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Found 38 results

  1. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  2. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  3. Wet

    From the album Barebums

  4. Dry

    From the album Barebums

  5. Soggy

    From the album Barebums

  6. Soggy

    From the album Barebums

  7. I've got too large of a stash right now and looking to get rid of some. These are what I have, all medium unless stated otherwise: A+ Level 4 AwwSoCute (Blue in medium or Small in purple) Fabine Gold Max Dry 24/7 (small 24-34") Tykables Waddler Overnight (version 1) Tykables Overnights (new version) Crinklz BetterDry Barebum iD Slip Maxi PE (small) iD Slip Maxi PE (medium) DC Idyl Bambino Bellissimo ABU Lavendar ABU Cushies ABU SDK ABU Pre-School (plastic) ABU Space ABU Simple ABU Kiddo Cuddlz All over Print Cuddlz Nursery Carousel I can set up whatever combo you'd like and let you know cost and shipping. Good chance to try a bunch of premium diapers without the cost of typical samples.
  8. Going on a Safari.JPG

    From the album evilengine

    New shipment. Time to finally see what all the fuss is about.
  9. Between sizes

    I have recently tried my samples of ABU Preschools, I had a sample of both the small and medium size as my waist measurement is at the top end of one and the bottom of the other with the small both sets of tapes where either on or near the edge of the landing zone and the waistband sat just over my belly button, with the mediums the lower tapes where towards the outer whereas the upper tapes met in the middle with and inch or so of plastic above my belly button. Around my legs I cannot say I noticed much difference but the smalls where abit tighter at the top of my thighs. In this situation where one is between sizes is it better to go up or down or does it not really matter?
  10. We have a package of ABU little Paws XL would like to trade for some ABU Space or Little Paws or Rearz Safari Mediums packages are in 10s would trade across same amount for same amount please email me [email protected]
  11. Creating accout at abUniverse

    Hi boys and girls. I was wondering if someone had some insite on buying at abUniverse. I was hoping to try out some ABU Simple diapers, but I'm not liking the process for creating an account. I've bought from Bambino for years with no issues. The support guy at ABU said that the only way to create an account is during the checkout process and I guess the main store front (abucares) is a different company with a different sign-in. I don't know why they can't just make one account, because when issues happen down the road, these multi owner sites always bounce you around. Anyway, I went to create an account and I put a check mark in the create account box. But at the bottom of the page, it says that I'm about to make my purchase as a guest and that I won't have a tracking number. This is all after I've already entered my billing and shipping addresses. When I click the Create account link at the bottom of their page, I just get brought back to the top of the page. I ended up backing out of everything. Until they simplify their process of creating an account, I'm not going to put myself though the nightmare emailing them to get tracking info and resolving account issues. Nothing should be this complicated with an online store.
  12. ABU Diaper Help

    Hey! So i am looking for a diaper that is very similar to the modern baby diapers, just for adults. For example pampers, but that isnt a plastic diaper and more the material they use on modern baby diapers. Ive looked at two diapers from ABU, Kiddo by ABU and PreSchool Cloth backed. Kiddo diapers looks very improved and very alike a baby diaper, but it says its "Plastic Backed". Does this mean its the same plastic as on Super Dry Kids? Second is the Preschool Cloth backed.. I read about these, and they say they made these to be discreet.. Doesnt that mean less bulk? :S Dont think i understand what "cloth/plastic backed" means, so would love is somebody could explain this aswell! Would love recommendations and reviews on one of these two diapers with pics if you guys know about any!

    I just received 2 samples, and tried the first one today. I don't know if ABU has made all their 2 tape products more improved, but from what I have tried these fit better, and absorb better. I wore it for 9.5hrs before leaking, and adjusted the tapes twice. I may have to give the cushies and SDKs another chance, but I really enjoy these!
  14. IMG-0539.JPG

    From the album Me!

  15. IMG-0518.JPG

    From the album Me!

  16. IMG-0507.JPG

    From the album Me!

  17. IMG-0457.JPG

    From the album Me!

  18. IMG-0421.JPG

    From the album Me!

    In this photo I'm wearing one Tykables, and 3 LittlePawz. It was a good night =p
  19. Me in a fresh ABU Space diaper

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    My favorite diaper for what in baseball would be called "long relief" -- the ABU Space diaper. I love how it feels so warm, soft, and squishy when it's full.
  20. Diaper Depot Atlanta, GA

    Hey everyone daddy Eric here. I just wanted to let everyone know who lives in or around the Atlanta area that starting tomorrow that Diaper Depot will be carrying abena adult diapers in store, Also next week they will also be carrying Abuniverse diapers aswell. She will be getting in Little paws and space diapers. I tried my hardest to get this started and now it is becoming a reality. I hope everyone can be as happy as I am. Diaper depot is located at: Diaper Depot ?Clothing StoreAddress: 5231 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083Phone: (404) 297-4900
  21. Ok so i am trying to clean out my diaper closet- i am selling ABU SDK diapers (large), Molicare Super Plus (medium) and Abri form X-plus. They are all unopened and still in their bags The price I am listing them is as follows: ABU SDK (large) 1 pack of 10 for $25 + shipping 2 packs of 20 total for $45 + shipping Molicare Super Plus (medium) - PLASTIC BACKED! 1 pack of 14 for $20 + shipping Abri form X plus (large) - PLASTIC BACKED! 1 pack of 12 for $20 + shipping 3 packs of 36 total for $55 + shipping Please contact me for more information if interested. I accept paypal or venmo payments Note: I am shipping from Virginia, United States
  22. Hey everyone, I currently have 3 packs of ABU cushies the old ones. and 2-3 pairs of posey mitts. I do not have a paypal account, but if anyone would be interested in trading for other diapers or baby outfits please let me know, Thanks, Daddy eric
  23. Abu Little Paws

    I just ordered some today so I will have my opinion when they come in, but how are they in your opinion? And how long do orders usually take? I've heard 3 days but just want to make sure (obviously business days so I expect them by Wednesday) But yeah, thoughts?
  24. Little Pawz diapers!

    Did anybody else get these? They are amazing! So much more brightly colored than I thought they would be.. and they don't mess around with the capacity. I can't believe how much they swell without leaking. http://imgur.com/a/9pcwQ