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The Summer Of A 16 Years Old

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My name is Robert and I'm 16 years old. I am a teenager like any other, except for a very embarrassing thing: I have not stopped wearing diapers at night. I have nerves of the bladder and sphincter are not developed enough for my age, so when I sleep I do not realize to pee and poop. Fortunately, when I'm awake I realize with a fair notice of the stimuli of pee and poop. At school the teachers know this, and they always send me the bathroom when I ask. However, even when I'm awake, I have no control as a normal sixteen year old, which is why my parents make me wear a diaper for travel (even brief), for ceremonies and for those moments where the bathroom is not easily accessible. To my parents is not a problem that their sixteen year old boy wearing a diaper in public.

I have neither brothers nor sisters, but I have two cousins​​, Richard (11 years) and Jessica (13 years) that it is as if they were. Our families live in the same family house: we on the ground floor while their upstairs. My cousins ​​have no problem with going to the bathroom and do not tease me. But I am ashamed: I'm older, but I am the one who needs an adult who prepares him for bed. Every Saturday night Richard is to sleep with me, and every Saturday night I'm embarrassed when it comes time to go to bed. I am lying on my bed, naked, legs spread, while my mother makes me the baby powder. Meanwhile, next to me my little cousin wears himself from his pajamas.

I am still used to being seen by my cousins ​​during the change. I do not mind that much even in front of Jessica, who is female. She has seen me naked a thousand times! Of course, I prefer that there are no spectators to my diaper change, especially if I did poop. Richad and Jessica, although very mature compared to my problem, before a dirty diaper usually comment like this: "My God, what you smell."

My diaper changes take place as those of young children. Mom always likes me to lie down, even if I'm just wet and after I have put my underwear. She says: "My child should always be dry and clean." The good thing is that neither my parents nor my uncles are weighing me that they still have to change myself. The downside is that when they change me, they talk to me like you do with babies.

There is also another thing that I can not do well: clean my ass after I did poop in the toilet. Often my underwear show the brown signs. My parents scold me: "It 's it possible that at sixteen you have not yet learned how to clean yourself after using the toilet? Your younger cousins ​​do not reduce their briefs in this state." Often they resign themselves to clean my ass.

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