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  1. AB artist has a patreon! Please support him! :Dhttps://www.patreon.com/thepaddedroom

  2. Was looking through my dA and found this on abalexs dA. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cushy-game#/ Thought people would want to know about it.
  3. Next Week: The Writer

    Might change it, but right now, a script style is the only way I can write it, so I can focus on both characters.
  4. Next Week: The Writer

    [The scene starts with Chaz and Beatrix, his wife, are laying on the couch in the living room after a big lunch, and listening to the tv, when suddenly, there's a knock at the front door.] Chaz: I'll get it, Beatrix. Might be a patient. [Chaz gets up from the couch and adjusts his clothes a lil to look at least a bit professional, and walks quickly to the door, then opens the door to a seemly ragged man in a ragged brown coat and blue jeans and has long moppy hair. Chaz offers his hand to the man.] Chaz: Welcome, Sir. I am Dr. Chaz Hipstress. Are you here to schedule an appointment? [The man stares at Chaz's hand for a second, then speaks after not accepting the handshake. The man speaks with a serious but worried tone in his voice] Man: Y-Yes, Doctor. I'm h-here to talk to you about... some problems I've been having. W-Where is your office? Chaz: Hmm? Are you Nervous, sir? There's No need to be. I'm here to help you with any trouble you might have. [The man takes a deep breath and speaks in a slightly nervous but calm tone]Man: Y-yes, Doctor. I've... never done this before. I'm kinda anti-social and don't like being around people very much. Chaz: That's fine. What's your name, if I may ask? Man: My name is ____. I'm a writer looking for inspiration. [Chaz then tilts his head a lil and has a puzzled look on his face]Chaz: But, why you come here to me. I am just a psychologist. [The man looks away with hands behind his back with a seemly mellow yet sad look on his face] Man: Well, I fear there's something in my mind that keeping me from writing anything. I know I have something in there, but nothing is coming out. I've been trying to write for a few months, but nothing seems to come out!Chaz: Hmm. Well, let's go to my office and maybe I can help you. [The man follows Chaz as they talk to his office]Man: Thank you, Doctor. I-I sorry to be bothering you with this. I'm sure you have more important patients you need to be helping then my seemly stupid problem. [Chaz speaks as he opens the door and they walk into his office]Chaz: No, not at all, Mr. ___. In fact, you're my first patient since I decided to make my house my new office. Just lay down on the sofa and we can get started. Man: I.. sit here, Doctor? I'm sorry. I've never done this before and I'm a little scared. Chaz: It's fine, ___. Just do whatever feels most comfortable. You can stay standing if you wish, but you'll have to sit sooner or later. [Chaz goes to his desk and sits on his chair with his legs crossed laying back watching the man as he stays standing]Chaz: Well, sir, tell me what troubles you today? [The man slightly touches his neck with one hand as he paces the floor slowly with the other hand on his hip giving a deep sigh] Man: I.. I.... Chaz: Take your time, Sir. I have all the time in the world to listen. [The man sighs and quickly looks to Chaz]Man: Is there something wrong with me, Doctor? Am I jus mentally broken? Chaz: What makes you think you're mentally broken? Man: Well... As I told you I'm a writer. And, I've written a few things and I've posted few online, but nothing to tell the papers about. Chaz: Do you enjoy the writing and the stories you create?Man: Oh, yeah, Doctor. Though sometimes it feels like it takes me years to finish any and it feels sometimes like I should just give it all up, but I keep going. But... Lately, I've been getting... stuck. I don't know how else to describe it. Whenever I try writing anything down my mind is like a blank, and I almost pull my hair out just wanting anything, anything just to go down on paper! I mean, how can I be having this much trouble, Doctor! I've written stories before, but yet I'm having trouble now? Why am I having this writer's block now? Chaz: Hmm. Did you have writer's block before? Man: Well... yeah, but not like this! It feels different here. Like... Like... No matter how hard I try nothing comes out! I try and try, but my brain feels... empty! Why, Doctor? Why do I feel this? Help me! [The man grabbed Chaz his shirt and starts to cry] Man: What's wrong with me. Doctor? Am I crazy? Am... I broken? [Chaz lightly removes The Man's hands away from him as he speaks]Chaz: No, Sir. I don't know you're broken, but I think you're possibly stressing yourself out looking for new ideas and possibly forcing it. You're trying to find ideas whenever you can find them just so you can progress to the next story without a possible plan in mind. I suggest to you to write down your ideas. [The man finally sits down on the couch and looks at Chaz as he dries his tears]Man: W-Write down my ideas? What do I write down?Chaz: Everything. Everything that comes to mind. I want you to write at least two pages of ideas that come to mind, look them over, and then just start writing based on one of those ideas. Maybe you'll come up with something. Well, I think our session is done for today. Come back to me next week and tell me what you've gotten so far. [They both get up and the man looks at Chaz's hand as he offers for a shake]Man: I'm... not comfortable yet with touching people, Doctor. Please don't take my seemly unsociable acts as rudeness. Chaz: Oh, It's fine, Sir. I'm kinda used to it. I've meant people who've had troubles like yours. It's ok. I hope I can help you through this. Would you like to comeback next week for another session, Sir?[The Man slowly takes a deep breath and then shyly smiles]Man: Yes, Doctor, I would like to. Thank you for letting me see you.
  5. Currently, in the middle of writing something, Here's a preview of what's to come.  http://fav.me/daydx4n

  6. brothers

    From the album My art

  7. offers woo a cookie c:

  8. An update to a story I'm working on about a vampire princess and her future as ruler.