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What Onesie or Pajama do you have?

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I have about 10 maybe a few more footed Pj's, some were from target, but most of them I bought here and there over the many years I have been wearing them.

I'm one of those people who seem to be cold all of the time so footed Pj's and myself go way back to my childhood days.

I'm a firm believer in, when you find a good thing stick with it, to me footed Pj's are my normal

Right now my favorite pair is made from thick Chenille fleece they are super soft and very thick they feel very luxurious.

Nothing like getting into a pair of warm footed Pj's on a cold winter night, try it I know you will agree.

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I have two sleepers a batman one I got from target and a darth vader one from Walmart. The one I bought from Walmart tore in the crotch because of cheap stitching. The one from target has held up over the past couple years. I only use them in the fall and winter unless

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I have a koala, a pikachu and a tatty teddy kigurumi and a pink snap crotch onesie (a gift from a friend) that are all bought.
But I have and made a bundle of snap crotch ones like minnie mouse, winnie the pooh, tigger, a pink bunny, panda, snow leopard, Jake the dog all which I have pictures on my page and right now I'm making a footed sleeeper panda one :3 I'm all about the comfort

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4 snap-crotch Onesies, 2 short-sleeve/short leg flannel pajamas; 4 blanket sleepers.

I have photos saved of some lightweight cotton summer pajamas but haven't drafted a pattern to make any of them yet. The fabric I wanted to use is no longer available.

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7 hours ago, Kaliborio said:

In my country, onesie means "t-shirt with crotch snaps". I have one. It's plain white.

I also have an AwwSoCute feminine onesie and a tabby-cat kigurumi.

"Onesie" is actually a trademark of the Gerber company who developed a snap-crotch bodysuit for babies. The full-body zip-ups are called blanket sleepers or "footies" for the ones with booties sewn on the cuffs.

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