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  1. I am miss you so much all ready daddy :75_EmoticonsHDcom:and I still have 4 more days before I get to see you again :59_EmoticonsHDcom:

    1. pony calli

      pony calli

      its been over 24 hours since we last talk and I am missing you so bad daddy I can not put it into words I have cry over you through out the day I wish Sat was here all ready 

    2. pony calli

      pony calli

      I only have two more days to wait before I get to see you my daddy I check my phone 50 times in a day to see if you have left me a message I know now that you can not text or call. But I still look and hope just for one min you are able to text me I miss you lots daddy and I loves you even more