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                                       Note this is just the introduction. I've written more but I only got to type out this today


The odd thing about me is that even though I have secrets, I am still important. They always say, “Everyone has some skeletons in their closet.” And I suppose my skeleton is my my fetish. It doesn’t affect how I work, go to school, etc, it is simply a fetish that I do when I have some “private time” alone. Which is rare. For most, it is a secret that no one would even think I had. Only a few people know, and some probably don’t even remember or tend to forget. My mom knows, and she doesn’t care or judge me. My dad found out, but he doesn’t take it seriously and he’s forgotten about it since I haven’t worn recently. It’s unnoticeable to most, and that’s the best part. Two of my friends know about it, but not because I told them and I have really no idea how they found out. Supposedly my first friend found out by the other friend, though I had never told them previously anything about my fetish. The first one I told a white lie and said,

“I don’t do it anymore…” But it wasn’t a complete lie because I hadn’t done it in a while. I wasn’t able to indulge and be me, an AB/DL, a diaper lover. 


Yes, that is what I am.


I started off as a diaper lover, but ended up enjoying the baby stuff, pampers, baby clothes (I had a couple of things, but now just have a couple again, ended up replacing my baby dress for a nightie).  Of course, the only person that “takes care of me” is me.  And I know for those who may read this and are not AB/DL people, I have to clarify because some that don’t know what an adult baby diaper lover is, they are someone who wants to dress or act like a baby or wear diapers and baby clothes, depending on the person. AB/DL are not pedophiles, or attracted to children. Even on Ab/dl websites that is usually listed as a disclaimer so if you happen to stumble upon one of these sites, you know the difference. I’ve been told I look young, but not like a child. I’m a typical abdl, for the most part-the ones you see on TV are extreme versions of the fetish, who most likely did it to become famous. A few celebrities have explored the Ab/dl fetish (most likely the same reason that the extreme Ab/dls that appear on TV).  It’s kind of sad, because it gives most of the people in the fetish a bad name. Not crazy.


I identify as a Little Girl/Adult baby.


I doubt there’s a “Kinsey Scale” for ABDL, and while it can include other fetishes such as spanking, s and m, etc, I do not use any of that.  I have this fetish, but it’s not really sexual for me. It’s….sensual and feels right. Like I feel like I belong when I do it. Hard to explain. I’m telling a story-based mostly on some dreams and some thoughts.

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Great introduction. I'm curious to read your dreams and thoughts should you choose to continue this. 

Thank you for sharing. 

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thank you, i am keeping it realistic fiction for the most part, however, a lot of these are based on dreams. though they do stem from my inability to indulge lately.  and having to hide it from people. Not wanting to care about hiding. each "Part" has  a title like a short story, but they all follow each other, kind of like episodes

"The  Store"

It was a typical day in my hometown. I was out and about and I stopped to visit one of the older malls in town. Not a lot of people went there, due to its apperance.  However,  a store caught  my attention.



The store didn't look very busy or very big, but in the side, it was an emporium of everything. It was a fetish and costume store-one of those rare stores in a smaller town. they are non-existent. I had no idea this had existed here.

An attractive woman, with light brown hair, green eyes, and a moderate figure. She greeted me,

"Hello, do you need any help in finding your fantasies?"

"I've never actually been here. Is it new?"

"Well, miss, I've been open for about three years."

"REALLY.....I've been to this mall several times and have never seen it."

"Maybe you just weren't paying attention,  little girl."


"And besides, what would a young girl be doing in a store like this?"

"I'm 25."

"A girl on her own? That's rare...My nervousness was starting to go away, but I wanted to tell her my fetish. Would she judge?

"If I were to tell you something, would you judge? I have a fetish It's not something i make public, but i know they are far worse fetishes. I don't even have sex with it. I have a diaper fetish,  or as some say, "ab/dl."

“Well dear, I’m glad you’re being a brave little girl and being honest with me. I’m glad to see there’s still honesty out there. It’s your secret, and I cannot judge. It’s my job not to.”
“Thank you.”
“Now,” she began, “I’ll be showing you where a little girl like you can find exactly what she needs.”
She, then, led towards the back of the store, and the section said, “ABDL.” It had everything-three kinds of adult baby diapers-printed and plain, pacifiers, bonnets, bibs, booties, bottles, t-shirts, shorts, onesies and a few kinds of frilly rompers and baby dresses. Even though it wasn’t as huge a section as some parts of the store, it had everything. The prices….would I be able to get everything I wanted? 
I felt uneasy and fidgety.
“So, little girl, do you have a name?”
“is that an alias?”
“My parents were hippies in the seventies..but they are living their lives normally now. Retired and resting.”
Suddenly, I had the urge to pee, badly. I looked around for a bathroom, but didn’t see any. Suddenly, relief. I was indifferent in that moment, nonchalant.
“Looks like you’re going to need diapers..”
“Oh! I’m so sorry, I’m leaking all over your floor. I haven’t worn lately and I don’t even have accidents.”
“Oh, you poor dear, I have some sample packs that I use for sizing in the back. What are you?”
“A, uh, um, large, last I checked.”
    I stood there in wet pants, realizing that now I definitely would need to buy diapers and probably some shorts or something else to wear. But I decided might as well buy my things now, because I could.
I picked a new pacifier, a bottle, a bonnet, a pair of shorts, a changing mat, and two cases of diapers one of each style. 
Ashley returned with a diaper and plastic bag and said,
“So, you’re going to buy today, too, huh? Let me get this stuff to the counter and you go change before anyone sees you. I can tell you want to wear shorts now let’s hope you make it home without having any accidents.”
“My clothes are wet. It was either buy a pair of shorts or wear a onesie or romper and it be more obvious.”
“One of these days you might not care so much about your pampers sticking out underneath an outfit. You just aren’t quite comfortable with all of that yet.”
I went to the bathroom, put on the diaper and shorts. The shorts were pink and had a bow and looked mismatched with my t-shirt. I hoped no one would notice the bulge of thickness, between my legs, but it was just to get home.
“I see you bought a case of each style-plain and printed. We have a special this week on the cases, buy one get one free. It’s our annivesary, and smart of you to buy things while you’re here, you may actually get to play the role you want to play. We also do subscriptions, too, for diapers. If you subscribe to a case or more for year, you get each case half off. Diapers aren’t cheap.”
“Maybe another time…..I’ll start with what I’ve got and go from there.”
“Good on you! Not sure, but we’re here, if you need your pampers. I’m surprised you didn’t walk out of here wearing a baby outfit.”
“Maybe one of these days..”




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“The New Way to Lose Control” (Part 1)
A few weeks later, I found myself with nothing to after work, and since it was payday, I was able to splurge and go out to eat at one of my favorite restraurants. I am starving and after eating, my belly was full.  
I heard someone say,
“Heard you’re having a little girl. Congrats.”
“Yes, we’re going to have a shower soon and we’ve started preparing.”
I left the restraurant and a familiar voice said,
“Well, going shopping?”
For a moment, I said,
“Who are you?”
“I’m Ashley, the store clerk from the store, remember?”
“Oh! Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.”
“It’s okay, little girl. How are the, uh, garments treatin’ you? You can be honest with me.”
“They’re great. Absorbant and can hold a lot. I’ve used the printed and the whites.”
“Are you in one now?”
“No ma’am….” (why did I just say that?)
“You’re a sweet baby girl. Are we going to run to the store?”
“Um…I have a quarter of each left…”
“Since you’re almost out, maybe you should start the plan soon. Meet me tomorrow, okay?”
“All right….or soon…maybe in a few days once I get things arranged.”
I began to feel lightheaded, but I ignored it. As I walked through the park, I felt the urge to poop. God…where is the bathroom? i couldn’t find one, and I saw a couple of blocks up the street, a gas station, but in the park, nothing. My stomach was beginning to give and I started to feel lightheaded and sweaty.    I just caved in to everything. Ugh….yuck..
Part 2
Ashley ended up seeing me again and said,
“Sunshine? What’s wrong?”
“Ughh…not well, and feel lightheaded and gonna…faint…”
“Talk to me, little girl. Did you….?”
“I pooped myself.”
“You…you messed yourself…come on sweet baby...and look at you sweating and on the verge of heat exhaustion……come with me…”
She laid a blanket on the grass and I basically fell to the blanket and was falling asleep. I first felt a cold, taking care of me, but I felt her put a thick padding and felt something come on to my area she was taking care of.
Ashley noticed that Sunshine was out of it, weak, and helpless-almost like a real baby. She brought a cloth diaper out, for she was trying them out to add to her store and this one was Sunshine’s size. She always kept diapers on her, for she had abdl friends and she also knew what to do in emergencies like this.
She pinned the diapers on and then continuing cleaning Sunshine’s back and neck from the sweat.
“Heat exhaustion…’
Ashley, then put a t-shirt on her that said, “Princess” on it. She looked like a toddler. One that needed love, care and diapers. She stuck a bottle with water in it in her mouth, and said,
“Drink up, Sunshine. You need it.”
She drank it up quickly and passed out asleep.
An hour passed. This park was huge, and in this area there was hardly any people-in fact there was never any people in this end of the park. I ended up having this area a meeting place for abdls, friends and their caregivers if they wish to be brave. And there was parking lot just behind the fence. But this area was often quiet and it worked great. This park was clean, beautiful, and we kept our areas clean, too. And out of sight from any young children or people that were vanilla to fetishes.
I woke up to some people talking.
“Had an accident, poor baby.  She’s all freshened up now and I had to diaper her and change her shirt. Well, well, well, look whose waking up.”
“there are two other abdl girls over there talking and playing. Go play with them. It’s safe here, so you can be yourself here.”
    I saw them playing with some toys and colors, and they both were in just in t-shirts, pampers, and shoes. Would they be okay? Was this real? I, then saw myself, and I was dressed exactly like them. 
“Where are my clothes?” I yelled.
“Sunshine, my sweet baby, your shirt was drenched in sweat and of course your pants and underwear were beyond hope.”
“I cant be like this….it’s so public here. Don’t you have pants or shorts I can wear to cover this diaper?”
“You’re fine, trust me. It’s hot out and you are a baby girl. Just embrace who you are…I know you’re shy about all of this…but go play with them. They are just like you…”
“I can control myself.”
“Well, from what I’ve seen, you are losing control or your desires are overshadowing your mind. You had no objection when I put that diaper on you.”
I pouted a little and said, “Okay.”
“See? You fight it, don’t you? Why fight it? This side of you is who you are, too.”
The two girls were playing quietly while their caretakers or mommies began to chat with Ashley. Ashley wasn’t my mommy or caretaker, but she sure started to seem like it.
Both AB girls were blonde and seemed surprised by my curiosity of them. 
I finally said,
“Hi. I’m Sunshine..”
For a bit, we played, and I had never played with others like me. No one paid attention to me, but I was feeling thirsty and tired.
Hannah said,
“Sunshine, your face is red!”
“Go tell your Mommy!”
“she’s not my mommy.”
“well, tell her anyway.”
I noticed my voice was sounding more childish and I said,
“Ashwee, my face is wed! I thirsties!”
“Get in the shade, before you get sick again. I’m gonna have to take more measures to keep you cool from now on, you overheat easily.”
She handed a bottle of water again and had me drink it all up. I started to feel tired again and she said,
“sleep, baby good.”
I woke up in a crib, a baby bed. I started to look around and realized that I was in a nursery. Ashley was a mommy or caretaker for abdls obviously. Why hadn’t I seen it before? I’m sooo stupid! I then noticed, I was in a pretty pink baby nightie that did nothing to hide anything I was wearing below. I had on frilly rumba panties and booties and my hands were closed in with mittens. I was in another cloth diaper and it felt wet and squishy. Had I messed again or just wet it?  Then I saw the clock, it was 3 am. Ashley came in to check on me and ordered,
“you go back to sleep now. Mommy will change you though. You look soaked, and you’re due for a bottle anyways. She then stuck a baby bottle of milk in my mouth and then had me lay back down and she changed me. This time, she put the disposable on me with the prints and the cutie pie branding on the front and back.”
“Now go to sleep, baby girl.”

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NOTE: Whether you’re reading the story or not, some of these parts are based on dreams, fantasies, and some are just story I made up. 
A few days later, I ended up back at home. Back at work. But I couldn’t help but think that maybe I should be a little bit braver, were my accidents a sign? I had diapers at home. I usually didn’t have accident. Except when I was diapered. Why was I having more accidents? Two in front of Ashley, a businesswoman and another abdl. 
Ashley had a also been busy working the anniversary sale and it had brought a great deal of profits-she could afford being open another year. She had a gift of knowing an AB when she saw them and the reasoning behind it, was she wanted them to come out more. Her kind, innocent gaze had a hypnotic effect on people. She invented trigger words and only a “true AB” would respond and react to them. It would cause a great deal of babyish behavior.
It’s not always right, but it wasn’t foolproof, and sometimes it didn’t work at all. The person had to want it. And for the first time in awhile, she had found a baby girl….
I began to wrap my head around the fact that I had been in diapers twice in public-one of which was in full view in front of strangers. During that time, I was changed, diapered, dressed and drinking from out of a bottle. How did that happen? Maybe I could do it.
I didn’t know what to think. After a stressful day at work, I slipped out of my work attire, showered and since my roommate moved out, I decided that maybe it was time for some baby time, after some TV. When I came to the closet, I had NO diapers left. What had happened? Then, I remembered. After being in the house last week, I used a lot. Almost always peeing and wetting my diapers when diapered. I couldn’t stay dry while wearing diapers. Maybe I was meant to be diapered like a baby. Usually when I wasn’t I could make it to the restroom, without any problems.
I then, realize that the store I bought my pampers at, was closed for the night. I had tonight and I was ready to relax. I would be able to play baby tomorrow, for tomorrow I’m getting off work at noon. I was  set to stay home and play baby safe and sound at home.
Since Walmart was always open, I bought more milk, some pull up diapers, a baby bowl, some applesauce, and a few baby bottles. And another pacifier.
The pull up diapers were thin, but I guess they’d tide me over till tomorrow til I made my diaper run tomorrow.
I changed as soon as I got home-in just my pull up and t-shirt and went to bed.
Ashley had proven to be a valuable co-owner of the Emporium, she managed the store and kept it going, and her co-owner would do the ordering of the items and do inventory. Usually it was just them working, most of the time, because the store was never busy to where it couldn’t be handled with one or two people. However, they raised money. As she closed the Emporium, after doing some last minute stock check and ordering and doing closing duties. Then, she noticed someone wandering and walking around. From distance, the person was in their underwear, socks, t-shirt, no shoes or pants.  As she got closer, she realized, it was Sunshine!
She was in a daze, and didn’t know where she was at or anything. Either sleepwalking, in a daze or trace of some sort…..
“Sunshine, is that you?”
“Ashwee, pwease take care of me…” she lisped like a little girl.

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I am liking this story!

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I have written a couple of chapters but haven't had a computer to type it out 

I have written a couple of chapters but haven't had a computer to type it out 

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Author Note: This Chapter is interesting, but a little dark towards the end. This is not the end of the story. Working on chapter five (in the writing phase as we speak). Also, I did not get to finish typing out this chapter but this is most of this chapter...


I woke up in a crib again. Fully dressed in a thick diaper, booties, and mittens.  When I opened my mouth, a pacifier popped out.

I then sat up and yelled,


Ashley walked in and said,

“Good morning, Baby Sunshine. How are you this morning?”

“Um..fine..I guess…How did I….”

“Oh..well, I saw you wandering around half-naked. I thought maybe you were drunk at first or maybe high, but then I realized once I got close enough to you that you were sleepwalking.  You were just in a t-shirt and a adult pull-up. No shoes. Your feet were dirty when I found you. Lucky you didn’t cut your feet or anything. And why weren’t you in an overnight diaper, like I’ve recommended before to you? Don’t waste time with pull ups. They don’t hold enough for you.”

“I was out of regular diapers and by the time I was off work, you were closed. And my shipment isn’t due for pickup until early tomorrow.”

“Well, little girl, you shouldn’t be wandering off. A lot could’ve happened and in your state it’s not exactly safe for a baby girl like you.”

“Okay....I don’t even know how it happened.”

“Weird…but oh well, I’m glad I found you. Better me than a stranger.”

“Thank you,” I finally say, “I have work today in a few hours. Can you take me home?”

“Sure…are you needing diapers?”

“Not for work, Ashley. I don’t have accidents at work.”

            I then, began to get dressed. I found a  “normal looking” outfit. It only looked slightly childish but it was to get me home. A pink glitter t-shirt and pink shorts. After being dropped off, I changed into my uniform and went to work. I decided, after work to pick up a bag of thick adult baby diapers before my shipment arrived tomorrow at the store. Work ended up being stressful. I ran the offices like a mad woman. Some days I worked all day into the night and sometimes I got off by 5 or 6. Luckily today was one of those days. At 6 pm, I got off work and then headed home-at last. I knew what I had to do.

After getting home, I called Ashley.  Something told me to call her.

Quit fighting it. Let her baby you. You want this. It’s your true self, Baby Girl.

Ashley answered the phone.
“Hello, Fantasy Emporium, this is Ashley speaking. How may I help you?”

“Hewwo-I mean, Hi, Ashley. It’s Ba-er, Sunshine, I have a favor to ask you.”

“What is it? I’m at work, Sunshine. It’s good to see you’re off of work and at home. Any accidents, baby girl?”

“No, Ashley. I was a good girl. Kept my clothes clean. Except one of the interns spilled coffee on my blazer, which wasn’t my fault. Just happens.  The intern seemed freaked about it, and she thought I was one of the Executive Bosses. But sadly no, I’m a peg or two below them, but maybe in time I will be.”

I finally said, in the most babyish voice I could muster-which sounded like a two year old-I might add.

“Can you-Can you pwease take care of me? Baby me. Pwease?”

She thought,

Oh my God. It’s finally happening. Could I have finally found a baby girl of my own? That wants this? It has been too long. This is my chance to see if she really wants this. Will she listen to me? I’ve never been good at the other parts of the fantasy lifestyle but this I am the real expert of..  I have to show her the ‘real me’-but will she obey? The hypnotic suggestions have worked mostly on her, but she still thinks like an adult. But in time, she will regress to the state that she wants. Of a baby girl.

“Well,” she began, “I’m off of work in a few hours. I’ll try to get off work early and tell ‘em I’ve got a baby girl to take care of. However, I cannot make any promises, dear.”


It’ s time to test her and teach her the ways of babyhood, within reason.

“I do have one little request-and it may be too big for a baby girl to do. But if you truly want this you will do it. And willingly.  It’s fairly simple but may require some work on your part. First, I want you showered and dressed when I come and get you. I have to work and after work I will go  home myself and shower. Then, naturally I will get you to come to my place. You know I have a nursery. And from the moment you leave your house, you are a baby girl. After you shower, you’ll wear one of your pull-ups and the most babyish outfit you currently have. I know you have a few. I’ll let you make the judgement of which one is the most babyish, though they all are. It will show me, how you really are.”

“Secondly, as a baby girl, you’ll address me as Mommy or Momma Ashley. Or Momma if you want to in the most babyish tone you can muster. All three are acceptable but I won’t respond to just Ashley. Finally, after you shower and dress appropriately, you will drink two full bottles of milk. I want to see a wet pull up, if possible. Hopefully two bottles will do that. (It should.)  Understand?”

“Yes,” I respond.

“Yes, what, BABY Sunshine?”

“Yeth, Mommy Ashwee.” I responded in baby talk.

“Good little baby, now go and do what I asked you to do.”

            After getting off the phone with Ashley, I then, began to ponder what my role was as a baby girl and began to go through my closet. I pulled out my pull ups, baby clothes I had, my pink princess backpack, my coloring books, crayons and some stuffed animals to play with. If I am going to do this, do it right? I then, began looking at each of my baby outfits.

The first outfit was pink frilly baby nightie with matching frilly panties and a matching bonnet and booties, the second was a t-shirt and shorts with pink bows on them, and a romper skirt dress with frillies. I had a few bibs, and I felt torn in what to wear.  Ashley-or Mommy was right-all the outfits I had were babyish.

I went to shower and then put some baby lotion and powder on. Then, I pulled my pull up on. I decided on the romper skirt dress with frillies and my bonnet. I packed all the other stuff and packed up my stuff to take with me. I knew Mommy Ashley had baby outfits, thick diapers (and I hadn’t got any thick diaper anyway).  I began to drink my first bottle very quiclly and then I started to see that I really looked like a toddler.

Then, a phone call. It was 8:30 pm.

“BABY Sunshine, are you dressed yet?”

“Yes, Mommy…”

“Have you finished your babas yet?”

“I..am..working on the 2nd..”

“Better hurry little girl. Are you dry still?”

“Yes Mommy….but I can’t drink no more..I full.”
“Now, now, you need to drink you babas and enjoy your dinner before I come and get you.”


            I drink my bottle in spite of struggling. I was ready for Mommy Ashley.

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Okay everyone. I finally was able to add the last part of chapter 4 today. I've written all of chapter 5 (which is mostly typed today but not gonna put it up till all of Chapter five is typed) I'm in the process of writing Chap 6 so let's see how this goes



Ending of Chapter 4 (since I did not get to it the other day)

I ended up finishing the bottle and I sat down on the couch of my living room. My backpack and my stuff was ready to go. And so was I. While I was waiting for Ashley, I began to watch some TV. Then, I fell asleep. I dreamed of a baby life with friends and family that supported me. In my sleep, I wet myself.

            Ashley left work late-at 9:30 pm. She had tried to leave early, and she was going home and then to pick up Sunshine. By 10:30 pm, just as she was about to leave, two tall, dark figure came towards Ashley.

She was caught by surprise and they yelled in tough voice,

“Give us your money!”

“No! Leave me alone! Get out of her before I call the police.”
“She’s a stubborn one, maybe we should teacher her a lesson.”

            Ashley begins to fight back, but a struggle. One of the men, pulls out a gun, and aim right at her. Blood seeps and gushes from her chest and she hits the concrete, dying instantly. Then, in an attempt of fear, the two men run away, realizing that they have killed someone and the robbery could not happen.

A neighbor heard the shot and called the cops,

“Someone’s been shot…not sure if she’s alive or not. Bleeding heavily. Can’t see much. She may be dead.”

            Within a few minutes, the ambulance showed up. But it was too late. She managed to have a few last breaths in the ambulance, however, at the hospital she was officially pronounced dead.






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I had started reading this some time ago. I am glad to see it has been continued. What is Sunshine going to do now with mommy gone? I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

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Author's Note: I left this story for a while because I wasn't in a writing mood and I was busy with ohter things. I'm glad I'm getting my writing mojo back, among other things. So..still writing Chapter 6 so there will be at least one more chapter as of now.

Chapter 5

            The next morning, I awoke. I didn’t realize what time it was. I viewed the clocked and it said,

“Seven A.M.”

“Come on, what happened?”

            Ashley. She hadn’t come by. I sat up and realized that I was still in my baby bonnet, booties, mittens and little outfit. My pull up was soaked.

Ashley what had happened? Maybe she went home and crashed. Maybe she didn’t have time to visit me, as planned.

            I slipped off the baby outfit, removed my pull up and I showered and dressed for my regular clothes. I was off from work and I could relax. I decided to visit the store again and today I had to pick up my monthly shipment and maybe a few other things, too. I drove in and I noticed Ashley’s car wasn’t there. Was she off? Or sick? I didn’t know.

            After picking up the shipment, I discovered they had a few more baby things for sale on the sales floor. Then, I saw a pretty pink and yellow baby dress. It had some lace and frills that match the dress perfectly. Several were on display but that one was the most adorable to me. It had the matching bonnet, booties and frilly rhumba panties. I decided that I’d buy that outfit, along with five pairs of nursery print pink plastic panties and a few cloth diapers, too.  I was become less ashamed of my baby side. It was crazy. I asked the owner of the store,

“Where’s Ashley?”

“My dear. There is something grave I’m about to tell you. My colleague and co-manager and your Mommy-has been shot.”
“WHAT?! Is she alive? WHY?!”

“Two men tried to mug her and when she refused to give them her money, they shot her. But my dear, I’m afraid, she’s dead.”

I suddenly felt empty and I start to cry. Like a baby. I began to cry loudly and I wonder, was it my fault?

“Miss Sunshine, she will have her funeral next week. Her family has arranged for her to have a beautiful remembrance ceremony.”

“Come on, you’re kidding me. It can’t be..”

“Sadly, no. It’s a shame. She ran this place almost as well as I did. I was thinking of giving the store to her in a few years.”


I began to realize what had happened. I began to scream and fuss like a child who lost her mommy. I had. At least, we had been friends and why her?”

I cried. The owner said,
“Come here. Ashley was always better taking care of baby girls and baby boys. This wasn’t my area.”

            I found myself in wet pants, freaking out.

“Goodness! Ashley was right. You are just a baby girl. Let me take you to the back room. I can change you and maybe calm you down, sweetie. It’s dead right now anyways.”

I felt dejected, defeated and I had just lost a valuable person in my life.

The owner finally said,

“I’m Marielle, or Mari, if you can’t say the first. I bought the store and made it for all types of people. I know you are only into the AB/DL part of the store, but it’s the store that could bring out the brave people. You’re braver than you think because you were so accepting of this part of you.”

“Oh…thank you…I’m just me….but…but…but..I’m…”

I began to cry uncontrollably and I felt to the floor.

            Marielle led me to a back room, where it had a changing table and a pack of diapers, and a few other baby things that could be used for a change.

“Aren’t you glad you bought some thngs? Let’s crack open your box, baby girl.”

She motioned for me to jump up on the table and I did so. I was still crying softly, but she hushed me and put a pacifier my mouth.

“Shh..baby girl. Just relax.”

            Marielle, removed my t-shirt, jeans and panties and placed them in a plastic bag. She wiped me down and opened one of the thick adult baby diapers. They had the baby blocks on them and she lotioned, powdered, and before I knew it was taped in. It felt relaxing…

“Ashley was right about you, you know. You are a quiet baby girl, just emotional. She would proud of your openness now.”

I nodded my head in agreement, but remained quiet. I had nothing to say.

Then, Marielle asked,
“Baby Sunshine?”


“I have an idea for today. I’ll arrange for someone to take your vehicle home and why don’t you spend the day here, at the store? Ashley has a fold up playpen, toys, and she was trying to make one of the back rooms here into a nursery for rent, but it obviously isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.”

“Wow…do you have anything I can wear?”

“You don’t have anything to wear? Not even in your car?”

“I bought the baby dress, but it’s not something I’d wear just to play in. No shirt or shorts?”

“You’re right about that. Could you just play in just a diaper and plastic panties and your socks? No one’s gonna see you back here.”

“I’d rather not, just in case. I think I may have left my princess backpack with baby stuff in there and there’s a few outfits I had. And play stuff to for me to play with.”

“Let me check, then.”

I hand her the keys and she goes to my car. Thank God, I remember I had them in my car, still. But they were baby outfits and would I be recognized if someone I knew saw me.”

Marielle said,

“Aw! You’ve chosen some very cute outfits from here. And stuff to play with.”

She slipped the pink nightie and rhumba panties on me and I felt comfortable in that.  She laid out my stuff to play with it and helped me get into the playpen. She then said,

“I have to mind this store. I just heard a few customers come in. I’ll be back in a bit, baby girl. I have a lot to do before I do close early at 5 pm.”

            Marielle went about the store, helping customers and doing what she needed to do before closing early today. I found myself coloring a picture in my coloring book and playing with my stuffed puppy. But after a couple of hours, I passed out in the playpen. Around 3, Marielle checked on Sunshine and said,

“Tired baby girl. Ashley may have left the baby stuff to give to her, but this baby girl needs a home. A real home, but I can’t care for her.”

            Marielle packed up everything and left a few pampers in Sunshine’s backpack. And one next to the changing table, for later.  Sunshine was sound asleep still. At five, Marielle officially closed the store and said,

“Wake up, baby girl. Baby Sunshine?”

I woke up groggily.

“’What’s wrong?” I say babyishly.

“It’s time for you to wake up. Looks like you behaved yourself.”

            My stomach growled and I hadn’t eaten since earlier this morning. I started to whine and blurted out,

“I hungwy!”

“Of course you are. You haven’t eaten since you’ve been here. I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna take you to din-din, but I’m meeting some friends of mine. They won’t mind you, in fact they may think you’re so adorable.”

“You-you want me to go as a baby?”

“Well, I mean you don’t have to, but you don’t have any big girl clothes with you, so it may be easier if you play the role. In fact, if you don’t play the role, I think people will pay more attention to you. Sure, you’ll be a big toddler or baby but if someone makes fun of you, I will make them feel stupid for making fun of you. But my friends won’t. They know about this type of thing. After all, I own this store.”

“I still dink they gonna laff at mees.”

I suddenly sounded more babyish than before.  I wanted to say it normally but it came out like that. Why? I’m not really a baby and I still have a job, a life, and so on. But this…is it really me?

“Oh, Baby Sunshine, you’ll be fine. Ashley’s family left me the key to her house to pick up some stuff for you.”

“The nursery?”

“Yes and no. We won’t need to pick up all that stuff right now but for this dinner, we need the high chair (since restraunts don’t have adult size chairs), adult baby stroller and a car seat.”

“I’m not that small.”

“You’ll be fine till we get to Ashley’s but I’m strapping you into that car seat as soon as we put it in the car. Now up on the table, let me change you and get you dressed before we go.”

Marielle then, handed me a bottle of milk, to hold me over because I was hungry. It would be a wait for the food anyways and even though I was hungry for real food, I began sucking on the bottle very quickly. I wasn’t sure if I needed a change or not, but Marielle said,

“Goodness, baby, you’re soaked.  But then again, five hours of not being changed would do that. I shouldn’t be too surprised. I’ve seen worse. It’s just pee for now.”

I guess I had peed myself, and didn’t realize,  and I hoped I would not poop myself anymore than I had to. Pooping was not pleasant for me and the last time that happened was with Ashley, when I couldn’t find a bathroom and I suffered from heat stroke. Marielle had said she was “soaked” which Sunshine was to an extent, but Marielle had wanted Sunshine to believe she was doing more than that. She was naturally regressing, but still with her adult mind. Marielle knew she  had to find a place for Sunshine, but where?

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I am not entirely sure What would be causing this type of complete regression. The majority of the time she seems to be in control of her mind at least but then she is wetting without knowing and regressing mentality. Is her desire to be a baby that strong to cause this? I do look forward to finding out. 

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DLcollegegirl,  I like the story you have here.  Looking forward to more.  Somehow I missed it earlier.  Thanks for sharing!  Ellie

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Author's Note: Sorry for the lack of updates I've been busy and with no access to a computer till recently when school started.

This is not all of the story and this is most of Chapter 6 of what  I got done

Chapter 6

Marielle then said,

“You know what? This is a special occasion. Let’s dress you up like a real little baby.”

            Marielle removed the wet pamper, wiped her clean and powdered her and sealed her into a nice, dry diaper. This time, it was a pink one with the cutie pie, branding. Obviously these diapers were meant for a baby girl. I had forgotten about the mixed case I had ordered, previously. She pulled the plastic panties back on me, and then the frilly rhumba panties. They were the ones that went with dress I had bought earlier. Pink and yellow lace.  The dress slid on quite easily against my figure and she sat me down in front of the mirror.

“So cute. You look adorable. This suits you.”

I didn’t know what to say. As I peeked into the mirror, I really did look like a one year old. Just bigger. Then she tied the bonnet under my chin, clipped the paci on my dress, and put the matching booties on.

“C’mon, Baby Sunshine, let’s go.”

            On the way to the restaurant, Marielle stopped by Ashley’s house. Her family had recently started moving stuff out, but even at that, it took time. She had returned to pick up the “adult baby furniture” mainly the high chair, the car seat and the stroller.  I realized that Ashley was going to take care of me fully and that made it even sadder. She would’ve been a good Mommy. It made me wonder about her. Maybe that’s why she was so set on caring for me, even though my “accidents” were not her problem.

Finally, Marielle said,

“Baby Sunshine, she was a Mommy. And when she found you, exploring the store, she thought, maybe, just maybe she could take care of you. You were far too nervous with her, she said, a little embarrassed because it was your ‘secret.’ But you ended up being able to admit what you were in my little store. People have all sorts of things they are into, and she helped you embrace the baby girl that you are. She wanted you to be her baby girl, permanently. She tried to have kids with her husband three times and and she miscarried all three times before her husband died in a car accident five years ago.”

“She never told me that.”

“She wouldn’t have. Because that was something personal, that she didn’t want your pity. She was developing a life for herself, alone. She was working, doing what she loved, and I made her realize that she had an interest in being a Mommy. The store helped her heal her emotional pains she had dealt with. Her husband left her the house but now it’ll either go to the bank or the family. However, the family may just take it over, since from what she told me, it was almost paid off before her husband died. She did say once, if anything ever were to happen to her that the baby stuff would go to someone who’d need it. As I’ve said, I’ve no use for it. And it’s something you can use, because you are a baby girl.”

“Shame she died, too.”

“It was an accident. A terrible accident. Unexpected, too. And you’ll always be a baby girl.”

            Then, I was instructed to get out of the car and Marielle put the new car seat in.

“Now, let’s see how it fits you. Get in, baby girl.”

            A car seat. I climbed in very awkwardly, due to my frilly dress and my bulky pampers crinkled. My dress had flipped up, showing both my diapers and frilly panties. I felt a little embarrassed and I was soon buckled in and we walked into the restaurant.

I began to walk ahead like normal when I go into a restraurant but Marielle scolded me and said,

“Silly baby girl. You’re not supposed to run off without an adult. Didn’t Ashley teach you that?”

“We really didn’t spend that much time together.”

“Oh! Well, then. Stay close to me, hold my hand and we will find a spot to put your high chair.”

My high chair. I never thought I’d hear those words again. Or even if that was possible. Me in a public place, dressed like this and treated as if I was a real baby. Maybe I was.

I just respond, in a logical manner,

“Are you allowed to bring that (I couldn’t bring myself to say my high chair in public) in her?”

“It’s all been taken care of, sweetie. Enjoy your dinner tonight, baby girl.”

            Arriving at our table, Marielle was greeting by a group of ladies and a few men (I’m assuming their husbands or boyfriends). She said,

“Hello, everyone. Told you I’d be here. Had a few things to do after the store closed. I brought a guest.”

            A few others greeted Marielle in the same fashion and the finally a tall brunette woman, maybe around 5’11 addressed Marielle about me.

“Marielle, why haven’t you introduced us to this little cutie?”

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just wanted to hide and be cute and shy. These people didn’t know me. I’d never seen any of them before, and I hope none of them had ever met me at work. Because they would see a different person.

She went to my level, which considering I was five foot five and she was taller than me, wasn’t hard to do.

“Hello, little one, what’s your name?”

My adult side wanted to say,

“Hi, my name is Sunshine.”

But instead, my introduction came out as a babyish, lisping tone.

“Hewwo, I is Baby Sunshine.”

I sounded like a baby girl, and why did I just do that? Was it becoming easier just to do that versus my normal self? Maybe I do want this. But why now? Why, after all this time?

“Sunshine, huh? Pretty name. So cute in your pretty little dress. Did your Mommy pick it out?”

I shook my head and said,

“I did.” (two syllables were easy to say)

“Oh? So this baby girl likes pretty dresses. Got to keep that in mind if I ever see you again for your birthday or Christmas.”

 I nod.

“She not Mommy, eifer.”

“Miss Mari is not your Mommy, sweetie? Who is?”

I hang my head down sadly and shyly and said,

“I has no Mommy wite now. Miss Mari just was waching over mees today.”

            Marielle then explains what had happened and how I came into the picture and so on.  But it was going fuzzy, my mind couldn’t focus on their adult conversation, or anything. I just wanted to sit down and eat and possibly color or something while I wait for the food.

Marielle said to the woman,

“Sunshine is handling it better than I thought, but she is a kind soul. She has been regressing faster since Ashley’s death and the longer she embraces all this, she will continue to regress on her own. How did it happen? Hard to explain to be honest. It’s tricky but can be done. She will probably have the mind of 1-2 year old. Right now I’d say she has most of her adult thoughts, etc, but she is already showing signs of mental regression as well as demeanor has become more child like. Right now, she’s dressed like the age she will eventually become. But right now I’d say her current age overall is probably 12-13. Smart enough to know what’s going on, but she will slowly lose that, too it seems.”

“Wow. Is it because of Ashley’s death?”

“Before Ashley passed on, she was already regressing. Having accidents, in random moments, I witnessed it myself after she wet herself after I dropped the news that Ashley was gone. Don’t know if it’s a ‘mental block’ or if Ashley knew that she’d become like that little by little and it’s just in the timing.”

“So…she uses her diapers like a baby? Like poop and pee?”

“Well Ashley told me once she had a poop accident a couple of times but those were accidental. She pees more than she poops in them. Guess she doesn’t like to poop in them, but I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to clean that up, but as a baby shouldn’t care because she isn’t the one cleaning them up. Maybe that’s why. I’ve yet to see her poop in front of me, but I’ve kept an eye on her because she IS just a baby girl.”

“Maybe a hearty meal here will make her poop.”

“If not, we may have to give her a laxative. But most likely I think a good meal here will make her go on her own. Let’s not force it too much. This does take time.”
“Who knows?”

“Tara, don’t worry about it. Going isn’t a priority but I will say if she doesn’t. I’m gonna be worried because she hasn’t done that all day.”

“Let’s go sit and eat.”

Meanwhile, I was being gushed over by everyone-well except the men. One of the ladies thought it was cute when I asked if I could sit down.

“C-can I sit down, pwease?”

“What a polite baby girl. Let’s get you into your high chair.”

 Tara and Marielle returned and said,

“Got her in okay? Make sure the straps aren’t too tight on her. Give her room to eat. I know she’s hungry.”

The waitress brought me a coloring menu for kids and crayons so I could have something to occupy myself. My mind couldn’t focus on coloring in the lines. The food pictures and the meals looked so good. And I was so hungry. Suddenly, I jumped at the sound of Marielle’s voice.

“Sunshine, sunshine…..Baby girl?”

I look up and respond,


Marielle was starting to realize. It was happening. She was losing her mental ability to focus.

“The waitress, nice lady here, wants to know what you want to eat.”

I was allowed to order a Coke and a kid’s fettucine Alfredo plate.

Marielle then orders for herself and I went back to coloring. Marielle gives the waitress a baby bottle and said,

“Just fill up her drink in here. She will get it all over her dress, otherwise.”

The waitress leaves and brings the drinks and appetizers.  A coke baba, bottle was put on my table. At first I object,

“A baba- I mean baby bottle, I can dwink out of a cup just fine.”

“Sunshine,” Marielle scolds, “Stop. Don’t misbehave or you’ll be punished. Just drink your baba. You’re a baby girl. Baby girls drink babas and besides, I know you love your pwetty widdle dressie and you don’t want to get it dirty. Which reminds me.”

Marielle pulls out a bibbie-or bib, a pretty frilly pink bib that said, “Baby Girl.”

One of the other ladies ask,

“Does she really need a bib?”

“You know how babies are. They get messy and besides she’s dressed so cutely I think I’m take a picture with her wearing it and being cute. I got a few pictures earlier too. She needs to be kept clean.”

“C’mon let’s eat.”

Marielle had given me a few mozzarella sticks cut in half and a small piece of bread to hold me over till the main course came. I ate hungrily and wolfed it down.

“She is a hungry baby.”

“Hasn’t had much to eat today, that’s why.”

“She is cute, why can’t you care for her?”

“I cannot. Have too much to do. She needs someone to care for her.”


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I am glad to see an update. I am also still wondering what is causing the regression. I hope at some point that is explained. This chapter seemed to jump around a bit. One example is where one minute they were trying the car seat st see how it fit her and the next sentence she is walking ahead into the restaurant. I would much rather see less story and have you slow down and create a better flow. I will still be looking forward to seeing more. Just take your time, there's no rush. 

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Something about hypnosis was mentioned early on but I never saw anything like that being done...and anyway this would be ridiculously effective hypnosis.

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It's a decent story,keep going.

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