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Good reading... Just excellent story telling, I could picture the whole thing in my mind... please continue...

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The next morning, Maria left early for work. Gary got the kids up and ready for school. Which included bathing the two girls. When it got time for dressing the girls he asked Sarah, Sarah do you want a diaper today or not. She asked can I have one please, very excited! Then she backed off just in case I need it like yesterday. Gary was thinking by her actions it's one of two things, she needs one and is worried that she might have to use it, or she just likes wearing one. Either way what will it hurt? He has a brother that's wife likes them and can't live without them, she's an adult, plus his own sister one of his own triplets used to wear one everyday and did her darndest to soak it. Who is he to judge. 

Sarah was diapered and had a huge smile on her face the whole time she was being diapered. He thought to himself I should make her day and get some diapers more her size. She was wearing Karen's, even thought Karen was small, Sarah was even smaller, she might still fit in middle sized pampers like Size 4 or 5's. She just a little bitty thing. What is it hurting? Stacy came to mind about her becoming dependent due to her dad making her wear diapers. That was one thing he didn't want to see. He would encourage her to still try and use the toilet. He would stop and get her some for home use and a box for school. Looks like she will be using them for a while. 

At school the teacher began to notice that Sarah Jane was so much more relaxed. She had always been a fidgety girl, uptight, competitive.  Her teachers knew that she had been taken from her parents and had been living with Karen's family, whatever they had been doing to calm her down they approved!  She was still one of the best students but it didn't seem to be a compitition, and she seemed to be happy at school, a happier kid in general. They hoped she never went back with her parents. 

She went with Karen and Tina to get changed. Today she was dry, but wanted a change just like Karen who was very wet. The teacher didn't want to waste a diaper like that and told her the next thing that teacher knew she had wet it. She needed a change, the teacher wondered if the reason she wet it was to warrant a change? 

When she got home she still was dry, Gary changed her into a size 5 pampers and they fit. He told her they were just for her! That put a smile on her face! She gave her new daddy a big hug! Maria arrived home and ate with the family that night. It was Friday night and she asked the girls what they wanted to do in the he morning. Sarah asked if they hey could have pancakes or waffles? Which one Maria asked? The two girls looked at each other and both said waffles at the same time! Okay waffles it is Maria said. Then what after breakfast? The girls didn't know what to do. Maria said hmm, since Sarah came here she hasn't have many clothes, how about shopping for clothes for Sarah? Sarah said you would do that for me? My mommy bought all my clothes.Then just told me to wear them, I never got to tell her what I liked. Well in this family we all go shopping together don't we Karen. Uhuh, she said, but if you pick something and it won't work with your diapers, you don't get it! That's the only rule! I tried to get a mini skirt once and my diapers were there for everybody to see them. It's a good rule. No skinny pants it shows the outline. Okay said Sarah thank you! She looked like she wanted to cry, she hadn't expected this much kindness from parents especially her own. Then she thought they aren't here and I am! She couldn't wait until she got new clothes!

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0h boy a shopping trip... This could get interesting, oh hell with it, Sarah deserves to be part of the family, it's nice to see people doing the right thing... Please continue...

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After the waffles which were delicious! They all washed up to get the sticky stuff off of their hands. Everybody's diapers were changed including Sarah and Maria and Gary. Gary drove his own car as he was on call that day at work. If a call came he would have to leave. The two girls rode with him to the store Maria brought Taylor. The girls were trying on clothes and as they were they were approached by two police officers. Apparently the store thought that the two girls looked nothing like the parents and had some concerns as to if the two girls had been kidnapped. Karen had her school ID that had her as a Mitchell and after the two police officers found out that she had been adopted they understood. Sarah her school ID showed her last name as something else. Not to worry Gary had a copy of the paperwork from CPS in his car. One officer went with him while he got them. Talking to the two girls they backed up what the adults were telling them. Karen told about her real mom and the abuse that she had there then when she died she came to live with Mitchells and was adopted by them. Sarah told them about how she ran away and and her daddy and mommy didn't want her anymore. When asked her parents name a run would tell, them if they reported their daughter missing. Instead it told them that they were both in jail at the time for child abandonment. The child in question was with the Responsible Party of Gary and Maria Mitchell. These are the RP's according to the info we have. Why are you buying the girl clothes one of the cops asked. Maria answered when she came to us all she had was the clothes that she was wearing. She has nothing. The cops decided it made sense. And they left. The salespeople came and apologized for the inconvenience. Gary didn't know whether he should be upset or be thanking them. On one hand they were looking out for the best interests of the girls. On the other hand, yeah it caused them a little embarrasment. The best interests of the girls is paramount. 

They finished shopping and getting everything they needed. They were about to go to a place called Sweet Tomatoes when Gary's phone rang the computers were down at the facility. Sarah didn't want him to go she was afraid the police were going to come back and take her. What for Gary asked her? I ran away from home. She was shaking she was so scared. Tell you what I will take you to where I work and it shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes to do what I have to do.  Will you wait for me in the car? She liked the hat idea better than him leaving her here. 

Sarah was riding with her new daddy they drove by where they normally turn off for home about two exits past where they live her daddy got off the freeway. He went down the road. To her right was the prison her dad told her he would take her if she didn't stop wetting her bed. This place scared her to death. Just looking at the high fences with all that wire with teeth on it scared her. What scared her more was her new daddy turned into the place there was a road that lead to the parking lot. Sarah could feel her heart beat in her chest. 

Gary went and parked he turned to tell Sarah that he would be right back. He looked and she had tears in her eyes, she was crying. What's the matter Sarah?

I can't help that I wet my bed!

I know that honey, but why are you crying?

My daddy told me if I didn't stop wetting my bed he would bring me here and drop me off!

You think I brought you here because you wet your bed is that it? She shook her head yes. Dear let me tell you I would never do that, I love you!

Your daddy told you a lie bedwetting won't get you sent here, I promise. The kids that get sent here most are over 14 years old and they have done a lot worse crimes than bedwetting! Well robbery, stealing cars, selling drugs. I assure you there isn't 1 kid in there for bedwetting.

Remember I'm the one going in your going to stay outside this fence. I couldn't even take you inside if I wanted to. Gary said there is somebody I know. Gary got attention of a guy in a uniform. See this guy right here he's my brother Ephraim, he will stay with you until I come back, I promise I'll hurry!

She saw. Her daddy have a card they shined something red on it and then he took everything out of his pockets and put them in a container. He walked through this box that flashed red he took his belt off and it stayed green. He went through the sacond gate. He walked up to the building and entered it. She couldn't see him anymore she wimpered.

The guy said what's your name?

Sarah, she said but it wasn't with much conviction. Are you really my daddy's brother?

Sure am can't you tell by the redish orange hair? She looked it looked like her daddies hair but he was taller than her daddy bigger to.

How come your so much bigger than daddy then?

You see let me tell you I have a big brother that is this tall he put his arm about 4 inches taller than he was. He's this big and held each arm about two inches wider than him. You see he was born by himself. I have a sister we had to share the same space in our mommy's tummy. Where as my older brother got all that space all by himself. Your daddy had two sisters when he was born. Him and his two sisters had to share that same space in our mommy's tummy, that me and my sister,  just two. And my older brother, just him. I guess we had more space.

Sarah listened and said but I was born by myself and I'm really little. Well that sometimes happens Ephraim sad.

Sarah asked you really work here?

Yep I m an officer, today I was OIC which means I ran the facility today and the computers went down. Makes for a bad day to be in charge. That's what your daddy went in there to fix. So the computers work again.

Do they send kids here for wetting their beds, Sarah asked?

No not for that our kids have done real crimes robbery, drugs stuff like that.

My real daddy told me they send kids here that wet their beds. Ephraim said he was just trying to scare you. We did have one girl here a couple of years back that was a bedwetter but she beat smebody else up really bad to get sent here. I don't think we have even one on the facility right now that wets his or her bed.

The next thing they knew Gary was back. It actually startled Sarah. She was glad to see her daddy back. See that didn't take long now did it! Thanks Ephraim. For watching Sarah! It was my pleasure, see you around.

Gary are you guys going to adopt another? We don't know yet were just foster parents for her. Her mom and dad signed to sever their parental rights over to us right before they were arrested for child abandonment.

Wow! Ephraim said sounds like daddy was a real winner, he had her scared to death of this place. I take it she qualifies as a Mitchell she asked about bedwetters I take it she does?  

Yeah said Gary. Remember when Karen got into the fight at school? Yeah said Ephraim. Sarah was the girl that took the kid on that hit Karen in the kidneys.

That little thing? She seems to be afraid of her own shadow right now.

Yes, said Gary it's part of being abandoned. She is wetting in the day and suckling her thumb, very unsure of herself, 3 things we hope are temperary!

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Gary and Sarah returned to Sweet Tomatoes. Sarah got her salad, she was a weird kid, she liked salad and veggies more than she liked sweets. Then they got a cup of soup Sarah got Vegetable Beef and Gary got the Chili. They also had Mac and Cheese Sarah just had to have some of that! They found Maria, Karen, and Taylor and sat down to eat. Sarah seemed a lot happier now she was laughing and giggling. Taylor's face was covered in Mac & Cheese. She found it funny as he even had a noodle stuck to his chin. When there was a quiet time she asked her new daddy why he worked there at that scary place. She asked about all that wire on top with the teeth, it took him a moment to realize she was talking about the razor wire. That's there just to keep the bad boys and girls inside. If we didn't have that the boys and girls could just climb the fence and run away. Some of our boys and girls have done very bad things outside here. We don't want them doing those bad things again. We have given them a long time out and we don't want them out until they are ready, so they won't do those bad things again. She asked about the thing that he pulled out and they shined the red stuff on. Again he had to think. Ohh he said he pulled his ID Badge out. They scan these numbers here and the computer tells them I'm on site. But since the computers were down they couldn't sign me in. What about the box you walked through, Sarah asked. It beeped red at first, then you took your belt off and it stayed green. Oh that's called a metal detector. If I have metal on like my belt, or keys, or change in my pocket. It tells them that I do. They have to check all my metal. Because guns, kniives, handcuff keys, cell phones, cds. All those things are considered contraband, they are not supposed to be on sight there.

But you had a cell phone Sarah said. Yes I did but I only have that phone on me when I'm on call. I don't carry it all the time. Next weekend somebody else will have the phone not me. Sarah asked, So you only had to go in this week because the computers went down, if they hadn't you wouldn't of gone in right? That's right, Gary told her.

But that place is so scary, how do you work there, Sarah asked? Gary said, I guess I don't see it as scary, to someone as little as you it can be frightning. I do remember when I first went there, when i was still in the academy, when the doors shut behind me the thought was in my mind. I can't get out until somebody let's me out, that kind of rattled me. I go in and out all day and I hardly even think about it anymore.

Sarah asked one more question,  Are you afraid in there that something bad will happen to you? Your new mom wondered the same thing, when we first got married. You see I don't deal directly with the juveniles there. You met my brother Ephraim, I have a sister named Francis that teaches school there Francis and I are considered support staff if anything bad happens we are nowhere near it, I f we are we are moved to a more safe location. Ephraim my brother is a real officer he deals with the kids he has to control them if they act up. I've seen him wrestle with the kids to bring them back under control. Sarah asked has he ever gotten hurt? Gary said a couple of times. He got kicked in the groin once and was having a hard time staying dry because he got his pee pee stuck in the opened position he couldn't stop wetting like Karen does. He got his shoulder hurt pretty bad had to have surgery on it. It's more dangerous for him than me. So the place you work at really isn't that scary, Sarah askrd? No it isn't honey really, other than one time we got locked down when something bad was happening and I couldn't leave. Sarah was so glad that that place wasn't as bad as she thought. 

They finished eating and then went home.

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Good updates, I'm glad the shopping trip was fun, kinda weird, but still fun... please continue, I'm still reading when time allows...

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After they got home they were watching a video, when the doorbell rang. Gary went and answered it it was his family from Arthur to Walter. We heard from a little birdie that you might have another grandaughter, Betsy said! Everybody was introduced to Sarah. 

Sarah loved it she had never met any of her mom or dad's families as her dad called them a bunch of loosers! She had never seen a family like her Daddy's Uncle Chris was huge. She hit somewhere just above his knee. Her new cousins were cool as well Nancy and Olivia. She couldn't belive that Uncle Chris, and Uncle Jeff were famous football players. Their friend Marcus and his wife Maggie was there. When she met Aunt Hermione she knew that she was one of the original Bedwettters Club that she was a member of now. She saw Uncle Ephraim again he looked different out of his uniform, she thought Aunt Kathy had the most beautiful smile. But Aunt Stacy was beautiful. They brought all kinds of foods for a cookout which they did. Grandpa Arthur did most of the cooking.  She really liked Grandma Betsy. She told her all about who everybody was who was married to who, who their kids were. She made her feel like one of the family. She even told her that she wasn't the only bedwetter, most of the people here were including her. 

By 9pm everything was wrapping up and everybody came and said goodbye to her. She felt special all those people came for her. She had never felt so accepted in her life, if her mommy and daddy came back today she wouldn't want to go with them. She was a Mitchell!

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Arthur and Betsy were talking that night about the cookout, and meeting Sarah. Arthur asked her do you think she will be adopted by Gary and Maria? I think so said Betsy, she loved The attention, she hasn't had much, so it seems. Gary said her father was a jerk, the more he cares for that little girl the more of jerk he becomes, apparently when Karen was fighting the boys at school. When the one punched her in the kidney causing it to bleed, Sarah was the little girl that beat the kid that punched her kidney. That sweet little girl, Arthur said? Yes, said Betsy. But her father didn't like the fact that she fought,  he basically beat her up damaging her ribs! Excuse my expression, Arthur said but what an ahole! That's not all, Betsy said, Gary had to go to work as he was the on call guy, scared Sarah to death just driving up there. Seems her daddy told her that if she didn't stop wetting her bed, he would drop her off there! When Gary went there she was so scared they were dropping her off there! Arthur said like I said what an Ahole! 

Chris and India were getting ready for bed. Well it looks like Gary is about ready to adopt another one, Chris said. Yes, said India, have you ever thought about it? Not really Chris said. India said when they adopted Karen I thought about it briefly, but I've been thinking a lot more about it today, when I found out Gary and Maria were concidering it again, just think another child to love! She stared into Chris's eyes in a pleading way. Oh no, I know that look, Chris said, it's a daddy I want another child look. We can look into it okay, I'm not making any promises alright! 

Darla and Jeff were talking along the same lines as Chris and India, but they were talking more of creating one of their own. She was the one that brought up the idea, Jeff was just along for the ride, but he thought what a fun ride it will be! He was looking into making one of his own.

Ephraim and Kathy were also talking. Kathy said just think in a couple of weeks we'll have a daughter, I just fell in love with Sarah she is such a sweet girl! Ephraim said yes I know I met her at the facility, she was one scared little girl, nothing like what we saw last night. What was so she scared of Kathy asked? Her dad, her real dad threatened that if she didn't stop wetting her bed, he was going to bring her to where we work and drop her off. When Gary showed up to fix the computers she actually thought it was happening. Oh no, said Kathy, she must of been traumatized! She was said Ephraim she was shaking I assured her that we do not have one child on the facility that wet the bed. It had been in fact a couple of years since we did have one and she was there for assault, not bedwetting. She felt a bit better after I told her that. Kathy asked Why do some parents abuse their children like that, verbally? I mean being a bedwetter is bad enough. Then you have to scare them more by telling them crap like that. 

Ugh! Francis said to Larry, I can't wait until this baby is born, I already feel like a whale. She softened and said if she is as cute as Sarah, I for one will be happy! That girl is as cute as can be. She was cute said Larry. But she was also traumatized a bit by being taken from her parents. Maria told me that she has been exhibiting signs of separation. She's almost scared of her own shadow. She has been wetting in the daytime something she didn't used to do. She's been sucking her thumb, also new. Well let's just hope and pray she gets better. The last two things you mentioned daytime wetting and thumbs sucking are two traits that the Mitchells have. Gary and your sister Maria both wear diapers in the day time for just in case. Mom and Ephraim both were thumb suckers, I understand Kathy did too, as well as Stacy so it's nothing knew. Larry said your mother sucked her thumb. I can't even imagine that. 

Hermione and Paul were also talking, we haven't covered adoptions and things like that in school yet, what are the chances of Gary and Maria acutely adopting Sarah? Paul thought for a moment well about 65% for 1. Her parents have signed paperwork giving them custody of Sarah. 2. They are proving that Sarah parents are not the best placement for Sarah, there has been physical abuse as well as mental abuse stemming from the fact that she is a bedwetter. 3. They have an adopted daughter that is thriving in their care. The 35% is with CPS being a state agency and therefore a  boondoggle of red tape, you never know what they are going to do. They may say you already have one adopted daughter you don't need two! 

Stacy and Ben were there and afterwards Stacy said to Ben, I betcha Sarah is already thinking she is a Mitchell! What makes you think that Ben asked? The night that it went down for me that night I knew I was destined to be a Mitchell I wasn't one yet but I felt closer to them than I ever had my father. Betsy told me that night that there are Friends. And there are family. Then there are friends that become family! She told me I was the latter. This was the first night. Ben smiled I think if I had told Chris that night that you weren't his sister he would of done the same to me, that he did to your dad. I would have had to unimbeded myself out of the plaster in the wall. He would of buried me in it. What can I say said Stacy he knew he was my older brother. 

Marcus and Maggie were getting ready for bed. Marcus said you know I want a daughter just like Karen or Sarah, they are great kids! He touched Maggie's belly and felt the tiny life that was growing there, it was his son or daughter his child it wasn't even born yet and he was willing to give up his life if needed he felt the same way about Maggie. He knew nothing was putting them in danger that he would need to but he was willing. His biggest enemy was in jail awaiting trial a guy that at one time had almost broken his neck. 

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It was Sunday and the kids were awoke and bathed dressed and they all went to church. Sarah had never been to church before. Her daddy called churches crutches for the masses. He had never seen god so therefore there must not be one! She told her daddy Gary this he smiled and said if he ever says that again ask him if he's ever seen his brain? If he says no, tell him therefore you must not have one! Sarah was a bit confused by his analogy. Never mind Gary said, if you told your dad that he would probably hurt you! I don't want to see you hurt anymore! Sarah finally got her courage up to ask Gary a question that had been worrying her to ask since last night.

Daddy how do I become a Mitchell? Gary was surprised at the question. How do you become a Mitchell, hmm, well first we would have to adopt you. That means you could never be a Bergen again. Sarah said but I don't want to be a Bergen again I want to be a Mitchell! My real daddy and mommy are mean at times, you guys treat me nice all the time. My real daddy and mommy think I wet my bed on purpose, you guys haven't said a word to me about it, you take me as I am, I have even had a few daytime accidents wetting myself, you haven't yelled at me or made fun of me or nothing,  I've even sucked my thumb, your haven't threatened to break it off once. I never have met any of my real mommy's and daddy's family, I don't even know if I have Aunts, Uncles, or Cousins. Your family all came to see me, just me! You guys bough me clothes, a lot more than my mommy and daddy did, my daddy wanted a new computer, my mommy and daddy fought over the amount of money they had to get me ready for school this year I have 3 set to wear, you guys even bought me diapers that fit and work, my mommy and daddy bought me Goodnights they leak when I wet at night. Then they get mad at me when the bed gets wet. I think you guys love me more than my real mommy and daddy do! That is why I want to be a Mitchell! 

Gary smiled and said, I am so glad you feel that way, we see you more as our daughter than just Karen's friend! You've been welcome here all the time. It's just not up to us the State of Arizona has to see it your way. Sarah pleaded please don't send me back to my mommy and daddy! I will die. 

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Great new updates. I had to drive to Maryland for a funeral so I got behind once again. Sarah is already a Mitchell in every way but on paper. I hope to see that soon. 

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On Monday morning Chris and India went to CPS, to see about adopting a child. There was a lot of paperwork. When they put down that they earned over 32 million dollars the lady reviewing the paperwork asked if this was a typo? No maam Chris said. That is correct. What do you do to earn that much she asked? She looked at what he put down for job and saw Professional Football Player for the Oakland Raiders. She thought, yeah right, and I'm the queen of England. Her supervisor Mr. English walked in and said, Hello Chris, how are you and the other Mitchells today. We're fine Brother English how are you? Good! Good, when are you supposed to report back to the Raiders? Chris said I don't have to be back until July. What are you doing here today, Mr English asked? Well sir, my wife and I are looking to adopt, Gary might be looking like he might adopt another one. We Met Sarah the other night and my wife India.... You haven't met my wife India yet have you Brother English? No I haven't and around here they just call me Mr. English. Chris introduced India to Mr. English. Splendid, that your looking to adopt, we have lots of kids that need good homes.  Did I ever tell you Ms. Roskelly, that I knew this kid when he was this high? He held his hand at about his hip level. Now he is one of the best inside linebackers in the NFL. His team the Raiders have been to the Super Bowl 3 time in the last 3 years won twice and lost once,  and he is probably one of the best reasons why they won! Okay Ms. Roskelly thought should I introduce myself as the queen of England? 

Have you guys thought about becoming Foster Parents first, that's What Gary is doing. The girl they got now apparently ran away from home straight to Gary's home after dealing with Sarah's parents the more I'm inclined to agree with her, one thing is sure, I can't recommend them getting her back, they have signed their parental rights over to Gary and his wife. So if they file adoption papers, we aren't going to block it, it feels like a great fit if you ask me. I just came from visiting her in her school. She wants to be a Mitchell, she basically begged me not to send her back to her parents, she also begged me to leave her where she is at, she loves it there she feels safe, secure, and loved! 

So what can we do to get you as a foster parent, I have a brother and sister. The boy has assaulted a couple of his Foster Parents, he was protecting his younger sister, she still wets her bed and when the family's become irate, he steps in. They are great kids other than that. With your size I think that you might just intimidate him. Plus I don't think there will be much yelling due to wet beds from the girl, right? We really don't want to break up the family the boy does fine but the girl won't eat, she cries constantly. Inconsolable crying. The crying stops as soon as they are brought together. They are kind of diffucut to place because of the dynamics of the family. If you want a challenge this is it!  Please keep them in mind pray about it. That's all I'm asking. How old are the kids Chris asked? The boy 11, the girl 7. They are orphans both parents killed on a trip to Flagstaff, slid off the road coming home. 3 years ago. What do you say, Mr. English asked?

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Chris was about ready to say no dang way! India had tears in her eyes and was shaking her head yes to Chris. He raised his eyes in surprise, it was because of her he was going to say no. He was gone a good portion of the year, yeah he was sure that he could handle the kid, but he wasn't sure India could. He loved his wife and trusted her decisions  she hadn't steered him wrong yet. Sounds good he said. Mr. English said splendid! These two are available for adoption if you choose! He looked at Chris with pleading eyes. Of course there are proper channels that we have to go through, home studies background checks. Things such as that nature but I don't see why we couldn't get them placed in your home by the weekend, if not sooner! Mr. English added. 

We could do the home study today if your available I could give you the classes that you need right now it will take about 4 or 5 hours. You got 4 or 5 hours? Chris knew he did, India it was her day off from work. They went to the classroom and Mr. English brought them in a loose leaf binder, that was about full with paperwork that they would cover today. Chris thought what am I getting myself into? India was all smiles. She looks more confident about this than I do Chris thought. 

The classes were very informative. Chris learned a few things that even he didn't know about parenting. India was shaking her head yes, she agreed with everything being taught, she basically already knew these things, it was a refresher course for her, about 3 1/2 later Mr. English said that's it. You've passed the course. We can go and do your home study now. Basically all that does is make sure that your home meets standards like smoke detectors, adequate living accommodations things such as that nature. 

At their home Mr. English asked you and, he looked at the paperwork, a daughter Nancy and a son Walter currently live here, there are three extra rooms, will Nancy and the girl be sharing a room? India said yes there is that extra bed in Nancy's room . Remember this girl is a bedwetter, how will Nancy react sharing her room with a girl that sleepwets that is older than her? Chris smiled and said, You don't have to worry about that, Nancy is a true Mitchell, she is like her mom and dad! Oh! Said Mr. English I never knew that your wife was like you, it stands to reason that if both parents are bedwetter your kids probably are to. He wrote no problem with current bedwetting behavior with female girl. Now children above 10 years old, we feel need their own rooms, the boy will need his own room, since he is 11 years old. We got one for him India said. Yes you do Mr. English said. I do believe that is basically it. 

Your home passes inspection, I will recommend you as a foster family, just to let you know we usually don't move this fast on foster parents but this boy just assaulted the father of the house we had him at the guy was beating the girl for another wet night, with his belt and he stod up for her. She was forgotten and he became the target of the man's rage.

We need a place for them ASAP. They are in our Crisis Home, boys can't be at our girls home and girls can't be at our boys home. She sits and cries all day long and he seems lost without her. One other thing I need you to know.

Both kids were dry prior to their parents death, afterwards the girl reverted to nightly wetting and the boy is about once a month or so. The longest he has lasted was three months. When his sister is getting in trouble for her nightly wetting, his increases also. I know you two will not punish her for her bedwetting so hopefully his will stay away longer for him and lessen with the girl.

I know no Mitchell was ever punished due to their bedwetting. These kids need love and understanding, I am looking forward to you two giving them it, I know you can.

These two are like sponges in the love department, the more you give the more they want. The three months the boy was dry they were in that type of family, then the mother got sick and had to give the kids up again, we've been looking for the best family to give them to. I think it just might be you two!

Thank You for helping me out this way Chris and India! I will never forget it. I will send the kids packet to you this evening that way you can read up on these two. Please remember these kids need the structure of a family, that more than anything.

I think the boy will respond to really well Chris your his hero, he's a big Raider fan. Your one up on anybody we have. That's why I feel so good about you two as their Foster Parents for now, who knows you might actually become the real mom and dad! To tell the truth that's what I'm hoping for.

Mr. English had to leave and get back with his paperwork on the two. He felt really good with the placement, more than usual. There were always doubts for him. This time there were none of the doubts. This will happen since the guy that made those determinations was himsel!

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Oh wow... Good outcomes... Please continue...

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Mr. English expidited all the paperwork, the background check would take overnight, India had told him as a nurse her fingerprints were in the system. Chris had never had his taken, he told Mr. English that he had never been arrested, person of interest yes, never arrested. His most serious offense had been last season when they thought that the girl had sex with him and he rejected her as a lover, that's why she was going to kill him. Turns out she had everybody's semen in hers but Chris's.  

It would be tomorrow before that cleared. He could have them in the home by Wednesday. He wasn't worried. He knew Chris was a good kid never has been in trouble, a bit unlucky at times. His run in with the law has been mostly him at the wrong place at the wrong time. There was the cop that scrambled his brains a couple of years ago, there was that girl that the police shot, she was just a deranged fan was all. There is that trouble with that receiver Stevens that's all that he knows of. It isn't like he has a criminal history. India his wife if she had anything that was illegal the state would pull her nursing certificate, she already has been fingerprinted for her nursing certificate. 

He really wanted to to get these kids with Chris and  India.  For starters the kid idolizes Chris already. Every time he was dealing with the kid he would talk football and the kid brought up the fact he was a Raider fan. He told the kid that he had known Chris even when he was a kid. The kid didn't believe him at first but as he talked to the kid the kid was in awe of Mr. English. The kid loved his sense of fair play, he always played clean . He said if you ever get me a good home get me that one. Now he has. 

The problem comes when the girl wets the bed, after a while the family's begin to resent her and it causes friction. Kenny the brother begins to wet his bed and it is thought to draw some pressure off his sister. By the time it reaches the boiling point he's wetting his bed about once or twice a week or more. Then when it breaks the sister gets yelled at for being a wetter he steps in swinging. He broke the nose of one lady. The last guy was beating his sister with his belt and the kid hit him then the guy began punishing him he was beat severely cuts and bruises up and down his back. He looked like he had been flogged. 

That was a week and a half ago he's getting better, but the girl sits and cries all day when they are separated. She really misses him and he isn't much better. He doesn't cry but he tends to ignore others especially if they are rushing him for like bed or getting ready for school. When they are in school they are fairly good students. But with the separation they have both missed so much school that they are in danger of loosing out another year even though he's 11 years old he's in 4th grade. She's 7 and a first grader.they just need a stable home so that they don't loose out on anymore schooling!

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Mr. English arrived early and checked  his box where he gets his paper mail and his email. Both had a memo concerning Chris and India, they had both passed their background check. This was the final hurdle or the last hoop to jump over or through. 

He gave Chris a call and told him the great news. He wanted to bring the 2 kids now. He gave the 2 shelters a conferance call. He told them to have their bags packed that they would be leaving today, really you found a family they both asked? Yeah  Mr. English said. What about Kenny's assultive behaviors? This dad is 6 foot 5  inches tall 305 pounds and eats guys twice to three times bigger than Kenny for breakfast! Do you think this is wise, I mean if Krystal wets her bed and Kenny tries to stop him, he will kill Kenny. I'm not looking forward to that happening, Mr. English said, the guy is a teddy bear in disguise! Krystal will have him wrapped around her little finger within the week. What about the family getting tired of constant, every night bed wetting? Uh how do I put this both parents are still bedwetters themselves, their 5 year old daughter that Krystal will be sharing a bedroom with still wets her bed. Where did you find these people?  I have known the husband since he was 5 or 6 years old. Known the whole family that long at least. How long have they been in the system?  Krystal's group home asked? Since yesterday. Do you think this will work, Carlos the guy from the boys home asked! Mr. English asked Carlos, Who is Kenny's favorite team in the NFL? The Raiders Carlos said OK who is his favorite playear on the team?  Chris Mitchell Carlos said, No Carlos said you didn't? I did Mr. English said! Did what, the  girl from the gils home asked? He got none other than Chris Mitchell to be the foster family!

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By 1:30pm Mr. English had both kids picked up and they were heading north. The girl Krystal was just happy to see her brother again the tears had stopped. She was sitting leaning in on her brother. Krystal spoke first so you found another family that will take Kenny and me? Yes said Mr. English. Do they know I wet my bed? Mr. English said, They are aware. I'm just saying that I don't want them getting mad at me for it. To tell you the truth I do not think that they will punish you at all Mr. English said. Why's that Krystal asked? Well for one the girl that you will be sharing a room with still wets her bed. Krystal's eyes got huge, you mean their daughter wets hers? Yep, said Mr. English! Do they get mad at her too Krystal asked. I've never ever seen or heard of this girl getting punished for it as the parents still wet theirs. No way said Kenny? Definitely Mr. English said, and his parents wet theirs. I've known this family since the guy your going to be living with was younger than you Krystal! Forever then she said. For the first time today Mr. English saw a smile on Krystal's face. Kenny looked calmer also. He wasn't smiling, but when he got beat severely by the last guy with the belt he hadn't said much it took a lot out of him. 

For the first time Kenny noticed that the houses in the subdivision all looked fairly nice and fairly new. He saw green ones and grey ones he was hoping that the house they lived in wasn't a green one he really didn't care for olive green. It was now about 2:30pm the house was grey. Kenny breathed a sigh of relief. They grabbed their garbage bags of clothes, no kid in the foster system owned a suitcase. Every time you moved a garbage bag of clothes went with you. He felt like they were telling you everything you owned was garbage. 

A red headed lady came out to meet them she was in a white pair of scrubs. Kenny recognized her as a nurse. Mr. England asked where is Chris? He's in chaging Walter. Something he ate has upset his little tummy. Alrighty then Kenny, Krystal this is  India Mitchell. Kenny thought I could take her if I have to. He thought for about 2 or 3 seconds Mitchell, she mentioned Chris no it won't be I'm not that lucky. Then a guy came out of the house he had a baby that he was carrying and a small girl was hiding behind him. The kid looked and as the guy was standing near him when he looked he saw the guys upper legs. It was like looking up at a building he almost fell backwards looking up. No dang way he thought, it can't be his favorite football player in the whole world. Your Chris Mitchell! That's what they tell me Chris said. But you play for the Raiders. In Oakland. I grew up here in Phoenix, went to Glendale High School and ASU.The kid was speechless. Mr. English said that's a first for him. The kid said I have your cards even your rookie card. Really Chris said maybe later I could sign them for you! Kenny could only nod his head yes. He was starsruck. 

Chris handed Walter to India and picked up their bags of clothes, maybe we'll have to get you guys some suitcases to put your clothes in Krystal spoke, but we're foster kids we only have these sacks. She was surprised anyone had even suggested that they get real suitcases. She had been wishing for one forever. 

They were escorted into the livingroom there were chairs and a sofa, but no TV. Kenny asked about that. Well we have the livingroom and we have the familyroom Chris took Kenny in there and there was the biggest TV Kenny had ever seen how big is that TV, Kenny asked? Chris said it's a 72 inch HD TV. Wow said Kenny. You a big Raider fan Chris asked yeah Kenny said very enthusiastically! Well one of our neighbors is Jeff Washington the Raiders Wide Reciever, also he's married to my little sister. Then two houses down on the other side of the street is Marcus Jenson our Strong Safety. Kenny was not believing his luck. 

He was shown to his room and Chris helped him unload his garbage sacks and put his clothes in the drawers. You hungry. Kenny had to admit he was. India brought Crystal and Nancy who was talking up a storm with Krystal. By the way that's Nancy Chris said to Kenny. She is our oldest. She was kinda shy at first. Nancy blushed red. When Chris said that. The reason why was she thought Kenny was cute. 

Krystal thought it was great, in all the placements they have had it had always been just either her and Kenny or they had boys, this was a first where she had a sister. They shared a lot, being a bedwetter they were on equal ground there. When Chris took Kenny into the family room to watch the huge TV. India asked Krystal if she wore protection when she wet the bed. Krystal blushed and said I don't like diapers. Even if you won't be the only one wearing them? This was a first she had never had where anybody else in the family wet the bed besides her. I don't know she said one family I lived with stuck me in diapers and treated me like a baby. I didn't like being treated like a baby. I'm not a baby. I understand that, India said but it so much more comfortable than waking up in your own urine every morning. I do know growing up I was a no diaper kid myself I was made to wet the bed. Now that I'm an adult I sleep so much better, and I grew up in Minnesota where it gets so bitterly cold I prefer diapers. I promise nobody will make fun of you in this family. It's like a prerequisite to becoming a Mitchell you have to wet the bed. Let me tell you about Chris's family. It started with his parents Arthur and Betsy they both wet their beds and have trouble staying dry in the day time. They have 6 kids. Chris is the oldest, then there is Darla and Ephraim, twins. Francis Gary and Hermione triplets. Out of those 6 kids Francis is the only dry one. Ephraim used to be but he had a reaction to some heavy duty meds that caused him to start. Chris married yours truly India, Darla married a Jeff, Ephraim a Kathy. Francis married a Larry, and Gary married Larry's sister Maria. So far we have A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,  Nancy is the oldest grandchild. A bedwetter, then there is an Olivia, alas a bedwetter. Now Hermione married a Paul. India, Jeff, Kathy, Larry, Maria, Paul are all a like we all wet our beds. Jeff's was due to an injury. He never grew up wetting his bed, the rest of us did. Ephraim and Kathy have a Quinn, he isn't showing signs of stopping his wetting. Francis and Larry Have A Russell, Hermione and Paul have a Susan Gary and Maria have a Taylor, they have a daughter that they adopted who is almost 6 her name is Karen. They also have a foster child that they want to adopt named Sarah. Karen real mother abused her and damaged the nerve that tells Karen when she needs to pee. She doesn't know she wears diapers all the time. Sarah also is a bedwetter, but she was just recently removed from her home due to abuse she is having daytime problems. Now Chris has an adopted sister named Stacy. Stacy's father was abusive she was a bedwetter pretty much like you  until 12 years old and her mommy died too just like yours. Her daddy was mean he made her wear diapers day and night and soon she didn't know when she needed to pee or poop, since she became a Mitchell she has learned not to poop herself but wears diapers all the time because she doesn't know when she needs to pee still. She Married Benjamin he's a Cop a detective.he shot a  kid that shot at him, it left him with nightmares and he began to wet the bed, then it started to cause him to wet in the day time also. The have a son with the U name Ulysses. Darla and Jeff have a daughter named Victoria that is just a few minutes older than Walter. Now Ephraim and Kathy are about ready to have another child they are going to name her Xandra, like Cassandra. But with the X. Francis and Larry are going to have a baby they get the Y name they are hoping for a girl and Yolonda! That is the Mitchell family. So you see you won't need to feel bad about your bedwetting almost everybody in this family does it. Your not alone.

Chris was talking to Kenny in the TV room you know your not going to have to protect your sister here don't you. You can't swing a club in my family without hitting somebody that wets including me and my wife. Kenny looked at the floor. He blushed red. Can I tell you something? Anything Kenny, Chris said. Promise you won't make fun of me? I promise Chris said when that last place we were at stopped beating Krystal and started beating me. It scared me really bad. I've been having nightmares about it. When I do, tears started coming to his eyes. I .... i... wake up wet. Chris said come here the boy of 11 crawled into the big man's lap and he wrapped his big arms around him and told him it's okay. Kenny began to cry in great sobs it was the first time in a long time that anybody had held him and told him he was okay, and that if he wets his bed it's okay. You know I still wet my bed don't you Chris asked him. I've heard stories but I didn't know if they were true or not. Did you know on the Raiders I'm not the only one. Really said Kenny? Really said Chris! Jeff Wasington is my best friend as well as my brother in law when he was in high school a kid hit him way after the play was over. His back was hurt. It also left him not knowing when he has to pee. He wears diapers all the time. Really Kenny asked? Yes that's true and my good friend Marcus Jenson he is a bedwetter, why do you think us three are so tight?  Wetting the bed isn't so bad. Remember when that guy bit me last year? Yeah Kenny said. I got a really bad infection the medicine that they used to kill the infection has a bad side effect in about .02% of the population, my younger brother had that medicationand he had never wet his bed before after that he did. They gave me the same med they thought it might make me wet in the daytime it didn't. But at night I pee so much that I really soak my diapers! I could be embarrassed and not tell anyone. But there a lot of people that know now including you. Do you think I would judge you because you get scared and wet your bed. Bedwetting isn't a big thing, believe me! I have an adopted Sister named Stacy her dad abused her for years had this big strap he used on her it tore flesh when he used it on her she has scars all up and down her backside from here to here he touched Kenny shoulders and lower legs. The cop that handled her case she ended up married to him. He's a big guy he had to shoot a kid, the kid was shooting at him. He killed the kid. But after the shooting he had nightmares and he began to wet his bed. Then when in court he saw the video again and now he's wetting in the day time. He's older than you he hadn't wet his bed since he was 12. He does now. Your mind is a powerful muscle remember that. Kenny didn't want to move for one of the first times in years. He felt safe. 

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Excellent writing, the more I read the deeper I go... please continue...

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Krystal said, I know everybody will be diapered but I don't know if I will feel comfortable in an actual diaper. Hmm said India I have just the thing for you. She went to her room and brought a box back, she said I was going to save these for Nancy if she ever went on a sleepover, so she wouldn't need to wear a diaper. The box said Goodnights Tru Fit. They look like a regular panty so she wouldn't be embarrased. You just slap a liner in and the idea is it absorbs what you wet.

Krystal liked the idea, these are for me? Yes said India, why? Well up to now nobody has cared about how I feel they either forced me into diapers or let me soak the sheets, nobody has came up with something different like this for me. Krystal had tears in her eyes somebody actually cared how she felt for a change.

Chris asked Kenny I know your a big kid, and all but wetting your bed can take its toll on a guy. Me I've never stopped wetting my bed. India my wife was dry for several years until she had a tramatic event that triggered her reverting back to bedwetting. It was very embarrassing for her so I know how a guy like you must feel about starting to rewet the bed. It must be hard! But with the history we have in our families bedwetting isn't a big deal. We have learned that some form of protection is necessary. Like me I wear diapers every night. Cloth ones with plastic pants and I have a booster pad inside as I wet alot! 

I don't know said Kenny I haven't worn a diaper since I was a kid. I was dry by three in the daytime and at night by age 4. I haven't even worn a diaper in 7 years. Well my brother The one that got the medication he was dry from like age 4 until he was 24 that's 20 years. Jeff my brother in law and teammate was dry for 13 years then when he got hurt. Now he has to wear diapers day and night, he has no choice. I just want you to know that we will never ever make fun of what you wear at night. To us it's just like putting your whitey tighties on, at night. It's like underwear. 

Listen anything is better than waking up wet and cold. You probably already know that, don't you! Kenny nodded his head in the affirmative. I was lucky the guy that watched us at night usually fell asleep so I was able to sneak my laundry in to be washed and dried. The weekend girl was better she didn't sleep at night like she wasn't supposed to. I had to stay awake those night if I did all I had to say was I had an accident and she would help me wash my clothes. But I was there about a week and a half . So that was the weekend I was only there for one. I was dreading this weekend.

Chris said I'm glad you told me this I like having Man to Man talks, he lowered his voice and said if you haven't noticed there is just me and Walter that are the men here, Walter doesn't do much talking yet so I've pretty much been on my own. It's great to have another man here now! Kenny got a big smile on his face he was glad that his idol saw him as a man. He felt at 11 he was just getting to be a man.

Kenny asked do you guys go to church on Sunday? Why yes we do. I like going to church, living in foster care. We don't always get to go and then it's to whatever church they drag us to. Krystal and I are Mormons. I've been Baptized, Krystal hasn't. Chris said so your almost ready to become a deacon at 12 then. How did you know that, Kenny asked? Because I was a deacon at 12 also. No way Kenny asked? Yes my whole family is LDS. Can we go to church on Sunday? The only time I miss church on Sunday is during the football season as we play in several different city's. I don't always know where the churches are. I'm still working on India, she isn't a member yet, you can help me.

Kenny said can I tell Krystal? Yes, tell her that we go to church on Sunday. Our first foster parents were LDS Kenny said, we loved living there but Rachel the mom got the breast cancer, she had to get that poison in her body and all her hair fell out  Chemo Chris asked? Yeah that's it Kenny said but it didn't work she died anyway. Krystal and I loved it there. Then they started moving us from place to place. Everybody started to be mean to Krystal about her bedwetting. I was her older brother I had to stick up for her. They didn't like me standing up for her, they don't like it when you show backbone. They want you to be totally under their control. I ain't like that I stand up for what I belive in! Good, said Chris, if you feel like I'm getting like that just let me know! Okay? Okay said Kenny and like men they shook hands on it! 

Chris said I thought they were going to feed us. We better go find out where that food is. 

They walked in and the girls were all talking India, Krystal, and Nancy. The sandwiches were made. India said Chris Krystal has decided that she doesn't feel comfortable in diapers. She has agreed to wear the Tru Fits. She held up the box. Good, good said Chris. Krystal said they look like regular underwear. We need to get some more liners for them they only come with a couple India said. Kenny said, Guess what Krystal? What she said. We get to go to our church on Sunday. LDS Krystal adked? Yep said Kenny the only time Chris doesn't go is because of football season. He should go instead of watching football on TV Krystal said. Kenny looked at her you don't know who this guy is do you? No said Krystal. He doesn't watch football on TV, he plays football on TV! Kenny said looking at his sister like she had just sprouted a second head.

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Oh my... That is all I can say...

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Your teasing  me aren't you Kenny? No I'm not he plays for the Raiders my favorite team. You heard me talk about Chris Mitchell  before, this is him. Uhuh she said she looked at India, I'm afraid he's telling you the truth!  India said. You mean you really play football? Yes it is true, you want to see my superbowl rings. Can we Kenny asked? Chris went and got his Superbowl rings. Wow Kenny said, he was in awe he looked at one and and Chris was waiting for him to say My Precious! He looked like Golum from the Lord of the Rings. 

I've never seen a real one before Kenny said. Well most people haven't. It is something you don't wear everyday Chis said. It's so big I take 2 fingers to put it on Krystal said. Kenny looked at her with a third head now. She wasn't impressed at all. Don't you know nothing he asked? There are 32 teams in the NFL and only one wins these, this guy has two you know how rare that is? 

Chris said it's okay Kenny, not everybody is a football fan. When I met India she was a Cardinals fan prior to that she was a, Vikings fan he was teasing India he said Vikings fan as if it was the most silliest thing he had heard. India said what do you expect I grew up in Minnesota. Then I moved to Phoenix, I did adopt the Cardinals. But now I'm a Raider fan, I'm in love with their inside linebacker. Chris said you and about 1/32 of America babe. India teased him back I was thing it was closer to 1/64 of California only. Chris said that's the breaks when your only semi famous!

Kenny smiled his parents used to tease each other like that. Chris grabbed a few sandwiches and said come on Kenny, let's go back to the man cave. Let the woman have their cackling session. Once back in the familyroom. Chris said what are you going to Kenny? What do you mean? Kenny asked. Well we were talking about you wetting your bed,  I am not one to judge but you can't keep hiding it. India's pretty smart she is a nurse, she will figure it out eventually. How about some of those goodnight things that Krystal got. Uhm I sure you don't want those they are styled after girls panties Chris said. Kenny blushed a deep red no I don't want those then. You wear cloth and plastic pants, yeah said Chris I have some from the Raiders licensed have my #58 and say Mitchell on them. Can I get some of those Kenny asked? I don't know why not. Since your going to be taking care of your own I will get the pull up kind, no pins. Chris pulled out his cell phone and ordered them from his place here in Phoenix that sells them. Sure thing Mr. Mitchell, Terry Waits told him I cam have then delivered by 5 pm.put them on my card Terry okay? You got it Terry told him. They will be here soon. Like I said I know of at least 2 people that have had nightmare induced bedwetting and it has stayed with them. You know 3 that's Krystal's problem to. When she found out mom and dad were killed she had nightmares about them dying and began to wet her bed. Then that guy beats me really bad with that belt and now I do to. So I guess that's four.

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Chris did as much as he could with Kenny. Chris dId notice that when he was reading through his packet that due to being foster kids that Kenny and Krystal both were behind in school. He told them both that tomorrow both would be placed in school, he stressed how important education was to each of them. He also told them that he didn't want to be blamed for them getting further behind. 

Krystal was kind of getting over her fear of Chris, she decided he isn't going to eat her or whatever her unrational fears of him were. She came and asked if she could sit in his lap. He said that was aright. She then had an unusual request. Can you give me a bear hug?  He gave her a really tight squeeze. Tighter she asked so he applied more pressure. He didn't want to apply very much more pressure, he was afraid of hurting her. She seemed satisfied. And she tried to reciprocate, he had to admit he enjoyed the hug. Thank you Krystal said she was almost in tears. Chris asked I didn't hurt you did I? No, she said tears starting to run down her face. My daddy used to give me big bear hugs like that. I loved them. You looked really strong and I was hoping you could do as good as job as him. Did I do as good as job as your dad, Chris asked? Yes she said that's the problem, you reminded me how much I miss those hugs from my daddy. You didn't hurt me I promise she said. You know I don't want to hurt you. Chris said. I know that, you look mean but you aren't Krystal said my daddy looked big but I'm sure he wasn't as ig as you. He looked bigger because I was smaller. Chris had to smile at her view of the world. When he was a kid his dad seemed big to him. By the time he was 12 he was almost as big as his daddy. He kept growing, his daddy didn't

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Chris helped Kenny get into his diapers that night and India helped Krystal and Nancy get into theirs. 

Chris talked to India, he came clean and told her about Kenny's recent problem with bedwetting. Poor dear, was what India said. I know how he feels remember it happened to me when I visited your in Oakland the first time. Yeah I know said Chris you had the nightmare , I just said you had a tramatic experience. No great details, I also told him about Benjamin. He told me that Krystal had a nightmare about her parents dying, that's what caused her reverting to bedwetting. He told me how he felt, the fear when the guy had been beating Krystal with the belt. Then when he intervened how the guys rage became focused on him. He said he was scared, but would rather the guys anger was towards him and not Krystal. He told me that foster parents don't like kids showing backbone. I told him if I get like that to let me know, we shook hands on it. That must of been thrilling for him. Well I told him we were speaking man to man I think that pleased him more than it was coming from his idol. I remember that age, just can't wait to grow up so you don't get treated like a kid anymore! If I Knew then what I know now is that growing up isn't what it was all cracked up to be, when I was that age I couldn't wait to be the age I am now, now I wish I was that age again. India laughed I know what you mean but at that age I never knew the love of my life existed. I didn't have two beautiful children and two beautiful Foster Children. She asked I know it's only day one with them but how do you feel about adopting them? 

Chris thought for a few minutes, you remember when Mr. English told us that they were like sponges in the love department? Yes said India. Well today Krystal came and asked for a big bear hug. I gave her one and she started crying, I thought I had hurt her or something! Did you India asked? No, said Chris appearantly her daddy used to give her bear hugs like that . It made her remember her daddy that died. But she loved it at the same time. Nobody would give her one before. Since her daddy she thanked me through the tears. You see said India we need them as much as they need us. 

The next morning they all got and showers were had by all. Kenny asked India what she did as a nurse? She told him that she worked where people came that were in the final times of their lives. Kenny said, You mean you work with the ones you know are going to die? Yes said India. Is that hard Kenny asked. Sometimes. Not always sometimes we get those that are in so much pain from their illnesses, that when death comes it's welcome, they are not suffering anymore. I can see that Kenny said . He asked do they all die? No not everyone. We had a guy there about 3 or 4 months ago. When this man was younger, he used to drink a lot of alcohol through the years he had destroyed his liver. This guy wasn't a very nice guy when he drank. He abused those around him. He abused his 8 year old granddaughter. Her father and mother wouldn't let him see her anymore besides what he did he was sent to prison for. Since that time his granddaughter had grown up went to school and got her nursing degree. Anyway one day the grandaughter saw and recognized the grandfather but he didn't know who she was, she had married a wonderful guy  and had a different last name. Now this girl remembered what trauma this guy had done to her when she was eight. The guy needed a liver transplant to stay alive. His grandaughter shared part of her liver with the guy and he is still alive. Wow, Kenny said, she must be a nice lady to do that for the guy. Must be huh, India said so no not everyone dies there. 

Chris took Krystal aside and asked you know, I need to give somebody a bear hug like I gave you last night. Would you like one for today? Yeah she said and ran to him she was giving him one as he was giving her one. Wow Chris said you hug pretty good. I could use one like that every day. How about we meet every morning and give each other a one like that? Can we? Krystal asked. I don't see why not. There is a problem, what's that Krystal ased well I play football and I'm gone a lot of the year about 6 or 7 months how about we do it morning and night. 2 times a day to make up for the year. That's a good idea Krystal said!

ESPN announced that it is official, The Raiders will be in Las Vegas next year. One way it's good Chris thought, in another it's bad, good is because Las Vegas is about a 3 to 4 hour drive from Phoenix. Bad Crhis loved Oakland. He would have to give up his condo there same with Jeff and Darla, Marcus and Maggie. She wouldn't be around to see her dad Stuart anymore. Chris was conflicted good and bad. He had to get two kids registered for school but he was going to meet the other two later. He wondered how the others felt. 

Chris caused a bit of a commotion when he walked into the school there were whispers that's Chris Mitchell! Raiders was heard Kenny was eating it up. The kids were pointing at him as well, Krystal was self conscious. She asked Chris why are those kids pointing at me, do they know I still pee my bed? No they are pointing at me remember I'm semi famous! People know who you are? Unfortunately Chris said it happens if I go to the store, movies, sorry and you get caught up in it. It isn't your fault. Okay daddy she said . She didn't even realize that she had called him daddy. It wasn't lost on Chris.  They entered the office and the lady didn't look up until she asked can  I  help  you? She was shocked to see this huge man standing in front of her. Chris said my wife and I just became these two kids foster parents yesterday and we would like to enroll them for school. She took the paperwork that said that he and his wife India were gurdians for Kenny Christian Spencer, and Krystal Traci Spencer. If there were any problems please contact Benjamin English Master of Social Work at then the telephone numbers. It was on the Child Protective Sevices letterhead. It looked legit. She called the cell phone and spoke to Benjamin English. She said he's so large do you think it's safe for the kids. Ma'am I've been doing this job for more years than I even want to count. I've never felt better about a placement. Ask Kenny who this guy is? It's his idol Mr. Mitchell there is a pro football player. For the Oakland Raiders, well I guess as of today the Las Vegas Raiders. He is a national hero yes he's big, but he has a heart to match. I've known this kid since he was Krystal age . So by all means these kids need an education with being in the foster program they have missed a bunch of school being moved from home to home.  They are getting behind. Chris there is very big on education, if you was smart you might want to try and recruit him and his wife for your PTA! 

The lady felt properly chastised now she began typing the kids name into the computers . The social worker wasn't kidding it had been a couple of weeks since the kids had last attended school. Is there some reason you two haven't been in school for the last couple of weeks? Yeah said Kenny he lifted his shrt he still had cuts and the bruises were that sickly banana peel yellow. My dad from our last placement beat me. Chris was sick himself this was the first time he had seen Kenny back. Chris felt his blood boil. He wished he knew who their former parents were. Chris wanted to hurt the man like he had hurt Kenny, he also heard the lady gasp. Very good reason she said. Chris thought no wonder Kenny was traumatized. After it was all over Chris got back into his car. He hated to admit it but he cried it probably looked funny for a guy as big as Chris  is, shedding tears. India was right they needed these kids as much as they Chris and his family. He made up his mind he was going to adopt these two kids only so another foster family couldn't do this to them again!


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Great updates, thank you... 

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Chris drove to India's hospital. He went to her ward. She saw him and saw his face he had been crying. What's the matter Chris, she asked? You asked me if I wanted to adopt these kids? I do! He told her about being in the school and the secretary had asked why they had missed the past two weeks of school. Kenny raised his shirt and he described what he saw. Chris began to tear up again. I want to adopt these kids so nobody can hurt them again! She agreed with Chris. For her being a nurse and seeing fresh injuries like that on kid, that she had seen more than she wanted. She understood how Chris felt! She had wanted to bring each and everyone them home with her.. she knew she couldn't save the world, but she knew she could help these two! They called Mr. English who was surprised that they had called he was worried that they were ready to send the kids packing. No sir Chris said just the opposite, we want to adopt. 

Mr. English hadn't expected this call so soon. Why is that? Well your right these kids are great. Also when I was registering them for school the lady asked them why they had missed the last 2 weeks of school. Kenny lifted his shirt and showed her. I was shocked at the state of his back. It made me cry sir, and if anybody saw me crying I'm sure it was a funny sight. Kenny told me that you guys didn't know but he's been wetting his bed at night from the trauma. Mr. English looked and I said he had one wet night on a weekend. Nothing else was noted. Chris told him that Kenny had washed his own sheets and dryed them seems your night guy sleeps. Your kidding me, Mr. English asked ? He's been traumatized!  Chris said I don't ever want to see that happen again, that's why we want to adopt them, that and we love them! Mr. English punched the air he was glad he was right. 

If you have a lawyer I suggest you get in touch with them and  file the paperwork I'm very pleased for you and India. I'm also pleased for Kenny and Krystal! 

Chris contacted the only real lawyer he knew. Paul Abbot and Associates Hermione's husband. 

He was transfered to Paul immediately. 

Paul I know you helped Gary and Maria when the adopted Karen! Chris said. Paul said, I'm also trying to help them with Sarah also. Well how about two more. India and I are the foster parents to a boy and girl both orphans we want to adopt them. When did you become foster parents Paul asked two days ago Chis said. But we want to adopt these kid's the last place that had them, the boy was abused, I saw his back though it isn't as bad as Stacy it's badly bruised there were a few cuts that had stitches. I could never forgive myself if they got placed in a home and something like that happened again. Okay if I come by this evening Paul asked?  You bet, said Chris you'll get to meet the two then!

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Chris was at home when his phone rang. The caller ID was Jeff dang it, he forgot to meet Jeff and Marcus. He said sorry I got distracted I'll be right there. He jumped in his car and drove to the cafe that they were meeting at. Sorry I got sidetracked. It's okay it just usually isn't like you Jeff said what could be so pressing? Chris said where do I start. He began with the party at Gary to celibate with them for Sarah. How him and India had thought about adopting. They went to CPS and how Mr. English had expidited their paperwork and yesterday they had gotten a boy and a girl both great kids. He told them how the kid is a huge Raiders fan and we three are his idols! He told me what it was like living in the foster program. Now Krystal is a bedwetter already. When their parents were killed she had a nightmare and has wet since. Kenny has accidents about every couple of months. Nothing huge. There last placement was a nightmare. They had no patience for Krystal's bedwetting. The dad decided he was going to beat it out of her. Marcus said like parents think they can do that! Chris continued. Now Kenny is pretty protective of his little sister. When the guy began whipping Krystal with his belt. You know Kenny fights back. Well the mans anger turned to Kenny, he told me that foster parents don't like kids with a backbone. That guys anger turned to Kenny. They were removed from that home thank god! Today when I took them to register them for school the secretary asked why thy hadn't been in school for the past two weeks. Kenny lifted his shirt and showed the lady his back . There was bruises that sickly yellow color there were cuts that had stitches in them still. The guy had done a number on him. Jeff asked where do we find this piece of crap, I want to kill him. Chris said I've been down that road already myself! Anyway I got so sad I cried when I got to my car. Me the biggest baddest Linebacker in the NFL.  Kenny told me last night that since that beating he took he's been wetting his bed at night. Now I know why. Anyway Chris said I drove directly to the hospital and told India that we are going to adopt them. I told her that I could never forgive myself if the got moved to another home and something like this happened again. I put a call into Paul he's bringing paperwork to file for a motion to adopt, he's also helping Gary with Sarah. 

Jeff said I'm glad, your going to adopt these two, if you didn't I would! I'm still wanting to kick somebody's ass over this. Sorry Chris! No offense taken. Chris said I felt the same way! 

You know we should make plans, Jeff said. What happens to our kids if something like this happens to you and India, or me and Darla, or you and Maggie, Marcus? What about our kids? I know my in laws Jeff said wouldn't let anything happen to my kids, your parents Chris,  your brothers and sisters. I'm sure the parents of Kenny and Krystal never planned on dying either. I know when parents die, they try and find family members to place them with, so Kenny and Krysta didn't have relitives to go to. Marcus you have your brother and sister plus Stewart that they can go to, worse case your mother. You mentioned she's getting a bit old to care for kids isn't she? Marcus said knowing my mom that wouldn't stop her, mom's always been the kind to step up to the plate kind of lady. 

This restaurant was known for the best fish and chips around the area. That's what all three ordered. Well need a run after this Jeff said there are a lot of calories and fat in fish and chips. How about a run tomorrow Marcus asked? Sounds good to me both Chris and Jeff answered. Jeff said we should really blow young Kenny's and Krystal's mind all three of us plus your whole family should all show up like we did at Gary and Maria's the other night, let them meet all of their potential Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins! Great idea I'll stop off at the local butchers and get about 20 pounds of ribs Chris said. Sounds great Jeff asked but what are the rest of you going to eat? Jeff loved Barbecued ribs yeah I better get about 40 pounds, that and hamburgers and hot dogs. You guys bring the coleslaw and potato chips and sodas, not all sugared. I don't want to get fat Chris said!.

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