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Found 11 results

  1. Still sweepy.....

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

    Hi everyone! I sowwy fo not being on here much. But I also have Fetlife! If anyone has one you guys can add me ^^
  2. Serious Baby

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

    My Cosplay as Serous Sam (Sissy Version) and I got my new cribs to sleep in :3
  3. Serious Baby Sammy

    From the album Little Heavenly Pics

  4. Hi! I wanted to know everyone's opinion on Smite & about being casual. I've been playing this game since the beta version and I like playing it. I also enjoy playing Arena mode and I could care less if I win or lose. I only own maybe 15 or 20 gods at the most, but I own the ones I like playing with. There is a bunch of people I talk to who says I need to own all the gods to fully enjoy playing the game. I want to know if I'm a casual player, why do I need gods I have no intention of playing with? Does anybody feel the same way with games they play for fun? I would like to get everyone else's opinion on this subject. Thank you for your time. ?
  5. Potty training game

    So I recently was inspired by a post on another forum to concoct a set of rules for a potty training game playable by one or two people. Would love to hear people's thoughts on it, and just generally put it out there for people to hopefully enjoy. I'll also note that you can find other ideas along these lines with a google search of diaper dare. :-) Here goes: Partnered potty training game This game is intended to give a framework for a Caregiver(CG)/Little couple to try out potty training. The object for the little (who starts out in a diaper with zero points) is to earn the right to wear first pullups, and then big boy/girl underwear by earning and spending points below until they have passed a potty training test. Their success or failure will depend greatly on how forthcoming the CG is with permission to use the potty, as going potty without permission always loses points, whether it's in the potty or their pants. CGs, how you use that advantage is up to your particular dynamic, of course! Frequent diaper/pullup/panty checks are encouraged to keep the little honest. ;-) The little's point total may vary between zero and twelve points. At no time will they have more than twelve or less than zero points. If an action would result in a point total greater than 12, then the total is twelve points. Similarly, if an action would result in a negative point total, then the total is zero points. The potty training test consists of spending 24 hours in underwear while maintaining a positive point total (i.e. at least one point) and not invoking either of the prohibitions against wearing underwear. Action Point cost Putting on a diaper 0 Putting on a pullup 0 Putting on big boy underwear -1 Letting your diaper leak -4** Wetting a diaper w/o asking CG for permission -2** Wetting a diaper after telling but w/o permission -1** Wetting a diaper with permission from CG 0* Letting your pullup leak -7** Wetting a pullup w/o asking CG for permission -5** Wetting a pullup after telling but w/o permission -3** Wetting a pullup with permission from CG -1* Wetting underwear w/o asking CG for permission -10** Wetting underwear after telling but w/o permission -6* Wetting underwear with permission from CG -4* Using the potty w/o permission from CG -2 Failing to drink when so instructed by CG -1 Using the potty with permission from CG +1 Drinking 16oz of water or other liquid +1 Giving CG an orgasm +1 Taking the potty training test -11 * = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear for the rest of the day ** = Little is prohibited from wearing underwear or pullups for the rest of the day The central mechanism here is permission from the CG. If you're playing alone, you could use a dice roll to substitute for the CG as follows: No more than once per 30 minutes, roll a d6 to ask for permission to go potty (either in the potty or your pants). On a roll of 5-6, you have permission to go. On a roll of 1-4, you do not have permission and must either wait for 30 minutes to try again or go potty and accept the loss of points. That's it. Feel free to post thoughts, additional rules, or your own games!
  6. Infinity Blade

    Does anybidy know if any one if the Infinity Blade games or something similiar are available on Google Play
  7. 91AFBF43-145F-45FD-B49B-E3843B5761A8.PNG

    From the album Game

  8. anyone still play second life

    I'm roleplaying as a mommy in SL. so if anyone still plays my username is irishdemon
  9. If You Could Only Wear.....

    If You Could Only Wear One Kind Of Diaper For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be? M3's? Bambinos? Awwsocute?
  10. Nintendo 3Ds~

    Hey, everyone. :] Does anyone here have a Nintendo 3DS? If so, post your friend codes here! (^v^) I would love to play and chat with some of you. My friend code is: 4811-7736-7258 Let's all add each other!