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  1. Anyone else going to see the My Little Pony movie?

    Saw the movie at the cinema today, loved it, especially Pinkie Pie. We were the only people in the cinema though, although I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if it was full of kids talking through the movie and and chewing pop corn loudly but I digress. Thought it was well written and had a good villain and I love the Lukas Graham song
  2. Babble = Chat

    By the chat room called Babble on Whilst normal chats down Ye-eh we wept As we remembered Zion
  3. Acceptance from general public

    Personally I don’t really need acceptance from the general public, it’s none of there business what I get up to in my private life. It’s legal, I got a huge community of other ABDLs to interact with and tons of fun stuff to do so I don’t see it as a huge problem myself.
  4. Bad Jokes

    I’VE JUST COME UP WITH A HALOWEEN JOKE! Why don’t the majority of mediums and seance holders drink beer? Because there more into spirits BA DM CHH
  5. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    If I had a baby I'd use disposable diapers for convenience reasons.
  6. UK Based Shops and nappies

    Have you tried Ebay and/or Amazon? I tend to get my diapers from them, mostly the same brand to be fair but you get more choice than just the one company website with a specific product. I'd suggest researching whatever brands you like the look of and seeing what the folks out in cyber space have to say about them as far as which one you buy.
  7. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    Three Tena Slips (I need to order more but I'm lazy and get distracted) A pack of random baby diapers from Pound Stretcher that I thought might be plastic backed but wern't That's it
  8. Longest time in a single diaper?

    LOL What diaper were you wearing?
  9. Anyone else going to see the My Little Pony movie?

    Awesome, can't wait to see it, comes out on the 18th I think in the UK Does Scoots make an appearance in the movie?
  10. Another Use For Diapers?

  11. Remembering makeshift diapers

    It never really crossed my mind to make homemade diapers, I always just used real ones I’d either stolen or bought or had around for bed wetting.
  12. 2018 User Badge + Gift Announcement

    Thankyou @DailyDi the pin & bathroom pass are way cool, love it
  13. Bad Jokes

    What plant do dogs use to produce morphine & heroin? Opium Puppies (Or an alternative version of the same joke) What’s a dog’s favorite food at breakfast? Puppy seed muffins
  14. Anyone have pet peeves?

    By the way the already exciting Pet Peeve thread is here
  15. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    To be honest, not as much as I was: I went through a phase of constant ABDL indulgence, and I burned out a bit I do it as much as I want, I wear every night for bed wetting reasons. For purely fun I indulge about three times a week Nope, one would be nice but I'm fine on my own: I have lots of friends on this community who I can talk to about it and do it with even if online only