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  1. Alvin Seville

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    I doubt a persons sexuality has anything to do with bedwetting But maybe it does, why not start a poll and see what the results say? I'm bi-sexual and I pee the bed
  2. Alvin Seville

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    I’m an adult kid and a DL
  3. Well it sounds like you’ve made a good start: I’d recommend writing in Word (and not on a thread or something) and to just keep working on it; if you miss a detail out or something then that’s ok you can add it later. Don’t rush to get it published, take your time and just write: you’ve got all the time in the world to write then change it and improve it and make your story awesome.
  4. Alvin Seville

    Telling Friends

    Nice one
  5. Alvin Seville

    What do I do? Where do I go?

    Sorry if this sounds rude, but it’d be a hell of a lot easier to read whatever it is you said if you used paragraphs. No offence but massive walls of texts like this I find too hard to read.
  6. Alvin Seville

    Minors in stories tag?

    Have you read Alvin Ever After? https://abdlstoryforum.info/forum/stories/board-member-stories/completed-stories/4597-alvin-ever-after-alvin-in-the-first
  7. Alvin Seville

    Lambert & Butler (Art)

  8. Alvin Seville

    Bad Jokes

    Why was the gun unemployed? Because it got fired GET IT? FIRED?
  9. Alvin Seville

    Why we have ads....

    We have ads? Where? There’s your signature with BiggerDiapers.com and the LL Medico thing at the bottom but apart from that I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any ads and I've never had stupid ads pop up like they do on WhoSampled or something
  10. Alvin Seville

    4 New Photo Sets andd 2 diaper change videos!

    I properly want those Rainbow Dash pajamas! there so cool
  11. Alvin Seville

    How to tag someone in a post.

    Just press @ then type there username and it should come up in a list
  12. I doubt it to be honest: I loved Rugrats when I was a kid, but I was into diapers before then: and I’m not sure I remember being obsessed about the babyish aspects of the show and wanting to be in diapers because Tommy wore one on display or anything in the show, I just enjoyed it as a good show.
  13. Alvin Seville

    Unwanted All-Nighter

    I hate it when that happens, especially once the birds start squawking
  14. Alvin Seville

    Not sure if this sounds like a great idea

    No idea if you’ve written anything since posting this a few months back, most of your feed seems to be role play threads. Anyway your idea doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea, but someone whose more into your style of ABDL will probably like it so I’d say just write it and see what happens.
  15. Alvin Seville

    Where Did The Jokes Thread Go?

    You mean this one?