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Interactive Story?

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So before I write anything, I wanted to hear what you people think about me making an interactive story. It can be either you choose possibilities or give me possibilities after leave it off.


Like I post the first one about a girl who babysits, and the little girl wants to baby the babysitter. There can be options you you give your own, from the babysitter is tricked to do this, or something happens and she is magically transformed into a baby.


Similar to Writing.com interactive stories.


OR we can make it where after one finishes, someone can post a continuable post to keep it going as another form of interactive story righting.


What do you think? Go for it or no? Because I rather not waste time trying to do it if no one is willing, I just thought people might like it better.

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Well clearly you should know the main structure of the story you are writing. It is was centered around Female Age Regression and you had a babysitter and a child, then you are fine. If the author lays ideas down, you pick it and he continues to write. Or everyone chips in on what they want it to be. But it would be set as a general story. Like this.


Babysitting and Diapers


You are either the babysitter or being babysat and someone will end up in diapers.


This is a story about a babysitter who babysits a couple of young girls (10 and 5). You can choose to be babysat or the babysitter. Someone will end up in diapers. It can be you or the other people. So you could be the babysitter and end up in diapers or diaper the girls. You could also be one of the girls and diaper the babysitter or get diapered yourself. The babysitter will be there for a week, while the parents are on holiday

No sex scenes, no murder, no regression (However becoming more dependent on the one who changes you is allowed)


Connor: The male babysitter

Emily: The female babysitter

The 2 girls are: Hannah (10) Hannah doesn't like babysitters much, she believes she is too old to be babysat. She is the one who is most likely to try and trick you into diapers e.g bedwetting prank. If she can get you into diapers and locking panties then she would be very happy

and Krista (5) Krista wets the bed, this means that there are diapers/pullups in the house for someone to wear

Have fun!


You have the following choices:


1.   Emily (Female babysitter)

2.   Connor (Male babysitter) *

3.   Hannah (The 10 year old being babysat)

4.   Krista (The 5 year old being babysat)


Credit goes to Writing.com and their helpers to make this. I am using this as an example. So this was their work that I posted.




But this is ultimately what I mean.

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It sounds like fun.

I might be interested if you want to try this.  I know I'd like to play Hannah the most, and get Hannah to be the one in diapers some how, but while she is trying to prank the sitter to get the sitter to wear them.

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Yea, it would be fun. I mean there can be many things. It would depend what people want me to base it on. Either some magic force or something gone wrong or even hypnosis.


Depends. Really I can put what I normally do in options or people can give ideas for it to start.

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If it's your interactive story, I think the first two or three responses should be based on what you normally do, and when people get used to the idea, then you can leave a third option or fourth open for others to suggest what they want, and as we get used to the idea, maybe you won't have to come up with the choices any more.

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