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  1. Padding the story with some roleplay lines I see. Fun to see that 'eloquent response' bit again. Still makes me laugh. Though I feel like someone's mooching a little off mommy's lines too. Pretty sure I remember writing a very similar thigh tracing line and careful now, since you seem to like the bunny onsie so much, I just might dress you in it Seems like you're building up to some potential mischief in the next part. Surely you know better than to leave me on a cliffhanger, don't you? I'm very impressed though, you've still got some surprises in you, and I think I now have some new ideas to put to use thanks to this little story. Mommy's very proud and loves you very much. ❤️
  2. *makes whip cracking sounds* you'll have to lend me a real one if you want actual whip cracking, sorry Elfy. But maybe I'll snap the leash in Kali's direction a few times instead. But there's two hours left in my work day and I hope a certain sissy has been working just as hard or there will be trouble. @Mcraft timer is running out. Don't disappoint or mommy might break out the ultimate punishment and I know you're having company this evenung so don t tempt me you'd look so cute, that's for sure.
  3. Don't worry everyone. There will be another update today, or a certain sissy is in a lot of trouble Get to work @Mcraft, Mommy's done waiting for more material to read. ❤️
  4. Chapter Eight Marinette spun around and then flopped down on her bed, legs hanging, arms spread to either side. She’d kept her hair down today, and the dark locks spread around her head like a halo. “Hey!” The protest was slightly squeaky, and a moment later, Tikki wriggled out from beneath Marinette. The girl blushed and sat up, flipping onto her stomach. She’d landed on her purse, probably squished the poor sprite a little. She cupped her Kwami in her hands and rubbed her forehead with one finger. “I’m sorry, Tikki,” she apologized while the Kwami giggled under the attention. “I should have been more careful.” Tikki’s eyes were wide, a pretty blue, but there was no negative emotions lingering in her gaze. Marinette knew the Kwami wasn’t actually mad. “I am glad you had a good outing, but that doesn’t mean I want to be crushed by a big oaf,” the Kwami teased back. She zipped up out of the cup of Marinette’s fingers and hovered in front of her face. “I think you’re the only person to ever call me ‘big’,” Marinette responded. “Well you are to me!” Tikki pointed out. Marinette couldn’t help but smile. It was true, she supposed. Next to Tikki, a small red and black sprite who could fit easily in the palm of her hand, she was big. “And Amazons are practically titans. Who even wants to be that big anyways? Could you imagine trying to keep a body that large fed?” the Kwami laughed. Marinette joined her. It was soothing sometimes to poke fun at the oppressive larger counterpart of society. “Well, regardless, I’m sorry I nearly sat on you. I was just…really happy. It’s strange, but I…I really like him,” she admitted. A tingling sensation rose in her cheeks, spreading through her face, and she chewed her lip to keep her small smile from becoming an idiotic gapping grin. She’d never had a crush before. It was a strange, though far from unpleasant feeling. She only wished she hadn’t made such a fool of herself in the process. Just the thought of her onset rudeness and then complete lack of ability to form a coherent sentence made her groan and want to bury her head under a pillow for eternity. “Really?” Tikki giggled. “I definitely couldn’t tell. You were speaking so clearly and intelligently. ‘That sounds blunderful, I mean wonderful, that is ugh, ahh, blaa,’” Tikki mocked, making a slack jawed, thoughtless expression at the end. Marinette rolled her eyes, trying to brush the comment off, but her blush deepened and she sighed. “I know, Tikki. He must think I’m an absolute idiot. I sounded like a total dorkasaurous.” The Kwami flew up and patted her on the cheek. “Only when you say things like ‘dorkasaurous’. Cheer up, Marinette. He seemed very starved for a friend. I think he liked you fine. And you made some really pretty sketches this afternoon. Which ones are you going to go with for your project?” Marinette smiled. That much was true at least. She fished out her sketchbook and plopped down at her desk to flip through the pages she’d filled today. Adrien had actually been rather helpful. She had loads of different ideas, but he had the experience with actually wearing designer clothes and had made some very helpful tips about sizing and proportions, especially on infantile little wear. Not the most thrilling of tasks, sure, but something she acknowledged she’d have to work with in the future, probably quite a bit, and she welcomed the chance to learn before an error taught her the hard way. As she looked over the rough drafts, Marinette’s mind drifted back to the park, to that tree. Sitting with him, pouring over the pages and ideas. He had such an engaging personality. She’d judged him unfairly, and now saw the real person, and she was immensely attracted to his kindness and mannerisms. He was sweet and funny and charming, and she wished he were here now. She’d sketch well past the point of her hand cramping if it meant the excuse to spend more time. Great. I’m so totally doomed! She sighed. It wasn’t that a relationship with him were bad, just difficult, if she could even work up the courage to admit she liked him. Littles didn’t exactly have an easy go of dating, finding love, or building a life with someone special. The Amazons would never interfere with a marriage, of course, or the raising of a family. They didn’t seem to like it or approve, but she figured they quietly accepted that if it didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be a next generation of Littles, and the idea of running low on a supply of forever babies seemed enough of a stick to force them to begrudgingly accept nature’s course. That didn’t mean they made it easy, though. There were lots of dumb societal rules and views about Littles engaging romantically, especially in public. Simply holding hands or attending a restaurant or theater’s date night special was enough to get you publically berated. It was frustrating, but she also decided it would be worth it. Even if Adrien’s status and family made it hell for her to try. Just the thought of telling him had her heart racing, and she was quickly lost to rampant fantasies about the future. She knew she had a tendency to obsess to unhealthy levels over things, but the habit was ultimately harmless, even if it ate away her time occasionally. “Marinette!” Tikki’s shout jarred Marinette from her thoughts and she glanced up, her brows furrowing quizzically at the Kwami. Tikki sighed and pointed at the clock on Marinette’s desk. “Ladybug is supposed to be meeting Chat Noir tonight, remember? It’s sunset. You have to go!” Marinette jolted from her seat, hastily flipping the sketchbook closed and stuffing it into her drawer. “You’re right, Tikki. I’m sorry. I lost track of time.” She scrambled over to the window, pushed it silently open and poked her head through to glance around. Luckily, her room faced an alleyway and it was mostly deserted. After a quick check to make sure no one was around to see, she glanced back at her Kwami. “Ready? Tikki, spots on!” There was a soft flash as the Kwami was absorbed into the Miraculous and the magic began to course through Marinette’s body, her red and black suit and mask manifesting across her form. Split seconds later, Ladybug was crouched in the opening of the window, hurling her yoyo out towards a distant satellite antenna. When the wire pulled taunt, she launched herself out the window and off to find her partner in crime. Landing on the wide, flat rooftop of a department store, four stories tall, Ladybug paused a moment to glance around. She never tired of viewing the city from these angles, where the sky looked close enough to touch and the Amazons below her were the small ones for once. As her gaze drifted lazily over the crowds in the parking lot, then over the barren concrete rooftop and ventilation points, it settled on another hunched figure. It appeared, she was the one to locate him for once. It wasn’t so much that they planned out meet spots or times, they just had a natural tendency to gravitate towards one another. At least, she assumed. She never had to look overly hard to find him, nor did he seem to struggle catching up to her either. She grinned, after the near heart attack he’d given her yesterday, creeping up like he did, she couldn’t resist stepping a little bit lighter than she normally would as she approached him. She wasn’t a petty person, but some playful payback was long due. Besides, perhaps it would cheer him up. She could tell even from the distance the way his shoulders slumped, head bowed. His arm was moving, and as she got closer, she could see him fiddling with his staff, tracing the green cat pad marking in the center. She leaned over his shoul’der, her tone a breathy whisper. “Boo.” As she’d hoped, Chat jumped, pitched forward like she had the day prior. Except she’d made an error. He was perched on the very edge of the building, and careening forward was beyond dangerous. On instinct, she grabbed a hold of his tail. It was really a belt, wrapped around his waist and trailing down, but he sometimes acted as if it had feeling. He grunted at it pulled taunt and she tugged him back. He stood and spun around quickly, cupping the end of the tail and stroking it. He grinned at her. “Don’t you mean Bugaboo?” he purred and she scowled. “I should push you,” she retorted. “No need, Milady. I’ve already fallen head over heels.” He waggled his eyebrows and she almost rolled her eyes in response when she noticed that the smug grin on his face didn’t quite reach his eyes. The playful banter suddenly took a sour note and she frowned. “Chat?” she inquired. “Are you okay?” He sighed and plopped back down on the roof, his feet coming together and he rested his hands on his ankles. She crouched down next to him. “I really screwed up yesterday.” Ladybug chewed her lip and paused for a moment before shaking her head. “Chat, it’s okay. We’ll figure it out, I promise. Yes, it wasn’t ideal and there could be some backlash we don’t know of yet, but we’ll figure it out. Don’t beat yourself up over things passed. Be glad that Little is no longer in such a highly abusive situation.” Chat nodded. “I sent my Kwami to the Guardian last night.” “And?” Ladybug pressed. She licked her lips. She’d been planning on sending Tikki. Chat saved her the trip, but she still felt bad he was putting himself through the wringer. “What’s done is done. Lay low a while. Be extra cautious. Take extra care of our Miraculous. What I expected, I guess. Doesn’t make me feel much better though.” Ladybug sighed. Enough was enough. The personality change was starting to unnerve her. “Alright, stop. Chat, you made a choice. It was a drastic one, true, but you need to stop tormenting yourself over it. I may have done the same thing if I’d seen what you saw. This mindset is going to start affecting your judgement, your reflexes. Chat, I need you on your game. You did nothing wrong.” He finally seemed to buck up at that. Gave his head a shake. His shaggy blond hair flew into his face, the black ears atop his head shuddering at the motion. “You’re right. What’s done is done. I’m better now.” “Good. Then let’s get to work. We’re going back to serious scoping. Maybe there’s a way to make it look like the Littles we liberate are merely runners. We’ve gotten too good lately.” She bounced her yoyo in her hand a few times before flinging it skyward. “Lucky Charm!” she called as she watched it spin. The ability she hadn’t had to use as often lately. The ability linked directly to her Miraculous alone. Each of the jewels granted the wearer a disguise, tool, and various abilities, along with a particularly useful power to help them in their tasks. Hers did one of two things depending on the circumstance; leading them to the Little in most need at the time or producing an aid to help them in a bind. Her yoyo glowed brightly, the shimmering black and white stream of magical ladybugs swirled around her and then shot off across a sky tinted a deep crimson gold with the sunset. No one but them would notice the trail, the power was discrete that way, thankfully. But it was immensely handy at pointing them in the right direction, even if it cut her time able to remain transformed in half. She glanced back with a grin at her companion. “Ready?” He spun his staff and gestured with a gloved hand. “After you, Milady." Sorry about the wait on this one, everyone. The next one will be out much faster, and I have some rather interesting things planned for it. I plan to write a good chunk of it today, so maybe we'll even get it done and out for tomorrow, eh? I mean, I know I have a bad track record for those of you who know me, but I plan to actually finish this story and in a respectably timely manner too, lol. Damn though, new jobs and schooling and life just love sucking away all the time in the day, huh? Have a great day everyone. Until next time. - Auntie Maya
  5. Lol. I'll take that as a compliment though I don't actually know the reference. I hope you're liking the story. I had fun drawing Plagg today. If there's anything Plagg loves in life, it's cheese and stinky socks. XD Don't know how he necessarily feels about the game of dress up though.
  6. I feel like most writers can relate, lol. In fact, on the topic or writing and relatable statements, I feel like this sums up what it is to be a writer in a nutshell, lol.
  7. Then it's settled. Don't hate on my ship and I won't hate on land urchins.
  8. Mer also don't care much for spiny sea urchins, but you don't see me hating on you, Hedgie
  9. There is no version two. Kem is one of a kind . However, his brethren are likely equally epic and wonderful creatures.
  10. Everyone who ships it say 'Aye' XD Also, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I don't know if I'll be able to effectively pull off the love square in the same way the show does and it might be a bit more back burner in this since there are other elements involved, but I can't help feeding my ship just a little, lol.
  11. I know, right? I ship it. I ship it HARD. And the show is toying with all the viewers with that ship. Just let it sail already! *Dies*
  12. Hey, it's actually kind of nice seeing something done with this universe. You've put a new twist on it too. The translator definitely makes for an intriguing interaction. I'm interested in seeing where you take this. PS. Put a dragon in
  13. Chapter Seven Marinette kept one hand pressed to her purse as she walked down the hall, gently of course so she wouldn’t hurt Tikki. She couldn’t shake the eerie queasy feeling in her gut that something was off, though she kept trying to pass it off as simply her meal not quite agreeing with her. After seeing the abuse exacted upon that poor girl last night, she’d instantly understood why Chat had done what he’d done and she didn’t disagree in the slightest. But it definitely exposed him. Any questions or speculations about the culprits were just confirmed or redirected and it terrified her. Being Ladybug was wonderful and liberating, but often without the mask, Marinette was often shy and skittish. She chewed her lip. She knew that there was little to no chance that she could be tied to it and even if she could, certainly not this quickly. She secretly wished he could have been a bit more discreet. They could have followed the woman and helped the Little when backs were turned. She sighed. She knew there was nothing to be done about it now, and Chat Noir had only done what he believed was right, what they were supposed to do anyways, and it was better that the Little was out of harms way as quickly as possible. But she knew it was a dangerous gamble he’d taken and she could only hope it wouldn’t blow up in their faces. Was it too soon to send Tikki back to the Guardian for advice? She shook her head. There would be time for that later, she’d feel more comfortable keeping her Kwami close. Walking into her class, Marinette walked straight to the back of the room and plucked up the small stepping stool kept in the corner. It always managed to get shoved haphazardly into a crooked space between two sets of supply cupboards even though she was meticulous with returning it after every class. She grunted softly as she tugged it free. It was plastic, so it wasn’t heavy even though it was literally half her size and she felt a little ridiculous lugging it over to her chair, but it was far less silly than the legs flailing scene it took her to haul herself up onto the Amazon sized seat without it. Setting it down, she climbed the two steps up onto the chair. Thankfully, while kneeling, the desktop wasn’t too tall for her to reach. She set her notebook down on the surface and flipped it open. The rest of her classmates were filing in and taking their seats. She was the only Little in the course and went largely ignored aside from the occasional prodding or bullying when the young Amazon adults saw fit to notice her for a few minutes. Most of them were chatting in small clumps about weekend activities or current inspirations or projects. None of them spoke to her and she was fine with that. She looked up, however, when the professor walked in. She almost liked him, for an Amazon he wasn’t half bad. He was far more interested in the art of the craft than he was in the stereotypes and generalizations between their two peoples. Sure, he still belittled her a bit, but she never felt it was totally intentional so it was sort of endearing in a twisted way. He didn’t hinder her from taking the class and graded her the same as the other students at least. She valued that. The class gradually quieted over the next minute or two and all focus was on him. Professor Picard clapped his hands together and grinned at them all. “Time to discuss your highly anticipated end of term assignments. Now before you all jump to the argument that we’re not even a third the way through semester, you should all know it’s never too early to be thinking about your finals, and it will be forty-five percent of your final grade. You’re each going to be paired with an up and coming model or minor celebrity, all of whom have volunteered to work with you. Your goal will be to design, produce, and stage a three outfit line that best suits your partner’s image and tastes. They’ll all be shown off in an end of year show where the winner will receive a special invite to a top tier summer course, as well as a guaranteed extra ten percent on your final grade. You will of course, be graded on creativity, design, quality and production, and of course, how well the designs suit the model you’re assigned.” There was an eruption of murmurs among the group. It was definitely an exciting draw. Working directly with a model to produce up and coming designs that were going to be shown in public was a very appealing concept for a final product. “Oh, I hope I get paired with a darling Little. There are so many adorable Little models that would be grand to work with,” one girl piped up. Professor Picard cleared his throat. “Sorry to say, Julie, but you’re being paired with an Amazon model. Of course working with Little fashions is always appealing, but it will be a better show of your talents to work with a larger canvass. So everyone in the class will be paired with someone of similar stature to themselves.” Of course, at his statement, several pairs of Amazon eyes were suddenly fixated on Marinette. She visibly shrunk in her seat. Of course. She’d be the only one working with a Little, and of course that likely meant coming up with degrading designs. So much for the project being fun. She listened with half attention as the man listed off pairings. One by one, the class dwindled as her classmates departed with the partners already waiting on campus to begin discussing ideas. Despite having a last name higher on the alphabetical list, she was the last to be called. She wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but Professor Picard always called her after the Amazons. She assumed if there were more Littles, it would be a separate way of categorizing. It didn’t matter though. It meant she drew less attention during presentations, since no one paid attention by the end anyways. “Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” he called finally and she looked up once more. “You’ll be working with Adrien Agreste.” Instantly, her heart sunk. She’d known working with a Little wouldn’t be pleasant. Not because she had anything against her own people, but Little models tended to be overly infantilized with overbearing mommies or daddies. But Adrien Agreste was the last option she wanted to end up with. She didn’t know him well, but she knew of him. He was a free Little, so far as she knew. Unclaimed. And yet he willingly modelled baby fashions and products. It soured the reputations of Littles everywhere to willingly partake. She watched with a bit of an irritated expression as the blond haired Little walked into the room. To his credit, Adrien was wearing a simple pair of jeans with a black shirt and white jacket. Nothing demeaning, she didn’t think she could handle meeting him like that. With a soft sigh, she closed her book and climbed down off her chair. She chose not to glance at him as she returned the step stool before reluctantly approaching. Adrien smiled at her and offered a hand. “Marinette, right? I’m Adrien. I guess we’ll be working together.” “Guess so,” Marinette agreed, though she didn’t shake his hand. “Let’s go, might as well find someplace quiet to start.” “Oh…uh, okay then,” Adrien agreed. She almost felt bad at the deflated tone in his voice. She wasn’t a nasty person by nature, but it was hard not to dislike someone who so openly supported the heinous treatment of Littles. They ended up in the courtyard. The sun was warm, beating down on Marinette’s face in beams between the leaves of the tree she currently had her back leaned against. Her knees were drawn up, sketchbook balanced on her knees, while she chewed the end of her pencil. She’d drawn some designs for adopted Littles before. She acknowledged it was likely she would be hired for it many times in the future and it wouldn’t serve her much use to pretend that wasn’t a truth and neglect practicing, but in this instance, she was at a loss for inspiration. She sighed. Her annoyance grew when Adrien flopped down next to her, his breath tickling her arm as he peered over at her book. “So what are you thinking you want to do? You must be pretty good if you’re still enrolled in this particular program. I’ve heard they really try to weed Littles out in years one and two. For you to be in third year is really impressive.” “Yeah well, I try not to let my size hinder my dreams,” she grumbled back. She pressed her pencil too hard against the paper and the tip broke. Hissing in annoyance, she fumbled in her pocket for the sharpener. As she glanced down, she saw her purse open. Tikki was staring up at her with wide eyes and a slight frown on her face. “You’re not being very nice, Marinette. What’s wrong?” she whispered. Marinette shook her head at the Kwami. She didn’t expect the tiny sprite to understand. She knew it probably wasn’t fair to be so judgmental, but it was hard to struggle through the day to day and look someone who flaunted it by toying with the things most Littles were forced into. She could barely look Adrien in the eye. “Have I offended you?” Adrien asked. Marinette jumped a little, her gaze whipping back to him. A blush began to color her burning cheeks. “It’s hard to jump with joy at meeting someone who mocks Little independence. Choosing to dress as you do, do what you do. It’s offensive.” Adrien pulled back a little and frowned. He shook his head. “I don’t choose to model baby attire, Marinette. I do it because I have to. Because my father expects me to.” It dawned on her then and her blush deepened, shame surging through her. She’d judged him unfairly. “Your father is Gabriel Agreste,” she acknowledged. Gabriel was powerful in many industries including fashion. If Marinette weren’t a Little, she might have even idolized the man. She often forgot that Adrien was a Little born to an Amazon and one of the only Mids left in the country. It was a marvel he’d been allowed to grow up at all. “I-I…I’m sorry,” she stammered finally. “That wasn’t a fair assumption for me to make about you.” Adrien shrugged. “It’s alright. Happens a lot, honestly. Littles don’t care for me because of what I model most of the time, Amazons treat me like I’m a child, my father ignores me most of the time so long as I don’t embarrass him. I’m used to the loner life.” Seeing him with new eyes, Marinette’s heart softened. She offered her hand to him now, returning the ignored handshake from earlier. “I won’t make that mistake again. Friends?” “Friends,” Adrien agreed, taking her hand eagerly. Her blush deepened even further and her heart fluttered in her chest for a moment. The way she’d treated him, he could have ditched her easily enough to fail her project or at the very least been nasty back. Instead, she was staring at a boy who for some unknown reason was offering her a smile and forgiveness. She didn’t know a lot of people that kind. It was really rather refreshing. “So, do you have any ideas?” Marinette pursed her lips. “That depends.” “On what?” “Whether I should do what I want to do or what I’m expected to do,” she admitted. “If I do what I want, I have a lot of creative inspiration I’d love to bring to life. But the project is supposed to fit the model and you’re not exactly known as a progressive Little model. My grade will probably suffer if I take the mature styles route, plus I’d lose any chance of the winning prize.” Adrien paused for a moment, even brought a hand up to stroke his chin. “You could do both,” he said. “Give them the line they want, and make one for yourself too, no restrictions. I’ll happily mannequin for you. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten to work with someone who is actually willing to chat with me too. You know, without pinching my cheeks. Plus, my father approves of this use of my time so he won’t question it and I’d get to spend more time out.” Marinette grinned. It would be more work, but it would also be a wonderful portfolio build and she actually really enjoyed making outfits. “Founds, I mean sounds. Sounds like the begging- beginning- beginning of a good partnership,” she forced out. She blushed again and rubbed the back of her neck, unsure as to why she was suddenly tripping over her words. She grinned sheepishly at him. Adrien looked a little stunned for a moment, but then a smile spread across his face too and he began to chuckle. Marinette, desperate for an out to her self-induced embarrassment, laughed with him.
  14. Was just having a little fun drawing Tikki, lol. She looks kinda cute in a diaper and bonnet. I plan to do Plagg too. For everyone not familiar with the show, Tikki and Plagg are the magic Kwamis, the little sprites that follow Marinette and Adrien around.