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  1. I’m going to try Tesco Junior Nappies
  2. What was your first experience with diapers like? For me it was heavenly and I loved it a lot.
  3. Can you please suggest to me the best diapers (I prefer bulky and loud diapers)
  4. What is the reason you wear diapers?
  5. Do you prefer cloth or disposable diapers. Personally I prefer disposable
  6. Do you hide you diapers from you parents/partner (wear in secret)? If you do, do you enjoy it?
  7. I wear drynites 8-15 as they are cheap and still fit me at 18
  8. I have been wearing diapers in secret for over 10 years now and as far as I know my parents haven’t found out yet. There has been many times when they have almost caught me. She asked me a few times if I was an AB and I just made it seem like I was confused and didn’t know what it was. I have had many sleepovers with my friend where we would wear diapers and wet them and I’m pretty sure she didn’t know. They have also been under my bed (where I keep the diapers) when the diapers were pretty much in their line of sight but they haven’t said anything yet and this was a year ago so maybe they didn’t see them. I dispose of the diapers at the park bin behind my house as I’m scared my parents will find then if I put them I’m the bin at home. Im not sure weather to let my parents know about me and my diapers. 1) tell them 2) never tell them It would be great if you could help me out Thank You
  9. Hello 👋 Can anyone tell me what the noisiest and most thick/big diaper is. thank you
  10. I love to wear diaper and love wetting them even more. I have been a DL since I was 5 or 6 and I’m so happy I am a DL. I wouldn’t say I’m a AB but I have my AB moments every now and then. I am yet to find the perfect diaper for me but I would love a noisy, big, noticeable diaper. See you around
  11. I have been a diaper lover since I was 5 or 6 I just love wearing them! I love Drynites 8-15 as they fit me and I think they are quite noisy and big but I am yet to find the perfect diaper for me