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  1. I personally can't wait, I don't really consider myself a brony anymore but I'm still going to go see it when it comes out The characters do look a bit different though, sort of more shiny and polished
  2. Aye Caramba! we should start a superhero league.

    You can climb up walls and I'll distract people by pulling pranks

    1. Spiderman


      Bartman it has been a long time coming.   Sure we can do that but the first thing you have to do is eat my shorts ;)

  3. In the ABDL community, often people like thick diapers and AB brand diapers tend to be quite thick. I personally don’t remember how exactly baby diapers felt as far as thickness but I’m curios, is thickness something a lot of people want in diapers because it’s how they remember baby diapers?
  4. Did he have permission to use Binkies video?
  5. It's not true, the only people who tend to be circumscribed are Jewish people for religious reasons not every male born in America. The only bit cut off is a little skin round the top not the entire foreskin.
  6. This question might be easier to reply to if you asked what people would resort to if they were quitting diapers. But if diapers didn't exist, then nobody would have a diaper fetish, so nobody would have to resort to anything they'd know no different so wouldn't think about that particular thing & would just do the other stuff they do like fixing cars or watching TV or something
  7. It'll probably never happen, but I have this fantasy about setting up my own record store business, one of my favorite daydreams currently. We have some good names already taken like Phonica Records, Sister Ray, Rough Trade, Fopp. I have a few ideas for names for my own store (inc in poll). Which name would you say is best? Prelude Records named after an 80's dance label with the most epic logo EVER! Always liked the logo as I said and the name sounds cool to Gremlin Records: Named after the AMC Gremlin which was a terrible car but had quirky styling and a funny and quirky logo which I would want to base the stores logo off of to represent the store Fillymonic Records: Philharmonic (like an orchestra) crossed with a pony, and have this weird logo of this pony character based loosely on My Little Pony but not the actual MLP characters but like an original design that sort of references it without being it if that makes sense. Rhythm Heritage: named after the Soul/Funk/Disco band, and this dream record store sells second hand vinyl records, so they'd be old good music with rhythm.
  8. Just to say, I love your profile picture: that little tiger is adorable!

    1. Spiderman


      Well alvin the picture of the tiger is from the comic strip Calvin and hobbes.






  9. I'd like one with the Union Flag on it
  10. Hi all: So does anyone fancy meeting up sometime soon? Shall we get something going and in the diary so to speak?
  11. Always wondered about that: sometimes I've had stuff I wanted to ask but wasn't sure if it was a poll thread of a DD Survey thread. What makes it a survey & what makes it a poll?
  12. So the rules are simple: One number a post, and one number on from the last posts number counting up. The aim is to try and count to 20 as many times as possible. However, if someone posts a pic of diapers instead of a number, the game resets and starts back at number one. Sounds good? I'll start then 1
  13. Wow @Elfy check it out someone made a film about youIMG_20170609_143716.jpg

    Well almost apart from the different spelling xD

    1. Elfy
    2. Spiderman


      So is elfy the girl in the front or the guy on the side?

  14. This doesn't annoy me more than it gives me the impression the guy or girl pricing is clueless. Anyway I was in a charity shop today searching through the record crates: didn't find anything I wanted but what baffles me is some of the prices they stick on those records is a complete joke, they over-price for stuff that I'm sorry I doubt anyone will actually want to buy. I took a picture of one: I mean come on lets be real, whose going to pay £5 for that? some damaged record of some random guy playing cheesy tunes on an organ or whatever for the whole LP? The same could be said about the Abba record I've seen for much less else where and the James Last record at similar prices. If it was a hard to find record with some cool music that never made it big or whatever then fair enough, but none of it was: it was either mainstream easy to find anywhere or just flat out garbage. Oh and for the record (pardon the pun) whoever priced these is granted one brownie point for the fair pricing on the Boney M record seen in the background. Good album in my opinion but it isn't worth more than the £1.00 price tag stuck on it considering I've seen it countless times and it's not a rare-record at all, and by the way yes I do own a copy of it xD
  15. Well it does sound a bit weird to be honest and perhaps a bit unhygienic
  16. If the 3 likes per-day doesn't change anytime soon, maybe show your appreciation for stories by posting in the story thread that you enjoyed it, so if you want the author to know you've enjoyed it they can just read your post. And if you really want to "Like" but have ran out of the days allowed "likes", just wait until the time limit resets and go back to like the story later
  17. Oh no are you ok Mikey? hope it's nothing serious
  18. South Korea?
  19. And I’m sure when said isle is running low on stock you quickly Attends to the situation, and due to your hard efforts to make the store a sea of Tranquility Prevail as one of the best workers on the North Shore. Of course not all your colleagues are nice, Sue isn’t very nice when you feel blue but Molicares because she Luvs you, it was nice how you took her to that new restaurant, you hadn't Abena there before but the reviews said the food was pretty good
  20. What is it you find embarrassing? buying toys?
  21. Why couldn't the elongated fish use his vaping device? Because he'd ran out of Eel-iquid
  22. RIP Sir Roger Moore :(

    Not really a shock to me tbh but feel pretty sad about that, I loved him as James Bond and in general in interviews and stuff he had an epic sense of humor 

    1. Spiderman


      Well it truly is a sad thing that we are losing all these great actors lately.   May you have it shaken but not stirred while in heaven sir Roger Moore.



    2. Bartman


      Who was your favorite James Bond actor Spiderman?

      Mine is Timothy Dalton

      *is not was I mean

    3. Spiderman


      Well young man you have to understand I am older so I have to go back into the 60's to find my favorite bond actor and that would have to be Gert Forbe.   He was the villain who said the famous line "No Mr. Bond I expect you to die."   The reason I like him is because I think finding a good villain is the most challenging part of a movie, and he played not just a good villain.   He played a GREAT villain.

  23. I remember wearing a Drynites to school when I was in class 2 at Primary school. I wasn't even that into Drynites, they were cloth backed, pulled up unlike what I considered a proper diapers and this was before Huggies introduced funky prints on them. I'd woken up dry that morning so continued wearing the same diaper, during class I showed everyone I was in a diaper and we all thought it was funny. During secondary school I'd bought some diapers from the pound shop, and announced I was going to wear them from now on to my mother, didn't end up happening though my mother wouldn't let me lol.
  24. Did you ever buy any diapers from the Sears cataloge?
  25. Which ever one you feel most comfortable with: I don’t wear either personally. I tend to just wear trousers over the diaper, and the rest of the keeping it hidden job is done by the T-shirt and/or jumper covering up the top end. Also Tena Pants sound pretty discreet unless I’m mistaken, there cloth backed pull up right? I go out in way less discreet diapers than those and I’ve not been caught yet, mine are plastic backed and tape ups.