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Found 21 results

  1. Did not expect huggies to release a 5t-6t version of their night time pull ups. But to my suprise they did and I couldn't be more happier. These seem to be a bit more stretchier then the regular 5T-6T pull ups and definitely a lot more absorbant. They feature two cute sleepy mickey mouse designs. I've already went potty 3 times in mine and no leaks! I highly recommend giving these a try if you're a pull ups fan 😊
  2. Kim stood in front of the mirror, examining her own naked body. She was bare except for the collar around her neck, and the cold made her shiver. She knew deep down there was nothing wrong with her, a bit short perhaps, but she could never help but blush when she saw herself. She folded her arms in front of herself and looked down. Roxanne, a taller, broader, blond woman, stepped behind her. She smacked Kim hard on the ass and kissed her forehead. "You look adorable and hot," she said. "Though not as adorable as you are going to be when I'm through with you." "I know mommy, it's just..." Kim began to reply, but was cut off. "Ah ah ah," Roxanne said, waving a finger. "What are you?" Kim blushed. "Adorable and hot." "Good girl," she ruffled Kim's hair. "But...?" Kim smiled. "Not as beautiful as I'm going to be when Mommy is through through with me." "Exactly. And you can be adorable for Mommy?" She nodded. "Yes Mommy." "Good girl. Now you wait there and think about that while Mommy gets your outfit ready. I got a whole set of new clothes for you, and I think you are going to LOVE them. Or, you may hate them, but I'll LOVE seeing you in them," she teased. Outfit. That word, and all its implication, ran through Kim's mind like a slow burning fire. It made her shiver, both with excitement and with nervousness. However, for the moment, she pushed it out of her mind to obey her dominant's orders. I am adorable and hot. She told herself. And I will be more adorable when Mommy is through with me. She heard Roxanne preparing everything behind her. She heard the sound of plastic tearing and being twisted, and of cloth being straightened and lain out. Thoughts of what it could be filled her mind, but she dashed them said to focus on the mantra. I am adorable and hot, and will be more adorable when mommy is through with me. I can be adorable for Mommy." 'Mommy' appeared behind her in the mirror and put her hands around her. She kissed her on the cheek. "Were you thinking about what I told you?" "Yes mommy" she replied. "Good girl. Now turn around and see the outfit I picked out for our little get together." She chuckled. "For my little subby to wear to our little get together." Kim turned around, and immediately blushed. "Oh god mommy!" she said. "All of that?" "Yes sweetie, all of that. It's far from the worse you've worn." "Yes but we are meeting people! And its so... so pink!" And entire outfit was laid out in front of her, in the order she would be putting it on. The center piece of it was the one thing that, though to anyone else might seem the strangest, she had anticipated: A fluffy, plastic adult diaper. It was the one constant part of their games, the reason she invariably called her dominant "Mommy" instead of any other term. This one had four tapes on it, it was pink with pictures of tiny princesses and unicorns on it, she recognized it as a "Princess Pink" from the nearby "Rearz" store. That was expected, though she normally didn't go for the pink. The rest of it was what changed. Beneath the diaper she had laid out knee high stocking striped pink and white- the only thing below the diaper, she noticed. Above it was a pink onesie, dotted with hearts, attached to a tutu-like skirt. To be honest to herself, it wasn't far off what she normally wore. The main difference was the overuse of the one, annoying color, which managed to add an entire new level of embarrassment to her normally already embarrassing outfits. Realistically, wearing a diaper and a blue onesie wasn't much better then a diaper, pink onesie and skirt, but it was still surprising to see the new clothes. "Come on, lets get you dress princess," Roxanne said. Kim buried her head in Roxanne's chest. "Mommy, does it have to be so... girly?" She asked. "Of course sweetie! You are a girl after all." "Yeah but... it's just a lot for meeting new people." Roxanne chuckled again. "Awww poor baby. You know they already expect to see you a diaper and baby clothes, so I don't think this will make much of a difference, you know?" "I know..." "Come on sweetie. As I always told you, it is ABSOLUTLY possible to sissify a girl, and hopefully your blushes today will prove it. Now enough bratting or I'll spank you. Lie down and let mommy diaper you." Kim smiled at her and lay down beside the outfit, lining her hips up roughly with the diaper. Roxanne looked down on her and picked it up. She opened it up, stretched it out slowly, and began ruffling it, letting Kim watch each step. "Come on mommy, we need to get going." Roxanne smiled. "Ok baby girl, you know the drill." Kim lifted her hips and let her lay the diaper under her, then spread powder over it. She lowered herself down, and watched as Roxanne lifted the plastic between her legs and taped it on. "Good girl, behaving for mommy," Roxanne said. "Now, one foot." Kim lifted one leg and let her drag the sock on, then followed with the other. Roxanne helped her to her feet, and pulled the onesie and skirt over her head, then closed the snaps between her legs. Finally she reached into her pockets, to pull out a pink bow and a pacifier. She popped the pacifier into Kim's mouth and tied the the bow into her hair before turning her to face the mirror again. "Well baby girl, how do you like it?" She stared at the reflection. It was a strange sight, a grown woman with an obvious diaper bulge beneath a ridiculously childish costume, and even stranger knowing that grown woman was her. She rolled her eyes and pretended to be upset, but couldn't hide her own smile. "It's awful mommy," she said sarcastically. Roxanne smacked her hard on the diaper. "No whining silly, its what you'll be wearing. She breathed in deep. "I know. Are you sure its going to be ok?" "What do you mean? You've worn far worse for me." "Yeah but not out in public, and not to meet people. We aren't going to far?" Roxanne shook her head. "No, its ok. I know you don't want people noticing your widdle diapies and and baby clothes, so for once Toronto's winter will benefit us because you get to wear your big winter coat over it." "And the people we're meeting? You sure you won't tell?" "They are friends, and they are kinky too. They will be dressed just as badly." "Mutually assured destruction?" Roxanne nodded. "Exactly. If they tell we tell," they both laughed. "Anyway, I'll be there with you. Just hold my hand and keep your coat closed on the way over, and it will be ok. Ok sweetie?" "Ok mommy," she said, and Roxanne kissed her forehead. She decided she was going to follow along, though she was still nervous. She ended up exactly as she had been instructed. She wore a long overcoat that reached down to her feet, which she clutched tightly with one hand. Her other hand held Roxanne's just as tight, and she pulled herself in close. She also wore a woolen toque to hide the bow in her hair, though realistically that was the least of her worries. Each step, if she went to far, risked exposing the long patterned socks under her boots. Each gust of wind, if she didn't hold on tight enough, risked exposing her tutu, and worse, her diaper. Tall skyscrapers loomed in front of them as they passed rows of terraced houses. Kim couldn't pay attention to any of it however, and barely noticed where they were going. Instead, she watched each person they passed, looking for any sign of humor or surprise on their face. Another couple, a man and a woman, passed them. Their eyes met, and she nodded at them. They nodded and smiled back. Part of her mind told her the normal greeting was laughing at her costume. Though she knew it must be otherwise, in her head her diaper bulged out way beyond the coat, and each breeze meant her onesie and the pacifier hanging around her neck was exposed, the smell of powder was constant, and the crinkling of the plastic was as loud as a trumpet. No matter how many times she went out and no one noticed her underwear, the feel of the diaper pressed around her still made it impossible to concentrate on anything else. "Waddle waddle," Roxanne whispered into her ears. Kim jumped up and straightened out. THAT certainly was another thing to worry about. Roxanne, who knew all about the headspace being diapered in public put her into, couldn't but tease. She tried to narrow her gait so it wasn't obvious there was thick plastic and cloth between her legs. Roxanne switched the hand she was holding Kim with and pulled her close. The now free hand reached down and squeezed her diapered rear, then patted it hard. "You know I can still hear your pampers crinkling, little girl. You think they can too?" She released Kim from her grasp and pointed at another group, this one larger and seemingly made up of university students, that was coming toward them. "#&@" Kim said. "Its cute how your swearing gets blocked out but I can say fuck all I want." Kim blushed and held her breath as they went on. The students laughed and chatted, and none of them paid her any mind. "Hmmm you lucked out diaper girl," Roxanne said. She patted her bottom again before taking her hand. Kim groaned. "STOP. I mean please stop mommy," she whispered. Roxanne only chuckled. Kim, desperate to change the topic to anything but her costume and her embarrassment, spoke out loud. "So where is it we are going Mo... Roxane?" "Just some friends of mine. Found them online for a group with similar interests, and met the girl a few times. Her boyfriend just moved in with her to be more like you, and we figured you two could have a playdate." Kim looked down at her feet. "What are they like?" Roxanne smiled. "Its ok sweetie, you'll see when we get there." Kim groaned, but decided to stop pressing it. She still wanted distraction from thoughts of her diaper and outfit being exposed, so she pressed the conversation in other directions, and Roxanne humored her by following along in the conversation. For the walk, Kim followed her dominant around instead, and ended up being pulled into doorway that let them re-appear in another part of the city. "I never get used to that," Kim said. "Yeah I'm still surprised they don't teach it in all schools." The nonsensical explanation was ignored by the readers, most of whom were as inattentive and silly as characters and probably belong in diapers, and the couple continued into another brown brick row house. Roxanne knocked, and her phone dinged. "It says 'come in, we're ready and waiting :)." The couple went in. The home inside was small but cozy. A two story apartment, with a doorway Kim guessed lead to the basements, and decorations a mix of solid wood and video gamed themed models which showed the two personalities that lived there. "So who is this couple?" Kim asked. "You're about to find out," Roxanne smiled. "Now take off your coat," she said, helping her with it. The door in front of them opened up, and back of a head with dyed red and green hair appeared. "Come on sweetie, meet your friends!" The head said in a high, teasing, feminine voice. With two hands she lead another figure. Kim could see the outline of a young man, dressed in a full footed onesie made to look like sonic. She saw a mouth sucking a pacifier, then brown hair, and... "SCOTT!??!" Kim shouted. "Ramona!!?"
  3. I'm just getting into the ab/dl lifestyle but love wearing diapers, training panties and onsies. My collection is building and getting bigger each day. I'm very discreet but have been going out more and more while diapered as well as wearing training panties when I can't wear a diaper. I don't know anyone else into this lifestyle yet.
  4. "Do I really have to, mom?" whined Lila. "Well I'm not going to force it if you really don't want to," replied Lila's mom, "but it'll make this trip a lot less stressful for the both of us." Lila frowned and fiddled with the hem of her dress as she pondered what her decision should be. Every summer, Lila would go on a trip with her family. And every year, before they left, Lila would be put in some... protection. This year, however, the girl was putting up a bit of a resistance. Lila had always been put in pullups whenever the family went on a vacation together. This was the result of an incident long ago - Lila once had an accident when the family went on a trip to Germany, when she was seven. They were at a packed museum and the line to the toilet was too long for the young girl to hold it. From then on, her parents decided to keep Lila in her night-time pullups for the rest of the trip - just in case - to spare themselves the stress and hassle of having to find a toilet. From that trip onwards, it became a tradition for Lila to be in pullups whenever they went on a vacation. At that time, Lila didn't mind having to wear the pullups. After all, she still wore them to bed at night, and wearing them during the day was not much different. But she was now thirteen! And to her dismay, she was told that she'd be wearing tape diapers this time, instead of the pullups that she wore in the past. Lila had eventually outgrown the pullups that she used to wear, and they were precariously close to leaking the last time she'd worn them on a trip - so her mom had decided to switch to diapers this year. Lila was obviously hesitant to wear full-on diapers, especially at her age, but after recalling the incident when she was seven, she ultimately decided to go with the diapers, just to be safe. "Fine..." she muttered begrudgingly. "But I swear this will be the last time I'm doing this, ever!" "Good girl." praised Mom. "Now lie down and let's get this diaper on." Obeying Mom's instructions, Lila sheepishly took off her skirt and underwear, and laid on the bed. "Bottoms up please." requested Mom, as she unfolded a diaper and placed it under her daughter's bum. After a light sprinkling of powder, she taped the diaper in place and adjusted the leak guards. "And we're done!" said Mom. "Now get ready, we're leaving in fifteen minutes." *** The ride to the airport was uneventful. After getting their baggage checked-in, the family still had time to spare before boarding, so they found a couple of benches to wait. Lila was glad that she could finally rest her legs, but she found herself needing to pee. "Mom," she called out discreetly, mindful that they were in a crowded airport "I gotta pee." "It's okay to use your diaper honey, it'll hold up fine." replied mom. Right, Lila thought to herself. I'm in actual diapers now. I can't take these off so I guess Mom just wants me to use it whenever I need to. As a young child, Lila didn't mind peeing in her pullups, especially when there was no other option nearby. However, this was different - she was in a diaper, not a pullup; the toilet was a short distance away; and perhaps most importantly, she was older now. But Mom would not be happy to have to throw away a clean diaper only to put on a new one shortly after, and she has seemingly given Lila the approval to just use her diaper, so she put her concerns aside and focused her attention on her aching bladder. Squirming slightly, Lila tried to release her bladder. It was difficult to do so deliberately - especially with so many people around her - but slowly she was able to squeeze out a small trickle, which gradually grew into a steady flow. Eventually she was done, and she heaved a sigh of relaxation. As discreet as Lila was, Mom had taken notice of her squirming and figured out what was happening. "Are you wet?" she asked her daughter. Lila gave a small embarrassed nod in response. "Do you need a change right now, or do you think you can hold off for a while?" asked Mom. Squeezing her thighs close together, Lila thought that the warm feeling of a wet diaper was actually quite pleasant. She could tell that had peed quite a bit into the diaper, but these diapers were a lot bulkier than her old pullups and they felt like they could definitely hold a lot more. And her legs were tired from all the walking; changing now would mean having to walk even more to find a toilet. "I'm good, Mom." said Lila as she reclined into her seat, slightly thankful that she chose to wear a diaper.
  5. From the album: ME in Goodnites

    Haven't shaved my legs in ages! Feels so good!
  6. So yea, im new and I love diapers. I Like wearing them and going in them to an extent, but I love seeing girls go in their diapers. I think it is the hottest thing in this world. just wanted to throw that out there lol, but anyway, im 21 and a dude and im down for pretty much just about anything.
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