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  1. How can I get these files for free I don't want to buy if I don't know that they will work
  2. When out at stores it is a fanny pack that contains one diaper diaper rash cream keep extra diapers in the car to refill the fanny pack at work I have a metal clipboard that usually police officers use and I keep a diaper inside of the clip board. Diaper rash cream and powder is kept under the trash bag that is in the trash can that I purchased in the bathroom at work
  3. Tabs should be at the front of the diaper
  4. Looking to meet others that wear in Allentown, pa
  5. Tranquility atn I find the best for the price on eBay 96 size medium for $65.00 with free shipping
  6. I use any baby powder as long as it is scented I prefer corn starch baby powder the best
  7. I and my wife call them diapers
  8. Maybe but I've found that it does take practice and trying different techniques until you master what works best for you since I wear 24/7 someone helping me is not always an option
  9. The better the diaper the less leaks no store brands ever worked for me they don't have nearly enough absorbency
  10. I did at first, but within time you find ways that work best for you. Best way I found is to lay the diaper out and then sit on in in the middle and then make Shute it is positioned right before applying the tabs. I alway use the wetness indicator to tell if it is pasitioned right in the middle. Then I tape the right and then left top tabs. Then the bottom tabs using diapers that have refasaning tabs are the best.
  11. how many lbs is that? I have been using 20 lbs witch is .0185 dia.
  12. I feel it is it also depends on how you view it also
  13. Go to bed wet every night and eventually you will start bedwetting
  14. Some sellers are better than other have been buying from this person for about 2 years now and never had a problem
  15. I have noticed this too any way you have found to fix this from happening