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  1. I Lounge around in just my diaper anytime am at home wife knows I have to wear so no big deal
  2. I wear tranquility atn. I wear them 24/7 they work the best for me with no leaks
  3. I have to wear 24/7 s I do wear to work. I am a forklift operator. people will eventually put 2 and 2 together but never had anyone say anything.
  4. Any one else near Allentown, pa
  5. Any one near Allentown, pa
  6. Any one close to Allentown, pa
  7. You have to learn the capacity and how long you can go between changes. Get away from pads and change over to actual products that are designed for the task at hand at home ok pads fine. Due to leaks happening at home is one thing but when out and about is another! Get a product that will handle for longer periods of time due to you forgetting to check/change. The more absorbent product you get the more time it will allow you to remember!!! I wear Tranquility ATN 24/7 due to having the same problem as to forgetting to change or check. it takes time to learn what product works best for you and what they can handle depending on what you are doing.
  8. Lehigh county
  9. How long can you go between changes I wear tranquility atn
  10. Does the Incontinece stop after that long of use once stent is removed
  11. I wear 24/7 so no matter in public or privet I'm wearing a diaper
  12. At work and road trips can get more done without stopping until a change is needed
  13. How long do you go with your stents in
  14. Go off of cathdiapers's instructions Mine was cut at 15cm long. 1/2cm from the top of the tube Make one hole before the frist angle. First angle starts at 1cm & stops at 5cm Last angle starts at 10cm and ends at 14cm leave the 1cm at the end of the tube to guide the removal of the stent
  15. I made my stand by cathdiapers's instructions took a couple of tries but it does work the bottom after the angle I made a little bit longer to help it stay in place the top angle is not as slanted but it does work it all depends on how your body is shapped took me several tryed but now it works fine