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Drownedinp    74

Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents.

Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry.

Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters.

They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her.

finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that.

About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then.

Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids

Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.

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junyour    10

This introduction could use some filling out. To me there is nothing to encourage me to continue reading.

this is by no means an attempt to end your story, but look at the reader and see what he reads.

Try to expand on the characters. Make us want to feel for them or wish we were they. Keep trying and try to make the story more enjoyable

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Drownedinp    74

This continued through Junior High School and when mom's took them out of diapers in Senior High School, the day wetting had improved but there were still accidents during school.

But it was decided to let them stay out of day time diapers, nighttime was another issue entirely.

Neither showed any progress what so ever in that department.

In fact, the only change had been the size of the diapers and plastic pants used meaning bigger sizes.

Both Arthur and Betsy attended a local College after graduating High School because of their bed wetting decided campus life was not for them.

During this time though they were dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with each other.

They knew that each other still were bed wetters. Arthur had never called her Betsy Wetsy, telling her it would have made him a hypocrite if he had.

since they were both over 18 they planned on marring each other after college. Arthur got his degree in computer software engineering, while Betsy graduated with her degree in nursing. Arthur was about 5 foot 10 and was a redhead weighed about 135 he looked skinny but was pretty tough as his brothers used to tell him "I'd rather be dead than to wet my bed and be red in the head." After a few years his brothers never picked on him after he'd inflicted bloody noses, fat lips and a few black eyes. Wetting his bed had made him tougher he was sure of it.

Betsy was a brunette and people would say she was cute not beautiful but she had an innocence about her that seemed to make her seem more beautiful.

when they told their parents that they planned on getting married their parents thought it was a joke.

Both were still wetting their diapers at night and looked like they would for ever.

They brought up the point "that since they were still wetting at night how much luck do you think we would have if we were to date other non bed wetters?"

"We would probably never marry and continue to live at home until we're your age!" Both sets of parents had never thought of it like that, but the more the kids talked it made sense. Besides the parents could see the love that they had for each other, and decided that they at least deserved a chance.

They were married on Valentines day the following year.

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Drownedinp    74

About Christmas time Betsy informed Arthur that she was expecting their first child she was about 2 months along.

Arthur couldn't have been happier as a matter of fact he was over the moon. When he remembered a statistic that if both parents were bed wetter there was a 70% chance that their kids would be, he wondered what the odds were if both parents were still active bed wetters. He brought this fact up to Betsy who said "if they do are we going to love them any less? Arthur said hell no! Betsy said "we will understand more of what their going through, right?" Arthur could only agree. Betsy said "and If they don't have a problem we will teach them to not make fun of the ones who do, including us! " about 7 months later Betsy gave birth to a hefty 9 pound baby boy in mid July, that they decided to call Christian after Arthur's grandfather, who went by Chris his whole life.

Chris was always big from birth until, well just for ever! Of course he was a bed wetter, but that never stopped him he grew up played football and was a dang good linebacker. Went to university was drafted by the Raiders in the 2nd round had to wear diapers at night because he still wet his bed. No one ever made fun of him because he was so damn big. Some kid on an opposing team while playing football in high school said "I want you bed wetter!" Big mistake, too bad because Chris about took the kids head off with a forearm to the side of his helmet before sacking his QB. No one ever called him that again.

About 4 months after Chris was born Betsy informed Arthur that she was pregnant again and one more time Arthur couldn't have been happier and was still over the moon. She was was again about 2 months along and at the last of May gave birth to not one but two, a girl and a boy. They decided to name the girl Darla after Betsy s grandmother. The boy was a bit harder until Betsy noticed a pattern emerging we have an Arthur, a Betsy, Christopher, Darla, so this has to start with E. They named him Ephraim. They got lucky Ephraim wasn't a bed wetter but Darla was not so lucky now they had 4 bed wetters and 1 that didn't in the family.

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Drownedinp    74

Betsy taught Ephraim that since he was the only child that didn't have problems with bed wetting that he shouldn't make fun of those that do. One night she heard Ephraim making fun of his twin sister Darla calling her Pissy Darla.

Betsy took Ephraim and put a diaper on him and told him it isn't coming off until morning, get used to it. Ephraim thought that it was a Joke so he wet it so mom would Take it off. Look at me I'm Pissy Ephraim, and asked mom to take it off. Mom said "No, I told you it isn't coming off until tomorrow morning! Ephraim said but mom I've already wet it to be Pissy Ephraim! That's too bad you can sleep in it and find out what it feels like to be real bed wetter like the rest of your family then. Ephraim figured out that he had gone too far. Trying to sleep was almost impossible the heat and sweat tended to make him more uncomfortable, so he wet it again and it felt somewhat better, not good. he woke up and went into the bathroom and turned on the light, the light hurt his eyes because he was used to the dark, ouch he said as his eyes started to adjust to the light. He lifted up the toilet lid and began to pee looking around he saw the hamper, and the sink and tub, the shelving over the toilet. Dang this pee felt good, then he remembered that he had a diaper on, wait...... he woke up and the diaper was soaked and had leaked and there was a wet spot in the middle of his bed. That was just a dream, but it seemed so real the light hurt my eyes even. Then he really got worried I have to sleep in my bed and it's wet. Do Mommy and Daddy, And Chris and Darla go through this every night? It's harder to be a bed wetter than I thought, I'll never tease them again.

After Darla and Ephraim were born Betsy did not get pregnant again for 2 years then she gave birth to triplets this time 2 girls 1 boy the oldest girl fell in line was named Francis, the boy was Gary, and the girl was named Hermione after the girl in Harry Potter. Francis was the only one not to follow in her parents footsteps and wet her bed the other 2 again weren't so lucky.

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Drownedinp    74

With about 2/3 the family are bed wetters the Mitchell's got back to being a family.

When Christian was a rookie for the Raiders he was drafted in the second round because the Raiders picked up a Quarterback from LSU in the first round.

For some reason he had it in for Chris.

When he found out that Chris was a bed wetter he got plain mean, hung Chris's diapers out the window on media day, for every one to see.

The QB thought that he was hot stuff, because he was a first rounder.

He never missed a trick trying to humiliate Chris even as going as far as the old hand in the water, piss trick. Didn't take much for him to pee his diapers as he used his cell phone to tape it!

What he didn't know was Chris may take a little ribbing about his bed wetting, but the QB was way out of line.

The next day at scrimmage Chris wouldn't let him get a pass off sacked him three times, knocked down 4 passes and stuffed up the line on a QB sneak he couldn't get anywhere.

On ESPN they started talking about what a bust the new rookie QB was for the Raiders, but how impressive their new inside linebacker, Chris Mitchell was the talk is they should of taken him first and let the QB fall to the third or fourth round and saved themselves a lot of money. Back to you Dan!

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Drownedinp    74

Chris was still having problems with the QB, he was upset that Chris had up staged him at the scrimmage. There was an anonymous video that ESPN received that showed the Raiders new inside linebacker wetting what appeared to be a diaper. The video went viral. Chris was talking to his mother Betsy on the phone about how embarrassed he was that millions of people now know he's a bed wetter. Betsy reminded him that it what he does meaning he's a bed wetter, not who he is. She said the best you can do is come clean about your wetting don't deny it.

The QB admitted that he's the one that sent the video in in order to expose this big boy for what he really is a bed wetter!

Chris was interviewed and came out as the first openly bed wetting football player. He told Chris Burman it's what I do, not who I am, it doesn't define me. Chris Burman called him a courageous man. There was another thing that blew up in the QB ' S face.

Chris became a hero to millions of men, women and children that were or had been bed wetters and a lot of people thought of him as a stand up guy and soon Chris was the front runner for starting position for the Raiders.

Chris had a following and was being taped by people with cell phones. On one occasion the former starter now third string QB confronted Chris and informed him that I used to eat linebackers like you for breakfast while in college! Chris said, oh yeah let me tell you some thing Mr Hot Shot this isn't college this is the NFL! which for you means Not F-ing Likely. The QB took a swing at Chris who just grabbed his fist out of the air and threw it down so hard the QB took a nose dive landing on the ground. Chris walked quietly away and Mr QB was heard to let a tirade of obscenities fly at Chris's back. What Mr. Hot Shot QB didn't realize was this was being filmed by about 40 different cell phones and it just happened to make it to ESPN. Where it also went viral. The Raiders made an announcement the next day that we don't care how much money we loose but our first round draft pick has been relegated to the practice squad after the major disruption that was caused to the Raider Organization by him! We are pleased to announce that Chris Mitchell will be our starting inside linebacker. Arthur was pleased as punch about his son coming out so to speak. Bed wetting was becoming a less taboo subject in discussions. Arthur jumped so high that when he landed he hurt his knee. On the night of the Raiders first game, Arthur was in the hospital after having surgery on his left Anterior Cruciate ligament that he tore jumping up in celebration. The game was on in his room and he was watching his eldest son sack Tony Romo for the fifth time tonight and it wasn't even half time yet. Arthur said that's my boy just pleased as punch when a nurse came by, and watched Chris bat his second block pass of the night. Arthur said "that's my boy!" The nurse said "mine to he has brought a taboo subject out in the open and I am now proud to say I was a bed wetter until I was 16 years old!" Arthur said "no he's really my boy." The nurse "said mine too." Arthur said "I mean I'm his dad, for real!" The nurse said " Get out of town, really?" Arthur was yes! Really! The nurse "was oh my god I'm like the biggest idiot, I'm so sorry!" Arthur said "I'm Arthur Mitchell proud father!" "I'm India Taylor, embarrassed Nurse! Glad to meet you Mr. Mitchell!" Arthur said "Mr Mitchell was my father, Arthur, please." OK Arthur. Arthur said "India?" She said "yeah my dad always wanted to go there so he named me after the country, I know it's an unusual name for a white girl I've been told that millions of times!" Arthur asked "can I ask a favor of you?" India said "Sure whatever you need Arthur!"

"What I really need is a change, I got so wrapped up in the game I forgot to use my urinal." India said "I'll get some clean sheets." Arthur said "all I need is in my suitcase." India went to his suitcase and found diapers there. "You really are his dad huh!"

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Drownedinp    74

From then on India became a good friend of the family. Since she was from Minneapolis, Minnesota and had no family in the Phoenix area she was invited for Thanksgiving with the Mitchell's.

they had just sat down to dinner and was about to say grace when there was a knock at the door.

Betsy wondered who can that be?

Arthur said that I'll get it and went to the door. It was quiet for a while when Arthur came back said, "Betsy do we have room for 1 more stranger?"

Betsy gave him a look, but then softened "We can make room" as she resigned herself Because it is thanksgiving , we will always have room for one more!"

Arthur said "Great because I have one person I think could eat as much as an army!" With that Arthur brought Christian into the dinning room.

Betsy got up and gave her oldest son a hug and a kiss and Chris picked his mother up by the waist and lifted her up until her head almost hit the ceiling.

Betsy said "Put me down you fool" trying to sound stern but was so glad that they were a full family, at least for the the day.

"How come you didn't let us know you were coming, Chris " she asked?

Chris said "I didn't know if I would be able to make it or not. I drove from Oakland last night and besides mom it's always funner to surprise you!"

Betsy said "I am surprised!" As indeed the whole family was. Chris said I need to get some sleep after Thanksgiving Dinner, because I have to be back by Saturday afternoon in Oakland to come back here to Phoenix Saturday night. We play the Cardinals on Sunday night here!"

Arthur said "welcome home!" Chris said "I just have one question for you?" "What's that" Arthur asked?

"Did you guys have another kid while I was in Oakland?" Chris went to India" I'm Chris" and extended his great big hand out to her. India said "Yes you are!" She was experiencing being star struck, and to tell the truth was slightly intimidated by his size. She said "I'm sorry I'm India Taylor a friend d of your family!" She said finally coming to her senses. Chris said "Unusual name, for a white girl she said she with him. Chris said "I'm sorry I guess I was being insensitive," India said no, no but I have got that one plenty. She went into details about how her father loved the country, wanted to go there and named her that, like she had told Arthur at the hospital. Chris said "I think it's a pretty name, for a beautiful woman!" She blushed when he said that. They sat Chris across from India and all through dinner he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Later when she said she had to leave to get ready for work. Chris asked "If I get you a ticket would you come to the game on Sunday here in Phoenix?" She said "I would love to! As a matter of fact I have Sunday off for having to work tonight." Chris said "just show up at will call and get your tickets with the rest of my family, I would love to see you there!"

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Drownedinp    74

India and the family attended the game on Sunday Night.

All she had were jerseys for the Cardinals to wear so she turned it inside out because tonight she was going to root for the Raiders!

As they introduced the players when they got to Chris they announced him as a hometown boy from Glendale High School and ASU, Christian Mitchell. Not only did the Raider fans cheer for him but the Cardinal fans cheered for him to, most of the people stood up while clapping for him. Betsy got a tear in her eye because

all this yelling was for her son!

Chris had an excellent game sacked the QB Carson Palmer 6 times and stopped a run that if the runner had scored would have won the game for the Red Birds the Raiders improved to 4-0 on the season and most of it was due to Christian's playing. After the game there was a team party for the players and Chris took India he asked her about her inside out jersey.

All I have are Cardinal jerseys I don't own a Raiders one yet. Chris went to the equipment manager and got her a real one that was for their kicker and gave it to her.

He said I would have given you one of mine but I think it would have fallen off as you slipped through the neck hole. He said with a chuckle.

India told him I want to thank you!

Chris said for the jersey it was nothing!

She said "No, I was like you, I was a bed wetter until I was 16 years old and until you, I had never ever told another living soul that I was or ever had been, I was too embarrassed because we weren't supposed to discuss it. Because of you I can say it now!" She stepped on her tippy toes and gave him a kiss on his lips. Christian said "I really didn't do anything but get caught being a bed wetter, and was 1/2 way famous."

She said "don't sell yourself short, besides you don't have the size for it!" bursting out laughing because of his size. Chris loved her face when she laughed her eyes would twinkle she would show her perfect white teeth that seemed to enhance her red hair and her head would tilt back ever so gently. Chris grabbed her and kissed her on the lips and giving her an embrace that at first was almost squeezing her like a python.

Eventually she relaxed and decided it was enjoyable. Where had he learned to kiss like this, WOW!

Chris all of the sudden realized that he had tipped his hand and though she hadn't screamed she might. Him being 6 foot six inches and weighing in at 305 pounds tended to scare most people when they saw him coming. He sat her down easy said I'm sorry! I sometimes forget that I'm this big mound of flesh and do things that tend to scare others.

She placed a hand on his arm and said "I'm not scared by you Chris, in fact I was enjoying it! Can we do it again?"

This seemed to of made Chris's year! This time he remembered to be a bit more gentle with her. As they were kissing this time it was even more pleasurable for India!

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Drownedinp    74

Before the team left back for Oakland, Chris asked India "if she would be his girlfriend, not just a friend that was a girl."

India gave Chris a long kiss and asked "if that would answer his question?"

Chris said "yes ma'am" as he got on the bus to take the team to the airport to fly back to Oakland.

The next day India went out with some of her fellow single nurses to a bar close to the hospital.

The girls were talking when a Hispanic man came up to and began chatting up India. She said "I'm sorry but I've already got a boyfriend." The Hispanic man said "oh really or do you just don't like Mexican men?" India said "no I really do have a boyfriend!" The man asked her "what's he do for a job?" He plays in the NFL! India said. "What team he play for?" the man asked.

"He's a Raider she said. The guy asked "what position he play?" "He's the inside linebacker" she said. The grande man on TV that everyone likes?" By now even her fellow nurses aren't even buying it. She said yes! The man was about to call her a liar when TMZ came on and said "Who is the mystery woman that has been seen kissing Chris Mitchell of the Oakland Raiders of late? We will take a look into that after this. Some commercials came on and about a minute later there was India and Chris kissing it was a still photo but you could tell it had been taken with a cell phone. At a victory party for the Raiders after their win over the Arizona Cardinals TMZ got these exclusive photos and we want to know who she is? India ' s friends jaws dropped. The Hispanic male was looking at the photo on tv and then at India as he realized she had been telling him the truth. "You are his girlfriend then?" I no bother you no more, he's a big son of a bitch! India was about to wanting to deck the guy when he said that but her mother who was a teacher told her to first teach. She said "no his mother is really nice, I know the whole family!"

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Drownedinp    74

Once Chris got back in Oakland, he phoned India just to hear her voice. She asked him if "he'd seen the thing on TMZ?"

He said no "I just got back here, why?" She told him about the photos of him and her kissing and everybody wanting to know who she was, if we were old friends or just a one night stand.

Chris told her that he was sorry about that our Public Relations guys kind of get us ready to deal with the media, but you don't have any PR guys do you. Chris said I'm sorry I dragged you into this mess of being semi famous because he didn't consider himself famous yet, that wasn't my intention! India said it's not all bad, it got some leech of my back when he found out that you were my boyfriend he called you one big SOB. I told him no your mother is very nice! Chris said thank you for sticking up for mom, with a chuckle in his voice, what about me? India teased him and said what I've seen is you can handle your own battles!

Chris got a knock on his door and said I gotta go I'll call you soon. They both said love you as they hung up, but India couldn't see Chris's cheeks blush red as he said it!

She loves me he said to himself! As he went to answer his door.

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Drownedinp    74

As soon as India hung up her phone it began to ring again.

She looked at her caller ID it's mom cool. India answered the phone. Hi mom what's up, mom said you apparently. I was thumbing through the channels on tv and all of the sudden I saw somebody who looked a lot like you kissing a mountain, after looking closer it was you!

Why didn't you tell me you had met someone?

Well mom I only met him on Thanksgiving.

Her mother asked where did you meet him, India explained that his father was a patient at the hospital and was watching the game in his room and I made an ass of myself, him saying that's my boy, to which I said mine too he is a great player. He actually had to tell me no I'm his dad, at first I didn't believe him but it was true. I visited him at home later and met the rest of the family except Chris they're great people, invited me for Thanksgiving once they found I didn't have family here in Phoenix. I was at their home when Chris surprised his family by driving all the way from Oakland to spend Thanksgiving with his family and I met him then, he's really down to earth, he's one of the best players in the NFL and calls himself semi famous.

I heard he wets his bed still her mother asked? Yep every night pretty much! Since he came out of the closet so to speak about his problem, others are seeking help for theirs my friend Kathy works for a urologist and they have been swamped men and women who have been wetting their beds for years are seeking help now claiming Chris is their role model. And now I feel more comfortable talking about my own, I told Chris and his family that I suffered with Enuresis until I was 16, her mom said you were almost 17. Yes I know India said.

I went to that party because I guess he is my role model to. When he first kissed me it was like being squeezed by a boa constrictor.

After he loosened up he's a fantastic kisser.

India ' s mom asked how serious is it?

I love him mom, I got bit by the love bug real hard this time!

Any wedding bells in the future her mom asked hopefully. I don't know we only have had one date and I'm in Phoenix and he's in Oakland we'll have to see!

her mom said jokingly, well if you marry a Raider, us Viking fans will disown you.

India grinned at that one and jokingly replied back if the Raiders beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl I know you'll disown me to.

They said their good byes and hung up.

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Drownedinp    74

Chris called India the next day.

He informed her that he had seen shown the TMZ photos of them kissing.

He told her she had nothing to worry about because they don't know who you are still!

Chris also informed India that they had a bye week coming up in 3 weeks and I want to invite her to come to Oakland for a visit.

India said I can probably swing it at work, I still have about 2 1/2 weeks of vacation time left and I have never been to Oakland before.

She started to ask Chris about flights and rental cars and hotels. He said don't worry about it I got it covered!

India ' s flight arrived and Chris met her at the airport, he was wearing Sandals, shorts, and a big dog tee shirt and sunglasses looked like he hadn't shaved in a couple of days, he looked more like a surfer than a professional football player.

People still recognized him and asked him for autographs, and photos with them. They almost all said thank you for bringing out that your a bed wetter because of you I can tell you that I was, or am, or never were depending on their status as being a a bed wetter.

When India saw him she ran to him and gave him the biggest kiss yet.

Out of their side view they could see flashes of various cameras as they were being photographed kissing again.

They arrived at Chris's apartment and went in.

India asked what's on the agenda tonight?

He informed her there was a formal banquet that he was scheduled to attend and asked her if she would go with him. Love to she replied.

He took her suitcase into the second bedroom or his guest room this apartment had 4 bedrooms.

She whispered in his ear what if I want to sleep with you.

Chris turned about 7 shades of red.

He'd never ever met a woman like India before, and to tell the truth he was slightly intimidated by her!

Chris said let's go to the banquet first.

It was time to get ready and Chris put on a tux and she made the comment about how he cleaned up really well, and had just stepped of the pages BGQ. What is BGQ he asked Big Gentleman's Quarterly.

India came out wearing a Kelly Green dress that appeared to be the same color as her eyes, and with her very red hair it looked stunning!

Chris said I can't take you to the banquet, why not, India asked? Because all of the other women will be jealous, and the men will drool. You look beautiful India! As he swallowed his saliva so he wouldn't be the first to drool on her!

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Drownedinp    74

At the banquet India and Chris did feel, as if all eyes were on them as they entered the hall.

People were taking photos of them as they found where they were to be seated.

Chris sat India in her chair and scooted her in and then sat next to her.

India asked "what group, or club us this?"

Chris told her "it's The Greater Oakland Urologist Association." As he pulled out some 3x5 index card and was going over his speech.

India asked "your giving a speech?"

Chris said "no I'm the keynote speaker!"

"I'm talking about growing up a bed wetter, and how it's affected my life in a positive way!"

"I don't know how it's affected you, but it has brought you into my life!" India said

Chris gave her probably one of the biggest smiles that he had given her.

Dinner was delicious Poached Salmon in a Lemon Cream Sauce with Browned Rice.

Wine was served with dinner but neither drank it because for India there was a history of alcoholism in her family she had made a promise to herself that she never would drink.

And Chris because it was against his religion, plus what he drunk now would end up in his diapers later that night and alcohol tends to make one pee more.

The first couple of speakers spoke about new procedures in Urology that for Chris was a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo he didn't understand.

India being a nurse could understand what they were talking about but still it was over her head.

Finally it was Chris's turn!

Chris thanked them for inviting him here tonight and made the joke that the snack you provided as he touched his stomach was really delicious.

He then dove into his talk.

While growing up I never thought that I was different than most others, my family has a long history of Enuresis both parents, and of 6 kids 4 of us were affected I have one brother and a sister that were dry sleepers growing up in my household they were the weird ones.

A few chuckles were heard. I had friends that were bed wetters to the neighbor girl, my first girlfriend when we were 7 was a bed wetter and her brother who was my friend was to.

In school there were kids that just seemed couldn't keep their pants dry, when I was younger I also fell into that category I always tended to have a wet spot on my pants about the size of saucer plate, there again in my family it was the norm.

As I grew older I began to grow bigger by the time I was 10, I was almost as tall as my mom.

I got into little league football, and I was hooked all I wanted to do was play football.

Like most kids I told everyone I wanted to play pro football or be a fireman or a cowboy when I grew up!

A louder laugh from the crowd.

By the time I got into Junior High I was as tall as my dad.

Bed wetting was still the norm in my family but I was noticing fewer and fewer of my friends were still plagued by it, by the time we were 15, even my girlfriend of when we were 7 was dry.

When I got to high school I was 6' 3" and was about 225 pounds if anything being big made me feel more a freak than bed wetting ever had.

But I developed a talent on the playing field I had a great coach that helped me focus that talent or I probably wouldn't be standing before you here today!

He taught me in order to play the game hard, you had to work hard.

I spent extra time lifting weights, my senior year my goal was to beat every school record in the weight room and I almost did, there was just 1 record that I couldn't beat that was the leg press.

It was held by a kid in the class a year ahead of me who, by the way made me mad, because he was only about half my size.

For one of the first times in my life I felt inferior, not because I was a wetting my bed still but that someone smaller than me was better at something that I wanted.

I never broke that record. My mother who is our family philosopher told me did you get better at it?

I said of course, then you broke your personal record?

"Yes" I said.

Then you didn't fail, because sometimes the best person to beat is yourself!

That stuck right here as he touched his heart.

In one game we played against a rival team where the center was taunting me telling me I want you bed wetter, some how he had found out and was trying to use it against me, it was the first time on the playing field that I had met a prejudice against me for something I had no control over.

My teammates were telling him don't do that, what mess with the big bed wetter he'd say.

The guy on my right hand said in a sing song voice "You'll be sorry!"

They, my teammates looked at me and said we got your back. About 3 of my teammates hit him and I ran right up the middle and sacked their Quarterback for a 4 yard loss.

Now it's second and 14.

This idiot hadn't learned his lesson yet, and called me the BW word again, I told my teammates this time he's mine, my teammates said go for it!

As the ball was snapped I hit this guy with a forearm to the side of the helmet so hard that he went immediately to the ground and as I ran up the middle again their QB saw me coming again and tried to run away from me before I caught him and I sacked him for an 8 yard loss this time now it was third and 22.

Their coach took this kid out and asked him what was he doing there were two plays that we have lost yardage on because of him.

He told the coach about someone who he knew and I knew told him I still wet my bed and he was just trying to get my goat.

The coach told him to leave the dammed goat alone and sit down your out for a while.

When the kid came back in I was Mr. Mitchell the rest of the game.

What I didn't know was scouts from Arizona State University were there looking for a new center, after I had bested him they were after a new middle linebacker now to.

I was offered a scholarship to play football at ASU I almost didn't take it because it would mean living in the dorms and still wetting my diapers/bed every night was still kind of intimidating to me.

I talked with my recruiter and he assured me they could work something out.

Did you think your the only collage freshman that still wet their beds?

I asked you mean there are others, as I really thought that I was alone!

He told me probably 2 to 10% still wet their beds regularly and about 75% will have an accident from partying too much or other reasons like stress.

I was like no way and he was like way.

I could tell he was from the 1980 ' s. A few chuckles again.

So I signed with ASU. My roommate was a wrestler that had the same condition as me but his was more sporadic he could be 5 days wet then 5 days dry to, I think our whole freshman year his record was 2 weeks wet to 2 weeks dry.

I on the other hand I wet my diapers almost every night, I did wake up dry one time but trying to get to the toilet, let's just say I didn't make it.

He was my roommate the whole 4 years at ASU and by graduation was starting to get dry, but I was still wetting every night sometimes a couple of times a night.

After graduating ASU I attended the Combine I was big enough and I'm pretty fast for a big guy that, someone was interested in me.

When I was a kid growing up in Phoenix, the Cardinals sucked.

My favorite team was the Oakland Raiders imagine my joy to be drafted in the second round by them and then have that joy jeopardized by a fellow teammate it was the first time that a fellow teammate didn't have my back.

He went out of his way to tease me about my problem of wetting my bed which for me is no problem what so ever!

All I have to do is fall asleep, like falling off a log!

Loud laughter from the crowd this time.

I had just had enough it felt like that game in high school all over again but like I said worse because he was a teammate and I felt betrayed.

After it all came out I was talking to my mother the philosopher.

She's the one that told me bed wetting was something I do, it's not who I am, I try never to use the word bed wetter when I describe myself.

After I was outed great things have happened support for me and all those like me or those that have been like me in the past, or even those that had siblings or friends have all thanked me for coming out and bringing attention to this condition called bed wetting, because of it I have been able to address you tonight.

I know you folks are a lot more learned than this dumb jock.

I was lost by most of the technical jargon of the speakers prior to me.

Just to prove that the only word I think I understood completely was Enuresis.

Also because of this condition, maybe I hadn't to tell you this.

Ah heck, India stand up India turned red as a beet but she stood up this is India Taylor my girlfriend.

Who I think is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth, she admitted to me that she had been a wetter when she was younger and that because I had came out she felt it easier to talk with others now.

India received a round of applause.

This condition needs to be stopped that's where you guys come in your the Doctors that treat this condition you need to learn to fix it not just treat it so angels like her don't have to put up with the teasing from other kids or siblings, or punishments from well meaning parents or the just plain wet uncomfortable beds.

Let's stop it before their are more victims!

Chris was given a standing ovation.

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Drownedinp    74

India told him later jokingly "thanks for outing me now all the Urologists in the greater Oakland area know I wet my bed."

Chris asked are you mad?

"No" India said, "and by the way you are a really good public speaker, we couldn't have a better spokes person for us persons with bed wetting tendencies."

She gave him another passionate kiss, what was that for he asked? "For calling me the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. I think I'll keep you because your good for my ego" India said!

Chris said can we get a burger or something I'm still hungry, they never serve me enough at these functions, after all I'm still a growing boy! He said with a smile.

After they got back to Chris's apartment, Chris said I need to get out of this waiters costume, referring to his tux. He went to his bedroom and she went to hers and took her dress off and thought should I? She pulled a sexy nightie out and put it on they had a matching pair of panties that she put on and the top verily even covered the panties and since it was almost see through you could still see everything! She sprayed some sexy smelling perfume on and went out and sat on the couch again sitting in her most sexy pose that she could muster. Chris came out and was saying something about a team... meet... wow! He said . He was just wearing some old gray sweats. When he stopped in his tracks and just starred at her. He finally spoke India, then he stopped, I'm ready for bed was all that he said.

She couldn't think about what he was talking about until it dawned on her he's diapered!

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Drownedinp    74

""India, you know that I love you don't you?"

India said "of course, I know that!"

"And seeing you dressed like this makes me want you even more, I would love to have mind blowing sex with you, but." Chris said.

India said "I know your already diapered for the night, we can always get you another diaper later."

"It's not that either" Chris said.

India said" is it because you don't want me to see you diapered? Are you embarrassed?"

Chris said "it's not that, you've met my parents, you know that they pray over every meal and have prayers with the family every morning and night, they have scripture study every morning as a family and every Monday night we have a family group just for our family that has a religious theme to it."

"I was raised in to believe in certain things for instance when the wine was poured I didn't drink it." Chris said.

"Neither did I India said, I have a history of alcoholism in my family on both sides so I don't drink, I thought that you know alcohol makes you pee more so you laid off of it so you didn't flood later."

"Chris said "yes that was part of it but in our religion we are cautioned against strong drinks, smoking, coffee and tea, have you ever saw me take of any of those?"

"No and I have never seen your family do any of those either come to think of it India said."

"My church also teaches us that our bodies are the tabernacles of our souls, and we do not want any unclean things in our tabernacles" Chris said!

"We try to keep our thought clean the most you ever heard me cuss was on a video when I was confronted by the QB that was drafted by the Raiders. I said F-ing not the other word that it represents." "You've never seen me chasing after girls like a love sick teenager have you?"

"No" India said. "The only women that I am even pursuing is you" Chris said. India said "you got me, I'm yours, take me to your bed."

"Chris said "in my religion we believe sex is between a couple reserved for after marriage it is one of God greatest gift to us to help bring about bringing souls down to give them bodies so that we can prove to god that we can live worthy while not in his presence, we believe this is a testing ground." "Do you understand India?"

"Does this mean we're not going to have sex India asked?" "Yes" said Chris, "not because I don't love you, it's because I do. I'm saving myself for my wife and my wife only!"

"I want to be worthy of her."

India asked, "him you're a virgin?"

"Yes!" said Chris

India said "I would like to say the same but' I'm not anymore so I can't bring that to the table."

Chris said that's alright you weren't taught anything better!"

Chris went to his room and came back with a Raider Jersey that had his name and number on it. "Please can you put this over you nightie it's kind of distracting. Save it for the honeymoon though." India said "honeymoon! Did you just propose to me?"

Chris said "I guess I just did!" With that Chris stood her up and put the jersey over her head and put her arms through the sleeves, and pulled the jersey down, which actually fit more like a dress it went to her shins and fell off her shoulders through the neck but caught on her boobs he said "I would like to of had a ring" as he kneeled on one knee and proposed to her!

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Drownedinp    74

India asked "since we're not going to have sex, can I still cuddle with you?"

"Cuddling is allowed!" Chris said.

She rested he upper torso on his and turned in his direction and began rubbing her hand on his massive hairy chest.

She could feel the muscles in his chest and moved down to his abs for a big guy weighing in at 305 pounds he wasn't fat it was mostly muscles.

Chris said "I have a team meeting in the morning at 8 am afterwards could we go shopping for an engagement ring?"

India said "Chris you don't have to buy me an engagement ring."

Chris said "I don't have to do anything I don't want to do, I want to do this, if I had known what size you wore I would of had one for you already, and proposed properly!"

"I think I'm 4.5 is my ring size" she said, "when I was younger dreaming of marriage I tried a few on just to see how they would look.

Of course in those days I still wasn't dry and thought I would never get married. No one would want a girl that couldn't keep their bed dry!"

Chris asked "what about a guy that still cant?"

"Chris I was feeling low at those times and had low self esteem issues, basically feeling sorry for myself 90% of the time. My cousin Tara used to tease and call me Indian's Rubber Sheet!

The one on my bed said made in India on it and since that's my name she called me Indian.

When you talked about well meaning parents, at the banquet my parents had that rubber sheet on top of my sheets and all I wore to bed was thin nylon panties, when I wet I was sleeping in a pool of my own pee most nights.

that wouldn't be so bad but living in Minneapolis, Minnesota it got damn cold in the winter I thought that some nights my urine was going to freeze and so was I."

Chris said ? since my parents both were bed wetters I had a supply of disposable diapers that were my night attire since I was out of kids diapers at 3 pampers size 6 and 7 wouldn't fit me anymore then it was Goodnights that I outgrew by 9 and then youth diapers until 12 I have been wearing adult diapers for over 13 years.

once I hit 12 I started diapering myself, up until then my mom would diaper me. I started missing the interactions I had with mom getting diapered.

The little tickles on the tummy, raspberry blown on my tummy.

I missed that but thought in another way I'm almost a man and didn't want it anymore because it was childish behavior.

My family with the history we have had dealing with wet beds, I think my parents knew and I missed it, and didn't miss it at the same time because when dad and mom would come in and tuck us in for the night, dad was bad cop, mom was good cop and the let me set the tone if I wanted interaction I got mom, if not it was dad that dealt with me.

My brother and sister that weren't the wetters Ephraim and Francis they got just as much attention as the rest of us so that they wouldn't feel left out.

Then mom and dad would deal with their own selves, getting themselves diapered at night. There were a couple of times that if a kid got sick or had a nightmare mom and dad would show up in their own already wet night attire just like the rest of us."

"My dad was the bed wetter I inherited it from," India said. "But his family dealt with it a lot harsher.

I never seen it but I've heard my dad has a scar on his penis where my grandfather, the drunk held an open flame and told him he was going to melt it shut if he didn't stop pissing his bed."

"Good Lord!" said Chris as he being male reached down and touched his own anatomy in an unconscious move.

India said "my dad never dealt with me much because he was afraid of abusing me physically because that was all he knew, plus me being a girl, all that got left up to mom.

I remember when I was about 12 1/2 and started my first period. My mom bought me pads the first time since that is what she used, and after the first night that I had wet it not only was bloody but looked pissed as well, when I threw it in my trash it plopped because it was so swollen with urine that came out of me, that was one day I wished I had diapers to deal with my wettings.

After that I wore tampons and the only thing that got wet was the string and a little bit at the very bottom of the tampon."

Chris said "do you realize it's almost midnight and I have a meeting in the morning that I have to be there for."

India said "I'm sorry that I have kept you up 1/2 the night dealing with my libido. But I'm feeling vulnerable tonight can I sleep with you? Nothing will happen I promise I just need to be held tonight."

Chris said "well, I'll have to kick all my other girlfriends out but I think I can hold you as long as you don't slip me a mickey and date rape me tonight."

India said "dang you figured out my fiendish plot, as she snapped her fingers. Chris took her by the hand and lead her to his bedroom.

Chris removed his sweats, and crawled into bed just in his diaper. He saw India stare at him. Should I leave them on I don't want to embarrass you just because I have to be diapered.

India asked do you have another? I don't want you to feel bad because you do and like I said I feel vulnerable tonight. Chris got up and went to his closet and got her a diaper from the bag. It will probably be way too big for you she removed her Raiders jersey that was passing as a dress for the time being and removed her almost transparent panties and laid on the diaper covered up her lower area and asked Chris to tape it up so she could get a good fit. He was right it almost went around her twice as he had to tape it in the back. India was thinking this feels really comfortable not icky like I thought it would. She fell asleep soon afterwards and began to have the nightmare where her grand father was chasing her with his cigarette lighter trying to burn her sensitive area like he did when she was 8 just as he had done to her dad but luckily she was so scared that she peed and extinguished the fire just as she could feel the heat on her vagina, her dad came in and punched his dad in the nose, she still remembers the crunch because it reminded her of when she ate her corn flakes in the morning, the sound inside her own head. What she didn't realize is that she had actually wet herself, again it happens every time she has this nightmare/ memory. Grandpa I trusted you dammit!

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Drownedinp    74

Chris awoke to the sound of crying he looked at his clock it was 3:56 am, it took a minute to get orientated and then he remembered India.

He turned on his light and she asked if he could turn it off again please she didn't want him to see her like this!

He said of course as he turned his light off again, what's the matter India?

He could feel the bed shake from her suppressing sobs, not wanting to let him know she was crying.

Chris asked did I offend you by not wanting to have sex tonight?

No, she said if anything you made me feel loved, by wanting to wait and trying to feel worthy of me, when at times I don't feel worthy of you!

What is it then. He felt her quiver and heard her sniffle.

Remember when I told you about how my grandfather burned my father?

yes I remember Chris said.

when I was younger all my friends were talking about their grandma's and grandpas, and I didn't know any of mine. My mom's mom and dad were killed by a drunk driver just before I was born.

my dad's mom died when he was younger so I never even knew her.

My dad let it slip that he still had a father.

I wanted to meet my grandpa. But dad would say he's not really a nice guy, that he would want around his family.

I persisted and finally my dad got back in touch with his dad.

He told my dad who was a cop that he had been sober for almost 10 years and hadn't had a drink in that long.

so my dad and grandpa got together and I guess they buried the hatchet. I got to meet my grandfather I was ecstatic, over the moon I had a grandpa!

We visited his house and I got to play in my dad's old room when I jumped on the bed I heard a crinkle, when I moved the blankets there was an old rubber sheet on my dad's bed, just a lot like mine and right on top so you had to sleep in the puddle.

She stopped for a second to blow her nose.

She started again I was getting somewhat tired so I removed my dress so I wouldn't ruin it and laid in my dad's bed in just my panties, I felt closer to my dad knowing that he wet the bed like I do because my dad had never told me he did, soon I had drifted off to sleep, and we both know what happens when you wet the bed and fall asleep it's like adding 1+1 =2, it just happens. I awoke and my grandpa saw I was wet and began to yell at me that I was weak just like my dad and can't hold my water.

It took me a few seconds to realize that water was pee, he was mad because I had wet my bed.

His belt came off and he began by hitting me with it. This was the first time I had ever been punished, for wetting my bed.

I asked him what's wrong, because I was feeling confused he had been as nice as punch up until then, and I still didn't know what I had done wrong to make him angry.

Then he removed my wet panties and threw them in a corner I was now naked and felt scared as hell.

He reached into his pocket and brought a cigarette lighter a zippo.

he lit it then started to say something about melting so I would never pee again!

as the lighter began to get close enough to where I could feel the heat on my labia and clitoris I got scared and wet which put the flame out.

Grandpa was cussing up a storm as he tried to get it to relight.

Once he did, my dad and mom came in the room my dad saw what he was doing.

I saw my dad's face go white I thought he was sick and was going to throw up.

He spun and hit his dad in the nose, breaking it I can still remember that sound it was like eating cereal and what it sounds like inside your head.

My grandpa said he was calling the police and he did, big mistake when the cops got there, my dad told then about the abuse that he went through with this man and how he had told them that he stopped drinking.

The cop said bull crap I arrested him last week for D&D. My dad told then that when he was younger I was a bed wetter and my dad burned my penis with that zippo lighter. I have a scar from where he burned me.

Imagine when I came in and he was attempting to do the same to my daughter for the same reason, I busted his nose. He stuck his wrists out so the cops could apply the cuffs.

The cops said put those away, we have been trying to get rid of this guy for several years but his good drinking buddy judge Carrington let's him of with the minimum sentence. This is not county this is state courts this time Judge Carrington won't be hearing it. He will go away. For 5-12 years.so we don't have to deal with him anymore you did us a favor.

My grandpa spent 5 years in prison When I was 12 my dad and I would go to the parole hearings and talk about how it has traumatized our family they had pictures of what he did to my dad and I found out I was almost dry at 7 years old but because of the trauma, I continued to wet. My last bed wetting episode where I didn't wake up and slept through it was 2 days before I turned 17 years old .

I continued to have accidents but would wake up just before or just after I started to wet that lasted until I was almost 19 years old. When ever I have the nightmare I still wake up wetting and tonight's no exception because I wet your diaper.

Chris said and he put his arm around India, I am so sorry that you had to go through that.

He was glad the lights were out because he felt a tear run down his cheek.

At times Chris couldn't believe what his fellow men did to their fellow men.

He remembered where a kid was wetting his bed and his dad poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire and told him to put himself out because you don't seem to have a problem with pissing on yourself at night.

These were stories from people that he had met who thank him for coming out so to speak, or the girl whose father was a mechanic and rigged a series of car batteries so that when she wet she almost got burns from the grid that he had placed under her sheet. She is still a wetter from that trauma she told him, all he could was hold her and cry with her. He counted his blessings that his parents were understanding about his bed wetting. Even the name was stupid it's just a bed, a piece of furniture until you wet it then it becomes the most important piece of furniture in the house for some reason.

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Drownedinp    74

The next morning Christian's alarm went off at 6:30 am he rolled out of bed but could of used a couple of more hours sleep.

he went into his bathroom and removed his wet sagging diaper and put it in a plastic sack before putting it in the trash.

he got in the shower, turned it on and waited until it was warm and stepped into the spray, as always the first run off from him had the tell tell yellow tinge as the last of his nightly curse was washed off of him and down the drain.

He got his bar of soap and washed his personal equipment off working up his belly and back to his chest and shoulders.

The hot water felt great as he tends to carry his stress in his shoulders and the water was loosening his shoulders up.

He thought about what India had told him last night, he was worried for her because if I can feel the stress in my shoulders, what is she feeling.

He reminded himself to wake her she had wet her diaper last night and was still in it, she wasn't as used to being diapered as I am he thought, it's probably very uncomfortable right now.

He turned the water off got a towel and began to dry himself off he stopped and thought dang, I forgot my underwear, I hope she still asleep so I can slip in and get some from my drawer.

He turned the light out before opening the door and tiptoe to his dresser and got his shorts out and on as quickly as possible, congratulating himself for his success.

When India said "good morning!"

Chris almost wet himself again when she said that.

He decided to play it cool and said "good morning, sunshine you planning on sleeping all day!"

India said "why you had just woke up and took your shower before you realized you had forgotten your shorts, right?" She said with a grin.

Chris asked "what had she had seen," and she got up and kissed his lips and said "everything!"

Chris asked her if she needed help getting out of her diaper this morning because remember, "mine don't fit you so well."

She said, "probably!"

Chris looked at her diaper it was really wet just starting to sag a little, either she was scared to death of her nightmare, or she had used it for its original purpose, to catch what leaked out of you during the night, and since she was not used to wetting herself in bed anymore he could of sworn she had wet a few times.

He reminded her to get a shower and clean last night's accident off of her, that he would be back at around 11 am to pick her up to do some shopping.

India went into the bathroom for her shower, but she came back for her sheer panties and the jersey that she could wear as dress. She winked at Christian and said "betcha thought I forgot, huh!"

she got in the shower and began to remove the diaper that she was wearing, she realized that it was wetter than she remembered after her nightmare last night, a lot wetter!

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Drownedinp    74

As India was waiting for Chris to get back, she turned on the TV and began watching.

Even though Chris had cable there still wasn't much on, even the premium channels were boring.

Soon India began to tire, it had been a long night with that nightmare again and it tends to sap her strength the next day .

Soon India was asleep.

She was dreaming that her and Chris were at the beach, she could smell the salt in the air, they were just walking along, happy as can be, when a wave came and almost knocked her over.

Because Chris was so strong he was able to keep her from falling but the wave had gotten her pants all wet.

She was expecting it to be cold, but this water is warm and feels so nice. She decided to wade a little longer.

Another wave came in not as strong as the first but it still was above her waist and this one was as warm if not warmer than the first. Chris was telling her come out or another wave might knock you over. But it's so warm she told Chris come on in and see for yourself.

Another wave and this one was up to her breasts and it was as warm as the first two.

Chris came to her but the water was only up to his knees, how can that be when it's to my breast?

She realized that she was dreaming and she knows that things don't always make sense in dreams like the water only at Chris's knees, and it being at her breasts.

Soon there was an earthquake because she was shaking, Chris was in her dream telling her to wake up!

So she did! There was Chris standing over her waking her up. She started tell him about her weird dream, when she realized that the water was gone but she still felt her pants were wet.

She felt yep her pants were wet and so was her stomach all the way up to her breasts, and all the way down to her knees... It dawned on her that she wet, and not the ocean. And yes Chris was indeed there waking her up. India stood up and looked at his couch, she was sure she had ruined it.

Chris said come on and took her into the bathroom and turned the water on before helping her get into the bathtub this time, not the shower he put some bubble bath in and let it foam up.

She stepped in and sat down and Chris helped her wash herself up on areas that he felt comfortable washing on those he didn't he let her handle those parts.

India said I'm so sorry about your couch, I hope I haven't ruined it!

Chris said no big loss if it is I got it at a thrift store after I fell asleep one day and ruined a brand new one that I had bought when I moved in here. No harm no foul!

Chris said can I ask you a question? Is everything OK with you because the diaper I dressed you in last night was totally sagging this morning, it looked like it had taken a couple of wettings! And then this afternoon again you had a major flood. I'm just real concerned! he said.

India began to tear up and said I am too!

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Drownedinp    74

India was concerned about soaking her diaper last night and ruining Chris's couch today. They went out shopping and had lunch at a gourmet pizza place.

This place was getting popular and Chris and India were willing to wait but the head waiter got them in faster because he recognized Chris from the news and had seen India kissing Chris on TMZ.

He was thinking that they must be an item, because this is the second time being together because if he remembers right the kissing was in Phoenix, she must be a Raiderette, the cheering squad for the Raiders, once in Phoenix and once in Oakland she must travel with the team.

India asked do you always get the star service where ever you go!

Chris said it wasn't for me you look like the movie star. He let me in thinking I'm your body guard, that's the only reason.

They got an unusual pizza that had shrimp, lobster, scallops, crab with red onions and a Alfredo sauce instead of a tomato based sauce it was pretty good . Chris ate most of it himself India just picked at hers. After lunch Chris took her to a jewelry store where your given templates but create your own wedding rings called customizing.

India asked if she could stop at a Walgreens, or CVS pharmacy on the way home he said certainly. She ran in and ran back out again with a large sack. She look like she was in deep thought she looked distracted for some reason and he knew better than to press the issue!

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Drownedinp    74

Finally, Chris noticed that India was getting back to her normal, crazy self, the one that he fell in love with!

India said tomorrow, we need to get to a thrift store so I can replace the couch that I ruined for you today!

Chris said I'm not worried about the couch, besides I am a lot better off than you. I'm getting 3 million this year plus another 1 million signing bonus 2 million if the team record improves to over 5 wins that we had last year and were 5 and 1 right now and if we make the playoffs 3 million more as he held up three fingers. If we get to the Super Bowl that's 5 million if we win 10 more million. I stand to make 24 million this year if we win the super bowl.

That's dollars she said, yep the way the NFL is set up is each team is allowed to spend so much on salaries that's the cap, you can't go past that amount if this guy is making 34 million this guy can only make 3 million and all teams have the same cap. But there is no limits on signing bonuses, incentives for reaching goals. That's why all teams have a team of Lawyers and accountants to figure all that crap out, plus they still have to make enough money to keep the shareholders and owners happy. The key is keeping the fans happy. If their happy they tend to by the extra hot dog and extra coke, or get that box of popcorn, so everyone gets money.

India said OK I'll let you buy the couch then, I just won't sit on it!

Chris was about ready to say something about stop beating yourself up over it when he looked 6 at her and saw the grin on her face and the sparkle of her eyes that she gets when she smiles or laughs. He kissed her and said your beautiful you know!

India joked how can I forget with you reminding me on a daily basis, as she kissed him back.

That night at bed time India asked if Chris could help her with something in her room.

She lead him to her room in his apartment and she sat on the bed.

It was her turn to have something to say, that she had a hard time saying.

Finally she began, with all of the accidents I've been having, a pause again as she hesitated again, with all the accidents I've been having, when we stopped at Walgreens today I bought these and she pulled a bag of diapers out from under the bed and explained. When I was younger and still wetting my bed I got something like this, putting one on I didn't know how to get it right and ended up with it down around my knees and was wet anyway. All I'm asking is to show me how to put it on me right, I've diapered others before being a nurse, but am not in the habit of doing it myself.

She gulped and since you do it on a nightly basis.

Chris could tell the problem wasn't the wearing of the diaper, it was hoping that he wouldn't be offended by her asking for help, and bring attention to his own bed wetting.

Chris said you don't have to feel like you'll offend me by asking for an old pro's help.

He saw a smile return to her face, I'm not offended.

India said I hoped that you wouldn't be, but then I thought it is an unusual request, and I didn't want to call attention to your own bed wetting.

She gave him another huge kiss on the lips, as she broke contact she said in a lot of ways I feel I don't deserve you she said, your too good to me!

Chris said why not don't you feel like you deserve it? If not you, then who! India since I met you my life has gotten better on Thanksgiving when I first met you, you've heard of love at first sight, I couldn't take my eyes off of you, if you didn't notice when they put me right across from you I stared at you the whole meal, you not anybody else, you!

I don't even know, I could have eaten the Turkey bones and not known, what I was eating, I don't remember any of the conversations I had tunnel vision only for you!

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