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  1. Why are you planning on doing something naughty?
  2. This sign at work gave me the perfect materiel for a bad joke It's a shame because I'd love to have sex with Sorry
  3. Have you tried a different internet browser?
  4. Yup Not long after we lost Joni Sledge to
  5. Ah cool it's the one in your signature Mike: I like the reviewer to she's cute.
  6. If you don’t mind I’d like to post my “Grammar Pet Peeve” as a video: comedian David Mitchell explains it better than I could (or should that be couldn't?)
  7. I buy mine from Ebay and Amazon
  8. is u live close to me i would love to meet u but be close friend of bro

    1. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      Hi: sorry I don’t live in London.

      We should hang on chat sometime though when it comes back

    2. james800


      chat u priave message me soon


    3. peedpants


      Hi James. I am in Canada.   We can be friends tho no problem.

  9. If you really want to get baby diapers then I’d say go for which ever one is the biggest. But personally I’d suggest getting adult diapers or if not that Goodnites. I’m the same height and weight as you pretty much (7st and 5ft5) and I don’t fit baby diapers. I can manage to squeeze into Pampers size 6 but that’s not really the same thing as fitting them and adult diapers I find are much more comfortable in comparison
  10. The idea of my sister changing me would feel like a step too far for me personally. I’d like my (sadly soon to be ex) boss changing me, actually I’d rather like it if she was my GF and my mommy but I probably wont get the guts up to ask her (on a date).
  11. Look great Little One, although also very familiar to a website I remember from the not to distant past.
  12. I collect vinyl records and produce music: I tend to collect Disco & House stuff and produce French-House. Have about 300 records or so, takes forever to find specific records though lol
  13. Hey where's chat gone? Like the awesome new one?
  14. I think you might get away with saying the name of the commercial: but I don't think you can post links of any kind to pictures of videos with kids in.
  15. Looks like fun: was it a classic car show with monster trucks?