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  1. widdlebabyjacky

    Amazing Fetish Simulator

    I rarely ever get updates on this site anymore. In retrospective I probably should have posted the link to begin with: https://www.deviantart.com/guest-1001/art/Your-New-Life-Fetish-Dating-Simulator-Demo-v5-597215628
  2. widdlebabyjacky

    Nervous on Moving

    I'll be moving into an apartment close by. For now I do not know much about my roommate but hopefully that will change in time. And thankfully I have a few people who live near my school
  3. widdlebabyjacky

    Nervous on Moving

    A while ago I was accepted into a university that is over an hour away from my home. To make things easier I have decided to move closer to campus, but I am a little anxious. I have lived in my current home for nearly 18 years, and it'll be a big adjustment no longer living with my family. Any tips or suggestions?
  4. widdlebabyjacky


    Such a lovely dress :3
  5. widdlebabyjacky


    You look super precious hehe. I wish me and my diaper friends could form a pyramid as well as you all do
  6. widdlebabyjacky


    Love these keep up the good work
  7. widdlebabyjacky

    Saras Album

  8. widdlebabyjacky

    Hey from raleigh

    Hey Kyle, I live in raleigh but I am moving to Greensboro on the 11th. If you'd ever like to talk, feel free to let me know
  9. widdlebabyjacky

    Raleigh or Greensboro Area

    Hey guys, so in a previous post I said I am an AB sissy from Raleigh. That is still true, however this fall I will be moving to greensboro. If anyone would like to casually meet up and hang out, or talk, feel free to let me know. If you message me on here I will be sure to forward you my kik, snapchat, or telegram account if you want to talk outside of here.
  10. widdlebabyjacky

    Diaper Friends in Raleigh NC

    Hey I am Jack. I am an AB who lives in Raleigh, if any of you ever want to talk outside of here, just message me and I will give you my kik
  11. widdlebabyjacky

    Nappy change.jpg

    I remember the site this used to be on. did it get shut down? i cant seem to find it
  12. widdlebabyjacky

    park potty break.jpg

    the perfect sissy scenario
  13. widdlebabyjacky

    Here and there!

  14. widdlebabyjacky

    My Sissy Baby Fantasies.

    I love these so much makes me happy to be an ab sissy
  15. widdlebabyjacky

    Camp Diapers - PamperedPenny.com

    So beautiful, i love her videos so much