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Found 19 results

  1. Diapered Fun in the Burbs

    I'm a Diaper Lover in the North Chicago burbs looking to meet a girl that likes diapers too. I also have AB and daddy tendencies too.
  2. So I just realized from watching a Dr. Phil documentary on ABDLism that I am probably going to be forever alone. The world views us as "Freaks." It was hard enough for me to accept myself in this lifestyle, but I can't even begin to imagine someone else accepting me in a serious relationship. To be fair I'm definitely more of a diaper lover than an ABDL, but to many, MANY women the idea of a man in a diaper is perhaps the most un-sexy, unattractive thing that could ever be seen in the bedroom. It breaks my heart to realize it but I think this is the case. I love wearing diapers, roleplaying, and the overall world that I imagine myself to create. But that's all it ever will be in my opinion. Imagination. I can't go to the gym and expect to pick up a girl and hook up because my lifestyle is so strange, so out of the ordinary, so bizarre that honestly.... I think that it would have been better for me to be born gay or asexual. *No offense intended* But can you prove me wrong?
  3. The idea/premise of this story is silly, I admit. It might even be rather contrived, or hard to believe, but I am writing it because I really believe it could be a fun, interesting, and amusing story for you all to read, and for me to write. So, despite the relatively far-fetched style of premise, I hope you enjoy reading chapter 1 of "How Daring", and the premise upon which the story is based! Also, as requested, this is slightly ‘faster paced’ and more sexual than my other story has been so far. Thanks for the suggestions in comments and messages on that, and I hope this one fits you, the reader, well! And for those wondering...yes, I heard your feedback! This is a LOT more sexual in content than the other story I'm writing right now on DailyDiapers. Hopefully it works like you all want! HOW DARING An adult-themed diaper story by ScienceScribbler Disclaimer-thingy: All characters portrayed in this story engaging in sexual acts are over 18 and consenting adults. Any similarity to real people, scenarios, and diaper-related dares in which consenting adults become un-potty trained are solely for amusement purposes. And are also fun to consider. Chapter 1: Eric and Kelly On his twenty second birthday, Eric Homen graduated from college. It was an auspicious day, full of excitement and happiness, and all the better because the two milestones in his life coincided so perfectly. He was able to graduate with his family in attendance, celebrate his birthday with the visiting family, and generally frolic in a concluding-sort of manner for his last week of undergraduate college. Having completed his bachelor degree in Computer Science, he had a bright future ahead of him, two open job offers on the table, and nearly an entire summer to spend with his long-term girlfriend, Kelly, before he had to start working for either company. Whichever company he chose, he wasn’t slated to start working until the end of summer (a term he had argued for in his original interviews) and that left him with several weeks of fun before moving, starting adulthood, and really getting his life together. Truly, it looked to be the best time in his life, with no real student debt to speak of, enough savings to get by for another month or two, and a new apartment in the city for he and his girlfriend Kelly to share (despite the fact that his rather religious family didn't think it 'proper' for a young man and woman to live together unwed). It was during this time of extreme happiness, just days after graduation and seeing his family fly back out west to California after the ceremony, that Kelly brought up something he hadn't heard of before. It began innocently enough as they lay cuddled together on their ratty couch, watching netflix together one evening. During a particularly boring scene, her brunette head rested gently along his chest, Kelly announced, "I think we should talk." Her tone was carefully calm, so much so that it engaged Eric's mind more than any worried, or overtly unhappy tone might have. "Ok...what about?" he asked, taking her bait. "It's...it's about moving to the city. Living together." She remained in her position cradled against his chest,, and actually managed to hear the quickening of his pulse. Deftly avoiding potential worry, she sat up and clarified, "It's...it's nothing bad, I don't think. I just think we should talk about it. What we want to...to be there." Still cautious, Eric turned on the couch to face her. At slightly over 6 feet in height (1.85 meters), he dwarfed her by a considerable margin, though their hair matched rather perfectly, with the dark cocoa shade of his eyes matching the color of both their hair. Facing her now, he slowly withdrew his arm from around her shoulders, cocking his head slightly to the right and raising an eyebrow inquisitively. "What we want to be?" Kelly stuttered her response. "Yeah. What we want to be in the city. What we want our lives to be like. You know, what we…what we want to be." Her tone was cautious, and her wording unclear, which left Eric both confused and slightly on guard. Apparently playing the part of the parrot, Eric yet again asked a question, repeating, "What we want our lives to be?" Since the conversation seemed to be going nowhere, Kelly decided to try a more direct tact than trying to lead him into the conversation gently, or trying to coax him into asking what she meant directly himself. "I'm trying to say...I mean that...well, you are going to have a job. For sure. And I'm not sure where I'll be working, or whatever. But...but I was wondering if this might be a chance for us to try and do something new. Something...different." Eric started to reply, "Something different?" but was cut off when Kelly finally blurted out her point. "I want to try something new. Like...in terms of our sex life." This statement left Eric in momentary shock, but seemed to break his cycle of merely parroting back her statements as questions when he asked, "You want to try something to change our sex life....like, something when we move that you wanted to talk about? Is that what you're saying?" He wasn't positive exactly what she was getting at, but had a possible guess in mind. It all came back to a day, roughly a year earlier, when Eric had walked in on Kelly at her own apartment on the campus wearing nothing but an adult diaper, with her hands out of sight and loud groans and squirming to give away her exact unseen actions. At the time, Eric had responded with extreme confusion, and even some nervous judgment. He had immediately asked what she was up to, how long she’d been hiding it, and if she had a thing for diapers or people wearing diapers, and a slew of other questions that had left Kelly crying and inarticulate. However, when Kelly finally explained that the diaper was unconnected to anything actually related to children, and had been a fetish she'd been hiding from him for the last several months of their relationship, Eric had cooled long enough to truly listen. By the end of the night, they had come up with what Kelly jokingly referred to as the 'Diaper deal', an agreement between the two lovers stating that Eric would agree to trying out Kelly's fetish so long as she agreed to one favor for him, to be named at a later date. The ‘diaper deal’ meant that, once a week Kelly was to be allowed to be diapered while hanging out with Eric, and so long as she didn’t ask Eric to do anything he felt uncomfortable with, he would try his very hardest to keep an ‘open mind’. The first week, that meant she wore a diaper to dinner under her skirt. The second week, she simply cuddled with him, diapered under her clothes. After a few weeks, once Eric had gotten more used to it, he had even agreed to have sex with her diapered, pulling the diaper aside as they made love. The other piece of the ‘diaper deal’ didn’t come up for several months more, when Eric asked Kelly to move in with him, and she was hesitant. She admitted she wanted to move in with him, but was scared about what that meant for their relationship. Kelly, pragmatic and reserved by nature, had been hesitant to move in with her boyfriend until he had stated that, "If I have been tolerant of your sex stuff, can't you try to be tolerant of what I want, too?" Since then, the couple had been living together, though Kelly still paid rent on her apartment in town for appearances, and for the rare occasions when she wanted privacy, or her family visited. Now that they were moving to the city together, however, they would be giving up even that secondary source of comfort in the event that the relationship went south. Though Eric wouldn't readily admit it, Kelly having the second apartment had meant that the relationship could be 'backed out' of without too much issue, something much harder to do once they were living together without another apartment or home to move back into. Remembering the ‘diaper deal’ of the past, and knowing that Kelly had slowly but surely started to sneak diapers into her backpack, or around the apartment more often than the once-per-week she had originally stated she wanted in the ‘diaper deal’ they’d made a long time before, Eric was relatively certain he knew what she was asking about. Eric took a stab in the dark: "I'm probably safe to assume this is diaper related?" Kelly dropped eye contact and turned beet-red, confirming his suspicion. "It's...I mean, I know we made a deal about me moving in here and it's been great, it really has...but...I was wondering whether you might be willing to do something else for me, since I'm moving to the city with you even without a real job or anything." Again, Eric knew there was subtext in what she said. She didn't want admit it to him, but he knew she preferred smaller-town living, and would like to take her degree in Education and move somewhere more like the suburbs, or somewhere rural. Instead, she had agreed to move to the city with him, and this time asked for nothing in return from him. Unlike when she had been found wearing diapers, and had asked for Eric's blessing to be diapered part-time in their relationship to indulge her fetish, Kelly had asked for nothing from him when she agreed to give up on her own desires to live in a smaller city, and follow her own path. At the time, Eric had known that would likely come back to haunt him, but now he wasn't sure what she wanted, specifically, in return for her willingness to follow his career instead of her own. Eric was hesitant as he broached the topic saying, "I...I mean, can I hear what it is, first? I expect I'll be fine with it, I just...I want to know what you're talking about before I say anything." Kelly nodded, and gulped. Her eyes darted around the room, looking anywhere but at Eric. "I was wondering if...when we move to the city...would you be OK if I went 24/7?" Eric didn't think he understood. "What do you mean '24/7'" Kelly gulped again and squeaked out, "As in wear diapers full-time, 24/7. I wear them and maybe even...uh, maybe even use them. Full time. Well, not for…you know, number two. Just to start, like, number one. Peeing. " Eric was confused: He knew she liked the feel of diapers, and he'd caught her engaging in some infantilist acts, though she'd never really discussed why she occasionally sucked her thumb, or spoke like a baby for a few minutes during their cuddle-sessions. Still, it didn't surprise him that she might like the idea of using diapers, even if the thought of going from never using them to using them full-time seemed extreme. He admitted as much, stating, "I mean...I don't mind the diaper thing or whatever, and I know you're doing a lot for me...but it seems sort of strange to want to wear them full time, really. Like...is there a reason?" Their relationship, built over the last eighteen long months and carefully constructed around Kelly’s fetish and Eric’s desire to keep himself ‘out’ of that particular aspect of her life unless required to be involved, required one thing absolutely: Honesty. It had been the cornerstone of their relationship. When they spoke, particularly alone and in the hush of their shared apartment, they knew it was a space for openness, and honesty, even if it meant admitting uncomfortable truths. Consequently, Kelly nodded and in a rush admitted, "I want to unpotty train myself. I want to be in diapers for good. I…I want to need them, really, to need to wear diapers. " Eric nodded back at her and put together the disparate pieces of her conversation. "And you mean 'do something different in the city' as in you wear diapers and that becomes just who we are? You even wear them at work, or around town or whatever? And this becomes our whole life, you as if you were incontinent?" The word ‘incontinent’ coming from his mouth scared and somehow excited Kelly. She, who had spent a lifetime hiding her fetish, and wanting in her heart to be a full-time diaper wearer liked the notion of being, or at least pretending to be, incontinent…and consequently, she liked the idea of what he said even though it sounded alien to her when he said it aloud. Kelly shrugged but said nothing in response to his query, hoping he’d go on and explain his own opinions before she had to keep giving her own. When the silence dragged on she hesitantly blurted the whole truth, "I just want to try it. I've wanted to do this for so long and never thought I could, and then you were fine with the diapers and wearing, and I...I just thought maybe this was the time for me to try it. To try to unpotty train." Eric wasn't sure how he felt. "Honestly? I don't know if I would be OK with that. I mean, you can wear as much as you want, I'm not trying to tell you what to do...you know I care about you, and you know I accept you, fetish and diapers included. But trying to injure yourself? To cripple your own body?" He was about to go on when Kelly retorted, "I wouldn't be crippling anything, I just want to unpotty train. Wear and use diapers, not holding back, and see if I can become incontinent like that." Eric didn't understand. In his head, he went back to everything he knew about the body: He didn’t think just not holding her bladder for a few days or weeks would do much, particularly after years of learning to control the bladder unconsciously. So, to him, the notion of ‘unpotty training’ sounded like Kelly was trying to hurt herself, or cripple her bladder somehow. "I don't think that can even happen, Kel. I mean, really, there's a big difference between wearing diapers full-time and being incontinent. I can handle the diapers, sure, but not you going on some quest to injure your body and lose control or whatever." She didn't like where the conversation was going and tried again to clarify herself. "No, I'm not trying to hurt myself. I want to lose control naturally. I'm not going to get surgery, or wear a catheter for a year or something, or anything like I read to you in those diaper stories...I just want to see if maybe listening to some files and wearing full-time takes away my potty training. And...are you OK with that?" Eric didn't believe that it would work, and felt the idea of her in diapers full-time sounded strange, though not so strange that he couldn't deal with it. "I guess...I guess I'm fine with that? But you know you won't lose your potty training like that. It's just not how it works. People in comas, or with brain damage don't all lose their control. Weak muscles, maybe, but not permanent, I don't think." Annoyed that he was nitpicking and arguing about the plausibility, instead of addressing the larger issue of whether he was OK with the idea, Kelly insisted, "I KNOW it can work.†Using a phrase she nearly always resorted to when trying to convince Eric of something, she exclaimed, “I would bet money on it." And with that statement, Eric had an idea. "What else would you bet on it, then?" Kelly raised an eyebrow in response and waited for him to go on, as he clearly had something else in mind to say. "Would you even bet your diapers on it?" Kelly smiled at the thought. She was confident it could work, and had read too many diaper-stories and sites claiming it worked for her to doubt the possibility. "Sure. If you're really not sure about this....If I wear for two months and don't have any loss of control, would you say that's proof of my intention, and that I'm right? I wear until we move, and if I lose control I get to keep wearing once we move? Full time?†Eric shook his head. "No way! I mean, I love you, but then you could just pretend you lost control and the bet wouldn't even matter." He knew that her diapers were important to her for reasons he didn’t always understand (even if he tried to accept them). Still…the more he thought about the idea of her wearing and needing diapers the more he was worried. Consequently, he was looking for a way to discourage her without actively telling her he refused, and overriding her. Kelly furrowed her brow, trying to think of a response. With a sudden bright grin she looked up. "And if I asked you to try it, then? Would you be willing?" The thought of wearing diapers wasn't as strange to Eric as it might be to most people. After his girlfriend had worn around him for so long, it was almost normal to him, and since he wasn't worried about his summer plans, he even considered it. He even evilly thought, 'I can even keep holding like normal and tell her it didn't work, whether it would or not.' He offered his hand as if to shake on it, and told Kelly, "If you are willing to bet the diapers on it for good, I'd agree to it." Kelly reached her hand towards his and stopped. "But...how do I know you won't fake me out, then?" She had clearly seen into his plan, and this left Eric annoyed for a half second before he came up with a compromise. "Then we both do it. You'd know, then, if you lost any control, and I'd know if I did...and if we both go through it, we'll decide at the end of two months if it worked or not." Kelly smiled a devilish smile, knowing that her plan had worked drastically better than she'd hoped: Not only would she be diapered full-time, but so would her boyfriend, something she'd never managed to tell him openly she really wanted. "Agreed then!" she exclaimed, shaking his hand. She immediately stood and ran to her closet in their shared room, returning in mere moments with a package of diapers in each hand. In her right hand was the thin ‘depends’ he knew she’d been wearing when she thought he didn’t know, and in the left was an unopened pack of Abena M4 briefs, the diapers she wore when she showed them off to him. They were always rather large on her, but the smaller size didn’t fit over her relatively curvaceous hips as well, which is why she preferred the larger, puffier M4 size. “So, these might be a tiny bit tight…but I think they’d fit you?†When Eric didn’t immediately disagree, she moved a step closer, and dropped the depends to the floor. “These are the depends I’ve been wearing lately. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve…I’ve really wanted to be diapered more lately. And this is definitely what I want. I promise, you’re going to love it too. Really.†When Eric raised a quizzical eyebrow, she smirked, and pushed him backwards to lie down on the couch. “I promise,†she intoned, reaching a hand towards his belt buckle. When Eric instinctively reached to stop her, she swatted his hand away playfully. “How about this: If you’re really not sure about it, I’ll…make it worth your while.†With that promise in hand, Eric’s hands dropped to his side. He allowed her then to slide open his belt, and unbutton his pants. Lying on the couch with her kneeling to the side felt strange, and different than his normal way of generally playing the controlling figure in their sexual relationship. When his belt was undone and pants unbuttoned and unzipped, suddenly Kelly stopped and dashed out of the room, calling back, “Oh, one second!†She returned a few seconds later with a large white bottle of baby powder and a large pink bottle of baby lotion in her hands. She dropped these to the side of the couch as she again knelt next to Eric, and continued pulling his pants down his legs. When she started to pull his pants, they were stuck against the couch. “Scooch†she commanded, pushing him to lift his butt. Still, the pants stuck, so she stood and went to the side of the couch, grabbing the ends of his pants and yanking them off with a long pull, bringing his boxers off with them. Now naked from the waist down and feeling much less confident about the agreement he had made with her regarding the diapers, his hands again instinctively reached to his groin, this time covering his testes and cock. When Kelly came back to his side, and noticed this, she clucked her tongue, and decided to make sure Eric felt more at ease. Looking down on him with a smile, she asked, “Am I too clothed for you? Maybe you’re feeling a bit exposed with me still fully clothed…†Her voice was airy as she teased, “So I better help you relax.†She reached her hands to her collar and pulled her shirt over her head in a single languid motion. She was now standing in her form-fitting jeans and purple bra, with her hair slightly mussed in loose curls around her neck. When she noticed Eric’s face become more intrigued and less uncomfortable, she smiled, which in turn he noticed as well. Together more comfortable than a moment before, the situation seemed less strange and more…somehow attractive to him. He felt himself growing more erect, but said nothing as Kelly moved her hands to her hips and slid her thumbs into the sides of her jeans. First one side, then the other was slowly scooched down her legs, revealing a pair of matching dark purple panties. She carefully then stepped out of her jeans, and kicked them to the side. Now she knelt down, and tore open the new pack of Abena diapers, reaching her hand in to get one. Slowly, she turned and faced away from Eric, giving him a perfect view of her backside. She unfurled the diaper, and made a long show of sprinkling the inside of the diaper with powder, and rubbing the powder in, all while he ass was perfectly on display for Eric, whose excitement had grown so that he was now fully erect and excited. When she felt the diaper was properly powdered, and that she’d given Eric enough time to stare at her rather ample backside (something she had felt was a bad thing until she’d realized, at the start of their relationship, how attractive Eric clearly found her large hips and larger ass), she turned around slowly, and gave him a knowing, wicked grin. “Feeling better, now?†she asked. Eric nodded and reached a hand towards her, placing it against her thigh, and lightly brushing it up her leg towards her panties. With the diaper in one hand, she pushed the hand back down with the other and wagged a finger at him. “Nope. I told you I’d make it worth it to wear the diaper, not to just wait for it.†She reached her hands seductively between his legs and placed the diaper under him, tapping on the side of his leg to signal for him to lift himself over it. He immediately did, something she noticed with a sense of immense satisfaction, and something that also made her own juices flow, quite literally, as she found herself turned on at the thought of finally diapering her boyfriend. With his diaper underneath him, she reached for the powder again and gently sprinkled a bit into her hands. Carefully and slowly, slow enough she knew without a doubt that she would be driving him mad to a degree, she patted the powder into his groin, and onto his backside. Then, taking the baby lotion, she squirted some of the fragrant balm into her hands and rubbed it between her hands, explaining, “Wouldn’t want you to be too cold, would we?†Once the lotion was warmed enough for her taste, she grasped his now erect member and slowly moved her hand from the base of the shaft to the tip, lingering slightly at the end as she came back down. After one single stroke, she felt him tense, and saw him close his eyes. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘If he gets used to this maybe he’ll enjoy it as much as I have been.’ As soon as she stopped, his eyes opened, and he turned his head to make clearer eye contact with him. Something in his look told her what he wanted, so she took the diaper gathered around him and used it to slightly wipe his penis, removing the lotion she’d just applied. “I know what you want,†she admitted, “and I guess you’ve earned it if you’re willing to take a chance on this whole thing…†In a quick motion she pulled back the diaper, exposed his penis again, and took the head of it into her mouth, careful to keep her lips covering her teeth, and maintaining eye contact with him the whole time. Her hands remained on the base of his shaft, and she slowly sucked up and down over the head of his manhood. Then she began to suck, rhythmically bobbing her head up and down, and matching her speed with slow strokes of her hands. Up and down, maintaining eye contact as much as possible as she saw Eric tense and heard the telltale groan escape him, letting her know he was perhaps as turned on now as she’d seen him ever before. Without intending to, he ended up caressing her cheek as he reached towards her, and she stopped her ministrations for a moment, and found herself almost holding his hand. “See?†she said with a devious and yet somehow enchanting grin on her face, “I told you before that diapers could be sexyâ€. Eric nodded, and agreed. “I guess so. If every change is like this, I might even make it for the full months without issue.†He of course didn’t think every change could be this good…but he found himself suddenly much more accepting of the bet/dare than he had been a few minutes earlier. When he opened his mouth to speak again, Kelly stopped him with another squeeze of her hand on his cock, and a simple kiss to the head. Now, as if trying to get him off as quickly as possible, she set about giving him oral more voraciously than she’d ever done, and even turned her body in such a way that his right hand, which had before caressed her face, now laid gently upon her ass. Seeing this as an opportunity to try to explore more about their sexual relationship than before, Eric’s hand simply pushed aside her panties, and with his cock in her mouth slowly started to finger her from behind and underneath, one finger gently curling in and out of her wet slit. She let out a moan, which was muffled somewhat by her position on his member, which seemed to urge them both onward in terms of attraction. Taking his pointer finger, he gently pushed his hand towards her hood, as she now used both hands to pump up and down around the base of his shaft, finding herself turned on by his touch, the sight of him sitting atop a diaper, and even the fetishized scent of the baby lotion from where she’d wiped it across him. When he stuck a second finger gingerly between her legs, and began to curl his fingers slightly inside her, as if trying to make a ‘come hither’ gesture, she found herself almost on the verge of orgasm herself, and took the whole of his cock into her mouth, deep throating him and sucking her as she slowed her pace slightly, using her tongue to caress the head of his penis in her mouth. With a jerk and a moaned, “I’m..I’m about to come,†from Eric, Kelly sped up slightly, and used both hands to slowly pump his shaft. Normally, she chose to spit or had him ejaculate into a Kleenex or other tissue, but now she was so turned on she found herself sucking harder, wanting him to climax inside her mouth. When he did, his fingers jerked inside her, and hot load splashed deep into her throat, which she swallowed and sucked, as if daring him to let her miss even a drop. After several spurts and a quiet but guttural gasp from Eric, she used her hands to pump the last of his semen out, into her mouth, and swallowed deeply, turning to look at him as he breathed heavily on the couch beside her. He was flushed, and in a clear state of post-orgasm bliss when he noticed her stand up completely, using her hand to guide his fingers out of her panties, which she then removed panties completely. She looked down on her suddenly tired boyfriend, and stroked a hand lovingly through his hair. “Now how about we get that diaper secured, baby, sound good?†she asked rhetorically. To his surprise, she then bent down, and pushed her wet pussy close to his face as she straddled his head and began to tape the diaper up almost in a ‘69’ position. Without any further urging, as his diaper was placed on him and secured by his loving girlfriend, Eric licked slowly up her outside lips, and used grasped her hips firmly with both hands. Planting kisses and sweet, slow licks up her vaginal lips as she finished tidying his diaper area up and readjusting one tab, he ate her out from behind, noting suddenly that he was amazingly turned on at even the slight pressure of the diaper against his skin, and the wafted smell of her sex in his face. With a plunge of his tongue he redoubled his efforts, wanting to give to her the same satisfaction he’d felt himself. He licked up and down her slit, and finally took the same hand he’d used to finger her before and slid the same two fingers into her from behind. Kelly stood frozen in the same position, straddling his face on the couch, seeing in front of her the incredible sight of her boyfriend wearing a thick Abena diaper, and lapping at her sex with a need, a desire she’d never felt from him before. She knew, then, that however the bet ended, she would never be happy with normal sex alone again. Diapers, now more than ever before, were a turn-on for her. And seeing her boyfriend’s cock starting, only perhaps two minutes after having come, to harden inside his diaper (the word alone attributed to what he was wearing in her mind made her close to climax) was too much for her. As his fingers and tongue probed deep inside her, and as she stared at the white undergarment on his crotch, Kelly climaxed in a wave, dropping from her more seated position to almost lying flat against him as she orgasmed. For what felt like minutes she sat there, his fingers and tongue teasing her, extending her orgasm, as she grasped onto him for support on the narrow couch seat. When she finally felt she could tolerate no more, she pulled herself away, and with a grin saw the wetness and juices she’d left upon his face when she stood back up. With a smile that could win the hearts of any man alive, standing on wobbling legs and with sweat dripping down her body, and her cum dripping from her sex, she bent over and retrieved a diaper from the pack, before turning back to face Ryan. “Now it’s my turn for a change.†THAT is the end of Chapter 1: “Chapter 2: Rules and Regulations†will be posted sometime hopefully soon. This is not the plot, premise, or speed I typically do, nor the amount of sex I normally use in my writing. So, I might be doing it poorly, confusingly, etc, but I figured I’d branch out and try something you folks here on DailyDiapers might enjoy as a sort of masturbatory-fodder piece of writing. If you hate it, I’ll stop. If you like it, I’ll try to keep going. Let me know, and let me know if you have things you think need tweaked, changed, etc. I appreciate your feedback and will be back with the next installment here and of “Waterproof White Lies†hopefully this week!
  4. So I'm not sure if this is the appropriate outlet for seeking help and all things considered is likely counter-intuitive but I don't really know where else I can go to speak with someone so bear with me. I've been in a relationship with this guy for 11 months now and he's accepted me for my ABDL side. It was strange to him at first and he still doesn't completely understand it but he's happy I can be who I am with him. 3 months ago he found Kik on my phone so I explained I used to to talk to other guys around the globe who were also into diapers to help me validate why I feel the way I feel for diapers and to help me make sense of this all. It was legitimately never used for anything sexual and I hadn't used it in about 5 months prior to that. This led to me telling my boyfriend about my account on diaper-bois as well. Understandably he was livid that I was talking to strangers about something so personal and insisted I deleted everything. I obliged and explained it was just my outlet and it was used as a way for me to come to terms with my fetish and understand it better. He lost a lot of trust for me but we moved on and he got past it. The issue now lies in the fact that after I deleted my accounts I was looking for a new outlet for my fetish and further validation that wearing diapers is okay. Under the belief that my boyfriend was more upset about me talking to people than anything else, I moved to Instagram, added an account and uploaded 6 pictures over the following 3 weeks. Feeling bad for having this secret account behind his back, I changed the name of the account to something I'd never remember and logged out never to log in again. Fast forward to present day: Instagram recommends my boyfriend add this account where he finds a picture of my face beside a photo of me in a diaper. He has become upset again and has subsequently lost all faith in me thus effectively breaking up with me. I don't want to lose this guy. I went back and deleted everything from the Instagram account but I'm concerned that might not be enough. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Do you have advice on what I can do? Do I even deserve to get him back or should I just let him go at this point?
  5. hey I am a nice 25 year old guy from fishers, looking for a girl that likes diapers and wants to hang out and see where things go. I am looking to hopefully form a relationship. Obviously I am not just into diapers, I like music, movies, playing guitar, writing songs, traveling and go to sporting events. I think what I bring to the table is I am actually a nice guy, I care about people and I am someone you can count on. If your interested , then please message me. thanks
  6. Diapering has been an interest for me for over 10 years, but it isn't something I have been "practicing" steadily in that time. The biggest issue for me is I mostly enjoy it when shared with a female partner, which is very hard to find. So, I figured I would post this in hope to see if I could find one! I didn't post in a specific state, as I'm open ended. I am not crazy about living in the Carolina's, so I figured id open up my search across the US. I'm 29, great career, my own place, no kids, no pets, I don't smoke or do drugs. I have a lot of hobbies, passions and interests from sports to thrift shops to 90s TV to road tripping. I'm silly yet mature, passionate, caring, honest and love to connect on a physical and intimate level with my partner. As far as the diapering goes, I love cloth diapering and plastic pants, plus any "plastic" type of clothing.coverings, onesies etc... but I don't act or play as a baby. I usually don't "use" the diapers, but I'm not opposed to it. Of course, I enjoy a female wearing them too, just like I do. The idea of changing each other and caring for one another and just being cute together while wearing them is something I've always enjoyed. So perhaps this wish could come true! I wish to keep my photos private, but you wont be disappointed. I'm 5'11, 160ish pounds, dark hair/eyes, nice arms and smile. I suppose contacting me directly here is best, and I can give you other information if we hit it off!
  7. Looking for Mommy/Girlfriend

    Hello, My names Tristin and I'm a Caucasian 25 year old adult baby male from Farmington Hills Michigan. I am a really fun loving guy who likes to workout, watch movies, go on long walks, read books, play video games, and try new foods. I have been searching for a mommy for a very long time and unfortunately all the woman I date love me until they find out about my fetish/lifestyle choice. If you are a woman that is in the south eastern Michigan area seeking an Adult baby to be yours then I am your guy. My personality type is very expressive and I am a big time cuddle bear so please PM me if you have any questions at all. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  8. Looking for little in the Shropshire area who I can build with and care for. I'm 29 years old so I don't want a major age difference but that isn't majorly important if your interested done be shy I don't bite(unless you ask nicely) https://www.instagram.com/MR.DOM2014
  9. Major fights with mommyor daddy

    Has anyone been in a major fight with mommy or daddy while being big? i been trying to find the happy medium to my normal relationship with my girlfriend "mommy" and my little side. has anyone had trouble with this in the past?
  10. Any Diapered Couples?

    Hello! This is Nikki and Joey, we're married and we love wearing diapers together! Are there any others who have shared their fetish with their significant other? We'd love to know! Or you can ask advice on how to tell your partner! We're very interested in diaper relationships since we haven't found much online (or offline, for that matter). Thanks!
  11. Hi beautiful AB/DL community! My boyfriend and I have been together for 2+ years. I found out he was into diapers for sexual purposes in the very beginning (at 6 months). However, he told me he loved to experiment, and he was not set on one thing. Today, he uses them often, and I think he definitely has a fetish. My problem is that (being super open-minded and understanding) I let him completely indulge in his fetish with me (diapering him, feeding him, using toys, etc), but I sort of put my own desires on the side to make him happy. 2 years later (still loving him so much), I'm having trouble being attracted to him, and so I try to run away from sex. I think it is because of all those extra "toys" that exist in our sex life. I told him recently that I was no longer attracted to him, and it made me feel so bad! I feel like a hypocrite because I didn't set limits in the beginning, and it escalated to a level which is hurting our relationship. I want to have normal sex really bad, but he feels that it is boring, and I can see in his eyes that he would really like his diaper. Sometimes I can't handle it and I let him touch himself with them, but it hurts me and makes me feel so useless that I can't satisfy my own boyfriend... He wants to have sex twice a day and I can't keep up anymore 3 questions: - How can I communicate/compromise with my boyfriend? What is a reasonable compromise for someone who is a DL? - For the partners out there supporting their DL love, how do you put yourself in a state of mind that allows you to enjoy the experience during sex? - Should my partner be with someone who shares his interest? I feel so bad not being able to love his fetish.. and he is so gorgeous, he could find a DL girl for sure! His fetish makes me feel not good enough.... How realistic is it that we stay together? (be honest please!) Thanks for all the advice!!!
  12. Figured I'd start a story. Might add more chapters as time goes on. Any feedback -good or bad- is nice as long as it isn't disrespectful. Hopefully posting here will help me develop better writing skills. *Story contains some sexual content* - Just a warning if you're not interested in that. Stop reading here - All characters portrayed in this story engaging in sexual acts are over 18 and consenting adults. Characters: Miranda, 28. Her hair is long, with a pale blond colour. Although she’s European, there is a hint of Asian in her appearance. Sam, 23. He's very skinny and the same height as Miranda. He's a freelance writer. -Miranda- Chapter One "Come here." Miranda pushed her boyfriend onto her bed and held him down. He tried to escape her but it was no use. "Mnn." She started to kiss his neck, and straddle him. “Babe, keep it in your panties. Please?" Not now..." Her boyfriend trailed off as she looked down at his crotch. A faint squirting sound broke the silence. He instantly knew where it was coming from... Are you, peeing? Her boyfriend looked at her, and then her panties, which weren't really panties, exactly. They looked like undies enough, but they were really little pull-up diapers, normally worn by bedwetters. Most adults can't fit into them but Miranda is a bit petite. She winced a little and closed her eyes, trying to stop herself from peeing her pants. Her boyfriend watched her white padding, slowly the front became a little bit of a yellowy-gray colour. Now her 'panties' were drooping off her crotch a little. You're, wet. again. Babe..." her boyfriend said with sympathy and a small hint of disappointment in his voice. Miranda frowned a little and looked at him with pouty eyes, thrusting her hips into him just a little. Her protection shook around a bit now that it was all saggy. She felt a slight warmness again. More pee? I just went, she thought. “I think your undies are a little squishy." her boyfriend said, giving her pull-up a poke. He looked her in the eyes and started to rub her squishy, just a little bit. Squealing a little cute sound, she felt more wetness escape. Her face warmed. Soon she had an orgasm, and before long was laid down on her boyfriend, exhausted. "We need to get you in thicker diapers, alright?†Miranda looked at him feeling a little sheepish. “I feel something on me." her boyfriend motioned her to sit up. Miranda sat back up again and realized her boyfriend's crotch was a little wet. She blushed ashamedly. “Don’t worry okay, hey.†He gave her a little hug and got up off the bed. He had her lay down again, and he put a towel under her firm butt. “Look, see?†Her boyfriend pulled a folded diaper out from behind his back. “Uh... well, you don't make it enough anymore, please- just say you'll try these, for me? He asked quietly. Miranda felt more warmness on her privates. she must have really had to go... she sighed, looking up at him and realizing she was defeated. He was right. She couldn't go on like this. "Okay..." She said reluctantly. He immediately began pulling down her leaking pull-ups. He got her legs out of the leg holes and placed the used 'panties' in the trash. Miranda felt exposed, she realized she was still wetting herself, without her diaper on. It felt odd that she was just having an orgasm and now was helplessly wetting the towel below her. He noticed the wetness, and with a look of sympathy quickly applied some power to her puss. She was leaking and he wanted to get her undies on as quick as possible. He taped her up swiftly and she got up and tried to get a feel for her new panties. "These are, thick.†She said while standing up. She noticed it felt like a drip of pee was moving down towards her butt. Looking at her boyfriend, she was feeling less and less sexy with each moment. She couldn't even use the toilet anymore, what was happening to her? she remembered only having a few accidents a month, back when she was still in real panties. This hurt. She began to tear up, while snuggling into her boyfriend's shoulder. He comforted her. "I'll love you no matter what? Okay?" Baby- Don't be sad." he played with her hair. "I love you too Sam." She nuzzled herself into his chest, she was happy to have such a supportive boyfriend. The rest of the day went much as usual, they'd decided to watch movies together on the living room couch. It was worn out but very comfortable. Miranda curiously left the room, to go take a peak in her underwear drawer. The drawer slid open smoothly. Sure enough, there were only little stacks of folded disposables inside. No pull-ups anymore... She sat on the bed for a moment in contemplation. If this is how it has to be, so be it. She realized just then that she was pouting, even though no could see. Smiling to herself, she went into the living room to sit with her boyfriend again. This isn't so bad, she thought. Most of the time I don't even feel myself going anyway. She spread her legs out as they sat, one of them resting on her boyfriend's lap. I guess I don't have to bother holding it at all, no point trying, she thought. This made her feel at ease with herself, as she recalled weeks of Kegel exercises. The position she was in made her diaper sit further from her skin, this changes things. Soon Miranda felt a tickling sensation on her butt. clearly that was pee, she thought while adjusting her diaper so it sat closer to her privates. She pulled her shirt down over her diaper and spread her legs again, this position was better. The coziness of the couch soon had her beginning to doze off, when she felt a rubbing on her crotch. She opened her eyes to see Sam was rubbing at her playfully. "You're a little squishy again,†Sam said, rubbing her yellowed undies. “Don't worry about a thing." He grabbed a fresh diaper off the table beside them, while sitting. “I'll change it." Miranda moved her legs for him, and he got into position. It was embarrassing that he had a little stack of her attends on the table beside them. “Can we not have my undies on display for anyone who comes in?†She looked at him, then the diapers on the table. “You sure?†He began to untape her. “No one really comes over anyway.†“Fine, we can keep them in here.†She smiled down at him and went back to watching the movie, which was starting to get more exciting. Keeping diapers next to the couch made it easier for a quick change anyway. Her mind soon wandered. He must have bought all these diapers a few days ago, before telling me. Clearly he didn't have faith her pull-ups were enough anymore. She smirked. She looked down again to see he had her diaper untaped. Lifting her butt, she continued watching the movie, no longer paying any attention to her changing. She felt him sit next to her again, and was snapped back into reality. Her diaper felt, fresh. Cosy. This was better, she thought with a smile. Sam spoke up after he got comfortable again. “You shouldn't have to change yourself if you don't want to. I'll take care of it if it makes you happy... But, it's totally your choice." He smiled reassuringly. "You can change me, sure." She smiled back and they kept watching. She felt like this was the better end of the bargain. She'd get fresh undies every few hours, her boyfriend was too sweet. The next morning she awoke, feeling her diaper wasn't dirty. Sam was nowhere to be found. Probably in the other room, writing, she thought. It occurred to her: he must have changed me. She smiled a bit, looking at the light coming through the window. It’s funny not to wake up or realize it at all. She poked at her diaper, moving her hand to the elastic leg gather on one side. She admired how it covered her and kept her safe from leaks. Pulling it up a bit she could see her slightly damp privates. She got up and put on a t-shirt, crinkling as she walked into the living room.
  13. Chapter 1 Have you ever thought that your life was going according to plan? You had your daily routine of either going to work or going to school. You’d spend time with family and friends. There would be bumps in the road, but things always had a certain way of working out. This was life. Everything always happened for a reason. Most of the time, you just didn’t know that reason right away. This is what happened with me. My name is Alexander, but it’s Alex for short. I’m an ABDL. Well, that is, I used to be an ABDL. What happened? Before I can tell you that story, we’ll need to go back to the beginning. I was your typical student. I got good grades. My extracurricular credentials were in order. I was in numerous clubs and academic teams. Yeah, I said academic teams. The athletic genes kind of skipped a generation. Mom was a majorette while dad was a phenomenal track and field star. You could say I had a lot to live up to, but my grades were doing the job. Peter Smith and Eddie Jacobs had been with me since elementary school. They were my best friends. We hung out together constantly. It was no wonder that they would lend a hand in turning me into who I am today. The day was like any other day. The three of us would always walk to Peter’s house after school since it was the closest. We walked inside and straight up to Peter’s room and lounged on his bed. His parents had not gotten off of work yet, so the house was empty. Usually, we just played video games, but this day was apparently an exception. “How about we play some truth or dare?†Peter asked. “What?†I chuckled, “Are you serious?†“Yes, I think it would be pretty fun.†“I’m down.†Eddie and I chorused at the same time. “Truth or dare?†Peter asked me. “Dare.†I said ready for anything that could be thrown at me. “I dare you to Google the phrase ‘adult baby’ and click the first result.†He demanded. There was a slight moment of silence as I approached Peter’s computer and opened up the Google Chrome web browser. I heard the clicking of the keys as I put in that phrase. As the search results came up, I clicked the very first one. It turned out to be some website called Daily Diapers. “What is this,†I asked as I looked around, “and why are all these grown men and women wearing diapers!?†“It beats me. I came across this website one day and laughed my ass off. I thought you’d find some hilarity in it as well.†“Yeah, well you got me man. This is pretty weird! That is all I have to say.†Eddie was trying his best to stifle laughter, but he was doing a horrible job of it. This was too much. “Alex, you’ve had your turn and did not wimp out. Good job…now, its Peter’s turn.†Eddie said when his composure came back. I went back to my place on the bed and listened as the guys took their turns. Try as I might, I could not pay attention. There was something about that website. Why were people so comfortable being in diapers? Diapers were for babies, right? I did not understand the logic of this. There had to be a deeper point. I guess I just had to shake it off for now. ***** On my walk home, I could not avoid thinking about that website. Those people looked so happy. It seemed as if they had mastered the art of going back to a simpler time in their lives. To tell you that I was completely paying attention to Peter and Eddie would be a lie. During their turns, I ended up using my phone to go to DailyDiapers.com. Something was telling me to at least try this way of living. I felt around in my pocket and found a bit of money. Approaching the local drugstore, I ducked in and quickly went to the incontinence aisle. I grabbed a package of size medium adult diapers and walked to the register. For those of you who have never gotten diapers for the first time, it is very nerve-racking. The silence of the walk was deafening. All I saw was the cashier. Everybody else ceased to exist. My feet were like lead as I got closer and closer. Questions started finding their way into my mind. Will I get caught? Does the cashier know? Should I go through with this? Will I know her? Finally, I handed the cashier the package. “Your total comes to $11.73. Will that be cash or card?†She asked. “Cash.†I said as I handed over the money and left the store. I walked the rest of the blocks to my house and made my way inside. Mom was in the living room, so she’d be easy to avoid. The last thing I needed was for her to play a game of ‘20 Questions’ with me. I snuck past her and dashed straight up to my room making sure to lock the door. Now, I cannot tell you why I did what I did next, but I did it. The package of diapers found its way into the back of my closet. I did not touch them for the rest of the day. You could say that I felt uneasy about the whole thing. The next day brought with it that same uneasiness. I knew that I had to bite the bullet and try wearing. I locked my door and went to the closet to retrieve the package. With package in my grasp, I tore the slick plastic and took one of the white objects in my hand. It possessed a certain softness. Now was as good as any other time. I stripped off my shirts and underwear, and spread the garment out flat on the floor. I laid atop the diaper and taped it up snug. I got up and went over to the mirror and marveled at my current condition. An over-sized toddler stared back at me. It was scary how similar I looked, yet I liked it. From then on, diapers were a part of me. They were engraved within my being. Wearing diapers became a lifestyle choice. Sure, it had its drawbacks. I had to constantly be secretive about wearing and disposing of the diapers. Yes, I did use them. I still had a dilemma: the lack of a caretaker. From my readings of the website, there were nannies, babysitters, siblings, mommies, and daddies. They were adults who were happy taking care of the adult babies (as I had now identified as). But I soon learned a harsh reality of this lifestyle. Finding a caretaker was next to impossible. I began posting everywhere across the internet looking for that right person. Eventually, I settled on an online Daddy. Why did I pick a Daddy if I am a guy? The reasoning was very simple. My parents divorced when I was around the age of seven. It was just my mom and I. Dad came around, but not as much as a child would desire. I missed having him around all the time. My early life lacked that necessary father figure. I decided that I needed to make up those missed years with a Daddy of my own. The man I called “Daddy†eventually did leave me. It turns out that he had multiple Littles besides me. Oh, and he had been lying to me for months about them. You live and you learn. ***** The years flew by, and I graduated high school. My grades stayed amazing enough to gain acceptance into a good state university. I would be majoring in psychology. The mind had always fascinated me, and I honestly wanted to learn more about it. There was also another reason. I wanted to expand how we as humans think and have infantilism regarded as more than just taboo. My life was going well. Remember what I said about life? Things always have a way of changing when you least expect it. Little did I know, college was about to throw me a curveball.
  14. Carissa

    My Third story. Hopefully this will end up being a long one. Enjoy. *Story contains sexual content* [if not in first chapter, later...] All characters engaging in sexual acts are over 18 and consenting adults. Feedback encourages me to write more, please leave a comment if you like it. Critique is also appreciated. CARISSA Chapter 1 Carissa felt like she didn’t belong with people her age. At 21, everyone was going out and seemed to enjoy exciting loud events and places. She felt more like a senior citizen a lot of the time. It wasn’t only that she was an introvert, she also had medical issues that made it hard to 'be like the others.’ Although she preferred being alone, it had been a long time since she felt like she had a true friend. Someone who had her back. It seemed like most people she got to know would eventually get bored of her and move on to something else. Someone more exciting, perhaps. Carissa felt a little bit sad that afternoon as she wheeled herself over to her computer desk. It wasn’t that she couldn’t walk, it’s just that it was very difficult. She had seriously hurt her back when she was little, before her family moved from Sweden to Canada. She has forgotten how to speak Swedish over the years, but since moving into an apartment of her own she’d nearly forgotten it all. She still has a faint accent, and even though she doesn’t have many friends, everyone tells her she has a beautiful voice. Carissa was messaging a friend on the Internet with her blinds drawn, and the room dark. She wasn’t much in the mood for sunlight. Her cat Pushkin was nestled on her lap, she could feel him purring softly through her shorts. I have to clean up a bit at some point, she though tiredly. Cleaning was rather difficult for her but she managed. She heard her speakers ring for a video call; Pushkin jumped off her lap, startled. She smirked, wishing the cat wouldn’t have left. He was good company. “Hey.†She said sleepily. “Getting up just now?†he said. “Taylor... you know I have a hard time sleeping sometimes.†Carissa said sleepily. Taylor laughed on the other end. “I know, I know, I kid.†He said cheerfully. “Could I come over? Maybe?†He asked shyly. Carissa half smiled half panicked in that moment. She knew her house was really messy and he wouldn’t like her for that. But then again, she couldn’t just keep turning him down because she wasn’t really in the mood. Eventually she’d have to have him over. He was a nice enough guy and they’d been talking for weeks online. “Uh....†Carissa squeaked. “Please? I don’t mind if it’s messy or anything.†Taylor said nicely. She gulped. “Sure, okay.†“Alright, maybe we could go out for lunch or something.†“Mayyyybe...†She said reluctantly. “Or, we could stay at my place and hang out with my cat.†She said a little more happily. That sounded more fun, she thought. “Sure, whatever you want. I’ll be over in a bit.†“Okay, bye!†She said trying to do her best cute voice. “See ya!†He said back. She ended the call and sighed. She hoped he wouldn’t mind that she was in a wheelchair. She’d told him that before, but it’s easy to be okay with it when it’s only online. Would he come back again to visit me after this? She thought, worriedly. What if I’m too boring for him? Carissa got herself dressed into something a little cleaner and straightened her hair nicely. She smiled in the mirror, enjoying the way her long blonde hair shined. It was always very glistery, which she thought was one of her nicer points, physically. Part of why she never liked going out was because it was such a hassle. Even with her motor wheelchair she used outside, she was not very strong and simple things tended to get her exhausted. It was especially bad in the winter, because being so thin, she didn’t hold onto heat well. Then there was the trouble of finding places to sit with her wheel chair, finding washrooms, going out and feeling like people were staring at you... She sighed, thinking about all of this. She heard a knock on the door and smiled; he was here! As she got closer to unlock the door, she started to get worried. He’s not going to like me at all in person, she thought insecurely while unlocking the door. “Come in!†She said prettily. “Hey!†Taylor entered the room and smiled down at her. He wasn’t the most beautiful person she’d ever seen physically, but there was something about him that she really liked, seeing him for the first time. “You have such a pretty voice.†He gushed “Thanks!†She said kindly. She thought worriedly for a moment. Quick! find something to do with him, hurry! Her mind raced and soon she had an idea. “Want to watch a movie with my cat?†She blurted out. Taylor laughed. Carissa began to panic. Now what? She thought. “Sure, Pushkin right?†He smiled faintly and they made their way to the couch. Her apartment was a one room bachelorette pad. More like a crazy cat hotel, she thought humorously. They began to watch a movie, but they paid little attention to it, instead talking with Pushkin in between them. Taylor told her his family had moved from the Faroe islands, technically he was Faroese which is pretty uncommon. They talked for a while about his homeland, Carissa was really interested to know more. “Why didn’t you mention it before?†She asked curiously. “I dunno I didn’t think you’d care I guess. Seeing as you’re from Sweden and all.†He smiled.“How did you manage to keep your accent? I guess I didn’t live in the islands long enough.†He smiled and pet Pushkin, his hand brushing up against Carissa’s leg every now and again. She smiled back. “Were you only born on the Faroe islands?†She asked. “ I lived in Sweden until I was eleven.†“I lived there until I was four.†He responded, continuing to pet Pushkin. He meowed loudly and swiped at him before retreating to somewhere else in the house. “Angry kitty! Crazy cat!†He called to it as it ran away. Carissa laughed. They sat a little closer and talked more, about this and that. She hadn’t expected that she’d develop any sort of feelings for him, but she was starting to fall for him. He had a really nice voice too, she liked that he didn’t treat her differently. A lot of people subtly gave her pity while taking to her, or treated her like she wasn’t an equal. Taylor seemed cool, like he could maybe become a real life friend. But, he was starting to look cuter, too. She shyly put her hand on his leg, she got some kind of sense. Like, it felt right to do that at that moment. He put his hand over hers and Carissa leaned her head onto his shoulder. Her heart melted a little, she didn’t want to get too attached though. He was a good friend so it seemed. Assuming he doesn’t stop talking to me in a few weeks, she thought. “You smell nice. I-†Taylor blushed and laughed a little. “That was a dumb thing to say...†He added shyly. “No- I mean, that’s nice.†She blushed. “You smell nice- too...†She paused for a moment feeling embarrassed before adding, “You smell nicer than my cat does when I cuddle with him.†Why did I say that oh no this is definatly a crazy cat hotel now, she started to think to herself worriedly. She cringed, but noticed he wasn’t looking at her oddly or anything. He smiled and laughed happily. She was soon laughing with him. “My cat STINKS!†Phew...†He said back. “I don’t ever pick him up any more, poor little guy.†Your Pushkin is lucky to have such a sweet-hearted owner...†He blushed and started calling for pushkin, even though he never comes to his name. “Puushkin!?†He called. “Pusshhhhhhhhhykin?†“Kit-eeeee...†“He doesn’t answer me either.†She said to him. “O-oh.†He said shyly. They cuddled together some more, and Pushkin came back. He turned to Taylor and meowed at him a few times. Then he walked up to Carissa’s feet and meowed at her a few times. Odd behaviour for a cat, she thought smiling. That’s my special kitty. “I love cats.†Taylor said suddenly. “I wish I had like, six.†“Yeah, I wish I did too. It’d be a lot of cleaning up to do for me though. I feed some of the stray cats around here sometimes. It’s the least I can do for them when it’s so chilly out.†“You’re so sweet.†Taylor said back. “Someday we’ll open a cat hotel or something.†He laughed a little and pet Pushkin as he rubbed up against his legs. Carissa smiled remembering what she was thinking earlier about cat hotels. And here this guy likes the idea of a cat hotel? She smiled, feeling a little less like her house was weird. She only had a few cat toys and cat themed items but she figured people wouldn’t like her for it. She smiled again, and felt an energy inside her as she looked up at Taylor. She wanted to kiss him... “Wanna go out for dinner?†He asked curtly. “I’ll pay, I don’t really mind.†Carissa looked at him nervously, she hadn’t been out to dinner in a while. She didn’t really like the idea, but she didn’t want to disappoint him. “Okayy, I’ll do it. But only because it’s you.†She said cutely to him. Carissa started to get dressed up and Taylor grabbed a few things for her out of her closet. It was nice to have a helping hand she thought. In half the time it would normally take, they were out the door into the chilly January weather. “It was my birthday a few days ago...†He said shyly. “Maybe this could be like my birthday celebration dinner?†“Sure!†Carissa said shivering. It was freezing out here. “You’re officially invited then!†He declared happily. “Does sushi sound good?†“Yeah I’d love that!†She smiled at him and they made their way down the street. The stillness of the air made their breath linger behind them. As they went down the street Carissa noticed a familiar worry creeping into the back of her mind again. She had to pee... It was irritating going out because she found she had to go a lot. Carissa figured she had a small bladder or something. Continuing down the street her urges grew worse. “I-it’s so c-cold out.†Carissa said. She began to feel her mood worsen as they continued on. Not only did she have to pee, but it was freezing cold out. She looked over at Taylor, who was totally unconcerned with the cold. Of course, he had a big scarf to help him. Taylor turned to her and saw she was shivering violently. Carissa knew that part of her shaking was a bit of an ‘I have to pee’ dance. “You must be frozen!†Taylor said sympathetically. “You can borrow my scarf for a bit.†He handed her the large wool scarf which she wrapped around her neck a few times. That helped loads. She couldn’t help but wonder if the scarf was made in the Faroe islands. It was itchy and felt like it was made of sheep. They kept going, Carissa noticed the bright neon sign of the restaurant ahead. She was almost there she thought happily. “Can we go a little faster? It’s so cold out.†She declared. “Sure. Let’s go!†They picked up the pace, Carissa still squirming in her chair. She held herself fiercely, but she had a feeling she was not going to make it. Her worries were brought to life when she started to feel a warmness on her crotch. She felt a spurt of pee, and she held it. Then, it all came out. She felt the warmness spread across her butt in horror. She didn’t notice that she’d stopped moving and was looking down at her crotch. When she looked up, to her embarrassment she saw Taylor coming towards her. “Hey what’s wrong?†He asked concerned. Carissa sat there for a moment, stunned. What would she do now? What would she say? She didn’t know, and she felt her chest get heavy. Taylor wouldn’t want to come see her again, and he’d probably only talk to her out of pity after this. All her fears came down on her and she began to cry quietly as he came closer. “Hey don’t worry! It happens all the time!†He said awkwardly, putting his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I’m so sorry...†She trailed off and continued crying. “Don’t be! It’s not your fault okay? I don’t mind, really.†Taylor said again trying to make her feel better. “Let’s go back to your place, I can cook you up something nice. It’s a simple family recipe, I’m sure you’ll have all the ingredients." Carissa looked up at Taylor feeling defeated, only to see he was still smiling at her, waiting to see what she would say. Carissa smiled weakly. “Okay.†She sniffled and they made their way back to her house. Now she was even colder than before with all the wetness on her turning chilly. “We’ll get back before you freeze to the chair, don’t worry.†He said happily. They made their way back to her apartment and Carissa slowly walked to the bathroom with a fresh change of clothes. She sat down in the shower and got herself all cleaned up. The warm water was incredibly refreshing. She emerged and slowly made her way to the couch. She saw Taylor over by the stove, She could smell, cookies? She wasn’t sure exactly. She cleaned off her chair with a few wet towels, Pushkin sat beside her again. As soon as she’d finished, Taylor greeted her with a plate of cookies. “Shortbread!†He said cheerfully. Carissa looked at him again, feeling that urge to kiss him. She teared up a little, tasting a cookie and thinking about how kind he had been. “Thank you so much, these are amazing!†She almost choked a little, which made her laugh. “You’re very welcome. Better than dinner, I’d say. Dessert!†After they finished the cookies, they cuddled together again, this time a little more closely than before. Carissa felt the time was right. She leaned a little closer, while he was looking away, and gave him the tiniest peck on the cheek. He looked at her, and without a word, the kissed on the lips.
  15. Homework With an AB

    Albert stared at the pages, trying to make sense of the sentences on the table in front of him. “A man flips two coins, hoping to get both heads. He knows at least one is a head. What is the probability that both are heads?†How the heck was the answer anything but ½? There must be some trick to it. Albert racked his fingers through his dark brown hair, trying to figure it out. He drank from the glass of water he kept nearby, and continued. A pair of light footsteps came pattering up. “Daddy†a voice to his left said. Albert tried to concentrate on his work. “Daaadddyyy,†the voice said again. Albert sighed and turned to see Joshua standing beside him. He was wearing only a pink t shirt with a teddy bear on it over his Cushies diaper. In his hand he held a baby blue pacifier. Despite the fact that Albert was seated and Joshua standing, his head only came up to Albert’s chest, and he stared up at Albert with sad blue eyes. “What is it Joshua?†Albert asked. “Come and play with me†Joshua said, looking at him pleadingly and sucking on his own fingertips. “I told you, I can’t tonight. I said it was alright if you stayed but I had to work, remember?†Albert said. “BUT I WANT TO PLA—AYY!!!!†Joshua complained “Here, you can be the dragon, I have the dinosaur. They are fighting with the pirate over the knight’s armour, and he’s dead.†Joshua held up a stuffed dragon for Albert. “Wha… oh never mind. I can’t now. Go play with your teddy bear. Roger.†Albert added the name, Joshua got upset when he forgot to. “I can’t. I gave Roger a time out.†“What? You gave the bear a…†Albert turned, mouth agape, to see Joshua’s high chair turned to face a corner of the room. In it say his teddy bear. “Yes, like you did to me last week, remember? Rupert knocked over one of the vases, so I punished him.†“Joshua did you knock over the vase in the living room again?†“No, Rupert did.†Joshua stared at Albert with a completely serious look in his eyes, seeing nothing wrong with the idea of a teddy bear knocking things over. “Well, whatever. Just go play on your own for now, ok? I turned your cartoons on already.†“But I don’t want to watch cartoons! I want to play!†“JOSHUA! I told you to go. You are being a bad baby. No leave me alone or I’ll spank you.†“Eeeeppp!†Joshua said, running of, diaper crinkling loudly as he went. Albert sighed and returned to his work. Much as he loved Joshua, he couldn’t spend every moment with him. It was time consuming enough to change the 20 year old baby’s diapers and help him with what seemed like every aspect of normal life. Albert needed time for school work (which Joshua, despite his marks, never seemed to spend much time on) and they had agreed that night they would forget the roles and be quiet. Joshua really was acting up by interfering. As he worked, Albert heard Joshua’s footsteps and the crinkling of his diaper as he walked around the house. They went into the kitchen, and he heard the fridge open. It shut, and the footsteps went back into the living room where Joshua’s toys were kept. What was he doing? Half an hour later, the footsteps approached again. “Daaadddyyyy†Joshua said. “What is it now Joshua?†“Daddy I need a diaper change,†Joshua replied shyly. “Really? Oh.. ewwww…†the smell had suddenly became obvious, and Albert plugged his nose. Joshua blushed slightly and looked away. From the smell, he had made quite the mess in his diaper. “Pwease dada?†Joshua asked, trying to sound cute. “Its stinky.†“Yes I realize that. But I already told you I can’t do anything tonight. Go away stinky boy.†“But daddy! I’ll get a rash.†“No you won’t, not for a while. And you can change yourself.†“But… babies don’t change themselves… do they? Actually can I?†Albert thought better of it. The last few times Joshua had tried to change himself, the diaper had either fallen off or leaked. “No, not after last time. Sorry kiddo, you’ll have to wait. Also, you are just doing this for attention. I know you drank the prune juice in the fridge. It’s your own fault. Maybe sometime in a messy diaper will teach you a lesson.†Joshua folded his arms and let out a huff. Then he walked up to Albert and started tugging on his arms. “Come on! Play with me! And change me!†Albert tried to ignore him. In response, Joshua climbed up onto the table and crawled in front of him, placing his messy diaper as close as possible to Albert’s face, making him gag. “Stupid homework. You should spend more time with babies,†Joshua said. “Ewww, get down! Joshua that smell is disgusting.†“Then change me! How do you think I feel, I’m the one sitting in it. It’s your own fault anyway. †“No it’s not, you’re doing it to annoy me. Keep this up kiddo and I will punish you.†“Uh huh, you always say that and you never actually have. You ignored me and now you have a stinky baby boy to deal with. What are you going to do?†“Joshua, you’re being a brat! Get down or I really will spank you.†“Nu uhh! You have to change me or live with the smell.†Joshua turned his butt toward Albert, and in doing so, knocked over the glass of water. “Oops†Joshua said as water soaked Albert’s notes. “You know what, BAD BABY!†Albert lifted Joshua off the table, backed his chair up, and pulled the squirming boy over his lap. He raised his hand and brought it down on Joshua’s messy diaper. Joshua squeaked in surprise, he had never expected to actually be spanked. “Wha… what are you doing? No spankings! I’m sorry!†Joshua said as Albert continued to smack his padded rear. The spanking hurt, and, perhaps worse, mushed and spread the mess in Joshua’s diaper around, making the already uncomfortable garment even worse. When he was finished, Albert stood Joshua on the ground facing the corner and told him to stay in place. He left, and returned with a few supplies. He had received a few abdl toys from his more bondage oriented friends. Joshua didn’t like them, and he never used them except as actual punishment. First, he wrapped masking tape around the waist of Joshua’s diaper, ensuring he’d stay in the mess all night. He placed a pacifier inside Joshua’s mouth and secured it behind his head with a strap and lock, leaving him unable to speak. He put Joshua’s hands inside locking mitts that left them useless. Finally, he dressed Joshua in a short pink skirt and matching baby bonnet. Though Joshua looked effeminate and often wore pink, he had never wanted to wear skirts and was embarrassed by the overtly feminine clothes. Especially with his long hair, the skirt made it difficult to tell what gender he really was. Joshua blushed, sucked his pacifier glumly and looked at Albert. Albert picked him up again, this time carrying him to the high chair. He took Joshua’s bear out and sat him in its place. Joshua’s diaper squished loudly underneath him as the mess was forced against him. He squirmed, the combination of a messy diaper and a sore bottom making the seat extremely uncomfortable. He turned and stared sadly at Albert. “Stop squirming! Now listen Joshua, tonight you were a very bad baby. So you are going to have a time out until I say you learned your lesson. When I do let you out, you are staying in the messy diaper and skirt. Until then, no talking, no toys, no moving around. Just sit and face the corner. Understood?†Joshua nodded sadly, and turned to face the corner. Albert returned to his chair to work on his homework. As the time passed, Joshua became more and more uncomfortable. The high chair didn’t leave much room for movement, and there was no space for him to raise himself up and out of the mess in his diaper. The smell added to the problem, and he tried to breath as little as possible. Albert looked up at the sorry diaper boy from time to time. Perhaps he had over reacted. The poor baby looked miserable! But he had been acting up, and to go back now would encourage further behaviour. Albert noticed a tear going down Joshua’s face, and he began sniffling quietly. Albert sighed and walked over. He began removing the tray from the high chair to let Joshua out. “Alright, listen. I think you’ve learned your lesson. You can get rid of the pacifier gag and mittens and go play with your toys. But you’re keeping the bonnet, skirt, and stinky diaper. No more misbehaviour, ok?†As soon as his feet hit the ground and the pacifier was out, Joshua began bawling. He jumped up and hugged Albert. “I’M SORRY! I’m sorry I was a bad baby! I’ll never do it again! Please don’t hate me! I love you!†He buried his face into Albert’s chest, crying. “There there sweetie. I don’t hate you. I just have to be strict sometimes when you act up. I still love you.†“Really?†Joshua looked up into his eyes, sniffling. “Really†Albert replied. “Ok Daddy. What is it you are working on, anyway?†“What? Uh… homework,†the abrupt change in subject surprised Albert and he wasn’t sure what to say. “Let me see Daddy.†Before Albert could stop him, Joshua waddled over to his work. “Oh Daddy! This is easy! Why’s it taking so long?†“It’s not easy and move aside,†Albert said, sitting down at the table to keep working. “Yes it is! Here, I’ll do it for you.†Joshua grabbed the pen from Albert’s hand and began scribbling on the pages, filling in blanks and writing down numbers. “NO! Joshua I have to do this myself and learn it.†“Then I’ll teach you. Here, move over.†Joshua climbed onto Albert’s lap and sat down, then kept writing. Albert sighed and leaned back. With Joshua’s back to him, the smell from his diaper was very strong. “Ok Joshua that’s enough. I’m sorry but you’re really stinky and its getting hard to breath. Go play somewhere el… hey what the?!?!†Albert had suddenly noticed that Joshua filled the first page of his work. It always surprised him. Despite the fact that he wore diapers both for fun, and, at times for necessity, needed Albert to change his diapers and feed him, he played with children’s toys and watched cartoons, and that he had next to no understanding of most of everyday life, Joshua was still probably the smartest person Albert knew. It was an odd match when he was smarter than the person who changed him and essentially took care of him. “Well if you don’t like having a stinky baby on your lap perhaps you shouldn’t lock them in messy diapers, hmmm? Daddy how could you put this? It’s like saying 2+2 = 10. It just doesn’t make sense. Kind of like not changing me then complaining about the smell. Silly Daddy.†Joshua turned around and bopped him on the head. He turned back to keep working and wiggled around on Albert’s lap. Albert wasn’t sure if he was wiggling to get comfortable or if he thought it would make the smell worse and convince him to change him. Albert watched as Joshua went through each question and explained how it worked. It really did make more sense now. Also, it always felt nice to have Joshua sitting on his lap, especially when he was in his pampers. “Now this one… Hey Daddy? Can I have some coffee?†Joshua asked, noticing the mug beside Albert’s papers. “No. Definitely not.†Albert replied sternly. “What? Why not?†Joshua whined. “Because it’s not good for babies. Do you remember the last time I gave you coffee?†“No.†“Exactly.†Joshua pondered the implications for a moment. “What did happen?†“You don’t want to know. Just never visit the Starbucks near the train station.†Joshua shrugged and went back to work, continuing to explain each step. Soon the work was finished, and Joshua turned excitedly to Albert. “Daddy, Daddy! Can we play now?†Joshua asked, bouncing up and down on Albert’s lap. “I don’t know Joshua. It’s getting late.†“Awww but you said we could,†Joshua pouted. “No I didn’t!†“Fine, if you want to split hairs. Well, you said you couldn’t play with me because of homework, now you have no homework, so you should play. I helped you do it anyway. And I know you want to have fun with a cute baby bo… errr…. Girl,†Joshua corrected himself in a higher voice, remembering the skirt. “Well, I don’t know. Usually the baby GIRLS aren’t this stinky,†Albert said teasingly, plugging his nose. “Quiet! If you want me to smell better, change me. Now will you play or not?†“Alright sweetie. Let’s go,†Albert said, kissing Joshua’s forehead. “YAAAYYY!†Joshua grabbed Albert’s hand and ran off, messy diaper crinkling and skirt flailing, to play.
  16. Daddy Where Are You?

    My little has been couped up for a long time and while having friends can be fun to play with it's not the same when you don't have a Daddy. I really want an awesome Daddy to talk to, laugh with, and even deliver a firm spanking. Ultimately I'm looking for something long term where relocating may occur. I'm looking for someone to help and encourage me to embrace my littles side and explore the wonders of age play. I can be pretty silly, like dance in the middle of the mall silly, and hugs make me feel wonderful. I'm slowly adjusting to the idea of wearing diapers in public, it's something I want to do but need a little push to do so. There's so much more I could talk about but if you send me a message I won't have to exhaust my fingers with typing her
  17. please help

    Hello, I really need help, My boyfriend of 8 months is a 22 year old diaper lover and has been for around 10 years. I am a 25 year old open minded woman and he told me about this fetish around 4 months into our relationship, at first like most i was shocked as i had never came across this before, then interested and asked alot of questions, he was happy to answer all questions and was willing to help me understand. I told him i was fine with it and was willing to understand it and maybe join in one day. He explained it was only sexual, he enjoyed wearing and wearing with a woman. I expressed that i was willing to try and it be a part of our relationship if it was only us, no websites, no talking to DL women, no talking or webcam or exchanging pictures with anyone as that is cheating when in a relationship!! So after a short time i suggested to try it as he never brought it up again. after a while it became a part of our sex life now and then maybe once, twice a week. both of us wearing. he said how happy he was and i could see how happy he was that this was now a part of our sex life and i was happy that i had tried very hard to overcome something that was not 'normal' to me. And as i have read on here most people who are DL are trying to find someone who will join it in the relationship or are very happy they have found someone. So i thought all was great but time and time again i found emails- messages - websites - skype conversations with other DL women, some new and random, some he has known for a while. all asking to see them or pictures etc. I told him i would not have this, that is cheating, whether its about diapers sex or anything!!!! it is cheating. He said he does not see it like this as he has never had a partner as understanding and as open as me. so he has always kept it separate to his love life. he is now on his last warning as it hurts to see this and after everything we have done to get comfortable and happy it just seems nothing i do will be good enough. he will always be looking for more?!! He admitted he has a problem - addiction if you like - to looking/seeing/talking to women in diapers - although he has never included me in any of this he always goes looking somewhere else even though i have expressed i am happy with it and actually enjoy it.. even buying my own! Now he says he wants me to help him, he has given me all his passwords - to make himself feel better and less chance of doing anything, he has left all websites, but i dont know how to help him, as he can go on websites etc without logging in.. iv asked him to talk to me whenever he feels like it.. although i dont know why he hasn't before as i said im pretty sexual! i really need some advice - information anything to help me understand or to help him. as right now i believe he is the one for me and i believe he wants to stop this. or is this all an excuse just to have his cake and eat it?????????????????????
  18. I'm actually having fun playing mommy for now...my issue is that I'm not sure how interested he is in an actual relationship. I like to role play and mommy/baby is fun. But I also like to be submissive, like to kiss, have sex and the more mundane relationship things like hanging out. Mostly we've just met up to "play". I'm afraid I'm getting myself into a situation where I may be interested in an actual relationship and he may not be. Or I'm just getting used. How normal is it for AB/DL to be so shy he's not really interested in sex with a woman, but has no problem with that woman taking advantage of him sexually? I guess I'm afraid he is not interested in me romantically but just as a mommy, because I'm willing to play.
  19. Say, my wife and I have been incorporating diapers into our sex play, and it's awesome! However, as a result, I can't seem to "enjoy" my diaps to completion now. Is it because I have nothing to fantasize about now that I have the real thing? Any input or similar experiences? xtrabulk ...and by "enjoy" I mean by myself. Total failure to "finish".