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  1. 'if yer poop isn't healthy, yer poop isn't healthy and it has nothing to do with diapers. You're over 18, you do not have to relay any of this to your mother, go to a walk-in, get an expert opinion. I know it's not always as simple as "move out" but I'd give serious consideration to it if it's at all possible.
  2. Does it make ABDL look bad when they post messy videos in general? No. Does it make ABDL look bad when they post messy videos somewhere that isn't expected or wanted? Yes.
  3. If you could, would you wish diapers away?

    I would drop it in a heartbeat. I enjoy it and I have no ill feelings about myself really, but I am kind of a mixture of a rural redneck type and a naturalistic hippy. Even though this is a powerful fetish in me, it bothers me that my fetish is for a thing that has no natural basis. I frequently think about "what if I grew up poor in the 1800's, how would this fetish manifest itself in me?" Essentially I have three beefs with having this fetish; 1) It directly conflicts with my strong desires to live a relatively off-the-grid, self-sustaining, wilderness lifestyle. 2) It is harsh to the environment. I've heard all the arguments about how if I'm an ecologically conscious person I shouldn't worry about it because my eco-footprint will still be lower than average (something I've told many ABDL myself), but that doesn't change that when I toss the last diaper of a package that it kinda bums me out as I think "That's another cubic-foot of landfill space just so I can soil myself for kicks." 3) The difficulty with meeting other ABDL who aren't overly horny men with boundary issues. #2 is by far my biggest issue with my fetish. I don't really worry about friends finding out as I'm a big believer that things like that help you determine who your real friends are.
  4. Surplus Fantasy

    Please no money advice. Since this site is relatively anonymous you don't know me or my financial situation. I don't really have any luxuries like netflix, so there's nothing to deprive myself of to pinch pennies. Just please accept that while some folks are bad with money, when I say I have no money, it means, I have no money. This post wasn't really looking for advice at all, just lamenting about how I'm a better person when I live with people, so I wish I had taken more advantage of the time I've lived alone.
  5. Surplus Fantasy

    Hiya. So to preface, I hate living alone. I'm kinda a naturally lazy and unmotivated person who pretty quickly becomes anti-social if I'm not forced to interact with folks. As such I tend to prefer even the worst of roommates to living on my own. However, last I lived alone was over two years ago, and there is one major regret that I have from that time, and that is not building a greater surplus of diapers, not mail ordering some fancy babyprint ones (not that I have any actual beef with the goodnights, tenas, and depends available at my drugstore), and maybe even wearing 24/7 a couple times. Now I was super unemployed at the time, so I didn't really have the extra scratch to spend on fancy diapers or having an excess of different types, but I'm still so excited for the next point in my life I get this opportunity, now that I have a better idea of how to take advantage of it. I've never desired a true 24/7 lifestyle but I'm just real disappointed in myself for not having more 24/3 moments when I had that chance.
  6. Poop position in diaper

    Laying flat on my tummy has become my favourite, especially with soft icky messes cuz it'll ooze forward in the diapey and it feels soooooo nice!
  7. When I had a roommate I waited til nights I knew she was staying over at a friend/partner's. Or on the few occasions timing didn't work out and she was home, I just went to the bathroom to deal with everything and lit a scented candle before leaving and disposing of everything I had bagged up inside the bathroom, outside the apartment. To be real, I'd suggest ya just don't do it when roomies are home. If you want those "someone else is around though" kicks, go to a park or sit on your balcony.
  8. If you had the choice....

    I would probably use a diaper for everything and enjoy being able to become completely full, and then let it leak all over the place without an awful cleanup of my surroundings.
  9. Want to poop

    I don't think you really want to poop your diaper that bad then. Enemas are harmless if done seldom (and you feel like your colon is the cleanest thing on the Earth after) and glycerine suppositories are real close to harmless (again, if used seldom.) Obviously natural is the better way to go, maybe load up on fibre, but the only guarantees that don't require medical laxatives are enemas and glycerine suppositories. You can get suppositories pretty much at any drug store and a heck of a lot of convenience stores.
  10. top 10 on pooping my diapers

    10. Relaxation/soothing - Knowing I can keep sitting or working on what I'm working regardless of need to poop! 9. Feeling little - I'm not really into Ageplay, but it feels so regressive to poop yourself that it's like all other real concerns just float away. 8. Feeling gross - because feeling gross feels so good. 7. Feeling bad - I'm a full grown adult with no medical issues, so there's definitely a taboo that is enjoyable. 6. Squishy Squishy comfort! - Lets be real, poop feels warm and cozy and squishing it around is just the best. 5. Seeing how it flows - Always exciting when you open up your diapey and your junk is covered in poop. 4. having a secret - nobody is really around when I poop my diaper, but it still gives that same "nobody knows what I'm doing" feeling that just wearing in public does. 3. The bulge - Isn't it strange that something in your sock or under your hat feels the worst but having a big bulge of soft mess in your pants feels incredible. 2. leaking - Although I can't really mess and wet to the point of leaking at the moment, there's nothing quite like prepping the area you're in and just getting lost in an activity until you notice that your mess is just WAY TOO BIG FOR YOUR DIAPEY TO CONTAIN! 1. Messing! - That instant punch of relief, mess sliding and reforming to fit in your pants, your sphincter and bowels feeling relief. Poogasm.
  11. Explosive diaper fill up

    Isn't that just the worst?
  12. Road Trip!

    oh man oh man that looks so good! I have no clue what I'll be doing by then but if I'm out West or travelling around then I definitely will come by!
  13. Hi have a great trip, if you would like you could drop in here sometime on your travel's

  14. Road Trip!

    Hey guys! I don't know how soon it'll be, but I loooooove road tripping across this great country. I also looooooooooove diapers. I also love local attractions. Basically if anyone lives along any section of the Trans-Canada Highway (or near it) and wanna chat, give me a shout. I really want to know about good little activities across the country, playmates, mommies, daddies, whomever wants to meet and show me awesome things someday (or not meet, but clue me into awesome things!) I'm primarily a DL who likes to add aspects of ageplay into the mix occasionally and I'm very eager to meet others!
  15. I love this topic cuz there's always something new to read and always somewhere to go to be proud about your messes. I'm hunched over my bed right now, my diapey nice and full. I haven't sat in it yet. It was a bit of a surprise brought on by coffee, but I'm enjoying it!