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Found 2 results

  1. Interactive Art STORY

  2. Hi all, This is my first attempt at a different style of story telling, which I've found fun to read in the past on other sites. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you need to know. Character and plot in is done by me in part, and in part by the readers. You can help guide the main character by submitting plot ideas and thoughts that they might be having. Submit ideas and character thoughts by sending me a message. (Doing character imput in this thread would quickly become messy) [no pun intended] Talented artist wanted for drawing pictures to go with scenes in the story. If that sounds like you, great! It'd be really fun to add color to the thread if possible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: November 1st, 0008 [Year eight] [A picture here would be nice] What happened? Trees sway above you in a foreign place. You feel dazed. Upon sitting upright, a pain on your forehead grabs your attention quickly. You faintly recall being dropped, or something... That bump on the head must have been serious, as you have no idea what your name is. All you know is that you're 23, and female. It's a good thing you still know how to read; you're clenching a necklace with a silvery metal tag. It has this information printed on it for some reason. ---------------------------------------- - YOU = HUMAN - - AGE = 23 - - Sex = Female - ---------------------------------------- Well, you figure you can't be that badly hurt if you can still read. This whole situation makes little sense. Why are you in a forest? A pile of rocks is visible above tall grass not too far away. You get up quickly and make way before finding yourself on the ground again and with a particularily painful pinky toe. Perhaps it was your monumental clumsiness that got you into this situation somehow? You have no idea. If you could simply keep yourself steady on your feet perhaps you wouldn't be here. Even more, would your whole life have turned out better? A strong gust of wind brings you back to reality quickly, it's a little chilly out. You stand and brush yourself off feeling embarrassed. It dawns on you that you're wearing some horrid looking weaved grass outfit. It looks like it's held together with spit and mud. Huh? You decide to continue to make your way to the rock pile, watching your steps a bit closer and trying to silence the self loathing. You hear a faint rustling. A figure appears from behind the rocks. "Hello?" you call. You hear a nervous reply. Getting closer you find the rocks are a little larger than you thought, and smooth like they'd been in a riverbed for a long time. The figure is indeed human like you. They look a bit nervous but also a bit curious. "Hi there" you begin. "i'm uh-" you remember that you don't remember your name. "Uh? is your name?" He responds in a deep voice. "Well actually I don't know... you see... I have a name -I'm almost certain I do- ,but like, I ended up out here somehow... and I think I must have tripped and hurt my head a bit." You finish after rambling a little, You did hurt your head anyhow and you're sure no one is going to pick on you for that. You're satisfied with your attempt at cutting through the daze you're feeling at the moment. "Well, what should I call you? I heard yelling out here last night, I knew i'd find something..." The man trails off while looking at your outfit in horror. [Enter Name]