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  1. How can I stop

    I agree with learning to live with it, don't think holding a seance is necessary though
  2. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    To be honest, not as much as I was: I went through a phase of constant ABDL indulgence, and I burned out a bit I do it as much as I want, I wear every night for bed wetting reasons. For purely fun I indulge about three times a week Nope, one would be nice but I'm fine on my own: I have lots of friends on this community who I can talk to about it and do it with even if online only
  3. Booster Seat for car?

    I'm 5'ft5 and weight around 7/12 st and just about get in a Graco car seat although might need to saw off the shoulder area so I fit in it properly (the shoulder area on the car seat not talking about decapitating myself ) I am aware of some special needs type car seats, although they don't look quite as cute as the regular ones and cost quite a lot http://www.adaptivemall.com/safetycarseats1.html
  4. enjoying sucking on a pacifier

    Sorry this has nothing to do with the topic of pacifiers: If you want to find a mommy or whatever then it would be better to find a thread actually about that subject or start your own thread about it in the appropriate part of the forum. Anyway, on to the stuff you said. We have a chat room on DailyDiapers https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/chat/ (<<<chat room link) And if you want to roleplay we got a forum for that to https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/forum/18-roleplay/ (<<< RP Forum) Hope that helps Chicago
  5. What's your religion?

    Christian: Although I'm not part of a church anymore, I wasn't really keen on the crowds and annoying Rock band worship music style of the one I went to with a friend although still go to the small group which I consider my church now.
  6. My cute "sissy" rucksack

  7. Anyone have invasive parents?

    What do they do that’s invasive?
  8. Oh yeah so it does That's weird
  9. Rough Day

    Oh no I hope everythings ok Mike?
  10. I mostly use plugins, which I previously used my Roland Edirol PCR 300 for, although sadly I'm a clumsy dipstick and there's only so much coffee, wine and cola that a keyboard can take before it stops working. I recently saved up however and bought myself a Roland TR-8 drum machine which incorporates both the classic 808 and 909 drum sounds with plenty of tuning options. Here's a short video I made throwing some Hip-Hopish beat with the 808s (although I switched to 909 closed hi hats because the 808s are so quiet)
  11. my intro

    Welcome to the club Petah Any favorite New-Age/World artists?
  12. These diapers are LIT!

    Looks great Mike: What else have you tried putting in the lightbox other than diapers? What about the cat?
  13. Graffiti Appreciation Thread

    Personally I like graffiti: it’s urban and it’s got something cartoony and bouncy about it with those big, bubbly writing styles often used and the cartoony imagery potrayed. I’m not so keen on “tags” such as this crap That’s just a mess. But colourful stuff on dilapidated buildings and such, to me there’s something mysterious and beautiful about it and I figured why not start a thread about it because surely I’m not the only one who likes this stuff. I took some photos at a closed nightclub near where I had a job interview today of some graffiti I liked the look of
  14. Remixes, video games, and more

    Not really a remix but I always liked the theme song to the original GTA game “Joyride” by Da Shootaz. In my opinion it sounds like a collision of Rock & Hip-Hop: I also like the little sample of Loletta Holloways “Love Sensation” with Loletta Holloway going "sweeet" over the guitars