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Found 2 results

  1. hi guys, been thinking of my own finances. not very savvy here, so been putting most of my money in the bank. earning pathetic interest rate. wary of stocks after 2008. of course with hindsight, now i realised it was stupid, should have kept all money in stocks and be happy now in 2017. so decided to look at some long term investing and see what i can do to plan for my retirement (hey, i cannot be a baby forever right haha) was looking at value investing and dividend stocks investing http://thenewsavvy.com/invest/equities/dividend-investing-101/ saw this article that gives a simple idea on what is dividend investing. u guys have any experience or ideas? I know AAPL because Apple is everywhere, but i don't know what other stocks are good for dividends. i can only google and read but i have a nasty feeling most guys just want me to sign up newsletter and sell me stuff. lol. any help would be appreciated. thanks! beside value investing and dividends investing, what are the other investing styles? Investing though, not trading nor speculation, i am not good at such stuff, so would not touch penny stocks at all
  2. Hey guys, I have been an dl for a majority of my teen years, and now having a lot more Independence I took my diaper life to a 'official' level. Up until recently I had been make-shifting all of my fetish items, and opting for second rate stuff because you can get most of these items from common goods, which require little commitment, especially for younger abdls who still live with prying parents or roommates. As I said before I have gone 'official', which basically means if I want something I get the real thing. Now you may think, no shit the real thing is better, and while you are correct, most young abdl's I have spoken with or met, including myself have forgone this for fear of getting caught or becoming too invested to pull away. I am here to say it is worth it. Especially when it comes to the actual diapers. I lived off of local pharmacy brand diapers like depends for YEARS, thinking I had experienced the best of what diapers had to offer, but good lord was I wrong. If you are one of those younger abdls, like I still am, or just new to the diaper community do yourself a favor and bypass the crap pharmacy brands and buy quality diapers. There are plenty of quality diapers out there for similar prices, and it makes a world of a difference in all aspects. Now the most common issue is acquiring them in a discreet way, a way your parents/roommates cannot trace back to you as these quality diapers are usually only offered online. I did this by buying a pre-paid credit card from a local store such as walmart (make sure to register your card online to where you live, as it is required for online purchases). Then buy the diapers with the card (http://www.xpmedical.com/ is one of many great sites to buy professionally made diapers) and then choose to ship by fedex (or a similar shipping company). Then provide a shipping address to a nearby fedex store which will hold the package until you come pick it up (ID required). You can figure out which stores provide holding services from their website. Once the package arrives they will call you with the number you provide, so make sure it is a number you will pickup and not anyone else, and then just go pick it up! If you end up using xpmedical they have very discreet boxing so go with confidence and get your quality diapers and that's it, you did it! Well, that was much more in-depth than I had originally planned. Really I just wanted to share that opting for second rate stuff out of fear is just not worth it, when in reality it is so easy to get the real deal. I know there are lots of young teen abdls sprouting up in this rapidly growing community and don't want them to wait so long like I did. Anyway, I am sure I am not the first to post something like this, but it's said and done now. So happy diaper hunting!