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Found 3 results

  1. Friend or Child (Private)

    Rick and his wife had just finished their vacation and a little time for their selves. Having returned to the public place to visit an old friend, Bill. Bill was for the most part a antisocial person. Rick and his wife were often or not the only people he came out to see. They have been friends for some time. They met on accident while Bill was looking for a movie or something else enjoyable. They would hang out at least a few times a week. Rick would try to help Bill out of his shell by taking him to different place he (Bill) won't often go. Bill barely looked put together most of time. His clothes were just on the good side of clean. His hair was always a mess or just never touched. Rick tried seeing the best in everyone including Bill. One major thing was going for Bill, he made Rick's wife feel need and gave her someone to dote on. Rick found this adorable and it made him happy There was even times where Rick didn't even go out with them, and he never felt worried about it. Bill was sitting at one of their favorite restaurants waiting for his friends. Rick was outside the same restaurant helping his love out of a taxi. "Bill waiting honey, Lets not leave him waiting" He said kissing her cheek.
  2. April's Perils

    April McCarthery was a young junior high school girl in the eighth grade. She had only been back in school for the last two weeks, she was warned again and again by her father that she should be avoiding her classmates since he believed that most of them belonged to one gang or another. In the last month, her father had punished her for getting out of bed in the middle of the night. "What the ....(dog)... do you think you are doing?" he would yell at her. "Don't you know, if someone broke in to steal something, by waking up and showing them you are awake, you put yourself at risk?" he asked her by a way of 'reasoning' with her. "I don't care what you think is right, it is my job to protect you and your mother, and I can't do that if you don't listen to me. Now, you are never ever ever to get out of bed in the middle of the night!" he yelled at her. "Whatever racket you think you hear, you stay in your room until I or your mom comes to get you so you know it's safe to get up." If her father truly cared about her, however, that might be questioned because of the many bruises on her back and whelts on her legs from when he whipped her good for disobedience even over what many might think a minor thing! So, she was put on a bus headed to school, once again, her legs stinging and her head pounding from all the yelling, and her spirit broken as her dad reminded her to be good at school and to avoid making any friends there. Mike, the Computer Science teacher, was preparing for his first period home room. This school was trying to build a community with the students because of the violent area they lived in so they could feel safe somewhere, and they could talk to the teachers about problems they might have. Therefore, the first forty minutes of the day was spent in your homeroom teacher's class with nine other students, and that teacher was to act like a counsellor, trying to get the students to talk about their fears, their worries, and their stress so they can start the day with a clear head. Mike had just put a question on the blackboard: "What class are you most worried abou this year?" in preparation for this homeroom class meeting.
  3. "Back to this hellhole" Whined a worker bee. His name was Tom, He just moved into a new town, trying to build a life away from his parents. Things were going subpar by Tom's standards. the only job he could get was a low level worker at some random big name store. In all honest he hated every second of his time there. He thought it was a waste of his time. He did his best keep a smile on his face even though he disliked his current status. Even though this was low in his eyes Tom found the oddest comfort in babyish item and play. Some how he was able to keep himself together by using his small supply of diapers to his favor. Every so often he would wear a diaper at or after work to calm his stress levels. After clocking in he began his usual work helping customers as best he could with his false smile. "How may I help you?" He asked as he take in a new customer.