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  1. diaperedboilerman

    Is this a booster?

    Yeah it is pee pad that you put in your underwear. From my experience, you might get one full wetting in it before you have wet underwear. I slice the back of them and put them in cheaper diapers to boost it!
  2. Here is a web page I have been playing with. :) 




  3. I just had to make this tonight! :)  Click here!!!!!


  4. diaperedboilerman

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    I have to agree. Cloth backed diapers are horrible in my book. They sag, they stretch, you feel wet way sooner and even cold in winter. I also find they smell sometimes and even bleed through to your clothing way before being full. I will NEVER purposely buy cloth backed diapers if I can help it. I find the Crinkle they make can be lowered if need be by certain pants like Jeans or wearing underwear or a Onesie over the diaper. And like here at work, The only time I am in a quiet place is in the halls walking from the cafeteria to my work area and if I carry a plastic grocery bag with me with something in it....any crinkle that is heard is diverted to "oh it is that plastic bag he is carrying" I wear BetterDry and Dry24/7 at work almost exclusively now. Northshore supreme at home and in bed.
  5. diaperedboilerman

    Surprising small booster pad

    Yep, Northshore has some great products and awesome customer service. I always recommend them on every social media page I am on. Try the medium boosters. they hold even more.
  6. diaperedboilerman

    How heavy do my diapers really need to be?

    I am also on that same water pill for blood pressure. I take it first thing in the morning and pee every 20 minutes all morning long. I agree with MarkSmith that Tykables is not a good diaper for long term wearing. I wear the BetterDry now when I need very long term protection. I love the dry24/7 but I find the BetterDry to do even better for me. I recommend you try them.
  7. diaperedboilerman

    Wearing Clouds

    I have to agree with you!
  8. diaperedboilerman

    How heavy do my diapers really need to be?

    I wear 24/7, and I can wear the BetterDry for up to 10 hours sometimes. I have peed as much as 5 to 6 times in them with no leaks. However once it is really wet it will press out if your sitting in a hard chair. I wear the Comfidry24/7 for up to 4 pees sometimes with no issues. Now that being said, I have OAB so my full on wettings and flooding of my diaper is probably not the amount that you would do being that your not used to wetting yourself. I would strongly recommend you try some of the thick ones. Do they actually hold without pressing out 3000 ml. Not in my experience. Infact with my body shape I can't wear a Rearz at all. They will leak on me after only 3 pees yet the betterdry I can wet 5 to 6 times in. Wearing diapers and using them a few times a week will not make you un-potty trained at all. That fear is unfounded and you need to relax and enjoy yourself. You could actually wear daily for a few hours and not become un-potty trained. As you say a store brand will be doing well to hold one full bladder. Even some of the better cheap brands like Attends etc. will not do well after one heavy wetting. But once you try a dry24/7, or Northshore Supreme, or BetterDry you will be amazed at the comfort, reliability, and capacity. I have not had a wet bed in over a year....about the time I started wearing the BetterDry to bed at night. I wet 2 to 3 times at night myself laying in bed. Good luck and give them a try for sure!
  9. diaperedboilerman

    Am I trying to convince myself?

    Yes, BPH is also on my record now. I refuse any medications. I won't even try them. Diapers are the only way. I found myself after deciding to wear them that it was just easier to wear thick ones like the Dry24/7, or better dry and looser pants and I honestly with the exception of my morning BM, I don't bother anymore to even try to get to a toilet. I was sitting here at work looking up a chart for one of the units I am working on and before I even thought about it I realized I was peeing my diaper. After over 7 years of wearing 24/7 I find it is second nature now to just wet at the first feeling of OAB instead of fighting the discomfort that the sudden and strong bladder contraction brings.
  10. diaperedboilerman

    My fantasy

    OH yeah, I can relate to some of your fantasies. I also would love to take a woman out for dinner etc. and have her pee her pants...or have her sit on my lap to do it. That would be such a turn on. But I would then also want her to be diapered for the night and just use her diaper during the night when needed. She would be very physically satisfied for doing that for me!
  11. diaperedboilerman

    Am I trying to convince myself?

    I have OAB both with and without leakage depending on my body at the moment. I have the same issues as you. It is almost painful and you can't get anything done. I feel that an official diagnosis of OAB is your card (reasonable excuse) to legitimately wear diapers 24/7. I also have Nocturia which means I pee like 2 to 3 times a night and without diapers I would get very little sleep and occasional wet bed. You now have permission with that diagnosis to wear diapers 24/7 if you want. If someone sees or finds out, you can honestly say you have bladder issues and need them.
  12. diaperedboilerman

    Has anyone tried the Attends waistband style diaper?

    I on occasion wear the 6 tab waistband ones when I need to just be protected for an hour or two. Or sometimes will put a booster in it to get more out of it. They are very crinkly and pretty thin. generally good for one full bladder emptying. With the booster I can get two easy sometimes 3 if my OAB is acting up and I void more often with less volume at a time. The 4 tab ones are super thin and one normal bladder emptying will leave you feeling wet and the diaper has to be changed. You get what you pay for with diapers. I find that even though the cost of the BetterDry, Northshore Supreme, or Dry24/7 is much higher, the fact that I can wear the diaper for up to 10 hours brings that cost right back down compared to how many Attends I would be going through a day for the same time period.
  13. diaperedboilerman

    Wearing Clouds

    I am a little confused on this also. Because when first reading it I was thinking the manufacturer in China made the diapers for them and then sold them to Rearz and others. I still think I am correct only based on part of the complaint is that these other companies sold those diapers using their name. I am not totally sure what the issue is. You could be right, or maybe we are both right. I don't know.
  14. diaperedboilerman

    Wearing Clouds

    yeah the only details we know are what is listed on that document. Will be interesting to see what happens. I know one thing, it makes me not want to buy any products from any of them. There is seriously something wrong with this country in the last 20 some years that is only getting worse.
  15. diaperedboilerman

    Wearing Clouds

    Yeah, and it really pisses me off because I can see the makers of the diapers going after the company in china for selling their product to others if they had an exclusive contract. And the reality is probably nothing will happen with them because China does not allow us to have any jurisdiction there. I know in the early 2000's several manufacturers of model train tracks got screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in molds and parts when the Chinese government decided to take the factory that made the tracks. For almost 2 years here there was no model train tracks available to purchase other than was in the train sets sold, because everyone was using this company to produce their tracks and the chinese government basically said, what is here is ours now. good bye. And none of the companies were allowed to get there molds back or anything. Nothing our government or courts could do. Anyhow I honestly have my doubts that the other companies listed in the document that were selling knew they were in the wrong because my assumption is they were marketed by the china manufacturer for sale and these other places innocently bought them. Now Rearz though...as shady as they were when they tried to copyright the name ABDL so they could have exclusive rights to sell and own anything labelled ABDL, until the community made an uproar and they stopped it, I don't know about. I have never dealt with them or talked to them nor will I ever buy their products first because of what they tried to do, and second because their products are way overpriced here in the states (partly because of the horrible shipping costs) and they just don't work on my fat ass. They leak before the BetterDry or Dry24/7 do. Must be the cut of the diaper vs my body shape. But I have personally worked with Bethany in New York and even made an advertisement in photoshop for her in the past and posted it on my web pages when I had them. She does not come across to me as the kind of person who is listed in this ridiculous law suite.