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    1. Spiderman


      You can't take the country out of the boy

  2. Lost a Facebook Friend today

    I never knew they made a sequel to the first one Most Christian movies I've seen are a bit lame in my opinion, not as awful as Christian rock though: sometimes I think Christian rock bands aren't aware that to make music about God etc you don't have to sound like U2, but I digress Did she know you were joking? to be honest she might be sensitive about the whole God topic and misinterpreted what you meant or something. Sorry to hear she blocked you, on the upside if it's only her whose blocked you and you've still got the majority of your other friends then it's not so bad I'd say
  3. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  4. Do people buy ABDL ebooks on Amazon?

    Which ones were good and which ones sucked? Have you read Daddies Little Runaway? I'm reading that right now it's pretty cool
  5. Do people buy ABDL ebooks on Amazon?

    Well other people have published stuff on Amazon with Age-Play and diapers and what not so you'll probably be ok
  6. Disposable Pad/Pant System

    Hmm, was there anything wrong with the old system to begin with?
  7. Has anyone seen the new star wars

    I haven't seen it and don't think I'll bother, can't see what the fuss is about with Star Wars myself I always thought the movies were really boring
  8. Do You Drive?

    Yes I drive, I started a teen messing around in my parents car and did the proper test and stuff in my 20s.
  9. Bad Jokes

    Why does every country in the world need diapers? Because there all in continents
  10. Site Update for 01/05/2017

    Yay Mike has the classic account back
  11. 2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    Sorry, what's this got to do with it?
  12. I just realized 2018 is actually a sort of landmark occasion for Daily Diapers. For the first time in history, those who are of appropriate age to join this forum will now include those born in the 21st century, since 2000 was now 18 years ago The year 2000 doesn't feel like it was that long ago and it's weird to think babies born that year are now of adult age, sort of exciting and weird at the same time. Anyway here's to DDs Landmark occasion or whatever it is *clinks champagne glass*
  13. Advice for stomach pain?

    12 hours? that sounds like a long time to have a bad stomach pain. I used to keep getting stomach pains and throwing up, turned out I had an appendicitis. Of course yours might not be, but 12 hours and a bad stomach pain sounds a little worrying: if it's still not getting better and really hurts really bad I'd go to the hospital.
  14. Bad Jokes

    What’s a good bit of advice for adult diaper wearers who are also new at learning to swim? Avoid swimming in the deep end, swimming in a Tena or Abena is ok though