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Found 57 results

  1. le Hollandais

    Zorb II

    I just received my order of Zorb II. I bought a half yard of 45 inch material on sale. Can't wait for some free time to try it out. Thanks to Baby June for turning me onto this stuff. I know for best results that it should be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer. Will do so as time allows. More later.
  2. le Hollandais

    Zorb II Dimples

    I just got a sample of the Zorb II Dimples in the mail today. I thought I'd get a sample and see what it's like. Heck, the shipping was more than the $1.00 for the fabric. It seems a little thin, and it looks like it will ravel pretty easily when washed without doing some sort of overlocking stitch on the raw edges. I think I'll probably go ahead and order a yard and find out for myself.
  3. Last week I went to Target and bought a 4 pack of Flour Sack Towels. These are 30X30 inches. As they are 100% cotton, they will shrink in the wash, and as I had read, must be laundered before using as diapers. Since they are a bit small, one needs to be judicious in folding technique. I found that the only fold I could use was what I call the letter fold; where you take both sides and fold them to meet in the middle, and then fan out the top a bit, bringing up the bottom end up between the legs. After experimenting yesterday, I found that three towels layered and folded made a pretty good diaper. And just as a belt and suspenders expedient, I folded up a baby diaper that I had been using as a polishing cloth (and had been thoroughly laundered previously for just this occasion) and used it as a soaker this morning. So I got up this morning, diapered up with my towels, took my morning leak, and made coffee. One of the things I learned is to pee in short bits so that a puddle doesn't occur in the bottom of my PUL. I have to say that layered up this way Flour Sack Towels really make great diapers. I'll have to buy a few more.
  4. Ive been looking to get cloth diapers recently both due to the long term savings, but also cutting back on the amont of trash produced by using solely disposables, however as i have never even held a cloth diaper in my hands before, I am fumbling in the dark. So i am turning to you fine padded folk of the internet to share your recommendations and input Im not hugely fussy about prints, i would love them, but if o can sacrifice them for a higher quality diaper overall i'd likely do that Also as i am a sode sleeper, if there are any that are particularly capable of catching that, it would be a super plus (all the disposables ove had are terribly leaky while on your side) Also what are other things i should be aware of as far as cloth diapers go? Do i have to use plastic pants with them? Are they naturally absorbant or do i need to add boosters in order to make em so? Oh also, if anyone can recommend some good quality, reputable stores preferably in Australia, that would be an awesome plus!
  5. I was wondering if 100% cotton flannel could be used for a diaper. Reason I ask is because I seem to recall that flannel is difficult to clean, or can be so after long usage. Is that true?
  6. clothbaby


    From the album: clothbaby

    My new diaper cover and wet diaper too
  7. Three Rivers

    Cloth diapers and Rash

    So after a long
  8. le Hollandais

    First of Three Days in a Diaper

    Well....that didn't take long. Two hours, and my first diaper is soaked. So I changed.
  9. I’m well-habituated to sleeping in wet nappies and my partner tolerates this. When she is away however, I will often sleep in dirty nappies as well. This is rare for me and I often experience vivid “nappy dreams” when doing this. The other night was such an occasion. I was in a pinned, kite-folded 60” x 60” terry and after clambering into bed a little wet, I had a MAJOR poop in them laying on my back along with a long wee. I could feel my crotch warm and wet but also, a warm sticky pudding in the seat of my nappy pushing up into my perineum and crotch and I fell asleep. Sometime in the early hours, the bizarre dreams became memorable. I dreamed that I was staying at somebody’s house, trying to surreptitiously deal with the abundantly filled diaper I was (as in real, waking life) wearing. I was just in a shirt, diaper and plastic pants so my nappies were clearly visible to all. Poop was leaking out my plastic pant leggings and it was on the floor and my hands as I tried to limit damage. It was falling out everywhere. Somehow, the sink was filled with poop but I thought I could hide this evidence too, unsuccessfully trying to wash it down the plug hole. Although I was in a room of my own during this dilemma, there seemed to be an endless array of open doors through which the female house owner would miraculously appear each time I got close to removing my poopy pants and I would swiftly abandon the effort imaging that she had noticed neither my nappies nor the state of them. At some point I sat down on a toilet (still wearing my nappies) that was in an en-suite to my room and a sizable quantity of poo was squeezed out the leggings elastic at my thighs and fell into the toilet. Again, the householder appeared but I thought I’d unloaded enough out of my nappy to avert further disaster for a while, I got up and walked away still in them. Suddenly I was arriving at a busy multi-story car park near a Toronto shopping centre with my wife. I was still in that loaded nappy. I don’t know why I knew I was in Toronto (I live in Australia!) and the shopping centre did not resemble any of the limited range of Toronto malls I have seen but that’s dreams for you. I’d parked my car (also all the way from Australia – must have been one hell of a drive!) in an impossibly enormous sea of vehicles and made my way to the lifts with her. I really wanted to clean myself up but that wasn’t an option for me: it was shopping time! Then things immediately fast-forwarded. Remembering nothing of the shopping I was back near the car park staring at a map that was impenetrable gibberish for me, acutely aware that I was still wearing a very smelly nappy. I could feel it and I could smell it. We couldn’t find the car park and somehow, we ended up getting onto some kind of trolley bus that would allegedly take us to it. Unlike a real-world bus, this one had a range of people seated around a table in the centre and I took my place, very conscious of my nappied-state and that I smelt bad. Somehow the trolley bus stops got further and further from where I thought the car was parked until eventually, my wife (talking to one of the other strangers seated at the table) realised that the bus was on a loop and we were about to get back to our starting point. Getting off the bus, relieved to be away from the public I waddled into the car park and immediately could not find my car. Despite a complex, colour coded path on a printed guide, I arrived at the indicated group of parking bays to not find my vehicle there. By this point, I was totally exasperated. My shit-filled nappy had to be offensive to everybody, I was sick of the continual embarrassment and the vehicle search part of this dream had just gone on for far too long in my opinion and so, in some bizarre waking-moment, I just decided that I’d had enough and that my car would be in the next group of bays: and so it was. Upon sighting the registration plate of my own vehicle, I decided that this dream was over and woke up! I was laying on my back which was unusual as I am an inveterate side sleeper. My nappy was NOT leaking although it was very, very full and moving slightly, I felt its contents oozing up past my perineum to my scrotum. Relaxing, I added another long wee to it, warming my crotch. A sour smell pervaded the blankets and a tell-tale sunburn-style sensation on my buttocks warned of imminent nappy rash.
  10. I just discovered the kite fold today. Tried it out and I think it's a winner. Puts padding where a guy needs it, and feels substantial in the back end to support some pretty good messes. I think I'm going to add this one to my folds repertoire.
  11. le Hollandais

    Favorite Flat Diaper Fold

    I thought this might be an interesting question to discuss among those who prefer flat diapers. My favorite is the Triangle, because it's so simple.
  12. le Hollandais

    Experimenting with Size

    About a week or so ago, I had some questions about DIY diapers. I'm fairly handy with a sewing machine, and my hand sewing isn't too bad, either. Questions surrounded the topics of fabric, finished diaper size, and so forth. Advice that came in suggested that I try out various dimensions cut out of remnant material, bed sheets, towels, and so on. Good suggestions all, and thanks. So I have this fairly good sized piece of cotton flannel. First off, it was much too big. And I couldn't believe that a 36" X 36" piece of fabric would make a decent diaper. So I cut a piece out that was 36 by 36. Well, turns out it does, and fits me snugly, the way I'd want it. I tried two fairly simple folds and both worked out well. Thanks all who chimed in. If I want commercial diapers, I know what size to purchase. Likewise if I want to make my own.
  13. MsFluffems

    Cloth or disposable?

    Performance-wise, I think disposables are better. Also, disposables have much better designs in my opinion. But since I don't want to use too much money on diapers, I usually just wear cloth. After scavenging all over the internet though, I was able to find some pretty cute cloth diapers though lol. What about you? What do you prefer?
  14. Hi I was just wondering if any cloth wearers have any advice on someone who's just starting out? I saw a picture of Lolette from ABDreams the other day on Tumblr and she was wearing a cloth diaper and it looked really comfortable, how would I get something similar too what she's wearing or how to make them? Picture Link if You Can't See it: http://tinypic.com/r/oqbx8y/8
  15. 160

    ABU Diaper Help

    Hey! So i am looking for a diaper that is very similar to the modern baby diapers, just for adults. For example pampers, but that isnt a plastic diaper and more the material they use on modern baby diapers. Ive looked at two diapers from ABU, Kiddo by ABU and PreSchool Cloth backed. Kiddo diapers looks very improved and very alike a baby diaper, but it says its "Plastic Backed". Does this mean its the same plastic as on Super Dry Kids? Second is the Preschool Cloth backed.. I read about these, and they say they made these to be discreet.. Doesnt that mean less bulk? :S Dont think i understand what "cloth/plastic backed" means, so would love is somebody could explain this aswell! Would love recommendations and reviews on one of these two diapers with pics if you guys know about any!
  16. I am desperate to find this diaper and I have been looking everywhere to try to find them, If someone knows where i can order this diaper from I will personally send you a free pack of Large Diapers of choice from my collection. Picture below shows the cloth diaper I am looking for please help me someone.
  17. I saw these diapers on another post and I tryed to figure out what diapers they were, the other post had nudity so i didn't want to post those pictures. anybody help?
  18. So I am going to start wearing cloth diapers part time, I am interested in the night weight and don't really care about bulk. I could also wear day weight and add one or two doublers. So I am a big guy with a 44 inch waist and normaly wear
  19. babyblood

    cloth diapers

    heya guys im looking for some cloth diapers/nappies but i want patterned ones nice a colourful ones like these baby ones i live in the uk and i really want some can anyone help or know were i can get some from ? thanks guys
  20. Diaperboy34


    From the album: Diapers

    Very Thick Diaper
  21. So I had a thought, and maybe someone here with a working bladder might want to try it. I think it might be easier to untrain your your bladder with cloth diapers, rather then disposables. I've been experimenting with cloth diapers lately to help with bedwetting and I notice it feels remarkably similar to wet pants, except that it doesn't spread. If you could condition yourself to urinate when there is no discernible difference in fabric, maybe your mind would be willing to let go easier? I remember before I began having problems noticing a distinct difference between wearing a disposable and wearing underwear, and thought perhaps if you make the diaper indistinguishable from clothes, and got use to it, your brain would have an easier time adjusting to the idea of wetting whenever, as opposed to only wetting when you feel the diaper. Also, for those of you who are 24/7 with cloth, how do you like it? I haven't found the right fit for me personally, and I don't really know what plastic pants to get, but the last ones I got gave me a very painful rash around the elastic, is it too tight? Anyways, that's all, sorry if I didn't make my point across very well, let me know if I need to refine it.
  22. BabyWendyMarie

    Being a Baby in Thick Cloth Diapers

    I'm interested in being in touch with people over 50 who also love to wear pretty much only cloth diapers (esp. prefolds) and who also love to regress into infancy while wearing them, as I do. I do not wear my diapers often, once or twice a week, but I can't resist the feeling of a double- or triple-thick cloth diaper (usually with a soaker pad) covered with a roomy pair of yellow or pink baby panties. I love to suck my paci while reading a sissy baby story (I'm a sissy baby too) and it's very important for me to wet my diaper and then to make baby creamies in my diaper after reading for awhile. What about you?
  23. SunOfSheep

    Night Time Cloth diaper!

    From the album: Diapers

    I wish I knew this method when I started with cloth diapers, by folding a insert in 1/2 you can make it like 3 inserts with less to wash! This little trick has helped me be leak free!
  24. Diaperboy34

    Diaper And Plastic Pants

    From the album: Diapers

    [b][i][color=rgb(0,0,205)]Me Wearing Cloth Diaper And Plastic Pants[/color][/i][/b]

    © diaperboy34-2012

  25. I have a pack of the max absorbency CVS diapers (they were cheap and I was jonesing for some in the moment… don't judge), and I noticed that, like a lot of diapers with the cloth backing, you can strip it away to get to a layer of plastic. For those of us with cheap diapers like this, or those of us that are increasingly upset with our favorite diapers going to cloth backing, I feel like this is a relevant issue. The first couple of times I tried this I ended up ripping holes in the plastic cover. I can seal them with tape, which works relatively well- but I would rather find a way to loosen the adhesive so that the cloth just peels away with no issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Has anyone else been otherwise successful in this endeavor? Would love to know! -Andy