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Found 44 results

  1. Hi I was just wondering if any cloth wearers have any advice on someone who's just starting out? I saw a picture of Lolette from ABDreams the other day on Tumblr and she was wearing a cloth diaper and it looked really comfortable, how would I get something similar too what she's wearing or how to make them? Picture Link if You Can't See it: http://tinypic.com/r/oqbx8y/8
  2. Performance-wise, I think disposables are better. Also, disposables have much better designs in my opinion. But since I don't want to use too much money on diapers, I usually just wear cloth. After scavenging all over the internet though, I was able to find some pretty cute cloth diapers though lol. What about you? What do you prefer?
  3. I saw these diapers on another post and I tryed to figure out what diapers they were, the other post had nudity so i didn't want to post those pictures. anybody help?
  4. So I am going to start wearing cloth diapers part time, I am interested in the night weight and don't really care about bulk. I could also wear day weight and add one or two doublers. So I am a big guy with a 44 inch waist and normaly wear size L Dry 24/7 disposable. Several questions : 1.Birdseye, Gauze, Flannel? Which is better. 2.Contour, prefold or flat. 3.With so many companies around whom to buy from. Babykins, Adult Cloth Diaper. Dependco, Fetware, llmedico. I know this has been discussed a few times and there is many view points. So what do you suggest?
  5. heya guys im looking for some cloth diapers/nappies but i want patterned ones nice a colourful ones like these baby ones i live in the uk and i really want some can anyone help or know were i can get some from ? thanks guys
  6. From the album Diapers

    Very Thick Diaper
  7. So I had a thought, and maybe someone here with a working bladder might want to try it. I think it might be easier to untrain your your bladder with cloth diapers, rather then disposables. I've been experimenting with cloth diapers lately to help with bedwetting and I notice it feels remarkably similar to wet pants, except that it doesn't spread. If you could condition yourself to urinate when there is no discernible difference in fabric, maybe your mind would be willing to let go easier? I remember before I began having problems noticing a distinct difference between wearing a disposable and wearing underwear, and thought perhaps if you make the diaper indistinguishable from clothes, and got use to it, your brain would have an easier time adjusting to the idea of wetting whenever, as opposed to only wetting when you feel the diaper. Also, for those of you who are 24/7 with cloth, how do you like it? I haven't found the right fit for me personally, and I don't really know what plastic pants to get, but the last ones I got gave me a very painful rash around the elastic, is it too tight? Anyways, that's all, sorry if I didn't make my point across very well, let me know if I need to refine it.
  8. So after a long debate I went and purchased 2 cloth diapers and some pul plastic pants. Loved the feeling of cloth and the way the wetness goes wherever it needs. So after being in them for several hours, I went to take a shower and noticed I had a little rash around my bum hole and ball sack. I don't know if I stayed in them too long or what. How often do you change when in cloth. I enjoy the wet feeling and maybe that's my downfall. I have heard that desitin , vaseiline, and some others are not good for cloth. What do you use as a barrier for the urine. Any help would be great. 3R
  9. I'm interested in being in touch with people over 50 who also love to wear pretty much only cloth diapers (esp. prefolds) and who also love to regress into infancy while wearing them, as I do. I do not wear my diapers often, once or twice a week, but I can't resist the feeling of a double- or triple-thick cloth diaper (usually with a soaker pad) covered with a roomy pair of yellow or pink baby panties. I love to suck my paci while reading a sissy baby story (I'm a sissy baby too) and it's very important for me to wet my diaper and then to make baby creamies in my diaper after reading for awhile. What about you?
  10. From the album Diapers

    I wish I knew this method when I started with cloth diapers, by folding a insert in 1/2 you can make it like 3 inserts with less to wash! This little trick has helped me be leak free!
  11. From the album Diapers

    [b][i][color=rgb(0,0,205)]Me Wearing Cloth Diaper And Plastic Pants[/color][/i][/b]

    © diaperboy34-2012

  12. I have a pack of the max absorbency CVS diapers (they were cheap and I was jonesing for some in the moment… don't judge), and I noticed that, like a lot of diapers with the cloth backing, you can strip it away to get to a layer of plastic. For those of us with cheap diapers like this, or those of us that are increasingly upset with our favorite diapers going to cloth backing, I feel like this is a relevant issue. The first couple of times I tried this I ended up ripping holes in the plastic cover. I can seal them with tape, which works relatively well- but I would rather find a way to loosen the adhesive so that the cloth just peels away with no issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Has anyone else been otherwise successful in this endeavor? Would love to know! -Andy
  13. From the album First Album

  14. Looked briefly, and this has probably been covered before, but... I found these: http://www.everynappy.co.uk/molicare-comfort-plastic-backed-adult-nappies Has anyone ordered from here or tried this range? I don't mind the tena ultima, and have some molicare plastic backed which are ok, but were 2nd best to how tena slip felt imo... Anyways, I'm after a bulky plastic backed disposable available in the UK. If anyone can recommend a brand/site I'd be grateful Ttfn
  15. Hi there! Say, Im a side sleeper who recently wet my diaper through a failed, Goodwill-bought bed pad and stained our 800 $ mattress. Wife pissed. Now I need comfort and protection. I'm not new to cloth, but inexperienced in the following question: What are the differences between butterfly and contour? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Which is better for side sleeping? Thanks!
  16. Here's my wife's latest. A pocket diaper with tshirt cotton material inside, a Zorb layer sandwiched between 2 layers of flannel inside the pocket, and a PUL shell. Soon it will have elastics and snaps for an additional inner soaker (!). She estimates it as costing $8.00 us, and will take about 10 hrs total. I didn't know that! It's her first franken-all-in-3 though.
  17. Custom cloth diaper for sale. Asking $50 (includes shipping to the continental U.S.)!!! Overall it includes (2) outer layers of birdseye, (2) inner layers or flannel, and (1) soaker panel of zorb. You won't find many cloth diapers made this well, similarly priced (including shipping) cloth diapers that cost this much won't have the zorb soaker which is like making it up to (6) times as thick but without the thickness! (or so I'm told- lol). The diaper measures about 35" from front waist to back waist. It is 19" across on the front, and 32" across on the back. The narrowest point in the crotch is about 10.5 inches. Jessica with Etsy made this for me, but I had asked for something even better than this as I am a side sleeper and need something better for the sides. Still, this diaper is designed so it should make a great night time diaper for a back/front sleeper, or even better, an excellent day time diaper. It does not have a waterproof outer layer so you will need plastic, vinyl, PUL pants to go with these (not included in this sale). It does not have velcro or snaps that wear out and rip off either. Of course that does mean you will need snappies or diaper pins though. I've only opened the package so far- only enough to take the picture. It has NOT been worn or even pre-washed yet! You will need to wash it before use (which I recommend at least washing it twice in cold water with a basic or gentle detergent such as tide free or dreft. No need to dry it in between washes, but I do recommend you fully dry it before trying to use it first). Let me know if you're interested. You can post here, private message me, or directly email me a bmvanallen2(at)yahoo.com. I will keep this posting updated, from 9-15-2014, until it sells.
  18. So I'm very thickly diapered. A Kins velcro diaper, a CTDC conture, 2 bamboo stuffers inside a Kins pullup cloth diaper and hi back panties. I have to waddle for sure...question: can thickness cut off blood supply to the point where it isn't healthy? My thighs feel a bit compressed, and I'm getting older. I'm enjoying myself, but if I don't waddle, it hurts a bit, and I want to know if too much of a good thong is too much of a good thing. No fap, just a bit anxious/curious. Thanks in advance!
  19. From the album 2009

  20. From the album 2009

  21. From the album 2009

  22. I am thinking about learning to sew my own diapers. Does anyone have suggestions about material and where to get patterns? Are there free patterns out there or does one need to buy them?
  23. From the album Diapers

    The Perfect Fit

    © Diaperboy34-2014

  24. I've looked over adultclothdiaper's sizing FAQ and the thread on sizing in this section already and still have a few questions before I order some custom diapers. (I know this one has multiple questions in it. It's all related to diaper width though) 1: I don't think I'm doing the width right. I take my waist of 29 inches and divide by 2, getting 14.5. I add 5 inches (If someone can tell me what's the better number to put in here that'd be good) and finally increase this number by 10%. I then double this number and get 43 inches prewashed. With my nighttime diaper setup I have not had a problem with the width for the premade medium nighttime prefold, so am I doing something wrong here when I get 43 inches with my calculations yet the premade one is 27 inches? (even if you don't double to make 43 inches I still end up a far ways away at 21'ish inches) 2: When I measure my length I measure from my belly button to the deepest point of my back (where the spin makes a valley) and only get 25 inches. What am I doing wrong here? The medium on the site's 40 inches. My goal is to measure myself to be sure the size I get will work long term and to potentially get a better size diaper. Something to also note is the diaper setup I will use this for.It'll only be used at home and mainly in bed, so the diaper will be the 6x10x6 birdseye with terry center. Bulk is actually encouraged and I'll use two of them with the possibility of an XL prefold green mountain diaper inside the inner diaper that's folded in thirds, flipped over, and used as a thick booster for the main one. It works well with the premade one I have with a baby-pants prefold in the middle and a green mountain prefold inside that. Lastly, since bulk is not a problem, is it better to add the entire 6 inches for width with the above measurement? Thanks in advance for the help. EDIT: Extra info that mat help: Height: 5'10" Weight: 132 pounds Hips: 33" Waist: 29"
  25. I am wondering what the best cloth/soft/quilted cover diaper is? I have tried them in the past, but they seem to leak through after awhile or feel damp, etc. (even the abu cloth cover i tried...) I am trying to find a diaper I can use during the day that may be more comfortable for hot weather. I love the plastic, but I thought that a cloth cover may be more comfortable (not stick to your leg, etc.) when it is hot and your sweating. Also, I like the idea of a velcro type tape that should theoretically hold well, and be easy to remove and reposition, or remove for a workout and put on later if not wetted. Please help if you know of a diaper that fits such description, or something similar or a solution to my comfort desires. Thanks!