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Found 39 results

  1. Guest


    Being a new diaper wearer (loved them for a long time), it’s such a euphoria to wear just my diaper and a shirt around the house. Listening to it crinkle as I walk. I also catch myself looking in each reflection just to see my diapered self. Grand! How do you feel knowing your diaper is exposed??
  2. Aizawa Shouta was being lazy; he’d been fired from his latest job and since then was just lying around his house. His wife was nagging him about having a baby and complaining, asking if he lost his job. Typical woman. He simply tuned her out each time the baby conversation turned up, and never really told her he was fired because...well, all that got her off his back when he shrugged on his coat in the mornings was “I have to go to work”. Most days, he just went to a bar and got drunk. Sometimes he fucked a girl or two, maybe even let them top him depending on his mood. He was usually pretty sloppy anyway, getting stains on his ties and shirt collars, but he always managed to hide the evidence that he was cheating on his wife. Until today. He came inside reeking of alcohol and sex, tie missing, shirt collar undone to reveal that his neck was covered in purple hickeys, his stubble-covered face flushed and black hair hanging loose around his shoulders. His pants had an unusual sort of dark stain on the front, and he made no effort to hide it, too tired to care.
  3. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side. www.MyVegasNursery.com
  4. Putting it out to see if theres any Arizona folks on here!
  5. I just started making videos for DL's cuz there really doesn't seem to be videos without the AB aspect to them. These are thoughfully made, realistically acted (to the best of my ability) without over the top goofy acting. If you're a diaper lover that wants to be "seen", busted, made to wear diapers and watched, I'm gonna cum up with lots of fun, sexy, sometimes slightly humiliating scenarios for you! They'll be tagged "MOMMYMISSY" on my CLIPS4SALE store so just do a search! there's already 2 up!
  6. Looking for a Daddy to RP with who will kidnap my character and make him into his baby. As long as it's noncon, I don't really give a shit what you do, just use proper grammar and punctuation please. Thanks.
  7. Heyy I live in Greenville SC! Im looking for some cool people to meet up and hang:)
  8. After completing the Book “There’s a Baby in My Bed” I started thinking about me personally, And my relationship with my wife and wondered if anyone had seen or stumbled across a tool / survey ... something to help shape the “Profile” process the book suggests. In my my head I picture it as a survey that allows us, the regressor, infant, toddler, diapered one, to work through and seperats out what is actually there, and what might just be on our mind at that moment. Then from the same questions, our significant other/caretakers can answer and dialogue as well to create a well rounded profile of who we are and what our actual desires are, who our person(s) is, our identity.
  9. I run dates gone wrong and actually have a little bit of a like to being made to wear diapers i guess. it really puts me in a submission state that i just cant explain. Maybe because its hard to be dominant while a girl is making you wear a diaper. Finally i decided to film a scene with Goddess Tangent a few weeks ago were she tricks me and gets me to pee my pants and then puts me in diapers and spanks me and turns me into her little. It was truly exciting and nerve racking at the same time, but the scene came out great and will be shooting more soon; so go check it out and if you have any ideas please feel free to email me. The site is Datesgonewrong.com and there is a link below. Please feel free to leave comments of what you think if you get to watch it. Goddess Tangent Tricks Date Into Diapers Story Line: Goddess Tangent and Toby Springs are just getting back from the movies when Toby explains he really needs to use the bathroom do to all the soda he had drank at the movies. Trying not to wet his pants in front of his date he begins to cross his legs, but that had little affect on his bladder because he began to wet his pants right in front of Goddess Tangent. As she laughs and scolds him for peeing his pants like a little boy , Tangent shows him that she had the key to the door the entire time. Standing in his wet pants shocked at the situation that he is now in, all Toby can do is listen to Goddess Tangent and stay outside till she gets back. Soon Goddess Tangent returns but she begins taking pictures and explains that he will do everything she says or everyone will see. Next thing Toby knows, he is being told to strip naked and lay on the floor . As Goddess Tangent kneels down she reveals the diaper she is about to put him in. First she wipes him clean and then is powdering him up and tapping his new diaper on nice and tight. As Toby begins to complain she shoves a pacifier into his mouth. Now freshly diapered and sucking on a pacifier, Goddess Tangent spanks his diapered butt and informs him from now on she is going to be his mommy instead of his future girlfriend. Click Link Below: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/122767/19809585//cid38ad1d11c92f343f1077c5605c
  10. Hi there, I usually just read posts on here but I'm looking for some advice on how to tell my partner i want to go into diapers 24/7. I wear them around the house alot and we've had sex with me wearing a diaper a few times, he seems to really like it. The only problem is i want to wear them all the time and I really want to know if he would be okay with me using them (wetting) from time to time. Any ideas on what to say? Thanks, Mel
  11. I've been wanting to make an RP where an eighteen year old boy is babysat by a man who thinks he is a toddler because of his small size. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
  12. Would love to do a roleplay slightly based off a video I watched. This guy was diapered and breastfed forcefully by two girls but I would switch it up and have it being a girl with two other girls. I will be playing the one that's babied and I will play one of the girls. My character is gonna be a highschool student at a college sorority party and two students find out that my character is in highschool not college. So to teach her a lesson about going to a party you weren't invited to and because she's young, they pull her into a private nursery and force her to be their baby.
  13. So what a suprise from the wife on Father's day.
  14. diapered sissybaby in pretty red dress
  15. carolinaboytoy


    From the album: carolinaboytoy

    © carolinaboytoy

  16. carolinaboytoy


    From the album: carolinaboytoy

    © carolinaboytoy

  17. BritneyCD


    From the album: Britney

    My first of hopefully many pics.
  18. BritneyCD


    From the album: Britney

    My first of hopefully many pics.
  19. BritneyCD


    From the album: Britney

    My first of hopefully many pics.
  20. Pipsqueakstevie

    Angelica's Crib

    From the album: Pipsqueakstevie

    This crib, was at Angelica's house, in upstate new york, I was able to sleep in it for four days, and I got the best sleep of my life!

    © pipsqueakstevie

  21. From the album: Pipsqueakstevie

    This is me just relaxing as a sissy.

    © pipsqueakstevie

  22. From the album: Pipsqueakstevie

    This is one time when I was changed next to the road.

    © pipsqueakstevie

  23. Hey, so I've been wanting to use castor oil with a diaper sometime soon but after doing some reading online, I'm kind of nervous now. The reason is because people have said the effects of castor oil sometimes lasted for an additional day or two. This worries me because I can't be diapered for that long. So do you think a buttplug would stop the effects of a castor oil mess? If not, please comment any other suggestions on how I could prevent messing myself with the after effects of the castor oil. Thanks!
  24. Hi, I'm Melinda from Oregon. I am really looking forward to chatting with all of you as