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Found 42 results

  1. I finally opened my business in wood work. I build furniture galore and have been building cribs, changing tables, etc... I really want to help out and build wooden adult baby furniture. I can deliver only to the United States and am interested in taking orders. I will literally deliver them in person if it saves you money or I can ship. I haven't come up with a cost yet, since this is all pretty new territory. I am based out of The Idaho, Utah area and have a great shop with tons of tools to make these pieces come to life for you! If you're interested, email me, I can see how detailed you want, I'll draft up a design and come up with a cost. I won't even make you pay for it in full till it's delivered and you're satisfied. Hit me up, I'd love to start making furniture for the ABDL world! *Below is a recent crib I built. Adult sizes are a piece of cake! The second photo is a changing table (Minion themed) that later had a pad and safety belt installed on*
  2. My little one's crib

    From the album Mamma Rose's pictures

    This is the crib that I put my little boy in every night. I also put other little ones in the crib, but usually just on days when my boy isn't home. Hopefully some day I will have an extra crib just for guests.
  3. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu
  4. footed pajamas info

    do any one if there is a website like this. .http://adult-baby-shop.eu that is in the UK or USA that ship to the uk
  5. Play Time

    From the album Let's Play! Hooray!!

  6. Hewo?

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics


    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

    I was at the Littles party yesterday and it was the best!
  8. My new crib

    From the album got a new crib

    got this from the most kindest person ever.
  9. 588e2aa759092-DLBiker-20080330(1).jpg

    From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL
  10. 588e2aa577f9d-DLBiker-20100801(2).jpg

    From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL
  11. My new NEWEST Crib!!!

    From the album Let's Play! Hooray!!

    So all I needed now is a door and I got my Newest crib!!!
  12. AB Crib Hack

    Credit goes to Pamper Timmy for working this one out. See his tumblr for pictures http://pampertimmy.tumblr.com/What AB doesn't want a crib of their own? What AB has a few thousand dollars to spend on a professionally made AB crib? Not me. How about you? Pamper Timmy worked out how to have an AB Crib that IS a crib and has plenty of room to have a friend/lover/spouse in your crib too. The idea is amazingly simple. Buy/acquire two identical cribs and one full sized mattress. It is necessary to choose a crib with sides that are of equal shape and size. Essentially, you combine the headboards and footboards. Then, splice together the crib sides to make them longer. The tricky part is the splicing, that will take some effort on your part with acquiring technique and knowledge. However, if you have a background in basic woodworking, and I do mean basic, anyone can do this. Currently, Stanley has some crib plans available for purchase on his website. Ethically, I have issues with that. However, I understand he needs to buy diapers too. When combining two cribs to make an AB sized one, if you do it right, and have some of the tools already, it is very possible it would be cheaper than the 200 dollars Stanley estimates to make his crib. Please check it out.
  13. Angelica's Crib

    From the album Pipsqueakstevie

    This crib, was at Angelica's house, in upstate new york, I was able to sleep in it for four days, and I got the best sleep of my life!

    © pipsqueakstevie

  14. Hey all, I put up some new pics and a video of a King-sized PlayCrib being built. Come check it out: http://ungulate11.wix.com/babicka
  15. 175.00 cribs in utah :)

    Was browsing the net looking for another crib and came across these http://www.dotmed.com/listing/beds-misc./simmons/crib/pediatric-cribs/1855212#
  16. DSC07453

    From the album 2010

  17. DSC06838

    From the album 2009

  18. DSC01541

    From the album 2008

  19. 100 0071

    From the album 2010

  20. 100 0056

    From the album 2010

  21. pamperchus bed

    From the album 2013

  22. Pamperchu and daddy marley

    From the album 2014

  23. Homemade crib idea - need help!

    Hey guys! I suppose I don't need to introduce myself, but I'll give a bit of background. I'm an AB, in college, living with my girlfriend who is very approving of my being an AB, and she even often acts like a mother towards me, which is incredibly awesome. I've been into the ABDL community since I was about 10 years old, and I've loved each and every second of it. The problem is, I got my hopes up. I wanted furniture, adult baby furniture. Specifically, a crib. And I still want that, but the problem is that I don't really have all that much money (college...), and honestly would rather work with my girlfriend to make something homemade, for myself. It'd be more special, I think. We have room for another bed, which will end up being the crib, It'd be a full-size bed (more room, could double as playpen!). The problem with having a crib in the house, is that we often have family and friends and such over, and we host parties quite often. I can't risk anyone seeing a crib, especially my parents who thought I was over this "phase". And I thought of the perfect idea today, when chasing our cat from under our bed. What if I made railings and attached them to the bed, and during the day had them sit like.. down on the floor. They wouldn't be very high with a regular height bed, which is why I would raise the bed from underneath using peg/pedestal things on the wheels to move the bed up enough to have the rails be higher. And at night, or after school, or after work, I can get into bed and pull each railing side up one by one, and there'd be like.. a locking mechanism that locks the four edges of rails together. It'd have to be operable from both sides, meaning that I, from inside the crib, could lock and unlock the rails from each other, and someone on the outside could do so as well. And in the morning, or after I'm done playing baby, I can unlock the rails and smoothly put them down onto the floor, and it can act like a guard to keep the cat out from under the bed and out of the books that are underneath our bed. (my girlfriend and I are both obsessed with books, and never have enough room for them all, hence them taking places in the house like under the bed) Does that seem like a possible idea, guys? If so, please, I could use some help. My girlfriend and I know nothing about engineering and mechanics and woodwork and stuff like that, so if you know if or how this could work, please, please, please let me know!