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  1. Just a random little poll about your portable music playing preferences: I'm an audiophile and always have my device with me which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I stick all my music on and a pair of Cowin E7 Bluetooth & noise cancelling headphones linked up to them. Back as a kid in the 90s though, I had a Walkman cassette player that I think was bought from Boots, and until about 5 years ago preferred ear buds over headphones until I decided sticking the things actually in my ear might be less of a good idea than something that just sits over them, maybe that's just irrational though. Oh and another random fact about me, I hate playlists: I like deciding my self what the next song is I listen to but I digress. Anyway, enough about me what about you folks?
  2. Bad Jokes

    I got a call from a guy from the ramblers club the other day, and he went on and on and on @Elfy What’s up with dieticians wanting us all to make food out of you? There always saying we should stop eating fatty junk food and instead eat food that is Elfy
  3. Pizza

    Pizza is awesome, nutritious and delicious, unless it has pineapple on it Have you had the Ikea hot dogs?
  4. I don’t really go on websites that market to the elderly so it doesn’t affect me personally. Although my Nana’s nursing home has medical diapers there, something I don’t like to think too much about: dementia is horrible and that being associated diapers isn’t something I like to think too much about. Still they don’t use any of the brands I use or ones that I see much of in this community, anyway. As far as medical care ones, which arguably are all the ones that aren’t printed AB ones I don’t tend to think about them being medical, I tend to think about if the product is right for what I want. Plastic backed, fits ok, etc.
  5. Walmart Grocery Pick-up

    Congrats for your dad being home Mikey, good luck with your moms surgery. Sounds easier getting the shopping done by the store instead of having to wonder round the shop
  6. Good bye!

    A lot of us lost a bunch of threads after the recent fudge up on the site, it sucked but isn’t the end of the world. Can’t you repost the stories you lost?
  7. Why no ABDL pride??

    It would be cool to have a float or something at the pride events that take place around the world supporting us ABDL folks. Although a specific ABDL pride event wouldn’t work in my opinion.
  8. There are no DL websites

    You might have a point, to my memory I’ve rarely seen a singular site for just AB or just DL. Although I can’t say it’s ever been something I’ve ever had a problem with, somehow it seems logical with both interconnecting so much to have a sort of mash up of both. I wonder if there are other “fetish groups” that sort of glue two fetishes into one?
  9. I personally can't wait, I don't really consider myself a brony anymore but I'm still going to go see it when it comes out The characters do look a bit different though, sort of more shiny and polished
  10. Recent got my copy of the limited edition MLP FIM soundtrack on vinyl picture disc, never thought it would be possible to get that on vinyl, it's pretty awesome and I love the artwork on both sides and wanted to show you guys. SIDE A SIDE B TRACK LIST @id0ntknow Have you seen this before?
  11. So the rules are simple: One number a post, and one number on from the last posts number
  12. I mostly use plugins, which I previously used my Roland Edirol PCR 300 for, although sadly I'm a clumsy dipstick and there's only so much coffee, wine and cola that a keyboard can take before it stops working. I recently saved up however and bought myself a Roland TR-8 drum machine which incorporates both the classic 808 and 909 drum sounds with plenty of tuning options. Here's a short video I made throwing some Hip-Hopish beat with the 808s (although I switched to 909 closed hi hats because the 808s are so quiet)
  13. Bad Jokes

    It's bonfire night over here in the UK, and I came up with a fireworks joke What do you get if you cross a firework with a My Little Pony? Twilight Sparkler
  14. Anyone else going to see the My Little Pony movie?

    Saw the movie at the cinema today, loved it, especially Pinkie Pie. We were the only people in the cinema though, although I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if it was full of kids talking through the movie and and chewing pop corn loudly but I digress. Thought it was well written and had a good villain and I love the Lukas Graham song
  15. Babble = Chat

    By the chat room called Babble on Whilst normal chats down Ye-eh we wept As we remembered Zion
  16. Acceptance from general public

    Personally I don
  17. Bad Jokes

  18. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    If I had a baby I'd use disposable diapers for convenience reasons.
  19. UK Based Shops and nappies

    Have you tried Ebay and/or Amazon? I tend to get my diapers from them, mostly the same brand to be fair but you get more choice than just the one company website with a specific product. I'd suggest researching whatever brands you like the look of and seeing what the folks out in cyber space have to say about them as far as which one you buy.
  20. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    Three Tena Slips (I need to order more but I'm lazy and get distracted) A pack of random baby diapers from Pound Stretcher that I thought might be plastic backed but wern't That's it
  21. Longest time in a single diaper?

    LOL What diaper were you wearing?
  22. Anyone else going to see the My Little Pony movie?

    Awesome, can't wait to see it, comes out on the 18th I think in the UK Does Scoots make an appearance in the movie?
  23. Another Use For Diapers?