed the lid. Maybe if he followed this rabbit hole of presents it would end up with him being turned back into his teenage self.

Despite the resignation, Billy couldn’t help but be shocked when he pulled out a diaper. It was very clearly a baby’s diaper, pretty little patterns adorned it and it was small, even for Billy’s reduced stature.

Feeling a fit of impotent frustration, Billy held the diaper above his head and threw it as far as he could. Unfortunately for Billy, now that he was so small and weak, the diaper did not travel much further than a foot away.

Almost as soon as he had let go of the padding, Billy felt an intense spasm within his lower abdomen. It was very much like the pain of that morning and, just like that morning, Billy quickly felt the pain disappear and a spreading warmth throughout his crotch.

Billy tried to stop the flow, he tried to clench his bladder muscles only to find they were useless, he couldn’t stop wetting himself like a helpless baby. Billy even resorted to trying to pinch himself closed, anything to stop this hopeless embarrassment.

Realising that it was pointless to resist, Billy let go and felt the warm, wetness fill his training pants. Of course, the training pants were only designed for small accidents and soon the urine was running down his leg and collecting in a puddle on the floor.

“Thop it!” Billy yelled around his pacifier, it tumbled from his mouth as he spoke. He heard himself mispronouncing “stop” and cringed at his regressing speech pattern, “I’m a big boy!”

Billy was angry and frustrated and stomped his feet. As he did so his lack of coordination revealed itself and he fell over backwards on to his wet butt. Billy heard a squelch as the wetness of his pants and the floor combined to feel like landing in a puddle.

After a moment of silence, Billy started wailing loudly. He cried and cried until his mom came hurrying into the room again.

“Billy? What’s wrong? Are yo-” Billy’s mom stopped in her tracks, “It’s OK, honey.”

Without missing a beat, Billy’s mom picked up her soggy son and the diaper that Billy had unsuccessfully tried to throw away. Without a word Billy was carried upstairs as he continued to cry about the unfairness of it all. He was supposed to be a big boy!

Billy’s mom carried her son into his bedroom, although it might be more accurate to describe it as a nursery at this point. Billy was stood on the floor and stripped naked by his mom who worked hard to not let the soaked pants drip everywhere.

Billy was still crying but he had calmed down at least a little bit. His tiny body still shook with heavy sobs as he watched his mom bag up his soiled clothes.

Billy was lifted again, and this time was placed on the changing table. He was laid down on his back as his mom started cleaning him with wipes. It felt so strange to be manipulated so thoroughly by another person. Billy was now so small that his mom could basically make him do whatever she needed and he didn’t have ability to stop her. His ever decreasing strength, coordination, mental abilities and everything else was starting to make Billy feel like a prisoner in his own body.

After being thoroughly wiped with baby wipes, Billy felt his legs lifted up and a soft, fluffy layer was placed beneath him. He was almost certain he knew what was happening and his suspicions were confirmed as he looked down and saw the front of the diaper pulled up between his legs.

Billy had been half-expecting this to happen for a while, if he kept regressing then diapers were inevitable sooner or later. He was embarrassed to be put in them but resistance was just not an option at this stage. His pathetically small body could do very little to fight back against his mom. Besides, if he kept having these accidents, maybe a diaper would be best. Even thinking that a diaper was a good idea showed how much Billy had regressed.

Once the diaper was taped on, Billy was lifted up and placed back in the crib. She had placed a shirt over Billy’s head so that all he was wearing was the shirt and the diaper.

“Do you remember I told you about the Christmas party?” Billy’s mom asked the small boy, “It starts very soon, OK? How about you get some rest and I will come to get you after everyone is here.”

Billy’s mom turned her back and left the room without waiting for, and apparently not expecting, a response. Stopping once on her way to turn on a baby monitor, which was clearly her way of keeping an eye on her son.

Billy found his control of his body was now severely limited. The baby’s diaper which had seemed so small in his mom’s hand was huge on him and he struggled to do something as simple as rolling over. He found himself feeling exceptionally weak and even small movements took a vast effort. Billy was glad that he couldn’t see the mirror right now because he knew that the image he saw would have been awful to him. He would have been crying in the crib but his pacifier soothed him just enough to stop himself from losing control completely.

After a few minutes of lying on his back in his baby bed, Billy closed his eyes and fell asleep. The last thing he remembered thinking was the forlorn hope that this was all still a dream, that by falling asleep he would hasten its end. Billy didn’t really believe that he was dreaming anymore but he didn’t have many other options whilst imprisoned in the crib.

Billy had no idea how long he had been asleep but he stirred back to consciousness with a feeling he recognised as his mom checking him. He could feel a finger slip past one of the leg bands and probe his diaper, he didn’t know whether to be shocked or not that his diaper was damp. After his daytime accidents, it seemed only natural that accidents whilst asleep would start. It was another step down for Billy’s self-esteem. In the background, Billy could hear a lot of voices from downstairs.

Opening his eyes, he saw his mom was dressed in a nice dress, she looked very pretty with all her make-up and jewellery on.

“Hello, little guy.” Billy’s mom said with a smile.

Billy tried to reply but found that he could only gurgle and babble in response. His eyes went wide in alarm, he kept trying to speak but the only sound that came out was this high-pitched, babyish babble.

Billy’s mom smiled widely at Billy, presumably finding his babbling very cute. She clearly had no idea of the inner turmoil Billy was experiencing.

Picking Billy up, Billy’s mom headed towards the exit to the nursery. They headed for the stairs and Billy realised he was going to be making his appearance at the party in just his shirt and a wet diaper. He felt a little embarrassed but knew that it wasn’t unusual for babies to run away the home like that.

Billy felt a brief flare of hope. What if one of the guests knew something was wrong? It could be his last chance to get out of this predicament. He laid his tired head on his mom’s shoulder as she carried him down to the busy living room. What other chance did he have at this point? There was a small chance that this curse or whatever only affect him and his mom, if it affected everyone then he was hopelessly trapped.

He was facing behind his mom as she pushed open the living room door. Immediately the sounds from the living room got louder and Billy could feel eyes looking his ways, even if he couldn’t see people looking he heard a few women make that “aww” sound that seems to instinctively get made when a baby enters the room.

His distant hope that people would realise there was something wrong disappeared as he saw relatives and friends he had known his whole life come up and fuss over him. An old lady that Billy knew worked with his mom pinched his cheek and gave him a big kiss on the forehead.

Billy was set down on the floor in front of the television where a couple of other babies were playing with some toys. A couple of them were mesmerised by the flashing lights on the Christmas tree.

Billy watched his mom walk off to the other side of the room to begin socialising with some of the guests. As Billy looked around he saw a couple of his cousins that were good friends of his, they frequently all played football together.

Billy tried to stand up. As he did so he felt a cramp in his tummy, it didn’t really cause pain but it caused him to wince and fall down on to his hands and knees.

Billy tried to stand again but found it hard to summon up the energy. Abandoning attempts to walk, Billy started scurrying over to his two friends on his hands and knees. The two older boys, in reality the same age as Billy before the changes, were talking about video games when Billy reached them.

Without having a better way to communicate, Billy pulled on one of the boy’s pants legs as he tried to get their attention. As the older boy turned around and looked down, Billy raised his arms up as if asking to be picked up. He was desperate that someone would recognise him, recognise that something was really wrong. If anyone would do so, surely it would be his two best friends.

“Hey Steve, I think that kid likes you!” Phil, the other friend, said with a laugh as they both looked down at Billy.

“Shut up!” Steve replied before rounding on the baby at his feet, “Hey kid… Go away. Go play with the other little brats.”

Steve pulled his leg away from Billy who had been trying to use it to stabilise himself and stand up. When the leg was moved away, Billy fell back on to his wet bottom and blinked a few times as his former friends walked away to get away from him. He had tears in his eyes at being ignored by the people closest to him but understood their reaction. He wasn’t Billy the teenager anymore, he was some dumb baby. If the roles had been reversed, Billy would have had the same reaction to either of his friends. It hurt, but he understood.

When he landed on his butt, he felt another sudden build in the pressure in his tummy. He tried to ignore it as, after a minute or so, the pressure passed again.

Billy turned back to where the babies were all sitting and shivered when he realised he was just one of them now. A nuisance to people his former age, a burden on the adults trying to enjoy themselves, he was meant to just go and play with the babies and cause as little trouble as possible.

Getting on to his hands and knees again, Billy started slowly crawling back towards the other babies when something suddenly caught his eye.

“ELF!” Billy tried to shout. Though all that came out was another stream of mindless babble.

The little elf figure was sitting in the middle of the room. It looked the same as ever but had one vital difference, it had no present with it. It was sitting there alone on the floor.

Billy quickly crawled over to it. He started yelling, he was hurling all sorts of names at the elf but it didn’t matter since no one could understand what he was trying to say.

“Aww look, baby Billy is trying to make a new friend!” Billy heard one of the adults say. He was aware that he suddenly had the attention of most of the room on him.

“Reverse this!” Billy yelled when he reached the elf, “Please! Change me back!”

To the adults it sounded like excited infantile gibberish, to Billy it was a desperate plea for mercy. Billy knew he had a lot of eyes on him but he didn’t care. The elf was without its usual present. That had to mean something didn’t it? Maybe this was the end of his infantile humiliation.

The elf sat there. It seemed completely ambivalent to Billy’s suffering. The elf’s little smile infuriated Billy who just wanted to know why this was happening.

Billy reached forward in anger trying to grab it. As soon as his hand got within a few inches of the elf, Billy felt a huge cramp in his tummy. A cramp that made it clear what was about to happen.

Managing to stand up, Billy looked around for his mom but found only a sea of faces, some he recognised, staring at him. He winced as the cramps hit again.

“Uh oh, looks like someone is going to make a little Christmas present for their mommy!” Said an uncle that Billy recognised. Billy went bright red as he looked around at the dozens of faces watching him as he desperately tried to keep control of himself.

Billy wondered why none of the adults helped him. He needed to get to a toilet and he needed to get there right now. It was only then that he realised he was expected to use his diaper; the adults didn’t care about his embarrassment. It made sense, babies use their diapers without caring, why should the adults think Billy was any different?

Another cramp hit Billy, this time it was enough to make Billy realise that the time had come. He bent down slightly and stuck his butt out behind him. His face went red partly from the effort and partly from the humiliation of having to do this whilst the whole room watched.

Billy pushed down with his tummy muscles and was rewarded with a muffled fart followed by a solid log of poop pushing out of his body and into the snugly secured diaper. Billy held his breath and pushed a little more to force the log out entirely. It dropped into the seat of the diaper and nestled there in the folds of the diaper.

“Aww.” Billy heard the crowd of watching people making noises like they were watching the cutest thing ever. Billy felt like an animal at a zoo, he would have been angry but he was very distracted by his increasingly full diaper.

Grunting, Billy pushed some more and found some smaller and softer lumps start entering his diaper. These passed more easily even though there was more of them. Billy felt them pushing the back of his diaper out and pushing throughout his diaper as the new contents searched for room in the disposable underwear.

“I think someone better get Billy’s mommy.” Came a voice from the back of the room.

Billy pushed one last time to completely soil himself and, for his effort, got a few final lumps. They stuck to Billy’s skin in a very unpleasant way.

There was silence for a couple of seconds before Billy lost balance on his unsteady legs and fell to the floor. He felt the sticky, smelly mess in his nappy spread everywhere as he landed in a squish. The shock of the fall seemed to cause his bladder release as well, with no effort on his part he finished using his diaper up to its absolute limit.

Looking around at the faces, the humiliated boy began loudly crying. He turned back around to the elf that was still sitting on the floor. Crawling towards it he tearfully begged to be spared any more humiliation, whatever he had done to cause this, he just wanted a second chance. He wanted to be a teenager again.

As he crawled towards the elf he felt his heavy diaper weighed down by gravity. The contents sloshed around as he awkwardly crawled towards the elf.

Suddenly the room started spinning. Billy felt himself getting extremely tired and has his heavy eyelids began to close he was almost certain he saw the smiling face of the elf wink at him.

Billy fell into a deep blackness. It felt like it was deeper than a deep sleep, a dreamless blackness that Billy seemed to fall into.


Billy jerked awake. The cold air chilling his skin was contrasted with the sweat that covered his bed. It took a few moments for his breathing to come under control.

He had been having such a powerful dream and yet, oddly, he couldn’t remember anything about it except a strange feeling of dread. The only thing he could picture was a face, a little smiling face but even the details on that were vague at best.

As Billy regained his composure he noticed something odd. A little elf figure was sitting on his shelf. Billy had never seen this elf before and how it had been placed in his room whilst he was asleep was a mystery. Something about this elf drew Billy’s attention, it might have had something to do with the present that was sat next to it. A gift that seemed placed for Billy to open.

Billy climbed out of bed and walked over to the shelf. He reached for the present and, despite a sudden and intense feeling of dread, Billy opened the lid.

He was very surprised to find a baby’s pacifier in the box. As he held it up and looked at it he had an intense feeling of déjà vu. He shook his head, threw the pacifier in the trash can and headed downstairs.

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CDfm    95

Very nice! I never figured out how the elf managed to do his thing but I guess that is all a part of the magic of Christmas. Great story I was sorry to see it end. 

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Great story, ad well ended I might add.  I expected Billy to show more respect for his gift.  Looks like he will be reliving the embarrassment over and over.  

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dmavn    31

Hmm.. makes me want to go purchase an elf now

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nice story well done

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Drownedinp    82

Very good story. I did read something like this where a teen ager was regressed to a baby. 

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