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  1. A Typical Day

    Thank you!
  2. Diapers

    I have not done it in a while, but I used to go to Target after drinking a lot of water. Make a purchase while standing in line having to go so bad it was leaking out. I would then wet my jeans completely on the way to my car. People give you the strangest looks.
  3. Diapers

    It is, but still less messy to just wear diapers all the time!
  4. Diapers

    I used to carry a thick bath towel and big plastic garbage bag in my car before I wore 24/7. Then if I had one of those moments I would just put the plastic bag on my seat, sit on the folded up towel and pee my pants driving home.
  5. Longest time in a single diaper?

    13 hours one night. I put on a Foresite diaper at 3 PM just after I clocked in. I clocked out at 3:30 AM and drove home. That diaper was so thick by the end of my long shift I could hardly walk. When I took it off the Ammonia smell was horrible but it worked, I wet a lot and my uniform pants stayed dry. No one knew. My skin was a little irritated but not bad.
  6. Confdry diaper tape.

    Yep, I wear them at work also, and at home running around the house in just the diaper and a shirt! I love them also. They remind me of the Pampers I used to wear in High school. White plastic that is soft and comfy. Only these hold way more! LOL
  7. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    Angela, I did not know that was you. That is awesome. I believe you 100%. I see no reason for your information to be anything but very true. That is cool that you know people in the industry. As a videographer myself and used to be a bus driver and an Extra now and then in movies, I find the industry very interesting and sometimes wish I could get deeper into it. I would love to be a diapered camera man shooting the shows, or even just an editor playing with the software splicing the footage where it needs cutting between shots, or for the low budget shows like Star Trek Next Gen was only shot with one camera, putting the shots together and adding the special effects. One of the first times I ever tried to shoot green screen was with Kitty and I sent her to the Enterprise Transporter room and then to the Deck in her diaper for Diapergal.com. I was just learning to light and shoot green screen then but it was so much fun. The editing was a challenge though. But I learned so much. I want to do it again only better this time. But I am kind of retired from shooting with diaper girls now. Who knows what the future may hold! Anyhow it is a pleasure to chat with you, and I appreciate any and all information you shed light on. And I do believe 100% that there are several on set in a diaper or at least pee pad. When we shot Telling Lies in America I was diapered, but it was not because they asked me to be. It was because I spent hours on end on the street waiting for scenes to be shot that I was not in, and the trailers were in the flats about 2 miles away from where we were shooting. Not wanting to miss anything, I choose to diaper up thick and not leave more than 3 times to change my diaper. We started shooting at noon, and some days did not wrap up until almost 3 AM. Talk about tired. My hair and make up person had to put stuff on my face to get rid of the dark circles on my eyes! LOL but I would do it again if I could!
  8. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    Yeah, I can't remember now where I read it, but it was talking first about the Olsen twins on full house and even later in one of the movies, and then talked about some other shows too. I will see if I can find the article and post it if I can. I know it was interesting to read.......While I am looking, There is also a thread on the ADIC.org forum from a person who was family to an agent or something like that, and she said this "...............................(I will inject here that while I was on set for the movie "Telling Lies In America" with Kevin Bacon I was never offered or asked about wearing diapers. But I was never on a TV production. And I can't speak for the legitimacy of this poster that I have copied and pasted below) When the Olson twins were cast on FULL HOUSE they were little kids. There is no evidence they were not toilet trained. So were the older kids in the cast. One "secret" that has been leaked for years is that the cost per minute of production time even back then is over US$1,000. Do the math and calculate the cost should anyone need to stop filming for an unscheduled toilet break? Remember, under labor law and SAG union rules, performers under 18 may only be on set a certain number of hours a day. Sure the Olsons were twins, but the other minors in the case were not. Going back to silent movies it is common Hollywood practice to diaper younger performers. By the time of FULL HOUSE disposables were slim and discreet. The fact a whole lot of performers have worn diapers while on set does not mean they were not toilet trained or that they are ABDL. My husband Don was a child actor in New York City network radio starting in 1936 when he was 4 and had been toilet trained 2 years. Radio was live, so he was asked to wear cloth diapers and rubber pants under his clothing. Don says he did wet a few times. Missy, my youngest sister, is a union costume designer who won awards for a series which ran many seasons. One of the lead actresses was only 14 and playing 16 during filming the pilot. She came to Missy privately and said her bladder was small, so could Missy disguise some sort of diaper in her costumes. Eventually that young woman wore a lot of bikinis on the series, but the rest of the time she had at least a slip-in pad just in case ...................................................................... My best friend, other than my sister Missy, is Peggy, currently about 39. Her father used to be a very famous movie producer. Her mother was the trophy much younger wife, a former actress. Even before the divorce Peggy's mom was making a success as an agent for child performers in Hollywood. While a baby Peggy was a still photo model, so then she was still not toilet trained. Her Mom was disappointed Peggy had no twin, so she could start on TV very young. That did not happen until Peggy was 5, meanwhile having been toilet trained. Peggy tells me she was very surprised even for the audition her Mom expected her to wear a Pampers under her dress. She remembers her Mom telling her all the other little girls would be diapers as well. Peggy believes this because about half of them were represented by her Mom. From then on be it a guest star, recurring or series regular, until Peggy stopped acting at 17 her Mom always expected her to wear a diaper under her costume. The union costumer ladies acted as if this was normal. Peggy says by the time she was 12 fewer and fewer of the other gals her age always wore diapers on the set. The ones who did were represented by her Mom. Peggy was often in the room when her Mom gave a sort of pep talk to prospective child performers and their parents. The reason for diapers was always made clear. Virtually every TV series produced in Hollywood from 1968 to the present which included child performers had some of her mother's clients in the cast. I have talked to Peggy's Mom many times. She says she had to make friends with the Southern California Pampers factory representative in a constant search for effective yet quiet and discreet disposables. Minutes ago I checked with Peggy's Mom about Full House. She never represented the Olson twins, but knew their mother and agent. Always when either were diapered at the studio the diaper was covered with panties. A lot of care was taken by the costumers to be sure the diaper was disguised. So, in the YouTube clips whichever twin is shown was diapered but the diaper itself is hidden.
  9. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    I agree, It could be medical indeed. I for one am not ABDL. I wear both for medical as well as I like diapers. But I don't get into the AB scene. And yes, the images that do still work are indeed diapered. I also read somewhere that a lot of TV shows that are lower budget also strongly encourage actors and actresses ( especially younger ones) to be diapered on set so they can get the shooting done without many breaks because time is money and it does cost a fortune to produce shows.
  10. A Typical Day

    That is lovely, But 74 USD (63 Euro) for one? That seems a little too much! More than I can spend. I will just stay in my footed pajama's over my diaper!
  11. Wetting In Public

    It is very much a case of Security and comfort. I find I am also a calmer person once I started wearing 24/7. Diapers are awesome!
  12. Confdry diaper tape.

    The Dry24/7 diapers do run very large for the sizing. I can squeeze into Medium's myself but can't wear medium in any other diaper. Maybe you need a small?
  13. Wetting In Public

    Yes, it will take some time to relax enough and get your brain to just trust it and let it go. Walking while peeing is very difficult. Standing and sitting will be the easiest for sure. As to your SO That might be a hard sell for the fantasy part, but letting him see the diapers might be a start, and then you letting him know that they are really going to save the car seat, the couch, the carpet, the bed, etc. and please just accept it. I am sure he will. Asking him to change you or any fantasy fun.............that will depend on his personality. My ex wife hated diapers so much....yet she would pee her pants at least 2 times a week. She would not even wear pee pads? I don't get it! But what ever, she is my ex now and that was part of the reason. I was in diapers and she hated it
  14. Confdry diaper tape.

    Ideally I guess they say the bottom tapes should slightly point up wards.........at least some diaper companies say that. I never manage to do it and have not had any issues. Make sure also that your wearing the right size diaper for your body too. The top tapes I usually just put straight on.
  15. Wetting In Public

    LOL Coconut is a pleasant smell to have! Yeah, if you can get away with wearing thick good quality diapers, you will be very happy. It will make you lazy though as you will sit there at lunch with your friend, and all of the sudden have to go, and you will find yourself just relaxing and letting it all out at the table and not even bothering to get up to use the bathroom at all. It is just easier than wetting yourself and still trying to get to the bathroom. I will never understand people who wear little pee pads because you leak only so much and you still have to get to a toilet or it is all down your pants anyhow. My doctor told me a while ago that I should look into Men's pee pads. I learned really quickly that they are for those leak's on the way to the toilet, and I then had to change it after I got there.....and if the bathroom was not around I had wet pants anyhow.....at that point I decided I might as well just wear diapers and use them not bothering with trying to get to the bathroom ever again.....and it has worked out nicely for me! A diaper leak usually is much less than just plain peeing your pants because the diaper at least absorbs a majority of your accident. But no diaper leak is obviously the ideal thing! A good snug fit around your legs with diapers that have elastic there and leak guards usually will do the trick quite well. I also find though, that after I have wet my diaper a couple times, I am better off standing for any more wetting's as my rear end acts like a dam while sitting and if the diaper is already wet, it won't absorb more and needs to wick the wetness toward the back but can't fast enough. Standing allows this to happen well, give it a couple moments to absorb in and then sitting back down works well. Just a little thing I have found in my few years experience wearing diapers 24/7.