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  1. Thank You Veterans

    I am a Vet also ,22 yrs AF. Missed Viet Nam by seven yrs, Gulf war was my time. I like to think of all service members as my brothers. A belated welcome home and thanks for your service. Also to all who have served. big thank you!
  2. 1985 Attends

    baby diaper smell, like early pampers.
  3. 1985 Attends

    80's attends , thick, nice scent and great memories!. Awesome score!!!

    Baloon,, tight leg and waist!
  5. My wife wants me to see a therapist.

    I go to tharipy, and Bettypooh nailed it , great advice!
  6. Velcro Cloth Diaper/New Plastic Pants

    velcro fails after a few washes, but can be replaced. dependeco makes a good aio cloth velcro diaper.
  7. Depend's Brand

    Iheard Depend is going back to plastic backing!
  8. How open are you about ABDL?

    Wife, mom, dad, sister and theripist. all but wife support me.
  9. Plastic Pant Fetish

    You get it! happy diapers and plastic pant stimulation!
  10. When Did You Start Doing This And Why?

    As long as i can remember i wanted to be diapered, at 17yrs old i discovered Attends. That was 1980, now its 2017 need i say more? DL forever.!!!
  11. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    New plastic backed depend maximum absorbancy!
  12. Anyone near/in Kearney?

    From Omaha area. AB/DL Myself. message me if you want to chat.
  13. The best diaper ever! (in my opinion)

    In the eighties attends were thick and had side padding or wings, around 1993 they started skimping on the absorbant material. Down hill from there! just my opinion.