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Forcing Baby Into Total Submission.

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Forcing Baby into Total Submission.


This story contains material of an Adult Nature and should only be read by people of age determined appropriate by the laws of their country. The author assumes no responsibility for underage readers, or reading in a country where the subject material is illegal.

This story contains graphic scenes involving gay sexual activities, masturbation, female domination, sexual discipline, wearing diapers, wetting and messing diapers.

This Story has been written as a work of fiction although some of the activities have happened all people involved in the acts written about have agreed to allow them to be included and names have been changed.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

One day I was sat watching the TV when I heard mummy calling to me, I was so engulfed in the program I didn’t respond, moments later she walked in and slapped me across my leg, “you should answer me when I call you, your getting very disobedient I think you need a spanking before your next client arrives to remind you who’s in charge.†With that she grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the chair in the corner of the room, she then pulled my skirt down and removed my plastic pants and diaper. I was then stood in front of her whit only a short pink Barbie t-shirt on; she lay me over her knee and without warning began to spank me. Each slap was hard and stung as she alternated from my left buttock to my right, causing the pain to increase. When I was blubbering and wailing she stopped and told me to go upstairs and wait for her to come and re diaper me. As I walked upstairs I heard the doorbell, as mummy answered she said “Good afternoon, please come in, baby Niki has been a bad girl this morning so has just had a long spanking so I will go and get her ready for you, she will be down in a few minutes please take a seat in the living roomâ€.

Chapter 2: Meeting Mistress Tara.

The next morning I woke with a soaked diaper, but when I looked over at the clock I noticed it was already midday, I called out to mummy but heard no reply. I lay there for another ten minutes and called out again, at the same moment a female figure came to the door, she was a tall, slender, dark haired woman with large breasts, she was wearing a tight fitting black latex outfit, and this gave me an erection immediately. “I am Mistress Tara; your mummy called last night expressing her unhappiness with your behaviour recently so you are coming back to my training centre for a week of submissive training, when were done you will be a polite well disciplined baby girl.â€

I was taken out of my crib and a penis shaped gag was placed in my mouth, a blindfold was placed over my eyes and I was escorted downstairs and outside, I panicked as I had never been out of the house other than in the back yard wearing only my diaper. A few seconds later I heard a car door being opened and I was pushed inside. I lay across the back seats whilst the car drove away it felt like a few hours in the car and I messed and wet my diaper again, it was as full as it could be so I tried not to move too much and not to sit on the back so my load wouldn’t squelch throughout the rest of the diaper. When the car stopped I heard the driver get out and instruct someone, “get her out of the car and taker her to the dungeon, restrain her in my room and I will be down in a few moments.â€

Chapter 3: Enter my Dungeon.

My blindfold was removed and as my eyes reacted to the light a voice said “Welcome to my dungeon, you will be staying here for the few days, some rules, you only speak when spoken too, always address me as Mistress, and just do whatever I or any of my assistance tell you to.†Before I was able to respond two men grabbed my arms and dragged me to the corner of the room, then pushed me to the ground. “The first thing we are going to do is break you, then we can train you to be totally submissive and obedient†I was helped up to my feet and my diaper was removed and thrown into a bin in the corer of the room I was then lead into another room and showered with a large hose until I was clean all over. I was still wet and cold as I was escorted into another room, there seemed to be thirty or more rooms off the one long corridor, I could hear screams of pain and pleasure coming from other rooms. I tried to ask what was going to happen but still had the gag in my mouth so all that came out was muffled noises. “Don’t worry, there are others here too but most of them choose to be here, unlike you who we are forcing to be here.â€

I was made to kneel down on a mattress on the floor as I notice a machine being uncovered behind me, whilst one man put a collar around my neck and padlocked it to a plate on the mattress another man chained my ankles to plates on opposite sides of the mattress, finally my hands were cuffed behind my back so I was now totally restrained with my ass in the air. The machine was then positioned and I saw them lubbing up a dildo attached to it, this was then pushed into my ass a small amount, and the machine turned on. The dildo began to move in and out of my ass slowly to start with, suddenly a plastic paddle cracked hard on my backside, five seconds later the paddle cracked down again. After ten minutes or so my ass was sore inside and out and I was crying, but I had worked out the timings the dildo moved in and out and as the dildo was a deep as it would go the paddle hit down hard this then repeated over and over. During the next hour I cried uncontrollably, I had lost all control and could feel the strength fading from me, after another hour the machine was turned off and I was released from the restraints with no energy or will left intact.

Chapter 4: The First Day I Ever Felt Like a Real Baby.

When I awoke I was in a room which looked like a nursery, the walls were padded but had cartoon animals drawn all over them, the floor was carpeted unlike the cold concrete of the other rooms I had been in, I was in an adult sized crib and in the opposite corner of the room was a large changing table with shelves full of diapers, powders, creams and plastic pants. I sat up but was stopped suddenly and fell back onto my back, my restraints were now attached to the bars of the crib, my wrists were secured to opposite sides of the crib so I couldn’t touch my hands in the middle and my collar was attached to a chain on the bottom of the crib so I couldn’t sit up or get out of the position I was in. my ass was sore but I could feel something soothing slightly between my skin and the fresh diaper. As I lay there I felt totally exhausted and helpless, I had never felt like this before and I began to cry. I didn’t realise why I was crying but for the first time in my life I actually felt like a baby.

What seemed like hours later the door opened and Tara walked in, she had a bag in her hands which she placed on the floor at the side of the crib, she then proceeded to remove my restraints leaving the collar and wrist cuffs on. “Sit up†the sharp tone in her voice made me shake as I followed her instruction. I opened my mouth to ask her what was going to happen but before the word came out she slapped me hard across the face, “Don’t even think about talking remember the rules.†She reached into the bag and brought out a bottle with what looked like milk in it, she pushed the teat into my mouth and held the bottle up so I could drink it easily. Whilst I was drinking she began to tell me what was going to happen over the next few days. “Today you will be a baby, so no talking, walking or doing anything yourself. You’re probably familiar with that. Tomorrow one of my special female customers is going to come in and do whatever she wants to you; all you have to do is please her. Wednesday you will have the company of a group of men who have been coming here for years, they are totally submissive and will do whatever I tell them to but they actually seemed excited when I told them what they would be doing to you. Finally Friday you will be allowed upstairs and you will serve me doing some odd chores. You will be spanked every evening before you are put to bed, if you are good during the day the spanking will only last an hour if not it will last much longer. Now let’s change this diaper for something more fun and then you can sit in that play pen and think about what I have just said.â€

As I finished the last drop of milk Tara stood up and walked over to the changing table, “come on baby come to mistress Tara†she beckoned to me as I stood up and began to walk over to her she ran towards me and cracked a cane across the back of my legs, I fell to the floor and let out a cry of pain. “Babies crawl not walk, now get over to that changing table.†I crawled over to the table and sat there until she helped me up and lay me down on it. My wrists were strapped to the sides and my diaper was removed, there was still some white cream covering my diaper area, this must have been what felt soothing on my sore ass earlier. Tara then produced a diaper with two attachments fixed to it she held it to my face so I got a good look at what I was going to be wearing. It had a large seven or eight inch butt plug attached to one part and a cock cage slightly further down. “Lift your bottom up so I can fit this training diaper†this command was followed with a sharp slap to my dick with the cane she was holding to make sure I complied. The diaper was positioned and the butt plug lubbed up a little at the tip, this wouldn’t help much but it was better than nothing. The plug was then pushed deep into my ass, I gasped as it was forced in me, and she then pushed me down so I was laid flat on the table again. Next the cage was opened and my penis was pushed into it, as Tara gripped my cock it began to get hard, “This wont go into my little cage if you are hard, but don’t worry we can sort that out.†She rubbed my dick hard and fast, it was only a minute or so until I ejaculated all over her hand, “Lick it all off my hand then we can continue.†I did exactly what she said as I had realised now I had no choice in the matter and if I didn’t do what she said it would hurt much more. Once I had cleaned all of my cum off her hand she fitted the cage around my cock and secured it shut this kept my cock between my legs preventing me from getting another erection. The diaper was then fastened, a pair of plastic pants placed over them and a chastity belt over that and locked closed tightly. There was no way I was going to get out of this unless I was released by her. She helped me off the table and escorted me over to the play pen, when I went inside she locked the gate behind me and left the room.

I lay in the pen for a while trying to find a comfortable position where the butt plug was not forced so deep into my ass. I began to look at the toys in the pen but there wasn’t much there a few dolls and a pile of books, I picked up the top book from the pile, opened it and began to read it was a child’s book with about six words on each page with big pictures. It wasn’t long before I had finished it so I went to pick up the next book. As I did I notice that it didn’t belong in the pile it was a pornographic magazine, I assumed it had been smuggled in by the last person to be locked in the pen, I began to look at each picture in great detail, but then I felt my penis trying to become erect as it did it pushed hard on spikes set on the inside of the cage, this bought tears to my eyes, but before I could close the magazine the butt plug began to vibrate I didn’t understand how it had happened but I soon wished that I hadn’t looked at the picture in the magazine. After a while the vibrating subsided and stopped and I felt my diaper filling up with warm pee. As I began to relax I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Chapter 5: Learning How to Please a Woman.

I was awoken early by a man dressed in a tight latex suit; he stood me up and walked me over to the changing table. Once he had removed my diaper and cleaned me up I was escorted into a much larger room, all that was in the room was a four poster bed and a chair in the far corner. I was told to sit on the chair and wait, he then left the room. It wasn’t long before the door opened and a large woman walked in, she must have weighed nineteen or twenty stone and she was wearing a bathrobe. She walked over to the bed not saying a word, removed her bathrobe and turned towards me. I shuddered as I looked at her; everything about her was unattractively large. “Come over here, we will start by you licking me to climax then I’m gona fuck your brains out.†With that she walked over to me grabbed my wrist, dragged me towards the bed and then threw me onto it. I protested “I am not going to touch you.†“Yes you will or I will call Mistress Tara in and she will make you, I promise complying with me will be much less uncomfortable than me getting Mistress Tara in here. So what do you say?†I waited a while then nodded in agreement. As she positioned herself I moved towards her, she spread her legs and I moved closer and began to rub her clit with my fingers. “Get your tongue in there or we will be here all day.†I removed my fingers and began to lick her clit, her fat thighs covered the side of my head and as she closed her legs it held my head tightly in position. Ten minutes later I felt her legs relax and her cunt became very wet. “That’s fine now lie on your back and I am gona ride you, I think you’ll like it.†She then proceeded to sit astride on top of me, as she positioned my dick in place she lowered herself onto me. She then bounced up and down until I erupted inside her. When she got up my legs felt like they had been crushed. “Right now come and lick all of your spunk out of me†she pushed me off the bed and positioned herself as before. I knelt between her legs and began to lick her clean “consider this a present from me†she said whilst I was licking her. I cleaned my cum and her juices from her cunt, when she pushed me back away from her, she stood up, put her robe back on and left the room.

A while later Tara came in she was wearing a pair of red latex shorts and matching bra, but the thing that was most noticeable was the twelve inch strapon that was secured between her legs. “Get on your knees and just take what I am going to give you, think of it as practice for tomorrow.†I knelt on the bed and glanced behind me as Tara positioned herself, she grabbed my legs and thrusted in sharply, I let out a small yelp at the intrusion but a slap to my backside stopped me from continuing. She thrusted in and out slowly but getting deeper each time until after a few minutes she was thrusting the full twelve inches of the dildo inside me. It wasn’t long before she increased pace and rhythm, as she speeded up I felt my dick getting hard again, it didn’t take long before Tara noticed, then I felt her hand reach in front of me and she began rubbing my dick in time with her thrusts. Just before I climaxed she pulled out and rolled me over onto my back, causing me to squirt cum all over my chest. Tara then walked over to the chair and sat down and called for me to lie over her lap, I knew what was coming next but without hesitation I got up from the bed, walked over to her and lay across her lap. She began to spank my ass hard after about twenty or so slaps she stopped, I wasn’t sure why but then suddenly she began again but this time she was using a leather paddle, each spank felt harder than the last and it wasn’t long before the pain reach its limit and I began to blubber and cry, the beating continued for at least another half and hour, by which time my ass was red and tender. “Right then we are getting better at this after tomorrow you should be totally submissive. Now let’s get you something to eat, diapered and put to bed.â€

Chapter 6: Becoming a Real Submissive.

I woke late and had totally soaked my diaper in the night, I could hear Tara in the room opposite through the open door of my room, and she was ordering people to line up. A short time later she came in and told me to stand up and remove my diaper, once I had done this she took me down the corridor into another room it was all covered in white tiles from ceiling to floor and there were four drains set in the floor. I was told to lie down and my hands and feet were secured to rings set in the floor. A man came in, inserted an enema tube in my ass and hung the enema bag on a hook hanging from the ceiling then he left. It took about forty minutes for the enema bag to empty and for it to have an effect, as I felt my bowels release it forced the tube out of my ass and began to flow out of my ass all over the floor and down the nearest drain. The smell was strong and it was a few minutes after it had finished before the door opened and my hands and legs were released. I was then hosed down, dried off and escorted to the room opposite the nursery.

As I walked in I counted fifteen men all naked and all with stiff dicks, stood around a mattress that was on the floor in the middle of the room. “Now these men are going to fuck you like a train, they will take it in turn fucking you sweet little ass, then before they squirt there load they will pull out and move in front of you where you will suck them off and swallow every last drop of there cum, this will happen until each one of these men is satisfied they may do you a few times each it all depends on how much they can cope with. I am sure you will enjoy it.†With that Tara walked out of the room and closed the door, the first man approached me and pushed me onto the mattress. He immediately positioned himself behind me and began to fuck my ass he fucked me hard and without any let out. Suddenly he pulled out and stepped in front of me presenting his dick to my lips, as I opened my mouth I felt the next man begin to fuck my ass. Whilst I sucked on the dirty dick of the first man, the other men watched, laughing and talking amongst themselves. It wasn’t long after I had started to suck the first mans dick I felt the first drops of his cum in my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick deep down my throat and held me there until he had realised the last of his cum. As he removed his dick I gasped to get a breath, but I had barely got my breath back when the man behind me pulled out and stuffed his cock in my mouth and he was replaced quickly with another man. After the sixth man my ass was sore and the taste of cum in my mouth was overpowering, I tried to push the next man away but this just made them more forceful. It was almost two and a half hours before each man had fucked me then one of them said “Well I think he is ready for that again, don’t you?†a roar of laughter came from the other men and the fucking and sucking began again. Once the men had finished they left the room, leaving me tired and violated lay on the mattress in the middle of the room.

Shortly after the room was empty Tara came in holding a large butt plug some restraints and a leather whip. My eyes began to well up with tears as I felt I could not cope with any more especially not an hours worth of whipping. I was then chained to bolts in the walls so my arms and legs were spread out like a star; the butt plug was then pushed into my already sore ass and I ball gag was secured in my mouth. “Now when I whip you your first reaction will be to tense up, if you do this then you will force the butt plug out of your ass, every time the plug comes out I will add fifty more whips, this may go on for hours. So I think two hundred cracks should do plus any extra that you are entitled to.†As the whip cracked down on my lower back and buttocks I let out yells of pain which were all muffled by the gag, as the eighth crack hit my left buttock I felt the butt plug fall from my ass. “That’s fifty more†Tara bent down and replaced the plug and then began the whipping again. After another thirty minutes I was using all my concentration to clench my buttocks to keep the plug securely in place, but this just made every crack of the whip hurt even more. When I had only ten or so cracks left she increased the pace, this caught me off guard and the plug fell to the floor again. As it was replaced I tried to plead through the gag for her to stop but again the whip cracked across my back. After thirty cracks I felt the pace quicken again and realised I was near the end if I could keep control. As the last crack landed across both buttocks I heard Tara put the whip down and although I was crying uncontrollably I sighed with relief, as I was released from the restraints and escorted out of the room.

Now my spanking had finished and I had been re diapered I lay there in the crib trying to think of something other than the days events and my recent whipping, then Tara walked back into the room with a plate of food. “You must be hungry after today’s events so eat up, I will be watching to see that you eat every last mouthful. The men from earlier have personalised it for you, I think you will enjoy this as much as you enjoyed your time with them.†She then placed a plate of pasta bolognaise in front of me and handed me a fork, as I looked at the plate of food I noticed that it was covered in cum. “Comon I haven’t got all day eat your food or I can spank you again. It’s no different than you sucking them all off and greedily swallowing there cum like you did earlier. So just eat it!†I picked up the fork and took my first mouthful, as I swallowed the salty cum and pasta mix I began to heave, I managed to swallow it and took another mouthful. Once I had finished it Tara looked down at the plate “There’s some tasty juices left there, lick them up!†I did as I was told she took the plate and left the room allowing me to get some sleep.

Chapter 7: A Reformed Baby.

After my final day serving Mistress Tara in her house I could feel the freedom getting closer with every minute that passed. I had cleaned the house whilst dressed as a French maid and had made tea for some perspective customers who had came in to meet mistress Tara, but other than that and a short spanking demonstration for some customers at lunch time the day had been quite pleasant.

The first night back in my own crib was the best night’s sleep I had ever had, when mummy came in the next morning, woke me up and began to change me, once I had a fresh diaper she got a small pink dress out of the wardrobe and proceeded to dress me. We then walked out to the car and began to drive, I looked over at mummy frightened as to where we were going, she looked back at me and said “Ooo you’re so sweet in that little dress, we are going to go do some shopping and I have a surprise for you. I soon realised where we were going, the local shopping centre. When we arrived I wanted to protest so much but remembering the last week, I dared not too. Mummy had set up an adult sized push chair as she opened the car door and helped me out, and into the chair.

We entered the Center and there were people every where, they all seemed to be looking at me. As we walked past a few shops I noticed people pointing and laughing at me, I began to sob quietly. When we got to the first shop mummy came round to the front of the pushchair and crouched down wiped the tears from my eyes and said “don’t pay any attention to any of them I think your just perfect†with that we went into the first shop. A few shops later mummy passed me a bottle with juice in I drank quickly to prevent more people noticing me. The last shop we went into was a travel agent, mummy sat down at the first empty desk as the agent behind the desk noticed us she welcomed us and took a good look at me noticing my diaper and dress. She then looked up at mummy and began to talk to her about a holiday as if I wasn’t even there. About twenty minutes later we were back in the car and on the way home, “Are you looking forward to your holiday in Florida we can go to Disney and see Mickey and Minnie Mouse†I nodded and smiled, but was actually more worried about being away and out in public dressed as a baby sissy with so many people watching me…….

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