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  1. DSC_8205a.jpg

    Simple but sweet
  2. Hi :)

    Glad you decided to join, I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to ask me any questions if you ever think of any
  3. sb with tb.jpg

    Pretty sure I once had a dream like this
  4. spanking tb.jpg

    Guess someone was naughty
  5. happy-baby2.jpg

    She looks like a wonderful mommy
  6. Hi

    I certainly hope you enjoy being on the site. Feel free to message me if you ever need anyone to chat too
  7. The right. Diapers for lifestyle

    Personally tranquility diapers are my favorites. They are so soft and comfy. I would totally recommend trying them.
  8. Well I would consider how much trust you two have built up. If you feel like nothing could break the bonds between you two, then you should tell her. However, if you do feel like there is some hesitation, maybe you should start by saying "hey a friend just told me that they are into wearing diapers". The "I have a friend" thing might seem cliche but it does often work. It seems like you really care about being a diaper lover, so I would hope that she would be understanding. Bottom line I think subtly is the best way to go about it, or at least to introduce it, and then you can figure out how to work things out from there
  9. Dating

    It seems like he is really dedicated towards supporting you. I think he genuinely cares about you and accepts you. Not a lot of people are like that. He sounds like a real keeper.
  10. Baby boy looking for friends.

    I am very glad you decided to join. I hope you enjoy being on the website. My pm is always open if you ever want to talk
  11. Hi syn the tigerwolf

    Hey there. I am glad you decided to join our site! There is nothing to be embarrassed about being an abdl. We have a wonderful support system here to help you if you ever have any questions or concerns. Of course you can also always pm me if you want to talk one on one. I understand that a new experience like this as an abdl might be a little intimidating at first, but I promise that you will love this site! I hope you have a wonderful time here.
  12. My Blue Prom Dress

  13. Pansexuality

    Well it is something completely up to you deary. Only you can decide what you want. Pansexuality is about appreciating the beauty in people's personalities, and not defining them by their genders. I would do a little more research if you are interested.
  14. I think there are a lot of different variables. I too havent yet tried it, but I imagine that it would be very nice. Diapers are extremely therapeutic for me, and I imagine that it is like that for other people too. It provides a state of innocence and carefree nature. To share that with someone would have to be a very special occasion. I hope you find someone to take good care of you sweetie.