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  1. And I’m sure when said isle is running low on stock you quickly Attends to the situation, and due to your hard efforts to make the store a sea of Tranquility Prevail as one of the best workers on the North Shore. Of course not all your colleagues are nice, Sue isn’t very nice when you feel blue but Molicares because she Luvs you, it was nice how you took her to that new restaurant, you hadn't Abena there before but the reviews said the food was pretty good
  2. What is it you find embarrassing? buying toys?
  3. Why couldn't the elongated fish use his vaping device? Because he'd ran out of Eel-iquid
  4. RIP Sir Roger Moore :(

    Not really a shock to me tbh but feel pretty sad about that, I loved him as James Bond and in general in interviews and stuff he had an epic sense of humor 

    1. Spiderman


      Well it truly is a sad thing that we are losing all these great actors lately.   May you have it shaken but not stirred while in heaven sir Roger Moore.



    2. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      Who was your favorite James Bond actor Spiderman?

      Mine is Timothy Dalton

      *is not was I mean

    3. Spiderman


      Well young man you have to understand I am older so I have to go back into the 60's to find my favorite bond actor and that would have to be Gert Forbe.   He was the villain who said the famous line "No Mr. Bond I expect you to die."   The reason I like him is because I think finding a good villain is the most challenging part of a movie, and he played not just a good villain.   He played a GREAT villain.

  5. I remember wearing a Drynites to school when I was in class 2 at Primary school. I wasn't even that into Drynites, they were cloth backed, pulled up unlike what I considered a proper diapers and this was before Huggies introduced funky prints on them. I'd woken up dry that morning so continued wearing the same diaper, during class I showed everyone I was in a diaper and we all thought it was funny. During secondary school I'd bought some diapers from the pound shop, and announced I was going to wear them from now on to my mother, didn't end up happening though my mother wouldn't let me lol.
  6. Did you ever buy any diapers from the Sears cataloge?
  7. Which ever one you feel most comfortable with: I don’t wear either personally. I tend to just wear trousers over the diaper, and the rest of the keeping it hidden job is done by the T-shirt and/or jumper covering up the top end. Also Tena Pants sound pretty discreet unless I’m mistaken, there cloth backed pull up right? I go out in way less discreet diapers than those and I’ve not been caught yet, mine are plastic backed and tape ups.
  8. Wearing in public gets easier the more times you do it Just wear one under your clothes and go out wearing it: nobody will likley notice
  9. You can PM me anytime day or night Ratchet
  10. Wearing in public gets easier the more times you do it, and if you’re concerned about being caught the steps to avoid getting caught are easy. Wear a diaper that’s not too crazy and thick and crinkly, once you’ve done that step wear clothes which cover up the fact you’re in a diaper and that's all there is to it. Oh and if your out with friends in public and don't want them to know don't change in public when your with them, although that probably doesn't need saying. On the chance you do get caught: if it’s friends then if you have the courage, face the music and tell the truth about why your wearing them. If it’s some stranger, then it’s none of there business.
  11. You should open a massive store in Honk Kong Then it'd be the Great WAL Greens OF CHINA DailyDiapers Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman is probably now cringing from my appalling joke LOL Like this
  12. The gist of it is that it's not quite as bad as before, age-verification stuff is coming in but all the porn isn't getting banned anymore just really awful stuff that probably should be illegal
  13. Have you got the receipt? Just take them back and get a refund or swap them for the ones you want If you haven’t, then if you’ve got enough money for more diapers or have some left over you want in your stash put the pull ups away for a rainy day. If neither of those are an option, just be more careful next time. It does suck ending up with crap diapers, not that long ago I bought a load of diapers in the wrong size: I have a small waist so I figured size small would fit better and I was wrong they didn’t fit me at all. I had three in a case, and I managed to get a refund on two of the packets, but one packet of diapers was opened so I was stuck with them: £20 went to waist. I couldn’t wear them and frankly they took up space in my stash so I ended up throwing out about 15 unused diapers.
  14. It feels quite flattering and gives a sense of national pride to know this campaign was inspired by the one that originated in my country, the UK. I think it’s a good thing for disabled people but I don’t see how we can push for this, if by “us” you mean DLs. Why would they spend loads of money on a changing room for diaper fetishists who often don’t really need to use it? I’ve never felt right about using them myself either personally, I don’t really need to, I always have to ask for the key which is embarrassing and it’s meant for people who often have serious mental conditions if the website is anything to go by. And it feels that way in the room to, it’s so cold, clinical and depressing. It’s weird, because the diapers I wear are probably also worn by people with serious mental health issues and I don’t feel bad about that, and I use baby changes meant for babies and I don’t feel bad about that. But Changing Places, the two or three times I’ve tried them I’ve left feeling really guilty about it.
  15. Howdy Dusk