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Drownedinp    74

 At Paul and Hermione's home something similar was happening they were doing the study. The guy doing theirs was impressed of the sheer size of the home. He couldn't ever remember very doing a study in this size of home. There had to be 7 or 8 bedrooms. As he searched the bedrooms only three looked used, the resterms were pristine. While going through the master bedroom, and bath as he was looking through the cupboards and saw bags of diapers, these weren't for kids, these were adult sised. Same with the kitchen there were baby bottles with very large rubber teats on them. They weren't for their daughter. He smiled they had what he wanted. His girlfriend was embarrased by the fact that she at 20 years old still wet her bed. She wore diapers to bed, very much like what he had found in the Master Bath. She had turned him onto them as well. To make her feel better she allowed him to be her daddy. He fed her bottles very much like these, unfortunately their bottles had the only size you could find in the stores. He wished that he could find some nipples like they had. 

He wanted so bad to ask but it wouldn't be professional. In one room he found a nipple like he was looking for. He knew it was wrongbut he stole it. He hadn't found anything wrong with the house. He decided even if he finds one minor thing he was going approve the house. In minor things, it was at their disgression. Major things they went by the book. He found nothing really the baby bottles, diapers could indicate that they are into some of the same things that he and Peggy were into. Or it could mean that like Peggy they have legitimate problems and deal with it the same way she does by being a baby. He knows that when she gets like that he's getting laid if he is a good daddy. He finds he likes her vulnerable like that. 

Next morning Mr. English got the reports from the fingerprints they took yesterday none of the 4 had no convictions.  One had been charged with felony assaults, charges were dismissed. Hermione no way he thought. He couldn't picture her assaulting anybody. He wondered if she would tell him if he asked what happened? He was curious. Home studies were good, one smoke detector not working at Benjamin and Stacy's house, nothing major, a $2, 9 volt battery would take care of that.

He called the Crisis Nursery and had Gayle and Holly brought to the office and called Hermione and Stacy, they came to the office. When Gayle saw Susan she ran saying friend, friend and hugged her. Susan said one word Sister! Gayle smiled even more. Holly was a bit more scared, she was aprehensive about coming to Stacy, she was afraid of getting hurt. Stacy squatted and got down to her level. You don't have to be afraid of me, I promise I won't hurt you. Why asked Holly? My daddy hurt me when I was younger. Why would I want to hurt you? Because I wet my bed still. Stacy waved her closer and whispered in her ear so do I! Holly leaned back and looked at Stacy to see if she was lying. It's the truth to tell you the truth I wet myself all the time. Did your daddy hurt you because you wet your bed too? What did he do? She stood up and lifted her dress enough to show the scars on the back of her legs. Holly was surprised. Did he ever hurt your bones? No Stacy said, he didn't and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. What happened to your daddy Holly asked? He was arrested and sent to prison. She excitedly said that's where my daddy and mommy are going. My daddy died there. But let me tell you I was adopted by the most wonderful family in the world. This lady right here is my sister Hermione, she will be your Aunt, she got me away from my daddy. The Police Detective that sent my daddy to prison is my husband now he will be your daddy now.

My daddy is a cop? Will he arrest you if you hurt me? I think he would shoot me if I did! We want you to come live with us okay? You, you... want me? This was said like she was shocked that anybody would want her at all. Very much said Stacy! I want to be your mommy and you as my daughter! 

That was it she ran to Stacy and buried her head in her shoulder and sobbed. Stacy looked up to Hermione and she was crying as well. You ready to go to your new home Stacy asked Holly? She looked and nodded yes though the tears. Holly said your a pretty mommy. Thank you dear and she hugged Holly. 

She stood up and said let's go home shall we? Can I stay there with you? Yes, yes of course. We want you to live with us for a long time. She reached her arm out, and Holly reluctantly put her hand in hers. Holly waved timidly to Gayle and Hermione and Susan. They waved back and as Stacy, Ulysses, and Holly walked, Holly was seen to be smiling for the first time in quite a while.

Hermione went to leave and couldn't find her car keys. She was about ready to panic. She heard laughter and looked at Gayle who was giggling. Oh I'm going to give you something to laugh about as she began to tickle her ribs causing Gayle to drop her keys and ring out with more peales of laughter. She continued and suddenly Gayle got a far away look in her eyes. Hermione realized she had overdone it, she had just wet her diaper. She was feeling guilty about causing Gayle to pee. Gayle looked up and raised her arms. More she said,  more!

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CDfm    88

A very touching chapter. Made my heart feel good. Makes me wish I had the means to take in another child. I love kids (I must because I have 4 of my own) I am at a stage in my like though that now I get to enjoy Grandkids and that's good enough for me. 

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