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  1. I'm very fond of your screen name. To me it represents all the best things about being an adult baby. :04_EmoticonsHDcom:

  2. mellow yellow

    mmmmmm.....oh, yes, yellow baby panties are just the right color, my fave...just check out my pix and you'll see, but be sure to leave a comment! Yellow is such a great color for sissy babies like us, I'm wearing a yellow top right now, over a pink tank...
  3. Your avvie is just adorable, lil one....I just happen to be "somewhat" partial to pink satin....

  4. Looks like somebody is really enjoying being a baby in their diapers with these very nice pix...

  5. hi hies,

    i'm also a cloth diaper loving sissy baby. hope we can become friends here!

  6. Mommies

    Thanks for this, it's exactly what I was looking for. Another resource, updated in April: http://littleab.com/ABcare/babysitter.html
  7. Mommies

    Where do I find a listing of Mommy Services here? I'm looking for "Phone-a-Mommy" types who are more independent of the usual Adult Phone circuit.
  8. As hard as it is for me to admit this, I've just been scammed by someone claiming to be a mommy using the email address [email protected]. If anyone asks you to pay for services, or goods for that matter, using an iTunes gift card, don't do it. They will take the codes from the gift card and use it to try and get more money from you. In my case I lost $100 which hurts, but the Apple support person I spoke with said it could have been so much worse if I had not learned about the scam. Babies beware!

    1. Dr_J


      :( Sorry to hear that! As much as losing $100 stinks, at least it was only that much! 

    2. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      That can happen to anyone. you could report it to Google/gmail

    3. BabyWendyMarie


      I was just re-reading Ellie's comment and I'm disturbed and perplexed that a person on this website could say something so mean-spirited. I don't understand what gets into people that makes them say such things. It was unwarranted and I didn't deserve to be kicked while I was down. At least now I know who "else" to avoid on this site. One bully in this world is one bully too many.

  9. What makes you a sissy?

    I am so delighted to have this response from Mother Faith. She truly seems to understand! Humiliation (soft is my preference) is a very important part of my regression fantasies. There is no question that in the time I've been practicing my sissy baby side, many feminine traits have surfaced in my daily life which have made me a much better person! Amazing how that works! Someone once said, "And the meek shall inherit the Earth," and by that I think they may have meant that if you remain humble and open to what the world has to offer, you will become far richer than anyone who has a lot of money. And when I'm a sissy baby, I couldn't want anything more, except perhaps a partner with whom to share my happiness and giggly glee...Being a sissy baby certainly does bring out the best in me!
  10. DTA: Don't Trust Amazons, Epilogue 6/11

    I love the fact that we have actual artistic/creative collaboration going on with respect to the writing of ABDL stories on this site. Wow! Keep up the great work, bbykimmy and Guilyn!
  11. image3

    Some awfully cute pix!
  12. If YOU are out of points, I must be in debt!! xoxo
  13. Holy Cow! You won "Most Liked Content...again!!!" Whew! We're talking about real celebrity-hood here among the little-lings! ***giggles*** Good Goin' Girl! xoxo
  14. What a fun little page you are in charge of here! I had fun looking at it. hugs.


    baby rexi

    1. lilleme


      Hehe, thankies! ^.^