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  1. From the album Little Johnny's Photos

    this is my teddy bear and his name is michael. i named him after one of my mom's old friends, whose name was michelle. she was a kind, caring old lady who occasionally babysat me and my sister. one day though she got cancer...i remember those days still. she was getting weaker and weaker, her hair was falling out and so she took to wearing a bandanna on her head. in her final days, she bequeathed upon my sister and i all the favorite toys we would play with when she took care of us; lot of bath toys that have now been passed onto my beloved nieces and nephew. ...i'd never seen the teddy before when my sis and i went to play at her house, but she insisted that i take it, just before she died. ...i think i knew what was coming, deep down, but didn't know what to think at that age. i became instantly attached to the teddy though...more so after she passed on. ...i dunno if i believe in heaven or hell...but sometimes i talk through the teddy to michelle...just in case she is still out there somewhere...continuing to watch over me through the baby brown eyes of my teddy. :)
  2. From the album Little Johnny's Photos

    ...need i say more? lol
  3. this is why one of the first things i tell a possible romantic partner up front is that i'm an adult baby. if it turns them off, then they leave and i laugh lol. no hurt feelings, no broken marriages lol. it's one of the first things you should have told her loooong before the Marriage lol. XD
  4. to reiterate what others have said, it's important for you and your son both that you personally don't feel responsible for his condition. i know when i first came out of the nursery to my parents that they too had trouble wrapping their heads around it, and the minute i saw that they thought it was their fault, i felt pretty bad but was also quick to let them know that it was nothing that they did at all; i love my parents dearly and in my mind they've done a great job at raising me and helping me feel like i'm not a freak....even if i may be...but like others have said, the world is changing. maybe in the future this sort of thing will seem commonplace lol. ....but definitely don't blame yourselves; these things just seem to kinda happen. i have no idea at all why i'm an adult baby; as far as i know i was just kinda born this way, and the last thing i'd want is for my parents to suffer for my actions; it's nothing that you did or didn't do. it simply is; "isness" in it's purest form. hope everything works out okay. *hugz*
  5. yeps...i don't like those kinds of videos myself either. yea, i know a lot of us do it, but no need to film it. now....other ab videos that don't involve anything truly dirty are cool by me, like play dates with fellow ab's, or maybe a mommy/daddy and ab going into town (dressed apropriately for a baby of course; not in just a diaper, like wearing shortalls/coveralls or other cute clothes.) i found when i go to town dressed like a toddler that more often than not, people react just fine to it. lots of smiles and laughs. surely that can't be a bad thing to spread? i like being that little momentary bubble of disbelief in their daily routine lol; being the highpoint of someones day hehe. XD
  6. totally get this. i kinda hate messing myself, but at the same time, it's like....the epitome of babyish feelings for me lol. there's not much else more infantile than making a mess in your diapy lol. the clean-up does suck tho indeed. i usually just jump right into the shower. ...might be part of the reason why mom is more supportive of me being in diapers than dad is, cuz when i'm not kept in diapers, i tend to spiral out of control with my obssessive compulsive studying and research, kind of a bookworm as an adult. end up letting my hygiene slide too much.....what can i say? a poopy bottom is just a better reason to jump in the shower for me than merely being a little sweaty lol. XD
  7. indeed; babies should never be allowed to surf the world wide web all on their lonesome; too many things that could offend their precious little eyes! they're so impressionable at that age.
  8. From the album Little Johnny's Photos

    this was just a random pic that i thought was kinda cute. the teddy bear's name is michael; named after the woman who gave him to me when i was little. she died of cancer a while back; sometimes i talk to her through my teddy. probably gonna hafta get a new sweater for him though; he's really really old and his sweater is falling apart, but other than that he's in mint condition. possibly a home made teddy bear; bit of a crude/mangy design haha, but to me that's all part of his charm.
  9. From the album Little Johnny's Photos

    this is me about six months later from the first image with my previously adorable haircut lol. my hair is a lot longer now; kind of a hassle. prob gonna hafta ask mom for another haircut soon hehe. this pic was taken the other day.
  10. From the album Little Johnny's Photos

    this is my favorite pic. i'd worked up the guts to ask my mom if she could give me a babyish haircut like a bowl cut or something that's mostly reserved for little boys. couldn't really do a bowl cut though without first straightening my hair, so she left some bangs on and made it look like a fledgling's downy feathers hehe. XD
  11. Coming from an AB, i'd say DLs are different. DLs seem to just like wearing diapers; often for sexual reasons. For ABs though, diapers are just one of many accessories they desire; a crucial one tho in most cases; hard for me personally to get into my baby-mind without also being diapered. it's like...the gas peddle in a car; part of the whole, but the car is kinda useless without that particular piece lol.
  12. i'm an AB looking to finally accept myself for who/what i am; embrace my destiny, etc.
  13. my fave is probably the ABU Super Dry Kids because they're plastic backed/virtually leak proof and because they look almost JUST like the huggies I snuck as a kid lol. XD my next fave would probably be the Breathable Cushies; they're probably the most babyish looking diapers and i prefer velcro tabs to plastic tapes; velcro is easier to readjust. my next fave would probably have to be the Rearz Safari because that's what my daddy said he's going to put me in lol. XD
  14. Didn't get to see the new movie "Logan" yesterday, but we did buy the doctor strange movie; that was cool. :) 

  15. sitting in a loaded diapy waiting for my big bubby to finish getting ready for work in the bathroom. grrrr, hate it when this happens. getting itchy. :angry2: