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  1. Paint.net
  2. Never heard of it but I'd be curios to see it: Any idea @DailyDi?
  3. I tend to sleep though the night without waking until morning I'd imagine if I wasn't I would wake up, because my sheets would be soaked lol
  4. I was on YouTube, and came across a video uploaded by a channel called CBR called 10 Dumb Inventions The World Never Needed. I like Top 10 videos so watched it, anyway the first one was something called Under-Ease, and to my suprise there's this clip of this girl diaper changing. The clip in question is roughly at 0:55 in the video
  5. It's a mixture of both genders
  6. wa hoo nice one
  7. How old were you?
  8. The thought occasionally crosses my mind, but I don't think I would like to be a real baby/kid again.
  9. A plushie?
  10. Seems reasonable to me: I tend to buy diapers in bulk to keep me going.
  11. Have you tried spraying some air freshener around?
  12. So the rules are simple: One number a post, and one number on from the last posts number counting up. The aim is to try and count to 20 as many times as possible. However, if someone posts a pic of diapers instead of a number, the game resets and starts back at number one. Sounds good? I'll start then 1
  13. Do you write your stories in threads? Because I would recommend writing the story in Word (or an equivalent) first and only posting it once it’s completely done. That way you can make alterations, deletes and additions as you go along. Plus you don’t even have to have the whole story entirely worked out, if you ain’t worked it out yet just save it, do something else and come back when you’re refreshed with ideas.
  14. Congratulations Alice
  15. who can log your URLs? what u need HTTP for?
  16. They merged a bunch of forums with Lifestyle: Like Baby Furs and Diaper Lovers forums used to be separate but now there part of Our LifeStyle Discussion
  17. Mines 14 although I'm doing more DL than Age-Play stuff at the moment
  18. What's "Adult diaper lovers" for anyway? On the topic of Lifestyle though I always thought it was a good idea merging some of the forums with it like what happened recently.
  19. Ok so the dropdown menu up top that says your user name Does the option to change your username appear in account settings? It does on mine but that could be because I'm a BabyBanker: I'm not entirely sure if it's because of that or if it's the same for everyone or what the deal is though, it's worth checking on yours to see if it works.
  20. I'm no expert on Blogs but DailyDiapers offers a place to post Blogs http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/blogs/ I'm also aware of WordPress which for free gives you your own space to post a blog, just Sign Up and start blogging. https://wordpress.com/?apppromo
  21. Sounds like your already discreet if you can’t tell so you’re golden. Going out diapered gets easier the more times you do it.
  22. diaper

    Why not just go on Tumblr? tons of pictures and vids of people wearing diapers
  23. What’s the last thing you remember dreaming about, be it recent or ages ago? I had a dream last night about my cat ^^^^^that's him^^^^^ For some reason I’d sliced his paw off and had no idea how I was going to re-attach it before my parents got back home and he was limping around and I was holding his unattached paw in my hand. I then figured I’d open the manhole in the back garden and throw the cat and his paw in it to hide the evidence from my parents so they wouldn't know what I'd done. Then I woke up Pretty gruesome dream although I think I dreamt it because of the time in real life when I accidentally trapped the other cats paw in the door last year.
  24. Concerning Littleton-Mako Allen That's avaliable as an E-Book on Amazon: I'd recommend that