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Found 42 results

  1. New Diaper Lover on the block!

    Hi! I’m new to this community and very happy to have joined! So I’ve been a diaper love for about four years or so and I’ve just gotten a hold of diapers themself a couple months ago, and let me tell you, it was good. That’s it. It sucks, because all these years I’ve been longing to try on a diaper but way to scared to ask my parents or tell anyone about this (still don’t plan on that) so i have a feeling of not knowing how a diaper feels really upped my standards of how they were going to feel. Although, I’ve built up the courage to tell my friend about it and they found a way to get me some diapers. I think they’re attends women (im male lol) and i don’t know what it is but i just didn’t expect it to be exactly like how they felt, again, probably because I’ve raised my expectations a little too high over the years. I’ll get used to it though. The thing is, I’m super conscious about them and I really do enjoy wetting them, or i think i could, but i feel like its too hard to actually let the pee come out, as if i have to push even when i have to urgently go, when as if i have to pee with the same urgency and go on the toilet, it comes right out. Also, is there anything else you guys suggest to do with diapers? Other than just wet and soil them? My expectations weren’t EXACTLY reached as you might assume, so maybe there are different things I can do to better please myself. Thank you all so much!
  2. I'm relatively inexperienced when it come to add-ins (baby powder, baby oil, creams) when it comes to diapers. So I'm here for some advice regarding Desitin. As you can tell from the title I am uncircumcised, so I want to know if there are any ill effect from applying Desitin under my foreskin and if it is even recommended. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!
  3. Greetings and salutations my fine diapered friends. I just joined DailyDiapers a few weeks age, though I've been reading ABDL stories for a long time now. I have a few story Ideas bouncing around in my head, but I keep coming up with excuses to never type anything out. The biggest excuse I make for myself is: I don't have a computer. How am I supposed to write on a cellphone? the problem is not that typing a story on a smartphone would take longer than a keyboard. I've got time. What I really need is an App that would allow me to write on my own time & when I'm finished with a chapter I can just Log in, push the click to choose files button, and easily port the chapter to my story in an instant. I also need to be able to write in bold and italics. and the format should be compatible with DailyDiapers obviously. Oh, and it has to be free. Not because I'm cheep. I have my reasons. I would also welcome any other advice from seasoned writers (or readers.)
  4. Hi! I thought I would write this post so that I could try and help anyone who thinks they might suffer from incontinence. Do you have uncontrollable urges to urinate? Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do you constantly urinate without any control whatsoever? These are all forms of incontinence. It is estimated that there are quite literally millions of people in the United States alone under 50 years of age that suffer from some loss of bladder control at present. So, it is not just an
  5. Hi I'm very new all this, but my boyfriend is a diaper lover and has just introduced me to the basics. He wants to incorporate diapers in our sex life, but I'm not sure what I can do. I know he like being called daddy and wants me to be his 'baby girl', but I'm new to sex in general, he was my first time. I am not sure of ways I can use diapers to turn him on or be flirty.. I really want to try this for him and find out things to do for his pleasure. I need suggestions on what I can do to play up his interest. What do you guys out there like that your significant other does? I need suggestions to try!
  6. So last year I told my fiance that I am into abdl and Roleplaying it and he is totally accepting of it. Then a few months later I told him I wanted to call him daddy but then I kinda shyed away from doing it cause he made a huge deal out of it (not in a bad) and after I haven't brought it up since. Every time we do stuff or we're cuddling I'm so tempted in calling him daddy or telling him again that I want to call him daddy, but I get so nervous for some reason. So how should I bring up the topic to him?
  7. About to Give 24/7 a Shot

    So a fantasy of mine has always been to go 24/7, even if its only for a short period of time. 3 weeks from today is our tentative start date. Is there anything I should know going into it? Does anyone have a go to everyday diaper?
  8. Hey everyone, I looked through the forum and couldn't find exactly what I needed, so I started a new topic. Below is a quick summary of my situation and what I am looking for, any help would be appreciated. Recently, my wife and I decided that I could give wearing around the house another shot. This is great news and I am incredibly lucky. In the past, I have probably been too excited to wear and I would buy the diapers that I love (Dry 24x7, Abena X-Plus, etc.). Being a DL, the loud/thick/absorbent disposables are my favorite. However, I want to be more respectful of my wife and compromise with her by finding something that is much more discrete than what I had been wearing. I think that I am looking for something that is both quiet (cloth backed?) and thinner than my previous choices, but still absorbent (it would be good to get at least 2 wettings in each diaper). Any advice? I am looking at the Abena Abri-Form 2 and the Seni Super Plus on XP right now, but not sure what others think from experience. Thanks for the help
  9. Hey everyone Im currently looking for a bit of advice when masterbating in diapers, im pretty sure a fair percentage of us diaper lovers do it. Back to the point anyways, I have ran into few medical problems lately, when I have been masterbating or after I have been, I think I have been making the tip of my penis gradully more and more sore, causing me to get thrush. But also on top of that, im guessing its a side effect, I have ran into a problem which has happened to me in the past, but I am not a hundred percentent sure if it was masterbating in diapers that caused it this time or last time. The problem other than the thrush is that pretty much most of the time everyday I have a wet/tingly feeling at the tip of my penis, it constantly feels like I need to pee even though my bladder is empty and the tip of my penis isnt wet at all. It drives me up the walls and makes me very uncomfortable, espcialy seems to be worse when I sit down. I understand wearing diapers is a nice solution but I can't wear 24/7 in life as I don't feel anywhere nearly comfortable to wear in public and that wouldn't be fun for me at all. I have been to the doctors and I do not have a UTI or any STI/STDs, I am currently not sexualy active with anyone else. He has prescribed a cream called daktarin to use for the thrush which I have to apply for 10 to 17 days. He didn't mention anything about the second problem, although I explained it to him. I'm kinda hoping once iv finshed treatment the second problem will disapper with it. So im wondering if anyone else has ran into either of these problems before or has known someone to experience the same or simlar problems, or if anyone has any advice at all towards helping with either one. I would be massively greatful for any help from our commmunity. Thank you
  10. Asking for a recomendation

    Hello people of the incontinence board. My friend, has a disability that she can only use one side of her body and I want to get her some diapers that she could pad up with one hand by herself. disposable or reusable it does not matter. Any recommendations?
  11. Help with hollow butt plug

    I want to get a hollow butt plug online for the soul intent of taking away my bowel control. I want to get one but I don't ant to buy a bad one that doesn't get the job done. So ianyone who has used a good one can you please tell me what to get.
  12. New. Advice. Help.

    Hello world, I was introduced to the community by my boyfriend of two years. He recently came out to me about a year ago. I can imagine this being hard for him but I'm a rather accepting and understanding person. Only wish I had known sooner so we could play. He expressed to me that he is a DL not an AB, which either way is dandy. I'm cool with his interests and allow him to play as he sees fit and will more often than not join him. My questions are necessarily about why how etc etc but more details. When I ask him or read online about how to go about sex and making the experience more enjoyable for the both of us I get generic answers. I want specific details on what to do and how to do it. We have regular sex and are switches. I'd be interested in letting him "be my daddy" or I "be his mommy", or at least trying it. I just need specific details on how to do things or again what to do. Neither of us would neccessairly be interested in full baby play such as, pacifiers, clothing, or baby talk. I need help so I can fully satisfy my boyfriend and gain some satisfaction for myself.
  13. Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl and today for the first time in my life I wore a Diaper made by myself and peed in it! So here's the story: I have always had an interest to know how it felt to pee in a Diaper.Last year I came across a baby diaper that was tossed away after use.I didn't miss the chance.It was time to fulfill my long awaited dream.I took the diaper and hid it in a corner of the bathroom.I drank a lot of water and when I felt I was ready I went in.My heart was beating fast.I opened up the used diaper.My only regret was that I couldn't wear it as it was messy and already used and also a bit small for my size :'( :'( .But still I pulled down my panties and squatted on the exposed part of the diaper.I thought it would be hard to pee as I was potty trained well and had never done anything like this.But I was surprised that I could pee easily and in a few moments the diaper began to overflow.The white rabbit diaper turned yellowish and soon there was a big puddle under the diaper. One year passed....... I didn't have any chance to wear a diaper or pee pants.Recently I started checking out different forums and blogs like Adrian Surely,ABDL,daily diapers,experience index etc etc.I read about people wearing diapers 24/7 for incontinence and fun.The stories about accidents,warm feeling,freedom,comfort,able to pee anywhere made me decide that I myself would start wearing diapers.And not just that.I also decided that I would be doing it 24/7 and retrain for becoming incontinent.But I faced many problems. 1.Adult diapers cost a lot and I don't have much money. 2.I'm too shy to go to diaper shopping 3.I didn't want my parents or friends to find out But I was so stubborn that I still wanted to do it.So....I started researching and experimenting with stuff.I wore a pair of panties and stuffed it with tissues,sanitary pad,plastic paper,foil paper,cotton etc that I found that could help hold the pee.I used the pictures of real diapers as reference and made it in lairs.used a lot of tapes.And finally used a number of rubber bands to put it in place and to make sure it would not shift.I used the rubber bands so that it would stick to my private parts and so that my panties does not get wet. After numerous failures finally I was happy with what I had made.I was amazed how comfortable it felt! I also enjoyed the rustling sound made by the plastic and tapes when I moved.Now for the main part: It was about time to pee in the diaper I had made.I made sure that it would hold a lot of pee before leaking.I wore it .wore some of my favorite underwear over it and wore a skirt.I started walking in front my parents.I was scared my mom would notice.But lucky me! xD She didn't.Of course I drank a lot of water.I started to push my bladder and wanted to pee.But I couldn't I thought I am in no hurry and eventually I would be able to pee.But there was no sign of it.Soon it started to hurt but still I couldn't go.I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with the diapers on.But still no use.I use able to force a little bit out but I wasn't satisfied :/ I took the diaper off and in some time I could go like normally and a lot of pee came out.I knew this would happen and I was prepared.I wasn't ready to give up.I wire the diapers again.Although I had to pee in the toilet.I wore the diaper for straight 2 days.Did things the forums said....(lots of water,water sound etc etc).Didn't help much.I came across hypnosis.downloaded few audio files from wrapmymind.com.When I started to listen to one my heart began to beat fast.I became somewhat excited.I didn't think this would work,But it did!! I was in my room and sitting in my study table.Little drops came out and bit by bit the flow started to increase.The diaper became warm and heavy.It was heavenly! *-* I knew I made the right choice.Who knew something like this could be this enjoyable? xD I emptied my bladder.I was surprised how the diaper held so much.It became bulky but I didn't change it.I was sitting and enjoying the warm feel~~ But it didn't last much.The pee became colder soon.Still I kept it on went to make another.This time I made it quickly and efficiently.I went to the toilet.disposed the diaper in the bin.cleaned myself with water and body wash.dried myself and then I put some baby powder and put on the new diaper I made.Why wouldn't I? I decided to be diapered 24/7 XD Now,my goal is become incontinent.But it's easier said then done! I also dream of wearing a real diaper someday.But Alas! the problems still exist But as I stated I would be diapered 24/7 I'm keeping my word and am still diapered.I'm also interested in bed wetting.I'm keeping a journal for my becoming incontinence training. As I'm new to diapers please give me some advice....Things to watch out from,how I can increase the absorbency,how to make it more fun while peeing,how to become incontinent, etc etc.Also don't forget to tell me how you liked my story! Newly born to the diaper world Jui
  14. Need Help With Buying My First Onesie.

    Hey everyone! So recently, i've been interested in buying a onesie, but i'm not sure which one I should get especially since i'm pretty tiny (5'6 , 132lbs). I want to get one that has a snug fit and keeps my diaper from sagging. I recently came across the Blue Dinosaur Onesie made by the company Baby Pants but i'm not sure which size to get, and the whole measuring your body thing confuses me >.< . I was hoping someone could give me advice. That would be great! Thanks!
  15. As some of you may know, I'm new to plastic pants and know not a lot about them. I'm looking for some plastic pants that can go over my disposable diaper and keep everything nice and snug. Is there certain ones that are better for pooping? (I sometimes mess the bed) and I feel like I need extra protection when doing so. If anyone could suggest some they think would get the job done, that would be awesome!
  16. Which Diapers Should I Buy?

    Hey Guy! So 2 days ago I finally graduated High School! And I have a lot of extra graduation money and I was thinking about buying some diapers...good diapers. Heres a list of the following diapers I have tried -Bambinos -Cushies -Tena Slip Maxi -Abena M4's -Tranquility ATN -Snuggies/Snuggies Overnights -Depends So far my favorites out of the list are Bambinos, Abenas, And Tranquility. I just wanted to know if anyone could help me out in which ones I should buy in a big case, and if you have any diapers that I didn't mention that you like feel free to leave a comment! I was also wondering where I could buy a onesie, I'm pretty short (5'5) and idk where I could get one that would fit to my liking. Thanks guys! Side Note: I like really bulky absorbent diapers
  17. I've been having this problem recently, whenever I mess in my diaper, the poop likes to stick to my bum rather then going in the diaper, and I don't put my diapers on tight so thats not the problem. The only product I apply to myself before getting diapered is baby powder. Is there like certain ointments or creams you can put on yourself to keep the poop from sticking?
  18. New Mommy! Advice?

    Hey guys! New to this..... Like brand new. My husband has expressed a desire to try a diaper and have me as his "Mommy". I am completely open minded and don't blush easily. Does anyone have any advice or tips? I don't know what I'm doing!!
  19. Before i go any further, if your going to hate on me for asking questions or being me or make stupid comments, buzz off. I don't care what you think. Plus, don't knock it till you've tried it. I'm currently wearing my last UnderJam Diaper. I'm currently not wearing them 24-7 but I really want to, i just don't know how to go about it. I want to wear them more even if it's not all the time. So, I'm sitting here, a little wet and I'm about to wet till it's full. I love the feeling of a diaper between my legs, they are comfortable (way more than underwear or boxers). I love the squishy feeling after i wet in them, however i rarely poop in them for a few reasons. #1: I live at home & don't want my parents to know #2: Hiding the messy diapers #3: The smell #4: The Clean-up I need to poop right now and my parents are sleeping... I want to poop... but i know they will smell it or catch me in the act. I do love the feeling of the poop filling my diaper, but havn't really had any time to experience it fully because as soon as i poop i will take it off and start hiding it. Should i just go? If yes, what do i do to hide it? How can i mask the smell? What do i do after i poop (Sit in it, squish it, bounce in it, lay down, or keep standing) How long should i wear the messy diaper? What is the best position to poop? What if it leaks? I'd appreciate a little advice!
  20. Hey, I haven't been on in a while. I just have been busy with a lot of things and I have a ex-friend who discovered my "secret fetish" and told my best friend about my fetish. I'm so upset at him for doing that and I didn't do anything to him in that manner. He wanted to expose me, so my best friend would hate me and call me a liar. He even send one of my stories I'd written about my fantasy life as an abdl (which I had written on here but got rid of it). He never had access to the computer that I had written it on nor did he ever have access to my old flash drive. So I don't know how he found out. Now my friend Mariana kind of mockingly judges me about it. When she first found out, she thought it was weird and freaky and I told her why I didn't want to tell her because it was personal and she kind of reacted the way I expected her to. Of course, I had to lie and say, "I don't even do that anymore." (which wasn't a total lie because I really haven't done anything babyish until last week, when I finally bought some Walmart diapers and wore my "yellow" baby dress and booties at home in bed. The only reason why I went back to my fetish was due to the fact, I had missed it. Like I'd dream about something adult baby related at least once a week (and mind you I haven't been wearing) till last week overnight. And I hide the fact, I went back to it, because I missed doing it. I want to buy more baby stuff, dresses, diapers, etc. She brings it up a lot especially when it comes to my ex-friend, so I am like, "Okay." The other day, she joked around "what would happen if you got into an accident? Where I'd be in a wheelchair and I'd have to change your pampers?" My friend is like my second mother (she is older than me) but I respect her like my second mother and sometimes she calls me "Her baby." (Like I feel like my friend is a closeted ab/dl). I am a real woman (biological) but I do shows and I go out in the gay world, like a drag queen. I'm basically a drag queen that doesn't have to tuck. (LOL). She is my "drag mother." But here the thing, my friend is a drag queen and I'm a real woman. I refer to her as a "she" only because she does not go by her boy name and everyone calls her "Mariana" even as a boy. She lives her life in the day as a man, but is gay. She/he and I are very good friends, but maybe I'm thinking too much of this. She always says, "I'm momma, you do as I say." Sometimes I call her Mama, Mother, Momma. (If this is wierding you out) I'm sorry. So what do you think? Is there something wrong with me? I keep on having abdl dreams (not about her just in general) various situations. Going shopping for baby stuff, diapers, being babied, etc. Why am I having these dreams? And do you think there's a reason why my friend brings it up my "pamper fetish" as she calls it? OH and one more thing, she labels me as naive, shy, reserved, optimistic and she is the complete opposite in personality, Sometimes when she is mad at me and I do something questionable she says, "You've got a lot of growing up to do little girl." (And i'm 23 only 13 years younger than her) i hope this does not wierd anyone out. I"m just needing some opinions and thoughts of all this. For a while, I didn't do anything babyish (or bring it up) and lately I want to do it more than ever.
  21. Any Suggestions, Advice?

    My boyfriend has a fetish for women wearing diapers and acting infantile. I wouldn't have a problem with this, but my issue is this is the only thing that turns him on because of circumstances. I've just about given up on ever having a sex life with him because of this. It's not that the idea of it makes me uncomfortable, but it just doesn't do anything for me and I would just feel silly/awkward doing this for him. It's just not a turn on for me to act as an infant and gives me no kind of sexual thrill or desire. Now, I love my boyfriend very much and I don't want to even consider leaving him because of his sexual desires, but I have sexual desires, too, and it just seems like we are sexually incompatible and will never be able to have any kind of sex life if something isn't done about this. I've been with him for 2 years, so I'm not ready to give up. I know a relationship isn't all about sex, but 2 years of having little to no sex life is really unsatisfying in a relationship. I just want to know if anyone has any kind of advice for this type of situation and I felt like a website like this wouldn't judge a situation like this harshly. Thank you for any kind of help in advance. What are your suggestions? PS: I don't mean anything against the community at all. It's totally cool if you guys are into this or even have this as your lifestyle.
  22. Hi everyone. Let me start by saying that I am completely new to diapers. I have never worn any, but I hope to in the near future. While I'm new to diapers, I am very familiar pooping. For a long time I've LOVED pooping in my underwear. But they just don't cut it anymore. There's little protection from leaking, which is the biggest problem. So I've come here seeking advice and personal opinions. There's quite a few things I want to ask so please bear with me. I will provide even more details if needed. 1. Which brand of diapers are best for pooping? By this I mean which can hold the most, is good at keeping it from leaking out, and of course are comfortable. I don't care for peeing, just making stinky, so I don't need a diaper for that. 2. I want to be able to stay in a messy diaper for a VERY long period of time. What is the best thing to use to help combat diaper rash? As in help prevent and also alleviate. 3. What is a good way to help mask the smell, or contain it? While I actually am fond of how mine smells, I don't want things I own to smell of poop since I know it can linger. 4. Where is a good site to buy diaper supplies? These are all the questions I have for now. If I think of anything else I'll post here again.
  23. New guy wanting to try diapers

    Hello everyone. I just signed up today and am hoping to get some info. But first I'll introduce myself. I'm a 24 year old male. I've never worn diapers (aside from when I was a baby of course), but I really wish to try them out in the future. Hopefully the near future. For a long time now I've liked using my underwear as the bathroom. And I wish to switch to a more protective form. So to start off, where would be the appropriate topic area to ask for diaper information? I feel like I'll post in the wrong area and offend, or gross out, people on here if I do it in the wrong area.
  24. Hi everyone. I'm Minibcooper and I very recently found out about the abdl community. Brief background of me is that I've basically always been a bedwetter and my parents eventually started using diapers and I started to like them in ways more than just for the dry sheets. I never knew that other people could feel similarly until I gathered up the courage to do some digging online at my college a couple weeks ago since my school is far from home. I want to know more about the community and how people are able to determine exactly where they "fit" into it. I know abdl is adult baby diaper lover but how do you determine exactly which one you are? I'm sorry if some of these questions are a bit silly but until recently I was embarrassed about the way I feel about diapers and was terrified to look into it especially at home and I was also afraid for awhile when starting college since the schools give you long lectures at orientation about how going onto certain website can get you temporarily banned from the Internet. Sometimes I'm just afraid cause I feel like I'm some freak and what will happen if someone finds out I wear diapers at bed time and then finds out I'm considering wearing them more at times I really don't need them? I have to have them at bedtime because of my enuresis or more blatantly called bedwetting. Have other bedwetters developed these feelings too? How do you know exactly how strong your feelings are? Thanks for any advice or help in advance. If this is who I truly am then ignoring it is pointless. ~Minibcooper