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Found 1 result

  1. LittleLani96

    My First ABDL Dream

    I have this amazing/weird dream and I thought I would like to share with all of you. Hmm.....I think to goes like this: I woke up in a crib! And I'm like, "um......Why am I a crib?!" I looked around and I realized im not in my own room. It's someone's baby play room which it looks quite nice and colorful. In my crib I have so much stuff animals that I like. Teddy Bears that are big and small and Disney plushness. And then I saw a little mirror on a crib I look at it and...... There's me as a one and a half year old baby! I was so sunrised that I screamed and then I heard a man from another room saying "Are you alright baby girl?" I quickly got under the covers and pretend to sleep and then I heard a door squeaked open and footsteps coming over to my crib. "Hmm....honey? Are you sleeping?" The strange man asked as he caress my head. "Hmm, could've sworn you were screaming....Anyways, Daddy's gonna have a visitor and I'm sure he will love to meet you so don't sleep for too long" And then he kissed my head and left. I quickly got up and was feeling confused....."Daddy? What visitor?? What kind of dream is THIS!?" So many questions in my mind; but I have to escape! So I tried to find the way to get out of this little cell. "If I was Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, how...." Then I saw a toy screw driver. I took it and able to get the crib open. I hopped down but then landed on a squeaky rubber duck. And then there's that voice again! "Baby girl? Are you up??" "Crap!" I thought so I wobbled all the way to the closet and then the man came in..... I couldn't see his face but I know he's tall and has a big grin. "Oh, Lani! Where are you? Daddy's got a big surprise for you" He looked around, trying to find me and he saw a little screw driver on the floor that I escaped with. He chuckled and said "Uh oh......Looks like my little girl's being NAUGHTY!" And while his back is turned, I got out of the closet and head towards the exit. "Well good thing the visitor's on his way because he knows what to do with naughty little girls." I wobbled as fast as i can with this thick white diaper on me out the door still looking back but then someone grabbed me and said, "GOTCHA!" I yelp and was picked up by the same man that was in the room. He has brown hair but it covered his eyes and I only see his huge wicked grin. I tried to cuss out at him and tell him to put me down but it came out in baby gibberish! "Aww, is my widdle girl cranky? Well don't worry I know someone that can turn that frown upside down" He carried me to a living and settled me down on the couch. I was too scared to move and then he said, "Oh my, I think the visitor is here...." And right when i was about to rolled over, six tentacles appeared from his back and grabbed my little arms and legs. He then smiled and said, "Lani, I would like you to meet ME; the tickle monster! And since you're being so naughty, I, the Tickle Monster will have to punish you" With that said, he pulled up my shirt and gave me the BIG raspberry and started tickling my sides. I was laughing and giggling like crazy! Then the other two tentacles are now tickling my feet and toes! "Kitchy kitchy koo, my ticklish widdle baby girl!" That baby talk!....Those tentacles! MY GOD!. I cried and laughed until I woke up. And then I'm like".....wow, best role-play dream ever" Hope you guys enjoy my first story post.