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Baby Candy (Diapered, Dominated & Petticoated)

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diaperguy85    38

candi seems to be starting to enjoy her new life as a little girl

plus i wonder if her cousin is wearing any underwear... ;)

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babyjennie    70

Dear Diaperguy, WB Daddy, Baby George and Aleyxsis, thank you for posting those responses. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


chapter 17 continued....

        I crawled into the kitchen babbling like a mindless one-year-old, and Brenda helped me climb into the highchair. "Up we get, sweetie," she cooed. "That's it! What a clever baby girl!" She sounded so sweet, like she was talking to a favourite toddler niece.  I didn't see her phone sitting on top of the fridge, the camera lens aimed at my pink highchair. Brenda kept her back to the phone camera and buckled me in, lowered and locked the tray, then clipped a frilly bib around my neck. "Here's your pretty bibbie." I didn't bother checking if it carried an embarrassing message, although I could see Brenda smiling when she read the embroidered words. I didn't care if my pretty bibbie told the world I was a 'Little Miss Squishy Britches.'

        "Open up, Baby Candy. Good girl." Brenda spoon-fed me my porridge, wiped my face with my bibbie when I made a mess, and giggled when I babbled messily between sloppy mouthfuls. Encouraged by these outward signs of approval, I kept up my juvenile shenanigans. Brenda finally ignored the constant stream of food and spittle dripping down my chin and kept feeding me regardless, careful not to block my grubby face from the camera lens with her voluptuous frame. 

      She gave my grubby face a quick wipe with my bibbie when we finished, and then handed me a bottle of juice to hold all by myself. "Here you go darling," Brenda sweetly encouraged me, "here's your ba-ba. Hold your own bottle for Mummy." The smiling blonde beauty didn't tease or torment me as I greedily shoved the teat in my mouth and tilted the base of the bottle up high. I didn't even notice when she referred to herself as 'Mummy.' She was playing the maternal role to the hilt this morning. Brenda simply treated me like a real baby girl, doing everything for me and expecting nothing of me in return. In a way it was very soothing, and I relaxed into my assigned role while she tidied up the breakfast things. 

       When I finished my bottle I banged the empty plastic vessel on the pink tray, squealing "Ba-ba! Ba-ba!"
       "Yes baby, ba-ba! You finished your bottle like a good widdle baby girl," Brenda praised me in syrupy baby-talk. "Good girl, Baby Candy! What a good baby girl!" She took the empty bottle apart, threw the bits in the dishwasher and switched it on, then returned to me holding up my pink pacifier. She waggled it at the end of the pink plastic chain, asking, "Does baby want her dum-dums?"
        "Dum-dums! Dum-dums!" I squealed, leaning forward against the tight wooden tray and reaching for the amber teat with my lips. 

        Brenda laughed and let me wrap my pouting lips around the substitute nipple before pushing it deeply into my mouth. She clipped the dangling plastic chain to my nightie collar with an affectionate smile. "Come on, baby," she sang. She raised the tray and released me from the leather straps. "Climb down and you can crawl upstairs to the bathroom and I'll put you on your pink potty. Won't that be fun?" She kindly eased me forward and helped me clamber down from the highchair like I was incapable of doing it by myself.

       "Ba-ba ga-ga goo-goo ga!" I happily replied around my dum-dums, crawling ahead of her out the door. I assumed Aunty June was already at work, and I couldn't hear Alison moving about upstairs. I hoped my older cousin had gone out for the day too. The fewer witnesses to the humiliating performance I was about to be forced to give - the better.

       Brenda took her time following me upstairs. I didn't realise she had stopped to collect her phone and check the video images she'd recorded of me performing like a real baby in my highchair. The sound was tinny, but the only image of her was of her back and the back of her head. She was soon satisfied no-one could identify her in the recording. Brenda was smiling gleefully when she joined me upstairs in the bathroom. 

       My pink plastic teddy bear potty was sitting in the middle of the room next to a blue towelling bathmat. She pointed to the bathmat and ordered, "Lie down there on your back, baby." While I was preoccupied she turned her back on me and switched on her phone camera again, setting it on the vanity bench so the image included my potty and me lying back on the blue mat. The beautiful blonde stepped over beside me and knelt down facing me, once again careful to keep her pretty painted face tilted away from the camera lens. 

       "Lift that widdle bot-bot," she sang. I obediently raised my soggy bottom and she whipped down my pink plastic panties. "Ballerina toesies," Brenda cooed, and she tugged them clear of my feet. "Good girl." She tossed the pilchers in the nappy bucket and pressed down on the sodden front of my diaper with her fingertips. "Ooo! What a wet nappy! What a wet widdle baby girl," she crooned in a voice thick as treacle. 

        Brenda didn't look or sound upset with me. If anything, she seemed delighted to find me drenched as usual. She unpinned my nappy and drew the front down, and I think she was a little disappointed I wasn't hard and throbbing as usual. "Lift that widdle bot-bot for Mummy," she sweetly ordered, and she slid the drenched diapers from underneath me. They joined my baby panties in the nappy bucket and she quickly replaced the lid. She stood up and moved to the sink to wash her hands. 

        "Alright, baby. You can hop on your pot-pot." Brenda smiled in approval when I rolled onto my tummy and crawled towards my potty. I grabbed the teddy-bear ears for support and clambered to my feet like an unsteady toddler. I straddled the infant commode and flopped down on the low plastic seat with a sigh of relief, my dummy clenched between my teeth to stop it popping out. Brenda leaned down and kindly pulled the lacy hem of my white nylon nightie up out of harm's way, then tucked my limp clittie under the seat scoop in front. "Go on, baby. Show me how you go wee-wees and poo-poos in your potty like a good little girl," she encouraged me as she stepped out of camera range again. "You won't get your special treat unless you do," she cautioned me.

       Even though it was embarrassing being put on the potty and watched like a hopeless toddler, I tried to concentrate on Brenda's tempting promise instead. I fantasised about lying across her lap as she lowered her top, exposing her luscious russet nipples to my wide hopeful eyes. She leaned back against the vanity bench watching me with those sparkling emerald eyes, a little smile playing about her full pink lips. The thought of suckling from Brenda's magnificent breasts again instantly made my clittie start to swell, and I naturally sucked harder on my dum-dums in excitement. I had to think of something horrible to make my swelling tool shrivel enough to let me pee. I imagined Aunty June coming at me with the punishment paddle, and that seemed to help. 

       I inhaled deeply, bit down on the rubber teat as I held my breath, and pushed down hard with my tummy muscles. My face turned red and my cheeks bulged like a chipmunk's, but Brenda's melodious voice sweetly encouraged me. "That's it. Good girl! What a good baby girl!" She clapped her hands in delight when she heard my amber stream noisily gushing into the plastic bowl, then I let out a muffled fart. My cheeks turned pink when she giggled at the rude sound, but she kept egging me on in syrupy baby talk.

         "That's it, Baby Candy. What a good widdle baby girl! Push out a great big poo-poo in your potty. We don't want you accidentally messing your nappies again like yesterday." I cringed at the unwelcome memory and bit down on my dum-dums as I pushed even harder.

      I felt my anus dilate and a hot stream of slurry squirted into my potty, the stinky mess farting noisily out of me. My pink cheeks turned a rosier hue and I ducked my head in disgrace. Despite my embarrassment, as my golden stream dwindled to a halt, I took another deep breath, held it, and pushed again. Some firmer lumps popped out of my straining sphincter and plopped noisily into the bowl. After another few minutes of pushing and straining, no more came out of me. I looked up hopefully at Brenda, but she shook her head in denial. 

        "No baby. You have to sit there for a few more minutes, to make sure you're really finished." She giggled as she added, "I don't trust you, baby girl." She turned on the bathtub taps and dropped the plug in the drain, then squirted some fragrant bubble-bath into the filling tub.

       I didn't see her collect her phone from the bench before she walked out. Brenda dashed into her bedroom and downloaded the images from the camera onto her computer, giggling gleefully at the clarity of the recordings. You could see - and hear - everything! She emptied the phone's memory card and set the camera to video mode again, then walked into my Nursery. She held the phone out and carefully examined the moving images on the screen as she panned around the room. If she set the phone on the change table, she'd be able to record us in the crib. Brenda placed the phone on the edge of the padded surface and bent over the table to examine the image. If she tilted the camear lens just so, the viewer would be able to see anyone lying in the crib, but someone sitting up would have their face concealed from view. Perfect!

       Brenda carefully noted the position, then picked up her phone and stepped over to the tall wardrobe at the end of the room. She selected the toddler frock she wanted me to wear - the sheer yellow one with the elaborate white lace accents, and took out my fluffy chiffon petticoat as well. She hung them on the end of my crib opposite the change table, then picked out some white anklet socks with pretty yellow frills and my black patent Maryjanes. She stuffed the socks inside one shoe and tucked the feminine footwear under the change table. Finally she laid out two clean fluffy nappies, arranging them together in the centre of the padded table, and she made sure there was a  pair of yellow plastic panties on top of the pile on the shelf underneath. 

       She returned to the wardrobe and closed the door, then reached up and carefully placed her phone on top. Brenda made sure the lens was aimed at the change table, and tilted it forward for an overhead view. She knew the recording would capture her face when she walked back to pick up the camera, but she intended editing those parts out. She checked the recorded image and smiled in delight, switched off her phone and walked out of the Nursery.

         I was still perched on my potty in the bathroom, sucking my dum-dums and wrinkling my nose in distaste at the nasty smell, when Brenda stepped into the room fanning her hand in front of her face. "Pooh! Yuck-spuck!" she cried in revulsion, screwing up her pretty face. I ducked my head in shame and didn't see her place her phone on the vanity bench again and switch on the camera, the recording lens aimed at me. She turned off the bath taps and the room abruptly fell quiet. She stepped over to the toilet and wrapped a long length of toilet paper around her hand. 

       In the deafening silence Brenda demanded, "Did you do a poo-poo in the potty?" I nodded, looking up at her and hoping for a smile of approval. Her expression was one of maternal concern and she sounded like she was speaking down to a real toddler when she asked, "Was it a big poo-poo, baby girl?" 
       I nodded again, babbling "Poo-pooth!"

      "What else did you do in your potty, Baby Candy? Tell Mummy?"
      "Wee-weeth," I lisped in my high-pitched little-girl voice, eager to please my buxom babysitter. "Wee-weeth Mummy!"
      "What a good baby girl! Such a good baby for Mummy!" I beamed up at her, basking in the warmth of Brenda's praise. "Alright baby girl. Hop up and kneel beside your potty on the mat facing away from me, so I can wipe your bits." I obeyed, climbing off the plastic commode and sliding onto all fours, unaware my bare bum was facing the recording camera. 

      "Legs apart. Wider, baby," Brenda firmly insisted, as she tossed my silky nylon nightie up over my back. "Face down and bum up. I have to wipe your widdle clittie first." I submissively spread my knees wider on the bathmat and tilted my bum up, rolling my hips back to give her better access to my leaking tool. Brenda reached between my splayed thighs and wiped the dripping tip of my clittie, and it twitched into wakefulness. 

      "Good baby. Now pull those botty-cheeks apart so I can wipe your dirty bum-bum," she commanded, flicking her long blonde ponytail out of her way over one shoulder. Glad that my shame-tinged cheeks were turned away from her, I let my hot red face rest on the bathmat and delicately spread my bum cheeks with my spread fingertips. 

      "Oh baby! What a dirty little poo-poo hole," she tittered, her tone a mixture of revulsion and amusement. "Hold those botty cheeks wide apart for Mummy like a good girl and don't let go." I writhed in embarrassment as she carefully wiped my messy back door again and again with toilet paper, scraping away every trace of sticky faeces from my winking sphincter. "Keep still, baby girl," she encouraged me. "Hold it just like that. Good girl. We're almost done here." It was mortifying - yet strangely erotic being tended to by Brenda in this highly personal manner. In spite of my overwhelming sense of shame, my sensitive little clittie swelled in arousal, but I made sure to keep my bum cheeks stretched as wide as possible. 

       "Don't move, baby. Stay like that." Benda made me remain in that humiliating exposed position while she disposed of the soiled tissues and emptied my potty into the toilet. The contents dropped into the bowl with a noisy 'splash.' She flushed the toilet and dumped the empty but stained pink plastic potty in the shower recess, muttering, "You can deal with that later, little girl." She turned to me with a false bright smile. "It's bath time now, baby," she sang. 

        She made me turn around and kneel up facing her so she could remove my silky baby doll nightie, laughing when my little stiffie popped into view. She unclipped the dummy chain from the lacy collar and placed my dum-dums on the vanity bench, then helped me climb into the bath. She picked up her phone, made sure it had recorded my embarrassing clean-up, and switched it off. While I soaked in a hot tub full of strawberry-scented bubbles, Brenda disappeared again. 

        I lay back relaxing in the steaming water, dreaming about my promised breastfeeding session with Brenda and discretely fondling my stiff little tool beneath the thick layer of bubbles. I wished I had my dum-dums, and glanced longingly at the oversized baby soother sitting on the vanity. I didn't wonder what my conniving cousin was up to at all. I assumed she was getting my nappies and stuff ready. First Brenda slipped into her bedroom to download the latest recording she'd made onto her computer, regretting that her phone's memory was so limited. She plugged in the charger at the same time and made sure her phone was recharging. She dashed downstairs and found some 'Blu-tac' - temporary sticky putty - in her mother's utility drawer in the kitchen. 

      Brenda warmed up a handful of the blue adhesive putty, kneading it between her fingers to make it sticky as she trotted upstairs. She moved the chair in the Nursery over beside the wardrobe and climbed on top. She wadded a lump of Blu-tac on top of the wardrobe where she wanted to stick the phone, then jumped down. She stuck the remaining adhesive to the underside of the change table, close to where she would need it afterwards. 

        Finally Brenda removed my white leather toddler harness and matching baby mittens from the wardrobe. She grabbed the matching leather reins, and shoved everything in the vinyl change bag beside the padded table. It already contained a few fresh nappies and some clean baby panties for me. The slim plastic tub of moist scented wipes had been refilled and there was a bottle of baby powder packed in the inside pockets, plus some empty plastic bags for the used nappies. Satisfied with her preparations, Brenda collected her phone and returned to the bathroom, setting it on the vanity once more.

        She recorded every moment as she gave me my baby bath - how I played with the frothy bubbles and cooed and babbled for her like a contented baby girl. Brenda treated me like a real baby and washed every inch of me, front and back. My clittie was stiff and throbbing with excitement by the time she pulled out the plug and ordered me to stand. Bubbles stuck to my body and a mound of white froth almost covered my little hard-on. 

        Brenda wiped away the scented remains from my hairless crotch with a damp washcloth and her touch made my stiff clittie surge to greater fullness, rising up to slap my baby-smooth tummy. She giggled at my evident arousal and deliberately angled my body so my embarrassingly tiny erection would be recorded by the camera, too. After Brenda helped me clamber out and dried me off, I dropped to my hands and knees without being told. 

       "Good girl," she praised me, popping my dum-dums back in my mouth. I sucked on the firm rubber teat gratefully. Brenda discretely picked up her phone on the way out and frowned when she realised it was only three-quarters charged. She knew she only had about fifteen or twenty minutes of video recording left before it conked out and needed recharging again. I crawled after the beautiful buxom blonde into the Nursery with my stiff little clittie noisily slapping against my tum-tums, the pink plastic dummy chain dangling from my lips and the white daisy clip brushing the floor. I saw my voluptuous cousin shrug her shoulders as she mentally reassured herself; 'That should be long enough.'

       "Wait there beside your change table, baby girl," Brenda ordered, pointing to the required spot. I crawled into position facing the head end of the table, my bare bum towards her as she stepped over to the wardrobe. She silently hopped up onto the wooden chair and swiftly stuck the recording phone camera in place on top of the wardrobe, making sure it was secure and tilted to the correct angle. She made more noise when she jumped down, and when I turned to look back over my shoulder to see what she was doing, she pointed at the padded surface and commanded, "Up you hop, baby. Climb up and lie down on your change table, and I'll pin you into a lovely fresh nappy. Isn't that what you want?"

To be continued...

Please keep posting your comments here if you want to read more.

Hugs from Baby Jennie in Australia

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diaperguy85    38

you're welcome, babyjennie :) im glad this story is continuing along so well. i cant wait to see what happens with those tapes of candi now

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WBDaddy    551

I have mixed feelings at this point. My heart goes out to your main character - he's completely wrecked at this point. Morbid curiosity compels me to keep coming back to see what new insidious and mind-breaking acts are being committed against him. I'm hoping against all hope that there is some sort of comeuppance, some sort of retribution in store, but as the situation gets more dire and he further demonstrates Stockholm syndrome, that hope dims.

Please, do not take that as a criticism of the story. It's just a reaction, is all.

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babyjennie    70

Morbid curiosity or not, I'm glad you're still reading and posting comments. Thank you everyone.


chapter 17 continued...

       I assumed her syrupy question was rhetorical and didn't bother replying. I climbed up and lay back on the prepared nappies, centring my bare bum over the correct spot. My stiff clittie poked up in the air, red and straining, and Brenda laughed at my uncontrollable excitement. "Good girl! What a clever baby girl," she praised me in that saccharine voice. I babbled some nonsense around my dum-dums as she powdered my tummy and my bobbing erection, hoping she would take me in hand. 

        Much to my disappointment she didn't rub in the lightly-perfumed talc, but merely rolled me back onto my shoulders to powder my botty cheeks and crack. Despite my arousal in moments I was safely diapered, and I frowned in disappointment when Brenda cooed, "Ballerina toesies." She threaded some crackling rolled-up pilchers over my pointed toes and up to my folded knees. "Footsies down and lift that widdle bot-bot. Good baby." She pulled a snug pair of shiny yellow plastic panties over my bulky swaddling and tucked them in all around. 

        "Botty down and ballerina toesies again, baby girl." She slid some white socks with yellow lace frills on my feet, then buckled my shiny black-patent Maryjanes over the top. Brenda helped me sit up and lifted me down, all the while carefully concealing her face from the camera. "Look what we're going to wear today. Aren't they pretty?" She insisted, holding up my yellow dress and the white chiffon petticoat. "You're going to look so beautiful today!" 

        I nodded in agreement, squealing excited nonsense words around my dum-dums and clumsily clapping my hands like a suitably-enthralled little girl. I resisted the almost overwhelming urge to press my tenting nappy front against my raging hard-on. Brenda hung the dress back up on the side of the crib and held up the fluffy chiffon petticoat first. "Arms up, little girl." 

       I shivered at the liquid caress of the silky nylon bodice as the rustling petties fell into place around my hips. Memories of dressing in Mummy's pretty underthings flooded my mind, the erotic thoughts arousing me like never before. The billowing chiffon layers barely reached my crotch, and my packed plastic panties poked out below. "So pretty," Brenda murmured in approval. "You make such a pretty little girl." My clittie grew impossibly harder inside my fluffy swaddling, throbbing with excitement at her generous words of praise.

        "Now for your sweet little toddler frock. Arms up, sweetie. Good baby." She lowered the sheer nylon dress over my arms and head, and it settled over my wide-flared petties like a cloud of yellow mist. The white lace-edged hemline didn't quite cover the ends of my frothy petties, leaving the sumptuous fluffy white frills on permanent display. 

        "You look beautiful," Brenda crooned as she straightened my lace-lavished yellow frock over my noisily swishing petties. My pounding clittie twitched in arousal at her sweetly murmured words of praise. She clipped my dummy chain to the white lace collar of my darling frock. "Such a sweet little baby girl." She stepped over to the other side of the room and patted the crackling plastic-covered crib mattress. "Come here, baby. Come to Mummy." 

      I shuffled over to the buxom blonde in my exaggerated wide-legged baby waddle, my rock-hard tool leaking pre-cum in my nappy, hoping Brenda wouldn't make me climb down on all fours. "Place both hands on your cot and bend over for me, and show me your baby panties. Spread those feet wider and poke that nappy bottom out for Mummy. Go on. Bend over further," my cousin bossily insisted. "Rest your face on the mattress." I assumed the required position, the wide guard of my dummy submissively pressed into the crib sheets. 

      "Good girl. That's my baby." The protective plastic mattress cover underneath crinkled noisily against my forehead. I jumped when I felt my bold babysitter's hand crisply patting my out-thrust padded seat, then I wantonly pressed back against her caressing palm. "I think you need some rumba panties," she decided with a chuckle. "Stay just like that for Mummy."

      I remained in position, discretely rocking my hips back and forward, my throbbing clittie sensuously rubbing against the moistening front of my fluffy nappy, and I heard her skip over to the wardrobe. I didn't see Brenda climb up on the chair and collect her phone, but I distinctly heard her jump down this time. I raised my face from my pink pussycat sheets and glanced over my shoulder at the big-busted teen, but she was already opening the top drawer of my dresser to find some rumba panties for me. She returned carrying the white satin pair with the crinkling plastic lining and the elaborate yellow ruffled frills across the seat. 

      "Face down, baby!" Brenda snapped when she caught me peeking at her. "Do as you're told!" I whipped my face back to the front, staring at the pink cartoon pussycats decorating my sheets, terrified of upsetting my strict babysitter's plans to feed me.

      Brenda patted my bulging bottom forgivingly and ordered in a sweeter tone,  "Alright, Baby Candy. Lift one foot and put your toesies in here." I glanced down at my feet and saw her holding open some white satin rumba panties for me to step into. "That's right. Good baby!" She tugged them free when one leg elastic caught on the strap of my black patent Maryjane sandal. When I had both feet inside, she pulled the fancy pants up my legs and around my waist, and she straightened the frilly lace rows across my padded seat. She stepped closer to me, till her pelvis rested against my out-thrust panty bottom. She reached around to the front underneath my swishing petties to adjust the frilly panties, her fingers sliding over the tenting satin covering so lightly I could barely tell they were there. 

       I shuddered at the deliberately erotic touch and a tiny moan escaped my lips. I didn't see Brenda's wicked grin of amusement when I instinctively poked out my diapered bottom even more, greedily pressing my big padded bum against her proud pudenda. She provocatively thrust her groin against me for a few moments, then laughed and stepped back to swat my bottom in remonstration. "Don't move, Baby Candy. Stay just like that. I love the look of your frilly rumba panties poking out like that. They look so cute - so perfect for pretty baby girls." I couldn't believe how excited her affectionate comments made me feel. More slippery pre-cum seeped out of my swollen tool to dampen the front of my nappy and my legs trembled uncontrollably.  
      Brenda stepped over to the change table and removed the sticky blue wad of Blu-tac from underneath. She used it to attach her phone to the padded top, aiming it at me leaning over the open crib, making sure the camera lens was set at the correct height to conceal her face when she climbed in and sat up. She giggled at the view of my sweet ruffled panty bottom and the way my bulky nappy bulged out under my dress and petties, the yellow lace frills shimmering attractively as my knees shook. When Brenda was satisfied the phone was secure and the aim was perfect, she stepped over beside me and climbed into the crib. Turning to face the front, she slid right up against the bars at the head end and placed my pillow behind her back. "Alright baby girl. Climb up here for Mummy," the buxom teen ordered, patting her plump fleshy thighs in invitation.

       I eagerly clambered into the crib, my petties swishing noisily around my satin rumba panties as I lay down on my back My head settled on her warm inviting lap and my shiny patent Maryjanes rested against the end bars, the yellow lace frills around my ankles trembling with my every movement. I spat out my dum-dums in greedy anticipation and it flew out to the length of the pink plastic chain. Just as well it was attached to the elaborate white lace collar of my filmy toddler frock. Brenda laughed at my hungry gaze and my spittle-wet lips, and flicked her ponytail out of her way. "Ooo! Who's a hungry baby girl?" She gently teased me as she moved her unbuttoned shirt front either side of her jiggling F-cup breasts. 

       Brenda pulled down one side of her shirred pink top and her humungous left breast popped out, wobbling like a fleshy tanned jelly and making my mouth fill with saliva. She curled her right hand under my head and I didn't wait for her to guide me to the teat. I grabbed her warm cushiony breast with both hands and immediately opened my lips and latched onto to her erect russet nipple, gasping and whimpering in excitement. Brenda chuckled at my eagerness and whispered tenderly in my ear, "Shh baby. Aww, that's it. Good girl. Suck darling. Shh, it's alright. Mmm. Good girl, that's right. You have a lovely nurse from Mummy's titty. Mmm, good baby. What a good baby girl."

        She reached down with her left hand and gently stroked my straining clittie through my baby panties and nappies. I moaned in arousal when she lightly fondled me, crooning soft words of encouragement in my ear. I was so excited, I felt ready to explode at any moment. "Do you like that, baby? Is that what my little girl wants?" She coyly demanded, smiling down at my flushed red face with those perfect glossy pink lips. I gazed up at Brenda’s beautiful painted face over the wide expanse of golden tanned breast flesh and her emerald eyes twinkled with mischief. I mumbled wordlessly in reply, my muffled high-pitched squeaks making me sound even more infantile. 

      Her light touches on my panty front were driving me wild and the taste of her succulent nipple was heaven to my lips. After all the foreplay in the bath and her sweet mothering all morning, it didn't take much to push me over the edge. Brenda's fragrant floral perfume filled my nostrils and my head began to swim. I sucked even harder, drawing her swollen nipple halfway down my throat. In seconds my throbbing clittie erupted inside my fluffy nappy, and I gurgled wetly around her erect russet teat as I thrashed and bucked to completion. She hadn't even touched my clittie and despite my overwhelming sense of relief, I found the realisation somewhat embarrassing. And disappointing. It was all over far too quickly for my liking. Her gentle caresses to the slippery shiny front of my bulging satin rumba panties was all it took to make me instantly cum in my nappy, writhing and wriggling over her lap like a helpless baby girl.

       "Aww! What happened, baby?"  The beautiful buxom teen demanded when my excited grunting ceased, her face a picture of innocent wonder. "Did you make a mess in your nappy again?" I gazed up around her massive jiggling mammary at her face with a guilty worried expression, but she took pity on me. "Aww! You can't help it, can you? You're just a helpless widdle baby girl, aren't you?" Brenda gave me a sad little smile and gently patted the slowly collapsing front of my rumba panties until she felt sure I had finished twitching. "There, there. Good girl. What a good baby girl you are for Mummy," she sang in sweet maternal approval. 

       She slipped her pink-painted fingernail inside the corner of my mouth, breaking the suction seal between my lips and her beautiful nipple. I fell back with a groan of relief, gasping for breath and enjoying the soft warm cushion of her plump thighs under my head. Brenda wiped my drool from around her swollen red nipple with the back of one hand, grimacing in distaste. She pulled up her shirred pink top and wriggled her luscious titties back into place. The thimble-sized nipple I'd been feasting on poked out much more than the other. She popped my dummy back in my dribbling mouth and sat up, barely giving me time to recover. 

        Brenda lifted my head and slid out of my crib, then urged me to "Sit up for Mummy, baby, with your legs over the edge." I sat up, panting heavily around my dum-dums, dizzy with the afterglow. "That's my girl." Feelings of shame and remorse threatened to overwhelm me, but Brenda's babbled reassurances kept the unwelcome emotions at bay. "Good girl. What a good little baby girl."

       The hairbrush was on the vanity, along with some elastic bands and some yellow ribbon ties. In a few minutes my long blonde locks had been neatly brushed and bound in the usual two high fluffy pigtails either side of my head. "Who's my pretty little Princess? You are," she lovingly insisted, making me hesitantly smile in return. She tied the yellow satin ribbons in place, making two huge floppy bows above my head, and the long tails dangled down past my shoulders. Brenda smiled broadly in what I hoped was approval. "Aww! You look so sweet! Such a pretty little girl in her matching yellow dress and pigtail ribbons.” I tremulously smiled up at her and shyly batted my eyelashes. 

        "Come on, Baby Candy. We have to go. We're going visiting this morning." Brenda turned her back to me as she picked up her phone from the change table, concealing her movements when she turned off the recording video camera.  She pocketed the device and held out her hand to me after I rolled onto my tummy and slid out of the crib, my petties swirling about my hips in a feminine swishing spray of chiffon. I gratefully accepted her hand, thankful I didn't have to crawl. My satisfied clittie shrivelled to normal size, nestled in a puddle of warm slippery baby juice that was soon absorbed by my comforting thick nappies. 

      I glanced in the vanity mirror to briefly check my feminised appearance. Even without make-up I looked like a real girl. Despite the bulging rumba panties poking out between my thighs, I looked like a pretty six-year-old - dressed like a cute two-year-old diapered toddler. When Brenda dragged me towards the door to the landing I glanced back over my shoulder. My lace-edged skirts and frothy chiffon petties flew up high as she whirled me around, giving me a perfect view of my ruffled panty bottom. I saw the wide rows of elaborate yellow lace frills shimmering attractively across the seat, and the way my bulky nappies made the satin panties bulge heavily in all directions. There could be no doubt that I was diapered like a big baby girl beneath my too-short toddler frock. 

       Brenda picked up my packed diaper bag and she led me downstairs into the kitchen, where she pointed to the linoleum floor. "You sit there and wait quietly like a good little girl," she commanded. "I need to pack a few more things for you." I sat on the tiles chewing on my dummy teat, my frothy petties rustling around me while she packed a fresh bottle of juice in my diaper bag and a couple of clean bibbies. I could see it was already bulging with nappies and baby panties for me, and I wondered where my buxom cousin intended taking me? I hadn't noticed the white leather toddler harness on the chair next to the diaper bag, but I recognised the humiliating child restraint when she picked it up. I sucked my dum-dums harder in fear. She carried the harness over to me, ordering, "Reach for the stars, baby girl."

       At least she didn't make me wear the matching white leather baby mittens too, although I started in fear when I spotted the restrictive cuffs packed in my diaper bag. She buckled the chest strap around me and tugged my dummy chain loose from where it got caught. Brenda attached the slender leather reins to the chromed D-rings in the back of my harness and pushed me ahead of her out the front door, pausing to lock it behind her. I didn't notice the playpen missing from the veranda, but I saw the candy-striped stroller was absent from the front lawn and I wondered what became of it? I'd almost been expecting Brenda to lift me into the kiddie-carrier and buckle me in to wheel me to our unknown destination. Instead she made me walk ahead of her towards the footpath, and pointed to the left away from the centre of town. 

       "Come on, Baby Candy," Brenda urged me, pushing me in the back so I was forced to waddle ahead of her. "Get moving. We're going to visit one of your little baby friends this morning." She flicked the leather reins against my back to encourage me on my way. She couldn't hide the glee in her voice when she announced, "We're going to Aunty Melody's. You've got a play-date with Baby Cindy this morning. Won't that be fun?"

To be continued in chapter 18, 'Melody and Cindy.'

Please keep posting your responses here if you'd like to read more.

Hugs from Baby Jennie in Australia

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WBDaddy    551

Every chapter I think "how much more can they humiliate him?"

Now, not only have they humiliated him more, but you've ALREADY set up more future humiliation with the camera phone.

You evil, evil little girl! :D

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babyjennie    70

Heh heh heh! :angel_not:

Baby Jennie

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diaperguy85    38

another great chapter!

im getting curious, however, how candi's mom is going to react when she returns for him/her :P

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babyjennie    70

To all my readers, especially those who have been downloading and saving this story (with my permission and thanks). Due to some complaints that this story might have some pedophilic nature, http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=28378&st=0 I have upgraded the ages of the main protagonists. You might want to copy and paste the edited version. I think it spoils the story slightly, as part of the drama is the helplessness of thie main character in the face of his parent's and older relative's wishes. As the character ages the scenarios are less convincing, thus less believable. But I (reluctantly) bow to current political correctness.

Humbly yours, Baby Jennie

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babyjennie    70

I'm almost worried about posting the next couple of chapters. Have I gone too far? Is anyone upset with me? Post a response here and let me know, willya?


Chapter 18. Melody and Cindy.

        It was only a three-block walk - I mean waddle to Melody's house, although with the thick wad of cloth crammed between my legs, it seemed to take half the morning. It was another perfect mid-west Summer's day - hot and dry, with barely a hint of breeze. That goodness every street was lined with towering eucalyptus trees, providing plenty of shade on the sidewalks. I was grateful Melody lived in the opposite direction to the mall, but my silent prayers that we'd make the journey without meeting anyone proved to be a waste of time. The streets were mostly empty, but every now and then we passed a house with a bunch of kids playing out the front in the yard. The children were all junior school age or younger. I assumed the local teenagers were probably gathered at the mall or hanging out somewhere the adults couldn't see what they were up to.

        When Brenda led me shuffling past the playing children in my humiliating toddler harness, the younger ones usually quit what they were doing to watch us walk by. I tried to hurry, shuffling as fast as my little legs and my bulky nappies would allow me, but my buxom babysitter kept a steady dragging pull on the reins to slow my pace to an awkward bow-legged waddle. Some kids giggled, others silently stared, and a few children rushed up to the fences bordering the footpath for a better look. Most of the boys merely pointed and sniggered, but then ignored me to stare at the gorgeous big-busted teenager holding my reins.

        The little girls were far more interested in the sight of a big diapered baby girl being taken for a stroll in her toddler harness and baby reins. Some of them trotted into the street and followed us along the footpath past their neighbours' front yards, mocking and jeering my infantile appearance.  Brenda made no move to stop them and even pulled back harder on the leather reins to slow my progress. She even made me stop a couple of times so the younger - but bigger - girls could surround me. 

       A couple of nosy pre-teen girls demanded to know why I was diapered and harnessed like a big baby. I babbled incoherently around my dum-dums in response, drooling heavily like a retard, which soon made most of them lose interest in me. Instead they looked to my beautiful blonde cousin for answers. Brenda smirked and nodded in approval at my appropriately infantile behaviour. "She's just a big baby, that's why," was her brief but cruel explanation. My buxom babysitter patted my head in a deliberately condescending manner and I ducked away from her touch like a surly toddler, making my floppy pigtails dance. The reins prevented me from escaping her patronising treatment and Brenda sniggered at my frustrated attempts before continuing, "Baby Candy can't stop wetting and pooping her panties and acting like a silly baby, so that's how we treat her - like a silly baby." 

       The children's responses varied - from horrified to outraged to cruel laughter. Brenda didn't bother ordering the nastier kids to stop mocking me or laughing in my face. She seemed to revel in my humiliation. I affected not to care, letting a fresh stream of drool escape my lips to trickle down my chin. I was a baby. A useless big baby with no control. Why should I care? When I refused to react to their taunts and continued my unconcerned infantile behaviour, the girls soon grew bored and left me alone to return to their games. Brenda was grinning like a Cheshire cat when she commanded me to resume our journey. "Come on, Baby Candy," she sang to me, gently flicking my back with the leather reins. "Off we go. It's not far now."

       One house we passed had a group of six- to eight-year-old girls playing 'elastics' in the front yard. Two bigger girls stood a few yards apart facing each other, a loop of half-centimetre-wide white hat elastic stretched from one girl's legs to the other's above their calves. Another smaller girl was jumping in and out of the stretchy barrier they'd created, in time to a rhyme the other girls were chanting. Everyone looked happy clapping and singing together, and I wished I could join in their game. 

      When I shuffled past the yard, one of them squealed, "Look! It's Baby Candy!" Several girls abandoned what they were doing and ran out to greet us, yelling to my cousin; "Hi Brenda!" Did everyone in this dinky backwoods town know each other? As she trotted out onto the sidewalk to join us, a chubby girl with short dark brown hair asked my cousin , "Hey Brenda? Where are you taking Baby Candy?" I recognised several of the girls from Kate's birthday party and I shivered in fearful anticipation when they encircled me. These were the horrible girls who'd surrounded me after I won the spelling bee and pulled up my dress to expose my drooping wet nappies.

         "Hello Donna. I'm taking the baby to visit Melody and her little Cindy," Brenda replied to the pudgy brunette, smiling sunnily and pointing down the tree-lined avenue.
        "Look! She's sucking a dummy," one of Donna's friends unkindly remarked, pointing to the big pink pacifier bobbing in my mouth. The others cackled in derision.

        "Is she wearing a nappy?" Donna inquired, pulling a disgusted face at the very thought. She didn't wait for an answer and rudely shoved my dress and frothy petties up around my chest, as high as my tight toddler harness straps permitted. I squealed in alarm and tried to wrench away from the mean girl, but Brenda trapped me in place with the humiliating reins. The other girls screamed with laughter when they spied my bulging fancy panties with the lavish yellow lace frills across the seat. It was obvious to everyone I was heavily diapered beneath my shiny satin rumba panties.

       "Yes Donna, of course Baby Candy is wearing a nappy! Otherwise she'd piddle all over the place," Brenda cruelly informed them, causing a fresh outburst of bright girlish laughter. "She's just a baby, remember?" When my heartless babysitter mentioned my lack of bladder control, I realised I was already wetting my nappy. I wasn't sure when I'd started, and there was no point trying to stop it. I simply relaxed and let the hot stream gush out of me. I whimpered in shame and chewed on my dum-dums for the soothing reassurance it usually provided. Donna abruptly released my petticoats and I clumsily stumbled backwards at the unexpected freedom, almost tumbling onto my bottom.

       "We'll have to drop over and visit Cindy later this morning," Donna suggested with a wicked leer for me, and her little girlfriends sniggered and nodded in agreement.
       "What a good idea! Alright Donna, see you later. Let's go, baby." Brenda gave me a gentle push in the back to send me on my way.  

        "Bye Brenda. Bye-bye, Baby Candy." Behind me I could hear Donna telling the other girls all about me and I cringed in embarrassment. I hardly noticed the little spurts of urine leaking out of me with my every shuffling step. It seemed my sphincter muscles had given up completely, relaxing open to allow whatever was in my bladder to leak out with any increase in pressure. A few houses down the street from the giggling girls, my cousin used the baby reins to pull me up short. 

       "In here, baby." Brenda pointed to a comfortable single-story timber-clad bungalow set back from the street, and settled my diaper bag back more comfortably over her shoulder. There was a low white post and rail fence bordering the footpath and a well-mown lawn, with a huge elm tree dominating the front yard. We walked up the shaded concrete drive and as we approached Melody's house, I started in surprise. My candy-striped stroller was parked beside the entrance to her house and my huge playpen had been set up on the grass outside the kitchen windows. I recognised the padded pink vinyl floor with the pattern of smiling Barbies. I glanced back at the street and realised that anyone passing by would be able to see the playpen and its occupants, albeit from a distance. 

      The front door was open behind the closed screen door. Brenda banged on the flimsy aluminium screen and opened it wide. She called out, "Hello Melody?" She pointed to the floor and in a quieter voice ordered me, "Down you go, baby girl." I waddled inside and obediently dropped to all fours on the hallway carpet, my chiffon petties swirling around my padded hips and swishing noisily against my satin rumba panties. I glanced down past my dangling dummy-chain and realised I couldn't see my legs, just a frothy mass of white chiffon and my translucent yellow nylon skirts drooping from my waist to the floor.

      "Crawl inside and let me hear you babbling like a proper baby girl," Brenda firmly insisted. When I obediently crawled ahead of her mumbling inanities around my dum-dums, she followed. She had my leather reins looped in one fist and called out; "Melody! Melody? We're here for Baby Candy's play-date with Cindy."

        I heard Cindy squeal in excitement. "Candy!" The little girl bounded into sight and came barrelling down the hallway towards us. Her steps faltered at the sight of me on all fours, bound like a puppy on a leash. The cute toddler was dressed in a brief pink, sleeveless cotton frock and white leather sandals without socks, and she looked cool and comfortable on this hot Summer's day. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was tied up in fluffy bunches like mine, except without the ribbons. Cindy drew to a halt right in front of my pink painted fingernails and stared down at me with a bemused expression, her wide blue eyes twinkling with merriment. 

      Melody walked into the hallway behind her little girl, beaming in delight. "Hello Brenda," the slender twenty-something greeted my bossy cousin. "I see you brought your little niece over to play." She crouched forward with her hands on her bare knees and I admired her pretty pink fingernails.  Hello Baby Candy." Melody didn't look surprised to see me on all fours wearing in my leather harness and baby reins. She wore a blue gingham pinafore apron over her sleeveless powder-blue cotton frock, with low-heeled tan rope wedges on her dainty feet. Her platinum-blonde locks were held away from her beautiful heart-shaped face by a sky-blue Alice band which matched her sparkling eyes, and her generous mouth glistened with rich coat of glossy pink lipstick. I'd forgotten how gorgeous she was.

        I looked past the bemused little girl to stare up at her gorgeous smiling mother. "Ba-ba ga-ga goo-goo goo!" I babbled like a real infant, obedient to Brenda's commands. 
       "Mummy!" Cindy squealed joyfully. "Candy's playing babies! Can I play 'Mummies and Babies' with Candy?"
       "Of course you can, darling," the smiling woman told her excited toddler.

        A grinning Brenda assured Cindy, "Our Baby Candy loves playing babies!"
       "Why don't we put the girls in the playpen right away?" Melody suggested. "Then I'll make us a cup of tea and we can have a little chat about your special big baby girl."

        Cindy trotted ahead of us out the front door and I turned and crawled after her. I didn't bother rising to my feet when I crossed the threshold. I crawled across the rough coir doormat and all the way to the playpen like the big baby I was, my chiffon petties brushing the grass. The ground was soft under my hands and knees as I headed across the lawn, and Melody opened the hinged gate high. Brenda used the reins to pull me up short. "Kneel up, Baby Candy," she ordered. My cousin unbuckled the rear of my toddler harness and cooed, "Reach for the stars, baby girl." When Brenda drew the restrictive white leather straps over my head and away, I gave a muted sigh of thanks and dropped to all fours once more. 

        Cindy threw herself on her hands and knees and crawled through the gate into the playpen ahead of me, squealing with glee. As I shuffled in right behind her, I had a clear view up her flared pink babydoll frock. With a start I realised Cindy was wearing training panties - thick pink terry cotton trainers with a stiff crackling plastic lining between the bulky layers. In the week since Kate's birthday party, my two and a half-year-old playmate had graduated out of nappies to training panties, while I'd regressed to diaper-dependency like an incorrigible infant. I chewed on my sloppy dum-dums and grunted in dismay, feeling more alone and infantile than ever. 

        The little girl leapt to her feet on the soft padded floor and clutched the vertical bars facing her mother. "Can I feed the baby a bottle pwease Mummy?"
         Melody glanced at Brenda and when my buxom teen cousin grinned and nodded, the gorgeous twenty-something told her daughter, "Certainly darling. We'll bring you a bottle to feed your little baby girl."
        "Yay!" Cindy squealed, jumping up and down in glee. 
         Melody glanced at the dummy busily bobbing in my mouth and asked her excited toddler, "Do you want your dummy too, sweetheart?"
       Cindy emphatically shook her head and politely declined. "No thank you, Mummy. I don't need a dummy any more. I'm a big girl, remember?" The cute toddler released the bars with one hand and flipped up the hem of her brief pink frock in front to display her thick padded training panties. "I wear big-girl panties," she proudly declared. Brenda giggled at the excited little girl's outrageous panty-show while Melody beamed in maternal approval, her sky-blue eyes shining with love. 

         "Yes darling. You're such a big girl now." The beautiful blonde mother looked and sounded so proud of her little one. "I think I'd better bring you a drink and a bonnet too, sweetheart," Melody suggested, glancing up at the cloudless blue sky. "That sun is pretty hot."
         Brenda bit her luscious pink bottom lip and pulled a wry face. "I forgot to pack a bonnet for Baby Candy."

         "Don't worry," Melody reassured her. "I've got quite a few bonnets for Cindy. Your little girl can borrow one of hers." Brenda smiled her thanks as she bolted the playpen gate, and the women walked into the house chatting like old friends. I thought I heard Melody quietly mention, "Cindy is doing so well with her potty-training, and she only uses her dummy at bedtime now." I cringed in shame. It seemed everyone and everything was conspiring to make me feel more useless, more infantile - more like a real baby girl. 

      My grinning cousin returned minutes later carrying a pink baby bottle full of juice, and one of my frilly bibbies. She had a couple of frilled baby bonnets tucked under one arm. "Here darling." Brenda poked the sloshing bottle through the bars towards Cindy and the little girl snatched it and whirled to face me. "Wait a second, Cindy," Brenda chided her. "You both need your bonnets, and we need to put a bib on your baby girl first, remember?" I didn't notice Melody watching us from inside the house. She was aiming a camcorder through the open kitchen window a few feet away, recording everything we were doing in the playpen. 

      Cindy turned back and stepped closer to the bars and helpfully raised her face. Brenda slipped a pink bonnet over the little girl's head and tied the dangling white cotton laces under her chin. She arranged the wide white lace brim to protect the toddler's face, then turned to me. My cousin giggled as leaned over the top rail and clipped my white terry bib around my neck. I watched her massive bosoms surge forward beneath the shirred pink boob-tube, hoping they might burst forth. My clean bibbie had yellow lace bordering the collar and outside edge and bore the embarrassing legend; 'Potty-Pants Baby' in yellow silk lettering three inches high.

       Brenda untied my pigtail ribbons and removed my hair elastics, letting my pigtails drop. She brushed my long blonde locks back behind my ears with her fingers and ordered, "Lift your chin, Baby Candy." The humiliating baby bonnet she slipped on my head was made from yellow cotton edged with a narrow band of white lace around the back and sides. The wide lace-covered brim was huge and sat up high above my forehead, due to a thin layer of stiff plastic sewn inside. Brenda threaded the wide satin ribbon ties between my throat and the dangling plastic chain of my dum-dums, and tied them in a huge floppy bow under my chin. 

      Once completed, she stood upright and tossed me a shark-like grin. "There you are, Baby Candy! Don't you look sweet?" I'm sure my new infantile headgear only made me look more like a useless baby girl. Not that it mattered. After all, I'm just a baby - aren't I?

        Cindy flopped onto her bottom facing the house and patted her little lap. "Come here to Mummy, Baby Candy," she ordered in her high piping voice that seemed eerily familiar. I didn't realise how alike we sounded. Her pink bonnet framed her pretty little face with an attractive edge of frilly white lace. It looked really cute on her. Cute - but babyish. I wondered how I looked in my even-frillier bonnet? "Lie down with your head here," Cindy instructed. There was no point arguing. I'm just a baby. A helpless little baby girl. 

To be continued...

Let me know, okay?

Baby Jennie

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diaperguy85    38

another fun chapter!

no, i dont think you went too far at all, however i think i see a slight pattern forming. one chapter seems a more sexualy themed one, with descriptions of her cousins and their buxom breasts (which i love!!! btw lol), the next one or two are about her getting punished or having girly fun/humiliation (which is the main theme of the story, and done quite well), and repeat.

too far? no. but i feel the end might be within sight soon enough.

however, it is ultimately up to you how far you wish to take candi's adventures, i am just offering my humble (if not slightly confusing) opinion :)

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babyjennie    70

You could be right, diaperguy.


chapter 18 continued....

         "Here's your cup, sweetie." Brenda handed the seated toddler a pink sippy-cup filled with juice. Cindy took a quick suck from the plastic spout and placed it aside for the moment. I rested my head on the little girl's thighs and let her slip the silicon teat of my baby bottle between my parted lips. I suckled down some watered-down apple-juice and when I settled into a steady rhythm, Cindy murmured sweet words of approval in my ear. 

       "That's it, Baby Candy. What a good baby," the delighted toddler purred, "such a good baby girl for Mummy. Drink up, sweetie, Drink it all down for Mummy." Her sweetly crooned words reminded me of my erotic dream of breastfeeding from Annette, and my excitable little tool stirred inside my warm wet nappy. I was shocked when Cindy reached down with her free hand and gently patted the front of my damp diaper, right over my thickening clittie. Her cupped fingers innocently swatted my bulging satin rumba panties in a soothing regular rhythm that matched the sounds of my noisy suckling.  Cindy leaned her head down over my supine form, using her wide bonnet brim to partially shade my upturned face, smiling down at me in maternal approval.

         "Aww, look at the cute baby and her Mummy! How sweet!!" I ignored Brenda's fading giggles as she strode back inside the house and closed my eyes. I let Cindy's whispered endearments wash over me, sinking deeper and deeper into my role as a helpless diapered infant. Even though it took ages to drain my bottle, Cindy held it for me the whole time like a devoted mother, rhythmically patting my damp nappy crotch and crooning sweet words of encouragement in my ear. When air noisily bubbled back in through the collapsing teat, she plucked the empty baby bottle from my lips. "Good girl! What a good baby girl you are for Mummy, Baby Candy," Cindy lavishly praised me. "Here baby. Suck your dum-dums." She replaced the bottle teat with the nipple of my pacifier and I contentedly sucked on the soothing rubber bulb.      

        Cindy let me lie across her lap while she drank her own cup of juice, crooning wordlessly to me between noisy slurps from the pink sippy-spout. She softly stroked my bonneted head and my cheeks, and I kept my eyes closed and relaxed under her gentle ministrations. I didn't know Brenda and Melody were sitting at the kitchen bench inside, watching us through the open windows. The camcorder was mounted on the window ledge, recording the little girls at play in the playpen. When Cindy had finished her sippy-cup and she was starting to look bored, Melody wandered outside carrying my pink suitcase full of Barbies and accessories and a soft tapestry bag filled with Cindy's dollies and stuff.  The pink cloth bag had bright-pink rope handles and a life-size picture of Barbie's smiling face on each side.

      The gorgeous young mother leaned over the top rail and placed the bags of toys on the padded floor, smiling in approval at her little girl when Cindy handed her my empty baby bottle and the pink sippy-cup. "Thank you, Cindy. What a good little mother you are!" She praised her helpful toddler before asking, "Has Baby Candy been a good little baby girl for her Mummy?" 

      "Yes Mummy, but she's a bit boring. I'm going to play with my Barbies instead." Cindy pushed my head off her lap and my cheek smacked against the padded vinyl floor. I grunted in alarm and almost bit my dum-dums in two.

      Melody had to laugh at her daughter's careless technique. "Alright, darling. If you need to use the potty or you want another drink, just call out for Mummy. Okay sweetie?"
       "Yes Mummy," Cindy replied in a distracted tone, already busy tipping out the contents of her cloth bag. Four Barbies tumbled out along with a cascade of tiny dresses, shoes and accessories. I realised we must have finished playing 'Mummies and Babies' and sat up to play dolls with my new friend.

       Rather than get our dolly dresses mixed up, I asked Cindy if I could play with her dolls and stuff instead. Well, when I say asked, I mean I held up one of her naked brunette dollies and pointed to the pile of dresses while grunting at Cindy. "Ga-ga goo?" She looked at me and smiled and nodded.
       "Yes baby, you can play with my dollies," Cindy sweetly assured me, but then her voice turned fierce. "But don't you break them, or you'll get a smack!" She raised her little arm and held up her open palm in a threatening manner, and I cowered back automatically. I gazed at her with wide innocent eyes, nodding that I understood and sucking harder on my dum-dums, grateful when she smiled and lowered her hand. 

      Cindy had dozens of pretty outfits for her dolls, and I spent ages happily dressing and undressing my chosen Barbie. Each time I dressed my dolly in a complete ensemble, I held her up for Cindy's approval. My playmate would giggle and nod, sometimes telling me, "That's very good, baby. You're such a clever girl!" I don't know why her praise made me beam and gurgle around my dum-dums in pleasure, but it did. Occasionally Cindy would lean across and kindly wipe my saliva-covered chin with my frilly bibbie, tut-tutting in mild reproval at my infantile ways. "Try not to dribble on my Barbies, baby," she urged me, looking a little concerned by my uncontrollable drooling.

        I looked up in alarm at the approaching sound of high-pitched feminine voices. My skin crawled when I saw Donna, the pudgy brunette eight-year-old walking up Melody's driveway, accompanied by two of her girlfriends. Her accomplices were already giggling at the mere sight of me, and they burst out laughing when Donna yelled, "Hello Baby Candy. Hi Baby Cindy. How are the baby girls in the playpen?"

        Cindy threw her Barbie to the floor and jumped to her feet. "I'm not a baby! I don't wear nappies. I'm a big girl," the two-and-a-half year old toddler protested. "Look!" She proudly insisted, "I'm wearing big-girl panties." Cindy boldly flipped her dress hem up around her shoulders and gave everyone a good long look at her thick pink cotton training panties.

       Donna shook her head in pretend amazement and her friends kept giggling. The pudgy brunette leaned against the wooden bars and said, "My goodness, Cindy! You certainly are a big girl. Not a 'Potty-pants baby' like Baby Candy here." She sneered at me and I scowled around my dum-dums at her in reply.

      Cindy grabbed the vertical bars and shook them, then glanced disdainfully at me. "I'm only in here 'cause I'm playing 'Mummies and Babies' with Baby Candy," she explained to the grinning girls.
      "Is that so?" Donna inquired. "In that case Mummy Cindy, I have a little present for your big baby girl. Here." She thrust a plastic rattle between the bars and gently shook it, and the moving pieces of shot inside made a pleasant swishing sound. 

       "Oh look, Baby Candy!" Cindy cried in delight. "Aunty Donna brought a rattle for you!" The excited girl moved to accept the hard plastic toy on my behalf but Donna withdrew her hand.
      "It comes with a little loop to go around her wrist," Donna explained. "Here, make your baby girl put her arm through the bars and I'll show you how to put it on her." Without waiting to see if I agreed or not, Cindy grabbed my left hand and thrust it between the vertical bars, firmly holding me in place. I almost toppled over and slid my damp bottom closer to the side to regain my balance. 

        "See?" Donna insisted. "The loop goes over her wrist and then you tighten it like this. See this bit?" I tried to see too, but Donna's chubby body blocked my view. "You make it tight enough so it won't slip off, then push this bit down. Turn this and it locks it closed. That way Baby Candy can't accidentally lose her rattle. You know what silly babies are like."

      Cindy squealed in glee when I pulled my hand back through the bars and the rattle came with it. It had a hollow pink plastic ball at one end about the size of my clenched fist, mounted on a four-inch long yellow plastic handle. It dangled from my wrist by a slim pink plastic cord, rattling noisily as I dragged it back through the bars. "No baby," Cindy corrected me, grabbing my arm. "You're supposed to hold it like this." She turned the rattle right side up and pressed the handle into my palm. 

        My fingers naturally curled around the shaped plastic handle and I gave the baby rattle a gentle experimental shake. I liked the noise it made and shook it again with more vigour, smiling in spite of my embarrassment. "That's it, baby," Cindy crooned in approval. She waggled my arm, making the hand holding the rattle shake more violently, and the watching girls giggled at the familiar babyish sound.

        I wanted to see how the plastic loop was secured around my wrist but when I tried to examine it, Cindy shook my arm again. “Shake your rattle baby," she ordered impatiently. "Go on Baby Candy. Shake it for Mummy." I decided to examine the fastening later and obediently shook my rattle for her, burbling "Ba-ba ma-ma goo-goo ga!" Donna and her friends giggled and Cindy smiled in approval. 

      "Good baby!" Cindy praised me, before wiping some drool from my chin with my frilly bibbie. She let the lace-edged bottom drop and straightened the damp napkin across my chest.. She grinned in delight when I loudly shook my rattle again and kept babbling like an excited one-year-old.

       "Hello girls!" I turned my head and glanced up in alarm. I hadn't heard Melody's near-silent approach over the noise I was making. She giggled at the sight of me shaking my rattle and performing like a real infant, and my cheeks grew hot.

       "Mummy look!" Cindy squealed. "Donna brought Baby Candy a rattle!"
       "Yes I can see," replied the beautiful blonde mother in honeyed tones, smiling broadly. "Isn't she a lucky baby girl?" I dropped my gaze to the floor of my playpen in embarrassment and gave my noisy rattle a few more desultory shakes.

        "Hi Mrs Mason," Donna greeted Cindy's Mummy. She pointed to one of her younger friends who held up the long loop of elastic. "We thought Cindy might like to play some elastics with us." She pointed to a shady spot under the tree a few feet away. "We could play right there."
       The little girl looked thrilled by the suggestion, clutching the bars and jumping up and down on the padded vinyl floor. "Yes Mummy! Can I Mummy? Can I? Can I?"
      Melody laughed at her little girl's bouncing excitement. "Yes darling. Of course you can." She crouched down and unlocked the gate, swinging it open and allowing her daughter to crawl out. “What about Baby Candy?" She asked Cindy.

      Cindy jumped to her feet and dusted off her hands. "No Mummy. She can't play," the little girl declared with the callous indifference of the young. "Baby Candy's too little. She still wears nappies and sucks a dummy. She's just a baby." Melody simply nodded in agreement with her daughter's heartless decision and bolted the playpen gate in front of my burning face. I sat back on my warm wet bottom feeling so humiliated! Thank goodness I had my dum-dums to distract me. I tried to look unaffected and shook my rattle like it was a fascinating new toy, babbling some nonsense around my dripping pacifier. 

        "Come here darling, and let me take your bonnet off. You won't need it in the shade," Melody advised Cindy. She untied the frilly pink bonnet from her daughter's head and folded it up. Now I was the only one wearing a bonnet. I was the only bonneted, dummy-sucking baby girl. In nappies. In my playpen. With my rattle. Cindy trotted over beside the other girls in the shade of the elm tree and they arranged themselves a few feet from my playpen bars. The two younger girls stretched the elastic band between their ankles and Donna offered to show Cindy what to do. I glanced up at the house and saw Brenda watching me through the kitchen windows, a contemptuous smile on her pretty painted face.

       I defiantly shook my rattle at my cousin, mumbling "Goo-goo ga-ga goo-goo goo!" I was unaware the camcorder was still recording everything I did. I didn't notice Melody's wry smile or see her shaking her head at my babyish ways before she strode back inside the house. With nothing else to do, I watched the girls as they skipped in and out of the elastic loop in time to a silly rhyming chant. Everyone except the girl jumping in and out was clapping along, and I shook my noisy rattle in time as I repeated the words in my head. 

        Cindy wasn't very good, but the other girls were generous in letting her extend her turn. They all gave her advice and helped her whenever she made a mistake. I could only contrast their behaviour with the aggressive taunting behaviour of most groups of boys. Girls were so much sweeter and nicer to each other. Once again I found myself fervently wishing I'd been born a girl.

       The sun was really hot and after a while, I was actually thankful I was wearing my frilly baby bonnet. At least the wide white lace brim protected my face from the intense glare. My hairless thighs began to sweat under the fluffy chiffon layers of my petticoat. It must have been close to midday when Brenda came strolling out the front, wiping her hands on a dishtowel. "Cindy!" She called. "It's lunch time honey. Time for you girls to come inside." 

       "Okay. Bye everybody." Cindy waved a quick goodbye to her playmates and dashed past my playpen. "I have to use the potty first," she proudly declared before she disappeared inside. The girls giggled before yelling their goodbyes as they prepared to leave.

        Brenda chuckled at my grateful expression as she crouched down and unlocked the playpen gate. I rolled onto my hands and knees facing the hinged gate, and realised I was looking straight between my voluptuous cousin's legs. Brenda seemed perfectly aware of the direction of my intense gaze and gave me a sly smile. Her pleated white skirt slid higher up her plump womanly thighs as she let her knees drift apart for a moment. Brenda was wearing a pair of pink satin panties under her demure cotton skirt, and I could see a delicate lacy panel above the shiny pouched gusset. I felt a thrill of arousal and my clittie automatically stiffened inside my warm wet swaddling. She pressed her meaty thighs together before I could catch a glimpse of her pubic bush underneath, and she grinned at my expression of disappointment. 

        "Come on, Baby Candy," Brenda sang as she stood, holding the gate high. "Crawl out and we'll feed you some lunchy-wunchies." I shuffled out with the rattle still tied around my wrist, the warm wet front of my nappy stimulating my stiffening clittie as it sensuously rubbed against me. Despite the cotton bonnet covering my ears, I could hear the other girls laughing as they walked down the drive towards the street. I knew they were watching me crawl like a baby across the lawn towards the house, my lace-edged bibbie hanging from my neck and my frilly bottom poking out like an old-fashioned bustle. Fortunately the sound of my noisy rattle mostly drowned out their derisive comments. 

      I tried to ignore them, concentrating on the erotic feel of my warm damp nappies caressing the head of my swollen clittie as I crawled inside.  I shuffled down the hallway on my hands and knees, unsure where I was headed. Brenda's hard hand whacking my puffy wet bottom encouraged me to keep going in the same direction. "That's it. Keep crawling, baby girl," she urged me with a few more heavy swats to the seat my clinging damp diaper. "The kitchen is straight ahead."

       When I crawled into the kitchen dragging my noisy plastic rattle across the black and white linoleum tiles, I saw Cindy strapped onto a yellow potty in the middle of the room. Her toddler commode was shaped like a giraffe in front, with brown splotches on the long yellow plastic neck. Melody was standing beside her, some sheets of toilet paper wrapped around one hand, beaming with pride for her daughter's accomplishment. "I finished, Mummy," Cindy smugly declared as she watched me crawl into the room. "I went potty like a big girl."

       "Good girl! What a clever big girl you are, Cindy! Mummy's grown-up big girl!" Melody effusively praised her self-satisfied two-year-old. Every word of congratulation for the beaming toddler was an unspoken condemnation of my failure to perform like a big girl. "Are you sure you've finished?" When Cindy nodded emphatically, Melody unfastened the narrow white leather strap binding her in place. "Lean back honey, so I can wipe your kitten." The little girl hung onto the giraffe's horns as she leaned her shoulders back, tilting up her hips to make it easier for her Mummy to clean her damp little slit. "That's it. Good girl." 

       Melody leaned over with her back to me and from my position on my hands and knees, I could see right up her brief blue babydoll frock. She was wearing shiny baby-blue, full-cut satin panties that glistened almost wetly in the light. I admired the beautiful swell of her curvaceous satin-clad derriere and her slender lightly-tanned thighs. Melody carefully wiped her daughter's puffy little opening several times and Eliza giggled at the intimate touch. "Did you do a poo-poo, darling?" Melody asked. "Do we need to wipe your bot-bot too?"

        Cindy shook her head. "No Mummy, just wee-wees." The little girl used the giraffe's horns to pull herself upright and Melody tossed the used tissues in the pot. The gorgeous blonde mother knelt down, holding the pair of crackling pink training panties down and open for her little girl to step into. Cindy held her flared dress hem up and out of her Mummy's way like a helpful little girl, and squatted slightly and wiggled her bum so her mother could more easily pull the thick cotton trainers all the way up around her tiny waist. I watched the little girl's contortions with envious eyes.

To be continued...

Is everybody else too afraid to comment now?

Baby Jennie

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diaperguy85    38

aww, no more of this story? :(

it at least has to wrap up! i wanna know what happens!

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WBDaddy    551

Is everybody else too afraid to comment now?

Baby Jennie

Not afraid to, but honestly, I feel like you've hit the wall. Stockholm Syndrome is in full swing at this point, and you've already pretty much done everything possible to humiliate him. The last couple chapters felt like repetition to me, where I was hoping you might be leading him back out (since, after the summer is over, he does have to go back home, and I can't see him going home like this...) of this insanity.

On a related note, you have copycats everywhere, it seems. Whole bunch of folk posting what is essentially this plot (with or without the girl stuff) on several other sites as their own work. It's not plagiarism per se, but it's kinda funny reading through their third rate versions with this in the back of my mind...

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babyjennie    70

You may be right!

As soon as Cindy was dressed, Melody popped the plastic lid on the used potty, picked it up and stood up. She asked Brenda, “Can you pop Cindy in her booster seat?” She nodded to the sloshing yellow potty. “I just have to get rid of this in the toilet.”

“Sure thing,” Brenda replied.

“Do you want me to bring the potty back for Baby Candy?”

Brenda glanced at me on all fours beside her and shook her head. “I don’t think so. Let me check.” She reached down and flipped up my dress and petties over my back, then pulled aside the combined waistbands of my plastic pilchers and my frilly rumba panties. She slipped her other hand inside my pants, sliding down over the seat of my puffy nappy towards my crotch. I felt her pushing the damp wad of material against the sensitive spot between my legs and shuddered at the intimate touch. It was only then I realised how wet I was. I must have peed again without realising it - maybe more than once. My grimacing cousin wiped her damp fingers on the relatively dry back of my nappy before she removed her hand and let the combined waistbands snap back against my spine. She gave Melody a mournful expression and shook her head again. “I wouldn’t bother bringing the potty back. My naughty little girl is wet through.” Cindy frowned at me and the cute toddler shook her head in disapproval, making me feel even smaller.

Melody didn’t seemed perturbed by the news and merely nodded. “Baby Candy can borrow Cindy’s highchair today. I think she needs it more than my little girl. It has a wetproof seat, after all.”

“Good idea,” agreed Brenda. She washed her hands at the kitchen sink before lifting the little girl into the padded booster seat attached to the breakfast bench. When Cindy was safely buckled in, Melody returned empty-handed from the bathroom. She stepped over to the pink tubular steel highchair, holding the white hinged tray open and ready for me. Brenda scooped me off the floor and spun me around. The highchair arms were barely wide enough to accommodate my padded hips, but Brenda managed to force me into the humiliating baby chair. My frothy petticoats poked up everywhere, and I helped Melody tuck them out of the way before she lowered the tray and locked it in place against my tummy. The pink-painted tray was decorated with cartoon drawings of prancing ponies. The gorgeous young mother smiled in approval at me, then strode over to the sink.

I sat back clutching my rattle, listening to it swish and crackle with my every movement. I rested my left hand on the highchair tray to try and keep it quiet. “I don’t think we need our bonnet while we eat our lunch, baby girl,” Brenda gently reprimanded me, “or our dum-dums.” She unfastened the clip from my bibbie collar, plucked out the dripping teat, and untied the satin ribbons under my chin. “You can hang onto your rattle though,” she giggled, giving the pink plastic ball a quick noisy shake. “It really suits you.” My dummy went in a glass of water on the bench. Brenda held up the frilly yellow bonnet and asked Melody, “What do you want me to do with this?”

“Keep it,” Melody replied as she placed a yellow plastic bowl and rubber-coated spoon on the breakfast bench in front of Cindy. “My little girl has plenty of spare bonnets. That one‘s a bit big for her, and it looks so cute on your Baby Candy.”

Brenda smiled and nodded. “It sure does,” she agreed. “Thank you.” Melody smiled in reply and plonked a pink plastic bowl on the tray in front of me. It was filled with pureed orange goo and looked very unappetising. I moved my hand out of the way, my rattle crackling attractively and making Brenda smile. “Do you want me to feed the baby?”

“No, I’ll do it,” Melody offered. “Cindy eats all by herself now. She’s such a big girl. She doesn’t need any help.” The gorgeous young mother smiled ruefully and admitted, “I kind of miss having a little baby in nappies to look after.” She took a small rubber-coated spoon from the pocket of her blue gingham apron and stirred the contents of my bowl. She smiled invitingly at me and held the loaded spoon to my lips. “Here you are, Baby Candy. Open wide,” Melody sang. “Eat it all up. That’s it. Good girl! What a good baby girl!”

I didn’t notice Brenda pick up the camcorder and sidle over beside the fridge. She lurked mostly out of sight as she raised the viewer to her face to record Melody feeding me in the highchair. I didn’t notice what my cousin was doing. I only had eyes for the beautiful young mother lovingly spoon-feeding me. Melody had lots of experience feeding babies because she hardly made a mess at all. My chin and cheeks remained pristine, and at least my drool-soaked bibbie didn’t look any worse. The pureed goo was home-made cream of pumpkin soup, flavoured with salt, herbs and spices, and it was much tastier than it looked. Melody was effusive in her praise as she fed me, sweetly encouraging me to eat every bite like a good baby girl. She was so beautiful and kind, it was easy to fall under her spell. I responded by eating it all up like a good baby girl, and I even enthusiastically shook my rattle for her a few times like a happy infant. I enjoyed my lunch - except for the smug superior glances Cindy occasionally threw my way from her place in her booster seat. Even though I managed to not make a mess everywhere as usual, I still felt like a useless infant under the little girl’s harsh scrutiny.

After Cindy and I finished our meals, Melody wiped our hands and faces with a warm washer. She was much gentler than my Aunty June or my cousins. I noticed Cindy hadn’t spilled any soup on her pink sunfrock and felt a pang of jealousy. I’m not sure I could have succeeded as well, even with a bib protecting my pretty frock and bunched petties. Melody gave her daughter a pink sippy-cup of warm milk, while mine was served to me in one of my oversized pink baby bottles, as usual. I watched Cindy watching me as we both sucked and swallowed, unaware my cousin was filming everything we did. Brenda finally turned off the camcorder and placed it aside, then picked up my diaper bag and disappeared down the hallway chuckling to herself.

Melody insisted on wiping our faces again after we’d finished our drinks. She removed my drool-stained bibbie and clipped my dummy chain to the collar of my yellow frock. I popped the wet rubber nipple straight in my mouth and naturally started sucking. Brenda returned in time to unbuckle me from the highchair while Melody lifted Cindy down from the booster seat, singing “Come on darling, it’s time for your nap.”

Cindy slithered out of her mother’s arms to the floor. “No Mummy. I don’t wanna take a nap,” she sulkily objected. “Me not tired!” She rubbed her eyes and tried to stifle a yawn.

“Now Cindy,” Melody reasoned, “you know we always take a little nap after lunch. Baby Candy is going to have a sleep too.”

“Me wanna stay up,” Cindy protested, backing away from her mother. “Me not tired!” Despite her mumbled protests, she actually looked and sounded exhausted.

Melody sighed and offered, “I’ll let you have a little nurse first, alright?”

Cindy’s expression immediately brightened and my clittie stiffened inside my warm wet nappy. I wanted to reach down and press the wonderful warmth against my swelling clittie, but the table tray was too close to my tummy. Brenda unlocked the tray and swung it aside, and grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me down on all fours.

“Okay Mummy.” The little girl scampered down the hallway and Melody walked after her. Brenda tilted her head to indicate I should follow too. I clutched my rattle in my fist and willingly crawled after the young mother, the plastic toy noisy in my hand. The first room on the left was a lounge room, and I saw Cindy already sitting up on an old brown three-seater couch in readiness. The rattling pieces of shot in my baby toy seemed to announce my entrance like a deafening fanfare.

Melody removed her gingham apron as she walked over and sat down beside her daughter. She smiled at me when she heard me crawl into the room. Her blue cotton baby-doll frock had a wide flared skirt that fell from a high Empire waist beneath her prominent bust. Melody’s legs were long and lightly tanned, with shapely toned calves and slender thighs. Her cute sleeveless frock had inch-wide ruffled straps across the shoulders and elastic shirring around the bust. Melody slid one shoulder strap aside to reveal her beige bra strap, slipped out her arm, and wriggled down that side of her dress. I still wasn’t quite sure what was happening but my clittie was fully erect and pounding with excitement. I tried to keep my rattle quiet but my trembling hand kept it shaking.

Melody’s bra was made of some heavy shiny material that glistened almost wetly in the light. Her bosom was larger than I expected, her skin milk-white, the excess flesh bulging over the tops of the huge beige cups. Melody unfastened a plastic catch at the top of the left cup below the shoulder strap, lowered the stiff padded cup, and I watched in awe as her creamy breast flopped out. Even though engorged with milk, Melody’s bosom wasn’t anywhere near as large as Brenda’s. She looked bigger than cousin Alison - larger than a D-cup, but not by much. Her nipple was already stiffening into wakefulness, a tasty pink-brown thimble-sized bud, thickening and engorging till it stuck out like a pointing fingertip. Melody was wearing a proper nursing bra and from the looks of her swollen teat, she needed one.

“Do you still breastfeed Cindy?” Brenda asked, looking surprised. Cindy lay her head across her mother’s lap in readiness, her eager face already turned towards the exposed breast. She didn’t wait for her mother and simply grabbed hold of the massive creamy teat with both hands. She squeezed and kneaded the heavy breast, and I saw droplets of milk appear on the pinky-brown tip before Cindy covered it with her mouth. I gasped in excitement around my dum-dums, my clittie swelling harder than ever. Saliva filled my mouth and trickles of drool escaped from the corners of my lips, leaking wetly around my dummy guard.

“Not really,” Melody replied. “I still let her have a little suckle before bedtime every night, and sometimes before she takes a nap if she’s a bit cranky. It really helps calm her down, and she usually drops off to sleep right away. She doesn’t actually drink much. It would be better for me if she did.” The beautiful twenty-something gave her huge breasts a rueful glance. “My milk won’t stop letting down, anyway. I usually have to express a bottle or two every day, otherwise they get so swollen, it’s painful.” She lifted her unoccupied breast and gently let it drop. It wobbled heavily for a few seconds after she released it, despite her supportive nursing bra.

“Wow,” Brenda commented, shaking her head in in amazement. “I didn’t know that could happen.” She took my vinyl-backed change mat out of the diaper bag and spread it on the carpet beside me. “Hold your dress and petties up out of the way and lie down on your back, Baby Candy.” I rolled onto the required spot with my eyes still glued to the wondrous sight of Melody lovingly breastfeeding her daughter. I sucked harder on my dum-dums, imagining my lips wrapped around Melody’s scrumptious nipple instead. Flashes of my erotic fantasy involving Annette breastfeeding me replayed in my mind and I had to stop myself from reaching down to caress my turgid stiffie.

When Brenda tapped my panty crotch I automatically raised my hips, and she pulled down my frilly rumba panties and my yellow plastic panties to my knees. “Ballerina toesies.” I let my bum drop and raised and pointed my feet, and my babysitter slid my crackling panties over my black patent Maryjanes. She left me like that while she arranged two clean nappies beside me, then she took out the tub of wipes and the powder. I was watching Cindy nurse from her Mummy the whole time, my stiff clittie pounding with excitement. Even though Brenda was about to unpin my nappy and reveal my uncontrollable arousal, I wasn’t worried. Melody had already seen me in that priapic condition, and for that matter, so had Cindy. I didn’t care. It’s not my fault. I’m just a baby - a helpless little baby girl. I slurped noisily on my sloppy dum-dums and burbled, “Num-num num-num num-num num.”

Cindy had her face buried in the velvety-soft cushion of her mother’s creamy breast, suckling noisily. While she seemed enthusiastic at first, the little girl’s movements were growing sluggish. Brenda removed my nappy pins and lowered the wet front of my diaper, and my stiff clittie popped up like a naughty Jack-in-the-box. The beautiful teenager laughed at my obvious excitement but didn’t comment for the moment. I raised my hips so Brenda could slide the drenched nappies out from under me, poking my hard red clittie in the air like a flagpole. My buxom cousin sniggered as she rolled up the sodden diapers and dumped them in a plastic shopping bag. She tied a knot to seal the plastic bag and tossed it in my change bag. The sounds of Cindy busily breastfeeding grew quieter and gradually slowed.

Brenda grabbed my hot red tool in her fist and gave it a quick shake, and shook her head in disdain as she glanced at Melody. “I think my little baby girl is a bit excited watching you feed Cindy, Melody.” The beautiful blonde mother raised her sky-blue eyes from her breastfeeding toddler for a moment to smile sleepily at my adoring gaze and my rampant arousal, and I was grateful she didn’t seem upset or angry. Brenda released my throbbing clittie and collected my ankles in one hand, and rolled me back onto my shoulders so she could wipe my bottom. The swollen spongy tip of my stiff clittie almost poked me in the face, and I don’t know why I instinctively opened my lips wide.

When Brenda was sure I was perfectly clean back there, my quivering buttocks received a fresh dusting of sweetly-scented baby powder. I couldn’t help whimpering in excitement when she gently caressed the silky talc deeply into the cleft of my relaxed bumcheeks, and I sighed in disappointment when she stopped. Brenda slid the prepared nappies underneath me and made sure they were in the correct position. She let my feet drop to the floor and my bottom landed on the soft cushion of my bunched terrycloth diapers. I drew my ankles up near my crotch, my knees flopping wide in the usual exposed position to have my nappies changed, my stiff clittie bobbing above my tummy. My rampant erection jumped in excitement when Brenda cheekily suggested, “I think my Baby Candy might like to have a little nurse from your titties as well.”

Melody smiled and nodded. “Okay,” she quietly agreed, keeping her voice low. My heart leapt in my chest and for a second I found it hard to breathe. Fresh blood engorged my swollen tool until it was hot as molten steel, swelling bigger than ever before. The shaft was crimson and the spongy crown had turned purple. Melody added quietly, “Thank goodness for my husband. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be expressing my milk three or four times a day.”

“Really?” Brenda asked as she briskly cleaned my bits and between my legs. My rock-hard clittie jumped up and down, slapping my tummy as though demanding her attention. “How does he help?” She grabbed hold of my bobbing erection and moved it aside to wipe my damp tummy.

Melody laughed. “Let’s just say that Cindy’s not the only one living this house who likes to nurse from Mummy.” For one moment I thought she was talking about me. “Steve’s a big help.” I realised Melody was talking about her husband. I bit harder on my dummy teat and almost swooned at that juicy titbit of information. Shiny pearls of pre-cum leaked from the puckered eye of my stiff little tool and my rattle wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Oh. Oh!” Brenda smiled when she suddenly understood, her emerald eyes wide. “Really?” She demanded incredulously, her perfectly-arched eyebrows creeping up towards her hairline. My mind was spinning, my pounding clittie jerking like an angry python in her hand. I found the thought of Melody breastfeeding her husband so arousing, it was a wonder my throbbing clittie didn’t explode in Brenda’s firm grasp. I couldn’t help the strangled groan that escaped the wide pink guard of my dum-dums. My hands shook so much, I almost lost my grip on my noisy rattle. Brenda grinned at my evident excitement and poured a handful of powder over my bobbing red tool. She watched my flushed face as she gently rubbed it in, careful not to accidentally trigger my climax. She could tell how aroused I was and she knew how easily I erupted at the slightest provocation.

I shuddered uncontrollably when my grinning babysitter tightly pinned my clean nappies over my raging hard-on, safely sealing everything inside. “Lift those widdle footsies and ballerina toesies. Good baby.” Brenda replaced my damp yellow plastic panties but didn’t bother with my satin rumba panties. When she finished tucking in the waist and leg bands, Brenda gently patted the tenting front of my baby panties, grinning at my red face and the arousal evident in my wide blue eyes. She asked Melody, “How often does Steve… help you?”

Melody smiled ruefully. “Every morning and every night. Steve’s always loved my big tits,” she confessed with a self-deprecating chuckle. Looking at them now, I could easily see why. They were fantastic! “He could never get enough of them before we had a child, and now…” She shrugged her shoulders slightly, careful not to disturb her nursing toddler.

“Golly! All boys really are babies, aren’t they?” Brenda laughingly insisted.

“I’ll say,” Melody agreed with a giggle, then glanced at me lying on the floor on my change mat. “And some of them never seem to want to grow up.” I was embarrassed and excited all at the same time - a condition with which I was becoming all too familiar.

Despite the conversation happening around her, Cindy had dropped off to sleep. Her head lolled back and her eyes were closed, milky spit bubbles forming over her parted lips. I watched a thin trail of watery milk seep from the bumpy tip of the feeding mother’s russet bud, trickling down the alabaster skin to be captured by the absorbent pad in her bra cup. I mewled in frustration and sucked harder on my sloppy dum-dums. Melody’s sweet contralto voice dropped to a whisper when she said to Brenda, “See? What did I tell you? She’s out like a light. There’s a natural opiate in breast milk that knocks babies for a loop. She’ll sleep like a log now.” Melody pulled the shiny padded cup over her creamy bosom and clipped her bra closed, and replaced her shirred top. She stood up cradling her daughter in her arms. “I’ll just put Cindy down, then I’ll come back and sort out your Baby Candy. Alright?”

I nodded enthusiastically and Brenda replied, “Okay.” To me she said, “Crawl over to the lounge and hop up there, Baby Candy. Aunty Melody is going to give you a little nurse before nap-time. Aren’t you a lucky baby girl?” I could only nod in agreement as I eagerly crawled over to the brown wool-covered lounge. I took my time climbing up, discretely thrusting my sensitive swollen clittie against the front of my soft fluffy nappy by pressing my panty front against the edge of the lounge for a few seconds, before rolling onto my back in readiness.

To be continued... provided I get some feedback.

Hugs from Baby Jennie in Australia

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diaperguy85    38

another well done and wonderful chapter!!

im jealous of candi with sucking on so many lovely big bouncing and milking boobs lol

keep it going!! :thumbsup:

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stephykate    4

Baby Jennie,

I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw this. Thanks for another chapter! I think I speak for a lot of people when I tell you that we really missed it. Please keep it up!


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Alice-chan    7


Now that I've officially caught up to the most current point in the story, I think its about time that I give my input. First off, let me just say that the neigh-sayers can go climb a tree, this story is friggin awesome. The way you describe everything and how you pace the story is absolutely superb. I simply love every point of the story so far, even if it does feel a little more mean than your last masterpiece. I cant help feeling so sorry for little Baby Candy but if the story was nothing but nice little scenes, it wouldn't be as anywhere near as interesting, now would it? I'm so glad you decided not to stop after all the mudslinging that went on a little while ago; good on you! I cant wait to see how this one continues and you always leave me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

The Angel of Hope,


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babyjennie    70

Dear Diaperguy, Stephykate and Alice-chan, thank you for those kind words of support. I was considering not posting any more, but after reading your comments... Well, here goes. I hope you guys enjoy the next chapter.


Chapter 19. Mummy Melody and Baby Candy

Brenda giggled and walked out, leaving me alone on the lounge for the moment. I took the opportunity to grab the front of my bulging baby panties with both hands. I urgently caressed my rock-hard tool through my thick fluffy nappy and my crackling plastic panties, wishing I was bold enough to reach inside and play with my clittie. I wriggled about on my back like an excited infant, the wool cushions scratchy against my baby-smooth legs. I tried not to make too much noise with my rattle but it was a waste of time. Every move I made caused it to rattle and swish attractively.

Melody returned to the kitchen a minute later and I heard her tell my babysitter, “That’s one little girl down for the count. One to go.”

“Do you mind if I…?” I couldn’t see Brenda hold up the camcorder and nod her head in the direction of the lounge room, but I heard Melody chuckle before she replied.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” The beautiful twenty-something headed down the hallway and I heard her footsteps approach. I released my grip on the front of my slippery plastic panties and brushed down the lace-edged hem of my yellow frock. She was smiling in anticipation when she strode into the lounge room, her flared blue babydoll dress swirling high about her lightly-tanned thighs.

Melody stepped over to where I was lying on the lounge and ordered, “Lift your head, Baby Candy.” I raised my head and shoulders and she sat down beside me, sliding her curvaceous bottom sideways towards me till her slender thighs were cushioning my head. I didn’t see Brenda creep into the room with the camcorder viewer raised to her face, the lens aimed at me and the red recording light glowing. I only had eyes for Melody as the beautiful blonde slid aside the ruffled shoulder straps of her baby-blue frock and pulled both arms free. I gazed up at her elegant swan-like neck and saw the pulse in her throat beneath the milk-white skin. She eased down her tight elasticised shirred top to her waist, revealing her shiny beige nylon bra. I could see a white plastic clip at the top of each thick cup.

Melody unfastened the plastic clip on the right and lowered the stiff padded cup, and I realised there was an absorbent cotton pad inside. I was drooling heavily in anticipation, warm spittle leaking from the corners of my mouth. Her plump white breast popped out, the pinky-brown nipple already stiffening in readiness. Melody leaned over me, smiling at my joyous expression, a twinkle in her sky-blue eyes and her platinum hair falling about her beautiful heart-shaped face.

     I moaned quietly in arousal when I saw a tiny droplet of milk already forming on the bumpy tip, inches from my nose. I could actually smell her milk, a strange sweet/sour scent mingling with her intoxicating perfume and her natural body aromas. Her pink areola was about an inch and a half in diameter, paler than her stiff erect bud. There was a faint tracery of blue veins beneath her almost translucent skin, running from her areola all the way back towards her armpit. I wasn’t as bold as Cindy, and let the smiling woman guide her seeping nipple towards my open mouth.

She cupped her massive mammary with her right hand, letting the thimble-sized bud poke out between her splayed fingers as she steered it between my drool-coated lips. Melody gasped when I hungrily latched on, drawing the firm morsel of woman flesh deeply into my mouth. I marvelled at the warmth of her bounteous bosom and the silky feel of her alabaster skin against my cheek. I sucked hard and was surprised that only a few drops of watery milk seeped out. Instinctively I dropped my noisy rattle to grab her swollen teat. The plastic toy dangled from the loop around my wrist as I reached up and started kneading and pressing her firm cushiony breast with both hands, sucking even harder. I inhaled deeply through my nostrils, breathing in her scent, my clittie throbbing madly inside my nappy. Melody gave a moan of pleasure/pain that did little to deter me. More sweet milk dribbled into my mouth and I greedily sucked and swallowed, my pounding clittie ready to explode inside my moistening nappy.

I soon settled into a rhythm, sucking repeatedly and allowing my mouth to mostly fill before thirstily gulping down her nectar. Her milk was thin, watery and sweet, but it was the greatest gift of maternal love. Melody gently stroked my head and crooned in tender loving tones, “That’s it, baby. Good girl. You have a lovely feed, Baby Candy. Mmm. Good girl. What a good little baby girl.” She cradled my head in her right arm and kept my flushed face pressed against her wonderful soft bosom, and I lost myself in breastfeeding from her like a contented infant. Brenda moved closer to us and filmed me suckling from directly above. I was completely unaware of what she was doing. I had my eyes closed in infantile bliss as I hungrily breastfed from the gorgeous young mother, palpating her warm cushiony teat with the curled fingers of both hands in an effort to squeeze out more of her life-giving nourishment.

Brenda kept the camcorder lens aimed at us and moved her face away from the viewer to attract Melody’s attention. Her sparkling emerald eyes glanced pointedly in the direction of my crotch and she tilted her head in indication. Melody had to stifle a laugh when she noticed my swollen erection tenting out the front of my shiny baby panties. “I think Baby Candy likes breastfeeding from my boosies, Aunty Brenda,” she quietly chuckled.

My cousin retorted with surety, “I think she loves breastfeeding from your boosies, Mummy Melody.” Despite the distraction of a mouthful of milk and a face full of warm creamy breast, I could tell my cousin was smiling down at me.

“She really is a pretty little thing,” Melody commented in an affectionate tone. I could hear the smile in her voice too, and I wriggled in ecstasy in her loving arms, my erection swelling to new undiscovered proportions.

“She certainly makes a beautiful baby girl,” Brenda agreed without a hint of sarcasm. She reached down with her free hand and pretended to stroke the bulging front of my yellow plastic panties. “I think that’s because she secretly loves being a helpless little baby girl.” She indicated to Melody that she should gently pat my tenting nappy front. Unseen by me, the beautiful young mother threw Brenda a questioning look. My cheeky cousin repeated the motion, nodding enthusiastically, and returned the camcorder viewer to her face before stepping back to film the results.

I was oblivious to Brenda moving about filming me. Melody’s beautiful breast and her sweet milk filled my whole world, and I focused on sucking out her watery feast like a starving African baby. The area surrounding my mouth was warm and wet, but I wasn’t sure if it was her milk, my drool, or the combined sweat of our close-packed bodies. Brenda filmed Melody’s hand as it moved from stroking my head down my nylon-clad body, before brushing aside the front of my frothy chiffon petticoats. I loved the feminine swishing sound of my petties rustling against my plastic panties. Melody’s cupped fingers hovered uncertainly above the tenting bulge in my baby panties.

     I couldn’t believe how hard I was inside my nappy. I was grunting and gurgling wetly in excitement, my whole body trembling in ecstasy. Pre-cum was leaking out of my throbbing clittie and forming a slippery wet patch inside my fluffy swaddling. Every time I wriggled about on Melody’s lap, the sensitive underside of the swollen head sensuously rubbed against the moist slick spot, making me even more excited. It was like I was living my fantasy, re-living my erotic dream. I didn’t want to cum too soon. I wanted this wonderful experience to last for an eternity.

Brenda held the camera away at arm’s length, still recording the breastfeeding baby while she lovingly crooned, “Isn’t she a beautiful baby girl, Melody?” My heart leapt in my chest at her sweet words of praise and I wriggled and gurgled in joy. My clittie couldn’t possibly get any harder, but it did. Brenda smiled wolfishly at my thrilled reaction and nodded encouragingly to her friend.


“Yes she is,” Melody sang in agreement. Brenda smiled and nodded and Melody continued, “She’s a gorgeous little Princess.” They both saw my bulging erection twitch madly beneath my shiny plastic panties and smirked at each other. Melody’s hand slowly settled on top of my tenting nappy front with a feather-light touch. I moaned in unabashed delight around a mouthful of milk, trying not to spill a precious drop as my whole body shook with excitement. I couldn’t prevent the excited whimpers gurgling wetly past the liquid in my throat. Melody crooned, “Baby Candy is a beautiful little baby girl.”

“Even if she can’t stop wetting and pooping her nappies?” Brenda questioned with a sly giggle.

“She can’t help it,” Melody kindly replied on my behalf, making excuses for my infantile behaviour. I revelled in her generosity and her beautiful loving nature. She cupped her hand over my throbbing tool and lightly slid her fingers up and down over my slippery plastic panties. Her touch was so gentle, I could hardly tell her hand was there. I writhed and groaned in arousal, trying not to dribble milk all over my wonderful wet-nurse, wantonly thrusting up my hips to meet her hand. “She’s just a baby. A beautiful little baby girl. It’s not her fault.”

I couldn’t control my reaction to her tenderly crooned affirmation of my true status. I gasped and tried to avoid biting her seeping nipple when my swollen clittie exploded inside my fluffy nappy. Pulsating bursts of bad baby juice squirted out of me as I shivered and shook in excitement, the wonderful sensations overwhelming me. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt short of breath. Electric jolts of absolute pleasure made my body twitch and writhe uncontrollably on Melody’s lap, and colourful fireworks exploded inside my brain. My eyes rolled back in my head and I think I lost consciousness for a few seconds.

“Shh baby. There, there, darling. Shh,” Melody soothed me with a loving chuckle as I helplessly jerked and twisted in her arms. She pressed my face harder against her softening breast and I snorted for air through flared nostrils, my eyes closed in orgasmic bliss. “Keep sucking, darling. Don’t stop feeding. That’s it, Baby Candy. Good girl. That’s my good little baby girl.” Melody gave my pulsating clittie a few dismissive pats that made me whimper and moan, and returned to gently stroking my hair and cheek. To Brenda she whispered, “I think our baby girl made creamies in her nappy. That was a bit premature.”

Brenda snickered and commented, “She’s a premature baby.” They both giggled at the witticism.

“That would explain so many things,” Melody softly replied to my cousin with a meaningful glance at me. I kept nursing despite my breathlessness, desperately snuffling for air through my nostrils as I slowly sucked and swallowed. Even though I was kneading her breast quite firmly, her supply of milk seemed to be slowing. Melody noticed and brushed my hands aside, insisting; “Here baby. Let me.” I opened my eyes, watching as she wrapped her whole hand around the emptying dug and gave it a hard squeeze that looked painful. I certainly wouldn’t have dared squeeze a woman’s breast that firmly, especially one who was breastfeeding, but what did I know? I’m just a baby. A beautiful baby girl.

Melody milked out another mouthful of watery breast milk for me, then let go of her flaccid breast to unfasten the other cup. “That one’s empty,” she commented to Brenda with a pleased smile. “I’ll give her a nurse from the other teat, then we can put our beautiful Baby Candy down in the cot for her nap.”

“Good idea,” agreed Brenda. Melody slipped her fingertip inside the corner of my mouth to break my suction grip. My lips parted from her swollen nipple with a loud ‘plop’ and I mewled in disappointment even as I gasped for air. Before I could voice a protest, Melody used the finger in my mouth to steer my lips to her other plump teat. I grunted in satisfaction as I latched on to the succulent bud, grabbing her beautiful silky flesh with both hands. Her skin smelled sensational and I inhaled deeply, filling my nostrils with her intoxicating perfume.


The sensation of breastfeeding on her first breast caused more milk to let down in the second, and initially it was easier to fill my mouth. Plus I was learning how to do it properly, like a real baby learning to feed from her mother. I knew Melody was bending over me watching me lustily nurse, and I think she was smiling down at me. Her silky platinum locks escaped the sides of her sky-blue headband to lightly brush my face, and I could smell a hint of apples in her hair conditioner. I don’t think I’d ever felt so alive as at that moment. When she was sure I was suckling in a steady rhythm, both hands busily kneading her swollen teat, Melody turned away from watching me breastfeed to chat with Brenda.

I ignored the women as they quietly discussed the latest in potty-training techniques, Melody giving my cousin advice that was intended to help with my eventual re-training. I lay back in a post-orgasmic haze, concentrating on suckling properly from my beautiful wet-nurse. I was barely aware of the grown-ups’ muted conversation. It wasn’t important to me. I’m just a baby. I’m a beautiful baby girl. My attention was focused on the wonderful creamy bosom filling my vision and the sweet watery milk I suckled from Melody’s bountiful body. It was an incredible experience, and I felt a tiny hint of the deep loving bond that can form between a breastfeeding mother and her infant.

As my satisfied clittie shrivelled inside my nappy, I naturally relaxed and started to pee. I sighed in pleasure as I felt the almost-scalding stream of urine wash over my tummy and trickle down between my legs. It was completely natural to just relax and let go, letting my water bathe me in sweet aromatic warmth. I felt so happy, so content, so… babyish. I wriggled about in infantile bliss, my eyes closed and my sweaty face pressed against the cushiony softness of Melody’s heavenly boosie. I was breathing deeply between swallowing mouthfuls of warm milk, my mind wandering. Melody noted the gradual change in my breathing and gazed fondly down at me, nodding to Brenda that the baby was dropping off. I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I didn’t wake even when Melody stood up cradling me in her arms.

To be continued...

Are you still enjoying this? Post a response here and let me know.

Baby Jennie

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Alice-chan    7

What another amazing chapter, Jennie! Absolutely LOVED this one! This was one of those more feel good bits that I really enjoy sometimes more than the humiliation parts. I like the idea that sometimes, the main character can really get at least some form of love from someone and not just complete hate. Or maybe thats just me being optimistic. Who knows. In anycase, Im so happy you decided to write a new chapter for us and I'll definately be looking forward to more.

The Angel of Hope,


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diaperguy85    38

yea, im officially jealous of candi! lol

awesome chapter! i hope there's more to this! :thumbsup:

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babyjennie    70


Dear Alice-chan and diaperguy, I'm glad you're enjoying the latest chapter and thank you for letting me know.


chapter 19 continued.....

       I know the women must have carried me into Cindy's Nursery and locked me in her crib, because that's where I awoke. I was puzzled. I had no memory of entering the little girl's bedroom, and I certainly didn't remember being locked in the white-painted wooden crib. It was smaller than my pink crib at Aunty June's, with not enough room to stretch out my legs when I yawned and struggled to full wakefulness. I threw back the pink top sheet and glanced over at the empty single bed against the opposite wall, noting the tossed-back Disney Princess sheets. Cindy had slept in a big-girl bed, while I'd been confined in her old cot like a useless baby. It looked like my playmate was already awake and up for the afternoon. I wondered if she'd managed to stay dry?       

       My nappy was a warm wet weight on my groin and I wriggled about in the familiar stimulating humidity, enjoying the way the sodden cloth seemed to wrap itself around to my rock-hard clittie. I sucked contentedly on my dum-dums and reached down to caress the tenting front of my yellow baby panties. That's when I realised someone had undressed me and buckled mittens on my fists. Apart from my nappy, pilchers and the white leather mittens, I was naked in the crib. I had slept so soundly after nursing from Melody's beautiful breasts, I hadn't even woken when the women removed my shoes and socks and my dress and petticoat, and buckled these stupid restraints around my wrists. 

        Nursing from Melody's beautiful milky-white bosoms. Ahh, what a memory! I clutched my crinkling baby panties against myself and rubbed my sensitive stiffie with my mittened fists, pressing the sensuous soggy warmth beneath harder against my swollen tool. I didn't care that I was locked in my playmate's crib and wearing mittens. I'm a baby. I'm a beautiful, helpless baby girl. I chewed harder on my dum-dums, imagining I was feasting on Melody's beautiful firm nipple instead, gurgling wetly in excitement as I writhed in pleasure in the too-short baby cot. I didn't realise there was a baby monitor attached to the end of the crib, transmitting every sound in the Nursery to the receiver in the kitchen.

         Melody heard the babyish noises I was making as I struggled awake, and she grinned as she headed for the Nursery with one of my big pink baby bottles in her hand. I rolled onto my tummy, the dummy clip sliding around my neck, and I found a big pink and white bunny lying in the cot beside me. It was enormous, almost as big as Cindy. I wrapped one arm around the huge plush toy and cuddled her tightly, clumsily using one long fluffy ear to wipe some of the excess drool from my chin. 

       I gazed through the white painted bars at Cindy's Nursery as I rocked and rolled on the front of my deliciously drenched diaper, thrusting my stiff little clittie into the warm wet folds. Cindy had a classic little girl's room, a pink and white confection with white painted furniture, pastel-pink walls and translucent white chintz curtains with a pink floral print. There were stuffed toys and beautifully dressed dolls on every flat surface; even the top of her wardrobe was littered with a menagerie of stuffed animals. 

       I imagined I was the little girl who lived here and Melody was my Mummy, and I thrust my throbbing clittie into the wonderful wetness cocooning me with more urgency. "Ma-ma!" I burbled wetly around my dum-dums, clutching the pink bunny like my life depended on it. "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" The first hint I had that Melody was standing beside the crib was when she gently plucked my dummy teat from my spittle-wet lips and replaced it with the nipple of my baby bottle. Cool water filled my mouth and I instinctively swallowed and sucked again, lifting my face off the pillow to gaze up at the beautiful young mother smiling down at me. "Ma-ma?"

       "Hello Baby Candy! You're finally awake! You had a very long nap, sweetheart." Melody let the sloshing bottle rest on my pillow and I released the plush pink bunny with one hand to grab the heavy plastic vessel. I forgot I was wearing mittens and clumsily pawed at the bottle for a moment, biting on the nipple to avoid losing it. "Let's just check how wet you are," she suggested as she gently spread my thighs. I realised what Melody intended and helpfully opened my legs wide and poked up my padded bum at her. 

       "Good girl," she murmured, as she pulled aside one tight elastic leg band and slipped her fingers inside. "Ooo! What a wet baby girl!" She smiled forgivingly at me as she withdrew her fingers. She wiped the damp tips on her blue gingham apron, her sky-blue eyes sparkling with amusement. She didn't seemed upset or annoyed to discover I was drenched after my nap. It was like she expected nothing else of me. I was a baby to her. A helpless little baby girl. A beautiful little baby girl. "We'll have to change this little girl's nappy right away," she sang.

        Melody stepped back and trod on the release lever, catching the crib side rail as it dropped. She pulled me closer to the edge and then gathered me in her arms. "Come here, baby." I was surprised when she picked me up and carried me to the change table a few feet away. I bit harder on the silicon teat and clutched my bottle to my bare chest with my mittened fists to avoid dropping it, and clamped the pink bunny against my side with my elbow. "Oomph! Gosh you're a big baby," she complained before she set me down. "Aren't you, Baby Candy?" 

        She smiled affectionately at me to take the sting out of her words and I nodded in helpless agreement. Cindy's padded table had a pink and white vinyl cover in a cute Strawberry Shortcake motif, and the top was cold against my bare back. Melody reached over and tweaked my bunny's black nose. "You like bunny, don't you?" I nodded and cuddled her tighter. She laughed. "Alright, baby. You can hang on to bunny for a while."

        She gently patted my inner thigh. "Lift that widdle bot-bot. Good girl, now botty down and lift those footsies. Point your toesies like a pretty ballerina. Good girl! What a good baby girl! Gosh, you're so wet!" I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed when the gorgeous blonde unpinned my drenched diapers and drew down the sodden front. My hard red stiffie bobbed above my tummy as though to focus her attention where it was required. I had to use both hands to hold my bottle, clumsy because of my tight leather mittens. I kept sucking down mouthfuls of water, watching her warily to gauge her reaction. Melody gave my raging erection a wry smile when I raised my hips so she could slide the wet nappies out from under me. 

      "Gosh! You really do love all this baby treatment! Don't you, little girl?" I nodded shyly, trying not to jump when she wiped clean my pulsating hot clittie with a handful of cold moist baby wipes. Despite the chill, my erection didn't shrink one iota. It throbbed madly in her grasp and she smiled forgivingly at me as she carefully wiped every inch of my glistening red tool, even the seeping single eye. She let go of me and cleaned my damp tummy and between my legs, then rolled me back onto my shoulders to wipe my bottom. She asked in a mild conversational tone, "Have you always wanted to be a baby girl?" 

        I had my eyes closed in bliss as she gently stroked my sensitive back door, wiping my wrinkled freckle again and again to remove every trace of urine-stained powder. I was so aroused, so excited, I was barely aware of what I was doing when I plucked the dripping bottle teat from my mouth and responded. "I've alwayth wanted to be a girl," I confessed before I could stop myself. Cool watered spurted onto my cheek, breaking the momentary spell. I froze, terrified of her reaction, and shoved the nipple back in my mouth to shut myself up. Melody didn't miss a beat. She continued wiping my crack and cleaning my botty cheeks, and for one moment I thought she hadn't heard me.  

       "You make a beautiful little girl," the gorgeous blonde assured me, then she lowered my ankles and smiled at my anxious expression. "You really do," she added, nodding and smiling when my faltering smile returned and I began sucking and swallowing again. "You even sound like a little girl. Your voice is so sweet and high and feminine." She disposed of the used wipes and gave my blushing pink cheek a gentle tweak. "I told you and your Aunties. When I first met you, I thought you were a beautiful little girl named Candy. I still think that -" she pointedly glanced down at my hard red clittie bobbing above my tummy "- despite the current evidence to the contrary." My blush deepened and she gave an indulgent chuckle. "It's alright, baby girl. I know you can't help it."

         The sound of air sucking back through the nipple alerted Melody that my bottle was empty. She gently took it from my mittened fists and stepped over to the crib, and returned with my dummy on the chain. She licked the amber rubber teat with her agile pink tongue in a strangely erotic gesture, making sure the inside of the pink plastic guard was well moistened with her spit before she popped the glistening dum-dums between my lips. I sucked the substitute nipple deeply into my mouth until the spittle-wet guard caressed my pouting lips. It was almost like a sweet kiss on the mouth from the beautiful young mother and my stiff clittie swelled so hard, it almost hurt. She smiled at the noisy slurping sounds I made and let the clip drop to the vinyl padded surface, the pink plastic chain resting against my neck.

        Melody grabbed my ankles again and hoisted my feet high into the air, folding me back so she could powder my bottom. My raging hard-on almost bumped my nose and I instinctively sucked harder on my dum-dums. She took her time rubbing in the lightly-perfumed talc, caressing my botty cheeks with firm sure strokes before delving deeply into my crack. Her fingertips circled my twitching wrinkled hole for a few tantalising moments, moving closer and closer to my puckered entrance before playfully goosing me a few times. The tip of my clittie had turned purple and I was shivering with excitement by the time she slid some prepared nappies under my elevated rear. 

       When she let my legs drop, my powder-coated botty dropped onto the cushiony-soft nappies like a duckling's bottom settling into a pile of downy feathers. I felt sure every square millimetre of my bot-bot had been well tended and my pulsating clittie was harder than ever. My beautiful babysitter smiled at my turgid excitement and sprinkled a cloud of baby powder over it, covering my tummy and hard-on in a perfumed white mound. She placed aside the container of talc and turned back to me, smiling enigmatically.

        Melody quietly insisted, "You want to be a pretty little girl, don't you Baby Candy?" Her hand hovered millimetres above the powder-covered stiffie bouncing above my tummy.
        I nodded. "Yeth!" I replied around my sloppy dum-dums. I gasped in excitement when she smoothed the pile of powder along my throbbing crimson shaft with the tip of her index finger, from the purple crown all the way down to my twitching ball sack and back again.

        "Why, baby? Why do you want to be a girl?" Her tone wasn't condemning or accusatory. Melody actually sounded intrigued - like she wanted to understand. 
        "I dunno," I mumbled, unable to meet her inquiring sky-blue eyes. I sighed in disappointment when she stopped caressing me and backed away slightly from the change table.

         Melody shook her head, frowning in disapproval, and for a moment my erection faltered. The blood seemed to rush from my straining tool to my flushed face and my clittie drooped. "No baby. Don't do that," she softly scolded me. "I really want to know. Alright? Tell me." I could see genuine concern shining in her beautiful blue eyes and my fears melted away. The gentle touches to my bobbing tool resumed and I sucked my dum-dums and hugged my bunny in relief. 

        Her voice turned syrupy and she cooed like she was talking to her own daughter, "Tell Mummy why you want to be a girl, baby. Tell Mummy all about it." I was panting with excitement and had difficulty mustering my thoughts.

       "Becauthe - becauthe girlth are tho much nither than boyth," I halting replied around my dum-dums. "Boyth are yucky!" I childishly exclaimed, blatantly condemning my own sex like a sissy Judas.   
        "Yes they are," Melody readily agreed, moving closer to stare into my eyes. She looked so beautiful when she smiled. She giggled and gently spread the powder all over my bobbing clittie, her touch as light as a hummingbird's tongue, covering every straining inch till it looked like a pink sugar-coated treat. "Boys are yuck-spuck! What else, Baby Candy?" She prompted me, as I twisted and writhed in ecstasy on the change table. "What else do you love about being a girl?" 

       The pink bunny slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor, but for the moment I didn't care. Melody's sky-blue irises were flecked with tiny dark spots, like a butterfly's silken wings. I almost lost myself in those amazing blue eyes.

        "I love wearing pwetty dwetheth and pwetty pantieth," I confessed, moaning uncontrollably when she smiled in approval and softly enveloped me in her warm powder-coated fist. I couldn't help lifting my botty to try and thrust myself into her delicate grip, rolling and rocking my hips in an attempt to increase the stimulating pressure. Melody could see what I was trying to do and moved her hand with me, keeping her touch feather-light. 
        "Yes baby. Wearing pretty clothes and beautiful sexy undies is one of the best bits about being a girl," my loving babysitter tenderly agreed.
        "And make-up," I panted, abandoning all caution in my moment of passion. "I wove wearing make-up!"
         "And you look so beautiful when you're all made-up! Like a pretty little doll." Her voice was sweet as honey when she crooned, "That's what you are! You're my beautiful little dolly! Aren't you, Baby Candy? You're Mummy's beautiful baby doll. Yes you are!"

        Even though she was barely touching me, her sweet words seemed to resonate with something deep inside me. I was trembling with excitement, my whole body shaking on the padded table. "Ma-ma!" I burbled wetly. "Ma-ma! Mama!" 

       Melody could tell how close I was to losing control. She raised the front of my clean nappy with her free hand and prepared to cover the tip of my swollen clittie in case it unleashed too soon. She sang to me, "Yes baby! Mama is here. It's alright, darling, Mama is here. Mama is going to dress you up in the prettiest of frocks and your frilliest panties, and put some lipstick and mascara on you! Mummy will make her little girl look so pretty! You'll be my beautiful little baby doll, and all the girls will want to play with you." Her fingers pressed the soft fluffy terrycloth over the crown of my pulsating tool and gently massaged the sensitive tip. I groaned in arousal as I felt my climax approach with undeniable rapidity. 

       "Mama! Mama! Mama!" I squealed, biting down on my dummy teat as my orgasm swept me away. All the air seemed to vanish from the room and for a moment it was like breathing vacuum. Despite emptying all the bad baby juice out of my balls earlier, my brief respite during my nap seemed to have been long enough for a full reload.  The fireworks went off in my brain and my eyes rolled back in my head. It was a good thing Melody had the clean nappy ready. As the first jolt blasted out of me she whipped out her stimulating hand and firmly pressed the nappy front over the head of my clittie, catching every pulsating burst in the handy absorbent cloth. I bucked and shrieked, "Mama! Mama!"

        Melody cried, "Oh baby! There you go! Ooo! Baby Candy made creamies in her nap-naps! Good girl!" I moaned around my dummy teat in orgasmic relief, gasping for breath and incapable of responding. “Good baby! Aww! There, there. It's alright, baby. Mama's here," Melody tenderly crooned. "Mama's here! Aww sweetie! Mama will take care of her beautiful little baby girl." She pinned the damp nappy around my hips before I'd finished twitching and panting. "There you go! Good girl! Now wift those widdle footsies." 

 To be continued......

Let me know if you're enjoying this, willya?

Baby Jennie in Australia

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