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Found 6 results

  1. Wet Diaper Bag

    When I got my L L Medico pillow and duvet covers in 8 mil frosted transparent plastic, I noticed the shape of the pillow cover and thought that it would make a good wet diaper bag so I got another. it is in King size and is holding 5 changes of my double-diapers
  2. Hello everybody! I was wondering what the best way to clean plushies/stuffies is? My baby girl comes to visit from a home with a lot of animals in it and sometimes the odor stays on the plushies she plays and sleeps with She suggested febreezing them, and letting them sit for about a day to dry, any other ideas? Hugs & a Happy & Safe Halloween to all!
  3. They do not say the two are, but they do not say they are not, but the two seem to be related by company. Dreft certainly smells little and girlish/. I certainly would not want to smell like that in a non-ABLG setting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreft
  4. Fluff Lovers Page Moved

    This is the new link to the Fluff Lovers page on cleaning cloth diapers. For some reason, they chose to "fix" what was not broken. I have made the change in my reiview page as well. They also seem to be using some version of the long abandoned frame system so just how it interacts with any given browser is unpredictable. It is useful because it deals with High Efficiency washers http://www.fluffloveuniversity.com/how-to-wash-cloth-diapers/ since this page may be unstable here is what I do Store in THIS for a few days; it will not hurt them and is a natural bleach. Next pre-wash in the following way. Deep Wash with a lmild solution of Xtra with Oxy Clean, and I have found I can do Express instead of Deep Wash. Other setting; warm. Extra Rinse Stain Fighter, then dry. This matches the pre-wash that Fllufflovers recommends for baby diapers Most of the time, my diapers do not smell at all when done, then put them in the diaper hamper. Hot water might make any stains set in WASH When I have a good size load, at least 12 pieces or at the end or very beginning of the month: My machine is good to over 100 pounds 4.3 cu. ft. Wash in Dreft Bleach is usually unnecessary if you only wet, which is itself a bleach and used to be used as such by the Romans to whiten their togas and in olden days to whiten wool, and you already bleached with oxygen bleach: Use Whites, Heavy Duty or Deep Wash. Warm, Stain Fighter Extra Rinse is optional and dry. This may only be good for cotton At no time do I use hot water, it may cause stains and odors to set AVOID FABRIC SOFTENERS: the make the diaper less absorbent
  5. I wonder if they make anything that could be used for diapers and rubber panties http://www.britishfoodshop.com/fairy-cleaning-products.asp
  6. Washing Cloth Diapers

    So I not recently got a cloth diaper, I am not use to wearing them. I have not pottied in it yet, but I was wondering what's the best way to clean it. Should I use the baby laundry detergent Deft?