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Found 8 results

  1. All characters will be 18+ This is an RP between two adults (myself being one of them). I am seeking another adult for this RP, which is purely fantasy based. I'm on Eastern Standard time you dont have to be but that would be a plus. If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the comments. Want to role play a scene similar to this story scene yet it is subject to change on what fits us best. So take your time and read this post. (RP Contains: mental changes to my character, diapers (wet and dirty), abdl, mdlb, humiliation, spanking, magic transformation, public diaper changes, enforced bedtimes, nurseries, breastfeeding, and whatever else you'd like to add. (Hard limts are gore, vomit, death) I would perfer to use discord, kik, or reddit for are roleplaying messaging. The Wand’s Surprise Chapter 1 “Oh shit *Cough*, look at this!” Maggie said, as she pulled out a thin black wand from the dusty box. She waved the dust that puffed out of the crate away with her free hand. “Look at this, Mikey! This is perfect for our Harry Potter costumes!” she said, handing the wand to her boyfriend. He smiled as he took it from her, making quick note of the strange engravings on the side. “Holy shit this is perfect!” He said, twisting it around in his hands. Mikey looked back up at his girlfriend smiling back at him… god she was beautiful. While she was three years younger than him (He was 27), she was drop dead gorgeous. Brown hair, hazel eyes, moderate breasts, and an ass that could kill. She was truly the perfect girl for him. “Man this house just has so many cool surprises in it!” He said, handing the wand back to Maggie. She beamed at him. “I know! Buying this place ‘as is’ was the best choice we could have made haha” she said with a slight giggle at the end. The two of the continued to rummage around the attic for about an hour, before calling it quits. They descended down the latter together, and made their way into the kitchen for a quick snack. “Watcha want Mags? Crackers and hummus sound good to you?” Mikey said, as he stared into the refrigerator. She responded with a quick nod. As Mikey pulled the crackers out of the cupboard, Maggie couldn’t help but keep twisting the wand around in her hands. It was just so interesting, it was as if she didn’t want to put it down. “This thing is just so cool.” She said, starting directly at the black wand. Mikey let out a smirk as he placed everything on the table. “It’s neat for sure, but ain’t a real one.” He said, grabbing a fist full of crackers. “Well you don’t kno-“ Maggie suddenly cut herself off as she looked up from her wand. “That dick” She thought to herself, as she peered at the tower of dirty dishes in the sink. Her smiley face fanished, replaced with a pissed off glare. “What the hell, Mikey? You said you would do the dishes YESTERDAY!” Maggie said with some bite in her words. Mikey recoiled from the sharp response, then shot a defensive look at Maggie. “I just.. forgot okay?” He said, pulling a cracker out of some humus. Mikey tried to look away, as if to defuse the situation by doing that. Maggie continued to glare. “It just pisses me off because I’ve had to do them for the past what? 2 weeks non-stop?” She said, getting up out of her chair. Mikey just rolled his eyes. Grabbing his plate of snacks, he also got out of his chair. “I’ll just let you be for a bit then.” Mikey said, making his way out of the kitchen. Still munching, he went into the couples room. Maggie was left fuming in the kitchen, still holding the wand for some reason. She just shook her head, as she stared up at the ceiling. “You’re such a baby” she whispered, as she thought about Mikey. The wand began to warm in her hand. She didn’t really notice it at first, but suddenly she shot her gaze toward the black stick in her hand. “The fuck?” She whispered, as she lifted the wand to her face, the very tip of it began to glow. It was a dull green, but slowly brightened to a blinding white. Maggie let out a gasp as she dropped the wand. The light grew even brighter, until she couldn’t see anything anymore. She braced herself in response, until… the light just shut off. She stood in her guarded stance for a few minutes, a look of fear clear across her face. “Holy… shit…” She whispered, as she touched the wand with her foot. “That didn’t just happen…” Maggie said, slowly grabbing the wand off the floor. She thoroughly examined it, praying she didn’t just blow something up… Mikey looked back up at his computer screen, as he popped another cracker in his mouth. He kept scrolling through his facebook feed, not really doing anything in particular. He looked down at the plate in his lap again to grab another cracker, but instead let out a gasp. “What the hell!” Was what he meant to say, but instead “Was da hecks!” came out. His entire wardrobe had started to change. Gone was his shirt and sweatpants. Blue overalls and soft blue pastel shirt had taken it’s place. That wasn’t the worst part through… it was the fact his crotch couldn’t stop expanding… A thick, gigantic diaper was slowly growing over his waist. Mikey’s overalls had some buttons on the front, and instantly he started fumbling around with them to see what the hell was going on. It took him much longer than he would have expected (Solid 2 minutes to undo three buttons). The diaper had finally stopped expanding, but that didn’t help Mikey feel any better. A gasp escaped his lips, as he stared in awe the oversized diaper around his butt. The words “Baby” were written repeatedly across the waistline in block letters. These were baby diapers, meant for some little baby boy who wasn’t even close to potty training. “Dis so- UGH!” Mikey yelled, his emotions just suddenly bursting over him. It was as if the rational part of his mind was less in control than normal. He got up, and started stomping his feet all over the ground. “No No NO! NO DIAPIE!!” He yelled, his face growing red with anger. He could feel some tears starting to form around his face, but he didn’t even care. “Me no need DI-DI’S!” He screamed again, he started to wobble. His face went from angry, to scared as he lost complete control of his balance. He fell straight onto his diapered butt with a “PUFF”. It was almost instant what happened next: “WAAAA!!!! W-W-WAAA!! AAHHH!!” Mikey just lost it, he lost all control of his emotions, as he just let loose into a full temper tantrum. Any kind of surveillance on his bodily functions was out the window, as his diaper started to warm under his lack of focus on his crotch. His potty training was now spotty at BEST, so just any outburst like this was going to lead to a very wet diaper.. It was then that Maggie bust open the door. “Mikey whats! … Oh… oh my…” She said, completely shocked. “Mikey why the… why are you wearing a fucking diaper?! What happened to your clothes!?” Maggie said, making her way closer to him. Mikey didn’t even respond, in fact he just wailed even harder. “WAA! MAMA!! WAA!!!” He screamed, pounding his fists onto the floor. Maggie recoiled at that middle part. “Mama?” She said to herself. It was if something just clicked in her mind, “Oh baby.. come here you.. aww did you fall on your little butt?” Maggie said, collecting her ‘boyfriend’ into her arms. He weighed almost nothing in her arms, he easily hoisted him up. “Aww did you take a tumble? Hm? Did you go boom boom on the floor?” She said, swaying the baby boy back and forth. Mikey just nodded in response, popping a free hand into his mouth. “Aw well it’s okay little boy, here let mommy check your diaper here.” She quickly placed two fingers into the waistline of his diaper. “Oh you’re soaked, Baby!” Maggie said, shaking her head. Mikey didn’t even slightly care, he was starting to come down from his tantrum. He moved his gaze toward the large, supple breasts of his girlfriend. He instinctively started pawing at them, whimpering as he did so. Maggie wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but a smile grew across her face as she realized what he wanted. “Oh, are you a hungry little boy?” She said, placing Mikey on the bed. She started taking off her shirt. She stared at Mikey, as her bra came off. “Am I really about to breastfeed my boyfriend?” She thought, sitting on the bed next to him. She guided his head to her plump breasts, he instantly latched on. “Ooo!” She said, not expecting it to feel that good. Her smile grew even wider… “Oh I could get used to this…” she said… her ‘boyfriend’ slipring happily away.
  2. I'm going to Capcon for the first time & super excited. Will be there March 21-25. The Weds/Thurs is fully booked but I still have time for capcon attendees at the main hotel on 23-25th. Also on the 22-24th from 4-6pm all three days, I'll have Diaper Change Happy Hour in my room. Wet dipee changes for $10 donation complete with tickles! www.mommymissy.com/capcon/
  3. Finally, a real dedicated dating site for ageplayers, people who identify as agefluid, transage persons (“transagers”), Caregiver/little relationships, diaper lovers, adult babies, littlespace lovers, DDLG, MDLB, ABDL, TBDL, CGL and CGLre, and other like-minded folks with age regression preferences and personalities. We are littlefur, babyfur, and diaperfur friendly as well. http://www.datecgl.com/ DateCGL Free Capabilities for All Users: On-site instant “mail” messaging Private one-on-one chat Public group chat (with separate user-created room capability) Visual map for locating matches in your area (zipcode /postal code search friendly) Location searches based on country, state, and major U.S. city Capability to publicly list who you are currently in a relationship with and their role with you Extensive partner searches based on a variety of options such as role identity Event listings with location map (users can create event listings and display their attendance choice) Photo and video upload capabilities Newsfeed / Public Timeline / Personal “Wall” (can be commented on by other users) Thumbs-up “like” options, poke/kiss/wink/flirt options, free virtual gift sending options User-created and maintained special interest groups Friend option with profile privacy selections so that only mutual friends can see you if you prefer User dashboard to see updates, posts, listings, and submissions by mutual friends Various notification options and preference selections User blogs Up-to-date online list Quick Ads, brief ads that display throughout the site, for maximum profile exposure Open to suggestions, corrections, and improvements. (You can actually reach the admin of the entire site!) DateCGL is really real, really. Really! There are no bots. There are no admin-created profiles. We remove accounts that we find that are fake, using photos of models and actors/actresses, or are just for service-selling versus connection-building. You want to meet real people in the community and that’s exactly what we’re trying to help you do. DateCGL is really free, like, free-free. Freely free! There are no hidden fees to send or receive messages and we don’t send you fake automated messages to try to trick you into anything. There are no profile viewing restrictions once you create your account unless the person who made the profile has intentionally opted to make it private (meaning only their friend connections on the site can view it; friending another user does not cost money either, of course). We do not require a credit card or payment option at any point because there are absolutely no subscription or upgrade fees. We encourage you to create your own free personals ad on DateCGL now. We launched in November 2017 and are steadily growing so it's about time you joined your friends and met special people who will truly understand you! Strictly Adults and Teens 18 Years or Older Only. http://www.datecgl.com/
  4. So, I've lurked a bit over the years. Wrote this over a weekend a few months ago, but figured I should share it somewhere. This isn't anything you haven't read before, but if it's considered any good, maybe I could write some sort of sequel or something. A Much Needed Break From Adulthood by X Chapter 1 – Getting Ready For Date Night After a week of late nights in front of the computer monitor and early mornings filled with nearly-missed deadlines, John was happy to start his engine, put the car in drive and head home for the long, four-day weekend. With another week before his next feature was due, the 32-year-old was grateful that he wouldn’t need to check his work email before Monday. For the first time in days, he let a smile creep over his face as he scrolled through his car’s call history to redial his wife’s number. Paula was at home, impatiently waiting for the inevitable phone call that John almost always made on his way back from the office. With the night off from her job as a bartender, Paula looked forward to surprising John with a couple’s night out, even if he had been a miserable asshole for the past few days. Her eyes darted to her phone as it buzzed on the counter. “Hey babe,” Paula said, clicking on her speaker phone. “Hey, I’m on my way home. About 20 minutes away. Did you take anything out for dinner?” John asked. “No, I thought we…” “Dammit Paula,” he said. “You’ve been home all day and you couldn’t even take out some chicken or something?” “If you’d let me…,” she tried to get out. “Whatever,” he interjected, as he reached for the red hang up button on his steering wheel. “I’ll be home soon.” Click Furrowing her brow and pursing her lips with anger, Paula took a long, deep breath and hoped to exhale out some of her frustrations. She had already made up her mind about tonight, but her brief phone call with John only served to further convince her that she was making the right decision. As much as she loved her husband, John’s grumpiness had soured their relationship for the last week and she knew he needed some tough love. Though it was really more like an attitude adjustment. She continued to apply her makeup in the mirror and was just finishing up when Alicia shouted from downstairs. “She’s eating dinner, Paula!” screamed Alicia. Alicia had been their babysitter for the past year, and although she wasn’t too bright, she was good with their toddler. “That’s great!” hollered Paula. “I’m almost done, but send John up when he gets home. He needs to get changed before we head out.” Paula couldn’t help but giggle to herself at that last line, as she put the finishing touches on her outfit. Chapter 2 – A Surprise Evening Out John hit pause on his podcast. After rewinding the last minute three times and still not registering what had been said, he decided to make the rest of the trip in silence. Just a few blocks to go. Why did I have to talk to her like that? John asked himself angrily. He had a notoriously dogged habit of being short with Paula whenever he had a bad day at the office. John and Paula had been together for nearly half of his life, high school sweethearts. She was a sophomore, he was a senior and they were inseparable. Although there were some marital struggles shortly after the wedding, the last five years had been their best stretch by far, especially since their child was born. The short temper that John had displayed had been a momentary regression to his first days as a new husband, and he hated himself for it. With some newfound humility, he made up his mind to immediately apologize for his behavior once he walked in the door. He didn’t want to ruin what could be a perfectly pleasant weekend by being stubborn. As his car pulled into its space and he killed the engine, John rehearsed his apology, and readied himself to make dinner as well. He figured it would at least get her speaking to him, if not take him out of the doghouse entirely. “Before you saying anything, I just want to say I’m…” John started to recite as he pushed open the door. “Hello,” said Alicia, as a cartoon blared on the television behind her. “Paula is upstairs getting ready. I’m just finishing up dinner with her.” John was thrown off by the presence of his daughter’s babysitter. Must be date night, he thought. Suddenly, he felt even worse about his pre-dinner tantrum. “She told me to send you upstairs to get changed once you got here,” Alicia instructed. “Thanks,” said John. Changed? He asked himself as he climbed his staircase. What was wrong with the jeans and T-shirt he was wearing? Sure his shirt was a little childish, featuring a couple of Star Wars storm troopers, but it should be fine for dinner and a movie. “I hope we’re not going anywhere too fancy,” he muttered to himself. Then again, he did act like a jackass, so perhaps he would just bite the bullet and wear whatever she had picked out. Chapter 3 – She Takes Control Paula readied herself on the bed as she heard her husband bound up the stairs. She needed to get herself into character if she was going to pull this night off. As nervous as she was, she was also excited to give her husband exactly what he needed. John, on the other side of the closed master bedroom door, paused momentarily to humble himself before reaching for the knob. As he entered, he managed to get out the words, “Babe, I’m sorry I was such a jerk,” before the sight of his wife took away his ability to speak. Paula, wearing her skimpiest, black lace dress, sat cross legged on the newly-made bed, leaning back with her arms supporting her body behind her. At 30 years old, she was in fantastic shape, having bounced back from her pregnancy incredibly quick. Although she wasn’t as thin and toned as she had been back in high school on the school track team, she was perfect in every way to John. Paula had the exact body type that John lusted after. Soft curves on light skin, with a round, plump ass that begged to be slapped regularly. He could make out her breasts behind the straps of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra, he noticed, and appreciated. If he had known then that she also wasn’t wearing any panties, he might have already had an erection. “You were a jerk,” said Paula, cutting into the tension. “But you also need a night out tonight, so I got Alicia at the last minute.” “Thanks,” John replied. “I do think I need a night out. I’ve been so stressed out lately and I took it out on you. I’m really sorry about all of it. So are we going somewhere fancy or what?” “We’re going where I say we’re going!” said Paula, jumping to her feet and closing the door behind me. She sauntered up behind me and whispered into my ear, “In fact, I’ve planned our entire evening, and you WILL do as I say without any complaints. Think of it as your punishment for acting so childish lately.” John couldn’t help but feel his cock stir in his jeans at his wife’s sudden show of authority. He was normally the dominant one in the relationship, even though she really pulled all the strings. This aggressive side was rarely seen and almost never incorporated into their bedroom play. “Well I need to know where we are going so I know what to wear,” he snapped back. Perhaps he hadn’t quite accepted his role for the evening yet. “Strip down and sit down on the bed. I will pick out your clothes for tonight,” demanded Paula as she crossed the room to the far corner in front of the bed. Works for me, thought John, as he shed his clothes on the ground and hopped into bed clad in only his boxer briefs. “No,” Paula said sternly. “Take it all off.” And with that, she lifted up the lid of their bedroom trunk, revealing John’s secret stash. John suddenly realized just what Paula had planned for him. He swallowed hard, terrified at what he knew would come, but once again, his cock betrayed his thoughts, slightly stiffening beneath his soon-to-be-removed adult underwear. Chapter 4 – Correcting A Bad Attitude Paula could see her husband was at a loss for words. She could also see his mind race as he tried to piece together her full intentions. She decided to be bold, and spell it out for him as clear as day. “You’re going to be diapered tonight, babe,” she started, hoping to correct any confusion right off the bat. “Based on how you’ve been acting lately, you definitely don’t deserve this, but I think the timing has never been better to grant you your ultimate fantasy and hopefully take you out of that funk you’ve been in.” John couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Here he was, thinking he’d need to beg for forgiveness in order to get any action tonight, and instead, his beautiful wife had taken the initiative to make his sexual dreams come true. “Thank you,” the lucky man mustered meekly. The couple was honest with each other about their respective kinks pretty early on in their relationship and for the most part, had been willing participants. John was so nervous when he told Paula about his adult baby side that he could feel his heart beating out of his chest as he strung the words together. “I enjoy adults who wear diapers,” John had plainly stated at the time. “I like to regress and wear diapers, and I also like women who regress and wear diapers.” To her credit, Paula had managed to maintain her composure despite being shocked by the admission. It helped that she had some pretty out-there fetishes of her own to fess up to, including an attraction to rope play, rough sex and other aspects of the bdsm scene. From time to time, she’d even appease John by participating in his role play sex games as a baby herself, complete with diaper and pacifier. But Paula was a natural submissive. Never before had she seriously taken on the role as the top, and she had certainly never done so when it came to John’s age play. As much as she liked to keep John happy and indulge him from time to time, it was hard to stomach the idea of her man in diapers. John was 5’11’’, and pudgy at 215 pounds, but he had the physique of a former athlete and you could easily make out some muscle underneath his soft belly and arms. Paula had always been into bigger guys, and loved it when John mounted her from above, feeling his full weight on her. John was usually her big strong protector, not a helpless infant desperate to nurse at her breast. Still, she loved him enough to try, even if she wasn’t very confident that she could keep up her made-up motherly tone. Chapter 5 – Getting Changed For The Night “I said take it all off,” she demanded once again before walking over and ripping down John’s underwear past his ankles. “Now, which diaper will you be wearing tonight?” John had his favorites. He had loved the Bambino Classic line when they first came out, but since then there have been many more additions to the industry and his current favorite was a safari-themed disposable from Rearz. “The safari animal one,” John answered, already blushing from shame. Paula grinned. Her plan was working perfectly as John was all too happy to go along with his so-called “punishment.” With him firmly on board, eager even, she decided to step it up a bit. John loved to regress and he had always wanted Paula to play that motherly part for him, but she also knew that John also loved to be teased, if not outright humiliated. This was her chance to test the waters. “I don’t know about the safari print for YOUR diaper,” she said, putting extra emphasis on her last two words. “How about these pretty pink princess diapers instead?” John knew she was just kidding, holding up her own usual diaper, but he couldn’t stop his cock from flinching at the slightly emasculating comment. He had no interest in being a sissy, but he loved that his wife was using the threat to stay in control. “Ummm, no please,” he responded. “That’s a girl’s diaper.” “Really?” she asked. “I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t wear it. In fact, I think my little boy might like the pink diaper more seeing how hard he got when I mentioned it.” The blood drained from John’s face as he heard his wife’s words. She was right, he was rock hard. Thankfully, she spared him the further embarrassment by tossing the princess diaper back in the trunk. She grabbed the safari print and some dinosaur plastic pants and walked over to the bed. “Butt up,” she instructed. John complied, lifting his butt into the air so Paula could slide the diaper under him. When his cheeks touched down on the soft inner lining, he knew it would be difficult to get the front of the diaper on over his rigid member. As if she was reading his mind, Paula then raised the diaper up over John’s cock, holding it tightly in place as she began to lay out the ground rules for the evening. “If we’re going to do this tonight, then you need to agree to some rules,” she said. “You will use your diaper tonight as it is intended. Furthermore, when you have to go, you will ask me for permission. You will do as I say. If you disobey a direct order from me or protest anything, then I will make you regret it.” Paula’s vague list of rules and her final threat worried John, and as a result, his throbbing hard on had been reduced enough to allow her to securely fasten the tapes on her husband’s diaper. Suddenly, his excitement was cut with some apprehension. After she had finished pulling up his dinosaur-print plastic pants, to which she affectionately referred to as his “plastic panties,” Paula pulled her husband up and told him to put on the same clothes he was wearing earlier. “The Star Wars shirt will be perfect for my little baby boy,” she said. John’s normally tanned face was tomato red and he could feel the heat as Paula continued to poke fun at his condition. Although he liked his Star Wars shirt, he was a little worried at how short it was. He was wearing a high-waisted diaper that stood out above his jeans. If he was forced to bend over or reach for anything, his secret might be revealed. The thought of being caught in his diapered state nearly made his knees buckle. Paula brought him back to reality. “Go downstairs and say goodnight to your daughter,” she instructed. John did as he was told. Meanwhile, Paula loaded up her makeshift diaper bag. She briefly flirted with the idea of throwing in the pink princess diaper, but eventually settled on a Tykeables disposable in a blue pattern. She also threw in some baby wipes, and for laughs, a blue pacifier and an empty sippy cup. Chapter 6 – A Rocky Start John’s heart sunk to his feet when he saw Paula making her way down the steps. The bag she had selected for their night out did nothing to hide the blue diaper poking out from the top. With the quickness of a cheetah, John ushered his wife out the door before Alicia had a chance to get a good look. Alicia was curious why John went upstairs to change, only to return in his original outfit. She also thought she heard a light crinkle sound coming from his direction as he scurried out of the house, but quickly dismissed the idea from her mind. In the driver’s seat, an amused Paula smiled to herself while John’s panicked breaths filled the silence. When he could finally manage the words, he blurted out the question, “That bag is a little obvious don’t you think?” Except, what came out sounded more like, “I can’t believe you were so obvious with that bag! What were you thinking? The babysitter might have seen it!” Paula almost immediately slammed on the brakes, pulling over to the side of the road in their small, residential neighborhood. “Someone has already forgotten the rules, it seems.” John immediately regretted his choice of words. “I’m not so sure you should be talking very much at all right now.” Paula then reached into her husband’s diaper bag and pulled out his pacifier. With a single thrust, she pointed it nipple first at John’s mouth. His eyes grew big, but John knew enough to not resist this demand. He slowly opened his mouth and let his wife pop in his infantile soother. He was feeling pouty at the moment, despite getting his wish fulfilled. Looking out the window, he knew it was dark enough outside that most of the neighboring cars wouldn’t be able to see. Even still, he hung his head in shame below the window’s frame, just in case. Almost instinctively, he began sucking. “There you go,” Paula said. “Now my baby won’t be so fussy.” With a look of satisfaction, she put the car in drive and pulled back onto the road. It wasn’t long before they reached the restaurant. Chapter 7 – Dinner John was starving by the time they reached the restaurant, his favorite Thai spot, but he was nervous he would be found out. He certainly didn’t want to get out of the car still sucking on his pacifier. Luckily, Paula let him remove it before unbuckling him from his seat. “Now, I want you to behave when we’re inside,” she instructed. “I want to keep this fun for you, so I’ll take care of everything, but if you question me again like you did with your diaper bag then I will make sure you are thoroughly embarrassed before the night was over. Do you understand?” “Yes,” John replied. “Yes, what?” demanded Paula. “Yes… mommy,” said John. He could feel his diapered crotch strain against the front of his jeans. Paula was surprised by how easily she was taking control. In truth, she was beginning to like it. As her husband walked, more like waddled, in front of her towards the entrance, she could just make out the sound of the top of his diaper rustling against his t-shirt. With nobody watching, she reached down to the hem of her dress and slowly worked a finger up towards her slit. She was soaking wet, proof that her husband’s regression was something she could get off on, even if she did usually prefer him to be the one doing the heavy lifting. After being greeted by the hostess, John was relieved to see a relatively empty dining space in front of him. There were just three other tables occupied in the whole restaurant, two by other couples and a third by a group of four girls, most likely from the nearby university. John and Paula were seated in a booth, placed in the corner. It was far enough away from the sorority table that it was difficult to make out more than small bits of the conversation, but it wasn’t completely private either. John picked up his menu, only to see Paula snatch it from his hands. “Mommy will order for you,” she explained, a little too loudly for John’s comfort. When the server appeared, Paula ordered two Kirin beers, a couple of waters, some red curry, garlic noodles and crab wontons. She knows me well, thought John, mentally complimenting his wife on her order. He wasn’t surprised that she was encouraging him to drink his beer so fast. He knew that she wanted him in a wet diaper sooner or later, and he happily did his part, downing not only his beer, but his glass of water and half of hers as well. Taking care to not flood his diaper and cause an embarrassing leak, John slowly let his bladder go. The spicy food led to even more drinking. In fact, Paula had to visit the restroom twice before she finally asked John about his bathroom needs. “I already went,” said John, feeling satisfied with himself. “I told you that you had to ask for permission before using your diaper,” Paula annoyingly countered. “Oh yeah,” he said. He had forgotten about that part. But he was being a good boy otherwise and he hoped that she would let it go. “We’re going to try again, so keep drinking,” she said. “This time, when you have to go, you ask mommy if you can pee in your diaper.” She had said the last sentence much too loud for John and the girls were now staring in their direction. “Keep your voice down,” he whispered, practically begging. That was the opening she needed. “How dare you tell me to keep my voice down,” Paula said sternly. “I am in charge here and you will do as I say.” With that, she reached for the diaper bag she had placed on her concealed side of the booth and slowly moved it over to the visible side. John looked on in horror, seeing his blue Tykeables diaper peeking out of the top of the bag, now perceptible to anyone who might glance over in their direction. Then, Paula removed the sippy cup from the bag, filled it with John’s beer, and served it to him. “I’ll put it away once it’s empty,” she explained, biting her own lip anxiously at her sudden brashness. John was mortified, but his only choice was to comply. He quickly chugged his sippy cup and immediately handed it back to her. “Good boy,” she said, slowly putting the cup back into the bag. John couldn’t help but hear the snickers coming from the sorority table, but he didn’t dare look up in their direction. Instead, he glanced across the room to one of the couples on the far wall. Much to his disappointment, they too had noticed his choice of beer glass and were outright laughing. Fearing she may have gone a tad too far, Paula asked for the check, left a wad of cash on the table and dragged her husband out of the restaurant and to the parking lot. Chapter 8 – The Night Continues They made it back to their car without further incident. Paula was sure that John would call the whole thing off right then and there, but to her surprise, he looked thrilled. “Are you okay?” she asked tentatively. “Yes, I’m okay…. Mommy,” he replied sheepishly. In reality, he was better than okay. He felt exhilarated. As much as he had been ashamed in that booth to be in his regressed, infantile state, he couldn’t ignore just how excited he had been by the whole ordeal. More importantly, all of his work-related stress was gone and he was solely focused on their outing, ecstatic that his wife was willing and able to help. “Mommy, I have to go potty again,” John said softly, facing away towards his window. Paula, happy to see her husband not only playing again, but following the rules, let her hand slip towards her lap when she heard her husband’s words. “Okay, baby boy.” She could be as loud as she wanted to be in the closed car of an empty lot. “Unbutton those jeans and pull them down slightly along with your panties. Mommy wants to see how wet you are first.” John did as he was told, even with the disparaging comment about his “panties,” but he knew his diaper would still hold a few more accidents. While his yellowed crotch was a sure sign he had wet, his plastic pants were actually doing a good job of keeping his diaper from sagging. Without saying anything, Paula reached across John’s lap and pulled the lever to recline his seat. With him now laying back, her right hand found the front of John’s soiled diaper, feeling it’s heavy bulk. With her left hand, she took two digits and slowly pumped them in and out of her own wet, hairless cunt. “Go ahead and wet your diaper for mommy, baby,” she instructed. John was already bursting at the seams so it didn’t take long before he flooded his diaper with another stream of hot piss. The fact that his mommy was there to feel his crotch as he did it only made his pleasure more intense. If she wanted to, he would let her mount him right there. Instead, Paula removed her hands, pulled up John’s plastic pants and jeans and returned his seat to its normal position. John was frustrated, but also happy that his adventure was to continue. He didn’t even bother trying to hide his smile when Paula popped his paci back in his mouth. Chapter 9 – Hard To Focus On The Movie Paula was quite pleased with herself as she drove to their next stop, a luxury movie theater on the other side of town that had grown popular in recent years thanks to reclining leather seats and beers on tap. John was happy to see them pull into the theater lot. He had wanted to see the new Marvel movie for a month. Once again, Paula got out of the car and walked around to John’s passenger side. She unbuckled his seat belt and removed the pacifier from his mouth. As she did, she felt some slight resistance from John as he tried to continue sucking on his paci. She made a mental note of that, reminding herself to let her husband indulge his oral fixation more often. They got out of the car and this time, she left without the diaper bag. “Hold mommy’s hand while we cross the street,” she said. “It’s dangerous to cross without an adult.” John blushed a bright shade of crimson, but looked around and saw no one within earshot. Paula took John’s hand in hers as they crossed the lot. He felt smaller than ever when Paula took his hand. She didn’t interlock their fingers like she normally did. Instead, she led him like she was the one true adult in the relationship. They picked up their tickets and then a couple of beers before heading to their seat. John was happy that Paula chose the seats in the very back of the theater. Once the lights came down, Paula immediately dug two fingers back into her sopping wet pussy. The entire night had been a surprising turn on from the start and she needed a small bit of relief. Who knew that taking control would have this effect? John noticed Paula almost immediately, but didn’t say anything out of fear that she would make him use the pacifier during the movie. Instead, she took her other hand and reached inside his jeans, feeling his swollen member through his very wet diaper. John thought he was going to get a hand job out of this, but Paula never increased her tempo. It was almost as if she was just teasing his cock and getting off on being withholding. It only took a few circles around her clit to cum, which she managed to do in relative silence. Fortunately, the movie was action-packed and therefore loud. Plus, it had already been out for a while and there wasn’t many people in the audience. Paula sat in post-orgasm bliss for half of the movie when John suddenly leaned over. “I have to go potty again,” he said quietly. Paula’s ears perked up. “Go ahead and use your diaper baby,” she whispered. “That’s what your diaper is for.” John loved hearing his wife talk about his diaper. The phrase “your diaper” was simultaneously arousing and belittling at the same time and he couldn’t help but get off on it. Even though he hadn’t technically cum yet tonight, he was thrilled to see his wife enjoying herself so much. Even if she wasn’t a huge fan of the diapers he knew that it was ultimately beneficial for her to be the dominant one once in a while. It was a pleasant thought that quickly left John’s mind once he let go of his bladder. It didn’t take long to realize that his diaper wasn’t going to hold the full load. Hopefully his plastic pants would their job, but John wasn’t optimistic. Paula could tell something was wrong, so she leaned over to ask. “I think I leaked,” answered John, with panic growing in his eyes. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “You don’t know anybody on this side of town anyway.” When the movie finished, John and Paula waited until everyone had left the theater before surveying the damage. John stood up and turned around to give his wife a good look. “Yep, you leaked alright,” she confirmed. John had dark urine streaks on his jeans extending down his inner thighs below his diaper line. Paula then stood up and pulled John’s shirt up, hoping to get a better view of his backside while simultaneously exposing the top part of his disposable diaper and plastic pants. “Excuse me,” came a voice from beside them. Neither John nor Paula had noticed the theater worker in the aisle, coming in to sweep up popcorn and throw away the empty paper cups. She couldn’t have been older than 16, but there was no doubting that she fully understood what she was looking at. This was a grown man, having his leaked diaper checked by his wife. John nearly died on the spot. Paula was also embarrassed, but figured she might as well double down now that they had already been caught. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We’ll be out of the way in a moment. My husband here just had a small accident.” Now jelly-legged, John had to sit down before he fainted. The theater worker only let out a small chuckle before on moving to a different row. After a minute, John regained his composure and the two of them exited the theater, with many eyes planted firmly on his wet backside. Chapter 10 – A Much Needed Change John made it to the car about thirty paces ahead of Paula. He was pitching a very large tent in his diaper, but he wanted the embarrassment to end. He tugged at the door handle only to see it was still locked. “Can you please unlock it?” he pleaded. “Wait for me,” she answered. “You’re not getting into the car with those wet pants.” “Well what do you want me to do about it?” he asked. “It’s not like we brought a change of pants.” Paula took a deep breath and readied herself for John’s jaw to drop. This is where he got his ultimate wish fulfilled. This is the mental image that he had been jerking off to for years in the shower. Paula took her keys out and unlocked the trunk of their SUV. The pop of the latch put a lump in John’s throat. He knew where this was going, so he took a second to survey the parking lot. Luckily, Paula had anticipated this scenario and parked in the last row along the far back retaining wall. The SUV’s hatch back pointed towards the wall, limiting the car from view and most foot traffic. Still, they would have to work fast. “Up you go,” Paula said with a point towards the flat bed of the trunk. “Are you sure about this?” John asked uneasily. “You know you want to,” she countered. He knew she was right. “Besides, little babies don’t care where they get changed or who sees them.” John sat down in the back of the car, his legs hanging out over the rear bumper. Paula removed his sneakers, which was easy since he never bothered to tie his laces. Then she took off his socks. They had been yellowed by some runaway urine. Next came the jeans, which she balled up and threw in the back seat, leaving John exposed in just his plastic pants, diaper and t-shirt. When she looked up, she made eye contact across the lot with another mother and her young son as she dragged him to the van. The mother gave her an acknowledging nod, not able to see that the boy Paula was changing was actually a 32-year-old grown adult. Paula didn’t bother telling John about the woman because she knew it would only worry him and ruin the moment. Instead, Paula bent over, lifted up John’s shift and blew a raspberry kiss into his belly. John was extremely ticklish and couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh, which easily gave away his age to the mother now getting in her car. The mother looked back with a disgusted look, but Paula paid it no mind. In fact, exposing her husband’s secret, especially without him realizing it, had made her wet once again. With the van now out of the lot, Paula continued with the change. She unsnapped John’s plastic pants and set them aside. “I don’t think we can use these panties again,” she said condescendingly. John’s whole body temperature went up as she emasculated him again. “Let’s see what’s in this diaper now shall we?” Paula slowly removed the tape panels from John’s diaper and was greeted with the slightly unpleasant smell of urine. “At least it you didn’t go stinkies for mommy,” she joked. It was only then that she realized that John’s diaper bag, and replacement diaper, was still in the back seat of the car. “One second,” she said, leaving John laying spread eagle on an open, wet diaper while she went around to grab his dry backup. It only took a few moments, but it felt like hours to John who laid there exposed for all the world to see. He felt small and unimportant, but he simultaneously felt happiness and love. Paula returned with his diaper and the wipes, not bothering to hide them from sight. She lovingly wiped down John’s shaft, balls and crack, making sure to remove any traces of urine. She made sure to pay extra special attention to the head of John’s cock, which he liked, and his taint under his balls, which he loved. He was once again rock hard. “Lift your butt,” she said. John did as he was told while she removed the soiled diaper and laid down the new one. Paula made sure everything was lined up properly before taking John’s rod into her mouth, teasing him with a few light sucks before securing the new diaper in place. John was starting to get blue balls, but there was no taming his erection after what happened next. Just as Paula finished applying the fourth and final tape across her husband’s diapered crotch, she heard a familiar voice behind her. Chapter 11 – A Friendly Run In “Paula, is that you? Paula knew who it was instantly. It was Charlene, her good friend from the bar who worked as a server. Charlene was just a couple years younger than her, single, no kids and in great shape. Paula had always thought she was hot, as did John. This time, it was Paula who was humiliated, but as she turned around to confront the situation, she decided to just be up front about it. “Hey Charlene,” she responded. “Is that John in the car, wearing a diaper?” Charlene asked incredulously. John could only bury his face in his hands. He couldn’t even cover up since the only other things in the trunk with him were his wet diaper and plastic pants. “Yes, that’s John,” Paula admitted. “Listen Charlene, I hope you can keep this between us. John would just die if anybody found out about his fetish.” John felt like he was going to pass out. “Oh, I just assumed he was incontinent. It didn’t occur to me that he just liked acting like a little baby,” said Charlene. That would’ve been a better excuse, thought Paula. “Yes, he likes acting like a baby,” continued Paula. “He likes being my little baby boy. If you had gotten here just a little earlier, you would’ve witnessed me changing his very wet diaper.” “Hey, whatever keeps the fire burning, right?” said Charlene, awkwardly. “Your secret is safe with me. See you at work tomorrow.” With that, Charlene rushed off, leaving Paula to compose herself and John on the verge of tears. He hadn’t uttered an entire word during the grownup conversation, because he felt like he couldn’t. As ashamed as he was in that moment, his cock told a different story. “Get down and get into the car,” ordered Paula. John didn’t have pants, but he also didn’t protest. Things couldn’t get any more embarrassing for him anyway. The trip around to the passenger seat took roughly five seconds and nobody was left in the lot anyway. Paula joined him in the driver’s seat just a few seconds later. Both looked at each other, smiled and then burst into laughter. This was some of the most fun they’d had in years. Chapter 12 – Some Fun On The Way Home Paula started up the car and set them in the direction home, but she wasn’t quite ready for the night to end. She reached into her husband’s diaper bag and gave him back his paci. He impatiently accepted it and began sucking right away. Moreover, he now had his hand on his diaper and was subtly trying to rub himself against the seat cushion. He desperately needed a release. That gave her an idea. “Does mommy’s baby boy need to make cummies?” she asked, already knowing the answer. John could only nod affirmative, his furrowed brow clueing her in to the blue balls in his diaper. “It’s okay,” she reassured him. “Mommy will make you feel all better very soon.” Paula was just a few miles from the house when she pulled off the main highway onto a dirt road. John wondered where he was being taken as the street lights disappeared and Paula pulled over into the darkness. “Get in the back seat,” she ordered. John didn’t need to be told twice, jumping his diapered butt into the air and hopping over the center console. Paula just laughed as she got out of the car and entered from the more dignified back door. “Someone’s impatient.” Paula sat down and patted the seat, asking John to join her. She swiftly turned him in the opposite direction and pulled him backwards onto her lap, dressed only in his Star Wars t-shirt and diaper. She lowered the left strap of her dress, releasing her breast, and pointed her nipple at John’s awaiting face. John hungrily pulled on Paula’s tit, making her moan in ecstasy. While his tongue danced circles around her areola, she lowered her right hand to his diaper, slowly stroking his cock through the padded crotch. They continued to embrace in this manner for several minutes, forming a closeness as lovers they had rarely explored before. After hearing John’s rapid breathing pattern and recognizing that she was also getting short of breath, Paula announced a position change. She instructed John to sit down in the center of the back seat. Hiking up her dress around her waist, and lowering her other strap to expose both of her full breasts, she mounted John’s diapered lap. John hastily went to back to work on his wife’s tits, now that they were at eye level, while Paula’s bald cunt grinded aggressively against the lump in his diaper. After another minute of teasing, Paula reached down and finally released John’s cock by un-taping his diaper. “Do you want to play with my toy, mommy?” John asked. “Yes, give mommy your toy,” Paula said, sliding John’s throbbing member inside her. “You make mommy feel really good baby. You’re going to make mommy have an accident of her own.” With no more than a dozen strokes, Paula was screaming with her second orgasm of the night. She grabbed her husband’s head as she impaled herself deeply over and over again on his dick. Now it was John’s turn, and she knew just what would set him off. “Grab the diaper and pull it up around us,” she shouted. John loved it when she asked for that. On the rare occasions when she did consent to diaper play, she would often throw in this move, knowing that John wanted to feel the diaper as well. This time, it was his diaper that they were sharing. Paula grabbed the pacifier and again put it in her husband’s mouth. She then leaned down, pushing her face against his and began passionately kissing his cheeks, which she knew drove him crazy. She started in on the dirty talk. Being in the middle of nowhere without another soul in sight, she could be as loud as she wanted. “Do you like it when mommy’s shares your diaper? I bet you do. You love it when mommy plays with your pee-pee. Are you going to fill up mommy with your special cummies? Be a good boy and make cummies for mommy in your diaper.” With her last words, once again emphasizing “your diaper,” John’s cock finally erupted, shooting forward a seemingly endless stream of cum into his gorgeous wife, er, mommy. Completely drained by the experience, he was surprised when Paula hopped off and reapplied his diaper tapes. “You still want me to wear it?” he asked. “No sense in letting it go to waste,” she explained. “Besides, you still don’t have any pants, and you’ll need something to get inside the house. I’ll do my best to distract her, but I can’t guarantee that she won’t catch a glimpse.” John broke into a nervous sweat. He had totally forgotten about the babysitter.
  5. Hiya guys! So out of curiosity for conversations, possible future meet ups and what not... Who's all close to the central valley and laces like Dinuba, Tulare, Fresno, Sanger, Madera, and so forth?! Let's all sound off, say hey, or just let us fellow friends know that we're near and dear. It's a big world for us littles and other people out there!
  6. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a link to the Littlespace Online community. While it is targeted more for Caregiver/little dynamics, littles, and middles (an ageplay mindset older than diaper-age typically--but not always!) we would be more than pleased to see more AB/DL running around the site having fun. We have some nifty things like free adult coloring pages, raffles, giveaways, a personals ads area, a live chat room, how-to guides, informative resources, an online store, and more. We've been around for about a year now and have over 5,500 members so we're pretty active! It's a great adult community of friendly people so if you're looking to branch out a little please do check out the site. We're also open to promoting podcasts and things related to ABDL and ageplay so we might be a great resource there too! http://www.littlespaceonline.com/ I hope to see you around soon!
  7. I got a question how did you find your mommy's and