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In For A Treat

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Marcy took me to school in her own ugly rusted out Dodge Dart. She parked in the parking lot and watched me walk to Angela’s car before backing out and leaving. Angela smiled when she saw me and I quickened my steps. She reached out and pulled the waist of my pants out.

“Three diapers, blue baby pants. Very nice!†She let go of the waistband and patted my bottom twice as we turned to walk toward the school. Barb came up on my other side. No one made comments as we entered the school through a side door. I felt good about school for the first time in a long time.

“Just stay with us until the warning bell.†Angela said quietly, gently touching my hand. Two freshman girls arrived to join the group, both cheerleaders. Angela talked to them quietly for a few moments and when the warning bell rang they escorted me to my first class, which I shared with them.

Mary Anne had auburn hair, blue eyes, and though thin was already showing full breasts. She had never really spoken to me but had never been unkind either. Kelly was the typical blonde cheerleader with blue eyes and a vivacious smile. She was cute more than pretty and seemed to skip as she walked, vibrating with energy.

“We’re coming next weekend!†She said with a laugh, tossing her short blonde hair. “Couldn’t this time.†She waved at some friends as they passed and noticed my steps waver as we approached the classroom. Two of the school bullies were there and they taunted me without mercy. Both had been suspended for it.

Kelly took my hand and pulled me toward the classroom with a grin. Mary Anne patted my bottom! I looked at her in surprise and she smiled kindly. “You’ll be okay.†She reassured me. “Just keep looking at me.â€

I did and their taunts rolled off like water off a duck’s back. Inside the room Kelly patted my arm and Mary Anne touched my hand gently. “You did good.†Both of them said in tandem and laughed.

Most of my classes were with one or both of them and they watched over me. Without comment they dropped me off at the auditorium at lunch and waited until I’d entered the door before heading down the hall to the cafeteria. I attacked the piano with heartfelt release and was again unaware of the group in the corner.

Later that afternoon Principal Henning called me down to her office. Miss Henning was almost six foot four, stooped at the shoulders, with wispy gray hair and light blue eyes that seemed to twinkle with merriment, even when she was meeting out punishment. Those who were in trouble were called in authoritatively. Those who were there for another reason were met in the hall outside her office. I sighed with relief when I realized I was in the latter category. She came out smiling, offered her hand and didn’t surprised when I took it to be led into her office.

Her office was large, and in one corner she had two comfortable leather chairs with high backs, wide seats, and comfortable padded arm rests. A small rosewood table sat between them decorated with an old-fashioned lamp and some wonderful figurines. She led me to one of those chairs, asked me to be seated, and sat in the other.

“I have received word from Mrs. Moon, Angela, Debbie and Barbara and a few of your teachers that you are struggling. Were you aware that when your mother registered you for High School she failed to mention that you were incontinent and that you wore diapers?†She looked at me and waited for me to answer.

“No.†I said, my heart sinking. I was wondering if they were going to ask me to leave. Miss Henning seemed to guess my thoughts.

“You’re not in trouble William.†She said, touching my knee gently. “None of us mind that you wear diapers. Our school nurse is shocked and says you should be changed at least once during the day. I saw a young woman earlier, Marcy, who it seems just began to work for your family in caring for you. She says the same thing. You’re here so I can say how sorry I am that I didn’t know of your condition.â€

“I don’t want special treatment!†I said softly.

“Oh everyone in this school gets treated according to their needs!†Miss Henning said. “I have students who need to have their work load reduced so they can keep up. I have students who need to have insulin shots during the day, use inhalers for their asthma, and take various medications for various reasons. It’s not special treatment. Meeting needs is never special treatment. I have students who need to be punished more severely than others because they won’t learn any other way. See how it works?†She ended, nodding at me.

For a moment I saw her side of things and realized that hers was the hardest job of all in the school. I said so and she sat back pleased. “Yes. Mine is the hardest, but also I think the most rewarding.â€

“Now. Let’s talk about the real reason I asked you to come in!†She said. “Friday is our honors assembly. I am asking you to play the piano for the first twenty minutes of that assembly. Later, Angela wants you to accompany her for a song. She’ll talk to you about that. Will you do that?†Miss Henning asked.

“I’ve never played in front of that big of a crowd.†I said.

“Sure you have! Last March you won the Junior High State Championship Gold Medal at the piano contest in Indianapolis. There were eighteen hundred people in the auditorium!†She replied.

“Really!†I asked, surprised.

“I was one of them!†She said, surprising me again. “Please?â€

I nodded without speaking and she beamed at me. Patting my shoulder she got up, offered her hand, and led me out of her office. She held my hand all the way back to class and asked the teacher to excuse me. Mr. Flattery probably didn’t even know I’d been gone. He was usually already teaching by the time the bell rang.

Kelly waved me over to an empty seat in front of her. I sat down and she rubbed my back for a few minutes. Mary Anne, sitting beside me, opened my book to the proper page and pointed out where we were.

After school they both walked me out to Marcy’s car and said goodbye cheerfully, as though they’d enjoyed the day.

“Thank you.†I said, blushing. “Thank you so much!†Tears ran down my cheeks and Mary Anne reached up and wiped one away.

“Well see you tomorrow!†She said.

“Bye bye!†Kelly said, waving as she turned away.

Marcy looked at me with a smile on her face, backed out of her spot, and headed for the exit.

“It helps to have friends who care for you.†She said softly.

“I’ve never had friends before.†I said, wiping at tears.

“Sure you have!†Marcy answered, negotiating the turn from the school drive. “Remember Nicki from last year?†She asked. I looked at her in surprise.

Nicki was special. She wasn’t retarded, but she was slow. Kids teased her unmercifully, especially the boys. I’d received two black eyes and a broken tooth defending her against them.

“How did you know about that?†I asked, looking at Marcy.

“Nicki is my niece.†She said with a smile. “She told me all about her hero, the boy who wore diapers.â€

“Is she okay?†I asked. “I haven’t seen her this year.â€

“She’s just fine. We kept her back in eighth grade. She’s doing much better.â€

At home she held my hand all the way up to the bathroom where she changed me with Monogene helping. When they were done I wore three diapers, vinyl baby pants, and a very nice baby blue T-shirt with a waving teddy bear on the front. In my bedroom she sat with me and helped me complete all my homework by suppertime. Organization was not one of my strong points, so she helped me organize it all so it would be easy to find.

Marcy put a pair of dark blue shorts over the diapers just before supper and took me down. Dinner was not as agonizing with her sitting right next to me. Afterwards she took me up and removed the shorts. I told her I needed to practice and she held my hand downstairs and into the music room. Feeling safe and secure in her care I sat down and began to work through my finger exercises. Half an hour later I was ready and began to work through a new piece.

At nine Marcy stopped me. “I think it’s time for a change and time to think about bed.†She whispered in my ear. I turned crimson, realizing that during the work I’d messed myself without even knowing it. That happened at the piano in the evenings often.

Marcy and Monogene removed the offending diaper and Marcy bathed me while Monogene took care of the mess. After the bath Marcy put four diapers on me, fastening and pinning them expertly, and slid a pair of yellow baby pants over everything. In the nursery she patted the crib and I climbed in. A bottle was prepared already and I took it eagerly. Monogene came in to pat me on the tummy once when I was about half-way through.

The last thing I remember was Marcy kissing my forehead and whispering that I should sleep and dream sweet baby dreams. I don’t know if I did, but in the morning I awoke in such peaceful bliss that for a few moments I merely lay in the crib, kicking my feet lazily.

Marcy appeared, pulled the side down and smiled at me. She held out both arms and helped me down. After my morning change she dressed me for school and we had breakfast with Margaret and the rest of the staff in the breakfast room. I spent an hour on the piano before it was time to leave for school, gathered my books and notebooks, and followed Marcy out to her car.

Friday came all too soon. Kelly and Mary Anne walked me to the auditorium a little early, each holding a hand. They took me in and right up to the piano. We had to wait for the piano tuner to finish before I sat down on the bench. Miss Henning came in and smiled at me. As the first students began to enter the auditorium I began to play.

Within seconds I was lost to the music, seeing nothing, hearing only the wonderful strains of plucked strings, the muted tones, and enchanting echoes. I played as I always played, with my heart wrapped in the piece. When I finished there was a momentary silence and then the auditorium erupted in applause and student after student stood. Blushing I bowed to the audience and stepped back into the shadows. Kelly and Mary Anne were there with Angela.

Kelly threw herself at me and embraced and kissed me on the neck, cheek, and mouth. Angela took my hand and drew me in for a kiss, also on the lips. Mary Anne waited her turn, kissed me gently on the nose, and hugged me tightly.

I played for Angela and she received a standing ovation as well. Afterwards she stood beside me, holding my hand, and we bowed together. “You’re eating lunch with me today.†She said as we walked back stage. She checked my diapers. “You’d better head for the office and get changed.†She said with a smile. “Marcy will be there.†She added, giving me a pat and sending me on my way.

After Marcy changed me I felt better. Fresh clean diapers always made me feel better. The way Marcy cleaned and diapered me also made me feel very muck like the baby I wanted to be.

At lunch Angela told me how many would be arriving at my house that night. She also whispered that I was in for a treat. All through the afternoon I wondered what was in store. But that’s the next story.

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