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  1. I am glad to hear you joined hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to message me about anime, diapers, or anything else. Welcome to the party lol
  2. I am not sure. Ideally I want to wear diapers forever, but I feel like if I ever had kids like I would have to give up that part of my life. I need to be the adult in that situation, right?
  3. Hello Mew, I'm glad you decided to join. Let me know if you ever have any questions about the abdl community.
  4. Nice to meet you R! I am glad you could join us. I hope you enjoy this site, let me know if you ever want to talk
  5. I'm trying to say that people assume sissies have little penises but I wanted to avoid saying the "P word". I'm just saying people of all body sizes should be allowed to partake in a specific kink
  6. so would you say that it's a matter of preference?
  7. whenever the smell gets too strong, which depends. sometimes that might be one poo-session (teehee) or several
  8. You are very brave, feel free to message me if you ever feel this way again, or if you wanna just talk about causal stuff. Take care man *huggles*
  9. I personally like Chimchar, Gen 4 was my favorite era and the era I grew up on. I also like Froakie and Litten quite a bit.
  10. I loveĀ FLDiaperGirls so much!! I am a huge fan of your work. Keep up the good work!

  11. Hello, before I get into discussion, i want to just state that anyone regardless of (wiener) size should be allowed to be a sissy. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with sissies being smaller than others. That being said, I am about a 7 inch when hard, and for some reason everyone expects me to be the dominant one. The fact is that even though I might be "big" i still like being a submissive abdl sissy. It just seems like an assumption that all abdl sissies are small dicked, and i just wanted to say that it is not always true. Everyone regardless of size should be accepted into a community. Sorry about venting, and I certainly hope i did not offend anyone by stating this.
  12. very excellent art and inspirational bravery! keep up the wonderful work deary
  13. I seriously love amalgam comics. It would take marvel and dc characters and combine them into mashup characters. We got cool characters like Super Soldier, Doctor Strangefate, Dark Claw, Iron Lantern, and such. But nobody else i talk to seems to remember this line of comics. does anyone here know about them?
  14. if you pm me i'll tell you. i dont want my information out in the public eye
  15. I dont know, i really need to make a list of people who know. there are some people in retrospect that i rather not know it