LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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punk18    2

Hey has anyone ever tried the iD slip diapers? they are from europe..


If so how do they compare to the premium diapers like abena xplus, dry 24/7 etc

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Elfy    703

I'm using them at the moment, they seem quite cheap compared to others like Tena, but you can get them plastic backed and they seem to have similar absorbancy to Tena which is pretty amazing considering they are cheaper.


If I had to give one negative it is that the tapes are too strong... If you put it on and want to pull it down for whatever reason and then tape it back on you need to use the secondary tapes.


Still a big thumbs up from me, I think they are great.

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I picked up a few cases last year.  They are a very good middle of the road diaper, surprisingly absorbent for the price.  I agree with Elfking on the tapes, very strong - never had one pop.

Not as good as Abena, or 24/7, but about as good as Tena Plus.  The plastic backing isn't as soft as the premium diapers either, but still very good.

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baby_ryan    33

Oh my days.... I just discovered these and am delighted with them, with the small exception of the tapes!


I added them to the reviews page however I can't review my own listing which is a pain!


They are just a modification of the tapes away from being on a par with the original Tena Slip Maxi. Very absorbent, plastic backed, well fitting and quite noisy they hold everything I could pee in them! And as stated above they are very reasonably priced.


Anybody Uk based can get a free sample from the website. 

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Does anyone remember the old ID Slip?  It was quite a bit thicker, with a blue diamond pattern on a white background.  It was one of the original premium Euro diapers, on par with the original Molicare.

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tiger2014    0

I wear ID Slip medium plus with a baby nappy as an absorbant pad which helps to make it bulky but I could not fit them using the tapes as they felt loose, so I tied the sides in a knot on both sides, this did work but the knot dug into my sides and started to hurt and leave marks. It was the style of a tie on bikini. I tried to put some soft padding in between the knot and my hip, which worked for a while but came loose. This worked and wore them out and about with a leotard on top to stop them showing if I bent over and to mold them so the bulk was reduced. Last week I put them on in the same style and after a while started to notice they were splitting where the side fabric met the pad. I complained to the company about this, but they would not do anything since I was not wearing them how they are designed to be worn with the tapes.

I tried again to wear them with the velcro tabs, the tabs stick for a while but gradually become loose and pop off, but they will never stick again as the cotton material is all on the tabs. What is the cotton wing material for, trying to get that round my waist is a bit of a mission and trying to stick the tab on, sometimes half the tab goes on the pad and half on this cotton material.

I have been put off by this, and stopped wearing any nappies because of the issues above, question is can you get any adult nappies that are the same style as that of a baby nappy without the cotton that goes around your waist.

id knot split.jpg

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