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Found 7 results

  1. I am looking for someone to dom my character and put them in diapers. I have a few scenarios in mind already, but you can suggest some that I didn’t put here if you want. Scenario 1: I am older brother, but I don’t act the part at all. I’m a slob, I barely take care of myself, and I often have accidents. You take initiative and decide to diaper me while our parents are out of town. This leads to humiliation(public diaper changes, etc). Scenario 2: I am your teacher, but I’m not exactly the most mature person you’ve ever met. I’m a brat, I tend to act like a know-it-all, and sometimes I use my position of power to my advantage to blackmail students into behaving. You either make me wet myself or catch me having an accident, and then force me to wear diapers and depend on you to change them...all while not being able to tell anyone without humiliating myself further. The diapering eventually escalated into full-blown babying and semi-public humiliation, and it becomes clear that I have no choice but to quit or risk someone finding out I’m now your baby. Scenario 3: I am a very badly-behaved employee, and you are my boss. You decide that enough is enough after discovering I’ve been forging signatures on important documents and passing my work off on other people, and decide that I need a bit of discipline. Scenario 4: We are roommates, and I don’t do my part at all. I don’t pay my part of the rent or clean up around the house like I’m supposed to, and I always find some way to weasel out of responsibilities you have for me, saddling you with all the work. You get fed-up with my laziness and decide to diaper me, which then leads to full-blown babying and humiliation galore.
  2. Guest

    on the naughty list

    From the album: Diapers! (Pull Ups Album Separate)

    literally wet my diapee the second I put it on ;) i love huggies
  3. Guest

    Wet Baby!

    From the album: Pull Ups

    I Took This for My "Daddy." (At least tonight) Too bad he's so far away. I wish he was here to change my wet diaper. <3 Hmmmm. First pic I ever took of my wet diaper. Totally need a diaper change soon.

    © BABY Sydney

  4. Guest

    Rub Me

    From the album: Pull Ups

    This Was My First Time Wearing A Diaper Again & The First Time I decided to Ever Take Pictures. After Getting Myself Diapered Up I Obviously Just Wanted To Have The Front of My Diaper Rubbed & It Felt So Amazing. It Felt Even More Amazing After Wetting Myself A Little.

    © BABY Sydney

  5. One of the things that make me feel really little, is wetting and messing my diapers uncontrollably. My Daddy decided that I spent way too long pushing into my diapers, and wanted to help me give up the control easier... I was a bit scared at first when he took out a big banana and a bag of marshmallows and realized this was no late night snack:) The banana came from the fridge and felt really cold as it slid inside. Already I felt full up there, but Daddy managed to push 4 marshmallows in as well. I whimpered a little as he pushed the last one in and put on a double diaper and my cute disney plastic pants. I did not have to wait long, and tried to hold back as long as I could, but had to succumb to the pressure forcing itself out. I had absolutely no way of stopping and it felt quite naughty and nice! Anyone else tried this? What´s your experiences on this, baby girls and Daddies?
  6. Ok, well i know that both Lilly and I are hardly ever here....... But I'm in a bit of a predicament...... Lilly isn't behaving...... She and I have rules that we both agreed on, both for her little side and her adult side. She has rules that are specific to behaviour problems she has as both a little and an adult. Like going to the doctor even though she hates doctors, not taking a super hot bath because she has come close to fainting before multiple times..... But the biggest thing is being on the computer for too long......... We have a limit of how long she can be on and she broken the limit multiple times......... I've already spanked her twice now...... And she's already done it again....... Twice in a row........ Maybe I'm not doing it right? Maybe the message isn't coming clearly enough for her? And that's not all, she's also gotten bad at listening to me...... She used to listen fairly easily...... But now it seems she is "testing the waters".......if you know what I mean........ How should i nip this in the bud? I only do spankings, I don't do other things like forcing her to wear a wet diaper or anythnig like that. her punishments are exactly what a real child would get which is a spanking though sometimes more severe........... I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong? or not enough? How would you other daddies and momies out there handle this? Am i being to lenient? I've tried to stay strict.........But maybe I'm starting to be soft.......when it isn't needed....? I could really use some advice, please. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've not been on my best behaviour recently. I got into a fight with another person and it was all my fault, I've broken a lamp and a picture frame, I've stayed out past my curfew and lied about where I was, wet myself on purpose, I haven't been doing my chores and have been being very lazy. I can't seem to stop myself being naughty. What should happen? What do I need? Message me if anyone would like to chat.