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Found 13 results

  1. Healing wounds

    Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no "daddy" role here I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks hope you will like it ps sorry for the bad English Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - "how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can't even be happening ." He was mad. At whom he wasn't sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn't lead to anything . But really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17? His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp. Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family . The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn't let go of him . He can't be a father, he never wanted to be one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn't sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn't do something he will never live with himself . " I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her sentencing . "What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to the bench but he wouldn't budge . "Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman's voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a woman's annoyance , no matter her status. " with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn't commit crimes he should be punished for . But he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . " "So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone's home and ..." "no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly disrupting a property " " so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws " " no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don't find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded . And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won't agree with it " "appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can't threaten a judge you are out of your mind !" - Theo jumped to his feet "alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison " I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody " silence fell upon the court room . The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure . Theo looked as if he couldn't believe what Chris just said . The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father . "Release him to your custody ?" - the judge repeated as if retarically " my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it's in the files" the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn't get at least temporary custody over the child . And she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special Circumstances under which no empty beds in children's home not exactly fell under. "Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems " "I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?" "Alright alright that's enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period . But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! " " I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands. " well I don't find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -" he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly do you think you could control him ?! "- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven't noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control " Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn't hard to tell he was indeed wearing" protection" . But clearly announcing that out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable . " I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war." Chris said in a measured voice "that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! " "do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. "This could ruin your entire carrier !" "Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son . There was something about those brown eyes he couldn't quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared . Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn't seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights. "Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured . Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man he didn't really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too as they clung to his skin . Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn't entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more like a child than a teenager. " Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center" Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly . " let's go then" - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him quivering . Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris's voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris's eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice. Car ride Sunday later Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ? - so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn't look at him Chris felt his anger Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word . - well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn't let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky . For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep breath before slowly turning to the back seat - I don't suppose you know what size you ... Need Tee didn't look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of "supply" shopping with his previous families . Though it was done by the women he didn't think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was a teenager rather than a child . ... To be continued ( if anyone is interested )
  2. “Boo” There was a time, a very short time, when I enjoyed Halloween. As a toddler me and my twin sister Jessica would be dressed up by our parents and guided around the neighbourhood collecting candy. Our outfits always seemed to attract a lot of “Oh ain’t you just the cutest” type of remarks and our plastic jack-o-lanterns would be filled with more sweet goodies. I think mom and dad actually liked the event more than either Jess or me, mom especially loved creating our matching costumes. They would hang back at the end of the pathway leading to each house and take great pleasure in the homeowner’s delight in seeing such sweet and adorable, ghosts, ghouls, risen dead or whatever outrageous getup we’d been put in. As in every neighbourhood there is always a house that has a ‘history’ and, depending on who is telling the story, that history could be a number of things; death, murder, the unexplained, strange disappearances, ugly neighbors… you get the drift. Some of these myths may have had some basis in fact but as a seven year-old, if someone older told you such a story, you regarded it as true. One such house was ‘Laurel Grove’ (or Laurel Grave as many people called the place) where they reputedly had the best Halloween displays (very scary) but also, the best candy should you dare to knock at their door. # On this Halloween mom had got us ready but had suddenly felt unwell so we were entrusted into the care of James and Hillary Templeton, our thirteen year-old neighbors to supervise. Of course they didn’t really want anything to do with a couple of seven year-olds but their mother, mom’s best friend, had insisted so they got stuck with us. Things hadn’t gone too badly. Despite them almost dragging us as quickly as possible around the block we had managed to collect a sizeable amount of stuff in our Halloween bags. Jamie and Hills eventually grew tired of our company and desperately wanted to get us home and off their hands but Jess and I still wanted more candy. However, the teenagers came up with a plan to get us to run home and never come out again, they decided we should visit Laurel Grove. # They told us of the deep secret the place concealed, that although it was a scary and frightening place to visit, should we be brave enough, the rewards were everlasting… and the candy was the best too. Neither Jess nor I had heard of this place before and I think the only thing that registered was “the best candy”. Jamie kept saying it was really a place for grown-ups, those over twelve, and probably not a place where seven year-old babies should go because they’d probably wet themselves and run home to mommy to get their diaper changed. We understood the inference… that Jess and I still wore diapers… we didn’t… so didn’t like that one bit. They were baiting us and we, as petulant second, almost third, graders were desperate to prove we weren’t a couple of diaper wearing pre-schoolers. We agreed to go with them the extra couple of blocks to see this particularly scary place. # When we got there a whole new bunch of people dressed in their creepy best were doing the rounds. Most of them appeared older than me and Jess but we never saw anyone go down the pathway of Laurel Grove. The twenty yards or so from sidewalk to front door were wonderfully kitted out in incredible Halloween props; gravestones, coffins, disembodied arms and pieces of flesh hung in a mist they had somehow created. The place looked fantastic, just like a movie set, with strange groans, howls and spine-chilling sniggering emanated from behind every bush putting nerves on edge. Jess and I looked at each other and though impressed by the set, decided not to take our chance at getting the best candy ever. Our teenage supervisors said they understood, we were probably much too babyish to dare to do such a thing and besides they didn’t want the responsibility of having to change our diapers. Their teasing was having an effect and we were getting fed up with this reference to us being diaper wetting babies, neither of us had worn them since we were two, so the joke was on them. Ha! However, when they said that most people were scared of knocking on that particular door, and it would take someone with an enormous amount of courage to do so, we saw our way of not only proving we didn’t need diapers but that we were more grown-up than some of these older boys and girls who were avoiding the place. We saw that not only would we get the best chocolate and candy EVER, we would no longer be seen as babies but become heroes to older kids. This thought spurred us on. # There was absolutely no doubt that we were both sweating heavily as we started slowly and nervously on the journey up the haunted pathway. Jess looked terrified with each moan she heard and became quite upset as some red gunge dripped over the side of a broken coffin. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore each horror as it appeared but my head filled with even worse terror when I walked into a spider’s web that glued itself to my face. The words of encouragement (and giggles) from Jamie and Hills seemed muffled as we drew closer to the door, even though we were still only halfway there. A rustling in the bushes and the bright red-eyes of a skeleton dog howled right next to Jess and she turned tail and ran back down the path. I swallowed hard, determined that I was going to be a hero but already feeling my tummy tighten and breathing difficult, at the same time my bladder and bowel both seemingly wanted to burst. I had no idea this was what fear felt like but I desperately didn’t want to return empty-handed to the sidewalk. I knew that James and Hillary would never let us forget that we were just a couple of scared babies who couldn’t even get up the courage to knock on a door. # I concentrated on achieving my goal. I wasn’t far away and the ghostly hand that touched my face, and the whispered warnings filling my head, only stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds before I forced myself forward. There was low satanic laughter coming from behind the door. I could hear scratching and an evil voice telling the pitiful moans ‘…they would never leave - ah ah ah ahhhhh!’ The hair on the back of my neck was somehow crawling and despite the sweating, I felt goosebumps chill my body. My teeth began to chatter, each step felt like I was dragging a huge weight and the moaning and flapping of wings was getting louder. Blood oozed around the doorway, I felt pee rush into my underwear, shadows drifted by and a bigger shadow filled the reflection in the glass window. The shape changed from man to animal to… I wasn’t too sure but when I looked back to the sidewalk all I could see was the thick mist obliterating everything but a crawling skeleton I hadn’t noticed before. # I gulped and a strange shiver ran down my spine. I was inches away from the door and steeled myself to knock and hope that I wasn’t transformed into some abominable creature of the night. As I raised my little hand to knock, the lit up porch was suddenly plunged into darkness. Fear, or some other shade passed through my body but a purple light switched on. When my eyes got used to the new illumination I could see the word ‘BOO’ smeared in still glistening blood across the door. A scream of death or pain or torture filled my mind and it was that terrifying moment when my bowel decided it had had enough and I filled my underwear. I couldn’t move as my bottom emptied and a rush of lumpy liquid and farts packed my pants with a smelly, mushy load. I stood spellbound for a few moments, staring at that bloody word that appeared to have been so recently scrawled across the woodwork by some poor, ravaged creature. It looked wet and dripped and then I realised that I was also in the same predicament. ‘BOO’ That’s all it had said but those three letters would, unknown to me, haunt me for the rest of my life. # The trip back home was a messy business. Jamie and Hillary didn’t want to have anything to do with a shitty little seven year-old, what with the filthy marks all over my costume, not to mention the smell. Nevertheless, they were nervous of the consequences because they were supposed to be looking after us both and now, one scared little seven year-old had crapped his pants because of their lack of care. Thankfully Jessica held my hand and guided me home because I never would have made it I was crying so much. The two teens were begging me not to tell, whilst coming up with suggestions on how I should explain the disaster. As I was so traumatised by the entire experience I wasn’t party to any of these negotiations. I waddled, slowly and with legs apart, to try and prevent my soiled pants from rubbing against any other part of my body, so I really wasn’t listening. Meanwhile, Jessica had managed to get all Jamie’s and Hillary’s candy and I never knew what else as payment. Once home she spent no time in telling our parents what had happened, how scary the place was and who was really to blame for enticing me up that pathway. Of course mom blamed herself for not being there, whilst dad went around and told their parents. They were grounded for two weeks. # I was still crying when mom led me upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned me up. However, no sooner had she put me in my PJs than a nervous tremble ran through my body and I immediately wet myself. She could see I was in shock and didn’t quite trust me to not spend the night wetting the bed so took evasive action. She told dad to go out to the garage and bring in all the stuff she’d stored there from when I was a baby. In moments he returned with a huge box and mom seemed to know exactly what she was looking for. I was laid out on a towel draped over my bed to ‘catch’ any further accidents and, as she rummaged in the box, through my tears I noticed she had found a couple of thick fabric diapers I hadn’t seen for many years. I wanted to protest but in reality I could hardly get my breath so she had me diapered and in a huge pair of clear plastic pants (which I never remembered owning) in a matter of moments. For the first time since being outside that door at Laurel Grove, I felt out of harm’s way and the thick padding that mom had shrouded me in added to my sense of protection from any evil that may have followed me home. Mom and dad both came and kissed me night-night but left the light on so I wasn’t scared. That didn’t actually work because my dreams were terrible. Every time I closed my eyes I could still see that garden and when I did drop off I was being pursued by all kinds of devilish beings. In the morning I was in no better state than I had been when I’d arrived home that night. It was a good job that mom had the foresight to make sure I was thickly diapered. # For the next few nights I remained well-protected but after a couple of days I was waking up dry and we all thought the drama had past. Life, and school, went on as normal and things only changed when one Saturday morning Jessica crept up behind me and shouted “BOO” and ran off giggling. Under normal circumstances I would have chased after her and this would have developed into a game of tag or have us both roll around on the carpet play fighting. Alas, on this occasion the strange shiver that ran through me on hearing those three letters had the same effect as those scrawled so unnervingly on Laurel Grove’s front door – I filled my underwear. Totally unbidden, pee and poo took urgent leave of my body and soaked what little clothing I was wearing. I looked down in horror as a pool of the stuff formed at my feet - shocked I didn’t move but started to cry. Jessica came running back and saw what had happened and called for mom. She couldn’t believe her eyes on seeing her seven year-old son standing in the middle of his bedroom covered in such a mess. She scooped me up and not caring about her own clothes carried me to the bathroom. She stripped and hosed me down with the shower, then once dry, carried me back to my room and got Jess to find my diapers again. Within minutes of the horror striking, I was back in a thick diaper and plastic pants hugging mommy and wondering what had happened. I don’t suppose the fact that she had scared me even entered Jess’s head, all she explained to mom was that she’d just ‘tagged’ me and ran off when she heard me crying. I couldn’t offer a better explanation, the word ‘boo’ having no connection at the time, so mom must have presumed I was still having some kind of memory to that traumatic night. My diapers stayed with me now for school because on two occasions I’d wet myself while in class. It wasn’t completely unheard of for a seven year-old to have an accident but, with my recent history, mom thought it better to keep me protected 24/7. I didn’t mind. Although I didn’t particularly like the thickness wrapped around me, I certainly didn’t like the wet pants and stifled giggling of my class mates more. Being called a baby was so much worse if there were pee stains down the front of your pants. As time went on I seemed to be wetting myself almost constantly so my diaper was ever present. I never knew when I would leak, or flood and I couldn’t work out the reason. The therapist I saw of course blamed my current situation on the ‘Halloween experience’, which left both my parents feeling very guilty seeing as how much it was they who enjoyed the occasion most. However, I’d seem to go ages without any sort of accident and then suddenly whilst reading, or even walking down the street, I’d feel that shiver and instantly fill my diaper. # I haven’t been able to shake this feeling for, well, since I was seven and I’m sixteen now but I think I now know what might be the cause… it’s those three letters B.O.O. It wasn’t the Halloween garden - the ghosts, blood and bodies, it was those three simple letters. I know this because when I read a book, my concentration is on what I’m reading but as soon as I stop and relax, the word BOOK is no longer the word, all I can see is BOO. The same goes for seeing any word with ‘boo’ somewhere in it. For instance, the word BOOB has recently had me peeing my diaper like a fountain on many embarrassing occasions, especially when I’m trying to chat up a girl. Boomerang, not a word I see often, but I found myself pissing my pants to once I did notice it. The same goes for many words containing those three letters together. So, walking down the street and seeing Book Shop, often finds me filling my diaper. I didn’t notice that was the reason when I was younger, I always assumed it was the event that had caused my problem but now I see the real cause. I hadn’t put the word and that experience together. In fact, although I remember the incident perfectly, the word itself I never thought of as traumatising, just the way it was scrawled bloodily on the door. However, now I think I know the reason, I’m not sure I can tell anyone, I feel stupid that a childish scare word has had such a devastating effect on my life for over nine years. However, I needed help so went to see the shrink and he said he was bamboozled by my casebook. I left his office in a right messy state. ~~~~~~~~ THE END Or is it… BOO
  3. Potty training age and accidents?

    What age were you actually potty trained? Did you still wet the bed or have accidents? i was "potty trained" just before I turned four but continued to have both pee and poop accidents until I was at least 9 and wet the bed until I was 11.
  4. Miss Mallory

    Long time lurker, first time writer. Let me know what you think! #### (1.) I really couldn’t afford to complain… I’ll admit that I hadn’t planned on spending my entire summer babysitting Emmy McKale, but I was getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to do so...And considering that I was currently out of a job, well, beggars can’t be choosers. I finished putting the blankets out on the couch--Emmy wasn’t due to arrive for another ten minutes, but her parents had a late flight to catch. I didn’t want to be the lame babysitter who sent her to bed right away on her first night here. It was summer vacation, after all. I’d just finished laying out the snacks when the doorbell rang. I hurried to get across the living room, and banged my shin on the coffee table. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from cursing, and hobbled over to answer the door. “Hey guys!” I said, smiling through the pain. “Hello, Mallory. Thanks for watching Emory for us.” William, Emory’s dad, said, handing me an envelope. “There’s money in here for groceries, activities, pretty much anything you might need while we’re gone. Whatever you don’t spend, you can keep.” “Thanks, Mr. McKale.” “Mallory!” that was all the warning I got before Emory crashed into me at full speed, flinging her arms around my middle. I gave her a good squeeze in return before lifting her onto my hip. “Hey, Emmy! It’s good to see you!” Melanie, Emory’s mom, was struggling to carry all of Emmy’s things, so I put Emmy down to go help her. “Thanks, dear.” she said breathlessly, handing me a large box of what I could now see were diapers. They weren’t real diapers, per se, but those bedwetting pants for kids that call themselves something else so they don’t wreck kids’ self-esteem. All things considered, Emory never really put up much of a fuss when it was time to get ready for bed, and I was grateful; any of the other ten-year-olds I babysat would have had a fit if I so much as mentioned any kind of protection. I looked back over at Emory who had bent down to pick up her bag. Her shirt had ridden up, exposing the waistband of her diaper. If she noticed, she didn’t seem to care. Besides, I thought it was kind of cute anyway. It certainly made my job easier, since she was so accepting of having to wear protection. “You can just put your things in the guest room, Emmy. You remember where it is, right?” Emmy grinned and took off up the stairs. “Yep.” I helped Emory’s mom bring in the rest of her things. By the time we’d finished Emory was back. William looked at his watch. “We should go.” he knelt down and opened his arms to Emmy. Emmy didn’t waste any time leaping into them. “Bye daddy. I love you! Have fun!” “I love you too, sweetheart. Be good for Mallory, okay?” Emmy nodded. “I will!” she said, and moved on to repeat the process with her mother. “Emergency numbers are on the fridge, same as always. We’ll be back in a few weeks.” Melanie lowered her voice and pulled me aside. “Just so you know, Emmy’s bedwetting has gotten worse. The boxes have diapers in them now, we were in a hurry when we packed, so I just threw everything together. There might be a few pull-ups left in there, but make sure she wears the diapers to bed.” I nodded. “Okay. Will do, thanks for the heads-up.” “We’ve had a few daytime incidents, too. It’s usually when she’s distracted, so please remind her to go potty.” I nod. I normally get this kind of thing from my younger kids’ parents, but with the money I was making, I wasn’t about to complain. Emmy wasn’t that much bigger than some of my six-year-olds, now that I thought about it... Melanie reached out to hug me. “We love you too, you know.” My face heated up. “Thanks. I love you guys too. Be safe, and happy anniversary.” Melanie smiled and followed her husband toward the door. Emory was too short to see out the window of the storm door, so I lifted her onto my hip so we could wave to her parents as they drove away. I could feel that her diaper was pretty wet, and I wondered why she hadn’t said anything. “Do I have to go to bed soon?” Emmy asked. “You know I’m not that lame. You can stay up for a bit, but first, you need a diaper change.” “But, I’m not even that wet!” Emmy protested. “I don’t know about that...Besides, you didn’t speak up and tell me you were wet, and I’m not having you get diaper rash on my watch, missy.” She was usually really well-behaved, but I knew from experience that she wasn’t above making a break for it if she thought she could get away with it. “Let’s go, munchkin.” Emmy pouted, and her big brown eyes almost made me reconsider. Almost. “Nice try, kiddo. But, that doesn’t work on me.” I headed up the stairs to the guest room and laid Emmy down on the guest bed. Her diaper was even more wet than I’d thought, I discovered, once I started changing her, and I didn’t think it would’ve taken much more before leaking. “‘Not that wet’, huh?” I wondered, tickling her a little so she knew I wasn’t upset. She squirmed and I let up before I ended up having to change the sheets on the bed too. “Sorry. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.” Emmy said, refusing to make eye contact with me. I brushed some long brown hair out of her eyes. I didn’t totally buy it, but it wasn’t worth making a big deal out of it. “It’s alright, I’m not mad. Try to remember to tell me when you need changing, okay? Otherwise I’m gonna have to start checking for myself.” “Okay,” Emmy said, sitting up once I’d finished. She scampered over to her suitcase and took out a footed sleeper. “I got new pajamas!” She said. “Can you help me with them?” I suspected that she didn’t really need help, but I didn’t have the heart to deny her if such a simple thing would make her happy. Internally, I knew that the pajamas would probably just get in the way if she woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom, but she was in diapers anyway, so I wasn’t going to dwell on it. I’m such a pushover… She looked absolutely adorable in her pjs, which did nothing at all to hide her diapered state. “Feel like doing anything in particular?” I asked. “I wanna play Overwatch.” Emmy said. “I brought my PS4.” “Okay. Do you need help setting it up?” Emmy shook her head. “Nope. I can do it.” “Okay. Mind if I keep you company? Emmy smiled. “Sure! Can I have a snack?” “I think that can be arranged. How about some chips and pretzels?” I wasn’t in the mood to start fussing around in the kitchen, since it was so late, and I hoped that those would be enough. “That sounds good to me.” Emmy said. “I’m gonna go set my game up. You should play too; it’s fun.” I shrugged. “We’ll see,” I had enough trouble getting to sleep without overstimulating my brain. But, I hadn’t played video games in a while, and the offer was tempting. I went to scrounge for suitable snack food, while Emmy set up her game. She was faster than I expected she would be, and she was already getting started by the time I got to the living room, arms laden with plunder from the kitchen. “Get on the point, guys!” She snapped into her headset--it took me a minute to realize that she was talking to someone. “Relax.” I said, a little more sternly than I meant to. “It’s just a game.” Emmy sighed and folded her arms as the word ‘defeat’ flashed up on the screen in bright red letters. “Tough luck,” I said, and patted her back. “You’ll get ‘em next time.” Emmy angrily crunched into a pretzel and pouted. “Do you want to play? You don’t have to play in Competitive matches if you don’t want to. Those can get pretty intense.” “Why not? Think I’ll stick with the small fish though.” I said, and she passed me the controller. The controls were pretty straightforward, and although the other team wiped the floor with me several times--I don’t think I got a single kill--it was fun. It was easy to see how someone could get addicted to this kind of thing. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but if I had nothing else to do, it was a nice way to kill time. Emmy squirmed next to me. At first, I thought that she was just anxious to get back to the game. Then, when I heard the subtle crinkling of her pull-up, I realized that there was a much more obvious explanation. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” “Nope, I’m alright.” I raised an eyebrow. “If you say so…” I passed her the controller. I focused most of my attention on the screen, but I was still watching Emmy out of my peripheral vision. I’d been babysitting enough to know that the ‘potty dance’ never really changes; kids just get better at hiding it as the get older. Another thing I learned was to trust my gut. And right now, my gut was telling me that everything about Emmy’s posture screamed: I really have to pee! “Okay,” I said as my latest foray into the gaming world ended with another stomping. “Time for a potty break.” “I don’t even have to go!” Emmy protested. She looked a little embarrassed. “You do so,” I countered. “You’ve been squirming non-stop for the past five minutes. Even if you don’t think you need to go, I want you to try anyway.” Emory huffed. “Fine.” She must have needed to go worse than she thought, because as soon as she stood up, she let out a little gasp and sprinted for the bathroom. I laughed a little to myself. Emmy came back and sat down on the couch. “Did you make it okay?” Emmy nodded. “Let’s check. Just to be sure.” “I don’t need you to check me,” Emmy whined. “Well, if you had told me you were wet earlier, I wouldn’t feel like I needed to. Besides, if you’re dry, I don’t have anything to worry about, right?” “Right,” Emmy didn’t look at me. I knew then what I was going to find, and I was a little annoyed that she lied, but I decided to give her another chance to come clean. “Is there something you wanna tell me?” I asked. Emmy shook her head. “Are you sure?” Emmy nodded. The silence was another giveaway, but even so, I went as slowly as possible as I unzipped her pjs. As I suspected, she was soaked. “Sweetheart,” I began gently. “What happened?” “I tried. I really did…” Emmy croaked, and burst into tears. “It’s okay, little one.” I said, pulling her close. “I’m not mad.” Privately, I was a little irritated. As much as I wanted to give Emmy the benefit of the doubt, all the evidence for this particular accident pointed to laziness rather than any physical problem. Still, Emmy’s mom had warned me that they’d been having some daytime issues, and I knew it wouldn’t be fair of me to hold Emmy completely responsible. But, I didn’t want to let her off the hook scot-free either… “It’s no big deal,” I told her. “Just try to pay more attention next time, okay?” “‘Kay. I’m sorry.” Emmy said quietly. I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “It’s okay. I think it’s just about bedtime, though. Do you want to take a bath now, or do you normally take care of that in the morning?” Emmy shrugged. I sighed and lifted Emmy onto my hip when I stood up. “Well, since you don’t know, I think we’d be better off doing it now. A nice, warm bath might help you relax.” Emory didn’t say anything back. She just hummed and rested her head on my shoulder. I patted her bottom, more out of instinct than anything else. I hadn’t meant to call attention to the state of her pull-up, at least not more than I had already; but it couldn’t be helped. I ended up doing most of the work in the bathroom. Emmy just sort of zoned out and plonked herself down in the tub. “Emmy, you’re getting a rash.” I said. Maybe it was for the best that I was doing the scrubbing, since I might not have found out about it until it got much worse. “You need to tell me when you need changing.” I reminded her. I figured that it had already started before she came over, but I didn’t want it getting worse. Emmy just nibbled on her thumb. “I wish you’d tell me what’s bothering you.” I said, since it was obvious that something was on her mind. “I don’t know...I just feel off.” Emmy said. “Do you think you’re getting sick?” I reached out to feel her forehead. She didn’t seem feverish. Emmy shook her head. “I don’t know how to explain it.” “Hmm.” I was at a loss. I couldn’t do much if Emmy didn’t tell me what was wrong. “I think you’re just tired.” I pulled the plug on the drain and wrapped Emmy in a big, fluffy towel. I thought it was strange that she hadn’t offered even token resistance to me babying her since her accident. In truth, I’d been hoping for some kind of reaction, but at the same time, her being so docile was making my job easier. Emmy didn’t fight me when it was time to put her diaper on, and she was small enough that moving her around wasn’t too much of a chore. “Good night, Emmy.” I told her, once she was tucked in. “I’ll be right down the hall if you need anything.” “Night, Mallory.” Emmy answered. “Could you leave the door open a little?” “Sure thing, munchkin. Sweet dreams.” It only took me a few seconds to cross the room, but in the thin strip of light that washed over the bed, I could see that Emmy was already asleep.
  5. Update. 1-2017 Because this is my own personal fantasy based on my life i often come back to this and rewrite certain things or add things here or there depending on what I'm into at the time so this is the most current rewrite version 2.0 Enjoy! 13 year old Matt sat alone at his computer screen. Being just after midnight his mom had already gone to bed for the evening. Over the past year or so this had turned into a nightly ritual for him. Matt would wait up until he was sure that his mom was asleep then he'd sneek into the living room and look up dirty pictures on the computer. One such picture that he saw late one evening captured his imagination. It was a picture of a girl sitting on a park bench and her sweatpants where drenched in pee that had sprouted from between her legs. She had to have been in her twenties and she was supper pretty. This was quite litterally the strangest and hottest picture 13 year old Matt had seen in his short life and it sparked an interest that he had long ago forgotten. After extensive yahoo searches Matt stumbled onto a community website called DPF or Diaper Pail Freinds. It was a website about older people that enjoyed wearing and using diapers. There was also a story board that housed stories of kids and adults who are put back into diapers for one reason or another. Matt read the stories every night until it became an obsesion. He imagined himself being the main character in these stories and how awesome that would be. This brought back memories of when he was nine or ten years old. He would wet his pants and bed some nights alone in his room just because, he didn't really understand why it felt good to wet himself but it did. When he was done he would hide the evidence behind his bed. In retrospect his mom must have known about it becuase after a day or two the wet pants and underwear would disapear and end up back in his dresser drawer freshly washed. Even as a young kid he knew that he wanted to wear diapers again but he didn't know how to go about getting them. He would catch himself looking at younger kids and envying their puffy pampered bottoms. Eventually after seeing no action taken by his mom the pants wetting stopped. Matt hadn't thought much about those wettings for quite some time he only knew that he missed that warm fuzzy feeling that wetting himself brought. He even had experimented with make shift diapers made with garbage bags and towels but those fell apart rather quickly after one wetting and were simply not the real thing. So one late summer night Matt typed into the internet browser, "how do i get put back into diapers?" A couple of search results down the list he followed a link to a bedwetting forum. The thread was started by a boy about my age asking the same basic question. "How do i get my mom to put me back into diapers?" The boy had asked. A lot of the responses to his question didn't make a lot of sense and were Kind of silly. I guess a silly question deserves a silly response. But as he kept scrolling down the page some responses did actually make sense. A string of posts in particual Matt paid close attention to. The first post was by someone calling themselves diapered1964 he wrote. Here's my advice. Start by wetting your bed once a week. Step it up to 2 times a week in a month. In another month wet your bed 3 nights a week and your pants once a week. By the 4th month you need to wet the bed every night and your pants every other day. Continue this until you are wetting your bed nightly and pants daily. By now you parents should have taken you to the doctor to see what is the " problem" and "why" you are wetting your bed and pants all the time. Tell the doctor you can not keep from wetting yourself, wet yourself while at the doctors. By now your parents should be purchasing diapers for you to wear and use. Do not be surprised if by now you can not keep from peeing yourself or your bed, if you still can control when you go pee you need to just relax and use the diaper you are wearing after all it is what you want to do right? Another poster chimed in after diapered 1964 their name was beentheredonethat they wrote. I have to say that this is probubly the best advice from this nonsense thread. Although perhaps a little over simplified. The key In making this strategy work is by making your sudden unexplainable incontinence as believable as possible. Slow and steady is the real key in doing this. To many accidents to fast will raise suspicions and lead your parents to question wether you are having genuin accidents or if you are simply peeing your pants on purpose. which you totally are! Any caring parent will take you to see a doctor. They will run tests. Make you jump through rings of fire. They will attempt to fix the problem, that is how doctors operate. All you need to do is continue wetting yourself everyday no matter what the doctor says or does. Having plenty of high visibility accidents in embaressing situations will speed up the process when you start wetting yourself in public. It also adds a lot to the realism factor and puts added pressure on your parents to do something about your problem rather than ignoring it. If the only time you wet your pants is at home, locked away in your room two feet away from clean clothes and a bathroom that wont look right. If you truly want to wear diapers again you simply have to pretend like you already are. At school, with family or just hanging out with friends if you feel the need to go. Go! No matter where you are or who is around you, pee right into your pants. Over time this will wear everyone down physically and emotionally, once the doctors have done every test every treatment and can't find anything medically wrong with you, frustration will likely set in. Your parents will surely have tried everything they can think of to fix you and will have run out of ideas. Eventually It's gonna be expected that you are going to pee your pants non-stop throughout the day and you are going to wet the bed at night. If you are still on occasion peeing in the toilet out of convience, stop doing that. Only use your pants, pull-ups or diaper if that is what you are wearing, no matter where you are. By occasionally using the restroom you are only giving false hope to your parents that this might someday get better. You've gotta sqaush that thought, by showing zero signs of there ever being any improvement now or in the future. You've got to prove to them that you shouldn't be wearing anything other than a thick diaper. Once it clicks for them that constantly wetting yourself is going to be the new normal for you, your parents will likely switch gears from trying to fix you to helping you live comfortably with your condition. Diapers are a near certainty once this reality sets in for everybody. This is when you can expect to see real plastic backed, tapes on the sides for a snug fit, extra absorbant diapers because they are the only logical and cost effective solution for a young person who has full urinary incontinence such as yourself who wants to still have a semi-normal life. When this happens it can also be taken as a sign of exceptance on their part. By diapering you they understand that you need them now and will likely not hastle you as much about it and everyone will move on because by now your parents will be sick of dealing with wet sheets and clothes and will probably be relieved that you are back in diapers full time. It'll be their idea not yours. And they will love it. Hopefully. Lol. Congratulations to you, if you have made it this far you will have totally earned those diapers you will be wearing. Some food for thought. If you are unable to have a public accident or are afraid that somebody will find out that you wear diapers because you can't stop peeing and or pooping in your pants you might want to reconciter this. It is normal to be afraid of what people will say because Other kids will make fun of you. A young person who cannot control their bodily functions is not a normal thing outside of severly handycapped people. Most adults will be cool about it but kids will be cruel to you and you will lose friends over this. Sorry just being real here. Also something to think about is that by actively not controlling your basic bodily functions over time your body will respond to not holding back your urine and you may actually find that you will develope some real form incontince. Your diaper will be wet without you realizing it. Leaks will happen at the worst times. In front of family, freinds co-works and classmates. And of course strangers as well. Most of the time the fact that you are wearing a diaper can be conceiled with baggy clothes and frequent scheduled changes but sometimes it can't be hidden as easily and you need to be okay with that. Ya im wearing a diaper, you wear miss matching socks, so what! There were other responses as well but none that were as inspiring as those two. A couple of posters said just to be honest about it and ask them if they would buy diapers for him to wear. Matt had mixed feeling about trying that, on one hand it could work but it seemed unlikely. the posibility of that strategy blowing up in his face was high. Too high to be seriously consitered. The method seemed so mind bogglingly simple. I realized then that I was way over thinking this and turning this into some higher form of mental gymnastics. I had seen diapers at the drug store but they were so expensive. I would have to save all of my money but even then it wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of wearing full time and besides hiding it like that would be impossible. My mom would at somepoint find a stash of diaper and think i was a freak. Maybe i am a freak. But with this plan all I needed to do is pee in my pants. A lot. Without giving up or showing that there is any end in sight. If I play it off as legitimate accidents what other choice does that give my mom but to put me back in diapers. I just gotta play the long game for long term gain. Having little or no fear of getting embarassed also goes a long way it would appear. Because if I were to follow this plan I was sure to have plenty of accidents in social settings. Assholes are going to find something to make fun of me for anyways so I'm not scared of what people are gonna say if I wet my pants every once in a while. The only real question is, do I have the guts to try and pull this whole scheme off? Would it even work if i tried? My mother was not exactly the hardcore disaplinarian so i knew i wouldn't get in trouble per se if it failed to produce the results that i wanted. After all it wasn't like she punished me back in the day when she found pairs of wet pants stashed under my bed. She didn't rush out and buy me diapers either. But when I was younger I didn't have a plan or a guide to follow and I gave up on things way to fast. This time will be different. I cleared the history file and got a large glass of water out of the sink and chugged it down knowing that it would work its way through my system and perhaps end up in my bed that night. At 2:45AM i woke up with a stabbing pain in my bladder. This was it, i had to make a dession What was it going to be. It's so cold out there and i am so snug and warm under my blankets. Fuck this, i'm not getting out of bed if i don't have to. I tried letting go and nothing happened at first. I laid there pushing and mentally fighting against years of built up potty training but to no avail. I closed my eyes and pretended like i was already wearing that diaper. Its okay to pee in your diaper i told myself. Thats what they are made for. Wet your diaper. After a few tense seconds I felt my body loosen up and my whole body relaxed. Soon i was wetting my bed and it felt just as good as I had remebered. Why did i ever stop doing this in the first place. i smiled and drifted off to sleep.
  6. The Life story of R.B.

    So this is my first attempt at writing anything, I would like constructive criticism if possible... This is more or less my life story, some parts may be written third-party as that is a style I seem to write best in... Please remember I am writing this as I remember things happening, my earliest recollection starts about age 5 or so... Please enjoy, as some of this may be hard to swallow, or digest, I've lived an interesting life so far, and don't plan on changing it for anyone including myself... It was a cool fall morning, as I woke up, again nothing out of the ordinary, my diaper was soaked as usual, go see if mom, or dad is awake to help me get ready for my day. Mom? Dad? Are you awake? My dad rolls over to look at me, and starts to get out of bed to get me all situated... R.B. you are soaked again... when is this going to stop, or will it ever stop? After I get changed out of my sagging diaper I go sit in the living room to watch cartoons while dad makes breakfast, waffles, eggs, and a glass of milk. R.B. come eat while I get dressed, and wake up your mom. This is the usual morning routine for about 3 more years before my night wetting started to subside for the most part, a few wet nights from time to time, but not every night... After moving from Michigan, to Colorado the wetting started again, and my parents were upset to say the least... After about 2 weeks of wet sheets, bedding, and clothing mom was done with being nice, the diapers came back, and I was taught how to do the deed myself... before bed, go potty, get my thick cloth diapers, plastic pants, and pins... spread the diaper on the bed, lie on it, pull it over my front pin it on, slide the plastics into place, get dressed for bed, and hope to wake up dry. After about 2 weeks of diapering myself before bed, and still waking up wet to the doctors we went... At the doctors office mom is explaining the situation, and I feel about knee high to a grasshopper at this point... R.B. can you tell me what is bothering you, or if you know when this happens? Sorry doctor, all I know is I go before I go to bed, I put my night diaper on, and go to bed... When I wake up I'm already soaked, and need to go more by the time I get my wet diaper off I'm still dribbling a little bit, so I grab hold and run for the bathroom before I wet the floor or anything else... OK well we need to run a few tests, Elaine your insurance should cover these tests, and we will need to start today if time will allow? Go ahead doctor John if you have time to start today... Thanks Mom, just what I want to be poked, and proded by the nice doctor, don't I have school today? Yes you do, but this is more important right now... Doctor John orders a urine test to see if there is a bladder infection, then orders a collection test to see if there is an issue with the amount I expell, along with a flow test to see if there are any obstructions. Elaine the tests do not prove to be conclusive as to why he is wetting the bed again, maybe try to restrict his intake of liquids after 6:00 PM, stick with the protection at night, and come back in 2 weeks to discuss any changes. Well after 2 weeks of nothing to drink after 6:00 PM, and still waking up soaked, and dribbling we go back to the doctor to let him know of any changes. Obviously no change other than my attitude sucks worse now than what it was 2 weeks prior... Hello again Doctor John, as of today we are still dealing with night wetting, and there seems to be no chance of it quitting any time soon... What do you suggest, as washing these diapers every day is getting expensive, and time consuming... Chapter 2 As the years kept going on things just kept going in the same direction, a yearly visit to the doctors office, more tests, and bigger diapers... I was in charge of my own laundry every day, my diapering at night, and more or less starting my days at 4:30 AM every day to get my laundry done, shower, breakfast, brush teeth, and catch the bus to school... All in all it wasn't a bad life, just did not do any sleepovers, or summer camps, for spending money I'd pick up mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, and I had also learned that I was quite good at fixing things, like lawn mowers, bicycles, and the family car from time to time... The first summer of middle school, I was asked by a family friend if I would be interested in an apprenticeship in his automotive shop to help him with cleaning, and learning the correct way to repair cars, and trucks... Of course I accepted... After about 3 weeks of working in the shop daily my life took a weird turn... It was an early summer evening at home out in the back yard playing ball with dad, and my younger brother when it happened, we were playing catch, dad pitched the ball up in the air, and hit a line drive right at me, I mis judged the hit, and jumped up to catch it, and it missed my glove completely, hitting me hard above the pelvic bone, at a high rate of fuel consumption... I immediately hit the ground screaming in pain, and not even knowing my pants were getting soaked, so again to the doctors office the next day to see if there is any damage, or broken bones... Good morning David, and to what do we owe this honor today? Well, I need to know if we can see Doctor John, R.B. and I were playing ball last evening, and I hit him with a line drive about pelvic height, he jumped to try to catch it in a dive, missed, and the ball hit him hard just above his pelvis, he hasn't stopped wetting since... Again I'm feeling lower than a snake in a wagon Ruth, but I'm used to being disappointed, or feeling like the main reason I never get to be part of anything... Doctor John looks me over, inspects my pelvic region, other than a big bruise tells my dad that I should be back to myself in a couple of weeks, and to call if anything changes, Dad asks about my accidents I'm having since the ball hit me, and Doctor John says it should clear up in a few days, just keep me diapered for now, and it should get back to normal in a few days as well. So back home we go with a stop by the store to pick up a few things I needed to get since I'm diaper ed 24/7 for a few days, first we go to the drug store to find out if there are any larger diapers as I'm starting to grow out of what we have been using, then to the grocery to get something for lunch, then back home, as I'm in need of a change badly... A couple of days go by, and things are getting back to normal, my day wetting are getting lighter, but not stopping totally... At the end of the week I'm mostly dry throughout the day, but if I lift anything heavy, or cough really hard a small wet spot appears in my jeans... So again back to the doctors office on Monday morning with Mom to figure it out... Good morning Elaine it's good to see you, and R.B. this morning, I see R.B. is out of diapers today, so I'm assuming things are getting back to normal? No John, there seems to be a problem if he trys to lift something heavy, or coughs, a small wet spot appears in his pants, or shorts without warning, and I want it to stop... Well Elaine we will have to run some tests, it could be a UTI, it could be bladder spasms, it could be nerve damage, or brushing from that line drive he missed, I need to run some tests again... So again I give a urine sample, get X rays, and an ultrasound, along with another flow test, what a way to spend a day... Only to be sent home and told to takensure it easy for a few more days, and to come back if things change, and the doctors office will be in touch with test results in a few days... Chapter 3. Well the test results showed nothing out of the ordinary, again, and as usual Mom was pissed off at me again, just wanting this to stop... How do you stop something you have no control over? I was not allowed to drink anything after supper, hell I was not allowed to even swallow the water after brushing my teeth... Mom said it was good for me not to drink after 5:00 PM. However, according to Doctor John, I have been dehydrated for an extended period of time, and should be allowed to drink whatever I wanted, as holding back did not even interrupt the flow at night... Another round of tests followed, along with visits to a shrink, a urologist, and still a different doctor, all with the same answers as doctor John... There is nothing we can do to stop the night wetting, and deprivation of liquids so early in the day is causing more trouble than it's worth... My day accidents had subsided for the most part again, but if I do something dumb I t shows up again from time to time because of my stupidity... So back to work I go working in the shop with the mechanic... It was a good job to say the least, or in my book $25.00 a week to learn about fixing cars, and trucks correctly was worth it's weight in gold as far as I knew, the mechanic Tom was a good guy, and helped me a lot, along with the education I was getting, I was also learning to think mechanically, as well as making life long friends that would help me in the future if needed... Tom knew about my wetting issues, but said nothing for fear of me leaving, and never coming back to help him... Good guy I was about to start high school, I had a car that I bought out of a junk yard that I had been building for a project for my 16th birthday my parents knew nothing about this till I drove it home shortly after getting my license... My high school years were true hell, being picked on because of my nightly issues, and my younger brother could not keep his mouth shut about anything, typical high school drama, you have the geeks, the stoners, the jocks, then there was me, a fucking motor head... It didn't help that I had my own car in my freshman year, again another reason I was not liked, I learned really fast who my true friends were... One thing I had to learn quick was how to protect myself, I got jumped a few times between classes, or during lunch break, but I always seemed to win, or at least miss out on the punishments handed out by the principal... After 3 years of putting up with typical B.S. I quit school, took my GED, and went to work as a mechanic for a trucking company in Greeley, CO. I will not name that company, sorry not in my best interest, or any help to this story other than it's where I was introduced to driving as a career choice... My 18th birthday I was alone in my apartment getting ready for bed, when someone knocked on my door... So not thinking I answer it to find the most beautiful woman I'd ever landed my eyes on to date in my short time on earth... There I stand, no pants on, a ragged out Greatfuldead Dead T shirt on my top half, and a 6 ply cloth diapers pinned on but no plastic pants over yet, with my tongue hanging out like a lost puppy... Hi there, can I help you? Hi... my name is Toni, and I'm your neighbor, would you happen to know how to get the heat working in my place, it was working this morning when I left for work, but it quit some time today, and it's cold in my place... Help Please? Now I'm not the manager or the maintenance guy of this complex, but to be able to help this pretty lady, I'd be happy to give it a try, Toni please come in while I finish getting dressed, and I will go over, and at least look it over for you... As I quickly finish my project, pull a pair of sweats over my diapered rear, throw my shoes back on, and walk back into my living room only to find Toni has fallen asleep on my couch...As I gently wake her to walk over to her place she let's me in, and I walk over to the heater, and look to see if the pilot light is still on, and of course it's not, so I open the trap door, strike a match, relight the pilot, adjust the thermostat, and watch it run for a few seconds to make sure it will run till tomorrow when the maintenance guy can come over, and look at it... After standing back up I realize what happened while I was squatted down, and it was embarrassing to say the least... As I try to leave Toni asks me to sit down, I explain that it would not be a good idea, but I'm so drawn in by her looks that I sit for a few minutes, yet another big mistake because I forgot to put my plastics on, and had just about leaked while squatted down... I don't know your name for one, and that diaper you are wearing don't seem to fit you too well, can I make a Suggestion? Or At least try to help You? Well I go by R.B. or Running Bear, your choice I guess, and these are the diapers I left home with 6 months ago, after hearing my mom bitch that "you are almost 18, and still can't sleep dry" "you'll be lucky to ever get married, and give me any grand children" so I left in the middle of the night, drove here, got a job, and here I am; What brings you to Greeley Toni? Well I'm in my last year of college for physical therapy, and I started my residency at the local hospital here in Greeley, rented this place, moved in yesterday afternoon, went to sleep, got up, attended classes this morning, then worked at the hospital till 8:30, came home to a freezing house, saw your lights on, knocked on your door, and asked for your help, and here we are... Like I was saying, I may be able to help you with some things if you let me try? Sure why Not? I'm open to new ideas, after living like this for the last 10 or so years... What options are available for my situation? And what do these options cost? As I'm bairly able to pay rent, do laundry daily, and eat from time to time... Well R.B. first off it looks like you need a change, and possibly a shower, secondly, did your doctor inform you of any exercises that you can do to strengthen your bladder muscles? Did he explain about collection devices, or disposable diapers? No was my answer to all of the above questions except for the change question, Yes I do need to change, as I'm normally asleep by now, and 4:30 is going to come early, so I must go home now, and get in bed, maybe we can talk tomorrow evening... Chapter 4 So I go into work the next day not really thinking about what I may have found, or what found me last night, My mind was just a mess... The boss comes into the shop looking for me, and has an option for me to make more money, and maybe be able to move into a better place, or at least a nicer place, as the landlord at the apartment complex is a true ass... So the boss tosses me a set of keys, points to a truck in the lot, and says go figure it out, come see me, after you have a good handle on moving it around, and driving it I have a plan for you in the near future... So after about 4 hours of playing with shifting, driving around the yard, up, and down the Hiway I get a good feel for driving this truck for the most part, and walk upstairs to Kent's Office... So R.B. what do you think? Can you drive it? Do you feel comfortable enough to make a trip? Well I think I can control it fine, if you look out your office window the trailer is backed into the dock you requested, and what do you have in mind? Well, I need a driver to run from here to NYC, and back, 2 trips a week, think about it, and let me know tomorrow, you look a bit preoccupied today... Me preoccupied, what ever gave you that idea? See ya tomorrow Kent... At home I was pacing the floor, trying to figure out what I was going to do, here I am handed what I truly want to do on a silver platter, but as I'm only 18 I can not legally cross state lines till 21, but oh the possibility's... I will talk with Toni tonight, and see where this whole thing is going... As I will not call Mom, or Dad, and ask for advice, and I really have no one else to talk to in this town other than a few guys at work that I've had some dealings with, maybe Toni can help me make a decision as to what to do... About 8:30 there was a knock at my door, it was Toni coming by to chat with me about my night problem, and options, as well as some excercizes for me to try to make my bladder muscles stronger, or at least attempt to help me not void as much at night, without dehydration, or causing other problems... I asked Toni to sit down, I needed some advice, I told her about my day, my chance to do better, and my fears about doing this... R.B. you need to do what you think is right, don't stress over your shortcomings, or your fears, you know you better than anyone else... Beside that YOU need to make yourself happy, not everyone around you, does that make sense? Yes it does, but I'm only 18, and by law I have to be 21 to cross state lines, what am I going to do about that? I mean if I get pulled over in Nebraska, driving a commercial vehicle, and the cop finds out I'm only 18, I will go to jail for sure... R.B. do what you think is right... just know, I like you, you are better than the rest, you help people when need arises, you did not have to fix my heater, but you did, you didn't have to answer the door tonight, but you did... You are a special guy, and I want to date you, hell maybe even have you move in with me... Chapter 5... The next morning I go talk to Kent, accept the offer, and ask a few specific questions, hoping for local work for now, then move into a sleeper cab in the near future... Kent hands me an envelope, I open it, and low, and behold inside the envelope I find a driver's license from New Mexico, stating my age to be 21? I ask how this is possible, and is it legal? You seem to know what you are doing with driving that truck, I trust you, and you leave tomorrow night at about midnight, don't be late, see you tomorrow... After I leave the shop, I go home hoping to see Toni, and see what is new in her world, and to maybe see what she has planned for the near future, maybe have herror move into my place as it is bigger, and somewhat nicer than hers... About a half hour after getting home there is a knock at my door, and from the sounds of the knock it's Toni; Be right there... After getting to the door, and opening it, I'm attacked by Toni, who seems really happy to see me... I'm so happy you are home, I've been a mess all day, you are consuming my thoughts, and my mind... We need to talk NOW... Okay, so sit down on the couch, get comfortable, and do you want anything to drink, I have water, Mtn Dew, Coke, or Root beer... A Dew will be fine please... So today I had a conversation with the Urologist at the hospital, and he would like to see you some time, but told me to help you in any way I can, so this evening we will work on Kagel exercises to hopefully Stengthen your muscles around your bladder if you want to try? Hell I'm willing to try anything if it will help, but if I remember correctly this is the same thing my mom tried with me for years, and it has never helped, but I'll try again maybe it will help this time, oh by the way I took that position driving, so I will be getting better pay next week, the other think I was wondering is would you move into my place, pick up my mail daily, and keep my place occupied while I'm out driving, I should be back by Friday this week, and leave out again Sunday night to head back east to New York... I guess I can, is your rent the same as mine or more? Is there more room here than in my place, and if I say yes, will you help me move in? First off this place is a 2 bedroom, the rent is automatically paid every month by my employer, as his son owns the place, the rent runs about $500.00 a month, all utility's Paid except for cable, and that runs about $35.00 a month for basic... And yes I can help you move, but it will have to be this weekend when I get back from the east coast, because I have to leave at midnight tonight... So help me pack my bag for the trip, 2 nights out 3 days out, so I will need to pack enough diapers for the 2 nights, I wish I could find some disposables that would fit me, and do a good job keeping the bed dry, as I do not want to ruin a mattress in a company truck... Well let's go to the pharmacy, and see what is available, and may be as if not more absorbent to take with you... I know it must feel weird to go diaper shopping, but you really need to get something better than what you have been using, and I'd be more than happy to help you with this issue if you want my help... Sure why not, you've already seen me diapered, without any pants on, you have seen the situation, and truthfully I need help with this... By the way when we get back to my place after I pack I need to sleep for a few hours, as I have to leave tonight at midnight... Chapter 6 So at about 23:45 I leave the apartment, get into my car, drive to the shop, inspects my truck, and trailer, load up my trip bag, and head out... There is a note on the dash letting me know there is some cash in an envelope on the bed, for fuel, meals, and other incidentals, along with a delivery date, and time... What the hell is this guy smoking... 24 hours to cover 1,754 miles, but what the hell I'll give it one hell of a try... I pull away from the dock, close the doors start thdate reefer, pull out to throw gate, get my paperwork, and there is another note on that stating the company policy any speeding tickets over 100 MPH. I'll pay, anything under that you pay, have a safe trip, see you in a couple of days, the tanks are full, you'll need to get fuel in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, your choice, drink coffee black no sugar, or cream, and drive it like you stole it... What did I sign up for? This was not discussed, but I'm eager to make a go at it, I got onto US 34, headed east to I 76, headed North East into Nebraska, then onto I 80, into Iowa, then Illinois, then Indiana, I stopped twice to pee, continued into Ohio, Pennsylvania, got fuel, got back onto the interstate, continues into New Jersey, paid the toll into New York, took the quickest way to the drop spot, punched the time clock, and went to bed, after putting on my diaper for the rest I was in dire need of... When I layer down on the bed it had a farmilliar sound, I lifted the corner of the sheet, and the bed is covered by plastic, I slept well for about 6 hours, and was woke up to the trailer being unloaded... I got changed, got dressed, went inside to see the guys unodding me, got the bills signed, waited for them to finish, went to the pay phone called in, and was told to come back empty this round as the return run was already covered... So back to Greeley I go with an empty wagon... I stop in Indiana, top off the fuel tanks, and get headed back to the yard... I finally pull in the yard, park the truck grab my bag, my trash, and load it into the car, go inside to talk to Kent to see if I still have a job... Good morning R.B. I hope your trip was Uneventful? How do you li km email that truck? And can you be ready to pull out Sunday morning at midnight? Oh and here's your pay for that run, I hope you are not offended with it? So first I open the envelope, $2,500.00, ummmmm. Is this correct? Yes you were 2 hours early, and you are a natural I wish everyone could do it like you did it this last trip, that is your pay for the trip plus a 500.00 bonus for being early, you left last, and unloaded first, I think I'm going to keep you in that truck, as long as I can... So for the next 5 years all I did was run to NYC, and back two to 3 times a week. The money was good, I bought the truck I wanted, speced the way I wanted it, built to my specifications, and haven't looked back since... (this is how I got my start in trucking, and most likely will die with a steering wheel in one hand, and a shifter in the other with a smile on my face) After 6 months of living together Toni, and we're Common Law Married, she was about 6 months pregnant, and I was still wetting the bed, through all the excercizes, doctors visits, multiple different Urologist's nothing had improved, the next step was a neurologist and a MR I of my head, back, and neck to see if there were any abnormalities... One of the doctors said I was just lazy, and to grow up... The neurologist looked at the films, and the X rays, and could not come up with a diagnosis, so in diapers I stayed at night... Chapter 7 In 1993 I started my own trucking company, and left where I started, my final payment including severance was the first truck I drove for Kent, and any two trailers I wanted... Nice guy, but I made him a lot of money in 5 years of running... Hell I made a lot of money working for him, enough to buy a 3 bedroom house in Thornton, buy another truck, and property to start doing my scrap iron processing correctly, as pulling a noisy ass reefer was getting on my nerves... By 1999 I was up to 7 trucks 8 trailers, and had over a million tons of scrap steel on the ground in my packed yard...Time to liquidate as the price for scrap metal was over $145.00 a ton for #2 steel, and $164.00 a ton for #1 steel, hell yes I'll sell it... By September of that year my yard was bare, except for the office trailer, the scale, and 6 of 7 trucks, and 7 of 8 trailers... Now what to do... So I started hauling sand, and gravel for 3 cement plants in the greater Denver area 6 trucks busy with a floater to cover if someone called in, or got popped by DOT... Life was good till I got blown off that stupid load of plastic pipe... That is when my life turned to shit... You know the fall don't hurt, it's the sudden stop at the bottom that really hurts, thank God I landed on my ass instead of my head... Just remember things cold be worse... I finished tying the load down, fucking the smoke tarp, and headed to TX, holy hell I'm hurting, but it will get better eventually, after about an hour of driving I decided to pull over take a wiz, but before I could get stopped safely I had already wet myself... What the hell? This ain't right, so back in the bunk I go, change clothes, look around the damage to the seat, and continue on... about 45 minutes later I'm stopping again to change, man there is something really wrong here... I make it to the next town, find a pay phone, call home, talk to Toni, and ask her what I should do? What happened to you? And where are you, and why haven't you gone to a hospital yet?Yet? This load has to deliver by 09:00 in Odessa TX, there's no one that can do this run, the others are busy till Sunday, and it's only Tuesday... I can't pull a truck off the cement plant runs as it will void the contract, and cost us a whole year of work, I'll be fine till I get home, I'll just wear a diaper all, the time like I did when I was younger after catching that line drive in the back yard, it will clear up eventually... (the joys of being 27, and thinking you are bullet proof) I will make you an appointment with our doctor for when you get home... I think you really hurt yourself this time but okay, see you in a couple of days; love you... Love you too be home in a few days... The return trip home was hell, loaded in Odessa TX. headed for Denver, CO. what a pain, rain tornadoes, hail, and wind all the way there... I was glad to drop that load, and head home... I was feeling a little better, but still could not stop wetting all the time, so to the doctor I go... At the doctors office Toni, and I are waiting to get in, I'm trying not to wet, but that ain't happening, the doctor calls us back, and we sit in his office, he examines me top to bottom, front to back, orders an MRI, X rays, and wants a sample, to that I ask him how many used diapers he wants, his response was: I'll just do a clean draw catheter... By the time the X rays were done, and I was going in the MRI the results were already back, no UTI... After the MRI, we were back in his office, as he was looking over the X rays films, and the images from the MRI... Well R.B. I have bad news, and worse news... First off you need to take a few months off, no more driving, no climbing, or even walking, I don't know how you are even able to stand as it is, you have a compound fracture between L2 through L5 in your lower back, and C4, and C5 in your neck is also fractured, whatever you did, you screwed up big time,find someone to take your truck work for a while, I'll call you when you can come back in for a follow up... Okay doc, will do... (this is where I screwed the pooch) after leaving the doctors office, I get home crawl back into my truck, run to the brick plant, load a load of brick going to Thornton (me not using my brain) look at the address, and make the delevery (guess where it's going) yep you guessed it, right back to my doctors office... (I'm a stupid SOB at times) I walk in to get paperwork signed when I feel a sharp pain in my lower back, and I hit the floor... To be continued...............................
  7. The Stent

    I was inspired by the folks over in Incontinent-Desires. There's a rather industrious group there making stents for creating incontinence as opposed to using catheters. So I just extrapolated a bit, and added a little modern/slightly futuristic tech. I hope ye enjoy. The Stent "The Medican advanced urethral stent is a revolution in urinary incontinence support. Patients that cath, have trouble with bladder leakage, or those who just can't sleep through the night now have a viable, non-invasive treatment option. The stent works just like a catheter, without the uncomfortable external tubes. The bulbous head sits right inside the bladder, expands to resist untimely removal and contains a tiny radio receiver and valve that gives the patient complete control over their bladder function. Installation is easy, and unlike catheters is entirely concealed within the body, minimizing risk of infection or irritation. It uses the body's own motion and heat for power." Nikki looked up from the package. Her husband looked down at her in obvious anticipation. "How would this work?" She looked back down, the box heavy in her hands. Roger lifted it, turned it to show her a picture. "It comes with a remote that the patient would normally keep. That tells it to be open or closed. 'Complete control at your finger tips.'" He laughed. "But I can spoof that signal with my phone, or tell your phone to transmit, or send it through the house signal." "Why?" She asked, her voice heavy with trepidation. He smiled sadistically. "Because I want to control you completely. Because you want to give up control." He set the package aside, and began rubbing her back. He worked his hand under her shirt, scratching at itches that revealed themselves. Nikki leaned into his hand. It moved up along her spine to the braided chain that ran around her torso. Another hand caressed along her belly, and up to one of the steel domes that encased her breasts. A low moan escaped her lips as she counted back the weeks since she last felt his hands on her heavy mounds. He lifted her shirt to reveal the steel bra. A pair of chains descended to a steel belt that curved ergonomically around her waist. "Yeah, I think you want it bad." "Please." She begged. "How long has it been?" "I played with your cunt this morning, Sir." "Orgasm?" "Six weeks, four days." "So you just had one." Nikki pouted. "Tell you what, I'll let you decide if you want to have the stent or not." He leaned in to kiss her. "I don't… know." He slid into the chair next to her, his arms probing her body. The hand on her back slid forward to cup the steel bra. His other hand descended into her pants, feeling around the steel shield over her mons. Fingers reached through the thin slit that allowed Nikki just enough room to rub her clit through the chastity belt, but impossible to get anything near enough to penetrate. "Well just ask yourself, is your bladder control worth an orgasm?" "…no." The hands pulled away, "No? Well if you don't want it." Nikki grabbed the hands trying to get her husband to feel her up again. But put back to her body they just sat limp against her skin. "Please!" She tried to force his hands to work, desperately wanting him to manipulate her body even while she knew he was manipulating her mind. With a huff she gave up, throwing his hands down. "I understand. You don't want it, you don't have to have it." He started to climb out of the chair." "Your cock." He stopped. "What was that?" "Your cock. I want it. That's how I cum, or no deal." He grinned, knowing he'd won. He slipped back into the chair, pulling her into his lap. "God! I knew you'd do anything for an orgasm." His hands returned more deft than ever, reaching into places that had gone too long without sensation. "You're pathetic." Nikki moaned, "No, only with your cock." He replied by nuzzling her neck. "Please, I want your dick in me!" "Eh, you know I'd stick it in mud sooner than you. What would my girlfriend say?" Despite herself Nikki humped the hand manipulating her clit. "Besides, you'd beg to fuck mud if you thought you had a chance to get off." He nuzzled her again as she arched her head back into him, his lips suckling at her neck like a vampire from the movies. "No, please. I want your dick. I want your cock in me!" But his hands still invaded her, while refusing to unlock the steel prison that prevented what she wanted most. She still didn't try to push him away. His hands roved over her and through her. Her breath quickened, and her muscles tightened. "Please wait! Stop! Please, I want your dick, I want your dick!" Her whining turned into deep moaning. She tried to beg, but her words were lost to the sensations filling her. Too long she'd gone, masturbating according to his schedule. Edging, but not cumming. Too long she'd spent on the precipice of desire, that she couldn't stop herself when his deft movements pushed her over it. Her voice was raw from the shouting, her muscles sore from the strain. The sensations faded slowly even as she wanted to dwell in them for just a little longer. Her master's voice came to her from a distance, whispering into her ear. "I knew you'd sell it cheap." His words were hurtful, but they both knew it just renewed her desire. * Her wrists were cuffed to the headboard, and her ankles spread to the corners of the bed. Nikki's moans had reached their crescendo, and were quieting down. He pulled out of her, and she felt a small stab of disappointment. She'd wanted to feel him cum inside her. But he loved to steal away small satisfactions as her mind reveled in the shame of his denial. "Satisfied?" She nodded, still enjoying the tide of sensations through her body. He left her to the pleasure, but quickly returned with a pile of supplies. He came around the bed, and slipped a blindfold on her, followed by a ball gag stuffed in her mouth. "I don't want to listen to your complaints." He said as he moved away from her. Nikki felt the bed depress between her legs. A folded towel was placed under her, she could hear him unwrapping plastic and opening the box. She came down from the sexual high, her muscles began to tense. Worries about injury, and what this new level of control would mean for her filtered through her mind as they had ever since he showed her the device. She felt a cool touch as he placed some gel against her warm, sensitive spot. "Just relax, Dear. This will be quick." Not for the first time had she suddenly felt apprehension at giving herself to a med student all those years ago. His hands began to manipulate her labia, pressing into her pussy, teasing out the urethra. A sharp pain at that entrance startled her. "Just relax, this is the hard part, but it will go fast." Master said in a soothing voice. The burn dulled to a tingle, but it climbed up into her. She tried to relax, but it took a conscious effort. "Okay, I need you to relax, like you're going to the bathroom. Just ease it out. Oh! Yes, that's it, don't worry about the mess." She felt something slip deeper in until it popped into place. "There!" And then something slipped out of her. "All done!" She heard the double slap sound of latex gloves being removed. And oddly the sound of a trickle. She realized she was peeing! "Okay now, let's see." The trickle stopped. "Success!" * She sat on the toilet and looked at her phone. It had been an incredibly frustrating day. Chugging water and Gatorade, he'd been testing out the new toy in her body all day. Trying different tricks with the signal, different combinations of devices, and different ways of sending it so that no matter what she would be stuck with what he wanted for her bladder. The last test had been most frustrating because he was checking how strong the signal had to be for the stent to receive it. Brief dribbles would spill out with him shouting, "Did you get it?" from further and further away. The damn thing was surprisingly sensitive. Now he was at home, while she was at the mall; full to bursting, and stuck waiting for him to do something about it. She found herself fidgeting, trying to hold it despite it having no effect on her control at all. The phone lit up, "Sending now." His text said. After a pause, she felt her bladder open up, and the torrent pass out of her. When it finished she stood and began cleaning herself he sent another text, "Did it work?" "Yes." she sent back. "Woohoo!" Came the reply. He was so cute when he was so enthusiastic, but right now she couldn't muster a similar energy. * It took a while for her sleep dulled mind to realize what she was doing. She stared at the green digits that displayed 3:42. Sitting on the toilet, she waited for something that she suddenly realized wasn't going to happen. It wasn't unusual for her to get up in the middle of the night to pee, even when she would normally go right before bed. She felt a stab of frustration that she couldn't go. Her husband was fast asleep, there was no way he'd be happy with her waking him up for this. With a sigh she stood, pulling her panties up. The one blessing in all this was that he wanted to leave off the chastity belt for now just in case something unexpected happens. For a moment she was tempted to grab his phone to try to make it work, but she couldn't bring herself to be that disobedient even though she knew the password. Instead she made her way back to the bedroom slipping back under the covers next to her husband. Sleep was long in coming, as the need to go kept insisting that she get up and do it. * Lock_N'key: "May I use the bathroom, Sir?" Sir_geon: "Sure." Lock_N'key: "I wasn't in the bathroom yet!" Sir_geon: "Not my problem." Lock_N'key: ">(" Sir_geon: "Go clean yourself up, Bitch." * Nikki looked hopefully at her phone again. She was sitting in a filthy stall at the mall, panties around her knees, sitting on a toilet that she'd had to wipe down, and all she could do was wait. It'd been twenty five minutes since she asked him to let her go, and no response. Her phone refused to show her a message from her husband no matter how many times she looked. She just waited, listening to others come and go. It felt surreal. She knew when to go to the bathroom, but she also had no control over it. It was a thing that just happened. She waited for it to happen, she knew that it would, eventually. But when it did was always a surprise to her. A few days ago he'd set up a schedule where the signal would be sent automatically. He'd even figured out how to make her phone transmit even if it was turned off. She often thought about draining the battery, but that only would work away from the house or the car. And she would have no way to make herself go when she wanted. Three times each day she absolutely had to be in the bathroom or she'd have an accident. Frustrated, she stuffed the phone back in her purse. She stood up, but then sat back down with a silent curse. Today she'd had coffee with some friends, and the pressure had built. It wasn't the first time she'd asked for an off-schedule pee, but this was the first time that he remained silent. Part of Nikki wondered if this was one of those times he was trying to teach her a lesson. Maybe he was telling that she could only go at her scheduled times. That didn't seem likely, as a doctor he put a great store about being healthy, and holding it too long could cause damage or infections. The question is, is he making her wait on purpose, or because he's busy? He's a doctor, he is a busy man. She almost stood up again, but was startled by her urine hitting the water. * Nikki's eyes shot open. The dream, a foggy waterscape in the middle of a torrential downpour faded from her memory as the urgency that startled her awake stole her attention. A hand pressed urgently against her crotch but the water poured through her fingers. "Honey?" "Honey!" "Master!" "Huh?" "Something's wrong!" He rolled over, "What's up?" he asked bleary eyed. "It's broken! Look!" She said lifting the blankets. It was too late to prevent anything, the bed was soaked, and she was sure the mattress was also a mess. The flow had slowed, and now stopped. He sat up slowly, looking at the clock. "I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you. I thought about your sleeping problem. I don't want you getting infections or straining your bladder, but I also don't want you waking me up every night. So I decided that you're a bedwetter now." Nikki stared at her husband in utter disbelief. For a moment she hadn't believed she heard him right. "What do you mean?" She said menacingly. He gave her a satisfied grin. "I think it's the solution that best satisfies both our needs." * It was already getting late. She was usually in bed by now, but she'd been putting this off as long as possible. But soon the midnight signal would come, and for the next six hours she would be effectively incontinent. With just thirty minutes to spare she was at the drug store looking at diapers. Last night was a miserable blur. After thoroughly drenching the bed, Master had told her to clean it up. And she'd tried, but every few minutes she discovered her bladder would dribble a bit, making more of a mess. Finally she'd had to work with a towel bunched between her legs. After she'd cleaned as best she could she'd tried to go sleep in the bathtub. He'd already gone back to sleep on the couch. When morning came the argument wasn't over, but it wasn't one she'd win. Standing in the bath she'd yelled at him as he got ready for work. He just listened, and simply told her that he wasn't going to change it. "That body isn't yours anymore. You don't control it. You gave it to me to control. You don't get a say in how I control it. Or if I decide not to." He'd said. She'd argued for a while longer, but nothing superseded that simple truth. When her anger had run down he finished the argument by granting her a free orgasm, the bastard. "You can cum, but you have to do it playing with that piss-soaked cunt." He's said then left her in the bathroom, still seething, and unwilling to concede that accepting his permission to cum didn't meant she accepted his decision. Nikki blushed at the memory as she pulled a package of Depends from the shelf. Maximum Protection seemed like the best option since she would have no retention at night from now on. But frankly she didn't know what any of that meant. She wanted to try the ones that were supposed to be like underwear, but those didn't seem like they would do for her problem. "Need help?" Nikki jumped, dropping the package. One of the pharmacy ladies in blue scrubs had come over to her while she was lost in thought. The diapers on the floor between them, Nikki was frozen, not sure what to say. She could feel her cheeks warm as her face turned bright red. The nurse leaned forward and put a comforting hand on her arm. "It's okay. It's not a big deal, hon. What do you need?" She bent down to pick up the package on the floor. "It… it's not… I don't know." Nikki stammered, looking down. "I… I can't hold it, at night." She felt tears in her eyes. "Like at all." She sighed, shutting her eyes tight forcing her tears back. "I understand," the nurse replied warmly, "It's okay. It's a common problem. I'm guessing this happened suddenly?" Nikki nodded. "Well, I can't say for certain, but usually when it happens like that it usually isn't permanent. Just until whatever's wrong gets better." She listened to the nurse silently thinking about just how long her husband would want to play this game. Getting on to a month now, and he seemed to be really happy with the whole thing. So who knows how long it would go. She felt a fresh wave of shame that it turned her on to know that. "Well, diapers like these are probably the best you can get here, but as I understand it, they're not great. They're cheap, and don't fit well so you can get leaks. So if it's a long term problem you may want to try a medical supply store or look online for a better brand. But these will work for now." Nikki nodded, "Thank you." "Here, let me ring you up." * Nikki woke to the sound of her husband getting ready for work. She realized that for the first time in years she'd slept completely through the night. The last few weeks had been hard, getting used to the new nighttime routine, waking up constantly worried about leaking. But after taking the pharmacy nurse's advice about getting a better brand of diaper, that just hadn't been an issue. So she no longer had a reason to get up in the middle of the night. For the first time she hadn't, and it was wonderful. If she were to be honest with herself, she actually liked the feel of a fresh diaper. Quite frankly the extra padding was comfy, and it was nice to know that everything was perfectly contained in the morning. With the first package that hadn't always been the case, and she'd felt nervous going to sleep. Under the covers she put a hand to the yellowed padding, and squished it against herself. And it was dirty. She'd never really been into watersports as it's own kink, but the humiliation of it, the idea of being subjected to it turned her on. Having to wear the full diaper, and being unable to stop herself from filling it every night turned her on despite herself. Having that bit of control denied to her by her Master, went to the very core of her perversion. Her rubbing became more rhythmic "God, you're such a slut." he said as he did up his tie. * Dammit! The second alarm on her phone sounded, and she was still trying to rush back home. She set up an alarm 20 minutes out to remind her that she would need a bathroom soon. The second alarm was five minutes out, and she usually took that to mean that she should make her way to the bathroom now. This was going to be close. She floored it through the yellow light hoping there were no cops around to see her speeding. Several turns, and an egregiously rolled through stop sign got her screeching to a stop in the driveway. She leapt out of the car and promptly tripped. Damn heels! She rolled got herself up and hustled to the front door, pulled the screen open fumbled with her keys before dropping them. She was clenching as best she could even knowing that it was useless. Resigned she bent to pick up the keys even as she felt the piss filling her jeans. Nikki just stood there waiting for it to stop. Cursing herself she tried to figure out how to get inside to clean up without making a bigger mess. * "Okay, I need you to stand" He said. Nikki was busy playing with her boobs, finally free after months from their steel prison. Her master was at her feet, slowly working the latex up her legs. She slid off the large crate with his help, but still leaning against the crate as he massaged the latex upwards, coaxing it over her skin with the baby powder. "Are you ready for this?" He asked as he stretched the rubber over her rump. He knelt down to make more adjustments, making sure that the gap over her crotch was seating properly. "I think so, Sir." He tugged the suit up further along her thighs before standing to to the same around her hips. "The whole weekend. That's a long time." He held a sleeve up and began scrunching it up so she could insert her hand into the glove. Her hand was a fist around a small ball wrapped in tape so she couldn't open it. Now it was being forced into the confines of a ball shaped latex glove, rendering it useless until he freed her. He did the same with her other hand, before working the tight material over her arms so the suit could wrap tightly, like a second skin over her torso. Nikki didn't want to think of the length of time. She shivered, trying to keep it out of her mind. Even once he had it wrapped around her it took time to adjust it right so he could start working the zip in the back. He struggled, and adjusted as he needed to, until finally the suit came to a close at the back of her neck. Her head, breasts, and crotch were the only things not encased in rubber. Dozens of rubber encased wires dangled from patches all over the suit. Surprisingly he kissed her. "I love you." He said. "Love you too." Nikki replied. He opened the crate to begin the next phase of her preparations. * The video was one of Nikki's favorite genres of porn, two well muscled guys making out. It was only the beginning of course, and she was anticipating watching them strip each other. She knew full well that they'd get raunchier and raunchier as time went on which was also good, but damn, she did love the simplicity of two guys kissing. The video cut out, to her disappointment. But cut back in to what looked like security camera footage. It was familiar to her since she'd seen that view many times. It was the spare bedroom, empty except for a large wooden crate with a cabinet attached to one side. A figure moved into view, it was of a young woman that it took Nikki a moment to recognize. When she did, she wanted to curse; she hated it when her husband dated his nurses. Minerva, that was her name. Minerva turned around, "Is she really in there?" The audio cut in. Her husband moved into view, "Oh yes. She's in there, completely immobile, completely unable to control her body. Well almost." "Oh god that's so hot." The girl said, hopping up on top of the crate. Nikki heard, and felt the shift. Master opened the cabinet. "This is how I control her." The nurse stared wide eyed, "It's surprisingly empty." she said. "Well, I still don't have a viable way for her to defecate properly, though we recently solved the urine issue. Overall it's got room for supplies that I could keep her trapped for a month or more. But we still have a lot of work to make that happen. " "How would you keep her muscles from atrophy for that long?" "I've got a muscle stimulation system in the computer connected to patches all over her body which will work for a while, and since this is supposed to be both pleasure and torture, I'm working on different exercise routines for her. As well I try to keep her stimulated in other ways." "I can guess." With legs crossed, and hands on the edge of the crate, she leaned forward to kiss her date. "Do you think she can hear us?" "Oh I know she can. She wears a gasmask that I modified. It organizes her tubes pretty well for one thing, and–" "Tubes?" "Yeah," he said pointing at the cabinet. "See she's got the breather here, and that's her feeding and water line. The mask guides those tubes, and a couple others from the rest of her body into the cabinet. But there's also some wires I set up to a VR headset." "Oh wow!" "Yeah, most of the time she's watching porn of some kind. I've got like six terabytes on there and I keep adding to it." He pointed to the computer at the bottom of the cabinet. "But it will also stream video from the household cameras. Which is what she's seeing now." "You mean she's watching us?" "And listening." "Oh god I wanna fuck! Right here right now, on top of your wife!" He laughed. "All in good time." He said, closing the cabinet. "I'm also wearing a button cam that I'll upload later showing her our date. She'll like that." "You know, when you first said 'I'm packing my wife away for the weekend' I had a totally different idea of what that meant." The video cut out again. Nikki was left in blackness for a moment until a new porno turned on. It wasn't the muscle boys making out, instead it was an old video of a huge breasted woman in white satin panties getting done up in shiny metal bondage. * The house video cut in again. This time the view was of the bedroom. Green text popped up in the corner of her view, "Pleasure/Pain sequence 42b - Start" There was a shock to her nipples, and Nikki jumped. But the rubber phallus buried deep inside her began to hum. The suction pumps began tugging on her tits and clit. Her husband and his lover were tangled up in the sheets. Their movements were slow, Nikki was a little disappointed, thinking they'd already fucked. "Oh she absolutely loves this. She's a huge perv. She gets off on bondage, humiliation, degradation, gross stuff that no normal person would get off on." He said with a glance to the camera. "I'm surprised you're so curious." "Well to be honest your wife comes off as rather prim and proper. You wouldn't think it to look at her that she'd be into all this stuff. Or watching her husband have affairs." She said nuzzling his chest, and wrapping her legs around his. "I mean I like her, she always seems so kind and caring, but also… reserved." "Kind and Kinky are not mutually exclusive. And we both put on a pose because I have to be professional for the sake of my reputation as a doctor." "What I mean is that it's so sexy to be living this double life." "She doesn't– We don't live a double life, we live the life we want to live, we just make sure to keep the parts that should be private, private." He looked down at his lover, "I work very hard to give her the life she wants. In many ways she didn't know it was what she wanted, but it is." "You make it sound like you don't." "Oh, I get a lot of what I want." He said with a smile. "But one of the things I want to do is have sex with my wife. But in order to live the life we want, I have to sacrifice that. I keep her in a chastity belt, I deny her access to sexual release which means I can't use her in ways that I really would like to. I do that among many other things, because instead of fucking all the time, we're making love." "This is you making love? Her trapped in a box while you fuck other women?" "Strange isn't it?" She climbed on top of him. "Everyone's got their thing. Right now I've got yours, and I know just what I want to do with it." She leaned forward to kiss him, his hands cupped her ass. "You work so hard to give her what she wants. I guess I'll have to make sure you get what you want." Nikki saw her husband enter his girlfriend while his machine punished her body. She could do nothing to stop the torment, so she focused on the pleasure. She focused on their pleasure, on their lovemaking, feeling it in herself even as the vibrating dick thrust into her out of time with their rhythm. She wanted to feel him in her once again. More than a month gone since he'd done it last, who knew how long until he did it again. She watched their lovemaking, the teasing, and the playfulness of it. Even as it fed her own desires she scoffed at its simplicity. She loved the traps he set for her, the helplessness of his contraptions. She enjoyed his toys as they punished her body. Their motions began to build, their moans reaching a higher pitch. The noise of their sex reinforcing the building sensations in her own climax. She saw her Master buck as his lover rode him hard, pressing her tits into his face. The woman fucked him hard, screaming as she came to her own conclusion. The artificial dick pumped into Nikki, and the mild stimulations over her body kicked into high gear as she felt herself nearing her own long awaited orgasm. She could feel the satisfaction of knowing she would join her Master and his lover in the intensity of their mutual stimulation. A hard shock passed through her tits. The dildo stopped pumping. A cry of frustration died in her throat from the tubes that kept her breathing. Before she could reach it his system had killed another orgasm. For a moment she could swear he'd glanced at the camera, a taunting smirk on his lips. But no, he turned to his lover once more before the feed went dark.
  8. Hello all, Well it certainly has been a long time since I posted a story on the site and I think that it is long overdue. This is a sequel to a story that I finished 10 years ago- All I Want For Christmas - and it picks up about 4 months after we left Mark and Chloe at the alter. If you want to read the original then it is over on the DD website in the story section; it is also on here but it might take some finding. I have written the entire thing and am in the process of typing it up, it will not be as long as the original but I am going to drip-feed it here to allow you all to digest it in small bites. So, I submit to you the first three chapters of my story, I am always open to constructive criticism and I am happy to answer questions. Please enjoy and, for those of you who followed the orignal, enjoy finding out what happens to our young couple as they live the married life. Enjoy! DC Chapter 1 Chloe sat in the ultrasound waiting room nervously biting on her nails, Mark looked at his wife, smiled to himself and then reached over and pulled her hand from her mouth. ‘Don’t do that baby it is not good for your teeth.’ Chloe smiled nervously and wiped her hands on her jeans. Making sure that they were still alone in the small room, Chloe made eye contact with Mark and with a slight blush asked, ‘what if they see?’ ‘See what princess?’ Mark knew what she was talking about but he couldn’t help playing this little game. Chloe shifted in her seat, cleared her throat and whispered, ‘you know…my nappy. What if they see it and laugh?’ Mark noticed that his wife looked genuinely worried and leaned closer to his wife, he took her hand and kissed the back, ‘don’t worry my darling. I am here and I will not anything happen. It is probably nothing that they haven’t seen before.’ Chloe felt a little eased by Mark’s comments but still felt the nervousness in her tummy. The couple sat in silence as they both thought about what the coming months would bring, today would be the first time that they will see their unborn child and both were very excited about it. Chloe rubbed her tummy and patted it with tenderness before smiling to herself and thinking about the events of the last eighteen months; meeting mark and wetting herself on their first date, discovering Mark’s desire to have a nappied girlfriend, her own journey back into nappies and subsequent reliance upon them and of course their wedding and now unborn child. Chloe remained deep in thought as the nurse entered the waiting area, ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ Chloe looked up, ‘that’s me.’ ‘Right this way please,’ the nurse gestured towards the door that she had just come out of and smiled. Mark and Chloe rose up and followed the nurse’s instructions. Chloe was the first to enter the room and saw the bed lined with blue paper and a huge machine which was full of buttons and a small blank screen. She placed her bag on a vacant chair and removed her coat. ‘Thank you Mrs Trimble. Would you like to pop yourself on the bed and raise your top so that we can have a little look in there,’ said the nurse as she began to press the buttons, ‘Mr Trimble would you like to take a seat in that chair,’ she indicated a chair at the head of the bed. Chloe made her way to the bed and removed her top before sliding onto the blue paper. She noticed that the exposed plastic of her Tena Slip and quickly pushed it back under the waistband of her jeans with an audible crinkle; if the nurse noticed she didn’t say anything. ‘Will this be your first?’ The nurse broke the silence in the room. ‘Yes it is,’ answered Chloe. ‘Wonderful. You both relax, we are just going to be checking on baby’s growth and seeing how many you have in there.’ Mark gave a nervous laugh and the nurse smiled, ‘if you have any questions then please ask them as we go along, otherwise just enjoy seeing your little one for the first time.’ The nurse continued to enter Chloe’s information into the computer. Chloe smiled and felt the butterflies in her tummy return. ‘Would you like any pictures today?’ Mark and Chloe nodded. ‘Okay then, we will see if we can get you a couple of good ones. Now Mrs Trimble, I am going to squirt a little of this jelly on your tummy which will help us see baby better.’ The nurse took out some more of the blue paper and tucked it under the waistband of Chloe’s jeans, Chloe heard the plastic of her nappy rustle and looked at the nurse who said nothing. The nurse applied a liberal amount of warm jelly to Chloe’s tummy and then the wand before pressing it into the skin; instantly the screen came to life with grainy images that meant little to Mark or Chloe. The nurse ran the wand back and forth over Chloe’s skin trying to get a better picture and muttered under her breath about baby hiding, she pressed the wand down a little harder and repeated the same sweeping motion. Chloe, whose eyes were firmly fixed upon the tiny screen, felt her nappy become warm as she realised that litres of water that she had consumed on the advice of her mother were slowly leaking out of her and she could do nothing about it. Chloe felt herself blush but somehow managed to keep her focus on the screen. ‘Ah! There’s the little rascal.’ The nurse’s sudden exclamation made Mark and Chloe jump. On the screen was now the most amazing image that the young couple had ever seen, their tiny baby was coming into view as the nurse explained what they were looking at. ‘Oh wow,’ Chloe managed to squeeze out as she felt warm tears of joy roll down her cheeks. Mark took hold of his wife’s hand and rubbed it with his thumb, ‘look daddy.’ Mark smiled and kissed Chloe’s hand. ‘So this is the head,’ the nurse indicated a tiny white bump, ‘and this is the heart,’ again a tiny white bump but with the unmistakable rhythm of a human heart, ‘shall we give it a listen?’ Mark and Chloe both nodded, the nurse flicked a switch and the small room was filled with the sound of a miniscule heartbeat. ‘Everything looks fine, I just need to add some notes to your file and then you can get back to your day.’ The nurse removed the wand and placed it back in its holder before tearing off yet more blue roll and wiped Chloe’s tummy clean. ‘Thank you,’ said Mark as he gathered their things together and helped Chloe off the bed. The nurse headed out of the room letting Mark and Chloe make their own way to reception. ‘That was unbelievable!’ Squealed Chloe as the made the short walk along the corridor. ‘Yes baby it was. It is hard to believe that you have a little person growing in there.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s tummy and then pulled her into his arms in a small recess off the corridor and gave her a kiss. ‘I told you that you would be okay.’ ‘Yes you did but she must have known, my nappy was sticking out of the top of my jeans and she must have felt it when she tucked the blue paper in.’ ‘Well baby, if you are that uncomfortable with it then we will put you in knickers for the next scan.’ Chloe felt her face redden once more, ‘well…um…I…I kind of had a little accident when she was looking for the baby.’ Chloe then buried her head in Mark’s chest and then whispered, ‘I’m actually really quite wet. It might have been a big accident.’ Mark already knew that Chloe had wet her nappy during the examination, the amount of water she had consumed made a wet nappy inevitable but he still loved to hear her tell him, ‘not to worry baby, it is not unusual.’ ‘I suppose not,’ said Chloe, ‘it still takes me by surprise from time to time though.’ ‘Well it’s been a long time now, you’ve been in nappies full time for the past nine months and you’re still adjusting. You know that you can still give it up anytime you want don’t you?’ Mark knew that this was an offer that Chloe was unlikely to accept. ‘What you mean like last time when I completely flooded myself within an hour of being out of nappies.’ ‘Well the offer is there for you to take whenever you like princess.’ ‘Let’s face it Mark, my brain seems to have accepted this new arrangement and I don’t know how to tell it otherwise.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I know baby but I will help you at every step of the way if you want to give in.’ Chloe just shook her head and enjoyed the warmth of Mark’s cuddle as she felt her nappy grow warm once more as her bladder issued a timely reminder of her nappy dependence. ‘Come on baby, we need to get back to reception.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her along the corridor to the Maternity Reception where the nurse had told them to wait. A few minutes later the nurse appeared and handed Mark the folder and two grainy pictures of the scan, she wished them luck and then returned to her office. Mark continued to lead Chloe through the maze of corridors towards the exit of the hospital, ‘we are going to get you changed before we head off,’ he whispered to Chloe. Mark had spotted the adult changing facility on the way in and took Chloe inside the small room before locking the door behind them. Chloe looked around the room, it looked like a bigger version of a baby changing facility with a counter top, sink, toilet, sanitary bin and a changing station. ‘Pop yourself on her baby girl.’ Mark indicated the adult changing table by patting the mat with his hand. Chloe walked over to Mark, he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down her thighs before helping her up onto the table. Chloe felt small, she was lying on her back looking at the ceiling whilst Mark began to untape her saturated nappy. ‘Oh wow baby! You really are a wet little girl.’ He tickled the inside of Chloe’s thigh making her giggle a little. Chloe reached out the changing back next to her and pulled out the pictures from the scan, she turned them to many different angles as she felt Mark delicately cleaning her nappy area before sliding out the wet padding from beneath her bottom. ‘Up you go baby.’ Chloe lifted her hips to let Mark slide the fresh nappy underneath her before lowering her hips at his command. She felt the soft, dry padding being pulled up over her vagina and then heard the tapes being applied to secure her dry nappy. Mark helped Chloe to put her jeans back on, disposed of the wet nappy, washed his hands and then led Chloe back out of the room and to the car for their journey home. Chapter 2 Chloe quickly bolted from the bedroom and threw herself down the hallway and into the bathroom; she lunged for the toilet and vomited. Morning sickness was becoming more frequent, she hated starting each day feeling so yucky but many people has assured her that this was a temporary thing. Chloe was trying to focus on positive thoughts as she felt another wave of nausea hit her, she held her head over the toilet and vomited again, as she retched, she felt her already soaked nappy becoming warm as her bladder joined in with the voiding. Kneeling on the floor with her head over the toilet, Chloe felt her nappy fail and the warm wee begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs and pool at her knees; she felt her pyjama bottoms getting wet and began to sob. Chloe pushed herself away from the toilet and sat down on the floor in her saturated nappy which forced more wetness into her pyjamas. She sat, in a pool of her own urine, feeling every bit embarrassed and upset. She was still sobbing quietly as Mark pushed open the door, he took one look at his wife and rushed over to her. ‘Oh baby girl, what has happened?’ Mark sat next to Chloe and put his arms around her. ‘I… I’m a mess. I couldn’t stop it. I was being sick and then I wet myself and then my nappy leaked and…’ Chloe burst into a full scale crying fit which stopped her from finishing her sentence. ‘Oh my beautiful baby girl don’t cry, it is okay, I will make it all better.’ Mark cuddled Chloe even tighter, he kissed her on the top of the head and then made shushing noises in her ear. ‘Come on baby, let’s get you cleaned up,’ he said eventually. Chloe nodded and wiped her wet face with the back of her hand, she stood up and heard the dripping as Mark began to help her up. ‘Okay princess, let’s get you in the shower.’ Mark guided Chloe to the shower cubicle and took off her pyjama top, he slid the drenched bottoms down her legs and saw the wettest nappy that he had seen in months. Chloe stood resigned to her situation and let Mark do the work. Mark untapped the nappy, it fell to the tiles with a heavy thud, he moved it to one side with his foot and then helped Chloe into the warm jets of the shower. Mark left Chloe to enjoy the water, he picked up the nappy and rolled it up as best he could, more urine seeped out as he did so but he wasn’t concerned. Chloe’s pyjamas made an improvised mop to clean up the large puddle on the floor, ‘I’ll be right back baby, I am just going to get rid of this nappy and put on the washing.’ He picked up the wet things and left the bathroom. Chloe was enjoying the warm jets of water across her skin, she tilted her head back and let the water cascade down her body. ‘You look like you are enjoying that.’ Mark had returned and was smiling at his wife. ‘Mmmmmm, it is lovely.’ Chloe turned off the shower and took Mark’s outstretched hand to get out of the cubicle, he wrapped her in a fresh towel and led her to the bedroom. Chloe saw all of her clothes laid out on the bed with the usual Tena Slip, ‘ummm, Mark. I don’t think that I want a nappy today.’ Mark looked shocked, ‘er…okay. Are you sure?’ Chloe looked at her husband, she saw the look of concern in his face and tried to look as certain as she could, ‘Yes, I am sure. I just can’t do it Mark, I am not a baby, I’m twenty years old and my morning began with me sitting in a pool of my own piss and crying because I’d wet myself so completely that my nappy had leaked like some toddler. I am a fucking grown woman!’ Chloe felt tears stinging her eyes. ‘I’m sick of not being able to control my own bladder, I’m always wet, I wake up wet, I go to bed wet, I’m even wet between changes sometimes. I must smell like piss all the time.’ Chloe lost control at this point and burst into tears. ‘Oh my poor girl,’ Mark hugged Chloe tightly, ‘I will help you to get better, I promise. It’s going to take some time but it will get better.’ Mark tried to reassure his wife. ‘But it shouldn’t take time Mark, I’m a woman and not a baby learning to toilet train.’ Chloe felt angry with Mark’s lack of faith in her ability. ‘I know that you are not a toddler Chloe but you have been wearing nappies full time for a long time and you’ve just gotten a bit used to them that is all.’ Mark placed his hands on Chloe’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes, ‘we will work on it together.’ Chloe nodded at her husband, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I just can’t do it any more,’ she could see the disappointment in Mark’s eyes. ‘I know that it is what you want but I am so tired of not being able to stay dry or walking around stinky because I’ve messed my nappy. I need to feel like a grown up again.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I understand. I will put the nappy away.’ Mark picked up the Tena Slip and returned it to the wardrobe, he reached to the top shelf and found a bag at the back containing Chloe’s knickers, ‘you’re going to need these,’ he said as he tossed them on the bed. Chloe watched the contents of the bag spill onto the bed and Mark walk off down the hallway to get a shower. She sat on the edge of the bed still sobbing and feeling awful about what had just happened, she reassured herself about her decision and resolved to regain her control. Chloe dried away her tears and tipped the remaining contents of the bag onto the bed; for the first time in forever she was about to wear knickers. Chapter 3 Chloe sat at the breakfast table checking her phone as Mark came through from the bedroom, she smiled at him as he got closer, ‘the kettle’s just boiled; would you like coffee?’ ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘are you feeling any better?’ Mark sat in the chair opposite Chloe. ‘Yes I am. I am sorry about before and thank you for being so understanding.’ Chloe kissed Mark as she went to the kitchen. She was finding it strange to not hear the crinkle as she walked around or to feel the bulk of wet padding between her legs that had so often made her waddle. Chloe had just entered the kitchen when the alarm went off on her phone, ‘oh! Excuse me.’ Chloe hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom, she slid her jeans and knickers down her legs and sat on the toilet: nothing happened. Chloe looked down at the knickers between her legs and smiled as she saw that they were still dry, she gave a small push and a tiny trickle of wee made its way into the toilet bowl. Chloe felt very proud of herself and couldn’t help but recall the old Huggies advert jingle, ‘I’m a big kid now’ she quietly sang to herself. Chloe finished up and walked back along to the kitchen. Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway with a smile on her face, ‘well? Did you make it?’ Chloe smiled again, ‘yes I did!’ ‘Well done,’ Mark paused, ‘and how often is your alarm set to go off?’ Chloe blushed, ‘um… every half an hour.’ ‘You know, we could get you some pull ups to help you with the transition, they will hold any little accidents that you might have.’ Chloe thought for a moment, she knew deep down that Mark was right and that it was a sensible suggestion but her stubbornness would not allow her to accept, ‘no thank you, I am a grown woman and I wear knickers, not nappies or pull ups.’ Mark couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘okay baby but if you don’t do so well then you will be wearing pull ups or even nappies once more. I understand what you want to do but I am not going to be happy if you start to leave puddles everywhere.’ Chloe felt thoroughly chastised, she reconsidered the option of using pull ups but dismissed the idea by telling herself that she would not fail, ‘I will be fine, you will see. No more nappies for me!’ Chloe stuck out her tongue and then headed into the kitchen to make coffee. Mark smiled to himself, he was anticipating many accidents as Chloe tried to regain control and was deep in thought as she brought back the coffee. ‘Here you go.’ Chloe placed the hot coffee in front of him. ‘Thank you princess.’ Mark lifted the cup to his lips and carefully sipped the hot liquid, ‘so, what would you like to do today?’ Chloe thought as she sipped her own coffee, ‘I’m not really sure, I kind of want to be at home a little more today,’ Chloe made a gesture to her crotch hoping that Mark would understand. Mark looked confused for a moment, ‘oh… oh yes. I understand. You’re frightened that you might wet yourself or something.’ Chloe blushed deeply, ‘Mark! I’m just… I mean…I…’ ‘It’s fine princess, I get it. We will stay here.’ ‘I’m sorry, it is just a little embarrassing you know.’ Chloe broke eye contact with Mark and stared at her coffee. Mark got up from his chair and walked around to the other side of the table, he stood behind Chloe and put his arms around her shoulders in a loose cuddle around her neck. He kissed Chloe on the cheek and laid his head on her shoulder, ‘you know that you don’t have to be embarrassed don’t you?’ ‘I know.’ ‘It’s going to take some time, expect accidents and please don’t try to hide it from me.’ ‘I won’t’ ‘I love you Mrs Trimble, you mean the world to me and I am here for you one hundred percent.’ Mark pecked Chloe on the cheek again, ‘now, would you like some breakfast?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark stood up and headed to the kitchen, he surveyed the fridge and then the food cupboards, ‘I’ve got bacon and eggs or cereal.’ He called through the door. ‘Can I have scrambled eggs and toast please?’ She called back. ‘Sure thing gorgeous. You want juice?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark set to work cooking the breakfast, he decided to have the same thing so that he didn’t have to cook separate meals. Chloe entered the kitchen carrying her empty coffee cup as he started making toast, ‘Hi hun.’ ‘Hey, I am just getting some more coffee.’ ‘Okay baby.’ Chloe poured herself some coffee from her own pot of decaffeinated and then left Mark to carry on cooking. ‘Just a few more minutes princess,’ Mark called to Chloe as she headed out of the door. ‘Okay daddy’ Chloe replied as she returned to her seat. Mark finished cooking the eggs, he served them onto plates and then carried them back to the table, as he entered the room, Chloe’s alarm went off again. ‘Sorry, be right back,’ Chloe said as she rushed down the hallway and into the bathroom. She repeated the steps from her last trip to the toilet but still nothing happened. She returned to the table to see that Mark had set out juice and condiments. ‘All okay princess?’ ‘Yes thanks,’ Chloe sat down, ‘this looks wonderful.’ Chloe picked up her cutlery and began to eat. Mark and Chloe sat in silence as they each ate their breakfasts, Chloe drained her juice and after she finished her eggs she turned her attention back to the coffee. Mark watched his wife and wondered how long it would be before her high coffee and juice intake took its toll on her bladder. ‘So have you looked at any of the houses that I showed you?’ ‘No not yet but I think that we should make a move before I am too heavily pregnant.’ ‘I completely agree princess, we just need to agree on the property now.’ ‘It’s out there somewhere.’ Chloe sighed. ‘Here, let’s have a look.’ Mark pushed his plate to one side and picked up his iPad, he navigated to the saved tabs and slid the device over to Chloe. ‘I am not going to tell you which one I like best so you can have a look whilst I clear the table.’ Mark gathered the plate and now empty drinks containers and headed to the kitchen. Chloe quickly became engrossed in the houses on the screen and barely noticed Mark re-enter the room, he stood behind her and put his head on her shoulder, ‘I liked that one too.’ ‘Mark!’ she screamed, ‘you scared the shit out of me.’ Mark slapped Chloe’s wrist, ‘you do not use language like that young lady.’ Chloe dropped the iPad onto the table and rubbed her wrist, ‘I am sorry daddy,’ she said meekly, ‘you scared me. I was really interested in this house.’ Chloe picked up the tablet again and swiped through the pictures, ‘I really like this one.’ Mark smiled, ‘yes, me too. It looks perfect for what we need and it has so much space outside.’ ‘I love the master bedroom,’ Chloe swiped back to the relevant picture, ‘look at the windows and the room around the bed and it has got an en-suite and…oh no!’ Chloe dropped the tablet to the table and pushed her chair back, she jammed her hands quickly into her crotch. Mark looked down to see the growing wet spot make its way down his wife’s legs. ‘It won’t stop!’ Chloe yelled as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom.
  9. Hi there! This is my first post, so bare with me So I am a guy in his early 20's and I am a diaper lover and I love to see females in diapers or holding/wetting. I do have a girlfriend, but she does not know anything about this or what I am into. I still live with my mother (not for much longer) so I cannot use diapers very often, and I haven't been using them for a long while now, unfortunately. So recently I noticed something weird, actually something I wished to happen for a long time. When do not have to sleep early, I usually stay up till 1:30AM, especially in the last few months since I graduated in June, and I start with my job in October. Every night around 11PM I brush my teeth, and then I drink 2.5 cups of water right after each other, just to flush my body, and of course a little bit because I have to pee a lot after an hour. So since I have been home a lot lately, I've been doing this a lot. Drinking 2.5 cups, and after an hour I have to pee badly, which sometimes ends up in me masturbating with a full bladder and pressing on it in the meantime (which feels amazing). But recently I started to notice that when I have to pee badly, it's much worse, and I start holding myself a LOT. I have to tighten my muscles a lot to keep it in, and when I relax the pee will come right out and I end up in having an accident. But even though I tighten my muscles I tend to have small accidents with small spurts coming out, and sometimes big spurts too. Sometimes I have to hold myself while I walk to the toilet and when I pull down my pants I already start to pee sometimes. This feeling comes in waves, and sometimes the waves come back so badly that I tend to have an accident. Even though I REALLY love this feeling, I gotta say it's kind of weird as well, and I don't know what it is, because I can usually hold my pee for ages. Also this morning I had exactly the same, and I didn't even had too much pee in my bladder. When I am out, and I have to pee pretty bad, this doesn't happen at all, it only happens when I am home (so far I've experienced), so I think it might be because I am more relaxed at home? Anyways, I really love the feeling, and I love that I am able to have real accidents, unfortunately I cannot make any use out of it, because I cannot wear diapers that easily in my mothers home. Usually it is pretty difficult for me to pee in a diaper since I have paruresis/shy bladder as well, so I would love to have these kinds of accidents into a diaper as well, so I hope this also happens when I am wearing somewhere in the future. So what do you think? How could this happen all of a sudden? is my bladder getting weak? Or is it just a sign that I am more relaxed nowadays?
  10. Desperation and Wetting

    I would say my number one fetish (slightly above ABDL) is desperation and wetting. I love the feeling of having an achingly full bladder and being desperate to use the toliet, holding it until I end up wetting myself. I also love, love, love watching someone else wiggle, dance, moan, whine, and beg to use the bathroom before inevitably soaking their pants. I think desperation and wetting go together perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I love watersports and pants/bedwetting by themselves but there is something so amazing about someone having a real wetting accident. Who else likes desperation and wetting (also sometimes called omorashi)?
  11. So over the past year I have been having problems holding my bladder. I've never had problems with holding it before but since my problems started they only seem to be getting worse and I really have no clue what to do. It all started about a year a go. I would be at work and out of no where I would really have to pee. I would just focus on holding it in and it would pass and ten minutes later I would get a stronger sudden urge to pee. I could normally ignore it three or four times before I would head to the bathroom. Every now and then I would have to stop whatever I was doing and go straight to the bathroom . I was working two jobs at the time. The one I could run to the bathroom when ever and the other was a Land Scaping job so I could only go places where customers couldn't see me. There would be times where I would really have to go and for half an hour of feeling like I was going burst any minute I would crawl under a bush and go. Eventually the problem went away and I thought it was just a phase or something. About six months ago I started a job In a factory packaging meat products. after maybe two months of working there the problem started up again. One morning shortly after starting my shift I had a slight urge to go and thought I could easly hold it until I went on break in two hours. I continue on with my task in about thirty minutes later I had to go a lot more but it still felt manageable. about fifteen minutes later my bladder felt as if I was holding it for five hours. I couldn't even do my job I was just focusing on not releasing my bladder. With more then an hour to go until my first break I felt very helpless and then I felt a dribble, and then another, and then I was unable to hold it back anymore and just stood there as I soaked my jeans and felt the pee go down my leg into my work boots. I couldn't believe what just happened. luckily that day I was wearing black jeans and went the day unnoticed. A few months go by and I just limited my self to water and would constantly be asking for someone to cover me so I could run to the bathroom. Sometimes getting to the bathroom with my hand clenching my penis because I was unable to hold back any longer. Some days I would wear an attends to work just in case. Some Days not using it at all and others filling it in no time. Over the past few weeks I have been running of to the bathroom every hour and getting to the bathroom fealing as if my bladder was full only to pee for a few brief seconds. I kept debating on wearing diapers to work but my pride kept me from doing it. Last Saturday I knew we would be short on coverage and didn't wanna risk it so I put on a diaper before work. I was able to hold my bladder until my first break with only leaking a few drops. I got to my break and was able to go to the bathroom. fifteen minutes after getting back from my break I already had to go really bad and being nearly three hours from lunch I knew I was about to use my diaper. Within the next hour I had to go again and ended up filling my diaper. Since my attend didn't last the day I knew I need better protection and today I wore a tranquillty to work. I used it three times with in the first two in a half hours and it ened up flooding out the back all the way down my leg. So now I am losing my mind wondering why I cant even hold my bladder for three hours. Its very frustrating. I have always been a DL but I would completely choose to stay away from diapers for ever if it went doing away with this problem. I really don't know what I am looking for but any advice would be great.
  12. Carissa

    My Third story. Hopefully this will end up being a long one. Enjoy. *Story contains sexual content* [if not in first chapter, later...] All characters engaging in sexual acts are over 18 and consenting adults. Feedback encourages me to write more, please leave a comment if you like it. Critique is also appreciated. CARISSA Chapter 1 Carissa felt like she didn’t belong with people her age. At 21, everyone was going out and seemed to enjoy exciting loud events and places. She felt more like a senior citizen a lot of the time. It wasn’t only that she was an introvert, she also had medical issues that made it hard to 'be like the others.’ Although she preferred being alone, it had been a long time since she felt like she had a true friend. Someone who had her back. It seemed like most people she got to know would eventually get bored of her and move on to something else. Someone more exciting, perhaps. Carissa felt a little bit sad that afternoon as she wheeled herself over to her computer desk. It wasn’t that she couldn’t walk, it’s just that it was very difficult. She had seriously hurt her back when she was little, before her family moved from Sweden to Canada. She has forgotten how to speak Swedish over the years, but since moving into an apartment of her own she’d nearly forgotten it all. She still has a faint accent, and even though she doesn’t have many friends, everyone tells her she has a beautiful voice. Carissa was messaging a friend on the Internet with her blinds drawn, and the room dark. She wasn’t much in the mood for sunlight. Her cat Pushkin was nestled on her lap, she could feel him purring softly through her shorts. I have to clean up a bit at some point, she though tiredly. Cleaning was rather difficult for her but she managed. She heard her speakers ring for a video call; Pushkin jumped off her lap, startled. She smirked, wishing the cat wouldn’t have left. He was good company. “Hey.†She said sleepily. “Getting up just now?†he said. “Taylor... you know I have a hard time sleeping sometimes.†Carissa said sleepily. Taylor laughed on the other end. “I know, I know, I kid.†He said cheerfully. “Could I come over? Maybe?†He asked shyly. Carissa half smiled half panicked in that moment. She knew her house was really messy and he wouldn’t like her for that. But then again, she couldn’t just keep turning him down because she wasn’t really in the mood. Eventually she’d have to have him over. He was a nice enough guy and they’d been talking for weeks online. “Uh....†Carissa squeaked. “Please? I don’t mind if it’s messy or anything.†Taylor said nicely. She gulped. “Sure, okay.†“Alright, maybe we could go out for lunch or something.†“Mayyyybe...†She said reluctantly. “Or, we could stay at my place and hang out with my cat.†She said a little more happily. That sounded more fun, she thought. “Sure, whatever you want. I’ll be over in a bit.†“Okay, bye!†She said trying to do her best cute voice. “See ya!†He said back. She ended the call and sighed. She hoped he wouldn’t mind that she was in a wheelchair. She’d told him that before, but it’s easy to be okay with it when it’s only online. Would he come back again to visit me after this? She thought, worriedly. What if I’m too boring for him? Carissa got herself dressed into something a little cleaner and straightened her hair nicely. She smiled in the mirror, enjoying the way her long blonde hair shined. It was always very glistery, which she thought was one of her nicer points, physically. Part of why she never liked going out was because it was such a hassle. Even with her motor wheelchair she used outside, she was not very strong and simple things tended to get her exhausted. It was especially bad in the winter, because being so thin, she didn’t hold onto heat well. Then there was the trouble of finding places to sit with her wheel chair, finding washrooms, going out and feeling like people were staring at you... She sighed, thinking about all of this. She heard a knock on the door and smiled; he was here! As she got closer to unlock the door, she started to get worried. He’s not going to like me at all in person, she thought insecurely while unlocking the door. “Come in!†She said prettily. “Hey!†Taylor entered the room and smiled down at her. He wasn’t the most beautiful person she’d ever seen physically, but there was something about him that she really liked, seeing him for the first time. “You have such a pretty voice.†He gushed “Thanks!†She said kindly. She thought worriedly for a moment. Quick! find something to do with him, hurry! Her mind raced and soon she had an idea. “Want to watch a movie with my cat?†She blurted out. Taylor laughed. Carissa began to panic. Now what? She thought. “Sure, Pushkin right?†He smiled faintly and they made their way to the couch. Her apartment was a one room bachelorette pad. More like a crazy cat hotel, she thought humorously. They began to watch a movie, but they paid little attention to it, instead talking with Pushkin in between them. Taylor told her his family had moved from the Faroe islands, technically he was Faroese which is pretty uncommon. They talked for a while about his homeland, Carissa was really interested to know more. “Why didn’t you mention it before?†She asked curiously. “I dunno I didn’t think you’d care I guess. Seeing as you’re from Sweden and all.†He smiled.“How did you manage to keep your accent? I guess I didn’t live in the islands long enough.†He smiled and pet Pushkin, his hand brushing up against Carissa’s leg every now and again. She smiled back. “Were you only born on the Faroe islands?†She asked. “ I lived in Sweden until I was eleven.†“I lived there until I was four.†He responded, continuing to pet Pushkin. He meowed loudly and swiped at him before retreating to somewhere else in the house. “Angry kitty! Crazy cat!†He called to it as it ran away. Carissa laughed. They sat a little closer and talked more, about this and that. She hadn’t expected that she’d develop any sort of feelings for him, but she was starting to fall for him. He had a really nice voice too, she liked that he didn’t treat her differently. A lot of people subtly gave her pity while taking to her, or treated her like she wasn’t an equal. Taylor seemed cool, like he could maybe become a real life friend. But, he was starting to look cuter, too. She shyly put her hand on his leg, she got some kind of sense. Like, it felt right to do that at that moment. He put his hand over hers and Carissa leaned her head onto his shoulder. Her heart melted a little, she didn’t want to get too attached though. He was a good friend so it seemed. Assuming he doesn’t stop talking to me in a few weeks, she thought. “You smell nice. I-†Taylor blushed and laughed a little. “That was a dumb thing to say...†He added shyly. “No- I mean, that’s nice.†She blushed. “You smell nice- too...†She paused for a moment feeling embarrassed before adding, “You smell nicer than my cat does when I cuddle with him.†Why did I say that oh no this is definatly a crazy cat hotel now, she started to think to herself worriedly. She cringed, but noticed he wasn’t looking at her oddly or anything. He smiled and laughed happily. She was soon laughing with him. “My cat STINKS!†Phew...†He said back. “I don’t ever pick him up any more, poor little guy.†Your Pushkin is lucky to have such a sweet-hearted owner...†He blushed and started calling for pushkin, even though he never comes to his name. “Puushkin!?†He called. “Pusshhhhhhhhhykin?†“Kit-eeeee...†“He doesn’t answer me either.†She said to him. “O-oh.†He said shyly. They cuddled together some more, and Pushkin came back. He turned to Taylor and meowed at him a few times. Then he walked up to Carissa’s feet and meowed at her a few times. Odd behaviour for a cat, she thought smiling. That’s my special kitty. “I love cats.†Taylor said suddenly. “I wish I had like, six.†“Yeah, I wish I did too. It’d be a lot of cleaning up to do for me though. I feed some of the stray cats around here sometimes. It’s the least I can do for them when it’s so chilly out.†“You’re so sweet.†Taylor said back. “Someday we’ll open a cat hotel or something.†He laughed a little and pet Pushkin as he rubbed up against his legs. Carissa smiled remembering what she was thinking earlier about cat hotels. And here this guy likes the idea of a cat hotel? She smiled, feeling a little less like her house was weird. She only had a few cat toys and cat themed items but she figured people wouldn’t like her for it. She smiled again, and felt an energy inside her as she looked up at Taylor. She wanted to kiss him... “Wanna go out for dinner?†He asked curtly. “I’ll pay, I don’t really mind.†Carissa looked at him nervously, she hadn’t been out to dinner in a while. She didn’t really like the idea, but she didn’t want to disappoint him. “Okayy, I’ll do it. But only because it’s you.†She said cutely to him. Carissa started to get dressed up and Taylor grabbed a few things for her out of her closet. It was nice to have a helping hand she thought. In half the time it would normally take, they were out the door into the chilly January weather. “It was my birthday a few days ago...†He said shyly. “Maybe this could be like my birthday celebration dinner?†“Sure!†Carissa said shivering. It was freezing out here. “You’re officially invited then!†He declared happily. “Does sushi sound good?†“Yeah I’d love that!†She smiled at him and they made their way down the street. The stillness of the air made their breath linger behind them. As they went down the street Carissa noticed a familiar worry creeping into the back of her mind again. She had to pee... It was irritating going out because she found she had to go a lot. Carissa figured she had a small bladder or something. Continuing down the street her urges grew worse. “I-it’s so c-cold out.†Carissa said. She began to feel her mood worsen as they continued on. Not only did she have to pee, but it was freezing cold out. She looked over at Taylor, who was totally unconcerned with the cold. Of course, he had a big scarf to help him. Taylor turned to her and saw she was shivering violently. Carissa knew that part of her shaking was a bit of an ‘I have to pee’ dance. “You must be frozen!†Taylor said sympathetically. “You can borrow my scarf for a bit.†He handed her the large wool scarf which she wrapped around her neck a few times. That helped loads. She couldn’t help but wonder if the scarf was made in the Faroe islands. It was itchy and felt like it was made of sheep. They kept going, Carissa noticed the bright neon sign of the restaurant ahead. She was almost there she thought happily. “Can we go a little faster? It’s so cold out.†She declared. “Sure. Let’s go!†They picked up the pace, Carissa still squirming in her chair. She held herself fiercely, but she had a feeling she was not going to make it. Her worries were brought to life when she started to feel a warmness on her crotch. She felt a spurt of pee, and she held it. Then, it all came out. She felt the warmness spread across her butt in horror. She didn’t notice that she’d stopped moving and was looking down at her crotch. When she looked up, to her embarrassment she saw Taylor coming towards her. “Hey what’s wrong?†He asked concerned. Carissa sat there for a moment, stunned. What would she do now? What would she say? She didn’t know, and she felt her chest get heavy. Taylor wouldn’t want to come see her again, and he’d probably only talk to her out of pity after this. All her fears came down on her and she began to cry quietly as he came closer. “Hey don’t worry! It happens all the time!†He said awkwardly, putting his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I’m so sorry...†She trailed off and continued crying. “Don’t be! It’s not your fault okay? I don’t mind, really.†Taylor said again trying to make her feel better. “Let’s go back to your place, I can cook you up something nice. It’s a simple family recipe, I’m sure you’ll have all the ingredients." Carissa looked up at Taylor feeling defeated, only to see he was still smiling at her, waiting to see what she would say. Carissa smiled weakly. “Okay.†She sniffled and they made their way back to her house. Now she was even colder than before with all the wetness on her turning chilly. “We’ll get back before you freeze to the chair, don’t worry.†He said happily. They made their way back to her apartment and Carissa slowly walked to the bathroom with a fresh change of clothes. She sat down in the shower and got herself all cleaned up. The warm water was incredibly refreshing. She emerged and slowly made her way to the couch. She saw Taylor over by the stove, She could smell, cookies? She wasn’t sure exactly. She cleaned off her chair with a few wet towels, Pushkin sat beside her again. As soon as she’d finished, Taylor greeted her with a plate of cookies. “Shortbread!†He said cheerfully. Carissa looked at him again, feeling that urge to kiss him. She teared up a little, tasting a cookie and thinking about how kind he had been. “Thank you so much, these are amazing!†She almost choked a little, which made her laugh. “You’re very welcome. Better than dinner, I’d say. Dessert!†After they finished the cookies, they cuddled together again, this time a little more closely than before. Carissa felt the time was right. She leaned a little closer, while he was looking away, and gave him the tiniest peck on the cheek. He looked at her, and without a word, the kissed on the lips.
  13. Ive messed my diapy a few times before without even thinking about it. I remember one instance was that I was playing with my dogs on my bed and drawing, sucking my binky. Then after some time I started to smell poopie, at first I though it was one of the dogs, but then I checked my diapy and sure enough I went poopie, but what was also odd was how I did not notice it, I usually always notice, there was only a few times I actually had not noticed at first, but that was due to some serious distraction. I think that this happens because usually when I have on a diapy I keep my bowels and bladder mostly relaxed (as to have little to no control, like a toddler hehe) But even then I am usually thinking about it, and notice it. I worry that this could me accidents. Should I try to keep myself in control more so I dont end up having an accident when not babying out? Cause so far I haven't had an accident because of this.Has this happened to anyone else? If so, do tell about it, thanks