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  1. Any Plans for the Holidays?

    Well I hope things aren't too busy at your work. At least you got promised food and time and a half set up Yeah I love those they have a slight kick to them. At least from what I have tried I hope things get better at your home. Sometimes it's best to back away from those types of situations. If my family starts arguing I always go outside for a walk or smoke. Maybe they'll try to behave more this year. Best of luck If candy is ever promised, that usually is the best plan hehe. Even though it's the holidays, I think it is okay to treat yourself to some mildly unhealthy food. Special events are in much way a treat in and of themselves. Sweet food is like the sprinkles on the cupcakes of fun-ness. Teehee
  2. Any Plans for the Holidays?

    I love the idea of turkey burgers I hope your mother gets well soon sounds like a nice plan Are you going to watch the charlie brown thanksgiving? That's a family tradition where I am from Sushi is always a great idea
  3. Any Plans for the Holidays?

    I am looking forward to this upcoming Thanksgiving. We recently moved into this small townhouse but we're making it work for us. I am eager to see my family show up from out of town and having everyone together; it is such a rarity that this happens. I hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving, and feel free to share your plans below
  4. Weekend Warrior Baby

    Sounds like heaven. I am glad you have someone to take good care of you and encourage your lifestyle. I hope you enjoy being on the site
  5. Yo.

    I've been told that I am a cool dude too. Lol. Hope you enjoy being on the site dude, glad to have you on here
  6. hai hai

    I would personally love being diapered 24/7, so I hope it goes well for you if you ever need support, this site always has your back
  7. New gal of OC

    Personally my favorite brand is Tranquility. Their diapers are very sturdy and incredibly comfortable. However if you are looking for stealth, they can sometimes be bulky and noisy, but that does not bother me too much personally
  8. hi

    I certainly hope you enjoy your time on here. There is always great support and stability here. If you ever wanna talk just lemme know
  9. Oh gee this nerd again

    I am so glad you decided to join I hope you enjoy your time on here
  10. Just Joined Diapermates

    a bit, but it's not so bad
  11. Hello Everyone

    I am honestly in the same exact boat as you are. The secret to getting diapers is to do it with your own money and hide them very well. Parents tend to be very skeptical about their kids getting into this stuff, so it might be best to keep it secret from them. Talking to people on here for moral and emotional support also helps a lot. Let me know if you ever want to talk
  12. Ima Noob

    Welcome to the party dude hehe
  13. Just thought I’d say hiya!

    Hi there I am glad you decided to join. I always kinda compare this place to the facebook of adult babies. I think it is a wonderful site to meet and talk to new people. I hope you enjoy your times on here.
  14. hello

    There are a lot of people who see adult baby stuff as a lifestyle rather than just a kink. I personally would love to live it as a lifestyle, but due to certain circumstances I am unable to do that. But I'm still glad you joined and I hope you enjoy your time on here
  15. Hello

    Hi there I am very glad you decided to join. This is a wonderful community to talk to other abdls. I hope you enjoy your experience