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Found 8 results

  1. Let me be upfront for those unfamiliar with my life history: I am a woman born in 1964 into a family in which female descendants of my maternal Granny Vi's mother have a history of bladder control problems. By the time I was born my mother Alice, her sister Aunt Betsy and their mother Granny Vi were totally urinary incontinent. Probably this was true for all of Granny's sisters and her other daughters whom I never got to know very well. I've had no bladder control since I was 21. The same is true for my 3 sisters and Aunt Betsy's daughter. Just a few of the male descendents, such as my younger brother and Betsy's older son, have bladder control problems which are not as severe as their sisters. Granny Vi had no sons, only five daughters. She raised her girls with the hope each would retain bladder control yet never being embarrassed about wearing absorbent protective under garments. Aunt Betsy and my Mom did the same thing. Growing up we were not treated as babies even when toilet learning was delayed. In the family it was no secret that Granny Vi, Aunt Betsy and my Mom all needed diapers 24/7 to function as responsible adults in a primarily continent world. Those of us with small over-active bladders would be nicely asked to wear 'just-in-case' diapers on long car rides and for special occasions. In the interest of toilet learning we were encouraged to tell an adult when we felt the need to pee or poop, but we were never scolded for not doing so. Once toilet trained and wearing a diaper for mutual convenience on a trip, instead of asking "When will we get there?" we simply used our diapers. At the next stop whose who needed it would have a diaper change. Mom encouraged us to be pen pals with the children of family friends who had bladder problems. Doing so helped us learn to be discreet and compassionate when discussing these issues which do embarrass many nice folks. Several years before I reached puberty I began to feel some of my pen pals intensely disliked diapers while others found diapers comforting. Personally I was never embarrassed or ashamed when diapered, but I preferred wearing more conventional panties when I was sure I could use a toilet in time. Flash forward to 1985. That was my summer between pre-law university and moving to law school when I lost all my daytime control. The expense and logistics of diapers 24/7 was overwhelming! Often that depressed me. In 1990 I had been a licensed attorney for 2 years. I had my own apartment. Needing to buy disposable diapers constantly and to carry used diapers to the dumpster was a drag. My youngest sister Missy was already married and was the first of my siblings to present our parents with a grandchild. When my niece was about 9 months old I told Missy my diapers were depressing me. Missy burst out laughing, "Angela, do like I do. Simply have fun with your diapers when you get the chance. Do you know there is a whole world of very nice adults who have control yet wear diapers for fun? Some of them call themselves 'adult babies'." Missy then handed me a copy of FETISH TIMES with an article all about a club called Diaper Pail Fraternity and another article about a magazine published in Seattle called THE PLAY PEN. To me the people mentioned seemed sensible. Missy put a new pacifier in my mouth, "Sis, give it a try. Relax. Chill!" Suddenly I felt far less depressed. Flash forward to the early fall of 1995. I had been writing a regular column for the DPF Newsletter since early 1991 and had been happily married to a good man willing to cooperate when I needed to chill as a big baby girl since October 1991. Out of the blue through DPF I received a letter from a male psychologist married to a female urology resident. They were worried by the number of children who never wanted to give up diapers. Most of those children became so desperate for diapers they resorted to stealing them from younger siblings, relatives, church nurseries, even from stores. They begged me, as an attorney who wore diapers, to join their effort to encourage parents to freely let their kids wear diapers just for fun. Mutually we felt the risk of those children being arrested for stealing was worst than the cost of providing a few packs of diapers. Often when given diapers the kid lost interest quickly. But if a kid still wanted diapers after a couple of weeks, then the kid probably was an infantilist for life. At that point the parenting goal was to teach the kids to be circumspect while obtaining, using and disposing of diapers. To inculcate those lessons the parents needed to avoid judgment. They needed to communicate with the kid. They needed to set realistic rules, such as how the kids could help pay for the diapers. By late 1996 about 20 medical, mental health and legal professionals mutually formed WHEN KIDS LOVE DIAPERS as an on-line resource aimed at parents. Of course it turned out quite a few older kids discovered the WKLD website. By 2000 the founders of WKLD felt the risk to our professional reputations were too great to continue. Until recently a mirror website still presented a sample of WKLD circa 1999. Think about a world in which people of all ages can wear diapers for whatever reason without risk or judgment? Does this make common sense?
  2. I have found the largest baby diapers in the world! Being a diaper collector I have searched all over collecting the largest sizes in baby diaper lineups. They are called Darlings baby diapers. this is the size 7 (largest size they actually manufacture). They are rated at 24-36kg children, or the average 6-12 year old child. Measurements are the same as the GoodNites and DryNites size XL. They are manufactured in Kuwait and only available to the people of Kuwait. A great find for collectors! I have some sealed unopened packages of these Diapers as well as samples available for sale or trade. Would like to talk with other collectors whi collect the same kind of diapers. See images.
  3. Hello I have been away for a while due to things coming in and out of my life but I am back now and I have an interesting idea for a group roleplay that I would like to do. This role play will mostly evolve around the house probably of some description (will be decided later. Depending on how many people join, what sort of characters we have and things). The roleplay will start out with everybody getting ready for the sleepover (packing suitcase and ect. This will allow you to decide what to put in your suitcase or what you will be bringing to the sleepover. If you are part of the family who are hosting the sleepover you will probably be doing other things like getting food, drinks ready, setting up things, etc) everybody will then be dropped off by their parents, sibling or someone who is a responsible Guardian. The role play will then continue on from here completely non-scripted but at some point the kids will go to bed. Sometime during the night it will start to snow. Come morning this is how we will be snowed in Everybody in the building will be now snowed in and will have to survive the coming days. Sometimes things will happen be beyond our control determined by dice rolls. This will be done using another website due to the fact this website has no built-in application for such things. I may ask you to roll a dice sometimes to determine other things as well or I may roll a dice to determine things myself. All natural events will be determined by me rolling a dice of my choosing. The dice will be used to randomly determined stuff basically. Rules 1. I would like no one line sentences(I understand that this may pop up from time to time but if it happens too often it's not good) 2. Please try to be constructive with your replies make them interesting and such. 3. Please make sure that you're replies are somewhat realistic so if there's a bunch of snow covering the house you can't magically teleport outside or something like that. 4. Please do not complain about use of other website this is only because this website has no any way to roll dice with posts. The other website is only being used to be able to roll dice and so everybody in the roleplay can see what the results are. 5. If you wish to leave the roleplay at any point for any reason or you are going to be gone for quite a while please let me know in pms. so we can work around this. ............. Character sheet time and questions For the moment you can have up to two characters Name: Age:(4-10. 1 slot available for ages 16-24) Appearance:(optional) Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Additional needs:(optional. Autism, ADHD and so on) Relation to (sleepover hosts name here.) Would you be interested in hosting the sleepover at your house?. situation to start off with: (does he or she wear any type of protective underwear during the day or at night if so provide details. Includes bedwetting, potty training, etc) Do you wish to be put in any type of protective 'underwear' in future (yes,no, maybe, only with my permission, the person in charge get gets to decide, leave it up to a dice roll) Would you like some family members to come to the sleepover with you: (siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. All players must accept relationship) Are you ok with your character sharing a bed?(yes if needed, no way, yes actually I would like to share a bed with someone, if you have a particular name of other character or characters you would like to share with please provide your answer followed by their character name) Baby i things like and dislike in roleplays: (you only need to fill in this once. Anything listed will allow us to know what you like and dislike. d=dislike l=like .Examples spanking=L, harsh punishments=D, bottle feeding= L) Backstory: (optional) Extra (optional) I agree with using other website:(do you agree that you will need to use another website to in order to be part of this role play. You don't even have to register or sign up for account. The website is only used for dice rolls which are part of this role play if there was a way to roll dice on this website as part of posts we would not need to use this other site.) Do you agree that I can pm you with the details about the website: End of character sheet... I will be posting my own characters soon.
  4. Home from work....

    Before I begin i'm just gonna say this is my first time role playing. I hope I did it right. I just got home from my construction job. I'm a single dad with joint custody of my 3 kids (You can pick whos who, first come first serve.) The baby sitter is outside the house smoking a cigarette playing with her phone. Baby Sitter: Long day huh Mr.Cortez? Me: Yeah.... ( As a sit down in the porch taking off my boots) How were the kids, Amber? Baby Sitter: Eh they were fine like always, tho they were telling me they were hoping to spend the weekend at the lake. Me: I don't know, I might have to work overtime. The project deadline is fucking close and Billy Bob told me that I gotta hurry it up. Baby Sitter: You work too much Mr.Cortez (Her phone rings she answers) Yeah boo, Mr.Cortez just came, are you gonna pick me up so we can go to WalMart to buy that lap top you wanted? -Baby Sitter continues to babble while I stand up and pull out my wallet from my back pocket. Me: So what's the damage? Baby Sitter: Just 30 bucks this time sir, keep the rest so your kids and have a good weekend with their papa. Me: Haha, you're an angel Amber Baby Sitter then takes my money and jumps into her boy friend's pick-up truck. I then open my front door and see................
  5. Blended Family

    25 year old Joey Sanders waited in the living room for his new girlfriend of a year, Natalie. Joey had met Natalie through his best friend whom had dated Natalie's sister. Joey had been skeptical about matchmaking, but it was love at first sight. Earlier in the month, he had asked her to move in. She eagerly accepted. He eventually planned on marrying her. Joey and Natalie had one big thing in common: children. Joey was the proud father of 2 year old Jaxon Sanders. His mother was no longer in the picture. She signed over her parental rights hours after his birth. Natalie had a 4 year old daughter, Isla. This day was the first step to the rest of their lives.
  6. A flower for me?!

    From the album Art of Lil me

    My boyfriend and I Art belongs to popsicles on fa I am myself and my boyfriend is himself
  7. Shine page 7

    From the album Shine

    I really cant handle kids in real life LOL.
  8. I am looking for 1 or 2 packages if HUGGIES XL from the late 1980's early 1990's. This was BEFORE the number sizing system (see images below). I am willing to pay some money for these diapers in either or both boys and girls. Please contact me if you can help acquire these diapers. (I am a diaper collector for many years of vintage and modern baby/kids diapers)