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Review, Fetware UltraSoft Lite Plastic Pants

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True. The reason that happens is that plasticized pvc is actually a mixture - not a chemical compound - of polyvinyl chloride with plasticizers, which can be present up to 50%. Pvc itself is the hard stuff that window frames or water pipes are made of, and it requires the plasticizer to make it soft and useful for plastic pants. But over time the plasiticizer is inevitably lost, and as most of us know this loss is accelerated rapidly by contact with oils, not so rapidly by contact with soapy water or urine.

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Since the review I wrote about Fetware UltraSoft Lite plastic pants also applies to other Gary pants, it makes sense to me to add information about Gary pants I have bought from other suppliers. There is one thing that all of these have in common, and that is that they all have the same elastics as Fetware UltraSoft Lite plastic pants, rather than the wider elastics that regular Fetware Ultrasoft and Cloud pants have. The prices are all comparable to Fetware

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