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  1. Increasing a Disposable's Absorbancy

    I am going to give it a try on my cheap First Quality diapers and see if I can separate the material enough to get some poly in there in the right places. The plastic is pretty strong on these diapers. As of now I use Woman's pee pads in them for boosters because I get them super cheap. This is a cool experiment idea! I usually slice the back of the pee pad to allow it to get moisture to the diaper also thus making it work better
  2. Too bad we can't give diaper advice

    I have given advice to my neighbor with Altimerz and his wife who is trying to take care of them. I have also supplied them with diapers. I have stopped caring who knows I wear diapers. She is a retired nurse, and last year I had a kidney stone so bad I could not get out of bed. I paid her to come change my diapers. I have to say that is one time I did not enjoy anything about getting my diaper changed by someone. I was in so much pain it was horrible. You just have to make up your mind that diapers are just another kind of underwear.....(now I sound like a commercial LOL) and wear them proudly. People say....OMG you are in diapers? I look them right in the eye and say yep so what? Better than wet pants...I have an issue! They shut up after that. Do it a couple times and you won't even care anymore and you can give them advice. And by the way, I totally agree with you on your opinion of diapers and Depends!
  3. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I personally wear 2 to 3 of these a day and I don't bother with folding or fluffing them. Put them on and sit down or lay down and if you can stand up and walk a little and it settles right in. I don't see the issue or why anyone is complaining? It is not like your wearing sand or rocks? They are great diapers, and hold a lot and wick the moisture very well. I think some people complain because they are bored and need a life! SWet interesting Idea about the dryer!
  4. Attorney

    This story took me a few days to get through. Wow the things that happened and life's events. Nicely done!
  5. Babysitting Day

    Babysitting Day Chapter 1, The Morning The morning came very early as my alarm woke me from my sleep. I pulled the blanket back just enough to roll over and reach for the clock to shut it off. As my eyes focused on the clock sure enough it was 6:30 AM. Who’s dumb idea was this anyhow for me to make extra money during the summer by babysitting? School just let out a week ago and I should be sleeping in like my friends are doing….but no…..I have to get up and walk to the Patterson’s house to babysit their daughter who is 2 years old now. I pulled the blanket the rest of the way off my body, and sat up in bed. I felt a sudden and strong urge to go pee from my bladder and I jumped up and ran to the toilet, pulled my pajamas and panties down, sat on the toilet and felt sweet relief. This is the third time I have peed since I went to bed at 11PM last night. I swear that is why I don’t get any sleep. I have the tiniest bladder in the world. I hate it because……….well let's just say at school they call me pee pee girl for a good reason. My teachers have learned the hard way when I raise my hand and say I need the restroom they better let me go. The school nurse actually keeps an extra pair of my pants and panties in a locker for me just incase. As I finished peeing, I wiped, and pulled my panties and pajamas backup. I flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash my hands, then brush my teeth. I looked at my hair trying to decide if I should wash it or just leave it. I decided today would be a good day for a ponytail and forget it. So I grabbed my brush and brushed my hair out some and then put it in a ponytail. I went back into my room and took off my pajamas and dug through my closet for something to wear. I settled on black jeans and a tank black tank top. I grabbed a baseball cap, but it looked odd with my outfit so I put it back. I put some earrings in and a little makeup on my face and headed downstairs to find something to eat. I looked at the clock to make sure I had time to walk to the Patterson’s before 8 AM. I know with next year being my senior year in High School you would think I could drive myself there but I have not really taken much interest in driving. I got my Temps back when I was 16 and Dad took me out a few times, but I never took to it. My boyfriend I was dating then was 17 and he would just pick me up in his car. So now that we broke up I have to walk or ride my bike everywhere I go. But that is ok because it helps to keep me thin and it is good for me. I opened the refrigerator door, grabbed a couple hard boiled eggs and poured myself a small bowl of shredded wheat N’ Bran. put some cinnamon on it and a little Honey. Poured some no sugar added vanilla almond milk on it and headed to the living room to watch a little TV before I had to leave and ate by breakfast. After I finished I grabbed my backpack and put a jacket in it just incase it was too cold or I needed to make shade for the baby while we were out. Chapter 2, The Babysitting Job As I finished my cereal I could see it was 7:35. I had to get moving. I put my empty bowl in the sink filled with water as mom told me to do, turned off the TV, put my shoes on and out the door I went. The morning air was cool and damp but I would be walking kind of fast so I would warm myself up. They said it would be 80 F. today and that would be perfect for my outfit. The 20 or so minute walk to the Patterson’s is not bad in the morning as there is little traffic being a sunday. But midday it gets bad trying to cross the busy street. I think that traffic light they have there is the longest light in the world. Right now I can just cross on the red light because there is no cars. I finally arrived at the house, rang the doorbell and Mr. Patterson opened the door and let me in. Their daughter Samantha was still sleeping. Mrs. Patterson sat me down and said ok here is the deal. We are trying to potty train her now. Right now she is still in a diaper at night, but when she is up we put her in these training pants and run her to the potty every hour. Unless you are going to take her with you somewhere today, we would like you to keep at this for us. I said well I had wanted to go to the park and let her play in the sand box? Mrs. Patterson said, oh well that sounds good. Never mind then. Just make sure you bring a couple extra diapers, some wipes, and powder with you to change her at the park then. I nodded and said yep, I know the routine. They thanked me for coming over so early and said they would be back about 2PM. I waved buy to them and turned on the TV to wait for Samantha to wake up. Around 9 AM or so I see this movement out of the corner of my eye and Samantha was strolling half a sleep still into the living room. Her diaper was hanging off of her soaked in pee. I said good morning bright eyes! And she smiled and rubbed her eye and then waddled over to me to give me a hug. We Mommy she asked. I said mommy and Daddy went to the store and I am going to babysit you today. She said K. I said let's get your diaper changed ok? She nodded and crawled up on the couch to lay down. I quickly changed her diaper and that seemed to perk her up some. She looked at me and pointed to the kitchen. I guess that meant she was hungry. I went in and asked what she wanted? She said Bah Bah. I said ok….I got some cereal out and a banana and put them in the blender with some milk. Put it in her bottle, put the top and nipple on it and handed it to her. She went back in the living room to watch TV with me. I had to wait until it got warmer outside to bring the baby out. So I packed her diaper bag with a bottle, 2 diapers, wipes, powder, and a blanket. I set it by the door and then went and got the stroller for her as I was not going to walk a 2 year old to the park. She was done with her bottle and went to play in her room which was fine with me. I laid down on the couch and rested. By 10 AM it was warm out and I went to find her. She was laying on the floor with her doll and talking to it. It was so cute…….until……...the smell. I said Samantha, why didn’t you tell me you pooped in your diaper? She shrugged her shoulders and went on playing. I grabbed her and put her on the bed so I could change her again. She was quite wet too. After almost threw up from the smell, I had her cleaned up and in a fresh diaper. I then dressed her in a sundress and asked her if she wanted to go the park to play in the sand with other kids. She smiled and said go…...pork! I laughed and said yes we will go to the park! Chapter 3, The Park Once cleaned up we headed outside. I made sure I had the key to the house with me, and grabbed the diaper bag and the stroller. I put her in it, buckled her in and double checked the house door to make sure it was locked. As we headed on the 15 minute walk to the Park I remembered something I had forgotten. I had to pee! Oh well, another few blocks and we would be at the park and I could slip in real quick to use the bathroom. I continued along to the main road where we had to wait for what seemed like forever for the light to change. I was trying hard not to do the pee pee dance, but my bladder was really full. Damn small bladder. The light turned green for us and I pushed the stroller fast across the road. Now just 4 blocks to the Park. I had to focus hard on my bladder to keep from peeing myself. The pressure was getting so strong now with every step. One block from the Park and I had to stop and press my hand into my crotch as I felt pee escaping from my bladder and into my panties. I was behind the stroller with a top on it so people on the road could not see what I was doing but I was in trouble. What do I do? I thought for a moment, I am wearing black jeans. I wonder if I can let just a little pee out to get the pressure off. My pants would dry quickly in this hot sun anyhow. But what if I can’t stop the flow and I totally pee my pants. Oh I don’t know what to do. I decided against my idea of letting just a little out. The pressure seemed to subside a little after that squirt of pee escaped me and I continued on the walk to the park. At the park entrance a huge pressure hit me, It bent me over and as I reached for my crotch again a car pulled up and stopped and the guy rolled his window down. Shit, I can’t hold myself, and I can’t pee pee dance now. I looked him in the eye as I felt pee coming out of me into my pants. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I squeezed with all of my might trying not to be obvious as the guy asked me if I knew how to get back to the Baseball fields in the back. As he finished asking his question my muscles regained control and my peeing came to a stop. I felt it on the inside of my thighs and on my rear end. I knew this was no little squirt now. I had some damage and it was not small. I told the guy to stay right on the drive and it would lead him to the ball fields. He said thank you so much, and that is such a cute baby. I said thanks and waved by to him as he drove off. I pushed the stroller away from my body and looked down. Sure enough, My jeans were now wet half way down my inner thighs, and onto my bottom. But I did not have that overwhelming need to pee now and could take my time to the bathroom to finish peeing. I continued walking with the stroller close to me so people could not see my pants. We got to the sand box and there was a sunny place right near it where I stopped and unbuckled Samantha and told her to go play in the sand. She ran to the sandbox and jumped in. I stayed on the grass with the sun shining on my pants hoping it would dry them quickly. After a couple minutes I remembered I still had to pee. What do I do…..I looked at the out building and it was only like 500 feet away. I called Samantha and she looked at me and waved. I said Samantha come here! She said No I play. crap….I could not go get her as the other parents there and kids would see that I peed my pants. All I could do is hope the sun dried my pants fast enough before I lost it again. As time went on my pants and legs started to get really hot in the sun. I could still easily see the wet stain on my pant legs and crotch. I tried again to get Samantha to come to me. And again she said No I play sand! I said come here now!!! She said No I play sand! And walked to the other side of the sandbox. I figure once her diaper is wet she will come...but I won’t make it that long. Crap.. my legs were hurting now in the sun and I had to move to the shade to cool off. Which would not dry my jeans. My bladder pressure was getting higher and higher again. At least sitting down now it was not as bad as it was walking. I kept watching Samantha playing in the sand as my belly began to hurt again. I closed my legs tightly and looked around to see no one was watching me as I slipped my hand in my crotch to ease the pressure some by pushing on my pee hole. This was not going to work for long. I looked at my jeans and they were not drying at all. I could not just leave her there and run to the toilet but I had to go and go now. I started to get up and head for the stroller and look for an angle to get to the sandbox and grab her without anyone seeing my pants. Not going to work. Way too many people here now. I looked over at the bathroom and to my horror a city truck pulled up and two guys got out, put up out of order signs and taped off the area. They then yelled in both bathrooms to make sure they were empty as they had to do some maintenance to them. I stood there in total disbelief. This could not be happening. I sat back down on the ground beside the stroller watching amanda playing. I had my legs bent up in the air and my feet flat on the ground. I felt a strong urge hit me hard and some pee escaped into my panties again and ran down under my rear end. I could not do anything to stop it. People were all around me now. I couldn’t hold myself or anything. My muscles after a couple seconds got control of that squirt of pee, and it stopped. I looked down at my crotch and my pants in my crotch area was glistening with pee. I scooted on my bottom dragging the stroller back to the shade to get away from the sun. As I sat this time indian style with my legs slightly elevated over my shoes watching the maintenance guys another huge desperation squeeze of my bladder hit and I was powerless to stop the flow of urine in my pants. I looked down to watch me peeing in my pants and noticed that the pee was filling the crotch of my jeans and then soaking into the grass. It was not running down my legs or going too far under my bottom. I decided at that point to give up the fight as I had lost anyhow. I relaxed and sat there on the grass in front of loads of people and peed in my pants until my bladder was empty. The relief felt so good. I just sat there for some time letting my pants drain into the grass. After a while I grabbed my jacket out of my backpack and set it on the handle of the stroller to wrap around my waist for the walk home. I stood up and backed myself to the trunk of the tree behind me so I could stand and not have my wet bottom exposed. About this time Samantha comes waddling up to me. I said oh now you come to me. She said dip wet. I wet. I bent down on my knees and brushed the sand off of her pants, Pulled them down and sure enough her diaper was very wet. I laid the blanket on the grass and laid her on it and changed her diaper. I thought to myself if only I had put one of these on myself before we left. Nah, it would never fit me…...I don’t think? That had my mind wondering. I pee my pants so much. I wonder about a diaper. I pulled Samantha’s pants back up and she took off for the sandbox again. I had almost forgotten that I was hiding my own peed pants being distracted by her. I wish I had at least brought a change of clothes for me. Oh well. Chapter 4, the return home I looked at my watch and it was 1:PM. We had to head home. My pants were dry now except for my bottom and crotch area. I wrapped the jacket around me to cover my wet bottom and pushed the stroller in front of me to hide my crotch down to the sandbox. I told Samantha mommy was coming home soon and we had to go home now. She said ok and ran back to me and I helped her into the stroller and buckled her in. I gave her the bottle I had packed and we started the journey home. The first few blocks I was feeling the heat of the day. We got to the busy intersection and I pushed the crosswalk button and waited and waited and waited. Finally it changed. I was sweating a little now with that jacket on me but I didn’t dare take it off. As we got home I opened the door and took her out of the stroller to walk in the house. I then took my jacket off of my waist also to cool down some. I took my jeans off and my panties were soaked. I brought my jeans up to the bathroom and used a hair dryer to blow dry my jeans. My underwear was not comfortable on me now as the pee was drying and smelling too. I sprayed my jeans with perfume after I got them dry. I took off my underwear and wrapped them in a plastic bag and put them into my backpack. Now I had no underwear to put on. I slid my jeans on but they were really not comfortable against my body. Then I remembered my idea. Could I fit in her Pampers? I walked out of the bathroom and into Samantha’s room. I took out one of her Pampers and put it around my waist. They were a Size 7 as Samantha is no small baby. I am very thin and with some serious stretching I was able to make them fit me. The sides were very stretched out around me, but the diaper seemed to stay in place on me. I pulled my jeans up and walked down stairs. I then brought Samantha up and changed her clothes and diaper again. I told her it was nap time and she said ok and I tucked her in. I went down stairs smelling like perfume very strongly and got something to drink and sat on the couch. Soon the Patterson’s came home. They asked how things went and I told them we played at the park for about 3 hours and she just laid down for a nap. They handed me $20 and said thank you so much. I grabbed my bag and headed home. As I was walking that drink I had at the Patterson’s was catching up with me. My bladder was sending signals already. As I got back to that long intersection waiting for the light it hit me again. I felt my bladder contract and pee shot out of me. This time I remembered I was wearing the Pampers and decided to see what they could do. So instead of crossing my legs and holding myself in front of all of this traffic, I let it flow for a while. As I felt the diaper swell up and I felt wetness up the back onto my bottom and up the front I thought I better stop now. But as I was about to stop my flow was coming to an end. Wow I thought, this worked. I stood here in front of all of these people in their cars and completely peed myself and no one but me knew it. I did a quick run of my hand around my bottom and crotch to check for wetness and found none. This I was pleased with. The light turned green and I walked across the road. Passing by a Target, I decided maybe...just maybe this was worth a try again. I had $20 in my pocket and my backpack was not full. It only had my peed panties in it and a couple small things. I made a detour across the road and into the store. I went back to the diaper Aisle and looked over everything in there. I found these pull ups called Goodnites L-XL and they were saying for kids over 60 pounds. I am over 60 pounds. The Pampers size 6 that I squeezed into are for kids 50 pounds. They had a small pack of those Good nights for $9 and I decided to try them. I went to the check out and paid for them. I walked right into the ladies bathroom to get out of my wet diaper and I opened the bag and pulled one of the Goodnites out of the package. It was big. I made sure the stall door was locked and I slipped my shoes off, then my jeans. I pulled the tapes off of my wet diaper and rolled it up and laid it on the back of the toilet. I then stepped into the pull up and put it on. It fit very well. I put my jeans back on and my shoes. I picked up the wet Pampers I had on that worked so well and walked out of the stall and dropped it in the trash. Another lady came in as I was walking out and she looked at me funny carrying a wet baby diaper. But didn’t say anything. I walked out of the store and continued home. Chapter 5, trial and error As I arrived home I was feeling very hot and thirsty. I went to the kitchen and poured myself some kool Aid. I drank it down and then grabbed a Diet Coke also. I was hungry too and so I grabbed a hot dog and a bun, put it in the microwave and then headed to my room to play a video game. Soon my bladder did its thing and I found myself kind of dancing around trying to hold it but wanted to finish this level. I was up on my knees as I was playing and I felt my bladder squirt some pee out and I grabbed my crotch to stop it. That is when I noticed the padding between my legs and the fact that the pee did not run down my pant leg like normal. I actually kind of forgot I was wearing a diaper. I paused the game and relaxed and peed in my Pull Up. It took it all with no issue and I went back to finishing that level of the game. That was a success. Once done I removed my jeans, took off the wet Pull Up and put on another. I put the pull up in my trash can for now. And went back to playing. Another hour or so went by and I was sitting on my floor and had to pee again. This time I remembered that I was wearing a diaper and did not even try to stop it. I let it out in my Pull Up. Once done I finished the level, paused the game and got up to change the diaper again. When I got up and my jeans felt cold on my leg. I looked down and my pants were wet. The pull up worked while I was standing, but not while I was sitting. This is not good I thought to myself. I took my jeans off and put them in the wash. I changed my pull up again and put on a skirt and went down stairs. My parents were in the kitchen as mom was making dinner and dad was talking to her about something. I walked in and sat down. Dad said oh your home. That as a long day for you. I said no, I was home a couple hours ago. I was up in my room. Dad asked how it went and I told them mostly good. Samantha had a good time as I took her to the park to play in the sand box. Mom said oh so she is all dirty now! I snickered and said yep. But I cleaned her up some and changed her clothes and diapers. Mom looked at me and said she is still in diapers? I said yeah, they are trying to potty train her but today she got a break because we went to the park. Mom said you could have taken her to the potty every ½ hour at the park also you know? I looked at her and said um yeah…...No! The toilets were out of order there. Mom said set her spoon down and said so…..that means you…. I interrupted and said yeah. Two times. I couldn’t help it. Mom said where are your wet panties? I said they and the jeans are in the dirty laundry basket. Mom said oh you didn't wear that dress today? I said no...I changed into it when I got home. Mom said sometimes I wonder if we didn’t potty train you too soon and maybe that is why you have such a tiny bladder? I shrugged my shoulders and got up to get another Diet Coke to drink. As dinner was finished we ate and Dad said I was doing the dishes tonight. Mom said make sure you go pee before you start them as you know it makes you have to go and Dad will be in the bathroom so you can’t get in there. I said ok and then remembered my Pull Up on me. We finished eating and Mom and Dad went into the living room and I started the dish water. Soon Dad went up stairs and got into the shower. We have a separate hot water thingy for the bathroom and kitchen so we can do both at once. I started the dishes and soon the need to pee hit me like usual. This time I just relaxed and peed in my Pull Up. as I was finishing mom came in and said the kitchen looks good. She looked at the floor and I said what are you looking at? She said you forgot to go pee before Dad went in there and we forgot to ask you about it. I am looking to see where you cleaned up your pee puddle. I said there was no puddle I was fine. Mom said you have not been fine in the last 8 years washing dishes. She grabbed my skirt and pulled it up to see how wet my underwear was to prove she was right. Mom said oh……..I see how you got around it this time. I was so embarrassed. I said Mom, how dare you. And I stomped out of the room. I went to my bedroom and slammed the door. I sat on my bed in my wet Pull Up not knowing what to think now. Soon mom opened my door and came in. She sat on the bed beside me and said honey. I am sorry. I did not know you were in diapers again. I wanted for the last few years to ask you if we could let you wear diapers on our road trips and vacations and even at night so you would not be getting up all night to pee. And Dad said you would never go for it, so I dropped it. I am so sorry honey, I never meant to embarrass you. I looked at her with tears in my eyes and she said come, give me a hug. And I did. She said you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on buying your own diapers. Mommy will buy them for you if you want. I said well……That would be nice if you would, they are expensive………...….Just so you know I actually tried one of Samantha’s Pampers today after I peed my pants, and they were too tight but worked much better than these Goodnites do. Do they make Pampers bigger than size 7? Mom said lets get you changed out of that wet one into another one and we can go online and find out ok? I was so embarrassed but relieved also that mom was on board with this. We ended up finding youth diapers that fit me really well, and would hold a lot for night time, and thinner ones for day time. Mom said she wanted me only to wear the thick ones at night or if we go on a vacation somewhere, and I was not allowed to wear the day diapers unless I had to go somewhere for a long period. She did not want me to become diaper dependant. I nodded my head in agreement and we waited for the diapers to come to the house. In the meantime Mom bought me more goodnites to wear and she put a plastic sheet on my bed and a towel. She said I am sure the Goodnite won’t hold all of our pees at night but it should get you through a couple at least. If you can get up for one or two of them and then use the Pull up for the others that would be good. But the bed is now protected just incase. I said ok mommy thank you. That night I woke up at about 1AM and ran to the toilet and peed. I woke back up at about 4AM and ran to the toilet to pee. I woke up again at about 7:30 and decided it was do or die. I relaxed and wet my Pull Up in bed and went back to sleep. It worked for one pee very well. About 10AM mom came in and woke me again. I had fallen back to sleep. She pulled my blanket back and said well the pull up is very wet but the bed is dry. I heard you up a couple times last night. I said yeah, I was afraid to just use the Pull Up completely. She said at least you got good sleep now. I said yes I did. As I opened my eyes more to see my clock. Wow I said, I have never slept this long. Mom said I have a surprise for you too. FedEx just left, your diapers are here. Do you want to try one now? I said I sure do.. I gotta pee now though...Mom said, well what better time to try one. I said good point but hurry or I will be soaking this Pull Up more. Mom went down and brought the case of diapers up. She pulled the packs out and opened one and showed it to me. I said mom...don’t show me now...I gotta go. As I felt some pee squirt out of me into the already wet Goodnite. Mom said let me put this one on you real quick, I agreed and laid back down on my bed on my back. Mom slid the diaper under my bottom and then ripped the sides of the Pull Up open. Then she slid the wet pull up out from under my bottom and then quickly wrapped the new diaper on me and taped it up. I sat up and then stood up as I started to pee in it. I looked in the mirror in slight disbelief I was standing there in a diaper and peeing in it. But it looked cute on me. When I was done wetting the diaper I looked and to my amazement it was not even close to full. I said mom is this the day diaper? Mom dug in the box more and said yes. The night ones are even thicker. I was impressed. Mom said I will leave you to get dressed. I said well I can just leave this diaper on for now until I fill it. Mom said sure for today but don’t get too used to them. Your not going back in diapers completely. I nodded and she walked out. I cleaned up and put another dress on and headed downstairs. It was lunch time now. Mom and Dad were at the table and I joined them. I ate some lunch and had a glass of water and a Coke. As we were talking and eating I felt another urge to pee and I relaxed there at the table and wet my diaper again. I looked down and pulled my dress up to see how the diaper was doing and it was getting full now but I and the chair was dry. Mom said so how is it? I said really works great, thank you mommy. Dad looked at me and shook his head. Mom said I told you it was necessary. He said Yeah I know. We finished lunch and told mom I was headed out to play in the yard. She said ok, get that diaper off now and put on panties to go play in. I said yes mom. And headed up stairs. I changed into some shorts and panties and a T-shirt and headed out to ride my bike. I ran into a friend of mine from school and she invited me to a cookout that night. I told her I would have to ask my mom but probably I could come. I left and headed back home to ask. I came in the house and Mom looked at me and said back so soon? I said yeah, I just got invited to a cookout at Jennifer's house tonight can I go? Mom said I don’t see why not. Dad nodded in agreement. I said thank you and kissed mom and hugged dad and ran to the phone to call and let her know I would be there. I came back out and put my bike away as I needed to clean up and get ready to go. I picked out a nice long dress to wear with long sleeves at would get cool there before I got home. She said it was from 6 to 9 tonight. I came back down and watched some TV to kill time until 5:30. Mom and Dad were getting dinner ready and sat down to eat at 5:15. I stayed at the TV as I would have my dinner at the cookout. I went up stairs and went to the bathroom to pee one last time before leaving. I then went to my room and put my dress on. One thing I hate about her place is the bathroom. You have to go into her house, and then through the living room past her brother who always hits on me and tries to keep me from going to the toilet as he knows I will pee my pants. A couple times he was successful at making me wet myself but it did not show and I did not let him have the satisfaction that it worked. But the rest of the night I was in wet panties which I did not like. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to know what these night diapers would do if the day ones were that good. I decided to try it and see if I could get away with it. I grabbed one out of the package, I opened it up and pulled my dress back off so I could put it on me. It was thick and soft. I tried to get it as straight as I could and tight around my legs like I was taught to do with Samantha and her diapers on her. I looked in the mirror and it looked good. I tucked in the sides and top to make it neat and put my dress back on. I put on some comfortable shoes and went down stairs. The diaper did crinkle a little so I had to stay away from my parents. I yelled from the living room, I am leaving now, love you and walked out the door as they said be careful honey, bye. I said I will as the door closed. I walked to the cook out with an odd but cool feeling of this thick diaper on me. Hopefully no one will be flipping my dress up, so I should be good. Even her brother is not that rude and immature. Her mom welcomed me and said you know where the potty is when you need it, the door will be unlocked all the time. They know me well. I have learned over the years not to be embarrassed by peeing my pants around friends. It is just a fact of life with me. I went to the grill and got a burger and some beans and sat at the table with a can of Coke. My friends and I laughed and chatted about summer, school, boys, etc. Soon I felt I had to pee and I got really nervous. I don’t know why, heck I have peed my pants in front of them numerous times over the years. But now I was nervous. It took some time for me to relax enough to pee in my diaper in front of them at the table. That was a new experience. I am used to peeing myself in front of people when I can’t help it, But to pee myself on purpose was different. What I quickly realized is unlike every other time when the conversation would stop as they noticed the pee on the floor. This time no one had a clue I just wet my diaper. I like this. The night went on and we sat by the fire talking and drinking more cokes and I peed at least 2 more times before it was time to leave. Her Mom came to me and said she was amazed that I did not go into the house to pee one time tonight. She said did you just give up and pee your pants all night instead? I looked at her kind of embarrassed and said well…………………….um………… Her mom chimed in, that was a joke ha ha. I laughed and said oh ok. Little did she know it was not a joke, I did pretty much just that in my diaper. I hugged the girls goodbye and headed home. As I got to my doorstep I had to pee again and stood there letting it out my now very wet diaper. I walked in and Mom and Dad were sitting there on the couch. How was it they asked, I said it was really fun. Mom said so………….how did it work out? I said how did what work out? She motioned for me to walk over to her. She grabbed my dress and pulled it up exposing my very wet diaper. I said Mom.. She said I thought we talked about you only wearing these at night, and on trips etc. I said yes and I agree, but this was special. First I wanted to know how well they work, and second her brother keeps grabbing me and tickling me everytime I try to go pee and I have peed myself there more than once. So tonight I avoided him completely and kept my clothes dry. Mom said oh, I didn't know that. Ok your excused then in this case. I said how did you know I was wearing it? Mom said i went to your room to put the diapers away and get one out for you for bed tonight and found the pack open and one missing. I smiled and said thanks mom. I kissed her and Dad good night and said I am going to bed early. Mom said, so …..how many times did you pee in that diaper? It looks really wet. I said 4 times, 3 at the party and one on the doorstep here. Mom laughed and said she was going to borrow some of them herself. I said you bought them go for it. They really are comfortable and nice. She smiled and said goodnight. I changed my diaper into another one and that night for the first time in years I got a full 9 hours sleep. I woke up to pee, wet my diaper and fell right back to sleep 3 times. My life has changed for the good forever now back in diapers.
  6. House Rules

    Wow, I started to read this last night and as I wanted to stop something would happen to keep me drawn into it. I spent an hour at work reading this before I had to put it down. That is an interesting situation and over all a cool story.
  7. IMG_20180105_201845.jpg

    I am a B&O man myself. Nice pics.
  8. 26219747_173385799936830_4928325178927913983_n.jpg

    that is cool. I want one too!
  9. When Kids (of all ages) Love Diapers

    LOL so true! Would be more like you as the kid would have bad dreams for the next few nights!
  10. Diaper Journal Bullet Journal

    I think it is a cool idea. Kind of like a calendar that you had to mark every day, only this way you can make notes to look back on! Mine would be easy as I wear 24/7 and have for the last several years. Keep up the great idea and see how it works a few weeks down the road. Hopefully well!
  11. Roommates

    I like this one! Well done!
  12. Winter Break From School

    Chapter 1, life I always look forward to the end of December even though it is really cold out and we usually get lots of snow. The two weeks off of school is nice, and of coarse, who doesn’t like Christmas? My name is Amanda and I am in 10th grade. I have a little sister Jacquelyn who is in 7th grade this year also. We call her Jack for short. Our parents are usually pretty laid back when it comes to us. Mom and I get along really well she is my friend and someone I can go to with all of my problems. And when I am sick she is always there to take care of me. I love my mom so much. She has been teaching me how to cook lately and so I have been spending some of my time on weekends learning from her in the kitchen. It is fun and I feel pride when the family sits down at the table and Dad and or my little sister make comments about how good the meal is. Then I get to tell them that I made it! That makes me really happy that they like my cooking. I am also very excited because in 6 months I get my temporary driver's license so everyone stay off the sidewalks because this girl will be driving. Dad said he will be happy to take me out and teach me to drive. Jack says there is no way she will ride in the car with me. But I am not worried. I am sure I will do fine. Both Jack and I on occasion wet the bed. Jack has been doing it almost every night now lately and my mom has put her back in diapers at night. She don’t seem to mind it at all. Heck on Saturday mornings she and I get up early to watch cartoons and she will be sitting there beside me in her wet diaper as if it is nothing. Usually before my parents get up she pees in it again sitting there beside me. It is just pretty normal around my house. I thankfully only wet the bed a couple times a month now so mom just deals with the sheets and my clothes when it happens. Chapter 2 schools out Finally school let out for Christmas break. I put my stuff in my locker, went to the bathroom to pee, and put my coat and boots on for the journey home. It has snowed again last night and all morning so we had about 5 inches of snow to drudge through. Jack gets out at a different time than me and her school is a couple miles from mine so we don’t walk together home anymore as I am now at the high school. Part way home I met up with a couple other friends of mine and we all walked together chatting about some of the boys we liked and what we were going to do over the break. Before I knew it they had all turned off onto their road and I was back to walking alone for the last 4 blocks to my house. Finally upon arriving home, I kicked my boots off, took my coat off and went right to the kitchen to see what mom was making for dinner as I was getting hungry already. I had not had too big of a lunch today. Jack was at the table working on a coloring book she had and I stopped over to see what she was doing. It was a cute picture and she asked me to color a page with her….so I agreed. I grabbed another coloring book and sat down beside her and we both talked and colored until Dad came home from work and dinner was about ready to eat. We had to clear and set the table for dinner. Jack usually sets the plates and salad bowls and I put out the silverware. Mom made Swiss Steak, homemade mashed potatoes and salad with some homemade bread that made the house smell so good. We sat down to dinner and as Dad and Mom chatted about whatever, Jack and I gobbled our dinner down because it was about time to watch one of our favorite TV shows. After we cleaned our plates and Mom made Jack eat her salad we asked to be excused and Dad said yes. We got up and turned on the TV and both of us sat there watching TV. Once our parents finished eating Dad came in and said ok you two, clear the table and wash the dishes. Mom worked hard to make the meal, and you two are going to clean it up. I said Dad can we wait until the show is over please? Dad said yes but then get in there and clean up. While the show finished Mom washed the pots and pans and then they headed up stairs. On the next commercial Jack jumped up, holding herself and ran to the potty. I had to go too. She was taking forever in there. She finally came down and as she walked toward me I could see the crotch of her pants and down the inside of her legs was wet. She sat beside me as the show came back on. I didn’t say anything to her because I really don’t care. Not my problem. But my need to pee was getting worse myself. Finally the show ended and I jumped up and ran to the potty. When I got done I grabbed her and we headed to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes as Dad had asked us to do. Once finished we went back to watching TV. The rest of the night was spent watching TV, and texting my friends from school while Jack played with a game of hers. Mom and Dad had came back down stairs and mom was on the phone with one of her friends and Dad was reading the news paper. 9:30 came around and Jack was kind of looking really tired laying on the floor sort of falling asleep. Mom came in the room seeing her like that and said Jack, Go up to the potty, and then get a diaper and bring it down here to me so we can get you ready for bed. She said ok and slowly walked up stairs. Later I heard the toilet flush, the water running in the sink, then Jack slowly walked back down stairs with her diaper and handed it to Mom. Mom told her to lay on the floor and she did. Mom took her pants off of her and her panties both of which had dried completely from her accident earlier. Mom diapered her up and told her to get into her pajamas, put her clothes in the laundry as for some reason they smell a little like pee and she will be up to tuck her in shortly. Jack agreed and off she went upstairs in her diaper. Mom looked at me and said Amanda, at 10 PM I want you in bed. I said ok Mom. and went back to watching TV. She told Dad she was going to tuck Jack in and then go to bed herself. Dad said he would be up later and kissed her. Mom went upstairs and put Jack to bed and went to bed herself. 9:55 came around and Dad said give me the remote now, you won’t be needing it anymore. I said ok, got up and handed it to him. I kissed him good night and went up stairs. I went in and peed on the toilet and then to my room to change into my pajamas and went to bed. Chapter 3, Saturday The next thing I knew it was 7:30 AM and Jack was in my room in her wet diaper and pajama top telling me to get up. I woke up and told her to go away, I wanted to sleep in…...though in reality all of the sudden I had to pee really badly. She said please come down stairs with me. I knew between my full bladder and her I was not going to win, so I said alright. I flipped the blanket off and sat up in bed. She walked out of my room as I stood up. Oh My God I have to pee. I took off for the bathroom, closed the door, pulled my pajama bottoms down and started peeing in my panties standing over the toilet. I quickly sat on the toilet panties still on and peed. Thankfully I was quick enough to miss my pajama bottoms as my bottom was sort of over the toilet when I lost it. After I finished peeing I waited for my panties to stop dripping before I stood up. I removed my pajama bottoms and inspected them to make sure they were not wet and they were not. I took off my panties and put them in the sink and turned the water on. I got a washcloth and cleaned up the pee from my bottom and legs and put my pajama bottoms back on. I rinsed out my panties and squeezed all the excess water out of them and headed back to my room. I can’t believe I just did that. Oh well.. I took my pajamas off, put on some clean panties and jeans and a nice top and then went downstairs to join jack who was sitting in front of the TV in her now really wet diaper. I sat beside her and she said it is about time. I said shut up, your lucky I got up for you at all. Then I thought to myself I guess I am lucky I got up too or I would have had a wet bed again. Another hour passed and our parents finally came downstairs. Mom said Jack go get that diaper off and put some clothes on. She said ok and went up stairs. Mom called me into the Kitchen to help her make breakfast while Dad turned the news on TV. Mom and I decided to make scrambled eggs, Sausage patties, hashbrowns and toast. Mom got the coffee pot going for her and Dad. Jack came down dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Dad said it was supposed to snow even more today but not be as cold. He said today will be a high of 28 which is a lot better than the other day when we had a high of 9. Soon we had breakfast done and Mom had Jack and I set the table. Mom brought the food out and we ate. Saturdays are great because Dad is home with us also. Dad asked if we wanted to go sled riding today for a few hours? Both Jack and I said heck yes! How soon can we go? Dad said after we eat lunch Mom will take you as I have to work on my car in the garage. It needs an oil change and an alternator put on it. We were pretty happy about that. The rest of the morning dragged on while Mom and Dad took her car and went shopping and we stayed home. Once they returned Dad had me and Jack help unload the car and put the groceries away. Dad took the trash out, and our Parents brought home KFC Chicken, mashed potatoes, and beans for Lunch for us. They had already eaten while they were out. Jack and I gobbled down the meals and drank the diet cokes down and said can we go sled ride now! Mom laughed and said yes. Get your snow suit and boots on and we will leave shortly. First, both of you go pee. We said ok and ran up stairs to the toilet. Jack went in first and I Waited in the hall, when she was done I went in peed, washed my hands and ran back down stairs to bundle up and wait for mom. Mom made us wear winter hats and earmuffs also. Mom bundled up and we headed to the nearby city park where there was a huge hill. There were quite a few kids there sled riding already and we took our sleds out of the car and took off for the hill. Mom said she would be at the bottom of the hill as she took out her lawn chair and phone and sat down off to the side and kept herself busy doing something. Jack and I must have gone up and down that hill what seemed like 100 times in a hour. We were tired and jack was kind of holding herself and squirming. I had to admit I was kind of really needing to pee also but this was so much fun I did not want to quit. We went down the hill a few more times when jack at the bottom crossed her legs really tight and grabbed her crotch. She looked at me and said she just peed a little in her pants. I said well let's go tell mom. We walked over to mom with our sleds and I said Mom, we have a problem. Jack just peed her pants a little bit and she has to go really bad. Mom said ok then let's head back home. I said no….I don’t want to stop playing yet. Jack agreed she did not want to stop playing yet either. As she jumped up and down holding herself with her legs crossed. Mom looked at Jack and said alright, then just go ahead and pee your pants Jack, you're already wet anyhow. Jack without saying a word removed her hand from her crotch and as she spread her legs out a stream of pee was running off of her boot into the snow. In a moment Jack took off for the hill to go down again. Mom looked at me and said well, are you going to keep playing? I said I……...I have to pee also. Mom said then go ahead and join your sister. I said thanks mom and took off for the hill. On the way walking to the hill I let it go in my pants. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill my bladder was empty and my pants were soaked. I got to the top and zoomed down behind Jack. when I got down the hill jack was waiting for me to walk back up with her. I said don’t feel bad, I peed my pants too. Jack looked at me and smiled and we went back to playing. Another hour passed and I was really tired and so was Jack. We went down one last time and decided to call it quits. Jack picked up her sled and then stopped. I turned to see what she was doing and she was peeing again. Once done we continued back to mom. Mom was now standing instead of sitting in her chair waiting for us. She was also no longer standing with the other women as most of them had left. But she was standing alone at the end of the park now. We headed over to her and she said are you girls ready to leave now? I said yes lets go I am tired and getting cold now. She said ok and as she turned to walk away the footprint in the snow where she was standing was yellow and the snow was melted on one side of the print where her shoe was. I then looked really close her black jeans and the inside was dark. Mom had also peed her pants there at the park. Jack did not notice anything. As we got to the car mom put a towel on her seat to sit down on and we got in the back. We drove home and Dad was just finishing up fixing his car. We got out of the car and Mom made us wait outside the garage for her as she went in to talk to Dad. While standing there getting colder and colder, my bladder was again getting full. Being still in my snow suit and peed jeans from before, I relaxed and let it out peeing my pants again standing there outside our garage. Jack was over in the yard trying to make snowballs to throw at me. After I finished peeing my pants, I returned fire and Jack and I got into a snowball fight. Mom came out and said ok you two, lets get in the house and get you cleaned up. We got in the house and removed our boots and snow suits to reveal our very wet pee soaked jeans. Mine was much wetter than Jacks as I had just peed them again. Mom said both of you, into the shower. Get those clothes off and both of you shower together and get dressed. Dad is taking us to a drive in movie tonight. We were like awesome and we ran up stairs to get undressed, get into the shower and rinse off. And then get some clean clothes on. We put the peed pants and stuff down the laundry shoot and headed down stairs. Mom then went up to get herself cleaned up and change and shower. Mom had put some Macaroni and Cheese in the oven as we were in the shower so we had some dinner while Dad asked me to make a salad for everyone. Jack sat on the couch watching TV with Dad. Soon Mom came back down wearing a nice dress and heels and had her hair done etc. We sat down to dinner and as we ate Dad explained that this was an old fashioned drive in theatre. He then asked do you know what that is? Jack said no! I said well not exactly no? Dad said we will be in the car for the entire time. We pull into the movie lot, pay for admission and there is a speaker that you put in your car so you can hear the movie and you watch it on a huge screen through the front window of the car. I was like wow, no way? He said yes way! He said but here is the thing. From the time we leave until we get back which could be 3 to 4 hours with traffic we can’t get out of the car at all. So I would like to put both of you in diapers for the night so that when you have to pee, you can do it right there in the car. Jack said ok I will Daddy. Dad said thank you. Then he looked at me. I said a diaper? Dad said I don’t want you peeing your pants in the car, and I know how you always have to go. So we are going to put you and your sister in a diaper for the evening. I reluctantly agreed. After all it is not the first time I have been in a diaper…. Just the first time it was not in bed. We finished eating cleaned up the kitchen and then mom told us both to go pee and then go into our rooms. Jack went first and mom went into her room. Jack came out of the bathroom and went into her room to get her diaper on as I went in to try to pee. I could not. I just did not have to go. After some time of trying Mom said Amanda, what are you doing in there. I said I don’t have to pee mom. She said fine come out then. I got off the toilet and pulled my panties and pants up and came out. Mom laid me on my bed on my back, removed my pants and panties and then had me raise my bottom off the bed. She stuck the diaper under me and then applied some of Jack’s baby powder to me and then proceeded to take the diaper on me. She then told me to wear a skirt with my diaper instead of the tight jeans. I got up and put on a skirt and came down stairs. Jack was sitting on the couch in trousers and you could see the bulge of the diaper under them. She didn’t really care. I was glad Mom suggested the skirt for me. Soon we were on our way to the movie. As we pulled into the lot sitting in the line of traffic all of the sudden I had to pee and pee badly. Sometimes I hate my body. Knowing I had the diaper on I relaxed and peed in the diaper. Gheesh, we were not even parked for the movie and I peed already. I hope this diaper holds a lot. Jack was playing her game on her toy and I was interested in how this movie thing worked. Soon we were parked and Dad brought the speaker into the car and put the window back up. It was cool the screen was huge and there was cartoons playing on it now. Dad got out and walked toward the back of the car and then vanished. Soon he came back with two huge containers of popcorn, and 4 Diet cokes for us to drink. He handed us two of the Cokes and one tub of popcorn. Jack and I began to watch the Disney movie that was playing. I had actually never seen 101 Dalmatians before. So we enjoyed the movie. With in no time of drinking half that coke I had to pee again and let it out in my diaper. This was pee number 2 and the movie had been playing about 40 minutes. My Coke was not gone yet and my diaper was filling up. The movie was interesting and soon my Coke was gone and I was full of popcorn too. Mom and Dad mumbled something about intermission needing to get here soon. A few more moments and the movie stopped and a big advertisement came on and in big letters it said INTERMISSION! Mom and Dad said they would be right back, keep the car doors locked. We did and Jack said that she really liked the movie. I had to pee again and let it out...but this time I felt it running on my leg and under my bottom. I reached down and the seat was wet. My inner thigh was wet, and my bottom was wet also. I said oh no! Jack said what is wrong? I said my diaper leaked on the seat. Jack looked down at the seat and then laid back in hers. When our parents returned I told them my diaper just leaked all over the seat of the car. Dad turned around and turned on the dome lights. He asked how many times did I pee in it? I said this is the third time. He looked at mom and said did you bring extra diapers? Mom said yes she did thankfully. Dad told Jack to go up front with mom for a little bit and then told me to lay down on the seat on my back with my head where Jack was sitting. He opened the back door and pulled my dress up under my back. He got a towel and wiped up the vinyl seat and then removed my very soaked diaper. He put the wet diaper on the floor, put the clean one under me. He said I am sorry I don’t have any wipes for you as he brought the diaper up and taped it on me. He then helped me sit back up. I have to admit it felt really good to be in a clean dry diaper. He said let me know if you pee 2 times in this one and we will change you so it does not go on the seat again ok? I said yes Daddy. He then went around and told Jack to get in the back and lay her head on my lap so he could change her. She did and soon we were both in nice dry diapers as the movie started back up. I did find myself needing to pee again and let it out in the diaper before the movie ended. We really liked the movie and once it was over Dad put the speaker back out on the stand and we headed to get in line behind the others trying to leave. That was cool and it was getting late. I looked over and Jack was sleeping sitting there in the seat. Finally on the road I was getting tired too. Mom and Dad were quiet. As we neared the house I asked how soon before we get home? Dad said a few more blocks why? I said I need to pee again. Mom said just use your diaper, that is what it is for. I said oh...ok and relaxed and wet it. I said I am so tired I can’t keep my eyes open. Can I wear a diaper to bed also tonight? I have been peeing so much I am afraid I will have a bad night again tonight. Mom looked at Dad and asked what he thought? Dad said he didn’t care as long as I was not going to want diapered every night again. I agreed to that and Mom said when we get in I will change both of you and tuck you into bed. I said Jack has been sleeping the entire time. Mom said well then she is more than likely wet too. We pulled into the driveway, and I got out and stretched my legs. Mom opened the door and gently woke Jack up and then Dad came around and carried her into the house. He laid her on the couch. Mom came down stairs from using the toilet again and pulled Jack’s pants off exposing a very wet diaper. Mom told me to run up to my room and bring down two diapers, the wipes and baby powder so she could change both of us. I turned and got halfway up the steps when mom said also take your skirt off and your top and come back down in just your diaper and pajama top. I said ok and went into my room, removed my skirt and T-shirt, put on my pajama top and looked in my full length mirror. I actually looked pretty cute in that wet diaper. I went into Jack’s room and grabbed a diaper for her and one for me, the powder and the wipes and headed down stairs. Dad passed me on the steps headed to the bathroom himself. Mom finished changing Jack as Dad came down stairs and picked her up and carried her tired little body to bed. Mom tossed her wet diaper on the floor beside the couch and then told me to lay down. She pulled me toward her body spreading my legs to each side of her as she pulled the tapes off of my diaper. She remarked how she could not believe how wet I was again. I said I know I told you I was worried about peeing in the car again. Mom took the wipes and cleaned my skin, slid a clean dry diaper under me and then applied some baby powder that felt really good then proceeded to diaper me up. I got up and she patted my bottom and told me to head to bed. I kissed her good night and then kissed daddy and went to bed. Chapter 4 Sunday As I drifted off to sleep I was thinking about how much fun we had today both sled riding and the cool movie on the huge screen that we could watch from inside the car. I reached down under the blanket and felt my diaper. I had an odd sense of comfort and protection and quickly fell asleep. As the sun shine hit my eyes I woke from my sleep to see it was Sunday Morning. I flipped the covers off of my body and rolled my feet onto the floor. I looked down at my wet diaper and could remember one time waking up in the middle of the night and relaxing and wetting my diaper. I stood up and stretched and had to pee again. I looked in my mirror as I stood there peeing in the diaper again. I then brushed my hair and headed down stairs. This time I was actually up before Jack. I thought about going to get her up for once, but decided against it. I flipped on the TV and sat on the floor in my wet diaper and pajama top. Soon Jack came down dressed the same and sat beside me. She looked over at me and was a little surprised to see me in a diaper also. She said didn’t you take that diaper off last night? I said mom changed me into another diaper after she changed you last night so I just used it. She said oh that is ok...I just use my diaper too most of the time. I am scared to get up in the dark to go pee. I told her I did not blame her at all and wished mom would let me wear diapers every night too. I said this was really nice to not have to get up to pee, and again this morning I got out of bed and just let it out in my diaper. She giggled and said she does the same. We went back to watching TV until our parents got up. Soon Mom and Dad came down stairs. They took one look at us and shook their heads. Mom said I thought kids were supposed to get older not younger as time goes by? Dad said what do you mean as he looked over at both of us sitting there in wet diapers and watching TV. He snickered and said let them be kids. They are growing up too fast as it is. Mom agreed and called me to come help her make breakfast. I waddled into the kitchen and helped her cook breakfast. Standing at the stove stirring the scrambled eggs as they were cooking I felt the urge to pee again and let it out in the diaper. Now it felt really heavy and was feeling wet on my skin. I knew if I told mom, she would make me take it off and put panties on, but if I didn’t tell mom and I sat down it would probably get the dining room chair all wet. I was not really in the mood to go back up stairs and get cleaned up. So I chose to say nothing. We set the table and I sat down and felt the pee squeeze around my butt and onto my legs. I without looking to draw attention to myself reached down to my chair and it was wet. I wiped the pee off of my fingers onto my pajama top and proceeded to eat without saying a word. At this point I was probably in trouble anyhow so I might as well not care. After breakfast mom told us both to go sit on the couch for a moment and then we would get a shower and clean up for the day. I got up and waddled to the living room with pee dripping down the back of my legs as I walked. There was a small puddle on the dining room chair where I was sitting. I sat down and felt more squish out of my diaper onto the vynl of the couch cushion. I had to pee again now but didn’t dare let it out in the diaper sitting here. Mom came in an said we are going to the mall today and visiting our Aunt for a few hours so she wanted us to dress nicely. My Aunt was sure to have Christmas presents for all of us. I stood up and started peeing in the diaper as soon as I stood up and it was not on purpose. I had to go so bad. Mom looked at the couch cushion where I was sitting and it was wet, about then the diaper failed me and pee poured down the inside of my right leg splashing on the floor. Mom’s eyes got big as she gasp, Amanda what did you do? I started to act upset and fake cry as I said I don’t know mommy, I stood up and it just came out of me. Which was actually the truth. But I did not volunteer the three other times I peed on purpose. Mom yelled for Dad to come quick and bring paper towels to help clean up my mess. I stood there and could not move as the diaper was hanging down on me. Dad looked at me and told Jack to go get another diaper and bring it down quickly. Mom said don’t move. I said ok and stood there. At this point what harm would there be in finishing to empty my bladder so I just let the rest out and more pee cascaded down my legs to the floor where mom had just cleaned it up. She looked at me..are you peeing again? I said yes mommy but I think I am done now. Dad took the clean diaper from Jack, opened it up and put it between my legs to catch the pee that was pooled in the diaper I had on. Mom removed the tapes and the diaper fell down onto the diaper Dad was holding under me. The pee ran over the side of the diaper and onto the one Dad was holding minimizing the mess on the floor. Jack just looked at me in shock. Mom told Jack to go back up and get two more diapers and bring them down. Mom told me to get right into the shower and clean up, and come right back down here as she will put me back in a diaper for now until we see what is going on. I agreed very happy inside as I kind of liked being in a diaper. I told mom the dining room chair might be wet too. Dad rolled his eyes and went to check. I went up and got my shower. I came out went into my room to put on a bra and came down stairs so mom could diaper me up. Mom put my diaper on, then removed Jack’s and told her to do the same. Mom said I think in light of this, we will just keep both of you diapered for the day. Jack nodded and went to get her shower. Dad said he was headed to the Medical supply store to get some thicker diapers for us. He returned with them saying we had the thickest diapers they carry already. He had purchased another pack and a pack of what is called booster pads to put in our diapers so that we could get more use from the diaper. Dad then went on line in search of thicker heavier diapers for us. Mom took out two more diapers and put the boosters in them and said she would put these on us just before we leave. She told me to go get the kitchen cleaned up and I did. While washing dishes I had to pee again as usual, only this time I could just let it out in my diaper. Once finished Jack and I went upstairs to get dressed into something nice. We came back down stairs and I went back to the kitchen to get some juice to drink. Then came in and joined Jack at playing a game as we had to pass the time until we left. Mom told Dad to pack at least 4 diapers and boosters in the car just incase and he said yeah...I think I will pack 6. Someone here seems to not only be peeing more than normal, but is loading herself up in the process as he looked at me finishing up my glass of juice. I got a sad look on my face and Mom said Amanda, Dad is just being funny it is ok. You will be diapered so it does not matter. I smiled and went back to playing the game with Jack. The phone rang and Mom answered it. It was our Aunt. She said that they did not go to church today so it was ok to come over. Mom said ok see you in a few and hung up the phone. Mom said ok girls, time for a diaper change and then we are leaving. Mom Said Amanda come and lay down here. I stood up and felt like I needed to pee. I said, I have to pee right now. Mom said oh, ok go ahead and fill that diaper up then. Jack come on up here. As mom changed Jack’s diaper and put the booster pad in it, I wet my diaper again. I noticed the booster pad made Jack’s diaper much thicker between her legs. Her pants showed the diaper bulge pretty good now. Mom said Jack, why don’t you both wear a dress today. Jack said no Mommy, I want to wear my pants. Mom shrugged her shoulders and said ok as she helped her off the couch. Mom looked at me and asked “ are you done peeing yet?” I said yep, just finished. I walked over and laid down on the couch so mom could change my diaper. Unlike Jack as soon as I felt how thick my diaper was now, I told mom flat out I am not wearing pants with this diaper. Mom agreed and took my pants off of me. I walked up stairs and changed into a blouse and skirt. The skirt was a little shorter than I wanted it to be, but as long as I kept my legs together it would be ok I thought. I came down stairs as Jack was putting the game away. I grabbed my coat and we headed off to the car. When I sat down in the car I noticed my legs were kind of held apart by the diaper. But my skirt rested between my legs so I would be ok. We headed to our Aunt’s house and upon arrival we got out of the car and went in. I sat on the chair in the corner of the room with my legs crossed waiting to see what was going to happen. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen with my Aunt and Uncle talking. Soon she brought out some christmas candy and cookies she had made. The living room was all decorated for Christmas as was the tree. It was so pretty. My Uncle brought us in some kids wine to drink which was pretty much fruit punch. Jack and I drank it down as it was really good and got a refill. Mom said don’t you two drink too much now. My aunt quickly chimed in, it will be ok, the bathroom is right down the hall girls drink up. Mom did not say anything and then asked Dad to bring in the bag. Dad went out and brought in the bag of diapers, wipes etc. and put them in the guest bedroom. Soon I had to pee and relaxed and filled my diaper. This only made my diaper get thicker and spread my legs out more. I could no longer keep my legs crossed. I got up from the chair and sat on the floor with Jack. We laughed and played some games with my Uncle and ate more candy and drank more kids wine. As the night progressed My Aunt and Uncle demanded a family photo and brought out chairs for us to sit on. Jack was to stand beside me sitting on the chair while my Dad and Mom were to stand behind us. As I sat down and Jack went beside us my skirt rode up my leg some. My Aunt snapped the picture of us, and we got up and went and sat back down. Mom asked how I was doing and I said I am ok for now but did go 3 times. Mom stuck her finger down Jack’s diaper and said to let her know if either of us go again. I said ok and Jack agreed. The camera my Aunt was using was an old thing called a polaroid. All I know is the picture comes out of the camera right away and then in a about 5 minutes you can see the picture. It is pretty cool really. My Uncle grabbed the picture off the table and looked at it. He said we might have to retake this one. As he showed it to my Aunt. My aunt looked at the picture and then looked at me. Amanda….are you…..can you come here? I got up and walked over to her. She took me back into the bedroom and showed me the picture. My dress had pulled up so far you could clearly see my diaper and the fact that it was wet. My face turned red. My Aunt said I did not know you were having problems honey. It is ok we will retake this picture ok? I said thank you. My Aunt pulled my skirt up and checked my diaper. She said does Jacquelyn know about this? I said she wears diapers too. My Aunt said oh well ok then….and she walked out of the room. She went into the kitchen and said point blank to my mom, you didn’t tell me both of your daughters were still in diapers? My mom said well I didn’t think you needed to worry about that. My Aunt said she didn’t mean anything mean by it. Just it took her by surprise when this picture developed and she showed my mom the picture looking up my skirt. Mom said yeah, we better retake this one. And that bag I put in your guest room is diapers for the girls. I will need to change them at least once tonight. My Aunt said she would be glad to help if mom needed and she can put our wet diapers in her kitchen trash as it will be taken out tonight anyhow. Mom said ok thank you. Well that was a bit embarrassing but now I don’t need to hide my diaper anymore. I got back up in the chair I was sitting in and this time let my legs stay where they rested no longer caring if people could see my diaper. We turned the TV on for a while and soon I found myself having to pee again. I relaxed and let it out in my diaper. I forgot that mom had told me to tell her when I peed again so I didn’t say a word. Soon my Uncle came in and turned the TV off. He said it is Presents time. I was super excited as was Jack. He told us both to sit on the floor with our legs out so he could put the presents between our legs for us. This of course made my skirt ride way up completely exposing my now really wet diaper. My Aunt said after the presents it looks like a diaper change is needed Amanda. I said ok. At this point I could care less about getting my diaper changed. My Uncle was giving us presents. Jack said oh by the way mom, I just peed again. Mom said ok, you two open your gifts then we will change you. My uncle handed out our gifts to both of us and we opened them. They were awesome. One of my things was something I had wanted for a long time. A necklace that was kind of expensive. Mom must have told them because they got the exact one. I jumped up and gave my uncle and aunt a big hug and kiss on the cheek and told them how happy I was and thanked them. I sat back and opened my other gift. Jack was pretty excited too. We love Christmas. My parents exchanged gifts with my aunt and uncle also and they sat on the couch talking. Without even thinking about it I felt the urge to pee and let it out sitting there on the floor. I looked down and felt my diaper as my Aunt looked up and saw me. She asked if I had just wet again and I said yes. She said I could go change my diaper in the spare room. I looked at her like um…...Mom chimed in that I have only been back in diapers since yesterday and did not know how to put a diaper on. My aunt then offered to change me and i looked at mom and she nodded that it was ok. As I got up to go with my Aunt, my mom asked jack how she was doing...And she responded I am really wet also mommy. Mom asked my Dad to go get a diaper and booster for her and dad said ok. As he came into the room my Aunt was just taking my wet diaper off. Dad took out a diaper for Jack and then had to wait until my aunt was done with me to get the wipes and powder. My Aunt did a really good job actually other than me reminding her to put the booster in the diaper first. I felt much better and went back out into the living room where mom had Jack on the floor naked changing her diaper. Soon we were back to celebrating our first of a few Christmases that week. I ended up conveniently forcing my Mom to keep me in diapers until 3 days before school started back up. Then magically I was able to hold my pee again. Well mostly. I actually did wet the bed one night in my sleep, and on a trip home from the mall one time I made it to the house and peed my jeans waiting for mom to get the key in the lock. Not bad for spending almost two weeks in diapers 24/7 then trying cold Turkey to go back to being out of diapers. The next couple weeks I had a one accident walking home from school, but that was fixed when I just put a note in my locker to remind me to pee before I leave school even if I don’t feel like I have to go. Mom canceled the doctor's appointment she made as other than the one bed wetting and one time walking home from school I was back to normal. Every couple weeks on a Friday night mom would let me wear a diaper to bed, and I would run around Saturday morning in it with Jack. It was kind of like a treat for doing well in school. Other than that I was only allowed to wear a diaper if we went on a long trip somewhere, or to a concert, ball game, etc. Once I turned 18 I had a job working part time and bought my own diapers. Mom said she really did not want me to wear them all the time as it would make me lazy. I told her I understood but it is my life and I am 18 now. Please understand. Mom said but your under my roof. I said ok mom…..So what I ended up doing was wearing diapers to bed every night and in the morning I put them in a plastic bag and stuck them in my backpack to take to school or work with me that morning. On Sundays I would put the wet diaper in the bag up on my closet shelf in the back so it would not be found until I could get it out of the house. This worked for me until summer when I graduated. I did talk my mom into letting me wear a diaper to graduation and she agreed. Summer was not so easy to get away with wearing. I tried to not wear my first night. I could hardly get to sleep with nothing between my legs. And that morning I woke up in a soaked bed that I had to clean up. So my goal now was to figure out how to talk my Mom into letting me wear at least at night. That night I sat Mom and Dad down and said look. Please don’t get upset with me. I am 18 now, and mostly responsible for myself. I have also been wetting the bed more often now than before. I have to wear diapers at night as I am tired of washing my sheets and clothes, and it is raising your water bill too. Dad chimed in right there and said well if you need diapers what is the problem? You have a job buy them. Mom looked at him and said well…..I told her a while ago she was not to wear them, it is going to make her more lazy and she will never get out of them. I said but mommy, it is my problem now and I am sure I will get back out of them soon enough. Dad said honey, it is not hurting anything or anyone and it is saving our washing machine and water bill. Mom reluctantly agreed and said she would say no more about it. She walked in the kitchen and went back to making dinner. Dad winked at me and said happy? I said yes, thank you daddy. He said now go buy yourself some diapers. I said I will right now thanks. I couldn’t tell him I already had a case in my room. Ha Ha. The good thing is now when I order them online I can have them shipped to my house instead of to the fedEx store for me to have to pick up. Diapers make my life so much easier and less stressful. I have a feeling Jack will be in diapers also for a very long time.
  13. Chafing!

    Thanks, I am getting some maybe today to try.
  14. Chafing!

    is this the stuff? https://www.cvs.com/shop/coloplast-sween-moisturizing-cream-prodid-1080244?skuId=586177
  15. I found out (censorship-related)

    The biggest problem I see coming with this is not only the fact that many sites will be blocked, but also the fact that people are not comfortable giving credit card information, or what ever other crap your government will demand as proof of age and it will be kept on a data base....that can be hacked. The other issue I don't like (Thank you May! ) is that the government decides what you are and are not allowed to see. I happen to provide content to two of the diaper web pages there in the UK on occasion. And honestly I am worried about what is going to happen with both of them. Not only for possible loss of membership, but also in then still being able to shoot things. Maybe for now nothing will change, but in time what is going to be the next step? I did not know that role playing as non-adults was not legal there. I know when I had my web page up and was selling my photo sets and video's as well as on YouTube (and even still on my Facebook group) a large percentage of my sales came from the UK. Not as high as the U.S. but second, with Canada being 3rd. I was surprised to also see on my list of demographics Mexico, China, S. Korea, Germany, Australia. Anyhow that is off subject. My point is, for now it is stricter age verification and just like here in the U.S. they take away your rights and freedom's in the name of "Safety" which is total bull shit. They know the people won't stand for them saying "I don't like it so you can't do it" so instead they appeal to the people's ignorance.......and in some ways stupidity by saying "safety" of those concerned. As you say get a VPN and break right through it. Hopefully is that easy! for people.