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The First Job

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Part 21

Tom was in despair by the end of the day, Amanda kept calling him a big baby and every time she did so he was filled with an unquenchable desire to suck on her breasts and an unexplainable desire to go to the loo usually accompanied by some loss of bladder control. At lunch time he had changed his shorts and his underwear, because the small patch of wetness had begun to grow quite noticeably. As he was trying to secrete his wet shorts and pants into the laundry basket, Amanda had come up behind him and asked what was wrong. Again she had sort of sneered at him and asked if he wanted some training nappy pants and again he felt his thumb work its way up to his mouth. The desire to suckle was becoming unbearable and his distress was so apparent that Amanda suggested that he have a rest and listen to some of his new music that she had bought him.

Like a lamb to the slaughter he accepted her suggestion as she put on a CD of light classical music.

The subliminal messages took a hold almost at once as Amanda explained to him that his condition was probably brought about by the stress of his failing business and kissed him softly on the cheek.

The CD instructed him with more re-enforcing messages, “a big baby sucks on Mummy’s breast, a big baby does not use a potty, a big baby wets without thinking, a big baby wets her nappy, a soft warm nappy is fluffy and safe, a big baby loves to go in her nappy, when baby sucks her dummy she has to wet her nappy, a dummy is all a baby wants, a wet nappy and a dummy to suck is all baby wants. When you suck on Mummy you wet your nappy, if you cannot suck on Mummy you suck your dummy. You must have a nappy, you must have a dummy, you must be a baby. You wet your bed last night like a good baby, that was a good baby, you can wet yourself now, pretend you are wearing a nappy and wet it like a baby, suck your thumb and wet your nappy.

The messages went on and on behind the music as Tom’s eyes slowly closed as he lay recumbent on the leather sofa. You are falling asleep as a big baby, you will soon wet your nappy as you suck your thumb.

Tom’s thumb made its way to his mouth and he started sucking on it with passion. Amanda slipped into the room as Tom sucked furiously and smiled as a small wet patch appeared on the front of his trousers. The small patch grew and grew, until it extended all over the front of him and started to work its way down each leg. It even started to work is way up his shirt. He was awash with his own pee and a small satisfied smile appeared on his face as the subliminal messages praised him for going in his imaginary nappy like a good baby.

Amanda left him for a few minutes than gently gave him a shake

“Tom, Tom wake up darling you have had an accident while you were sleeping†she said gently feigning some alarm. “What is the matter with you? You are behaving like a big baby more and more these daysâ€.

Tom reacted to the cue and his eyes turned to the breasts close to his head. He was desperate and realised with horror that he had been sucking his thumb so hard that it had started to prune and wrinkle. He tore it out of his mouth and made a grab for his wife. Amanda opened her blouse and knelt down beside him, easing her breast out of her white satin bra. Tom was groaning as his desire to suckle became unbearable and he latched on to her. Within less than 30 seconds he had added to the wetness of his clothes with a massive and explosive orgasm, he nuzzled into her breast with fresh fervour as he bathed his limp member in a fresh elimination of pee.

“It’s no good Tom,†she said “the stress is clearly getting too much for you. Look what you have done, you have wet yourself like a baby and ruined our sofa. I am not going to get cross, but we are going to have to take some precautions or else you are going to ruin all your clothes and all our furniture. I am sure this is just a temporary thing, will you let me help you?â€

Tom nodded, he had to admit that the recent turn of events was outside of his understanding and control.

“Take off all those wet clothes and leave them on the bathroom floor, then take a nice long bath and I will come up and help you. I am just going next door to see Sheila for a few things. I am sure she can help us outâ€.

“I don’t want to get involved with that crowd†snapped Tom “she has all of her kids back in nappies and even her old man is incontinent and pees himself all the timeâ€. Tom felt himself widdling a little more (where was all this urine coming from he thought to himself?). Amanda looked annoyed.

“We can either tackle this problem together, or you can sort yourself out†she said starting to go teary eyed. “I am only trying to help you. Your business is a disaster, we are up to our eyes in debt and all you can do is regress to an incontinent big baby. Sheila is a good friend to me and has suggested that I work for Baby Dreams, as she loves the things I have made to show her. Even you could become a part of that business and we might, yes we just might, get through all of thisâ€.

Tom looked down at his sopping clothes and said “I am so sorry darling, I don’t know what is happening to me and I really appreciate your help. Go and see Sheila and see what she can come up with.â€

He picked himself up from the sofa as Amanda returned with a bowl of water to sponge off the dampness from their furniture. Tom went to the bathroom and stripped off all his soaked clothes.

He ran a bath, and as he stood there watching the water flow from the taps, he absent mindedly sucked his thumb. It was several minutes before he realised what he was doing and when he did notice he withdrew it immediately only to have his mind crave something else to suck on. He saw in his mind the image of a baby’s dummy, he wanted to suck a dummy, he had to have a dummy. He realised with horror that the one thing he wanted more than anything else was to have his own dummy, a dummy that he could suck on whenever he felt the need or desired the comfort he knew it would bring. He turned off the taps to the bath and lowered himself into the water.

Amanda had already made plans with Sheila who had organised stock to be made available from her small warehouse. There were three large boxes waiting by her front door and she welcomed in Amanda as soon as she rang the door bell.

“I’ll give you a hand, let me get Darren and Simon, the rest of the family are working on a rush order†she said, picking up two sets of reins from the hooks in the hall. They jingled with small bells on the front leather panels which were in identical pink and declared “baby†in dark pink letters on the front.

“The two boys have just had some tea†she explained as she headed into the kitchen. Darren and Simon were sitting in their high chairs sucking on their dummies with their white terry bibs liberally covered with baked beans, Marmite and ice cream, both had most of their tea around their faces, their feeding greatly impaired by the thick woollen mittens they wore on their hands. “They were naughty today so they lost the use of their hands and had to wear their mittens.

She unclipped Darren from his high chair, took out his dummy and roughly wiped his face with the end of his bib while he was still wearing it. She reinserted his dummy and fixed on his walking reins. She repeated the procedure with Simon. “Come on my baby boys, you can help carry some things into Aunty Amanda’s house with Mummyâ€.

She went to the cupboard under the dresser and took out a cardboard box “some dummies†she explained “I expect Tom is almost ready for one now, you can carry these Darrenâ€, she went to another cupboard and took out three large bibs similar to the ones being worn by her two boys and put then in a plastic bag, “You can carry these Simon and help me with one of the boxes as wellâ€.

“What is all this stuff you have got me Sheila?†asked Amanda.

“Training towelling pants without plastic covers – two pairs†she said reading down her list, “training towelling nappy pants with protective plastic covers – two pairs, a dozen terry towelling nappies, three pairs of transparent plastic pants, two sippy cups, and a couple of onesies for night time sleeping. Look at you boys, all you have got on is a nappy and a tea-shirt. You will be alright running next door in just your booties†she laughed.

They trooped out of Sheila’s house and quickly covered the short distance between their two house. Sheila held the reins to Darren and Amanda controlled the reins to Simon – neither boy objected, they were so used to the treatment. Judging by the way that their nappies hung on their hips, they were both wet and in need of a change.

They piled the boxes in the lounge, Amanda had related the problems that Tom had been having on the way and Sheila opened up one of the smaller boxes. “You are lucky, because we only just made a large batch of these last week†she said “these will fit Tom.†She held up a pair of towelling training pants, double thickness of terry nappy at the back and six layers thick at the front. “This will hold a fairly bad accident, but not usually two†she said. “Tell Tom to slip them on and come down so I can see how they fitâ€.

Amanda rushed up to the bathroom as Tom was drying himself off. She passed him the training pants and told him to slip them on. He recoiled in horror. “Those are for toddlers†he complained “I am not wearing those, not ever.â€

“Make up your mind Tom, wear the pants or get out†she exploded “do it, NOW, You are behaving like a big baby and you need this type of protection right now.†Tom did as he was told, the large padded terry towelling pants slipped up his legs and almost immediately needed to go to the toilet. He clutched the front of himself and managed to pull them down enough to relieve himself in the loo.

Amanda took his hand and led him downstairs to the waiting Sheila. The two boys sat on the couch sucking their dummies and they were not at all phased by seeing Tom in such babyish attire, since all their male family were similarly dressed.

“Perfect†said Sheila “those nappy pants could have been tailor made for you Tom†she said smiling (because they had been carefully made to Tom’s exact measurements). Tom was dying of embarrassment, and the latest trigger had started his thumb on the way to his mouth. He was so captivated by the sight of the two boys sucking their dummies that he forgot what he was doing and put his thumb in his mouth. Darren passed him the box he was holding and Tom removed his digit from his mouth and opened it. He went bright red as his desire to own and suck the two pink dummies was in direct conflict with his maturity.

“Dummies, what do I want with dummies?†he asked incredulously. Unfortunately the warm soft comfort of the nappy material against him, triggered another implanted message and he forgot to think about holding on to himself while he was ranting about the tendered gift. A yellow stain slowly started to spread across the front of his training pants and work its way between his legs.

“Good idea to test out you nappy pants†said Sheila smirking at the sight of Tom wetting himself in front of everybody, “as I said Amanda, they will easily take one accident, but probably not cope with two. But Amanda was pretending to be furious, even though inside she was thrilled with the rapid regression of her husband to babyhood.

“You big baby, you big booby, look at you wetting yourself in front of our neighbours, what is the matter with you?†She snatched the box from his hands and took out one of the dummies. “I want you to suck this, and if I see you take it out there will be trouble that you could not begin to imagineâ€. She stuffed it into Tom’s mouth, he resisted slightly at first, but in reality he could not wait to suck his new dummy.

The warmth of his freshly wet nappy, soft and fluffy against him coupled with the sensation of the big teat of his new dummy filling his mouth caused a new wave of subliminal programming to activate and he wet himself again. Half of him was dying of shame, the other half of him revelled in the delight that the programming had made him expect.

“I don’t think they are going to cope on their own Amanda, make Tom wear a pair of the plastic coated ones over the top otherwise he is going to start leaking after a bit. She shook out a pair of the infantile lined plastic pants and motioned for Tom to step into them. He was so engrossed in the new sensations that he was too stunned to argue. The feel of the transparent plastic caressing his legs as they were pulled up sent further triggers to his overloaded senses. He placed his hand on the front of his plastic panties and caressed himself gently through the thickness feeling the soft padding through the vinyl protective layer. The ring of his dummy wiggled furiously as he savoured the sensations of his new programming.

End part 21

Part 22

Simon and Darren pointed at Tom and said in unison “Big Baby Mummy†and the two women laughed as Tom went bright red and wet his training pants so that the outer pair tinged yellow at the front. Amanda was thrilled at the rapid descent Tom was taking to being an overgrown toddler. He certainly was regressing much faster than she ever expected. He sucked nervously on his dummy his mind swimming at the turn of events.

The large knocker on their front door suddenly broke the mood with its banging. Amanda looked out of the window to see who it could be. “It’s Tom’s mum†she exclaimed “what a surprise we have for her today!†Sheila stood up to leave. “No, don’t go, stay and meet Sherry, I know she would like to meet you, especially as you have been so kind to us both. She is a lovely lady and we can all have a nice cup of tea.â€

Amanda opened the door as Sheila hovered by her chair. Tom suddenly realised his current state and looked around the room as if there a means of escape. He decided to sit down and try to hide his new infantile clothing and took the dummy out of his mouth and put it beside him on the cushion of the chair.

His mother was a tall and distinguished looking lady who you could tell commanded respect and attention. Her steel-blue eyes were sharp, alert and piercing, capable of spotting anything out of the norm instantly. She swept into the room with Amanda close behind. “Where’s my boy? He never rings, never calls and is always so busy trying to make that business of his a successâ€. She swoops over to where Tom has just managed to seat himself and cover his lap with the daily newspaper. “Lost your manners Tom? Stand up and give your Mother a big hug.†Tom stood up trying to cover his soggy plastic training pants with the paper, but his mother was far too sharp to miss anything as obvious as that. “Where are your trousers?†she asked seeing his bare legs sticking out from behind the paper, which she swept aside with one sweeping gesture of her arm. “My God†she exclaimed as she saw the wet terry nappy material through the plastic pants “you’re wearing nappies. You are a full grown man back in nappies and more to the point you have wet them like a big babyâ€. John reacted immediately to the trigger phrase and once again he released more wetness into the soft folds of his absorbent toddler pants. “And what on earth is that?†she exclaimed, pointing to the large adult sized dummy on the chair, “it is far too big for these two baby boys here, so don’t tell me that you have taken to sucking a dummy as well?†She glared at him in disbelief, and her face moved to within inches of his. “I want to know exactly what is going on. I want to know why you have turned out to be such a disappointment to Amanda and why she has to treat you like a toddler back in nappies?†She picked up the dummy, examined it between her fingers and then not knowing what to do with it, suddenly turned on Tom and said “open your mouthâ€. Tom jumped and immediately obeyed as Sherry rammed the rubber teat between his lips. “Suck on your dummy you big baby, while I decide what has to be done hereâ€.

Tom bravely tried to talk back to his mother (as he felt more wetness fill his pants in response to the trigger phrase) and babbled “I am not wearing nappies I just had an accident and was wearing some training pants to stop the damp patchesâ€. He sounded infantile and he knew it. His mother grabbed the front of his terry-lined plastic pants “these are not an accident, you have wet them completely. It isn’t training pants you need, it is a good old-fashioned thick terry nappy and a good stout pair of clear plastic pants so that we can see exactly what a big baby you have become. Look at you, these pants are soaking and let me see here…â€. She took hold of the waist band and looked inside. “You are wearing two pairs of training pants and have soaked them bothâ€. Tom sucked forlornly on his dummy. “I am going to sort you out for Amanda. What a disappointment you must be for her, you are such a let down. You wet the bed until you were ten years old, so I might have guessed it was too good to lastâ€.

Sherry looked at Amanda and then to Sheila as if looking for an explanation. Amanda broke the moment of tension by suggesting they should all go and make a cup of tea, while she would try and explain what had happened.

“Tom you play with the two boys while Sheila and I go and put the kettle on†said Amanda as she led Sherry and Sheila into the kitchen. Tom sat down with the two boys and started to show them how to make things with Lego blocks. Voices were raised in the kitchen and Tom heard snatches.

Amanda was saying his business was rubbish, they were in debt, the mortgage was in arrears and the honeymoon was a disaster. Tom was a useless lover and not very well endowed either, and now he had started to have his babyish accidents and wet the bed two nights in a row. She did love him and Sheila had offered her a well-paid job in the business to help ends meet. Tom then heard his mother say that she was trained in embroidery and needlepoint and would love to help out. In the meantime she was going to move in to sort out Tom and help her as much as she could, after all there was a spare room she could use. Amanda welcomed the idea. Tom was horrified.

He heard them returning to the lounge and he quickly went back to playing with the boys. “Look at the babies playing on the floor†said Sherry laughing, “and they all look as if they could do with a clean nappy!†The three of them turned to look at Tom’s mother all three dummies being sucked with pleasure and all three nappies soaked to capacity.

Sheila scooped up the reins of her two boys and said “we must be off. Lovely to meet you, Sherry. “ she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Do you need any more supplies Amanda? I have a dozen of those large night time nappies if you would like them?â€

Sherry did not wait for Amanda to reply “We will take them and we will use them gladly my dear. How much do I owe you? I want some good quality plastic pants and some mittens to stop him playing with himself. I also want some big terry bibs with plastic vinyl backing. It is going to be fun having a baby back in the house.

End Part 22

Part 23

Tom’s regression was really taking a hold and the desire to wet himself was growing stronger and stronger each time he let himself release into the fold of the terry training pants. The continual reinforcement of his subliminal programming was not helping him to be an adult.

At 6.30 Amanda and Sherry descended on him in the lounge. He was sitting on a plastic play mat in the middle of the lounge floor surrounded by the Lego bricks which he was putting back into their boxes. He was uncomfortable as his toddler pants had filled to capacity and leaked out onto the surface of the plastic. His tea-shirt was already starting to have a tide mark where his wetting had started to wick up the cloth. He was still sucking on his dummy and a thin line of dribble was running down his chin.

“Come on Tom†said his mother “time to get you sorted out. Let’s go upstairs and get you bathed and clean againâ€.

Tom stood up almost sloshing he was so wet. They went to the bathroom where Amanda pulled down his plastic training pants and inner terry protection. They plopped to the ground with a thud and the two women looked at each other with huge smiles. “What a big baby we have here today Sherry, look at him, have you ever seen such a pathetic little willy?†Amanda pulled out his dummy and put it in her pocket. She could swear that Tom looked almost disappointed.

“His father wasn’t much good either my dear, I had to have a whole succession of lovers to keep me satisfied and left him to look after himself with his dirty book collectionâ€.

The bath was running with loads of huge bubbles, the unmistakable smell of baby powder infused the room. Sherry had opened the bathroom cabinet and taken out Tom’s razor. “Better to have this hair off Amanda, it will only lead to problems with nappy rash in the futureâ€. She went round him cutting and scraping his hair off, which caused a wicked stinging that made Tom wriggle with discomfort. “Oh do keep still Tom, or else you will end up without this pathetic piece of manhoodâ€. Amanda laughed again.

They pushed him into the bath and scrubbed him clean, he was glowing pink by the time they had finished and his groin was on fire. Amanda and Sherry set about drying him with a soft whiter towel and made sure he was completely dry. “Follow me Tom†said Amanda, “you have to get ready for bedâ€. In their bedroom there was a large white plastic sheet on top of the bed with a large terry nappy folded and ready to receive him. A large pair of plastic pants and a nappy liner was lying next to it.

“Can I put his nappy on him Amanda?†asked his mother “it is a long time since I have done this! Go on, lie down on your nappy Tom. My goodness your winkle looks even smaller if that is possible, I think the most suitable place for it is inside your nappy, it looks as its best use will be to do your wettingsâ€. Amanda reached in to her pocket and inserted Tom’s dummy into his mouth, which she noticed Tom took rather too eagerly. Sherry smeared a thick oily white cream over his nappy area and then nearly choked him in a cloud of baby powder. She undid two large nappy pins and held them between her lips, then she pulled up the thick nappy between his legs and pulled one side round to the middle and pinned it securely. She then pulled the other side round and tugged it tight before inserting and securing the second pin. The plastic pants were totally transparent and looked almost as big as a carrier bag, Sherry shook them out and pulled first one foot and then the other through the elasticated leg openings. She then pulled them up his legs and told Tom to lift his bottom. In no time at all his giant fluffy white nappy was encased in the protective plastic of his pants. The loose edges were tucked in and Sherry patted the front of his pants saying “we can see when you need a change in these can’t we dear?â€

Amanda looked at her pathetic husband lying on the bed sucking his dummy and wearing the largest nappy she had ever seen. “What a big baby you have turned into Tommy, who would have thought that I would be putting my husband back in nappies.†Tom looked hurt, he had no explanation for his recent accidents and behaviour, all he knew was that he wanted to suck on Amanda’s breasts and cuddle up to her.

The two women manhandled him to the floor and took him down to the kitchen. He sat at the kitchen table in nothing more than his nappy and plastic pants. He was already feeling the familiar pressure on his bladder and got up to go to the toilet. “Where do you think you are going Tommy†asked his wife.

“I need to do a wee†said Tom mumbling round his infantile dummy and barely intelligible. He started to step from one foot to the other as the pressure started to build.

“You are wearing a nappy now and babies do their wee wee in their nappies don’t they? So you just go in your nappy like a good babyâ€. The subliminal messages were wearing slightly thin as the day came to a close, but the many stimuli and feelings were powerful enough to override his decreasing control and the slow leak turned into a total flood. The two women watched with fascination as the front of Tom’s nappy showed a spreading wetness through his clear vinyl pants. They watched with disbelief as the wetness expanded from the centre of the nappy and made its way down between his legs.

“Those are wonderful nappies Amanda, he will be able to wet himself quite a few times before he needs changing and we can easily see when that change should happen. He loves sucking his dummy doesn’t he, I had an awful job trying to take it away from him when he was a toddler and had to give in eventually. He made such a fuss! He was the only child I knew who still had a dummy at the age of six, it was so embarrassing and he still had a his do-do to bed when he was nearly nine years old. He used to take his old baby shawl and a freshly laundered nappy to rub against his ear right up to his early teens. I had to cut bits off the shawl each month until it was no bigger than a handkerchief! I think he took his cuddling nappy (as we called it) to bed until he went to Universityâ€.

Tom looked mortified that his mother was telling all his deepest secrets to Amanda. He sucked forlornly on his dummy finding it comforting and helping to make the babyish revelations a little easier to bear.

His mother was now in full flood and continued her stories. “He took ages to potty train, he must have been almost four when I eventually got him dry during the day and out of nappies, but I still kept him in plastic training pants until he was six and then in terry towelling pants until he was almost eight I think. Of course, he wet the bed until he was twelve and I had to have special nappies made for him. He used to look so sweet in his bunny suit when he had been naughty or cheeky and I had some lovely flannel pyjamas made of Wyncyette for him that had large bottoms to fit in the bulk of his nappy. He was such a lovely baby, but my goodness he was sooo messy†Sherry stopped to have a chuckle as she brought up the vision “he was always dropping his food down his front and we always made sure that he wore his bib for every meal – he needed it! We always took his bib out with us when we went out, as you know his father walked out on us when he was a baby, so perhaps I was taking out my anger on Tom. I hated the idea of standing outside the male toilets waiting for him when we went out, so I used to put him in a nappy, as it was so much more convenient, and he had such a small bladder that he wanted to stop every five minutes. I found a pair of bibbed shorts for him to wear that allowed me to fit in his nappy, how he hated our trips to the department store, especially when we went to the fashion shows. If he wet a lot, I would stand him in a quiet corner and stuff a clean dry nappy inside his wet one to keep him going until we got home. He hated wearing that terry bib when we had a tea cake and cup of coffee, but money was so tight that I had to count every penny in those days. Clothes were expensiveâ€.

Sherry sat back her face glowing with pride “My washing line always seemed to full of nappies in those days and my neighbours said that I had the whitest fluffiest nappies that they had ever seen. It did not do Tom any harm, I think he turned out very well, but I never expected him to want to go back to his early days†she said looking at Tom sitting beside her in his wet nappy and glaring at her with a look of pure hatred.

Amanda who had been cooking placed a plate of fish fingers and chips in front of her husband “we will eat later Sherry. I think your bib idea is a good one and I think Sheila put one in to the box of supplies she deliveredâ€. She went into the hall and opened one of the boxes. “Here we are, I thought I had seen one†she said coming back into the kitchen bearing a white towelling bib, lined in a white vinyl with an appliqué teddy in one corner. “Would you like to put this on Tommy for me please Sherry?†The humiliating bib was tied around Tom’s neck and he felt his morale drop still further as his descent into babyhood took another step. His dummy was removed and placed next to his plate. Sheila shook up a bottle of tomato sauce and squirted a generous amount to his chips and fingers. Tom started to eat, but to his horror a chip laden with tomato sauce fell off the fork and skidded off his bib leaving behind a vivid flash of red as it landed back on his plate. The two women nodded knowingly.

Sheila filled a beaker that she had also found in the box and fitted the spouted lid. The drink had been laced with muscle relaxants, crushed sleeping pills and diuretics. She put it next to Tom’s dummy on the table. “I am not drinking out of a baby cup†he fumed as another piece of his tea fell on to his bib.

“You seem to be making such a mess Tommy, that I think this is a wise precaution†said Amanda beginning to relish the new infantile Tom. Tom was out of fight and picked up his sippy cup and drank with a gurgling hissing sound as the liquid in the beaker was replaced with air. Within minutes he was so sleepy and his muscles so relaxed that he could barely lift his arms. His last spoonful of dinner barely made it to his mouth and another load of food soiled his bib. He started to drift into sleep and wet his nappy with a fresh wetting.

“Come on sleepy head, time you went to bed†said Amanda. The two women took hold of Tom and dragged him to his feet. Amanda put his dummy to his lips and Tom took it automatically.

“Are you going to have him in your bed Amanda?†asked his mother.

“Yes, I like feeling him next to me and as long as I am not soaked, then he is welcome to stay†she laughed “do you think we should change him?â€

“No dear†said Sherry “he will be alright and he has to get used to a wet nappy, even if that means he has a touch of nappy rash while his skin gets used to the new situation. He never had a problem as a boy, so I am sure he will soon get used to everything. We will leave him wearing his bib, because it will catch his dribbles. Do you have something for him to wear in bed dear?â€

“Yes, I asked Sheila for a babygrowâ€. Amanda disappeared for a few moments to re-appear with a cream coloured bundle of softness which they manhandled onto Tom finally securing the garment with five large poppers between his legs. They arranged his bib and stood back to admire their work. Tom was lying peacefully on his back, his dummy being sucked rhythmically and the dribble being caught efficiently on his dirty bib. His waist was a puffy mass of nappy covered in the softest fabric with a small hint of nappy and plastic pants poking out from each leg opening of the new babywear.

“We had better put on his relaxation tape†said Amanda “he needs it to calm his nerves these daysâ€. Sherry looked puzzled and examined the tape which had the label ‘No.4 dummy dependency, dirty nappy and bottle trainingâ€

“What’s going on here Amanda?†demanded Sherry “Tom is being manipulated isn’t he? You are deliberately making him turn into a big baby aren’t you? All of this regression is your doing isn’t it?â€

Amanda looked embarrassed and worried “I had to do it, we would have to sell our home and I would loose Tom if I did not do something special. I love him so much Sherry, I do not want to see us fall apart. This job with Baby Dreams is just too good an opportunity, my designs are well liked and we have the opportunity to make some money and clear our debtsâ€.

“I would have lent you the money dear†said Sherry “but I like your idea a lot more!†Sherry laughed and laughed, she patted the front of Tom’s nappy and then tussled his hair. “We can live with this and I think you have found the perfect solution. It is just like the old daysâ€. Tom listened to the tape and started to wet his nappy, his mind full of the vision of a large toddler in a fluffy white nappy taking delight in making it dirty.

“You had better get out of here Sherry, or else you may be influenced by the subliminal messages!†They took one last look back at Tom, who was clearly in bliss as he continued to wet his nappy. “Hold on, I have an idea†said Sherry, who shot over to the chest of drawers, took out a large nappy and placed it in Tom’s hand. He felt the soft fabric and automatically moved it to his ear and rubbed it gently allowing the fresh smell to waft into his nose.

“Just like his old days!†exclaimed Sherry.

End part 23

Part 24

Tom awoke the next morning still sucking blissfully on his dummy. His nappy was soaking wet and had just started to leak onto his under-sheet and babygrow. He had no recollection of wetting his nappy and could not even remember whether he awoke during the night to relieve himself. He clutched the nappy to his ear and turned onto his knees so he could bury his head in the soft fabric inhaling deeply while he sucked hard on his soother. The feeling was almost intoxicating.

Amanda and his mother crept quietly into the room to see Tom with bottom raised high in the air, sucking hard on his dummy while nuzzling into his comforting nappy. His nappied bottom looked enormous and the evidence of its wetness was clearly visible from the wet patches on his sheet and around the waist of his babygrow. Tom was oblivious to the presence of his mother and wife standing in the doorway when all at once he was gripped by a pain in his stomach. He pulled his legs closer to his stomach and the mental images planted in his mind from the messages given to him subliminally slowly clicked in. He knew it would be nice to make a mess in his nappy, all babies made a mess in their nappies, after all it was for that very reason that babies wore nappies. He was a baby, because the tape told him so, he wore a nappy, sucked a dummy and had to wear a bib. He had already wet his nappy and that was definite proof that he was a baby. His inner mind spent a few seconds trying to argue against the programming, but the pressure was building up within him. His programming told him it was what a good baby should do, his mind told him that this was the most disgusting thing a grown man could let happen. He sucked hard on his dummy to try and make the voices go away, he groaned out loud, the programming was starting to win over his adult ego and the forces of nature were almost beyond the point of no return.

Amanda looked puzzled and looked at Sherry who smiled knowingly. She whispered very quietly to Amanda “he is going to go poo-poo in his nappy, he always used to kneel like that when he was a toddlerâ€. Amanda looked shocked.

“You mean he is actually going to do a number two in his nappy like a baby†she said in a barely audible voice.

“Unless I am very much mistaken, he is going to go any second now†she replied very softly.

Tom was in total conflict, the programming was hardly completed for this event and this was not to have been expected for many days or even weeks. His mind was regressing at a fast rate of knots and then the inevitable happened, as he could no longer stop the demands of his bowel. At first he tried to stop the process and then the decision was made, the programming in combination with all his babyish sensations decided his fate. He pushed hard and with determination, his face went red with the exertion.

Amanda gasped with surprise, Tom was trying to soil his nappy! He was really going to go in his nappy like a baby or untrained toddler. Sherry smiled at her and gave her a reassuring hug. Amanda went towards Tom with a view to stopping him, but Sherry held her back with a strong grip on her shoulder.

Tom continued to strain, he was experiencing a wave of pleasure that had made his willy go stiff in his wet nappy, the first part of the delivery was starting to arrive in the back of his baby protection. It felt wonderful, it was warm and heavy, he felt it weigh down in his nappy and he continued to push as more snaked its way into the soft confines of his baby toilet. His erection disappeared almost as quickly as it had arrived as the programming reinforced that his wee wee washing over his now limp member was more exciting.

Sherry broke his revelry and said “there’s a very good baby boy to go poo poo in your nappy. You liked that didn’t you?†she asked re-enforcing the programming and helping to break his will and toilet training. She patted the back of his nappy further heightening his sensorial experience. “What a good boy to go in your nappy, I expect you would like Amanda to give you a cuddle?â€

Amanda was still quite shocked, although she had expected the programme to take her husband down the road of babification, she had not expected it to go quite this far. She went to Tom, he had rolled over on to his side and the bulge in the back of his nappy was very noticeable. “There’s a very good baby boy Tommy, what a good baby you have been to use your nappy to do a poo-poo and as a reward I am going to let you have a suck on Mummy’s breastâ€. Tom turned round as Amanda took her breast from her nightie and offered the nipple to his lips. She removed his dummy and he sucked on her with the fervent desire of a new born baby. Amanda smiled down at the sight of her husband suckling on her breast and felt the juices begin to run as this vision strangely excited her. It was the power she now exerted over him and the helplessness of her husband’s state that seemed to intoxicate her senses. Sherry indicated that she was going to make some drinks and left quietly, while Amanda put her hand between her legs and rubbed herself off to a massive and inexplicable orgasm that went on and on, wave after wave until she was dripping with sweat. Tom was aware of all that was happening, but his willy remained limp and not at all aroused, but he did enjoy the feeling of his saturated nappy taking a final soaking and warming from the last of his wettings.

Amanda removed her tingling and sensitive nipple from his lips and replaced his dummy. “That’s a good baby, you suck your dummy for Mummy while I get you cleaned upâ€.

We spare our gentle readers from the gruesome details of this clean up operation.

His days were becoming very simple, ten hours a day sewing, one hour working on his own business and another hour washing his nappies, plastic pants and other baby clothes. However, Amanda did the hanging of the freshly laundered clothes on her washing line. She liked the neighbours to see her putting the white nappies out in a long row across the garden with the plastic pants hung in puffy balls at the end of the row. At the other end the bibs were hung upside down with the strings dangling down, so there was no chance of mistake in identifying exactly was on display. There was little chance of mistaking what had happened to Tom, because many of his sewing lessons were taken in the garden in front of his drying baby clothes often dressed in his pretty bonnet to protect his head from the sun and always in his nappy and plastic pants.

We will rejoin Tom when he has learnt the finer skills of needlepoint, sewing and beadwork which will be taught to him by his two Mummies. Be assured that the family fortunes were now completely under control, a large and substantial order from a major London retailer in Knightsbridge (to mention no names) was phenomenal, this contract had quickly encouraged other orders from jealous competitors and Baby Dreams were subcontracting Amanda’s designs to other workers for a percentage commission on each unit made. The marriage was saved, Tom was a perfectly normal adult, attentive, polite and his only problem was that he was totally nappy dependent and an absolute misery if he lost his precious dummy. Any sign of rudeness and he knew that he would be sitting in a wet or dirty nappy for a very long time.

In the next chapter will be meeting another unfortunate worker recruited into the Baby Dream organisation, which was so much in demand for its high quality hand made baby clothes that demand was beginning to far outstrip supply. In the rural locations, where work was scarce the demand to become a part of the network was growing and rumour had started to circulate that the biggest profits were to be made where compliant males were somehow forced into slave labour. There were many idle men made redundant from mining districts and rural areas who were ripe for this type of recruitment. An unscrupulous, wicked and seductive temptress was about to become the most successful recruiter the company had ever seen and her methods were not pleasant. Not for the squeamish the next episode will be posted in a week or so.

End part 24

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DL JAY    3

Very good.this story made me late for work because i could not stop reading it.DL JAY

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dmavn    31

Fantastic! Sorry it's taken a while for me to comment. It's taken me a week to finish that last page, have to do it covertly since I share my room with my brother.

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Antonia    20

Sorry for the delays! Please do not vote me one of the ten worst stories! This is a another section of the saga which I never finished, so I will get it up to the last chapter and this time I will finish it because I have finally thought out the ending. I like the idea of it being a soap - in my own mind I was thinking saga, but soap is better!

For those that are interested - I have been banned from Buffalo Betties for some reason. This is a shame because I was going to finish "The Competition" which will now be the next part of this soap!

Part 25

Sabina was of Brazilian extraction, tall, slim muscular and extremely fit. Her daily regime of working out with weights and training at the gym had left her with a body that rippled its muscles like an animal of prey with every step she took. Her tough upbringing in South America has left her mean and totally self-centred and she had no time for anybody but herself and her latest lover Amelia. Her abuse as a child had left her with a loathing for men, whom she despised and looked down upon with contempt. All her life she had rejected them and made sure that as they left they would be hurt either psychologically, physically or perfectly humiliated.

She was not lacking funds, her passage through life had exploited many men in return for funds, often through blackmail or potential scandal. Some might have called her quite wealthy, but with her financial methods came a reputation that made business extremely difficult, especially when some of the more spectacular affairs had caught the attention of the press and their associated paparazzi. She had dodged around the world to lose these photographic intruders and had eventually gone to ground in the small village next to Sheila’s. It was pure chance that Sabina met Sheila, because Sheila had nearly run her down in her Mercedes as Sabina went to the local shop to buy some groceries. They had started a row, but ended up laughing and joking and a slow but firm trust had started to build between the two of them.

She learnt how Sheila made the nappies for Baby Dreams (200 dozen a day and growing) and made commission on every new member she recruited. It was pyramid selling by any other name. Amanda and her mum were turning out Christening dresses and fine silks and satin wear at the rate of 5-6 dresses per day (at over £500 each this was not a bad start) and was also making huge commissions on the royalties from her designs.

Sabinsa knew that she had to find a niche in this growing empire for herself. They talked and talked for ages, the bibs were being made by numerous outworkers who just wanted pin money, others were making rompers, onesies and vests. They had some specialist milliners who were making bonnets and other head wear. The booties and mittens were being knitted and crocheted by numerous old ladies who were keen to add to their meagre pensions.

The one area where Baby Dreams had to buy in from outside was all the plastic goods, the bottles, feeders, rattles, dummies and other paraphernalia that a baby required. Another part of the business where goods had to be bought in was the plastic pants and vinyl liners for specialised dungarees, rompers and lined shorts. However, the margins on these goods was very small and would require a high degree of capital investment as well as a cheap labour force in order to compete with the inexpensive imports from the Far East.

Sabinsa had already formulated a plan and asked Sheila to give her a few days to think about it.

Next door (well a few hundred yards away) from Sabinsa’s house was an old MOD site which had come up for sale. It had a large deserted hanger and several mizzen huts in various stages of decay. The area was an old Battle of Britain airfield and although planning permission for any new dwelling was very unlikely, the existing buildings were able to be used for virtually any enterprise.

Sabinsa visited the site and did her research. In addition to the building above the ground, the site also had extensive underground bunkers and storage areas where the ordnance and other explosive materials had been stored. This area was extensive and well away from the buildings and the hanger, being approached by a staircase that disappeared into the ground and was covered by two huge steel doors that lay flush with the ground. Only one old man in the village remembered the underground bunker and she had plied him with numerous large brandies in the local pub to help his memory. Sadly he suffered a massive coronary the very next day much to the regret of the landlord who saw his largest customer pass away. Some of the old ritualistic South American Inca herbs uses by the local Shaman were very subtle.

So it was that Sabina bought the site at auction with little competition, there was no planning permissions for re-development and only the existing buildings could be renovated, there was no commercial appeal and nobody had the plans showing the old bunker system beneath. She was delighted.

Over the coming months, she and Amelia repaired the huts and refurbished the vast hanger, which despite its age had weathered rather well and needed far less work than they expected.

She and Amelia equipped the bunker complex with a unique set of equipment more becoming a medieval dungeon. Her time she had spend with an old established drug baron (who she had robbed of millions) had taught her most of what she needed to know in the not so gentle art of persuasion.

Drugs, pain and degradation were the tools that she planned to use on encouraging new members to join her workforce. She was prepared to be ruthless to achieve her goals and she and Amelia talked late into the night on many occasions as they planned their recruitment programme.

The equipment and materials were eventually installed in the large hanger by a well-known specialist Italian injection moulding company. The equipment cost a fortune and even the moulds from China were expensive. Only virgin PET was going to be used on the feeding bottles, and she had commissioned a design studio to produce her artwork for the finest transfers that were going to be integrated into the feeding bottles.

The quality and safety was going to be second to none.

The bunker was equipped stealthily during the night and they moved beds and other furniture from the huts to the bunker during the dead of night - in its remote location there was nobody to see or know what was happening beneath the ground.

The recruitment began in earnest.

Amelia and Sabina would go out each night and entice another lonely man into their cars either drugged in the club or pub or injected once they had come to their car for ‘something extra’. They chose victims who would not missed, people who were far from home or loners. They enticed people to visit them through chat rooms and other internet sites, grooming them with promises that would fulfil their wildest dreams.

In a matter of months they had over a dozen men secured in their bunker ready for processing. They were unwilling slaves who were about to be subjected to the cruellest of conditioning and control. To the world, these men had disappeared off the face of the earth, many of them were about to wish that they had never met this cruel pair.

End part 25

Part 26

Amelia and Sabina dressed in the most unlikely nurses uniforms (more like strip-o-grams than reality) and donning their raincoats crossed from their back garden into the airfield. The door to their bunker was only a matter of a few short yards. They hauled up the large steel plates and descended the stairs

The bunker was left in darkness and as they opened the inner door, they were met by groans from the captives who were handcuffed to metal beds. Beside each bed was a large plastic pot for them to relieve themselves. In the pitch blackness many had missed their pots and so the whole dormitory had a smell of stale pee, sweat and best of all - fear.

“Issue the collars Amelia†said Sabina handing her lover a box of what appeared to be dog collars. However these collars were sophisticated tagging systems designed by Amelia who was an electronics wizard.

“Listen up boys, these collars will be unique to each of you. This whole complex is mapped out with sensor points and we can triangulate you to within a few centimetres. If you stray outside of the yellow lines painted on the floors you will be shocked by the collar, the further you stray the stronger the current. Touch the lock and you will be shocked, tamper with it in any way and you will be shockedâ€.

Amelia fitted the dozen collars and came back to stand by Sabina

“This is what it feels like on the lowest setting†she said pressing a master switch on her handset. The dozen men clutched their heads in unison writhing in pain and a couple fell to the floor and retched into their pots. “So do as you are told and you will not come to any harm. You may wonder why you are here. You are here because I need a workforce to make my products. By the time I have finished, you will be the best workers in the land, you will be skilled and proud of the work you do. You will be well fed, well cared for and permanently employed, but I am not going to pay you a penny†she said laughing “you are all going to be my slavesâ€.

The men started to shout out and wave their arms, the language became obscene, the violence was growing and Sabina pushed the switch on her handset. The noise stopped immediately and was replaced with a whimpering as she chose the second setting which was almost mind numbing as it was so painful.

A man called Arthur wet himself as he fell to floor in a foetal position. “We will take him first†said Sabina to Amelia “let us use him as the demonstration model! The rest of you can sit on your bunks until Arthur comes back.â€

The two of them dragged Arthur through a steel door that had been one of the munitions stores for the Hurricanes’ machine guns. The door squeaked and complained as it swung back on its great iron hinges.

Inside the room it was white and clinical. Arthur was stooped over with his head down, his muscles still barely operating after the electric jolt. The two women stripped him of all his clothing and threw the garments into a large ‘wheelie’ bin. From the ceiling were suspended two bright chains that ended in manacles which they attached to his wrists. Amelia pushed a button on the hand set that dropped from the winch on the ceiling. Slowly the chains became tight and Arthur’s arms were drawn high above his head to leave him standing almost on tip toe.

The two women set about him with electric razors and shaved his whole body of hair, they then applied a foul smelling resin to his body that caused him to yell out in pain as the acidic blend of mimosine extracted from a rare breed of acacia tore into his skin killing follicle and irritating his skin.

They left him writhing in agony for half an hour, more than enough time for the potent blend to complete its job. They then prodded him to move along to a shower head fitted over a large stainless steel tray fitted into the floor with a drain. The water was turned on and the freezing water cascaded over him taking away the last residues of the preparation. He gasped with the coldness of the water as they took long handled brushes and rinsed off any parts that were still adhering to his skin.

“The next part is going to hurt†said Amelia who was holding a large hypodermic syringe in her hand. The two women smiled at each other. “This is going to eliminate any naughty thoughts you might have now or in the future, this little gem is going to be injected into your testicles and you are going to be chemically castrated. The only thing your dick is going to be used for from now on is peeing†she said in a voice that was sinister and threatening.

Arthur renewed his struggles, but with only his toes on the floor he could offer little resistant. Sabina held his legs while Amelia delivered a shot of the poisonous blend into his testes. He screamed in pain, the warm glow coursed through his scrotum and went between his legs and quickly developed into a hot burning pain that felt like pure acid. He had never known such pain and he let go a stream of urine as he lost control.

The girls laughed and danced around him with sadistic joy.

The pain became too much and Arthur collapsed hanging from his arms. The girls dried him off and rubbed his whole body with a soothing lotion in an attempt to calm the severe erythema. They grabbed his legs and ran him further along the track in the ceiling until they reached a stainless steel table, when they lifted his legs and lowered him down on the hoist. They turned him face down and spread his legs.

Sabina took an annular ring with two fine wires coming from its base and wedged it into his rear. A deep groove around its circumference ensured that it would stay in place. Amelia had inserted a large needled hyperdermic into his lower buttock and was threading a fine silicon tube beneath his skin, which ended in a small sensor terminal. Sabina threaded her two wires into this tube and Amelia soldered them to the terminal and applied a wet pad to cover it, before sealing it with a piece of adhesive tape. None of this was done with any form of local anaesthetic and Arthur who had been on the verge of coming round let out an agonising yell and slipped out of consciousness again. The ring in his bottom was capable of expanding if the terminals became dry. It would not stop expanding until it became wet and the conductivity increased. It was a merciless torture guaranteed to give results.

They turned him round powdered him in baby powder and slipped a huge white nappy under his bottom and pinned up the two sides. Amelia shook out a pair of plastic plants a slipped them up his legs. They then dressed him in a large pink footed sleeper which had both fitted mittens and covered his feet. The poppers ran down the front and across his crutch.

He started to come round once again, the pain in his scrotum was unbearable, but the ring in his behind was agony. They pushed the button on the hoist and he was hauled up into a sitting position. They tied a white bib around his neck, which was in plain white terry towelling and simply said “Baby Arthur stage 1â€.

He opened his mouth to say something and was rewarded by a large pink dummy being forced between his lips. The dummy was attached to his sleeper by a ribbon that they pinned to him with a nappy pin.

Around his waist they buckled a small belt which contained six pockets. Into each pocket they placed a baby’s bottle full of a pink liquid. “These are for you to drink Arthur, because if you do not keep your nappy wet, your expander is going to grow and grow until you split in two. We have put a wet pad over the sensors in order to give you an hour or two to make your nappy wet enough to stop this from happening. It will evaluate your wetness every 20 minutes. If you fail to comply, then this gadget is going to tear you apart and you will damage and eventually destroy the muscles that control your eliminations. Your sphincter will lose all control and you don’t want that do you?â€

Arthur tried to take in everything that had happened to him, he was in a painful haze of disbelief. He realised these women were totally mad but meant business. He spat out the dummy and took one of the bottles from his harness. Feeling more than a little foolish he started to suck on the first bottle, he was not so foolish as not to appreciate that these two meant everything they said.

“This will help you a lot†said Amelia who had loaded another hypodermic “it is a relative of the curare family, but it will not kill you, just help you to relaxâ€. She plunged the needle into his neck and pressed the plunger. Almost immediately Arthur felt his body begin to slump, his heart rate fell dramatically and he was overtaken by a feeling of intense calm. The women helped him off the table and into a wheelchair, which they wheeled back into the dormitory. Arthur was off-loaded onto his bunk sucking his feeding bottle and looking like an overgrown baby who had been kept up well past his bedtime.

They took Bill away for some treatment.

After an hour and a half the pad on Arthur’s buttock was beginning to dry and the first notch on the expander opened up – Arthur yelped in pain and renewed his sucking, he tried desperately to wet his nappy in the hopes that the ring would not expand any more. He knew he had about quarter of an hour before this would happen, but the more he tried to go the harder it seemed, his body would not forget the years of training and control without a fight. Eventually he slumped back the drugs had relaxed him, but the fear was beginning to frighten him, like when he played hide-and-seek and was about to be discovered. This sensation was all he needed and he flooded his nappy, it ran down between his legs and soaked through the plaster and onto the sensor. He could have cried with joy as the expander rested back with a click.

End part 26

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Latexman    5

Antonia! How could we possibly complain when you are so great about giving us such AWESOME stories!!! Your work is incredible and always worth waiting for. This one in particular, has me mesmerized and helplessly following every sleepy and hypnotic word...

Thank you so much,

Latexman :)

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Antonia    20

Part 27

Bill was in the clinical room and had been stripped of all his hair. The girls had another plan for Bill which was totally different to Arthur’s little invention. He was being fitted with a catheter that had a major difference, because this one had a small piece of electronic wizardry that opened a valve within the device at a preset time. It also had an umbrella tip that when fitted would open inside the wall of his bladder and make removal impossible without a complex surgical procedure. Insertion was painful to say the very least, as the electronics, although miniaturised were still very large to fit into such a narrow channel. The ‘brolly’ was deployed and the tubing unscrewed from the unit. The device was now firmly embedded within him.

“You will love this Bill, if you are good you will pee every 30 minutes, but if you are disobedient, then we will switch the unit inside you off. You will be in agony if you cannot relieve yourself, so don’t make us cross will you baby?â€

Bill looked at them in horror.

They nappied him with rapid efficiency and took out a reel of polythene tubing which they tried to poke up his nose. He struggled and writhed as the tube made its passage down the back of his throat and caused him to gag. He screamed and made violent threats to an unseen audience. The room mates on the other side of the steel could only imagine at what horrors Bill was undergoing. The tube was inserted into his stomach and without anaesthetic they stitched the tubing to his cheek and ensured the arrangement was permanent. The pain was unbearable and Bill slipped in and out of consciousness. When he awoke, he saw that he had been encased in a baby grow and was wearing reins that had a large box attached to the breast plate from which came the other end of the plastic tube that resided in his stomach. It whirred quietly and he could see milky fluid moving up the tube.

“It is an automatic feeder baby†said Amelia with an evil grin “it holds almost a gallon of a special diuretic mixture laced with a cocktail of exciting things to make you happy. It will feed you at the rate of 3 litres an hour, ensuring that your bladder will be totally full every 20 minutes or so, but sadly your release valve is set for every 30 minutes unless you can prove to us that you are going to be totally compliant and do everything we say.â€

Bill was already desperate to pee “Please let me go to the toiletâ€

“Sorry, what did you say?†asked Amelia looking down at him, as she increased the flow rate in the pump. The pressure inside Bill was starting to build, the valve was water-tight, not a drip seemed able to escape, he squirmed as the pain started to build. He strained to force out some of the volume in his bladder to no avail. The idea of wetting himself while wearing a baby’s nappy was the last thing on his mind. He tried so hard to pee that he almost pooped himself, but the gadget controlling him was remorseless. He started to sweat as his body fought against the pressure.

“Please let me go to the toilet†repeated Bill “I am begging youâ€

“What are you wearing?†prompted Amelia

“A nappy†said Bill, the idea went through his mind for a few seconds as he made the correct connections and he came to the right answer “please let me wet in my nappy Nanny, let me do pee pee in my nappy, me good babyâ€. He was screaming now, the pain was beyond belief, his brain unable to understand why muscles were not working. If these evil women wanted him to behave like a toddler, then he was happy to play. The need to have some relief was now off scale.

Amelia laughed and pressed a button on the control panel, the valve deep inside him opened up and he flooded the thirsty terry cloth. Bill had never been so grateful for anything in his whole life, he revelled in the relief, he even enjoyed the warm feeling that now encased his gushing member. The drugs in the blend were affecting his judgement, his senses were heightened to screaming pitch. The pressure was already starting to build and his thoughts as he was being taken out of the preparation room was how long before the valve would open again? His whole life was focussed on how long before he could wet his nappy. He sucked on the dummy that they had put in his mouth and wondered how he was going to survive the rest of his life.

End part 27

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Latexman    5

Can this story POSSIBLY get any hotter??? WOWWWWWW

Antonia, you are amazing!

Latexman :)

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babyjennie    70

Dear Antonia... WOW! I mean, WOWEE! You are one hell of a writer. You have an excellent vocabulary and a great imagination, too. (I remember reading about an anal dilator called 'the crab' years ago, and loved the concept. I like the way you introduced it into this delightfully sado-masochistic tale.) Your story certainly made me do big squirtie messes in my warm wet nappy, I can tell you! I'm already looking forward to the next chapter. I'm sorry I haven't posted a comment earlier, but like you, I am sometimes so preoccupied with my own writing, I don't have the time to read other people's work. I just caught up on the last half-dozen postings (my, you are quick, aren't you?) and this is my first chance to post a response. Well done Antonia, and keep up the good work!

Hugs and best wishes from Baby Jennie

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Antonia    20

Firstly - a big thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement - posting will slow a little now because I am writing new parts to this section of the story. Please be patient with me, but I am away a lot over the next couple of weeks, but I will do my best.

Part 28

Arthur in the adjoining bunk was having his own problems. He too was drinking the bottles as fast as he could in order to produce enough wetness to keep the sensors from driving the expander. Little did he realise that within the feed he was consuming lay a tranquilliser and sedative that were slowly letting him slip into a deep sleep. As he was about to drift off Sabina came in clutching a clean nappy and a pair of plastic pants.

“Lift up†she said pulling at his pants “let’s get you freshened up before you fall asleepâ€. She removed his wet terry nappy and replaced it with a clean one, she did not bother to clean or powder him, because nappy rash would be a part of her plans for him. Nonetheless Arthur was grateful for the clean and fresh softness, however, had he been thinking straight he would have realised that the sensors were now close to drying out again. She just managed to pull up the plastic pants and snuggle his nappy into place as he was drifting off into a deep sleep.

Sabina stood at the foot of his bed watching him as the electronics sent a message to the annular ring in Arthur’s rear. He screamed into his dummy as the pain ripped through him and he at once started to try and wet his nappy, now totally alert and with tears streaming down his face. A small smile appeared on the face of his torturer as Arthur went red in the face as he tried to force some liquid into the drying terry cloth diaper. Time passed and once again the ring clicked open another notch as the required wetness failed to materialise. This new surge of pain triggered his brain to allow a small trickle to escape him and satisfy the relentless and unforgiving sensor. The ring clicked back one notch, still leaving him in tremendous discomfort. Once again the pain subsided sufficiently for him to drift off into sleep once again. Again and again he forgot to wet in time and he suffered the painful punishment.

Sabina changed him twice more that evening as he became more and more exhausted sucking furiously on the bottle to maintain a constant supply of liquid. His life revolved around the intruder that lived in his body, the sucking became automatic and with the first twitch of expansion his brain released a stream of his babyish wetness to flow deep into his nappy. The whole challenge was relentless and it was only a matter of hours before his brain had released all conscious control over his bladder as Arthur drank and wet at intervals that were measured in seconds rather than minutes. Deep within his subconscious a part of him had worked out that constantly being wet and continually wetting his nappy like a small baby was the only way to stop the pain. The basic skill of potty training that had been learnt over his early years had been totally eradicated in a few short hours.

Sabina came the next morning to see an Arthur who was totally wrecked and exhausted. His bottles had been replenished and refilled throughout the night. Sabina and Amelia had filled him up with almost six litres of fluids and now as they were trying to take the feeding nipple from his mouth he started to scream. They tried to placate him with soothing sounds and reassure him that the expander was turned off, but his brain refused to believe them. The supply from the bottles was deeply entrenched in his mind with the wetness to keep him free from pain.

They put a big dummy in his mouth which seemed to pacify him then gave him a much needed change. Arthur was so stressed, twitchy and wide eyed that Sabina decided to give him a calming talk. “You have been a very good boy Arthur†she said sitting on the side of his bed “I will take out the ring tomorrow if you promise to be goodâ€. She pushed him back so that he was lying down and started to undo the belt with the six feeding bottles that were now empty.

Arthur looked at her over the ring of his dummy, sucking for all he was worth. “Nnnng†he tried to speak through the teat as she removed the contraption that fed him. He was now paranoid about having enough liquids to fuel his wetting. As they replaced his wet nappy they noted that he now seemed to dribble urine almost continuously. The expander was left in place, but they were both quite sure that Arthur had been mentally broken in the space of one short night. They decided to keep him in training for a further 24 hours before removing the device.

The two women lavished great care on Arthur who had responded to their harsh treatment better than they could have ever wished. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and puffy white romper suit trimmed in pink rosebuds that was large enough to accommodate his bulky nappies. On his feet they put some woolly booties that tied with a pink ribbon. His white mittens and a plastic backed terry bib that they tied around his neck completed the ensemble. The dummy that was bringing him such comfort was tied on a ribbon that was pinned to his t-shirt.

A baby harness was strapped around him and he was led on the reins to the breakfast area that was off one corner of the dormitory and clipped into a large high chair. He looked around the room. It was part of a cavernous room that together with the dormitory and the preparation room had been partitioned off with stud partitioning. There were probably twenty other high chairs up against the wall and another dozen or so set around the edge of the huge wooden refectory table. He sat alone in the room trying to turn round in the restrictive space of his high chair and he turned both to the left and to the right in order to try and see what was directly behind him but the baby harness around his shoulders and chest firmly pinned him into his seat. His bib covered the little bells on the breast plate and muffled their tinkling. The constant sucking on the dummy had not abated at all and he had succeeded in drooling sufficiently to make the neck of his bib quite damp so making it feel cool to his skin.

A sudden unexplained panic attack caused an unexpected wet release in his nappy and he clamped down involuntarily against the metal ring in his bottom.

A door opened at the other end of the room and a girl wearing a simple blue uniform with a white apron came into the room carrying a tray which had bacon sandwiches and two full bottles of what looked like milk. Arthur began to salivate and dribble poured between the gap of his dummy and his lips to further saturate his terry bib.

The nurse said nothing, but released the bows on his mittens and pulled the dummy from his lips and laid it on the tray beside his tempting sandwiches. Arthur was so hungry that he rushed into the sandwiches with reckless abandon - the molten butter, tomato sauce (ketchup) and crumbs fell from his mouth and further soiled the white bib. He ate until it was all gone, wiping a splodge on his bib with his finger and savouring the flavour then he picked up the plastic bowl in which the food had been placed and ran his tongue around the rim. In no time at all the saltiness of the bacon made him realise just how thirsty he was and he picked up the bottle, tipped back his head, and started sucking the sweet formula for all he was worth. The women in the control room looked at the images from the CCTV placed in the dining room and laughed at his childish behaviour. He looked every bit the toddler and was playing the role perfectly. The final enactment of his return to babyhood was when he was half way through his second bottle and the sleeping medication that had been added to the formula kicked in. His head slumped, the teat of the bottle still in his mouth as he slowly nodded off, his head jerking a few times as he tried to wake up, before he fell forward in a deep sleep.

Three nurses went into the dining room and helped him sleep walk back to his bed which was now fitted like a cot with bars, so that he would not fall out while he slept.

They changed his wet nappy and made him fresh and clean again. As one pulled up a clean pair of plastic pants, another nurse was setting the annular ring back into operation with a switch on the control box. The third nurse offered up a dummy to his lips which took suction almost immediately and she pulled out the centre ring to fit a tube that ran to a large bag of fluid on a stand by his head. Almost immediately the bag gurgled slightly as Arthur started to draw in the fluid with his frantic sucking. Memories of the night flooded back and he fell into a routine that his subconscious had devised and implemented for his painless existence. In a minute he had emptied the small content of his bladder into his clean nappy. One nurse nudged the others as the front of his nappy yellowed in front of them – they giggled to each other and pulling up the bars left for the nurse’s station.

In the next cot Bill was about to have a huge surprise.....

End part 28

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Antonia    20

End part 28

Bill was continuing to suffer in agony as the relentless flow of liquid coupled with the unwillingness of the catheter to release his bladder was ripping him apart internally. Every time the nurse came to change him he pleaded with her to let him be a baby. He would do anything to stop the pain which was so severe that he was almost blacking out with the pain and not to mention that the restriction to his eliminations was on the verge of giving him toxic shock.

The team looked at Bill through the double sided mirror fitted into the wall near to where he lay in his cot. They basked in the warm comfort of their comfy nurses’ station quietly drinking tea and attending to the occasional chores involved with looking after their charges while they relaxed in the soft sofas within their room. Bill was arched in pain as the automatic valve failed to release at the 30 minute mark. He had been in pain for over ten minutes, but now the level of that pain was beyond his endurance. Bill did the only thing he could, he screamed and screamed at the top of his voice, trying to tear out the tube that was stitched to his cheek to stop the flow of milk to his stomach.

At first the nurses looked through the mirror and laughed, but as he tore at the feeding tube and started to bleed from the ripped stitches they realised that this was a very serious trauma that was happening. The staff nurse rushed to get the control box, but despite pushing the over-ride button to release the valve nothing happened.

She grabbed the catheter kit and motioned one of the duty nurses to come with her as she rushed into the ward where Bill had had a massive muscular contraction and collapsed. She tore down his plastic panties and undid the pins securing his still dry nappies. Not a drop of wetness had escaped him and he looked bloated. She took his shrunken member and inserted a gadget that would connect to the valve and enable her to withdraw it. However, the tissue was swollen and the spines of the device had embedded themselves well into him. She pushed and pressed at the wire that was supposed to connect and retract the device, but in her rush and panic she was causing damage and lacerations to the muscular structure that controlled his bladder. It was almost ten minutes later and not without causing irreversible damage that there was a sudden rush of his wetness. She covered him up with his dry nappy and held it in place while reaching for another from the stack beside her and adding it to the pile. She withdrew the valve from the tip of his penis and saw that the connecting fins were present but badly bent. His nappy was a coral pink from the blood flushed out in his wetting.

They cleaned him up and dressed him in a clean nappy, before they had even pinned up the sides, they could not help but notice that he was trickling a steady stream of pink urine. One of the nurses carefully removed the tube from his cheek and withdrew it from his mouth, then cleaned the wound and applied a bandage. The stinging of the antiseptic brought Bill out of his collapse. The nurses were sympathetic and kind, even a dog should not be put through such pain. They wheeled up a trolley that contained a bowl of hot water and began to give him a bed bath. They caressed and pampered his tortured body with loving attention, drying him with a fluffy soft white towel and powdering him with baby powder. The clammy sweat was gone from his face and slowly the colour was starting to return to his skin.

Their administrations had restored circulation to him and in the time it had taken to restore him he had flooded the nappy they had put on at the beginning of the treatment. Through the steamy transparent plastic pants they could see that his wetness was very much tinged with blood.

The staff nurse was called Amanda, she was petite and had a bosom that might have been more appropriate on a larger girl. She wore a dark blue uniform with a white starched apron that barely disguised the fact that the buttons on the front of her tunic were under pressure to remain closed. “Lift up Billy Baby†she said softly and with kindness, “let us change that wet nappy of yoursâ€.

“I’m a good baby nurse, please don’t hurt me†mumbled Bill almost in tears as fear overtook him at the thought of his bladder being stretched to breaking point. His eyes started to water as he lifted up to have the plastic pants removed and a new nappy slipped under his bottom. The babyish smell of lotion and powder brought back memories that had long been suppressed and forgotten. “Let me go in my nappy like a good baby, I promise I will wet it all the time, please don’t hurt me any more†he wailed as tears started to flow down his cheek as self-pity washed over him. Amanda pulled up his clean plastic pants and carefully tucked in all the edges of the soft white terry nappy that were peeking out from the elasticated openings.

“It’s okay Billy, you can go in your nappy like a good baby boy now, because I have taken out the valve†she said looking at the front of his nappy which was the already starting to become wet, but without the pinkness that had been of such concern only a few moments earlier. She shook out a pale blue sleeper and pulled it over his head and threaded his arms through the holes. Bill lifted up his bottom as she eased the garment under him and pushed his legs into the waiting legs, before snapping up the poppers that ran in a huge semi-circle from one ankle round to the other. The garment completely enveloped him in soft fuzziness and the built in mittens and enclosed feet made him feel secure but helpless. He had the sudden desire to suck his thumb and raised his hand to his mouth. Amanda looked at him with understanding and ran her hand over his forehead with a gentle stroking motion. She looked down at him and realised that his mental integrity had all but cracked as the thickly nappied person in front of her had taken all he could endure and had regressed back to a time when there was no worry in the world. She reached under her apron into one of the cavernous pockets in her blue tunic and pulled out a large orthodontic dummy with a white disc. “Does this baby want to suck on a dummy for comfort?†she said in a voice reserved for distressed toddlers and sobbing babies.

Bill looked at the goddess before him and the last thread of reality slowly split and parted. As Amanda pushed the teat against his lips he allowed it to pass through intro his mouth and gratefully sucked hard on the rubber bulb to revive the babyish memories that were awaking within him. She gave the ring on the dummy a gentle push and wiggled it against his lips with an impish smile. “There, that’s a lot better isn’t it? You suck on you dummy and get some sleep, but I am going to tie a bib round your neck to stop your sleeper getting wet†she said presenting him with a large white terry bib with a plastic backing trimmed in blue gingham ribbons that she tied behind his neck in a large bow.

Bill’s eyelids slowly became leaden and he could no longer stay awake, the dummy in his mouth gently oscillated in and out as he sucked the comfort out of it. His damaged bladder, barely functional, let a small stream of pee out into the soft thirstiness of his fluffy nappies.

End of part 28

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Antonia    20

I am away for quite a long time and will not have the chance to write, so I am leaving two episodes to keep you going until I return in four weeks or so.

Part 29

The next day came kissed by the sun, but in the subterranean world that belonged to Arthur and Billy the world never changed. The women had deliberately lengthened their sleep periods to more babyish times in readiness for their move to the plastics factory above. Although they did not realize it, the two of them were taking naps after each meal, which never gave any indication as to what meal it actually was. Sometimes they would get two breakfast type meals in a day or three dinners and it was strictly forbidden to talk about times or days. The nurses slept in the nurses station and appeared to be there all the time, so even shifts were abandoned as a source of temporal stability.

The weeks had passed by and Billy and Arthur had both proved excellent subjects, although the catheter shunt valve had now been totally abandoned as a means of conversion. Poor Billy had become incontinent immediately as the muscularity of his bladder never recovered in a workable form. He tended to dribble once the pressure built up and then suffer a release shortly afterwards once his volume threshold had been reached. The nurses were now putting two nappies on him day and night because he had become such a big wetter.

Arthur was in a similar state and was completely incontinent continually wanting a bottle and drinking almost incessantly. The second round of treatment had eventually damaged his bowel and he tended to be unable to hold back once he felt the need to go. He too was clad in double thickness nappies and because of the thickness between his legs had to waddle around the complex usually with his bottle hanging out of his mouth.

The two new babies had been kept in the facility as the other members of the ward had been processed and introduced to the factory above. Now the injection moulding equipment was churning out bottles, rattles, dummy mouth shields and rings, and other baby equipment in both regular and larger sizes. The workforce was now totally dependant on wearing their nappies and did not want to be seen by the outside world. They were slaves to the women who cared for them and kept them clean and dry. The large boiler suits that they wore were made of the finest brushed cotton and were like giant sleeping suits. If they had pom-poms on their bottom then they would have looked exactly like bunny suits. Their hands were left uncovered so that they could do the delicate work required, and on their feet they wore booties with soft leather soles sewn in to the bottoms.

The new factory shone and smelt like a hospital, it was brand new, the floor was sealed in shiny grey polyurethane and the walls gleamed white with food factory quality wall claddings. Every day two of the baby-men would start their day by pushing two floor cleaning machines over the floor, but these machines had the humiliating tweak that they looked like dolls prams. The two workers looked like toddlers playing with their toys together and taking their dollies out for a walk.

All the workers carried white fluffy nappies which they used to dust and polish their work stations before tucking them into a special loop sewn into the waist of their suits. On a ribbon hung their dummies which all of them sucked without any second thought as they drooled onto their baby dribble bibs. In the teat part of the factory, where they dipped the stainless steel formers into a rubber latex solution to form the other half of the dummies it was essential that the hair was kept covered to keep the teats totally clean and free of imperfections. The small team of three queued up as their heads were covered with cotton baby bonnets and secured with different coloured satin ribbons to keep their hair out of the product. They wore bibs that had matching trimming to the ribbons on their bonnets. The corridor that ran alongside this suite of rooms were glass panelled to allow an unobstructed view to the dummy teat department. The team were well practiced and competent. Their quotas were stiff and required total commitment. You may wonder what motivation there was to ensure that efficiency was maintained at such a high level. I guess you have never been deprived of a potty to go poo-poo or left in a wet nappy for a day.

Business was booming – major retailers loved to come and see the facility. They were told that the workers enjoyed dressing up as it reminded them that these products were high risk and were intended for babies. If you were continually sucking a dummy and pinned up in a nappy then you had no option but to focus on “baby†and the importance of what you were doing.

One visitor asked if they actually used their nappies for their intended purpose. Sabina who was leading the tour simply replied “What do you think?†and left it at that. The visitors talked about the topic all the way home. “Had anybody actually seen a toilet in the factory?†What was the room that they did not enter (it was a sluice room but they would never have been admitted)? They never got to talk to any of the workers, because they were behind the high visibility screening separated those areas that were at a positive pressure. The workers had to change when going from the visitor zone into this clean area and nobody from outside was allowed into this area which might then become contaminated.

Workers were called on rote to a changing room where two nurses pampered and changed their precious workers. Good work and high productivity was rewarded with manual treatment of the front of their nappies prior to changing. A good worker would know if he has earned this privilege, because he would be given a dummy with a green mouth guard as he went into the factory to start his shift. All the time he sucked and drooled on his babyish dummy, he would catch sight of its colour and know that he was going to be pleasured at his next nappy change. Almost all of the workers with the green dummies had little stiffies in their nappies that almost throbbed with anticipation. This made their gait even more babyish as they tried to walk in this condition! The excruciating anticipation was sometimes too much for some of the babies and you would sometimes see one twitch and wail with disappointment as he came off in his nappy with a massive explosion. The nurses were sympathetic and sometimes would let them have a gentle suck on their breast as a consolation, or would hug them to their bosom as they fed them their baby’s bottle.

Rest assured, these workers were totally adored by the nurses who looked after them. The workers totally adored the nurses who ensured that their helpless incontinence was made a beautiful experience for them with the soft and gentle babying they received.

Only a couple of them were incontinent of bowel and on some occasions they did manage to toddle to the red button by the door and summon a nursery nurse to rush them to the potty room. On some occasions the split seconds involved was all it took to be a success or failure. In most of these cases the time it took to undo the poppers, slip of the plastic panties and undo their nappy was just a wait that was too long. The nurses would sometimes just hug their charge and let the poo poo drop in his nappy, before making the change. It was often a tearful moment as the distressed toddler apologised almost unintelligibly past the slobbering of his dummy.

This was a contented community. Work started at 07.30 am and worked until 10.30 when they all had a bottle of juice and nappy change. They then worked until 12.30 when they had lunch and were then put down for a nap – modern thinking has already proven that this encourages workers to be more alert and more refreshed. It was also a time when they reinforced the helplessness of their situation. They were told that outside of the factory they would probably be institutionalised and locked away as weirdoes because of their incontinence and because they were all dressed as babies. They were totally dependant on their nappies and totally addicted to sucking their dummies, so what would they do outside? Here they were loved and cherished, what more could they want? Then they all got up and were changed again to work until 5.00 pm when it was time for high tea with a sucky tea break at 3.00.

There was a problem however, because demand was beginning to exceed what they could supply and the need for additional labour was not that easy to come by…..

End part 29

Part 30

In the village sat at her breakfast table was a lady called Emily Prim, mother of Elizabeth and Neil, grandma to Lauren and widow for many years. She looked at Neil who was unshaven, unwashed, scruffy and rude. Emily asked herself how she could have produced her beautiful daughter Elizabeth who was a university graduate and now wonderful mother, yet at the same time have made this offensive brute who sat opposite her.

“Are you going to college dear?†she asked, fearful that the brutish boy would over-react to her simple question.

“What’s it to you?†he barked, slurping on the mug of tea and reading the latest copy of the Beano. He wiped his nose on the back of his hand and sniffed. His shirt was dirty, splattered in food where he had not been bothered to take any care in the way he fed himself. If he has any best friends they would have told him that he smelt and that his lack of personal hygiene was noticeable and would be offensive to anybody who had a sense of smell.

Emily looked, absorbed the atmosphere and sniffed the air surrounding this evil little twerp who she was not at all proud to call her son. A veil of sadness fell about her and the oaf failed to notice his mother starting to have watery eyes as the disappointment overcame her.

“Are you enjoying college dear? Would you like me to drive you in to your lessons this morning?†She asked treading the virtual ground as if it were covered in jagged glass.

“Look I am not a baby at school, we don’t have lessons we have lectures. I go to big boys’ university now, so you don’t have to continually treat me like a baby. I will go when and if I am ready. I am reading right now†he yelled back

“You ignorant little twerp†his mother retorted “you are reading a little kid’s comic and you smell like a zoo. Look at the state of you, look in the mirror you filthy sod. If you were a baby, you would never have looked or smelled like this. I kept you and your sister immaculate, neither of you ever had nappy rash and my nappies were the whitest in the street and more than once neighbours would praise themâ€. She reddened and became heated as the fury within her started to reach boiling point.

“That was a long time ago. You don’t do much for me now†he said barely looking up from his absorbing comic “it would be nice to get a bit more cash once in a while so I didn’t have to sit around here all day listening to you drone on and on. Get your bag out Mum and give me a bit of cash so I can join the lads for a drink. Stop going on and on about how great you were at scrubbing up nappies and give us a sub to have a bit of fun. Why don’t you try and be a proper Mum for a change, instead of preaching doom and gloom at me the whole time. You are turning into a right old drudge, how many time do we have to hear how white your nappies were, how you knitted all our matinee jackets and booties, how you breast fed us both and generally smothered us with your goodie-goodie motherhood†he said scornfully.

What happened next would have shocked the most hardened. Emily Prim drew herself up to her full height of 5 foot 6 inches and leapt in one bound to be next to her son. Then she wound up her arm an unleashed a slap that hit him with such ferocity that it sent him flying out of his chair. “You ungrateful bastard†she screamed at him “I brought you up single-handedly, your father was killed when you were two and I had to scrimp and save to produce a miserable little git like you? She pulled aside the tumbled chair that stood between her and her errant son. She reached down and grabbed his hair with her left hand and pulled him to a sitting position before unleashing another slap with her right that almost had his head off and ripped out much of the hair she was clutching with a vice-like grip. Neil wash shocked, but his mother who had now begun to enjoy the release from the many years of her forced timidity was like a demon released. She hit him again and again, so hard and so fast that the boy was unable to block the blows. His nose that had received a couple of well directed blows had started to bleed as he slumped over. She kicked him hard between the legs and he groaned as his legs instinctively drew up to his chest.

She had just drawn her foot back for another kick when she heard the front door open

“Let’s go and see Granny now shall we sweetheart. Let’s show her how pretty you look in the new dress that she bought you. I expect you need a clean nappy now don’t you?†came the voice as the party bustled and rumbled through the hall towards the kitchen.

Emily brushed back her silver flecked hair and examined her hands as if she expected to see blood or pieces of skin. “Hello dear, hello Lauren†she said in the special sing-song voice that she kept exclusively for her grandchild. Elizabeth came into the kitchen just as Neil was trying to extract himself from the small space between the dresser and the radiator. His nose was bleeding and Lizzy (as she preferred to be called) thought that there was a good chance that he might have the beginnings of a black eye.

“What has happened Mummy?†she said looking at Neil who was making no attempt to get up, but was still restricted by the pain in his testicles.

“This oaf has been acting up like a big baby and so I gave him a smack†she smirked, pleased that she had reasserted her authority and walked to the stove to put on the kettle before coming back to fondle her grandchild. The baby Lauren looked worried and clung on tottering legs to her mother as Lizzy reached into her pocket and took out a box that contained her dummy.

“She needs a change Mum and I think she needs a nap as well, because she did not sleep in her pram when I walked round like she normally doesâ€. She looked down at Neil who in addition to the red nose now had a very red face. “You are a bastard Neil, why did you have to upset Mummy, she tries to everything for you and how do you repay her?†Lizzy was cross and angered by her brother’s thoughtless behaviour and was about to give him a verbal lashing when she noticed Neil squirming with embarrassment as the wet patch on the front of his trousers continued to wick out in an ever widening circle. The kick in his crotch had had a very bad effect on him. “Mummy, Mummy†she cried out “did you manage to wash and dry the terry nappies that Lauren used last time we were hear?â€

“Yes sweetheart I did. They are in the airing cupboard. I think there are about nine or ten now, because there are some from the time before as well. Why do you ask? I will go and get them - there are some plastic pants and bibs as well.

“Do you have a nappy big enough for Neil? He seems to have wet himself!â€

The two women looked down at him with baby Lauren laughing as well, although she was far too young to understand what was going on.

“Mum I am so sorry†he said in a childish voice.

“No my lad, from now on you can call me Mummy†she commanded “things are going to change around here starting now. Stand up†she said a camera in her hand that had been conveniently placed there by Lizzy. The flash went off about six times as she took picture after picture of Neil in a pair of light blue joggers that had clearly been wet by him having an accident. She particularly liked the look he had that was identical to the face he had made when he had not quite made his potty when he was a toddler and flooded his training pants.

Neil made a move to grab the camera, but Emily smacked him hard on the cheek. “Any trouble from you and I will have these pictures on the internet and pinned up ton the notice board at University†she said with authority, “now get upstairs and have a bath, a shave and brush your teeth and be sharp about itâ€.

Lizzy finished changing Lauren on her changing mat on the table and was just tucking in the protruding corners of her clean nappy. She turned her head and looked sleepy as she nursed her dummy. “I am going to put her down now Mummy†she said as she went upstairs to the cot that was in the spare room for when her mother did babysitting.

Neil was in the bathroom, the sound of running water came from the room and he had piled all his dirty clothes outside the door to be put in the laundry basket. Emily collected it all up, went to the back room that was Neil’s room and opened the window. She threw the clothes out into the garden below.

“What are you doing Mummy?†asked Lizzy who had come from the darkened room next door in which Lauren was now sleeping.

“No talking, just throw all of Neil’s clothes out the window, that is shirts, underwear, trousers, absolutely everything. I do not want a stitch of his clothes to remain. She threw a dressing gown out the window and numerous pairs of socks and pants. “You keep going, I have things to do downstairsâ€

Emily went downstairs and out into the garden, she dragged the garden brazier onto the concrete plinth and started to load his clothes into the bin. She poured on some paraffin and lit the garments which went up like a torch. More and more items of clothing she threw on until there was an inferno of burning clothes. The trainers came flying out the window and these were added to the conflagration fuelling the fire with smoke and the unpleasant stench of rubber. Particle of black ash were starting to float into the air. Her task completed she went back upstairs. The bedroom was devoid of any footwear or clothing. Every drawer was empty, every cupboard was bare and no hook supported a single item of clothing. She checked the airing cupboard and not so much as a pair of pant remained. There was only her clothing (far too small for her loutish son) and a pile of nappies left, apart from the sheets and linen.

She took the nappies, bibs and plastic pants and gave them to Lizzy. “Do you have some nappy pins?†she asked “because the only thing Neil is going to be able to wear is a large nappy which I am going to make out of a large white bath towel†and with that she went into her small sewing room and within minutes had cut and edged the towel into a serviceable nappy.

Lizzy and her mother met up again in Neil’s room as he came out of the bathroom with a towel round his waist. The smell of his incinerated trainers and slippers was starting to smell through the open window. Emily closed it shut as some black fibrous ash sailed high into the air and threatened to waft into his room.

Neil went to his drawer “Where are my clothes?†he demanded going from drawer to drawer and cupboard to cupboard only to be greeted by the appearance of bare wood. He slammed the drawers back one after the other and slammed the doors, while gripping at the towel around his waist that threatened to come apart at any moment

“Where are my clothes?†he wailed “what have you done with my clothes?†He stood in the centre of the room as his sister and mother sat quietly on his bed waiting.

“Come and lie down on your bed baby boy, Mummy has all the clothes you are going to need right nowâ€. Neil looked apprehensive, a man without clothes is vulnerable, a man without his clothes is a prisoner. “Where have you hidden them†he stuttered as he thought whether to be aggressive of submissive, but realising he held none of the cards he decided “Where have you hidden my clothes Mmummy†he hesitated.

His mother looked joyous and her face was now beaming “Mummy has burnt all your clothes to ashes my baby boy and your life is about to change forever…..â€

End part 30

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Antonia    20

Not many comments - so I guess you do not like this story? I will wrap it up quickly and take a rest until the creativity returns

Part 31

Lizzy watched with a bemused expression as her mother folded the soft fluffy towel into a kite shape and signalled to Neil to lie on his bed. As he moved towards the bed she ripped the bath towel from around his waist and leaving him exposed. Neil instinctively clutched his manhood and tried to cover his nakedness from his sister, but his mother slapped away his hands.

“Stop it, get your hands away from there you naughty boy†she scolded him, her blue eyes flashing triumphantly, “I have got to clean you up properly, before I get you dressed againâ€. Out of nowhere an electric razor appeared in her hand, it started to buzz and Neil’s eyes almost came out of their sockets as he spied the instrument of his demiseâ€

“No, no no†he said repetitively “please don’t shave me Mummy, please don’t take away my hair. I will look like a babyâ€. His mother warmed at the use of her old name when he had first learned to talk and smiled a maternal smile that was exclusively saved for younger siblings. She put a firm hand on his stomach and drove down into his thatch with the shaver and in no time at all he was as naked and devoid of hair as the day he was born. Lizzy sniggered and then snorted back a stifled laugh.

“Not much manhood to hide there†she said almost bursting into laughter “my goodness with a thingy that small it is best wrapped away in a baby’s nappy to stop it from being an embarrassmentâ€.

Emily motioned for Neil to roll over and then proceeded to remove more of his hair from his bottom. She brushed the hair onto his bath towel and then told him to lift up so she could pull it out from under him. The underlying kite-folded nappy was in place and waiting. “Can you lend me a couple of nappy pins Lizzy?†she asked “Perhaps Lauren would not mind if we borrowed some of her nappy cream and baby powder would she?â€.

In less than a minute Lizzy had passed over the required toiletries and her mother had rubbed the thick cream all around Neil’s bottom and then sprinkled a huge cloud of the fragrant talc on top. Neil felt so babyish and humiliated that he was shaking his head in despair. The smell was so obvious and was a floral perfume that everybody would only associate with an infant.

Lizzy undid the two pins that she had fastened to her towelling apron that she had put on while she was changing Lauren. Her mother put them both between her lips and pulled the nappy up through Neil’s legs and gathered the part at the back and positioned it over the part between his legs. She took one of the pins and fastened it with a flourish before snapping the safety cover over the catch. Neil started to wriggle and she pushed him down.

“Stay still you bad baby†she admonished him with a light slap, before removing the second pin from her mouth and securing the other side of the nappy. “Now you are going to wear this all day until I can organise some proper clothes for you†she said. “I am going out with Lizzy to do some shopping for you and will make sure that from now on you are going to smell nice rather than like an old dog. I want you to stay in bed and have a snooze while we are gone. You are not to get up for any reason at all and you are certainly not to go out.†Lizzy and his mother laughed at this remark, since he no longer had any shoes or a single stitch of clothing that he could change into - even if he wanted to!

Neil looked down at the huge nappy that now enveloped him and at the cream and powder residues that were up to his stomach. He was defeated and he knew it, but he was no dullard and his mind was working on ways to escape his situation. His deliberations were interrupted by a sharp poke from his mother. “I want your word on this Nee-Nee†she said with a cruel smile on her face, because she had not used his baby name in many years and it amused her to use it again. Neil had been unable to pronounce his own name and this was the closest he could get, the childish nickname had lasted until he was almost twelve.

“I promise†he mumbled

“I didn’t hear you Nee-Nee†she prompted “I want you to answer me properly and clearlyâ€

“I promise Mummy†he said in total submission and crawled up to the top of his bed in order to slip under the duvet. His mother pulled the duvet up to his neck and kissed him on the forehead.

Lizzy and Emily pulled the curtains and left the room gently closing the door as they departed. Once they were through the door Emily burst into action.

“Find his mobile phone and take out the SIM card Lizzy†she ordered. “I am going to put his laptop in the boot of my car and will password-protect my own computer. I am also taking the broadband router with me just to make sure that he cannot send any emails. I am also taking the house phone out of the charger and taking that with me as well. Is there anything I have forgotten?â€

“You are sure that he has absolutely nothing to wear? What about his sports kit?â€

“He has not worn that in months, I put it all in the charity bag weeks ago†said Emily. “I burnt his dressing gown and all of his clothes and I have checked the airing cupboard. There is certainly nothing of mine he could fit into. If he looked in the attic he would find all of his old baby clothes which I kept just in case you had a boy instead of a girl, but I don’t think he would fit into any of those things†she said beginning to chortle.

“Why exactly are you doing this Mummy?†asked Lizzy

“Well to be honest I have had enough of his rudeness, his sullenness and his total lack of cooperation. There are times when I don’t think he is a member of our family, he just comes and goes as he pleases, he drinks, smokes, takes drugs I am sure and never does anything to help me. I’ve had enough and he needs to be taught a lesson.

“But you aren’t going to keep him dressed up in just a nappy are you?†she asked incredulously. “He cannot wander around in just a nappy all day, what would the neighbours think and what about college?â€

“College finishes in about a week anyway and then there is the long summer break. He has not made any plans to get a job during the summer and just planned to mooch about with his friends drinking, smoking and playing computer games. I just cannot afford the luxury of such a selfish oaf†she replied starting to become a little emotional as she thought about his behaviour. “Of course he is not going to just wander about in nappies as that would be silly. I am going to buy him some plastic pants to wear over them. I ordered him some things off Ebay last week which should come any time soon. You’d be amazed at how many adult sized baby clothes they sell, you can even buy extra large dummies and feeding bottles. I bought him a set of reins as well from a company on the internet, you would love them as they are really old-fashioned leather ones with little bells on the front.â€

Lizzy was agog, her mouth wide open and eye brows deep into her hair line. “You have bought him baby clothes? What on earth are you going to do to him? “Don’t you think this is going a bit far Mummy? She said rattling off question after question.

“Not at all, he has been a monster and I want my old son back and if that means turning him back into a baby who is dependant on me, then that is what I am going to do. I have even bought a tape that he will be forced to listen to every night and if I am really successful then those nappies are going to be used for the purpose they were designed for and he will be wetting himself ten times a day and pooping after virtually every meal.â€

“You are joking! Then what?†asked Lizzy who did not like her brother that much, but was not that full of hate to see him humiliated in this way.

“I am going to sell him!†Emily replied with a huge grin “I am going to sell him to a company called Baby Dreams, who said they would give me £2000 if I could get him to visit their special clinic and double that if he was already nappy-dependant! They are the ones who sent me the CD and told me what to do. I also have some special medicines for him to take.â€

“What do they want Neil for and why do they want him back in nappies?â€

“Would you want to run away if you knew that you were totally reliant on your nappy? Would you want any of your friends to see you? If you only had baby clothes to wear, would you leave the building? They make baby clothes, accessories and everything a real baby would need, but they also make larger sizes as well. Lauren has some bibs and dresses that came from their factory.â€

“But what would Neil do while he was there?â€

“They are looking for a whole range of people, he might be in their IT department, or he could just as easily be in the warehouse. Who cares? All I want is for him to have some work experience and to learn that he has to grow up and become a great deal more matureâ€.

“And needing to wear nappies is being more mature?†asked Lizzy “I think you have gone barmy, but I have to agree with you that something has to be done.†They worked diligently seeking out possible escape routes and closing down or removing electronic devices that would enable Neil to escape his fate. As Lauren stirred in her cot in the spare room above, there was a knock on the door.

Lizzy headed for her daughter, as Emily went to the door. As the door opened her look of astonishment was priceless, because in front of her stood a toddler dressed in a blue sailor suit with matching blue frilly panties trimmed in lace around the legs and clearly covering a huge nappy. About his neck was a white terry bib edged in dark blue striped ribbon that was tied in a large bow at his neck. The bib was embroidered with a large fish inside of which was the name ‘Baby Bobby’. On a deep blue ribbon pinned to his top with a nappy pin was a large blue dummy which bounced on his chest.

“We got pwesents†said the outsized toddler waving his mittened hands towards the pretty girl standing behind him.

“Hello, I am so sorry, Bobby has only just started helping me and he is just learning. Aren’t you Darling?†she said to the babyish figure doing a little jig on the doorstep. “Do you need to go potty sweetheart? I think you do, don’t you?â€

“Does he want to use the toilet?†asked Emily looking concerned

“No thank you Mrs. Prim, Bobby has not used a toilet for three months now that is why he has to wear a nappy, he is almost potty untrained now and will soon not think twice about using his protection. He wets his bed every night now and it will not be too long before he is wetting in the day as well. Look I think he has gone now†she said looking at Bobby who had stopped his dancing and was now sucking quietly on his dummy. She reached under his blue panties and put a finger up the leg of his knickers before giving a knowing smile. “All done†she said “that’s a very good boy to go in your nappy. We always give you a reward when you have been a good boy don’t we? She reached in her pocket and pulled out a little packet of chocolate buttons. “You can have these when we get back in the van sweetieâ€.

“I am Natalie by the way Mrs. Prim and we have the order you placed with us. You forgot to order the plastic pants and we have given you half a dozen pairs on the house!â€

The girl went to the van and with Bobby’s help carried a number of large boxes into the hallway. Bobby walked with a wide-legged gait as his wet nappy rubbed against him and dragged at his hips. His dummy wiggled in and out as he sucked it with increasing embarrassment as he felt some of the heavy wetting escape the confines of his saturated nappy and run down his leg. A tear from his eye ran down his cheek as his humiliation at the hands of his employer slowly sank into his dazed mental state.

Lizzy looked on from down the hall, while Lauren was pointing at Bobby and saying over and over again “Baby, baby Mummy.â€

Emily closed the door and opened the first box, her hand fell upon the plastic pants “just what we needed†she said clearly pleased “let’s get these on Neil before we go out.â€

Neil had no idea what was to befall him as the women ascended the stairs.

End part 31

The last part will come next week, I had planned a few more chapters, but not if nobody likes it!

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Latexman    5


i LOVE it!! i haven't been able to spend much time online for the last few days and had not seen your story updates, but i ASSURE you that your work is superlative as always!! i am enraptured with where this story is going and am so jealous because i want a job in that factory!!!

i hope that wherever your upcoming trip takes you is a rewarding journey and that you will return to us full of even MORE wonderfully kinky and HOT story ideas! We will miss you and your outstanding work -- please hurry back soon!!

Best soggy wishes always,

Latexman :)

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diaperpt    171

Not many comments - so I guess you do not like this story[i will wrap it up quickly and take a rest until the creativity returns

Take a rest if you need to...what ever it takes to keep those creative juices flowing - that and the pee of these poor little babies!!! :lol:

Be assured though that we like this story...well, I speak for myself! As a fantasy, put me right into the middle of any segment of these stories! They are a great read!!

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Antonia    20

Thank you to the two people who took time to leave some sort of encouragement, this is just for you and for those who have taken the trouble to leave a posting in the past. This story is now over 106 pages long and yet the number of people prepared to look over the parapet is so few. Thousands of hits and only a handful interested enough to say a word - disgraceful. There are a few of us writers who are really getting fed up with what one site referred to as "leeches" and I would rather think of as voyeurs. Another writer has already made similar comments and I could not agree more with those feelings. Be a part of our community and join in or lose some of the writers, because I for one am not fueled by two or three faithful friends who have always written to say thanks. This part took two hours to write (maybe more), why should I bother? You can write your own ending because I like many of you cannot be bothered.

Part 32

Emily walked up the stairs pulling the brand new plastic pants out of the polythene bag. They had that unique smell of vinyl freshly opened to the air, pungent and slightly cloying, not unpleasant while not exactly pleasing to the nose either. It was a smell that she knew would adhere to Neil and mingle with the babyish powder smell that already had enveloped him. She shook out the pants to release the folds and puffed them out into a large ball. They were enormous.

She entered Neil’s room and without bothering to see whether he was asleep or awake peeled back the duvet on his bed, put her hands through the leg openings on the pants and grabbed his feet, lifted them and threaded the pants over his legs.

“Lift†she barked at Neil who had been dozing quietly and was trying to recover his wits. “Lift†she said more forcefully. Neil dug his heels into the mattress and lifted his bottom off the bed and Emily pulled the pants over his nappy being sure to tuck in the fluffy white terry that was poking out of the legs. She noted that the back of his nappy was well covered by the vinyl covering of his new pants, showing that they were perfectly big enough and totally secure. How many times when he was a baby had she put on his pants only to discover that the back of the nappy was not protected and then find him in the morning in a wet sleep suit and damp cot?

“What’s this?†grumbled Neil “why do I have to have plastic pants over the towel?â€

“For a start it isn’t a towel silly baby, it is a nappy. Second, you are just too big to have a modern wool nappy cover like Lauren because they do not make them in your size. I would have liked to use the woolly covers because they are cooler and less sweaty, but you will just have to get used to these plastic knickers.â€

“But why?†wailed Neil “I can go to the toilet and I don’t need to be humiliated by dressing up like thisâ€.

“Now that is where you are quite wrong, yes, quite wrong†said his mother drawing herself up to full height and noting with more than a little satisfaction that the nappy was very visible through the plastic pants which were remarkable transparent. She would very easily be able to see when he had wet or soiled his nappies with these pants. “You are not being humiliated; I would never want to be so cruel. You are wearing nappies because you are going to use them for their intended purpose and that is to go potty. The plastic pants you are wearing are to keep your wetties inside and not make your bed or the furniture wet - silly babyâ€.

“You can’t make me do that†shouted Neil “I will not wet my nappies like a babyâ€

Emily smiled as she realised that in his sub-conscious mind he had already made the connection that they were ‘his’ nappies.

“No you won’t†she said noting the look of hope that suddenly appeared in Neil’s eyes “you will be doing your number two’s in them as wellâ€.

“What†he exclaimed

“Look Nee-Nee they are nappies, nappies are for wetting and soiling and that is what I expect you to do. End of story. Now get back into your bed and lie down or else there will be trouble. I am already late to go out and Mummy does not want to be made late by a silly babyâ€. Her point made she left his room and headed fore the upstairs bathroom on the landing. She took the key from the lock on the inside and closed the door, then re-inserted the key on the outside and locked it. In his bed Neil heard the levers of the lock turn and knew that the toilet was now closed to him.

Lizzy and her mother locked up the back door, changed Lauren into a clean nappy and packed the car with the things that they did not want Neil to have. They also locked the downstairs cloak room which had the home’s second toilet and left.

The house was quiet and Neil got out of his bed and looked out of the front window of his mother’s room as their car pulled off the driveway. He felt strange with so much padding between his legs and found it hard to walk without having a slight waddle. The rustling of the plastic pants seemed almost deafening.

He tried the door of the toilet knowing it was locked and went downstairs to find the other loo to be equally secure. He was starting to need the toilet as his bladder filled, so he went to the kitchen and found a glass jug. He poked his member through the leg hole and relieved himself. Even he found this to be a horrible situation and poured the jug into the sink and rinsed everything thoroughly. The trouble with the operation was that the tight pinch of the elastic had not allowed all of his eliminations to escape, but released when he repositioned himself inside the nappy. A small dark yellow spot was clearly visible through his plastic pants, but Neil could not see it.

He found his phone only to discover that it was useless. He looked for the house phone, but all that was left was the base station. He switched on the computer only to discover that it now had a password to boot it up.

Neil searched the house for alternative clothing but could find nothing, he looked out of the window to see the remnants of his wardrobe were nothing more than blackened pieces and not a stitch was left. The airing cupboard had nothing and he realised that he was well and truly stumped. He then went to the end of the hall and examined the boxes left by the recent caller. The first was full of nappies and plastic pants, another had “Babygro†sleepers and onesies with huge bibs, mittens and booties. “How much had she spent on all of this junk� He thought as he looked at the contents. He did not want to break the seal on the third box, because by this time he had realised that the contents were not going to be of any interest to him.

It was a sense of despair that he realised that desperate times required desperate solutions. He decided that the only solution was to get out and buy some new clothes, but how was he going to explain to anybody the way in which he was dressed? This was a puzzler.

He ran up to the airing cupboard and took out a white sheet, then he went to his room where kept his artwork supplies. In big large letters he wrote “SUPPORT GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN†on the middle of the sheet. Then he went to the airing cupboard and took out one of Lauren’s clean bibs which he tied around his neck. He took two of the nappies and wrapped them around his feet to make protection for his feet. He did not want to touch anything in the boxes, because rest assured that was all going back untouched.

He went downstairs and into the kitchen. In a steriliser was one of Lauren’s bottles, teat, cover and a dummy. He took out the lot. Into the bottle he put some milk. He rinsed off the dummy and put it in his mouth and draped the sheet over his shoulders. He noted with dismay that this barely covered his plastic pants and nappy which were still quite visible. So it was with more than a little trepidation that Neil set out the front door on his one mile journey into town, with his wallet tucked into the waist band of his nappy, dummy in mouth, bottle in hand and bib flapping in the wind.

Murphy’s Third Law says that if anything can go wrong, then it will. A neighbour saw him and rushed out to make a donation. “Oh wonderful Neil, how good of you to support such a worthy cause, let me make a donationâ€. She handed him a five pound note, but Neil did not have a collecting can and put it in the one place that he thought would be safe and took out his wallet. The neighbour was most distraught, “it isn’t for you†she shouted, “it is for the sick children. Where is your charity warrant card and where is your collecting tin?â€

Neil looked at her wild eyed with fear and then made a dash for it. The neighbour started to run after him then decided better of it. She went back inside and made a call to the police.

He tore down the street his nappy chafing and rubbing, the milk in his bottle was dribbling with all the shaking and so was he with all the huffing and puffing he was doing around his dummy. He arrived in town and made his way into a well-known high street retailer to buy some adult clothing. At that exact moment two things happened. Lizzy and his mother spotted him just as the police car came roaring around the corner with flashing lights and sirens wailing. It screeched to a halt and two policemen jumped out and grabbed his arms, just as his mother and Lizzy came rushing up.

“Now don’t get in the way Ma’am†said the policeman gruffly “we are going to arrest this lad for robbery and defrauding the Hospitalâ€.

“He is my son officer and he has just had a nervous breakdown. He really needs what he is wearing and we are trying to nurse him back to health.†Neil was so nervous that he felt a trickle of warmth run into his nappy, and then a griping pain caused him to bend his knees and grip his stomach as a large poo worked its way into the back of his nappy. This was quickly followed by another package that dragged into his nappy and slowly slid down. He felt his eyes moisten and the tears began to flow as he felt the full shame at what was happening to him. He sucked on Lauren’s dummy for comfort.

The officer saw the yellowing of the front of Neil’s nappy and was hit by the stench of his second accident. Nobody in their right mind would ever go to such lengths to avoid arrest. He and the other policeman released their grip and stood back from the smell. Emily spotted the wallet and took it from the waist band of his nappy. She opened it up and took out all the notes. “Please donate all of this to the GOSH for sick children and let the lady have her money backâ€. The policeman snatched the sheet of Neil’s shoulders and rolled it into a ball.

“Thank you Ma’am we will do that. In the meantime can we rely on you to take of your lad and make sure he does not get into any more mischief? I am afraid the sheet has to go.†Emily agreed and took Neil by the hand.

“Come on Nee-Nee, let’s get you home and cleaned up and that dirty nappy changed sweetheart. Where did you get that dummy?â€

“Good heavens Mum, he has stolen Lauren’s dummy and that is her bottle as well. How could you Neil? That is her bib as well and I was saving that clean one for her dinner. You take him home Mum and I will get replacement things for Lauren, I will see you back home.â€

“We will walk dear, you will need the car to bring Lauren homeâ€.

“Come on Nee-Nee – off we go!†she said merrily, so happy that Neil was further down his road to infancy than she could ever have hoped. Not only had he wet his nappy, but he had also soiled it as well and all on the same day. This was way ahead of her schedule for him.

Neil now wearing nothing more than a pee-stained nappy with a brown mark showing in the rear and a bib damp with his dribbles started the longest trudge home that he could ever remember. The front of his nappy was now cooling and at the back it felt like a hot banana was being mashed up in the blender as his legs and bottom rubbed together. The local people and shoppers who had been alerted by the noise of the police sirens had come out of the shops to witness this nineteen year old boy being taken home by his mummy in a filthy nappy and sucking on a baby’s dummy. He gripped her hand and walked slightly behind her as she strode ahead. Emily was not ashamed and she was not embarrassed (it was not her in a dirty nappy!), in fact she was feeling like a real mummy again, with her own little man who had made a big poopy in his pants because he had not learned how to control himself properly. Toddlers were often unreliable and she always put Neil in a nappy for her shopping trips because he could never be trusted. She remembered how he hated having his big boy’s pants taken off only to be replaced with nappy and plastic pants, because at the age of six he looked a real sissy baby when they went out.

Neil was wrapped up in his own thoughts as he remembered how his mother used to put him in a nappy when he really could have coped in proper pants. How old had he been? Six, seven? Did he really need to be humiliated like that? None of his friends at nursery school were treated like that, he remembered seeing then in town holding hands with their mothers, while he was strapped into baby reins and had special knitted shorts that would stretch and fit over his nappy. She always allowed bits of the terry nappy to poke out just in case anybody was in any doubt about what he was wearing. Now he was suffering all over again, he was so intimidated that he felt the need to wet again.

“I need to go to the toilet Mummy†he said in a small voice as they came up to the small public conveniences tucked off the edge of the pavement on the outskirts of the town.

“Nee-Nee, I cannot believe you are asking me if you can go to the toilet when you have already done everything in your nappy once already! Go in your nappy again. Do it now. I will change you as soon as I get in and then you can have one of your brand new nappies on which came today. That will be a nice treat won’t it?â€

He relaxed and allowed his limp penis release another stream of his babyish wetties flow into his cold damp nappy. The rewarming gave a pleasant sensation around his testicles and with horror we realised that the sticky concoction was giving him an erection. The messy caress was driving him crazy, every step he took was shear delight and he could feel himself beginning to lose control. He could barely walk because of the pleasure it was giving him and he almost ground to a halt, but Emily pulled him by the hand. What would happen next in his life?..........


Goodbye from Antonia!

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robehouse    107

Antonia, I read your story as well as every story on this site. I don't comment, because it's not my thing. I am not the type to comment on everything I read. Why can't you be satisfied that people are reading your stories? why do you need a pat on the back from everyone in the group? You shouldn't be writing for praise, you should be writing for yourself.

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Antonia    20

Dear Robehouse

I am not looking for a pat on the back at every few lines written. I am looking for encouragement and more importantly for ideas. I write all the time for money and that is a job, however in this scenario I am writing for others, I could write it all down and read it for myself in private and nobody would be any the wiser. Yes, it is true that I enjoy writing, but I enjoy talking as well, but never to a brick wall. I can see that people are reading the story by looking at the hit count, but just once in a while I would like to be inspired. If the tale is not liked then I want to know, but far more important I want to be given scenarios and situations that ring the readers' bells. If you honestly think that spending hours writing in isolation and posting story parts is rewarding then you must think that I am a philanthropist, either that or you are just plain dotty! All the writers contributing to this forum are doing it to provide pleasure for others, but if the gift is not wanted, then why bother? Don't get me wrong, praise is the last thing I want, what I really seek is participation. Do you want to see humiliation, pain, bondage, sissy, siblings rivalry, nannies, dominatixes or just plain infantile behaviour. I really do not know. My thoughts and desires are well known to me, but there are ideas on the fringe that are outside of my norm but within my capability to write. Your comment is the best thing that has happened to me this year on this forum, praise is nice, but a reaction is ten times more useful. Thank you for your comments, now tell me what you would really like to read and I will do the word-smithing and that will be my challenge to provide a real person what they really want to see. I see you are a daddy type and I have never written in this category, perhaps you would like me to try, perhaps you would like to be my guide and put a few bullet points for me to follow. If you explode in your pants after reading what you want to read, then I am a really good author, if I fail then at least I can say I tried. Over to you buddy - want a tailored story especially for you or stick with the same old diet that I churn out on a day to day basis?



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Knight    0

I'm not exactly a long time member but I enjoy reading the stories here. I guess I don't really post, because its kind of embarrassing. Sure nobody really knows me here.. but it still feels kinda odd... Plus I never really know what to write, without churning out stuff that would just be a repetition of what others have already said. :/

As for advice on a new story... If you're still willing to write for the community, I'd love to see something with perhaps a babysitter regression. But something that isnt the usual scenario of how it all happens.

I'll try to be more a part of this community but it feels weird still... not sure if you know what I mean as you post so often its probably just second nature... Guess I'm still hiding in my shell.

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diapman    0

I luv your stories! I would like to see more force incontinent by use of tools and devices. Getting pee hole open wide and anal rings made wide open and gaping.

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Antonia    20

Thank you - these are all terrific ideas and I will certainly cook up some new stories based on these. I never thought of doing the baby-sitter angle and although we have made some stories based on "tools and devices" we have never really explored it in depth (if you see what I mean!). As for being shy and keeping your head down, who would ever know who is who in this cyberspace. I can understand caution, but you are never going to sign your real name and put your address and telephone number, so enjoy the scene!

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babyfozzy    0

Hi Antonia

I love your story, and many others on here... I like a few find it difficult sometimes to express myself on here, and I dont always get a lot of time to look on here.

all the written work on here is much loved, but understand not everyone feels comfortable posting on here.

not everyone can freely use a computer comepletely...there are a few im sure that are worried about ridicule of someone else looked on their computer and found these kind of sites and that the person had posted on them. Some are not out of the closet yet. And while it is easy to remove cookies and history, it is not quite so easy to hid paticipation on a forum and such. and just surfing a site leaves less of an impact...no registering etc...

So purhaps a little tolerance for your fellow babies and their situation, which are wide are varied and not always as open as we would all like.

I like all the different stories you weave around a central theme.

Some things maybe you can include, which i dont think you have yet.

  • the daddy side as you mentioned.

im sure some of the gay part of this community might like representing

and a female that needs to be reeducated, because she is a nasty/unhelpful peice of work...they do exist im told

a nanny situation

a stranger in town succoming to the company

some one in an authoritive postion in the community being babified (Cop, fireman..etc.)

well theres a few

hope it helps


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Antonia    20

Part 33

Thank you for the ideas - I can be inspried again. Not looking for praise or feel good factor, just for ideas. So this interlude is included which I will include as a standalone part just for those who did not feel intimidated to make some input.

We will return to Neil in a letter episode and leave him to fill his nappy in new and unexpected ways.

In another part of town a few streets away from where Mrs. Prim and Neil were living (in the best part of town) was Mrs. and Mrs Arthur Godfrey and their son Tim. They had lavished an expensive education on their son and sent him to that famous school called Stoke. Here the rich and wealthy sent their off-spring to become self-confident, well-educated and the future pillars of society. In Tim’s case he had become arrogant, spoilt and unruly. His father was always away on some business or other and had spent so little time with Tim as to have become a stranger. During his time away at school his mother had become involved in all the “right†committees and a part of the social calendar and Tim’s infrequent trips home were more of an inconvenience than a pleasure.

When Tim came home he hit the pubs and clubs, met with his partying friends and lived life to the hilt. This all reached a climax, when one night his mother received a call from a fellow parent of another Stokian to say that Tim had been taken away in an ambulance from a garage party they had thrown for their son. Evidently he was suspected of having taken an illegal substance in combination with a vast excess of vodka which he had been ‘downing in one’ to impress his friends. It had upset her greatly and she had managed to contact her husband in Paris and he had flown back straight away. The next day the medical staff released Tim from hospital and it was his parents who received most of their scorn and derision.

Mrs Godfrey decided to make sure that such an event was never going to happen again. She wrote to his house master and explained to him what had happened and asked that he keep an extra wary eye on Tim in the future and that he should never be allowed off the school campus without proper supervision.

On his next trip home Tim had already planned to go to a couple of bashes and had made plans to stay at home for as little time as possible. His father was in Dusseldorf all weekend and his mother was going out on Friday to a function. His path seemed clear for a really ‘stonking’ good time!

Gail Godfrey had other plans! A friend of hers who had a son in the year ahead of Tim had experienced a similar problem the year before and had heard of a retired nanny called Mrs. Tibbs who in the space of one weekend had turned her son around completely and to this day he was still as ‘docile as a little lamb’ (as she had said in her words).

She picked up Tim from the school in their family Range Rover and she noticed that he was as surly and arrogant as ever. The said barely a word in the car, because she had told him that he was not going out anywhere and so he sulked and turned his favourite weapon against her, which was being just plain nasty.

He threw his dirty washing on the utility room floor and slobbed out on the settee with the sports channel blazing noisily. His mother was so upset that she could do little more than cry softly as she produced the oaf his supper and take comfort in the fact that Mrs Tibbs was coming that night.

The lazy, rude son continued his nagging and niggling to get his own way and to be allowed out, but his mother was having none of it.

“You are staying in†she said “and to make sure you do not get up to any mischief, I have invited Mrs Tibbs to come round and keep an eye on you.â€

“And who pray is Mrs Tibbs?†asked Tim “I don’t need a blasted baby sitter and anyway I am going out. If you can go to one of your committee meetings, then I can go to a partyâ€.

“You will like Mrs Tibbs, she is really nice†replied his mother with a smirk. At that very moment there was a ring on the doorbell and Gail went to the door to open it. Before her stood a large buxom lady with a peaches and cream complexion, dressed in a dark blue uniform with a white bibbed apron. She was a cross between Mary Poppins and Mrs Doubtfire. In her hand she carried a large and expansive carpet bag which was clearly full and quite heavy. “Come in Mrs Tibbs, how lovely to meet you face to face at last. I have heard so much about you and I have been looking to meeting you so much†she said

“How kind of you to say so dear†she said with a warming smile and that air of confidence that comes after so many years of being a servant that called the shots.

“Let us go and meet Timmy shall we dear?â€

“He will not like being called Timmy Mrs Tibbs†said Gail with absolute horror “you better not call him that!â€

“Oh he’ll be a baby in my hands when I have finished with him sweetheart, you just leave Master Timothy to me†said Mrs Tibbs with a big grin.

They made their way into the television lounge where Tim was lying stretched out on the settee. He never bothered to look up when his mother and Mrs Tibbs entered the room.

“Hello Timmy, I am Mrs Tibbs†she said sweetly to him. Tim totally ignored her and continued to watch the sport, taking a sip of cola out of the can that had left rings all over the table because he was too lazy to use the coaster.

Mrs Tibbs walked over and stood between him and the widescreen, Tim waved to her to get out of the way. “You are a naughty boy aren’t you?†she said “and more than a little rude dear, for a lucky little man who has had so much money spent on his schoolingâ€. She bent over, her huge bossom thrust into his face and reached over and grabbed his ear which she took in a pincer-like grip and then turned slowly to put pressure on sinew and nerve endings. With effortless ease she lifted Tim from the sofa and had him standing before her eyeball to eyeballâ€. Under her breath she murmured “Look you little shit, we can do this the easy way or we can play with a hard ball, the choice is yoursâ€. She tweaked his ear with a final flourish and tapped him on the nose with apparent playfulness “you little tinker†she said smiling. In reality the blow to his nose had been delivered with the skill of a karate black belt and hurt so much and so intensely that it caused his eyes to water. “You go out Mrs Godfrey and leave Timmy and I to get to know each other dearâ€.

Gail made a hasty exit while Mrs Tibbs sat next to Tim on the couch. “I don’t like this channel dear, she said in a sweet but authoritative manner, please turn it over to Coronation Street and then make me a nice cup of tea so we can have a little chat.â€

Tim started to speak “now look hear whatever your name is..â€

“You can call me nanny dear and I am here to be your baby sitterâ€

“A baby sitter, look, I am nineteen†Tim spluttered

“Is that nineteen months dear?†said Mrs Tibbs with the sweetest and most sickly tone imaginable “put the kettle on for nanny and we can have a really nice chatâ€. Something of the school instilled requirement to obey discipline kicked in and Tim changed the channel and then went to put on the kettle. He returned with a cup of tea on a saucer (as he was sure that a mug was not appropriate) and carried the sugar bowl should she require extra sweetness.

He gave her the drink and went to make his leave. “Sit next to me dear and tell me what you young folk get up to these days, because it is a long time since I have looked after a boy of your age. Tim went for the door handle. “I said sit here dear†instructed Mrs Tibbs, as Tim faltered at the exit of the room. He walked and sat down beside her and she patted his knee “that is better dear, what a good boy you can beâ€

They started to talk about pubs and clubs and Tim started to brag at how good he was a downing shots in one go. “Oh this I have to see Timmy, I think I have some medicinal brandy in my bag†she said fumbling around in the giant holdall. “Go and get a shot glass, I really want to see you do this – in fact I don’t believe a young lad of your age is capable of such a thing†she taunted him while scrabbling around in one of the many internal pockets of her specially made nanny’s bag. “Here we are, some of Nanny’s special medicine†she said removing half a bottle of brandy that had been doctored with 100% pure ethanol and was so strong as to be almost impotable. She took the glass from Tim and filled it up “come on sweetheart, let’s see how you do it, one two three, go†she encouraged with glee as Tim necked back the equivalent of three doubles. Tim reeled from the strength of the spirit which had hit his stomach with a blast. “come on one more for nanny†she goaded filling up his glass before he could argue†and once again she counted “one, two, three and down the tunnel for nanny†as Tim hesitated before taking down the equivalent of another 6 measures.

“That is good brandy nanny†said Tim who was already starting to look a bit bleary eyed and could feel the alcohol eating into him.

“Would you like some more Timmy?†asked nanny knowing full well that his stomach would be close to throwing up the two super-strength charges of alcohol. Tim felt his stomach do one of those horrible somersaults and shook his head to indicate he had had enough. Nanny had chosen exactly the right strength to ensure that Tim would not be sick, but he was going to be seriously inebriated in the next half an hour or so.

“I expect you like to smoke a spliff don’t you - a nice bit of skunk or a bit of Hashish to settle the nerves? Would you like one of Nanny’s specials dear?†she asked Tim who was wide-eyed with amazement. “I know what my boys like and if they are good I give it to them. Are you a good boy Timmy?†she said with her self-assured smile.

“Oh yes Nanny I am a very good boy†said Tim eager to get the special reefer.

Mrs Tibbs again returned to her bag and after a brief search came out with a stainless steel tin that contained a number of giant roll-ups with the characteristic taper of a joint. “Skunk I think†she said looking at Tim and weighing up the best dosage for him “high in cannabinoids and THC which will make my little boy very happyâ€. Tim ignored the childish way in which he was being addressed and took the spliff from Mrs Tibbs, who lit it for him.

It was a home grown plant which had flowered proliferously and produced one of the highest potencies that she had seen in years. To smoke a whole spliff was going to bring him deep into euphoria. Tim’s eyes started to glaze over after a couple of puffs and Mrs Tibbs herself was feeling some of the effects just from passive smoking his exhalations.

They sat in silence for a while as Tim became more and more sedated. His conversation started to ramble and become surreal. Mrs Tibbs drew him onto the subject of raves and ecstasy tablets. Tim admitted that he had been to one of these last year and had taken one of the tabs offered to him by a friend. He said that his mouth had become so dry that he had sucked a baby’s dummy and drank gallons of water to quench his thirst and stop his tongue from drying up in his mouth.

Nanny looked at Tim and decided that he needed a stimulant before he passed out from the cannabis. She went to the kitchen and filled a huge glass with water and offered him a tab of the drug. She then searched in her bag and came up with a large pink adult-sized dummy which he took without question. “To stop your mouth getting dry sweetheart you must suck on this dummy like you did at the rave party.â€

Tim sucked away as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him to do. They continued to talk away as Mrs Tibbs got him onto the subject of gambling and Las Vegas, Tim admitted that he had spent a fortune on gambling and was trying to think of ways to tell his father that he had maxed out on his credit card.

Mrs Tibbs asked him “is it true that some gamblers are so loathe to leave the slot machines and tables that they wear a nappy so that they can stay on gambling all night?â€

“Yes Nanny, that is true and I read about that on the internet†said Tim in a drug induced haze.

“Did Nanny ever tell you that she was a very good gambler and had a system that usually beat the roulette wheel?†she told Tim who looked at her open-eyed (drug induced) as drool started to run down his chin (dummy induced). “Look at you†she said “your shirt is all wet now. Let’s take it off and put a clean one on you from Nanny’s bag shall we?†She stripped off his shirt and pulled out a delicate pink one from her bag that had little bunnies all over it and buttons along one shoulder. Tim did not notice that the front and back narrowed down to two flaps that had poppers at each end. “There that is better†she said tying a terry bib round his neck while he was unaware and tripping out on the drugs she had given him.

As so often happens with people who have drunk too much and over-indulged in illegal substances, Tim’s bladder control chose that moment to leave him and like most good drunks he peed straight into his trousers.

“Right then†said Mrs Tibbs as if talking to one of her toddlers “we had better sort this out before Mummy comes home shouldn’t we Timmyâ€. Timmy who was a million miles away in his head agreed. “Shall we gamble on line and try and win your money back Timmy?â€

“Okay Nanny†mumbled Tim not really sure if he was on planet Earth or Mars,

“We said the professional gamblers had to wear a nappy didn’t we Timmy? So that if they were on a run of luck they would not have to stop for a single moment, not even to go pottyâ€

“I have to wear a nappy then?†asked Timmy who was hanging on by a thread as he sucked his dummy.

“Good baby†said Mrs Tibb’s who had already taken a huge fluffy white terry nappy out of her bag and folded it into a kite shape. Next to the nappy she had baby powder and lotion, as well as a huge voluminous pair of plastic pants. She dragged of his trousers and underpants and pinned him up in the babyish nappy before pulling up the pants and tucking everything in. She left the poppers undone, because it was just too fiddly with a wriggling baby this big! “There - all ready to play†she said in her best Nanny voice “Let’s go online and play roulette shall we darling Timmy?â€

Tim and Nanny went to his room and switched on his computer and within seconds Mrs Tibbs was on line and had Tim playing roulette. Honest to her word Mrs Tibbs was an excellent player who played the odds and gambled skilfully. She was more than a little lucky and the wheel was going her way.

“I gotta take a pee, Nanny†said Tim who was still very much under the influence but was now starting to make a little more sense out of his situation.

“You cannot leave now Timmy, we are on a winning streak and you said yourself that the best gamblers go in their nappy rather than leave the table†she said pressing her hand hard on his crotch knowing full well that in his weakened state he would flood his clean nappy. Tim looked embarrassed and Mrs. Tibbs knew from her many years of looking after babies and toddlers that he had wet his nappy.

“There’s a good baby boy Timmy. Now you play our numbers while I go and get us a drink†she said going to the kitchen. She returned to her bag and dragged out another piece of useful equipment and filled it at the tap before returning to the computer.

“I won again Nanny†said Tim like a small child who had won a prize at the funfair.

“That’s a good boy. Now drink you drink or else you are going to get very dried up†she said removing his dummy and tying it to a ribbon that she pinned with a nappy pin to his shirt. She gave him the bottle.

“It’s a baby’s feeding bottle nanny!†he exclaimed.

“And you are a messy baby sweetheart, who has wet his shirt with his dribbles, wet his trousers with his pee and recently soaked his nappy. So you just drink up your water like a good baby†she said forcefully. Tim did as he was told and with unfamiliar and long forgotten skills started to suck his bottle.

They continued to win and nanny eventually cleared up his debts. It was late into the night when they finished gambling and the extra drugs she had put in the bottle had made Tim compliant and malleable. It was a very happy Tim that she took downstairs, with the huge worry of his gambling debts resolved. His nappy had taken another wetting later on and the nappy now sagged on his hips.

“You had better sit on the floor Timmy†because that nappy looks almost finished. Tim was almost past caring, his consumption of various substances were making him very sleepy and his head nodded down against his chest as he sat on the floor nursing his dummy. Nanny reached into her bag and took out a pair of soft woolly booties and mittens trimmed in ping ribbon which she put on the now dozing Tim. She took her camera out of her bag and photographed the over-grown toddler who was sitting on the floor with legs spread wide by his large wet nappy, wearing a baby vest that was protected with a white terry bib that was clearly wet judging by the wet ring that ran from his neck. The pink dummy moved in and out rhythmically as he dozed.

She took pictures from both close and afar. She photographed the yellow stains in his white nappy, the bib, the bottle lying beside him half consumed. She photographed the booties and the mittens which completed his babyish attire. She took pictures of the silver poppers on the bottom of his onesie that now rested on the top of his plastic pants

She then downloaded the contents of her new digital pictures in My Place on the web, where like an idiot he had left this confidential diary of his life wide open for all to see and for her to make some stunning additions to his life as he portrayed it.

Mrs. Tibbs always had perfect timing and just as she was putting the A4 sized photographs face up around Tim as he slumped back against the couch, she heard the door open.

Mrs Godfrey came into the kitchen recreation room and nearly collapsed when she saw her arrogant son reduced to a dribbling dummy sucking toddler sitting in his wet nappy in a matter of an evening.

“What happened to Tim Mrs Tibbs?†she asked not knowing how to react to what she saw before her.

“He wanted to play baby with Nanny†said Mrs Tibbs “I can leave you some extra nappies and plastic pants if you like, but I think he has learnt his lesson. He will not want to go out as much as he used to and you may find he likes to stay at home more than he used to. My fees are not cheap as you know, so he can keep the dummy and all the clothes he is wearing.â€

“I don’t know what to say to Mrs Tibbs, he looks so peaceful, just like he was when he was a baby. Can I take up the offer of a spare nappy, because I would like to keep him like this just a little bit longer and judging by the look of his nappy he will need a dry one soon!â€.

“I’ll do it Mrs Godfrey and while I am down there I will shave him so he does not get nappy rashâ€

Mrs Tibbs did what she did best and within a very short time Timmy was a sweet smelling dry little boy again. Nanny knows best and this was one baby sitter that Timmy was unlikely to ever forget as his blog started to get the highest hit rate in the country as people logged in to see the over-grown baby in his nappies.

End part 33

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