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  1. Love your adorable avvie....xo

    1. Jamie Rufflepants

      Jamie Rufflepants

      Thank you very much. Sometimes we Red Mages still need our diapers. ^.^

    2. BabyWendyMarie


      ***giggles*** indeed we do...but just what is a Red Mage? I'll be one too if it's ok with you...

  2. I'm not planning on purchasing a diaper bag anytime soon, but I was last summer, and was looking at the Lands' End tote bags. Where did you purchase your "outlandish very large pink" diaper bag, Angela? Would even love to see a pic of it sometime. Does it happen to have your name embroidered on it? That would be fun. I can just imagine going on a picnic with you and getting to carry that diaper bag, how special I would feel...giggles...
  3. Only For Now (for a mommy in absentia) For now I must grieve you and wonder whether the fountain of love you so richly, so generously, so affectionately poured upon me and showered me with, bathed me in, washed away my ancient tears with, will be enough to sustain a heart with its chasm of needs a heart longing so badly to share a heart wanting only to feel again the joy You brought to me, Your immensely maternal energies Kickstarting a process so long buried The healing beginning to emerge and take root In the puddles of your fertile words For now I must wonder how you could possibly have chosen to go away For now I must grieve you For now I must simply be lonely For now, and only for now, I’m left only to wonder where you are
  4. I'm unable to add a cover photo to the header of my page. At the top right corner there is a button that says "Edit Profile" but not "cover photo". Any ideas why this might be or what else I might be able to do to add a cover photo? thx
  5. This is something I have done before and I've enjoyed it. Another thing to do is simply throw your wet diaper into the washing machine and put it on the rinse cycle so that at least you're getting the diaper rinsed out, then let it go through the spin cycle to prep it for the dryer. Of course wearing the diaper in the shower is much more fun....
  6. Dear AB (giggles), Such a wonderfully told recounting of your family history of diapering. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I'm a detail-oriented person and so I very much appreciate the level of detail you go into here. It really helps me form a fairly clear picture of your upbringing and your family's "diapering dynamic," which I think is quite adorable. Forgive me if I'm trodding on "intimate" ground here, but I'm wondering what it was like to be diapered as you were older, say on trips, etc., esp. by an adult. Was it a tender diapering session? Were you spoken to in even semi-intimate (child-like) terms? Or was it more or less "matter of fact," not necessarily cold but not tender, either? Was being diapered by someone you trusted an event you looked forward to? In my imagination I can see both parties enjoying the experience, with perhaps some innocent fun, such as tickling, mild teasing, perhaps, or even infantile play, such as "Mommy's going to touch your nose!" kind of thing going on. I guess that's the gist of my question, was being diapered something you looked forward to? My interest in knowing about this comes from my interest in simply knowing, perhaps because of my lack of any memory of being diapered, and I'm interested in knowing as much as I can about how someone who wasn't necessarily considered to be "AB" experienced having another person put them in diapers, esp. as it relates to cloth diapers with the act of pinning, etc. Also, feel free to respond off-thread if you're not sure this content fits in with the current discussion.
  7. I'm curious about how you mean "diapered." This could imply one or both of two things: 1) you wore diapers, hence you were diapered; 2) you wore diapers that were put on you by someone else, as in "My mother diapered me." At what age do you recall being solely responsible for doing your own self-diapering? And what about your sisters? Were you ever diapered by anyone in your family other than your mother? As for me, I believe I was fully potty trained by three. My parents used the Dr. Spock books, which I believe (perhaps erroneously) tended to "hurry" potty training. I believe it was traumatic for me being taken out of diapers. Yet at the same time I was a fairly graceful potty trainee. I did have a major bowel accident on my way home from school (walking) when in first grade, and that was very traumatic for me, I remember portions of that episode to this day. But as far as the intimacy lost with my mother after being potty trained, I believe this affected me significantly. It was the only real bond my mother and I shared, on account of my older brother being sickly. I am convinced I would have resisted not the potty training itself but the being taken out of diapers which were such an emotional catalyst in my life at the time...still are, there's no denying that.
  8. Unfortunately I have only sad news to report. I ordered two print diapers from them in Feb. of this year because I liked the soft, pastel print. What they sent me was anything but. I emailed them and waited nearly a week to hear from them, and they didn't even realize (or so they said) that they weren't sending people the same item they had ordered, the item in the pic on their website. Sad indeed. Plus, one of the seems was flawed and the size wasn't what I expected it to be in terms of what I'd ordered. So overall i was very disappointed with them. They did, on their behalf, offer me 25% off and free shipping on my next order, but I was so sad that they were pulling a bait-and-switch with diapers, for crimny sakes, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to order from them again.
  9. awwwww, baby girl is being so shy, hiding behind her adorable little pink teddie bear......so sweet!!
  10. such a precious little dollie....takes my breath away...
  11. Such a precious little doll, so sweetly diapered in her adorable baby outfits, good for you, sweetie!

    1. littlesara_sissybaby


      Thank you sweetie :)

  12. gaaa gaaa dy dy