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  1. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    I wish I had read this before responding to your PM. The part in the PM about the benefit of the doubt, is gone. Read my posts then respond again. You clearly have not been reading what I wrote, just what you want to have read in what I wrote. My question for you, would you talk a man the way you are talking to me? Oh my god... Some people like being sent dickpics so it is fucking ok to send them? What the frack is wrong with you? I mean, obviously you are a dude, so you are unlikely to have experienced logging onto facebook, tumblr, instagram, YouTube, and having to spend half your morning deleting dick pics, or comments offering to fuck you.... mixed in with other disrespectful comments. If someone wants to see dick pics, they will ask for them! IE consent to receive them. You do not get to choose if the other person wants to see them. But hey, I am 99% certain that you are not actually interested in what I say, that you have filed me away as a feminazi SJW snowflake millennial proud owner of participation trophies and thus, even if I agree with you, I would be wrong at this point. So you win, I am backing out of this conversation. Buh bye.
  2. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    I love how everything you said has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of consent, other then telling others it is their fault when people are assholes. (That is what you are doing when you tell people to harden up and call them snowflakes.) I do get where you are coming from. You are in the camp where the victims are responsible for the crimes. I mean, if the diaper on a person who does not need them bothers them, they should just avoid the people who wear them right? Until one of them walks into your office, drops his pants and there is a diaper. Guess they should just harden up, right? You know, I have a theory on why women are so often the biggest proponents of consent. It takes being a victim to realize the shit that happens, and women are the victims more. I really hope you one day understand consent, and I pray to God that you do not learn about it the way I did, and so many other women did.
  3. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    It is a question of motivation: If wearing a concealed diaper is enjoyed because of the risk of getting caught, that means you are involving others in your kink, just by presenting the chance to get caught. It is not always about offending the other person, but about respecting the other persons right not to participate knowingly or unknowingly. It is about setting limits of sexual and fetish behavior. You simply do not involve others who have not agreed to participate, under any circumstance. The main reason being you can not, and do not, know how a person is going to feel. Now, is it possible to cover every possible situation, such as some of the examples you presented? No, however, one should do everything in their power to minimize the influence of their fetish on those around them. If you have a thing for nurses, find a clinic that has a nurse that is of a gender you are not sexually attracted to, and tell them you are only comfortable around that nurse. There are ways to avoid it. The biggest way to avoid it is to not be creepy about. For example, don't look for excuses to get caught in diapers when you don't need them. Which is what this entire thread is about. It is ok to have a diaper fetish. It is ok to wear diapers outside of the house. It is not ok to engineer situations in which your diaper will be discovered by those who have no knowledge or consented to participation in your diaper play. It is all about intent. Most people can turn their fetish off, because most people understand that consent is important. I have zero clue why the diaper community, and it is not just here I have noticed it, but in most diaper lover communities, struggles so much with consent. Yes it is. Any sexual activity that involves another without consent is sexual assault. That is the problem. To many people think it is harmless, but there are those who if or when they discover how they are used will feel disgusted, and possibly with themselves. They may become uncomfortable around others, or weary to engage with certain people. These are real reactions that actually happen. An example of exactly this: A man I used to work with liked blonde braids... I mean really really really liked them. On the work site, he would talk about how his girlfriend would let him wrap his penis in her braid and rub one off. Well, the payroll secretary was blonde, and because it was an industrial site, we were all required to wear our hair up and able to put it all under a hard hat. She did this with an elaborate braid. Every morning, he would find his way into her office, just before his break, look at her hair, tell her it was perfect, then disappear into the bathroom for his whole break. After his girlfriend broke up with him, he tried to date the payroll girl, and his fetish slipped. She realized what he had been doing for the last four or five months, and quit the job over that. She quit because she was told it wasn't sexual harassment because it never effected her. That is the kind of bullshit that is being defended on this thread right now. The ability to sexually involve others without their consent or even awareness, and that is morally and ethically wrong.
  4. Health and ABDL

    I believe you will find higher rates of mental health issues among all kink communities. Getting the "Weird" out helps stabilize people for dealing with normal day to day stuff. This is especially true for object fetishism, such as diapers, which are just begging to snag obsessive compulsive people, and a common symptom of nearly all mental health issues is, you guessed it, OCD tendencies.
  5. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    If wearing the latex turns you on, then yes. It is a sexual activity that you have now included someone else in.
  6. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    Transgender is NOT a kink. The fact that you lump them together is horrifying. However, like you said, "You didn't ask them to participate." You showed up in a diaper, wanting to "get" caught without asking them if they wanted anything to do with your kink. There job forces them to participate, and even if they do not realize they were involved in your kink, it does not mean you did not force it on them without consent. A the drunk girl at a party may not remember you feeling her up, but you still violated her even if she never knows it. This is the same thing. I don't get why consent is so hard for you to understand, although I think the conflation of transgender individuals with kinks does shine a light on the problem.
  7. Profile gender options

    This list really needs to be condensed and standardized. It has a lot of redundancies in it where multiple things mean the exact same thing, just a different community termed the phrase, and thus it ended up as a separate and unique signifier. For example, Transgender Female and TransFemale are exactly the same, just one is short hand. However the recognition of non-binary sexuality is still really new, and perhaps the "list" will naturally evolve out of the redundancies. This is also coming from a girl who is not a super big fan of labels, as this long list demonstrations that life, sexuality, etc... exists on a spectrum and how we label it can become very limiting.
  8. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    This is one of the most inane things I have read in a while. When you force your kink on others with out their consent, that is wrong. Always. This is not a case of representation, or judgment, this is a case of respecting your fellow human being. I choose to wear 24/7. I am not forced to, so I wear outside the house. Now, here is the difference, I don't consider that wearing in public, because I do every single thing in my power in insure my choice does not effect anyone else. I never leave the house in a used diaper, I never mess in public, and I change often to minimize even the hint of an odor. I try and change in single stall restrooms whenever I can simply to eliminate the chance of someone walking in on me. I keep my underwear private. The idea of "wearing in public" to me signals that you have an intent to be noticed, or seen. In fact many people on this site talk about intentionally leaving the diaper slightly visible, or other things to make the diaper noticed. This is involving people in your kink with out consent. As to the EMT and ER thing, shit happens, if someone T-bones my car, no one has control over that situation at that time, there is no consent needed to save a life. That is just a extreme example meant to distract. They are a form of underwear, and they are also not. Normally, wearing underwear is not a turn on, or a strong desire. Normally your underwear being seen is not a turn on. That line is very narrow. If you treat them like underwear, then fine... for example doing everything reasonable to keep them under. However, the line gets crossed when you enter into situations specifically to be noticed. The OP actually said that he was excited to have an excuse to wear in front of the doctor. This was not about him wearing to hide or cover up a problem, but about him having an excuse to be seen diapered in front of the doctor. This is my problem. Yeah, the doctor probably would not of cared about a diaper, but she was also not aware of the fact that the OP wanted to get "Caught" wanted to be seen in them. That is the act that violated consent. Consent is easy: Do you get a hard on, horny, etc... by an action. (That is not a simple reaction to biological stimuli, such as seeing an attractive and desirable sexual partner.) Are you depending on the subject of your focus to react for you to feel aroused or excited? If the answer is yes, get fucking consent first.
  9. Diapers at the doctors part 2

    I have so many problems with this. Why do you want your doctor to see you in diapers? Is it for you? People, consent is more then just getting the ok to stick your dick in a girl. Consent is about making sure everyone included in your fetish or fetish behavior is there of their own free will. Don't force your kink on people. That is part of why fetish communities have such a bad rap. Some people just don't understand consent and they damage public representation for the rest of us.
  10. Wearing Only Footed Pjs/ Diaper walking to store 2-3 miles

    I have so many problems with this. The only reason to do this was to get that excited feeling, and such. Every person you crossed pathes with that night, you violated their right to consent to participate in your fetish. This is wrong on so many levels.
  11. The last few years.

    I was critqueing the "WalkUP" crap which suggests that if kids took the mental heathcare responsiblities of other kids onto themselves, they would not be getting shot. Which is utter bullshit mixed with horseshit. I will edit to try and clarify.
  12. The last few years.

    This is going to be a politically charged post. Warning people upfront. Over the last two years, I have watched this nation devolve before my eyes. I don't use my real age on this site (I am older than a claim to be here.) This is obviously a protection tactic. Add between 2-6 years, and you will have a ball park. I state this up front just to establish I have been involved in the internet, gaming, and politics as an adult for close/more than a decade, and if you count my teenage years, even longer. During this time, I have been a girl and a woman the entire time. Lets go back to 2008... This may or may not of been my first election I participated in. Things were bad, especially if you were gay, but I wasn't out yet, so this was not a huge problem for me. In fact I was still in denial at the time, and was trying to figure out why I could not get a lasting relationship with dudes going. However, things were decent. I was not having my fledgling Minecraft Let's Play channel attacked my random dudes, when I was on Xbox Live, if I used my mic, I was not called a slut and told to make a sandwich yet (I was sexually harassed a lot, and asked for boob pics all the time. However, it was manageable, and I just didn't get on the mic very often. Then... a black man is elected president and the a lot of people lose their shit. These people, a minority at first, start spouting their hate, and a political party then was dying after 8 years of Bush, and then the shitty campaign they ran in 2008, latched onto that hate, because well... a lot of of them were and still are racist people, but because fear and anger were easy to manipulate into a frothing voter base. This leads up to 2012. Shit is getting bad, but it is manageable... I figure it would get much worse... then Obama wins again, and if you thought people lost their shit in 08, oh my god did they lose it now. During that campaign, this time I was an outed Lesbian, I had friends of 20 years unfriend me from facebook, and stop acknowledging me in public because I posted a single pro-Obama meme on my Facebook page. I had people flocking to my YouTube channel calling me a cunt, bitch, whore, telling me to die in a fire, and was even doxxed (For the first time...) because I built a stupid Obama O in Minecraft, and made my Shepard for a Mass Effect play-through look like Michelle Obama, and used lines like, "Eat your fucking carrots" when I did renegade options. But I was like, nah, can't get much worse, can it? Then Gamergate... Well fuck me, can't get any worse, right? 2015... Trump starts to run for office. I know better than to ask if can get worse now, because the answer is yes... it is going to get much worse. 2016.... Can we just hit Rock Bottom, please? 2017... Seriously... we still havn't hit it yet? 2018... Stormy skies? We are still falling in the freaking skies? Now that the history is over, I want to talk about something related to all this, and that is the growth of the culture of "My opinion, it is right to me, and nothing you say will change my mind that it is right. You can be right about your opinion though." The very nature of opinion has been warped from a logical conclusion based on life experience combined and supported by facts and observations to, "This is how I feel!" For example, my favorite one is this: "We should not give out participation trophies because they make it so all kids think they should get something." This popular shared opinion is based on jack squat. First, science has proven over and over and over again that acknowledgment for participation encourages children, teenagers and adults, to work harder, and perform better, and work better as a team. Second, the very science has proven that the emotional impact of a loss is less while the emotional impact of a victory is greater (As the other team is less likely to grow cynical in the face of an unwinnable situation). In short, participation trophies increase the effort to perform in children, and adults, and reduce the bitterness of losing, without taking anything away from the glory of winning. This means those who lost, are more likely to try again. So lets look at millennial's like me. Most of my peers are suffocating under massive student loans (Mine is 134k, but that includes Graduate School, and a Private Undergrad, so it is higher than average.) My sister, who just recently graduated after 2 years of community college first, to keep the price down, is at 60k. My girlfriend is at 80k. On top of this, upon graduating, most of us are looking at staying in the minimum wage shitty job we kept while we were in college, because we struggle to find employment elsewhere. Now, a few years after graduating, working 2 unpaid internships in my field, I gave up on my field, went back to school, thankfully not adding any to my debt, and became an airplane repair girl. (AMP) I went from minimum wage to 70k a year, when I quit that job earlier this year, I was making 130k a year, with benefits, and a higher national security clearance than Jared Kushner. (I know, low blow and low bar. *drum rimshot.*) Now, I live in California, so 130k a year here is like 5 dollars a year anywhere else... (Not really, but I still lived in a trailer park, and had trouble getting my bills, the student loan payments in, and things like groceries.) I have now started my own business losing the nickels and dimes I have been setting aside for a better part of a decade, bought some land, and I am currently building a production studio on it for my YouTube productions (A New show is coming to YouTube red for those smart enough to figure out who I am with the content of this post.... I just filmed the first episode and it was great.) which actually make me less money that my AMP job, but max out higher. (I was at my pay max working with the USAF as a contractor.) But I have better hours, I am my own boss, and I can help other people find work. Already I have included two people onto my channel to help them gain access to more viewers and kick start their YouTube careers. I am now paying rent for two families in my old trailer park to keep them off the streets. By the way, I never won a first place trophy in my life. I have a few 2nd places in gymnastics, but no firsts. I do have a lot of participation awards though. I value those awards as much as my 2nd places, because they show I was there. I am maybe a little luckier then many millennials, but I am far from typical. You see, we have spent years learning to participate instead of win. That means helping others find enjoyment and happiness. That means fighting for fairness and equality. That means giving of oneself to help others with zero expectation of a reward and a pat on the back. Then, we got Trump. We are vilified now because we are entitled whining snowflakes. We inherited a shit world from our parents and instead of being grateful for what they didn't have time to damage, we are preserving and trying to fix it. Our participation trophies now? Constant ridicule, being told our opinions are equal to whatever bullshit thought some dude farted out his ass with zero information what so ever. (Although kudo's for that gassy gentlemen for actually having his own thought instead of parroting someone elses.) I have now been doxxed three times, the third time had a guy try opening the security door to my sisters house with a crowbar because he wanted to make a "Proper girl out of me," the Doxxing had had my address wrong. I have had people at conventions grab me by the pussy and tell me that I enjoyed it. (That was this year in London.) Why? Because I am vocal about the crap that is going on. What is happening to gay rights, women's rights, anyone who is not white with a penis rights. Today, what spurred this meandering weird train of thought rant, was one of my closest friends, one who I was the fucking best not-a-man for, told me that because he disagreed with my opinion victim blaming children is wrong (It is not a child's responsibility to take on the mental and health well being of other children.), that he could no longer deal with me because I had been turned into a leftist sheep. This is a man who was very reasonable, I am the godmother to his youngest. He was my only close childhood friend to stand by me when my family kicked me out. I knew he was Republican, but that had never bothered me before, and we never really talked politics, because when we hung out, we had a million other things to talk about. I am tired of this. I am tired of the meanness, the vileness, the idea that behaviors like publicly grabbing and touching women is ok because the fucking President brags about doing it. I aint going to stop, don't get me wrong, but right now, I just need a single day where something goes right in the movement for a world with sanity and compassion. Anything in that direction would be great.
  13. Born, discovered, or made?

    Why, because she said something you don't agree with?
  14. Things about you

    Yeah! Down with the normal people!!!! Vive la révolution!!!!!
  15. Things about you

    I get asked if I can get things off the bottom shelf for tall people all the time... and I get the stuff that fits part. I have to hem EVERYTHING. Try being small, like 4'11 small, but with good ole' fashioned baby bearing hips.... :-p Jeans are a nightmare, it is part of why I favor skirts and dresses so much.