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  1. diaperedboilerman

    Inexpensive diapers

    Yeah they are just wonderful until you have to actually use them or have them on for a few hours and the padding is all wadded up and torn apart. You wet it and you feel wet and uncomfortable. If your just a DL who needs a cheap diaper to wear they are great for a while. I am a DL who also needs them and around the house with a booster in them they can be usable, but at work, they freaking fall apart to quickly and are very uncomfortable. It is sad how the health care industry, who it seems has never worn a diaper, has decided what people need, and thus those are produced and all that is covered by insurance. Irritates me too that anyone who might be thinking about trying diapers for the first time for need will walk into a store and buy some cloth backed pull up because that is all they sell, and put it on, wet it and when the pee is running down their legs they give up and go for drugs instead to help. It is like the diaper industry is trying to keep people not wanting to use diapers. SMH. Anyhow I am glad you found those cheap and they are working for you for now. Hopefully that continues. I recommend you try the Attends with waist band 6 tab diapers too if you like really crinkly!
  2. diaperedboilerman

    The Trip To See My Cousin

    Angela, Thank you so much for your kind words about this story. I actually kind of wrote it with you in mind with the "just in case diapers". But as I can't relate to the cloth or Gauze diapers (even though I am quite sure that is what I was in as a baby in 67 to 69) I just can't remember. The best I recall is my younger sisters in Pampers. As the oldest of 7 kids, I got to see lots of diapers and had many chances to take them and wear them. And if Mom ever found me with them I would have been severely punished I am sure. Anyhow yes, My stories tell pretty much how I wish I was raised, or how I would raise my own children. They would be daytime potty trained by the age of 5, and would night time potty train themselves if they wished. They would stay in diapers anytime we went for a trip or to the mall for a few hours, and if they wished around the house playing. There is nothing wrong with staying in diapers after potty training for convenience or need. It helps relieve stress, and it is nice for a kid of what ever age to be able to play and now worry about having to stop to go pee, and it is better for them sleep wise to not have to get up at 3AM in the dark to go pee and then have sleep broken. I should think about a second story with this one also. But sadly this makes three stories now that I need to continue with and I seem to only be able to write when I am in the mood, and when I get in the mood, I already have a story idea I want to work with and once done I am out of time to dig up an old one to continue. But hopefully that will change and I will be able to get back to them.
  3. diaperedboilerman

    The Trip To See My Cousin

    Thank you. That is a great question. Will have to see if they visit again where things are at!
  4. diaperedboilerman

    The Trip To See My Cousin

    The Trip To See My Cousin Walking through the backyard to get to my bike I find a swimming pool that is empty. This makes me angry as I want to go swimming with my bike. Wait I can’t swim with my bike! ‘How silly is that’, I say to myself, as I sit on the front porch of the house when something hits me in the shoulder startling me. I hear, “Wake up, Honey…Come on, Patricia, wake up we have to leave soon”. I open my eyes looking at the ceiling in my room as my Mom is nudging me on the shoulder. I yawn and stretch and smile at Mommy as she pulls the blankets off me. She checks my diaper and it is really wet again, as it has been a few nights this week. She un-tapes it and pulls it out from under my bottom and helps me stand up. Mom tells me to try to go potty and brush my teeth, so I can get dressed so we can leave. I stroll into the bathroom and sit on the potty. Some pee comes out as I start to fall back asleep sitting there. I am doing the best I can for 8 years old this early in the morning. Mom bangs on the door, which startles me awake. She then comes in and hands me a dress and some cute socks to put on. I get off the potty and flush it, as I watch the water go down because it is really cool. Then I brush my teeth and put on my dress and socks. I come down stairs and tell Mommy, “You forgot my underwear and I can’t go with no underwear on, Mommy.” Mommy informs me, “We are going on a long car ride and you might fall asleep so you are going to wear just in case diapers for the trip out there.” I said, “But Mommy, you said diapers are for bed only.” She said, “But, Patricia, if you fall asleep in the car, you are just like in bed right?” I thought for a moment and agreed with her as I sat at the table to eat some breakfast and drink some juice. Once finished I got up and walked into the living room where Mommy told me to lie on my back on the floor near her. She flipped my dress up, raised my legs and slid a night time diaper under me, sprinkled cool powder on me, and then diapered me up. I like it when she puts powder on me. It feels cold but soft and smells good too. Mom helped me stand up. Dad told me to head to the car and that he would help me into the seat and buckle me up in a moment. So, I walked over and put my shoes on and walked to the car and stood there waiting on Daddy. He came out and opened the car door. I crawled into my seat. Daddy buckled me up and then loaded the things in the back of the car. Soon Mommy came out and we headed off. I told her, “I want something to do.” So she dug in her bag and pulled out my I-Pad that has my videos and some games on it. I took it from her, turned it on and started playing one of my favorite games. We were sailing down the fast road for a long time as I played my games and I was starting to have to pee. It was bad but the feeling went away sometimes too so I could ignore it for a while. Mommy and Daddy were talking about something in the front seat and I could not hear them well enough to know what they were saying. Soon my need to pee had me wiggling in my seat. I paused my game and said, “Mommy!” She turned around and looked at me. “Mommy, I have to pee badly,” I said. She said, “Ok, can you hold it?” I said, “Maybe, but it hurts,” as I wiggled in my seat and held myself. Mommy said, “Just use your diaper, Honey, I will change you when we get there”. I said, “Ok, Mommy,” relaxed and felt the sweet relief of pressure on my bladder go away as my diaper got all warm. I went back to playing my game. Another several minutes when past and I found myself feeling sleepy. I turned the game off and set it on the seat, laid my head back and fell asleep. Startled by a bump in the road, and the change of sound as the car slowed down, I woke up to see we were getting off the fast road and were in some strange place I did not know. I had to pee again and told Mommy again that I had to pee. She said, “We are almost to your cousin’s place, just hold on.” I said, “Ok,” and held it while looking out the window. We drove down a main street, then through some curvey side roads. My need to pee was getting stronger and stronger. I grabbed at my crotch to hold myself but the diaper was thick and kept me from getting the secure feeling I needed. I clenched my muscles and the pressure went away. I could relax some now for a little while until my bladder contracted again. I know how this works and this is usually when I have an accident if I don’t get to a bathroom. But, we are almost there so I will be ok. In short time we pulled into a driveway and all got out and stretched. Some guy came out of the house and gave mommy a big hug and shook Dad’s hand. A girl my age came out and walked up to me and said, “Hello.” I said, “Hi,” to her. Mommy said. “Lisa, I would like you to meet Patricia. You two are cousins.” I said, “Hi.” Lisa immediately told me how cool my I-pad was. I showed her some of the things I had on it and she was impressed. Somehow my severe need to pee was now gone and far from my thoughts as Lisa invited me into her room so I could see some of her things. She pulled out a really cool game and told me how much fun it was to play. I said, “I want to play that, can we do it now?” Lisa nodded and pulled it out. She sat on the floor and I sat across from her with my legs spread apart as we put the game board between us on the floor. As she was teaching me to play the game all of the sudden, out of nowhere, I had to pee so bad. I actually stopped breathing for a moment and felt pee start coming out of me. I wanted to close my legs so I could squeeze my bladder muscles and the game was in the way and so was one of her feet lying against mine. I could feel the warmth running under my bottom as the flow of pee just kept getting stronger and stronger. I tried squeezing my muscles but the flow would not stop. I gave up knowing I was peeing my pants and there was nothing I could do. Lisa surely would make fun of me. I looked down at the floor to see how bad the puddle was and then remembered I was wearing a diaper. I was so relieved, as I looked back up at her. She was just staring at me and asked, “Are you ok?” I told her, “I’m fine; why?” She said, “You were making a funny noise, your face turned red and you looked down at the floor.” I told her, “It was nothing. I was just trying to think of something.” We went back to playing the game and it really was a lot of fun. Once the game was finished we headed downstairs to chat with the adults. Mommy called me over to her and said, “We need to go upstairs and change you. Do you still have to go potty?” I said, “No, I didn’t make it.” Mommy said, “It’s ok, that is what diapers are for.” She excused us. We walked upstairs and into one of the bedrooms. Mom removed the tapes from my diaper under my skirt and the diaper dropped to the floor very heavy and full. She got out some wipes, cleaned my skin off, then pulled out some panties and slid them on me. Mommy took my wet diaper to the trash can in the bathroom and we walked back downstairs. The adults were talking about going out to eat and then on a hike in the woods after to see the huge waterfall they have here. So we all packed into their van and headed to a nice restaurant to eat. I ordered chicken and French fries and it was pretty good. Once finished eating we piled into the van again and took a drive to the park. We had to hike this long trail deep into the trees to get where we were going. I started to feel as though I should have gone potty before we left the restaurant. I had to pee again and pretty bad. Every time we stopped I was kind of dancing and grabbing myself. Standing still was not an option at this point. The pressure was getting to me. But as long as we kept walking I didn’t have to hold myself or dance. However, every time they stopped moving, I had to keep moving. Mommy looked at me and then looked away. As we approached the waterfall I leaned over the railing to see it. It was huge with so much water coming over it I could not believe it. Another strong wave hit my bladder and I quickly rammed my hand into my crotch and backed up off the railing walking in circles. Lisa looked at me and asked, “What's the matter?” I said, “I have to pee so bad right now.” She said, “Oh, I am sorry, the bathrooms are way back at the parking lot.” There were lots of people around taking pictures and talking. I was focusing so much on my bladder and keeping my legs moving that I was not even enjoying the waterfall. Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the railing to show me a huge bird in its nest. As he did that it startled me and pee filled my panties and a small stream ran down the inside of my right leg. Dad pulled me around in front of him and lifted me up onto the railing so I could see the bird better, but in doing so he forced me to concentrate on getting my balance on the railing and my bladder let go. As Daddy held me in place, and my feet were together on the railing, I was peeing full force in my pants and down my legs. Daddy didn’t even notice at first but Mommy did. She walked over and told Dad to put me down. He did and that is when he saw the puddle at his feet. Mommy said, “Just finish peeing now in your pants. There’s no sense in holding any more in.” And I did just that. I stood there and finished peeing my pants. My dress stayed mostly dry and Mommy took me behind a big tree and removed my wet panties. Lisa said, “I’m so sorry.” I said, “Thank you. And, we all headed back to the van. When we returned to their house mommy took me upstairs to the room again and got out a wipe and cleaned me up. She told me, “I only brought one pair of panties for you because we are only staying one night and you just wet them. Do you want to go with no panties on?” I said, “NO WAY MOMMY”. She said, “Then the only choice I have is buying you some diapers to wear.” I said, “Ok Mommy, do that”. Mommy rummaged in the bag and dug out one of the other two diapers she had brought, one for me tonight and one for tomorrow, and put it on me. We came downstairs and she told Daddy we had to go shopping before bed time tonight or at the latest first thing in the morning. My cousins dad said, “Target and Walmart are the only two stores in the area, what do you need?” Mommy said, “I have to get some personal things for Patricia.” He said, “Ok I’ll drive you there.” Daddy said, “I can find it.” But Lisa’s dad insisted they all go. So off we went, myself included, to buy diapers for me. Daddy said, “I hate Walmart and will never shop there.” So we went over to Target. Mommy always buys my diapers online. Those fit me really well for bedtime. But Target does not have those. Mommy measured my waist line and bought a huge box of Target Up and Up Overnight size 6 diapers. Lisa’s dad asked, “Who are you buying the baby diapers for?” Mommy pointed to me saying, “She wets the bed sometimes.” I was embarrassed. I wish people would mind their own business but he was so insistent. We went and looked at a couple of other things, checked out and went back to the car. On the way home I had to pee again but this time I did not bother to try to hold it. I relaxed and peed right there in the seat in the van in my diaper. It felt nice to be sitting there peeing and no one knew but me. We arrived home and went into the house. Lisa took me back to her room to play another game she had. I never had so much fun at someone's house before than here. The night went on and I found myself not even paying attention to my bladder, but just freely peeing in my diaper as we played without a second thought. Before I knew it, the sun was down and Mommy was knocking on the door telling me it was almost bedtime. We finished up the last part of the game and Mommy had me come into the spare bedroom. She laid me on the bed to change my diaper. Mommy said, “There is ice cream before bed tonight if you want some.” I was like, “Um…”Yes!!!!!!” Mommy handed me a long night shirt to put on first, then I ran down stairs, joined Lisa getting a bowl of ice cream and we guzzled a glass of water down with it. Up to bed we went. Mommy tucked us in for the night. I got to sleep in a sleeping bag in Lisa’s room with her. So we stayed up pretty late talking etc. Before I even fell asleep I wet my diaper again and shortly after that we drifted to sleep. During the night I remember waking up one time. I was already peeing in my diaper. As usual I just stayed relaxed and finished and fell back to sleep. The next thing I know Lisa’s mom is calling us from the bedroom door to wake up and come get some breakfast. Lisa sat up in her bed and stretched and I flipped the covers off of me not realizing my nightshirt had ridden clear up to my belly totally exposing my soaked diaper. Lisa’s eyes got really huge. She pointed and said, “What is that?” I said, “What is what?” as I looked down and embarrassment hit me full force. She asked, “You still wear diapers?” I looked at the floor and wanted to vanish into thin air. Lisa then said, “My Mommy finally told me I didn’t need diapers anymore about a year ago, but sometimes I still wet the bed.” I looked up at her with some relief in my mind. I said, “Really?” Lisa nodded and said, “I gotta pee bad. These are the times I miss not wearing diapers and being able to just use them,” as she ran out of the bedroom. I giggled as I relaxed and wet my diaper again. She returned and we went downstairs to eat. Mommy asked, “How are you doing?” Lisa said, “She’s really wet, you should change her.” Mom looked at me and my face turned red and I nodded in agreement. “So you know about her ah, Lisa?” Mommy asked. Lisa said, “Yes, I got out of my diapers a while ago but still wet the bed sometimes.” Mommy asked, “Patricia, do you want to be changed now, or to eat first?” I told her, “I am soaked but I am already here now. Please change me after.” And I started eating. Once done eating, Mommy took me to her room, laid me on the bed and removed my soaked diaper. She opened the package of Target Up and Up Overnight diapers and told me, “These will be tight on you. I don’t know how much they hold, so we have to watch them. They might leak.” I said, “Ok, Mommy” as she wiped me clean and then slid one of the Target diapers under my bottom. She powdered me up and wrapped the diaper on me. It was much smaller than the diapers I had been wearing. Mommy pulled the side tabs around me and they were pretty tight on me. But that diaper didn’t even show at all. It was like super thin compared to my other diapers. It was cute too with little designs on it. I stood up and it was tight but not uncomfortable. Mommy handed me some shorts to wear and a long shirt. I slid the shorts over my diaper and buttoned them up. They were almost loose on me. I put on the shirt and went downstairs. The plan was to go to miniature golf together and then we would eat and head home. Mommy put 4 of my new diapers in her purse and we headed out. Miniature Golf is fun. We got through about the first 5 holes and the next thing I knew I was peeing. I got an urge to go and I was going just like that. The diaper had now swollen between my legs a fair amount but it was not full and did not feel bad. We continued the game to the end and then I told Mommy that I had wet one time. She walked me into the ladies’ room, pulled down my shorts, put her fingers all round my diaper in the top, in the back and down under my bottom. She said, “The diaper is definitely not full yet so let me know when you wet it one more time and we will see how it is.” I nodded as she pulled my shorts back up and we headed out to meet up with the others. We ended up going to a spaghetti place to eat. On the way home I wet my diaper again and this time it felt kind of wet but I checked and no leaks. When we got to my cousin’s house Mommy said, “Let’s go get our stuff, come help me.” So I followed her upstairs. She asked if I wet again and I said, “Yes, in the van on the way home.” Mommy laid me on the bed, pulled my shorts down and removed my wet diaper. She said, “Yep, looks like it is good for you to wet at least two times. Hopefully this works to get you through the night too but if not we have your other diapers still at home.” I said, “Mommy, what if this diaper does leak at night? I know I pee at least two or three times at night in it.” Mommy said, “Patricia, then you can just wear them in the daytime if you want until they are used up.” I smiled and said, “Ok Mommy.” Mom got me diapered up. I put my shorts back on. We grabbed the boxes of stuff and our clothes etc and loaded the car. The trip home was pretty much like the trip there only it was late afternoon instead of early morning. By the time we got home I had wet my diaper two times in the car with no issues and then wet a third time after getting out of the car. Now the diaper had swelled up huge and heavy. It was sagging down and causing a very noticeable bulge in my shorts too. I told Mommy I needed to be changed again. She said, “Just go take it off and put on your underwear.” I looked at her and asked, “May I please just wear another diaper for today. I mean it is almost night anyhow now.” She looked at Daddy and he shrugged his shoulders. She looked back at me, “Help us get this stuff in the house, and then I will change you.” So we dragged all of that stuff into the house, and then Mommy changed my diaper. I came down and watched TV with Daddy and really loved the feeling of peeing in my diaper sitting on the couch and no one knew what I was doing. At bedtime Mommy put another of the Size 6 Target Up and Up Overnight diapers to test to see if it would get me through the night. By morning my sheets were soaked. Mostly because I wet two times at night, but when I woke up at 8 I was too lazy to get out of bed and go pee so I peed again in the diaper and it was too much. But, that allowed Mommy to see when those diapers do not work. So now I get to wear them until I use up 42 diapers. Hee hee. True to Mom’s word, anytime I was not in school she let me wear diapers. It really is nice to have the convenience of wearing diapers and being free to pee anytime, anyplace. I do believe if I ever stop bed wetting, I will continue to wet my diaper on purpose so Mommy keeps me in diapers until I am old enough to buy my own. My issue now is how to convince Mommy and Daddy to buy me more of these daytime diapers, or how to get money to buy my own. I had time to formulate a plan. That box of diapers had 42 diapers in it, and I can wet each one two times safely, so if I cut back on my liquids I can wear these diapers for a long time. About a week into wearing diapers almost full time Mommy came into the room and told me, “Please come back upstairs for a moment, Patricia.” She told me, “If you want to wear the Target diapers until they are gone you will have to learn to put them on yourself. They only have one tab on each side so they can’t be that hard.” Mommy removed the wet diaper I had on and handed me a new one and talked me through putting it on myself. After a couple tries it was not hard at all. Little does she know, she just empowered me to continue my quest to wear diapers all the time again. Now I know what to buy and how to put them on. All I need is to get the money to do it. As my diaper stash began to run down I was panicking. I had asked Daddy to pay me to wash his car and mow the lawn, etc. But he would not do it. He said, “I was too young yet and it is not a girl’s place to mow the lawn.” I needed more diapers and I don’t have any money. I kept thinking hard about how to get money to buy diapers. The summer is almost over and once school starts will never have a chance to earn money. I was starting to get the realization I will just have to go back to panties during the day and only the diapers Mommy buys me for night time. The days went on and I put my last Target diaper on one afternoon. I was sad that this convenience was coming to an end. I had made it over 3 weeks of wearing diapers 24/7 and was really used to this better way of life. Just freely peeing when I had to, without a care in the world where I was or what I was doing. Watching a movie or playing a game, I never had to get up to go pee. But now…it is over! I almost got a tear in my eye as I left my room with my last daytime diaper on me. Once I had wet that diaper two times I started to go upstairs but decided to leave it on and enjoy it as long as I could. A couple hours later I had a sudden strong urge to pee and started peeing in the diaper completely forgetting I had already wet in it two times. That diaper felt really wet and heavy by the time I was done. I knew I had to change it now. I waddled upstairs and into my room, took the tapes off the sides and rolled it up and tossed it into the trash can. I cleaned myself up, put on some panties and some spandex pants. Dad and Mom announced we were going shopping at the mall and I was to get my shoes on and get to the car. I grabbed my tennis shoes and slipped them on and went to the car. At the mall we walked through a lot of stores checking out important ones like Bed Bath and Beyond for lotions etc. Once done shopping, Daddy took Mommy and me to the food court. He got Mommy and him a pretzel, bought me a piece of pizza and got us all some Coke. As we sat at the table eating I felt the instantaneous ‘I gotta pee’ and I let it out. As I was peeing I noticed something didn’t feel right. It was like the pee was not spreading under my crotch and up my front right, but instead was somehow hitting my thighs and inner legs. About that time I remembered I was no longer wearing a diaper. I was sitting in the middle of the mall peeing my pants. Dad heard the pee splashing on the floor from between my legs and looked at me as my face turned beet red. I looked down and watched the puddle between my legs slowly run off onto the floor. There was no sense in stopping my pee now. I just let it all out in my pants there on the chair. Mommy said, “PATRICIA ANN, what did you just do?” I wanted to cry. I quickly thought for a moment: ‘What can I say happened so I don’t look so stupid for forgetting I was not wearing a diaper and peeing my pants?’ My mind worked quickly and came right out and said, “I am peeing my pants because I needed to go.” Mom said, “Um…that would be what those ladies’ rooms are for,” as she pointed to one not 60 feet from us. I looked at them and looked back at her and (thinking hard now how to save my rear) said, “But, it just came out. I mean I didn’t even know I had to go and all of the sudden I feel this warmth and heard water splashing.” Daddy suggested, “You should have slowly weaned yourself off of the diapers instead of quitting them cold turkey, so to speak.” Mom looked at him and asked, “What are you suggesting then?” Daddy said, “Obviously Patricia still needs diapers for now.” I looked at Daddy in total shock at what I just heard. I looked at Mommy as she said, “But, I think it will just keep enabling her to not use the toilet anymore.” Daddy asked, “How much are they?” Mommy said, “About $15 for 54 diapers.” He said, “That is about 30 cents per diaper; hardly worth caring about as she is taking care of herself anyhow.” He looked at me and asked, “Patricia, do mind wearing diapers until you get your control back?” I shook my head ‘No!’ Mommy asked, “You don’t want to wear them or you don’t mind?” I took a breath and acted all cool and said, “I guess if I need them,” as I looked down at my soaked pants. Daddy said, “We will stop at Target and get you more of them on the way home.” I said, “Thank you, Daddy.” I stood up and my pants were completely soaked. Mom suggested we immediately go straight to Target and then home. I agreed and we walked to the car. Dad got a towel for me to sit on and we drove to Target. Daddy stayed in the car with me and Mommy soon came back out with a box of the Size 6 Target Up and Up Overnight diapers. She took one out and laid me on the car seat. She pulled my soaked pants off over my shoes and my underwear. She slid a diaper under me and taped it up, sat me up in the seat and buckled me in. We drove on home and went into the house with me in just a diaper and shirt, a wet diaper as I wet it again on the way home. No more worry about how to get diapers, I just have to keep this up peeing only in my pants or diapers and it seems my parents will keep me in diapers when I do. THE END
  5. diaperedboilerman

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    Thank you!
  6. diaperedboilerman

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    Thank you Angela. I think you might be right that a sequel could be written eventually to this!
  7. diaperedboilerman

    What is the best makeshift diaper you ever made?

    Back in high school once Mom stopped buying Pampers for my baby sister, I was forced to make my own. I first tried a large amount of paper towels in a bread bag in my underwear. As long as I did not flood it most of the time it worked ok. There were a lot of times I had pee running down my leg. I also found an old bath towel cut it up and used that with a plastic trash bag. It was crude but mostly worked as long as I got the plastic part on tight around my legs with tape. As an adult I have taken bath towels and cut them out to same size as a dry24/7 in my size, and then got old wash cloths as boosters and put rubber pants over them and I was amazed I could wet at least 3 times before it pressed out sitting on my chair. But for me cloth diapers are not good. I stay too wet after I pee in them. I prefer modern disposable diapers, both Kids overnight and adult style.
  8. diaperedboilerman

    Collection on short stories : Year One at school

    Wow, amazing. Now I want to read more of your adventures! Thanks for sharing these.
  9. diaperedboilerman

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my story! LOL I wish it was. Nope, 90% of my stories are my fantasies or written about how I wish I had grown up.
  10. diaperedboilerman

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    The Family Cookout/Hookup My neighbor invited me to join them on a family cookout this past July on a Sunday in the late afternoon and then to stay for a bonfire in the evening. I was not doing anything else and was off work until Tuesday anyhow. So that Sunday I put on some black shorts and a shirt that I didn’t mind getting dirty if we played ball or something to pass the time. I brought chips and Lawson’s French Onion chip dip which is always a winner. They brought chicken, hamburger, hotdogs, and corn on the cob. Someone else brought a cooler with water, Coke, Juice, and other things in ice. They were meeting up with his brother and his wife and kids and then also invited a couple others along. So we ended up with like 6 kids from about 7 to 14 and a bunch of adults both male and female. The kids were running around and playing ball, and on the swings etc. while the adults were breaking out the drinks. There is supposed to be no drinking in the park but I noticed a few bottles of some light yellowish colored drink that didn’t look like what was supposed to be in them. I suspect later some of us are going to be a little happier than normal. One lady I took particular interest in; Theresa was about 40, brown hair with blond streaks in it down past her shoulders and curled on the sides of her face, pretty makeup, maybe 120 pounds and about 5 foot tall. She brought her two daughters along with her. All three of them were dressed in tight black shorts and t shirts and flip flops for shoes. I thought it was pretty cool that they all dressed alike. I started talking with Theresa and we got to know each other as she handed me a bottle of water from the cooler. My neighbor got the grill fired up and started putting the meat and corn on it to cook. Theresa and I chatted for quite some time and found out that we had some things in common like we both went to the same school growing up and even lived about 6 blocks apart but never knew each other then. Me being older I didn’t really have much to do with kids in lower grades than me anyhow. And in the small city we lived in there were so many houses and other kids you just didn’t know anyone that didn’t live on the same few blocks around your house or who were not in your classes in school. Theresa has two daughters one 8 and one 10 and she is divorced. Once dinner was cooked I walked her up to the grill and we got our food and came back to the table to sit down and eat. She yelled for her daughters to come eat, and they all came running up and took chips from her plate and giggled and then got their own food. The girls joined us at the table. The 8 year old asked me all kinds of questions about me and told me all about her class at school and how much fun it was. After dinner the girls walked off toward the path behind Theresa and stopped by a tree. The 8 year old squatted down right in plain sight of me and began peeing through her shorts onto the ground right there beside the tree. I could not miss what she was doing only because she was sort of facing me. Once finished she stood up and walked over to her sister who was now leaning with her back against the tree, and her legs crossed out in front of her and I could see what looked like a stream hitting the ground behind her feet. I could swear that she was peeing her pants too. When done they walked on down the path away from us. I looked at Theresa and said, “Um…...Maybe I shouldn’t say anything but……...I think your daughters both just peed their pants by that tree?” Theresa turned and looked but the girls were gone. I said, “They just walked off down the path, you missed them.” She said, “That’s okay; their pants will dry. Kids will be kids.” So, I dropped it. As we continued talking, in the back of my mind I found it interesting that they must have been taught to do that. That thought quickly left me as Theresa asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with her. I agreed it would be nice. So we got up and started walking the same direction her daughters had walked. Part way down the path I reached over and held her hand and she held mine back and smiled at me. As we reached the river we stood there looking at it and I leaned over and kissed her. She returned my kiss very passionately and snuggled in my arms. After a short while she said, “Here, let's sit down in the grass and watch the river for a little bit.” So I sat down in front of her. She said the river is behind you, sit here beside me. So she sat on her bottom on the grass with her legs kind of together and up in the air bent at her knees and her feet on the grass. I sat beside her with my legs down. She was supporting herself with her hands so I could not hold her hand. She asked me what I thought about how pretty the river was and I told her it was beautiful with the sun setting on it. Theresa told me she could sit there for a long time enjoying the view. I agreed with her and looked over at her face. She smiled at me and looked back toward the river. I just happened to glance down between her legs and noticed a stream of urine coming directly through her pants between her legs onto the grass. If I had not looked down I would have never noticed this. I grabbed her leg and pulled it toward me which startled her and her pee stream stopped. Theresa looked at me with horror in her eyes and I looked back at her and said, “So…………. Now I understand why you all wore tight black shorts”. She nodded; I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back very passionately as I reached with my other hand down between her legs and gently rubbed her soaked pants on her pussy. She was peeing again and this time did not stop the flow. She said, “You’re turning me on!” I said, “Ditto” as I rubbed her in a circular motion round and round and gently stroked up and down her clit through her shorts. She pushed me off of her and stood up as the last drops of pee dripped from her shorts, and she reached for my hand. I gave my hand to her as she pulled me up on my feet and led me along the river to a place where there were bushes all around us and just sand on the ground. She began to kiss me passionately as she reached down my pants and began to gently stroke my hard cock. I backed away as I was so turned on I was not sure I could hold on. Theresa removed my shorts and my underwear. She then lay on the ground, pulling me down with her. I stood on my knees, pulled her peed shorts off and found no panties underneath; just a nice clean shaven pussy wet with pee and some of her juices. I leaned down with my tongue and began to slowly lick her inner thighs and work my way to her pussy. I worked my way around teasing her pussy and then going past it kissing and licking her and touching inside her as her body began to tighten with every touch. I then lowered my head down and started at the bottom of her pussy and ran my tongue slowly in and out of her working my way up the sides to her clit. I began to move faster and faster, side to side and then inserted my finger in her as I sucked and licked on her clit until she tensed up and squeezed her legs together on my head and then her cum soaked my finger and mouth as I backed off and let her catch her breath again. Once she recovered she sat up and took a hold of my hard cock and slowly stroked it to keep me hard. She then lay back down spreading her legs wide and told me to fill her with my cum. I leaned down directing my rock hard penis at her pussy, I rubbed it up and down on her slit to get her juices on it so it was well lubricated and I began to push myself slowly in her. Not wanting to hurt her I was slow and gentle and retracted some to work the juices down my shaft and get in her without it hurting. Once I was all the way in it was game on, I began to move in and out of her at a steady but good rate hitting her body with mine at the end of the thrust as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me tight against her as I felt myself ready to cum. Theresa said, “God I can feel you all the way in me baby, fill me up….It’s ok, do it now!” I felt her muscles tighten around my cock and her juices came out onto my balls as she was cumming again and I couldn't help myself and exploded into her. Once done I collapsed on top of her for a moment and she kissed me and held me tight as I lay there still in her, both of us now completely relaxed. She started to giggle and said I freaking have to pee again. And I felt a warm stream hitting the top of my cock and my lower belly. I kissed her and let her know I was into Omo and diapers myself as she finished peeing on me. I slowly pulled out of her now that my hard-on had collapsed and I laid on the ground beside her as she sat up and scooted back out of her puddle. She said I never meant for this to happen but God I needed it. Thank you. I leaned over and kissed her and said yeah…...Wow. She said please tell me you don’t have a girlfriend or worse a wife? I said nope, I am single. She said not anymore you're not. After that performance your mine………...that is …...if you will take me with kids? She looked down at the ground. I put my finger under her chin and raised her head and said I would be honored to be your boyfriend. She smiled so big and got up and pushed me on my back and sat on me. I said oh ….I have to pee bad too don’t sit on my bladder. She backed up and felt for my bladder and shoved hard with her fist on it as I started peeing and she said when you are with me one thing you don’t do is hold your pee mister. I laughed and said alright already, no problem as I relaxed and finished peeing. Once done we got up and she took her shirt and dried me off and herself. She was wearing two shirts so this one could be our towel. She put her peed shorts back on and put my underwear and shorts back on and we headed back to the path. I tried to fix her hair some and she brushed the sand out of mine as we walked in the almost darkness now. As we arrived they had the campfire going strong and lawn chairs out. We walked up and my neighbor said, we thought you two ran away. We laughed and I said nope, just went for a long walk. He looked at her and me and said “I had planned on introducing you two, I am glad I don’t have to play matchmaker now, looks like you already hit it off quite well.” He got a cute grin on his face and then handed us a beer in a coke bottle and said “next time get the sand off your back and fix your hair better”. He snickered and walked away. I opened hers for her and we sat in the chairs around the fire. Her daughters came over and sat with us and asked her mom if she liked me and if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and if I was going to live with them. I said well I won’t be living there right now but I will be over a lot and we can play games and watch TV and do things ok? They were happy with that and both gave me a big hug. The girls got marshmallows and put them on sticks to cook in the fire as Theresa and I sat and drank our beer. It was so peaceful but the night was getting cold. I suggested we sit on the ground where we could snuggle together and be closer to the fire. She agreed and we got up and I sat on the ground first. Theresa sat on my lap and the girls sat on either side of us. The girls were getting tired and asked if they could go to sleep there. Theresa said sure, we will wake you up when it is time to go home. They lay down on a blanket they had brought out and dozed off. I was holding Theresa’s hands in front of her belly as she sat on my lap watching the fire. The other people around were busy talking about football, and work and having more drinks and being more silly. Soon I felt this warmth spreading down my inner thighs and onto my crotch as Theresa sat there peeing her pants again. She didn’t even flinch like it was nothing for her. My pants were now soaked so I decided there was no reason not to join her and I relaxed and peed my pants there too. It was dark and both of us were in black shorts so it didn’t matter. I kissed her and held her tight to me. About midnight it was time to go. The fire was dieing down and others were leaving so we decided we better go too. She got up off of my lap and woke up her 8 year old who I could see from the blanket was laying in a puddle of pee. The blanket soaked it up pretty well but it showed in the light blue color that it was. The 10 year old was still out cold and also had peed in her sleep. She asked me if I could carry her to the car, and I agreed to do so. I got up and gently picked her up and carried her. Her pants were soaked and got my arm wet. Theresa had the blanket in one hand and the 8 year old in the other following behind me. We got to the car and she opened the back door for me to lay her in the back seat. I sat her up in the seat and she sort of woke up and put her arms around me and I kissed her forehead and then put the seat belt on her as she sort of laid back and went back to sleep. Theresa buckled the 8 year old in the front and then put her body against mine and pulled me tight up to her. She French kissed me for a while and said you know, I could use two things from you if you would please. I said what's that? She said “first it looks like I will need help getting Amanda in the house like you carried her to the car, and second I could really use another round of what we did at the river, only this time with candle light, soft music and lotion”. I smiled and said sure, I suppose I can do that. Let me get my car and meet you here. She said ok and kissed me again as I walked off. I said bye to my neighbor and thanked him for the great night. I got in my car and drove to her car. She was in it with it running. I stopped behind her and tapped the horn. She pulled out and I followed her home. Once at her house I parked behind her and walked up to get Amanda from the back seat. This girl sleeps hard. I unbuckled her and put her arms around my neck and pulled her up and out of the seat, kicked the car door closed behind me and walked to the front door where Theresa was waiting with Arial for us. I carried Amanda in and Theresa pointed the way to her room. I laid her on the bed and Arial followed us in. Theresa got two diapers out of the drawer and handed me one and asked me to diaper Arial while she took care of Amanda. Arial lay on the floor and I removed her peed shorts and then put the diaper on her and helped her up. As I finished Theresa was just stretching the diaper tapes into place on Amanda. She covered her up and turned the light out. We tucked Arial into bed and both of us kissed her head and she grabbed my hand as I turned to walk away. I looked back and she said Bryan, you are nice. I like you. My heart melted and I said you are nice and I like you too Arial. She giggled and said good night as we turned out the light and went to Teresa's room. She removed my clothes and then hers and walked me to the shower. Turned it on and we took a 30 minute shower together where we washed every part of each other’s body. Out of the shower still wet onto the bed I laid her on her belly, turned on the music she had set up, and lighted the candles around the room. Turned off the light in her room and began to cover her entire body with lotion starting at her feet and working my way up to her neck. Then I rolled her over on her back and started the procedure again. Once done it was my turn to take care of her pussy again with my tongue but this time I started kissing and licking from her knees up to her belly and back down teasing around her pussy and lightly tickling the inner thigh just enough to get her really turned on. I could feel as I occasionally rubbed my finger in her pussy lips that she was indeed getting wet again. I began to work my tongue in her and up the sides going round and round faster and faster stimulating her. Then I flicked and licked her clit with my tongue driving her crazy. She raised her body up as I licked my finger to get it wet and began to rub on her nub while I kept my tongue busy inside of her pussy. She again collapsed her legs against my head squeezing tightly as I felt her juices and some pee hit me in the face. She started to apologize saying she couldn't help it, and I put my finger over her mouth and said Shhhh. I went back to slowly licking around her pussy as she spread her legs wide. I then pulled myself up onto the bed behind her and gently put my hard cock into her again slowly getting her wetness all over me so it would not hurt her going in. Then once in I banged her in and out and for a couple minutes this time until she began to cum again and I let loose filling her again with my cum and collapsing on her. She smiled and said thank you so much. I slowly pulled myself out of her and snuggled up beside her and held her in my arms. She rolled over and straddled me with one leg and rested her head on my shoulder. She whispered that she had to pee but was so comfortable in my arms she didn’t want to get up. I squeezed her tight and kissed her head. She said will you help me change the bed sheet in a little while? I said sure why not? She said good and with that I felt a warm stream of urine hitting my leg as she laid there and peed the bed. It flowed under the both of us getting us both wet and she just lay there in my arms. The music had stopped playing and the bed was starting to get cold before she decided to get up. It was now almost 3 AM. We were both so tired, as we got up and removed the peed sheet from the bed. She got the biggest wipes I have ever seen and cleaned the pee off me first then herself. And then wiped the plastic mattress protector on the bed. Then I helped her put a clean sheet on the bed, and blankets. She then went to her dresser and put a bra and night shirt on. Then handed me two different size diapers and asked if I would please diaper her for the night. I smiled and said sure. She lay down and I spread the diaper out and had her raise her bottom so I could slide the diaper under her. I then grabbed the powder off the shelf and put some on her and then diapered her up. She got up and thanked me, turned on the bedroom light, blew out the candles and then pushed me down on the bed and began to diaper me for the night too. She handed me a big night shirt that she had in the closet to put on. Then she turned out the bedroom light and guided me into bed where she snuggled with me as we both quickly fell asleep. The next morning, well more like noon, all 4 of us were a sight to see on the couch eating breakfast in very wet diapers under our night shirts. This was the start of a wonderful relationship that has lasted for years. Theresa is an awesome woman.
  11. diaperedboilerman

    Wet Stories Over the Past Couple years.

    Thank you so much Angela!
  12. diaperedboilerman

    Wet Stories Over the Past Couple years.

    yes, i wear 24/7 also and I am 51. They make life better.
  13. diaperedboilerman

    Asked To Watch Kids For The Day Got Me Back In Diapers!

    Thank you for the compliment. This makes another vote for a Sequel I guess I will have to think hard about doing it now for sure! I honestly have not yet decided if the girls are not potty trained yet because Mom is just too busy or if they have a medical need. That is why I never went further with it....Maybe as I develop a part 2 I can clarify this both for me and the readers. Again thank you so much for the kind words on my stories.
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    Diapers in secret

    I used to for years. But in the last 10 I just decided screw it. I wear diapers and I am who I am. If you don't like it, tough...If you can't deal with it then you have the problem not me! Everyone knows I wear diapers now.