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Chasing Emily (Complete)

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InkuHime    134

This is a story set in Princess Pottypants Diaper Dimension

It is a slow burn, character driven type of piece....

Chasing Emily
by InkuHime

Emily loved her apartment.

She loved the old brickwork, and the wood, polished by age, with a patina that was nearly impossible to reproduce artificially.

Then there was the view, which most people would probably find nothing to praise, but Emily liked it. Old factories and squat office buildings, widely spaced, all of it built nearly a hundred years prior, and largely abandoned for the last twenty years. The way the morning and setting sun caught all the old architecture, she could stare at it for hours, or at least until the sun climbed too high or set.

She liked the people, or the fact that they minded their own business.

And she really liked the fact that for whatever reason of reverse gentrification seemed to be at play that giants did not seem to want to live there.

A few littles like her, but mostly inbetweeners, odd balls who did not quite fit into society. Artists mostly, a handful of people practicing nearly forgotten trades, like the blacksmith who lived down on the first floor, or the man who made handmade paper in the factory across the street.

She was a little out of place as she practiced a highly technical trade. She was a programmer, a graphic designer, a little bit of a hacker (that she kept extra secret), all freelance.

Someone rang her doorbell. She got up form her seat, slipping down onto the floor from a chair that would have been a good size for an inbetweener, and walked towards the door.

She had a small flat screen monitor by the door displaying an image of the hallway. Standing in front of her apartment door was a young man, a tall inbetweener, a clerk at the organic market down the street. He carried two large bag in his arms.

Pressing the intercom button she said, “Hey Ted, just leave them out there. I’ll get them in a couple of minutes.”

“Sure thing Miss Black,” he said, then put the bags down and left.

She waited until he had entered the rickety old elevator and the doors had closed before she opened her door and pulled both bags in. It was not that she thought that Ted was one of those that thought all littles needed to be taken care of, but the market he worked at was one of the few places that saw significant visitors from outside of the area.

All she needed was him talking about the little who lived by herself.

Say that to the right amazon and it was like waving a red flag in front of bull.

Bad analogy she knew, as bulls were colour blind.

Carefully she picked up each bag and carried each one at a time to her kitchen.

The place had been scaled to the tall inbetweener, sort of a safe size as even an amazon could live there. As a little she made use of a lot of step stools, and put most things on lower shelves.

Food unpacked she went back to her desk, did a little jump to get herself back on the chair. He feet did not quite reach the floor.

She was on the smaller size for an adult little, only a little over four feet tall.

Apparently she was also ‘cute as a button’, which was not a phrase she liked.

Back in her chair she looked at the progress bar on her laptop. She was running a program of her own design, one that was converting an old banking program into a new web based one.

It was a specialized area of work that took most programmers weeks to do.

Her program did it in a few hours, and then she would take a few hours to look for large problems before sending it back to the client.

Not that she would send it back immediately.

She would wait several days.

No need to let her clients know how fast she really was. They might start making unreasonable demands of her time.

She lost herself for a while, looking out her window at the late afternoon scene, the low buildings stretching out in front of her, off into the distance. There was a ribbon of undeveloped land between her neighbourhood and the city proper, where skyscrapers began to thrust up into the air.

Some of her clients worked in those towers, paying her ridiculous amounts of money so that she could live her private life, on her own terms.

There were times she felt a little like a prisoner, but she was content.

And she reminded herself she would feel more like a prisoner in a crib.

Her computer chimed. The program finished.

She went to work, losing track of time, the apartment darkening as the sun slipped below the horizon. Emily was actually a little surprised when she looked up and found she was sitting in a dark apartment.

Yawning widely she slipped off her chair and began to turn on lights, stretching out as she did so, wincing at a few tiny pains.

Maybe she could get one of those standing desks, she thought, walking into her kitchen.

Busying herself with making her dinner, she made herself stop thinking about her work.

Eventually dinner was made (she grilled up a steak, gently steamed some asparagus and broccoli) and then eaten.

After cleaning up she took a bath then, dressed in a terrycloth robe (made by the seamstress who loved two floors down), took a seat out on her balcony, a cup of coffee in her hands.

The neighbourhood became a little livelier at night. Two of the factories had been converted to clubs, and people who would not live there came to party.

In the cooling night air she watched the expensive cars come in, park, saw the people get out. A lot of giants, seven and eight foot men and women, a few even taller, dressed for a night out, laughing as they walked beneath her, unaware of the little who looked down at them.

She liked it.

When Emily finished her coffee she left the balcony, put her cup in the dishwasher and then returned to her computer.

Various emails had come in since she had last looked. Most of it was deleted, a few she read. There was one from Lyle Redmond, asking if she wanted to come and work for him. He made those offers at least once a month, and as always he asked if they could meet, or at least talk on the phone.

Emily of course did not meet her clients, and she avoided the phone as her voice was high and apparently sweet. And Lyle Redmond—CEO of one of the largest entertainment companies in the country was nearly a ten foot tall giant who had already ‘adopted’ five little ‘girls’ like they were a fashion accessory—was not someone she wanted to meet. Nor did she want him to hear her high and ‘sweet’ voice and start getting ideas.

As always it took a bit of work to craft a polite refusal. She had no wish to send anything that would insult Lyle, He gave her a lot of money and he could have negative consequences on her career if he took it into his mind to do so.

That done she shut off her computer and went to her bedroom to watch TV, carefully avoiding any show with bright colours and simple but catchy music.

There was not a lot one could do in the neighbourhood. The artisanal shops tended to deal in bulk orders and did not handle walk in clients well. The clubs opened later in the evening, and were full of people Emily did not want to deal with anyway.

She liked to walk around the old buildings, down the wide streets, during the early morning or later day, when few people were around.

There was however one bar, a real hole in the wall, a place called Sharky’s, with windows so dusty anyone who did not live there would not know it was open.

Sharky, Emily did not think that was his real name, was an old, blind man, who carded Emily every time she came in.

Why she did not know. He could not even read the card.

Once that bit of ritual was over he would make her a gin and tonic, she would climb up (literally) onto the barstool, and he would go back to his newspaper.


“I like the smell of the ink,” he told her.

“God, your like some kind of mind reader.”

“I can just predict stupid questions,” he told her.

Farther down the bar Gus laughed.

She turned to him and raised her glass in a salute. He returned the gesture with his beer mug.

Gus was the blacksmith who lived and worked on the first floor of her building. He was about six feet tall, and Emily would swear nearly as board in the shoulders. He worked part time as a bouncer, able to handle even the giants who made trouble. She supposed if he spent his day forcing steel to his will putting a drunken amazon in her place would not be too hard.

“Sharky, give me a beer and a whisky chaser,” Candy said as she took a seat beside Emily.

Candy was a mechanic, five and a half feet tall of grease monkey and attitude, with short black hair and oil in her blood. “Hey ya Emily.”

“Afternoon Candy. Calling if early?”

“Parts have to come in from the coast. Until they come in the car no go.” She nodded to Sharky (not that he could see it) as he put the beer down in front of her. “Client is gong to bitch about it.”

“They always do,” Emily said.

“Amen to that sister.” She lifted her glass.

Emily lifted her glass and tapped it against Candy’s mug. A musical chime filled the bar.

“Don’t chip my glasses,” Sharky told them as he put Candy’s shot down.

Candy smiled at Emily then took a pull of her beer. She put her beer on the bar and reached out, gently touching Emily’ short blonde hair. “You should grow this longer.”

Emily made rude noise. “Long hair takes forever to take care of.”

Candy ran her hand through her short hair. “That’s waste. Oh, Linda’s got this green fabric, make a great summer dress and go perfect with those baby blues of yours.”

Emily made another rude noise.

“Don’t like summer dresses?”

“For me a summer dress is a skirt hike from being a toddler’s dress.”

Sharky laughed.

“Fair point. Make a nice, long skirt. Wear it with a white blouse. Look better than jeans and t-shirt.”

“Maybe. Sometimes it is dangerous to look too mature.”

“Not this again.” Candy sighed, then took a deep drink of her beer. “I’ll admit some littles end up being treated like children, but that is only the ones who can’t really take care of themselves.”

Emily was about to argue that, but instead she took a drink of her gin and tonic.

She had gone to college and had been friends with three other littles. They had worked hard, putting up with RAs who were more like nannies, night time diapers, pull ups, an almost complete lack of privacy; all because some littles ‘needed’ that level of care.

The four of them had been in the top ten percent of their graduating class; Emily herself had been at the top. And four years later the other three were, last Emily had heard, in nurseries, spending their days in wet and messy diapers.

“I’ll ask Linda about the cloth, have something nice made,” she said to Candy.

“Good,” Candy said, smiling.

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I like where this is going it could go so many ways anyways it could go so keep it up

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InkuHime    134

In the city proper, the ballroom of the Grand Hotel was the complete opposite of Sharky’s. On the very top of the building, with three story windows, large chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, the space was brightly illuminated day or night. Polished marble floors, polished wooden accessory pieces, all clean, modern lines.

It spoke of money.

The ballroom was full of well dressed people, moving about in various orbits, meeting and greeting.

“Miss Morgan, a pleasure to see you here.”

Chase Morgan turned towards the speaker. She was a handsome redhead, with dark brown eyes, and a dancer’s build.

He was an inbetweener, perhaps a few inches over six feet.

He was almost three feet shorter than her.

“Mr. Sands,” she said, nodding to him.

He smiled up at her, apparently unconcerned by the differences in their heights. “I just wanted to let you know that my board is looking forward to the collaboration between your company and ours.”

“I am glad to hear that,” she told him.

Mr. Sands was one of those inbetweeners who had what she considered the requisite level of maturity. If he had not she would never had negotiated with him.

They spoke a little more, discussing the evening, then he excused himself, moving off towards another group of people.

The evening was a charitable event and an award ceremony for charitable acts of the local companies. It was all self-congratulatory, and provided opportunities to network.

Chase looked around. Most of the attendees were seven feet or taller, a smaller percentage six feet or a little higher. The staff members were all inbetweeners, except for the bartender who must have been ten feet tall.

And then there was the one little.

Lyle Redmond’s ‘daughter’. Not quite five feet tall, delicate, dressed in a silly little party dress, with a skirt puffed up so much her thick diapers were easily seen. She was an adorable thing, but at ten thousand dollars a plate, bringing a little was obviously showing off.

Though, Chase thought, if she had a little like that she might want to show her off as well.

As if thinking about him summoned him Lyle approached her. “Chase,” he called, all smiles.

“Lyle,” she replied in kind.

“I wanted to let you know I thought your presentation was great. Really, I think it was only that my company has more experience that we were awarded the contract.”

“Thank you Lyle,” she said, though she was thinking, ‘shut up you sanctimonious bastard.’

A little more small talk and then Lyle excused himself.

Chase’s partner, a man her size (though as she was wearing heels she stood taller than him), young, well dressed, walked to her side, handing her a glass of champagne.

“Thank you Richard.”

“What did Mr. Redmond have to say?”

“He was just rubbing it into my face, the contract we lost. All very polite.” She drank her champagne. “I’d like to get one up on him.”

“Probably won’t be competing in the same arena again. Useful learning experience and got us lot of contacts, but the board didn’t like it.”

Chase nodded, and then laughed. “Maybe I’ll find a little more pretty than his.”

Richard only smiled.

Eventually everyone took their seats, and the food was brought out. There were speeches, awards, a nervous inbetweener man, the beneficiary of the charitable funds from that evening, who stuttered through a speech about how their generosity was going to help a lot of people.

Everyone clapped politely.

The most interesting part of the evening, for Chase at least, was when Lyle’s little almost knocked a glass of juice over. Three tables away Chase watched as he pulled the little over his lap, untaped her diaper, and proceeded to spank her.

It brought the proceedings to a halt for a bit, what with the sound of the spanking and the little crying, ‘please stop Daddy’.

No one complained however.

It was understood that such things had to be done.

Some of the smaller inbetweeners seemed nervous, Chase thought.

Later, after the dinner and the speeches were over, Chase had gone into the ladies restroom to freshen her make up. There she found the little being changed by Lyle’s personal assistant.

She walked over, looking down at the little, laying on the change table, her puffy skirts pushed under her as the assistant cleaned her off.

Her eyes were still puffy and Chase could see the angry red on her raised bottom.

“Poor little thing,” Chase said.

The assistant nodded as she looked to Chase. “Well, she promised to be good if she was brought along, so she should have been more careful.” She looked back to the little. “You were naughty, weren’t you Min?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Min replied in a squeaky little voice that seemed more artifice than actual, which was a pity to Chase’s mind. “Min was naughty.”

“Still,” the assistant said, turning her attention back to Chase, lowering her voice, “Mr. Redmond was a little upset over getting turned down by Emily Black, again.”

Chase did not like employees who gossiped about their employers, but as it was Lyle she was willing to put that aside.

“May I?” she asked, looking down at Min.

“Of course.”

Chase took over the position at the changing table, reached into diaper bag for a tube of cream. She squirted some on her hands and then began to rub it into the girl’s soft skin. Min blushed and raised her hand to her mouth and began to suck her thumb.

“Min’s shy,” the assistant said in a sing song voice.

Chase laughed as she wiped her hands and then sprinkled some baby powder over the girl’s diaper area. She lifted her bottom, pulling her up by her ankles, and slipped a new diaper under her.

She skillfully taped it up and then patted the front of the thick diaper. “Little Min is all dry now.”

“Say thank you Min.”

Min slipped her thumb from her mouth and said, blushing, “Thank you for changing me.”

“You’re welcome sweetie.”

Letting the assistant take over she went to the sink and washed her hands, left the bathroom before Min and her caretaker.

She found Richard and suggested they should go.

Later, when they were in the car, she asked him, “Have you ever heard of Emily Black?”

“Emily Black?”

“Apparently she turned down Lyle, put him in a snit. Was wondering if she was some starlet or model.”

Richard looked thoughtful. “I think there is a freelance IT specialist by that name. I could look into it.”

Chase shook her head. “Just curious.”

Later when Chase had returned to her apartment she looked out her south facing windows. They were the best views. To the South was a line of undeveloped and protected land, and beyond that an old neighbourhood, with low, charming buildings. Nothing to spoil her view.

She poured herself a whisky and went to her computer.

She did a search for Emily Black, added a few filter words.

In a few minutes she found a simple site for Emily Black. After looking through the small site for a few minutes she changed her opinion from simple to minimalist elegant.

If she could hire this woman she could rub it in Lyle’s face.

But to even discuss that she would need to initiate contact.

She clicked on the contact button and wrote an email.

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This is very good, your writing is nice and fluid; a pleasure to read. Thank-you. 

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InkuHime    134

Emily woke early, went out for a quick jog along the empty streets, came back to her apartment and did some yoga. After finishing up she showered and then had her breakfast.

When she took a seat behind her computer the area was waking up. She could hear the banging sound from Candy’s garage, and knew that Gus would be working on his forge soon enough. All sounds she was used to.

It was late in the morning when she read an email from Chase Morgan, asking for a check on her company’s security.

She verified the email to make sure it was valid, then looked up Chase Morgan. A giant, an amazon, but most of her clientele were and she tried to not hold it against them. She seemed a decent sort. No kids, real or otherwise. Always a good thing in her opinion. She was the CEO of a public relations/ advertising firm, one of the largest in the region. She was, Emily thought, looking at a picture, a striking woman.

She looked at her calendar, decided she could fit in a basic scan later that day, and sent an email to confirm the request.

Later that afternoon she started the work on the security audit, letting various programs she had written do the lion’s share of work.

After dinner she looked over the results, did some checking, and then put them aside to send off the next day.

Chase read through the report she had been sent, then cut away the preamble and the final suggestions, then sent it to her IT manager.

He came up to her office after lunch, holding a print out. He was about seven and a half feet tall, bit on the small side, but he was competent.

“Where did you get this?” he asked her.

“Any good?”

He looked at the printout and then at her. “About half of it I knew about, problems we’re wanting on vendor patches for, but the other half, I missed that. No excuse.”

“I’m not calling you on the carpet John, I just wanted to know what you thought. So it’s good?”

“It’s excellent. Who did it?”

“Emily Black. Heard of her?”

“Yeah, if it is the same Emily Black. IT freelancer, really good.”

“That sounds like her. What do you know?”

“She’s been working for about three years, started small, built up a good reputation, now anyone in the know tries to hire her.”

“Know anything else?”

John shook his head.

“I am thinking of hiring her, to do a full audit. If you are okay with that.”

“That’s fine with me. But it is costly.”

“How much?”

“I hear she charges four thousand a day.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“And yet people pay it. Apparently she did one for Grantech two years ago. Found them over a hundred thousand in saving in the first year and plugged some holes that could have cost millions.”

“I’ll have to think about it. If I go ahead with it I will let you know.”


When he left Chase sat back in her chair. “Four thousand a day. Ridiculous.”

Ten minutes later she was sending an email off requesting the audit.

Emily went to see Linda after lunch.

Linda was a seamstress who rented a large room on the second floor. She probably could have been working for any fashion house in the world, but the slim, bespectacled woman did not have the personality for such a job. She worked in the brightly lit room, surrounded by dressmaking dummies and shelves full of fabric.

She made Emily a cup of tea and they took a seat at a work table, Emily on a stool that gave her a bit of extra height, and talked about clothing.

Someone knocked loudly at the door.

“Just give me a minute Emily,” Linda said, getting up to go and answer the door.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Linda said, sounding a little nervous. “Weren’t you supposed to come here tomorrow?”

“I know dear,” someone said, feminine, deep, a mixture that worried Emily as it usually meant a large woman. “However I had an opening in my schedule and was hoping you could measure the twins for those outfits we were talking about.”

“Well, I suppose it is okay,” Linda told her guest.


The woman came into the room, and Emily got a good look at her. Probably eight and a half feet tall, smartly dressed, neatly bobbed blonde hair. She was holding (tightly) the hands of two girls, the ‘twins’ Emily supposed. They were probably related, but Emily did not think they were sisters, and she knew they were not actually children.

The woman’s gaze fell on Emily. That look most giants had when they looked at a little, the one that was sizing them up for diapers; or at least that was what Emily thought when she was looked at like that.

The woman looked to Linda who was following. “A customer?” she asked.

“Just a neighbour ma’am,” Emily said politely. “Stopping off for a cup of tea.”

The woman’s gaze did not waver until Linda said, “Perhaps you could get the girls’ clothing off?”

The amazon’s gaze left Emily and shifted to the littles with her. Both were dressed in identical denim rompers, white blouses, bottoms puffed out by obvious diapers. Both were effectively gagged by the pacifiers in their mouths.

The amazon set about stripping them down to vests and diapers. One of them looked towards Emily, her face flushing. Emily supposed she was still trying to fight against what was happening. The other one seemed unaware of Emily, or uncaring, as if she had completely accepted her new status.

Emily knew that both of the ‘toddlers’ were littles, though the cotton vests and the thick diapers were doing an excellent job of hiding the subtle curves of a little.

The woman, once she had each girl out of her clothing, made a big deal of checking their diapers, declaring both of them wet, and, after pulling back the diaper of the blushing one, that one of them had ‘made mommy a present’.

A small part of Emily wanted to tell the woman to stop, to stand up for the littles, to tell her that they were not babies, but competent adults, or at least had been until the woman had got her paws on them.

Of course she did not.

While she felt like a traitor for not doing so, she was not going to give that amazon any reason to get angry at her.

And she was careful about how much attention she paid to what was going on.

If she ignored it completely an amazon might take that as shyness because maybe she had had an accident, and it was best that she check. It did not matter if you had not had an accident, and that you were not wearing diapers, giving an amazon and excuse to flip up your skirt or pull down you pants was a bad situation to be in.

And she could not pay too much attention, in case that be taken as a desire to wear diapers too.

She really wanted to leave, but knew movement would attract attention.

All right, perhaps she was being paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

Linda measured the girls, putting the tape around their diapered bottoms. “They’ll always be wearing them,” the Amazon had said, “might as well include them.”

Finally Linda was done, and the Amazon was getting her charges dressed. Neither had spoken once, just sucked on their pacifiers as they had been measured.

Emily could not help but shiver a little at that.

“So, you’ll have the outfits ready in a week, with the extras?”

Linda was looking at the paper pad she had taken notes on. She looked up and nodded. “Oh yes, not a problem. You will want the pink cotton?”

“Yes, that will look nice.”

The woman gave Emily one last look before Linda showed her out.

Linda came back and poured Emily a fresh cup of tea. “Sorry about that.”

“What did she mean by extras?”

“Oh, that, well,” she paused, “she wants several outfits with straps, to restrict the movement of the arms and legs.”

Emily’s eyes widened slightly. “So they will have to crawl?”

“Yes,” Linda nodded. “That is why.”

“That’s terrible,” Emily said, before she could stop herself.

“Oh Emily, don’t be silly. Sometimes it is just easier to take care of babies when they are crawling.”

Emily wanted to say that they were not babies, that they were women, but as always she did not.

The message would not get through.

And more than once her angry statements had been described as ‘cranky’ or a ‘tantrum’ and those were words she did not want people associating with her.

“Candy said you had some green fabric that would look good on me.”

“Oh, I do. What are you thinking?”

“A slinky, sexy pencil skirt with a tight white blouse.”

“That will look wonderful on you.” She grabbed her measuring tape. “Let me get your numbers.”

As she was being measured Emily thought she caught a faint diaper smell on the tape as it passed close to her face.

Chase looked at the email she had received back. Damn, John had been right. Four thousand dollars a day, maximum charge of forty thousand dollars, and a flat sixteen thousand offer. Emily Black was suggesting Chase go with the daily rate, saying she could probably get it done in two days.

“To hell with that,” Chase said as she replied to the email, indicating she would take the sixteen thousand deal.

Two days later Chase received a full report back.

She swore quietly for a good two minutes, then sent the report to John and set about writing an email.

Dear Miss Black,

Thank you very much for your hard and prompt work.
I was hoping that we might meet, or at least talk on the phone, to discuss a possible position for you with my company.
We are both women of the world, so I will get right down to the facts.
The fact is that I want to teach Lyle Redmond a lesson, and I can’t think of anything better than hiring you. Petty? Perhaps, but in all honesty I can’t help but think of all the benefits my company would have were you to come and work for me.
And I believe you would benefit as well.
Please give my request some consideration.
Thank you,

She looked over the email and then sent it off.

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fire07    4

This is just fantastic.  This story has a lot of potential.  I really hope you continue to follow up on it. 

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This is one of the best new stories I have read on the forum, keep up the great work. 

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InkuHime    134

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to offer feedback. Always appreciated.

Up on her balcony Emily watched a giant man get out of an SUV. From the rear seat he brought out a small figure. Girl, boy, child or little, she could not tell. Her guess was that he was going to Linda’s apartment.

It looked like Linda was gaining some popularity for her ‘children’s’ clothing. Emily was glad for her friend, but at the same time she would have preferred less of the larger people around.

After finishing her tea Emily went back into her apartment, climbing up on her chair, taking a look at her computer.

She had a new email, from Chase.

She was not surprised to get a job offer, that happened fairly often. She was a little surprised as to the ultimate reason. And she was inordinately pleased to be called a woman of the world by an amazon.

That alone made her consider the offer for a moment, but she immediately discarded the thought. She as pretty certain if they were to meet Chase’s ‘woman of the world’ comment would be forgotten.

She wrote her canned reply, thanking her for the offer and regretfully declining. She did add an extra line, agreeing that Lyle was quite dogged in the pursuit of what he wanted and how it made him a challenge to deal with.

It was the closest she would come to criticizing one client to another.

She sent the email and went back to work.

“Son of a bitch,” Chase said, louder than she intended when she read Emily Black’s reply.

“Something up?” Richard asked from the other side of the desk.

“Oh,” she said, cheeks growing a little warm. “I offered Emily Black a job and she just shot me down. It is a little annoying.”

“You trying to show up Lyle?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“Probably see why he was upset.”

She nodded. “I suppose if I was caring for a little right now I might ending up spanking her a little harder than required.”

“You ready for the meeting?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She grabbed a file folder. “I need to get Lisa to print something out for me. Go ahead.”

He stood up. “See you soon.”

She nodded and got up from behind her desk.

Lisa, her assistant, an eight foot tall woman, was working at her desk.

“Lisa, I need a colour print out of the GBB file.”

“Yes Miss Morgan,” she said with a smile, turning to her computer.

“Bring it down to meeting room three when it is done.”

“Yes Miss Morgan.”

She turned to go, then paused and looked back at her. “Lisa, I have something I would like you to work on, as you have time.”

“Yes Miss Morgan?”

“Get me list of the top ten percent of all female graduates from,” she paused, “top fifty colleges and universities in the country.”

Lisa seemed confused by the request, but she nodded. “When do you want it by?”

“No rush. Just work on it as you have time.”


Over several days both Emily and Chase were busy with work, and both had put the other out of their minds. Chase was dealing with several product launches, while Emily had been hired to help finish the CGI for several scenes in a movie.

It was Chase who was the first to turn her attention back to the other when Lisa sent her an email with an attached file. The email’s subject was, ‘The Information you wanted’ and the body referenced the conversation they had had several days before.

She wanted to open the file immediately but Richard was calling her. They had clients to meet.

In fact she was busy the entire day and did not get a chance to open the file at all.

Finally, back at home, she printed off the document, took a seat on her balcony, glass of wine at her side, and read through the report.

She found an Elizabeth Black, honours graduate in literature.

Next was an Amy Black, graduate in engineering, near the bottom of the ten percent that Chase had indicated as the cut off.

Near the middle of the report, in a list of graduates from the Women’s Institute of Applied Technology she found an Aemilia Black, honours computers. Top of her graduating class, top of the entire school, four years ago.

“Bingo,” Chase said happily. Then she told herself to take it easy. She would look through the entire list, just to be sure.

There was a Emmiline Black, another graduate in computer studies, but again fairly low, and from a small school.

She’d check them all, but she had a good feeling about Aemilia.

Sharky’s was busy. Emily, having finished several projects, had felt like celebrating. She had put the word out and was buying drinks. Most of the residents of the apartment building were there, as well as some of the people who worked in local businesses.

Gus laughed as he tossed back a mug of beer. “You are a prince among men,” he told her.

“Thank you,” Emily said from her stool and then, “I think.”

“What he means,” Candy said, draping an arm across her shoulders, “is that everyone loves the woman buying the booze.”

Emily smiled as behind the bar Sharky filled several more mugs with various beers. “They all drink when someone else is paying.”

Linda walked over, a tall glass of scotch and soda in her hand. “How about I pay for the next round?”

“You got the scratch?” Candy asked her.

Linda blushed under Candy’s scrutiny. “I’ve got a some more business lately, and tips.” Her eyes went wide. “Generous tips.”

“All those amazons and giants?”

Linda nodded.

Emily was not happy about Linda’s new clientele, but she wanted to be happy for her friend’s success. “If you are feeling generous I’ll happily drink to your triumph.”

The gathering went on well into the night, and Emily and Linda stumbled back to their building, escorted by the surprisingly sober Gus.

It was a good night.

Chase had ordered online copies of yearbooks and alumni listings. As soon as the opportunity presented itself she sat down and began to look through them.

Elizabeth Black, a muddy haired brunette who was working on her doctorate in romantic poetry.

She crossed Elizabeth off her list.

Amy Black, and inbetweener working for an overseas resource development company.

Another name crossed off.

Aemilia Black was a little, and Chase triple checked the names and information, certain that no little could have graduated top of her class, but no, there it was. She looked at the adorable blonde, wearing her university smock and uniform (only sensible to put littles in school uniforms).

She could not quite accept that Emily Black could be a little.

She started to cross the name off, but her pen stopped halfway through Aemilia.

She would think about that one.

Emmiline Black should have been the one, she was a tall Amazon, but when Chase read the notes on alumni she gave up on it. Amazon or not, Emmiline was not the brilliant computer specialist that Emily was.

She went back to Aemilia and read up on the details about the girl.

Top of her class all four years.

Got a gold star each year for potty use.

Gold star each year for keeping her dorm bed dry.

Surprising for a little, Chase thought.

Never officially spanked.

Top of her class, but she had not been the class valedictorian. Well of course, a little could never stand up in front of a graduating class and the guests to make a speech. Even assuming the shy thing did not start crying the staff would probably have to stop the speech so she could run off to potty.

Chase took a look through the notes about alumni, but it was like Aemilia had dropped off the face of the earth right after she graduated.

It was always possible she was in a nursery somewhere, but something about the determined gaze in her yearbook picture made Chase think just maybe that Emily and Aemilia were one in the same.

As ridiculous as that notion should be.

She called Lisa in to her office. “Lisa, find me the name of a good private investigator would you.”

“Of course Miss Morgan.”

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Like adding flour into meat drippings, the plot thickens.

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InkuHime    134

Emily found a pair of amazons in front of her building, one of them holding a leash attached to a baby harness that a little was wearing, the other pushing with a stroller - the occupant might have been a real child, she was not sure.

As soon as she saw them she was ready to duck away, but the one with the stroller saw her and said, “You girl.”

Emily knew that running would only invite chasing, and the long legs of the amazon gave her a distinct advantage if it came down to a chase.

“Yes ma’am,” she said politely.

Both women regarded her, as did the little on the end of the leash. The little on the leash looked positively gleeful and Emily was certain she as hoping that someone else was going to join her in enforced toddlerhood.

The little fink, Emily thought, though it was an uncharitable thought.

“We are looking for a tailor, named Linda Corda.”

“She is on the second floor of this building ma’am. Apartment 201.”

“This building?” the woman holding the leash asked.

It was on her tongue to reply in a snotty manner, ‘yes, this building,’ but she did not. It was not easy to reply politely, “Yes ma’am.” Sure the place looked like it was a dump, but it was structurally sound, and was much nicer on the inside. Don’t judge a book by its cover you cow, she thought.

They both looked away from Emily and to the building, then the one with the stroller looked back to Emily. “Do you live here?”

“No ma’am. Over there,” she said, pointing at the building that Candy worked out of. She did not want them asking her to escort them in.

“Well, then you better go. You should not be alone out on the street.”

“Yes ma’am,” she said, noting the look of disappointment that flashed across the face of the leashed little, apparently upset that Emily was not about to join her. You really are a little fink.

She turned and walked quickly to the garage, opening the door and entering, letting out the breath she had been holding.

That had felt close.

There was a banging sound coming from within, and she followed it to Candy’s work area. She was leaning into the engine compartment of a large muscle car, an old one, pounding away on something.

“What are you doing Candy?” Emily called over the noise.

The banging stopped. Candy lifted herself out from under the hood, looked back at her. “Hey Emily. Just trying to get a cylinder to move, hoping it’s not seized up.”

“This is a car for a giant, right?”

Candy nodded. “You’d have to be at least seven feet tall to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. Come and take a look at the engine, it’s huge.”

Emily used a stool to climb up and look, getting some grease on her bare knees (she as wearing shorts) and hands. The engine was indeed huge.

“Seems a lot more of the larger types around these days,” Emily said.

“Really? I didn’t really notice.”

“Well, they are mostly coming to get Linda to make them clothing.”

“Yeah, I’m glad that Linda is doing well. You getting her to make you something?”

“Skirt and blouse.”

“Wear them to Sharky’s some time so I can see.”

“Will do.”

And Emily passed time with Candy until the two amazon woman left and she could get back into her building without being hassled.

Emily got busy over the following week, several big projects were offered to her. She spent most of the week working or sleeping, and ordered a lot of take out, having no time to cook.

When she finally finished she ended up crashing, sleeping almost fourteen hours straight. Quite possibly she would have slept even longer had not the incessant buzzing of her doorbell woken her.

She rolled out of her bed, hit the floor in a tangle of blankets, which padded her fall, and reached for a fallen pillow which she pulled over her head. Still the doorbell buzzed.

Crawling from the nest of blankets she got to her feet and stumbled sleepily towards her front door.

Tired as she was she almost opened it without checking the monitor, but it was an ingrained habit and she looked down at the screen as he hand reached from the deadbolt.

Her hand stopped.

Standing outside of her apartment was an amazon, and not just any amazon, but Chase Morgan.

She backed away from the door, eyes locked on the monitor.

How long had she been standing out there, ringing the doorbell?

Why was she standing out there, ringing her doorbell?

Was she there for her? Emily wondered.

Impossible, she thought.

Her mind bounced around, seeking a reason.

She could be there for Linda.

And had gotten the wrong floor.

And had stood out there on the wrong floor, looking at the number, 403, ringing the doorbell and not realizing she was on the wrong floor.

She would have to be pretty stupid.

That she was stupid seemed unlikely.

She stopped ringing the doorbell.

Thank god.

She started knocking, pounding on the door.

Oh god!

It was a nightmare.

That amazon as going to break in, and she had been asleep for more than twelve hours, and she had to pee really badly.

She was going to be caught by an amazon while she was pissing herself.

It could not be worse.

Then her more logical mind put a cap on the panic.

Chase was not going to break through that door.

And she could go the washroom.

So she did.

When she was finished Chase had gone.

She went out on the balcony, peeking out.

There was a big, black SUV out there.

She snuck back in.

All she had to do was wait.

Eventually she heard the car start up, peeked out to see it drive away.

“I won,” she said softly.

Relaxing, she showered and then had her breakfast.

She was just reading her email when her doorbell rang.

The bagel in her hand nearly went flying.

She was back!

Checking the monitor she saw that it was not Chase Morgan at her door, but Linda.

She opened her door. “Hi Linda.”

“Good morning Emily. I finished your outfit.” She held out a white cardboard box tied with a blue string. On top of it where a pair of black slippers.

“Great,” Emily told her, taking the parcel. “Let me try it on for you.”

“Thank you,” Linda said as she closed the door behind her.

Emily went to her room, stripped off her shorts and top and opened the box.

She took out the panties and the bra first. Leave it to Linda to leave nothing unthought of. She put them on, then the silk blouse and the sheer white stockings. Slipping into the pencil skirt she did up the fastener.

Not looking into the mirror she went out, to let Linda see the effect first.

“You look great,” Linda said. “Sexy.”

Now Emily took the time to look at herself.

She had little in the way of curves, but Linda’s tailoring made the most of what little there was, drew attention to the very slight flare of her hips, focused on her slim neck, which helped draw attention away from her almost complete lack of breasts.

“This is amazing.”

Linda was smiling. “You never asked for sexy before.”

“I’ll be asking for it more,” Emily told her as she posed in front of the mirror.

“Oh, I was asked to give you this.”

Emily turned, saw Linda holding a card. She took it.

The embossed card spelled out ‘Chase Morgan’ and had a telephone number.

“She asked that you call her, about a job.”

Emily swallowed. “Thank you,” she said.

“She seems nice. I was surprised, you usually don’t have any clients come here.”

Keeping calm, not wanting to try to explain things to Linda (who would not understand) she said, “Miss Morgan is a special case.”

“She seems nice. I showed her the outfit I made for you. She was quite interested in it.”

“That’s nice.” Chase had to know she was a little now.

“She asked me to make a few child style outfits, paid in advance, asked for the best materials, just like you.”

“Oh?” Emily asked. “Did she have someone with her?”

“No, but she said that they were for someone your size. Maybe you can be my model for them.”

“What? No.”

“I’m just joking,” Linda said with a laugh. “I’ll make something that fits a general size. If required I can let them out or take them in.”

“Yes, of course,” Emily said.

She looked at her watch. “I have to run. You really look great in that.”

“Thanks. Maybe I’ll come by tomorrow to talk about a few other outfits. If you are not too busy?” Which was Emily’s way of making sure there would not be too many giants around.

“Tomorrow should be good. See you later.”

Once she was gone Emily went and locked her door.

She looked at the card, then ripped it up and dropped the pieces in the garbage.

“Just leave me alone,” she told the torn up paper.

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I think that the attitude that she just displayed regarding the impromptu visit of Chase Morgan and the subsequent letter just may end her up "Spending [her] days in wet and messy diapers". She should be more careful, if she wants to stay independent. 

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neverdry    261

Really enjoying this story! Keep up the great work.  

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D503    6

This is a great story so far. 

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InkuHime    134

I think that the attitude that she just displayed regarding the impromptu visit of Chase Morgan and the subsequent letter just may end her up "Spending [her] days in wet and messy diapers". She should be more careful, if she wants to stay independent. 

Do you mean hiding in her apartment and ripping up the card, basically refusing to deal with the issue in a mature fashion? :)

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aldl4811    15

Chase certainly has something up her sleeve and I am looking forward to seeing what it is.


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Jayme    12

Emily appears to be getting into a stick situation for her, I wonder what will happen next. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for sharing your story with us

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Do you mean hiding in her apartment and ripping up the card, basically refusing to deal with the issue in a mature fashion? :)

I do mean that exactly. Judging from your story (although set in a dimension where Giants seem to loose their perspective and common sense) the restraint (so far) shown by Chase in "acquiring" the services of Emily speaks to an intent not wholly sinister. By refusing to deal with Chase's advances head-on Emily may find herself with her back against a wall, and her only escape to be submission. However, I have been wrong before.   

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ausdpr    94

I've only read the first chapter so far, but this is absolutely phenomenal. A slightly different take on the world than I've tended to go with, but it's a big place and I love seeing different authors shine lights into different sections.


Edit: It might also be good to mention that it's a diaper dimension tale in the title, or as a tag, since a lot of people love this universe.

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fire07    4

As one of those people who love the diaper dimension, I agree with ausdpr's edit.  

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ausdpr    94

It just gets better and better! I love your take on the dimension, or at least a part of their world where giants are so blatantly oppressive, with nobody over a certain height questioning it.

Having written a few in the setting, I've never known how to start a story with a Little aware of the tendencies of their own world, but you've shown how to do it perfectly and believably.

Edited by ausdpr
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InkuHime    134

The next time Emily heard Chase’s name was when she was down at Gus’s office, helping him with an issue with his internet connection.

“Just need to reset the modem and the router and you should be back up,” she told him.

Gus laughed. “You know me, if I can’t hit it with a hammer it is beyond me.”

Emily shook her head and then tested his connection. “You are back up.”

“You are a life saver. I am glad we have a computer expert in the building. That reminds me.” He went into his desk drawer and pulled out a card. “I was asked to give this to you.”

With a sinking feeling she took the card.

‘Chase Morgan’ was written on it.

“She asked me to give you that card if I saw you.”

“Why was she here?” Emily asked, her tone a little strident, apparently surprising Gus as his eyebrows rose. “I mean,” she let her tone shift back to normal, “why did she come to talk to a blacksmith?”

“She as asking about some ironworks for her office,” Gus told her with a smile. “She wants something unique.”

“Well, your work is great, so I’m not surprised.”

His smile grew wider. “Thanks. Got to admit, thought it was weird. I’ve never seen one of your clients come here before.”

“Special case,” Emily said, while thinking, ‘head case’.

She was not even to be left alone in Candy’s garage.

The big engines had interested her, so she made time to come by and watch Candy work. Candy joked about Emily becoming her apprentice.

“Get me the torque wrench will you Emily. The metric one.”

Emily had been perched up on a step ladder, looking down into the engine that Candy was taking apart. She jumped down and get the wrench.

Candy looked at it and nodded. “Good eye my apprentice.”

Emily smiled.

“So you really want to learn engines?”

Emily leaned in. “I need something to fall back on in case this computer thing turns out to be a passing fad.”

Candy laughed, gave the bolt she as working on a twist. “That reminds me. I was asked to give you…”

“Oh no.”

“What?” a surprised Candy asked.

“Nothing. Just remembered something.”

Candy nodded after a moment, then walked over to one of her workbenches. She came back with an oil stained business card.

Emily took it with a nod. “Thank you.”

“She seemed like a nice lady. Said she might have me restore an old war motorcycle she has, one of the big Valkyries the giants rode. Can you imagine the engine that thing will have? The history.”

“I can imagine it.”

“Going to start having more of your clients come by.”

“I don’t think so,” Emily said with a shake of her head. “Miss Morgan is special.”

A few days passed with no more cards left from Chase, and Emily was considering that just maybe the Amazon had given up.

Early afternoon she had put on the outfit that Linda had made for her. There was only one place she could go dressed in such a manner, so she went to Sharky’s to have a drink. It was empty, so there was no one to show off to.

She perched on her customary bar stool, with her gin and tonic, and wondered if she should move.

Sharky put his newspaper aside, go to his feet, and a moment later said, “Don’t see many of your type in here.”

Later she figured that Sharky had heard the sound of a her footsteps, but at that time it was just one more amazing thing about the man.

“I can’t imagine why.”

The voice was deep, feminine and sarcastic.

It cannot be, Emily thought, slowly turning her head to look behind. It was like being in a horror movie, and a small part of her was yelling at the back of her mind, ‘don’t look, it’s not real if you don’t look.’

Of course she looked.

Chase Morgan stood there, dressed in a smart suit of a green material, almost the exact same shade as Emily’s skirt. She smiled at Emily.

Emily almost said, ‘Grandma, what big teeth you have,’ but she bit down on the words, and turned back to her drink, trying to pretend she had no idea who the amazon was. She wanted to run, but the pencil skirt, while giving an illusion of length to her legs, was not meant for running. Likely she would end up face first on the dirty bar’s floor.

Chase leaned up against the bar (it was not like she could sit on the stool) beside Emily and said, “I’ll take what she is having.”

Sharky made another gin and tonic and put it down in front of Chase. Then he went back to his chair and picked up his newspaper.

“Why…” Chase said.

“I like the smell of ink,” Sharky told her.

Emily could not help but giggle.

Stupid, stupid, she told herself. Don’t bait the bear.

Chase picked up the glass that had been put in front of her and took a drink.

“Gin?” she said to Emily.

Not able to ignore her Emily decided not to say, ‘you think I should be drinking milk’ but instead said, “It’s five o’clock some where.”

“Oh,” Chase took another drink. “Is that your bedtime?”

It was, Emily admitted, a clever rejoinder. Instead of admitting that she said, “Happy hour.”

“Ah, yes.”

Chase drank and Emily drank, and they did not speak again and Emily kept hunching her shoulders up, certain something as going to happen.

Chase put her empty glass down on the bar with a ‘clack’.

Emily jumped a little.

Chase put several bills on the bar. “I’ll pay for her drink as well,” she said. And then she left.

She just left.

Why had she just left? That made no sense to Emily. Maybe it was time to find out just what Chase Morgan wanted, because she was acting in a way that did not make sense to Emily.

Sharky gathered the money off the bar, sorted it and put it in the old cash register. “Minus my tip, if she is covering your drinks, you could drink all night.”

Or maybe she would just put it off and hope Chase never came back. “Well, give me another,” Emily told Sharky.

Chase got into her car.

She took a deep breath.

“No one should be allowed to be that adorable,” she said aloud. “And littles should not look so good dressed like that.” She admired Linda’s work, hoped that her more childish clothing would be equally effective.

She looked out her car window, at the old bar, with the dusty windows. She wanted to go back in there, pick that little up, and take her away. No one would say anything.

She could have Emily in one of the automated day cares, or send her to one of the more personal training schools by tomorrow morning. Soon she would be just another helpless little, her cute ltiny tush padded out by a thick diaper.

But, strangely enough, Chase did not quite feel like that was what she wanted.

Of course Emily needed to be taken care of. There was no doubt about that. And the best way to take care of a little was just to treat them like small children. That was a known fact.

But she was too much a business woman to discount the girl’s abilities.

“This is going to be tricky,” she said as she started up her car and drove away.

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Ohhhh, I love the conflict that Chase is having inside herself right now, regarding Emily. This is a very intriguing addition to the story. Part of me expected just that Chase would "take her away" and so would begin the de-adultification. You have a knack for keeping me in suspense, well done. 

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InkuHime    134

Having Chase just grab her seemed too easy :)

As for ausdpr comment, Emily is my take on a character who comes as close to being genre aware as she could be without breaking the fourth wall. As it is she knows the score of her society, and the rules she needs to play to remain independent. Unfortunately she might be a protagonist doomed to fail.

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neverdry    261

Another great chapter. Thank you 

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ausdpr    94

The little teasing glimpses into big logic about littles are wonderful.


I only just realised the significance of Chase's name given the title. ;)

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