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  1. diaperedboilerman

    Amanda Don’t Drink!

    Thank you!
  2. diaperedboilerman


    I don't wear rubber pants, but I have loads of photos of me in a diaper and shirt both outside and inside some are on line. I am not humiliated by my diapers and I don't care much who knows or sees me in them with in reason. I wear them proud. They are part of who I am. Not tied up no, not my interest. I am a DL with incontinence so basically I have an legit excuse now to wear diapers and I am happy about it!
  3. diaperedboilerman

    Forsite Under The Sea

    Well, I know the Forsite original white diapers are amazing in capacity, So assuming these are the same diaper only with print they should work well. Sadly that price is just too high for me to spend on only 10 diapers even though I could wear one for like 12 hours with no issues. They are cute though and I am not and AB but would wear them! LOL
  4. diaperedboilerman

    Visiting Fairlawn/Akron area...meet up?

    Hey, Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I am in North Akron. Sadly at work now and work tomorrow afternoon too.
  5. diaperedboilerman

    Tips for wearing 24/7

    I have been 24/7 for over 8 years now for need as well as I just have always been a DL from a very young age. I wear diapers like the Northshore Megamax now under loose pants. They hold a lot and are thin but not cheap. However they bulk up quite thick after being wet and the landing zone is very loud if you are in a quiet place. So not knowing your size, I would go for something like maybe the Northshore lite which is plastic backed still but not as loud and will keep the odor controlled better than cloth backed which are perfectly quiet. If you really want to make sure no one knows, you need to try maybe the Tena Stretch as they hold a fair amount but are cloth backed and more quiet. However you will be changing more often. Two issues you are going to face, first until your bladder gets used to wetting a diaper instead of the toilet you are not going to be able to pee until you have to go really bad. This is an issue because it is then easy to fill and flood a diaper. It takes time to be able to wet easily sitting, standing, laying, and in front of people. The bigger issue you are going to face is the Poop. If you plan on using your diaper for that also you need a diaper like the better dry, dry24/7, Northshore Megamax, or some other quality one that has high leg guards and you will find sitting in it will cause leakage. And the clean up will be a big deal. I eat a lot so I poo a lot. The days I use my diaper I have to get into the bath tub, and take my diaper off there. Poo is spread all up under my genitals, and up my rear end and stuck up in my crack. Clean up is basically high pressure shower water from a removable shower head and then rinsing it down the drain of the tub. You will still find you need to wipe even after that and the diaper will smell the bathroom up. Then once cleaned up and dry, you have to carry that dirty diaper out of the bathroom to your room or diaper pail. For me I am only bladder incontinence, and so I use my diaper for poop only if I am really lazy and busy doing something.
  6. diaperedboilerman

    Nappy leaked in public

    LOL yes, he likes to curl on my lap and I only wear a diaper and shirt around the house. His claws are very sharp and he easily tears holes in the plastic of my diapers! I have to be very careful!
  7. diaperedboilerman

    Nappy leaked in public

    I have never had a pull up work for me. I won't even buy them in any brand. With real diapers I can get a nice snug fit against my body allowing for it to not leak. Pull ups just don't seem to fit tight where needed. I have had diapers leak on me in public before a few times. Once a Tranquility ATN while sitting on a city bus riding home, and once in a store my cat had poked holes in my diaper while sitting on my lap and I didn't realize it. I was in the store and wet and felt it drip down my leg. the front of my pants had a huge wet spot on them.
  8. diaperedboilerman

    MegaMax discreet wearing

    I wear them almost 24/7 now. I wear loose pants at work and no one has noticed. But you are right. By the end of my shift with a few wettings in the diaper, they are bulged and show when sitting. I also found you can press the diaper down in the front to kind of move the bulge around a little and put more between your legs but it is very thick once wet a few time. I love them though. Super strong plastic and tapes. On a side note, I experimented yesterday with putting clear packing tape over the landing zone and it quieted down the crinkle even more. But it makes the front of the diaper a little more stiff then which is not a big deal for me.
  9. diaperedboilerman

    Amanda Don’t Drink!

    Thank you for the kind words about my story! I appreciate that for sure. Thank you for your support too on my stories and how they are all clean and not inappropriate. Sometimes I worry about how my stories are taken. Some people are way too sensitive at times about things. I have had an occasional random comment from people asking me if I like kids, and I am like hell no not that way. I just like the idea that kids and adults can and should still be allowed to wear diapers because they are just a tool that can be used for convenience. I hate the stigma that idiots in society have placed on diapers and people that wear them and I fight against it when I can on Facebook, Quara, and other places. My stories are almost all fantasies that I either wish I had lived growing up, or that I wish I could live now with a woman like this current story. Anyhow as I said earlier, I can only write when I get into the right mood and am not stressed with other things in life, work, etc. I used to channel my story writing into my video's I shot with Kitty and Avery for Diapergal, and ukdiapergirls. But I am no longer shooting for them so now my creativity is going into these stories. Anyhow, thanks again for your support and enjoying my work! I really do appreciate hearing from people who like the work. It is way more rare than hearing from people who nitpick it or don't like it!
  10. diaperedboilerman

    Amanda Don’t Drink!

    Amanda Don’t Drink! Arriving home from work on Friday evening, I walked in the door, took my work clothes off, and got in the shower to clean the dirt and sweat off of me. I knew I wanted to go out but was not sure where. I was hungry, I knew that much for sure. Being a bachelor the last thing I wanted was to have to now go make dinner. So my plan was to go out for dinner and maybe hit a strip club, get some hot girls attention and a couple beers and head home to bed. I stepped out of the shower and dried my body off, got my blow dryer and dried my hair and fixed it up nice. I went into the bedroom and picked out some nice jeans and a dress shirt, made sure I had matching socks and clean underwear just because you never know. Being an average looking guy nearing 30 I still get lucky now and then. Not that I was really planning on it though. I put on some Cologne and grabbed my wallet and car keys and headed for my car. Leaving my driveway I headed for the mall where there was a large choice of restaurants. Still not even sure what I wanted, I figured as I drove around I would find something that sounded good. Arriving at the mall I passed all the usual fast food places, and steak houses and bar and grill type places. I decided I wanted more of a home cooked type meal so I went to a regular sit down restaurant. I parked my car and walked in. While waiting in line to be seated, I hear some female calling my name. “Bryan, Bryan over Here”. I look and there is my neighbor from up the street with a couple other girls waving at me to come over. So I break out of the line and walk to her table. She introduces me to the other girls named Nikki and Amanda. I took one look at Amanda and was heart struck. This girl was thin, with long flowing blonde hair, probably about 24 or so, pretty makeup on and tight black jeans with a tank top and a blouse over it. Pretty earrings in her ears and a cute necklace. My neighbor Sarah moved over, patted the seat cushion and said “here, sit with us, we are celebrating Amanda’s Birthday tonight”. I said, well I came her to get some dinner, I am starving. Sarah said “we are eating too so no worries”. So with that I sat down and struck up a conversation with Nikki first trying to not make it so obvious I wanted Amanda so badly. We ordered our food and began to eat. The table was pretty quiet for a while as we stuffed our faces. Once finished the girls all had to go pee, so I got up and let them out. When they returned Sarah sat where amanda was, and Amanda shoved me over in the booth. We laughed and had a good time for a while chatting about different things. I was trying so hard to not give Amanda too much extra attention but with her sitting next to me it was very difficult not to. She chatted with me resting her hand on my arm at times, or leaning against me when she was texting on her phone. All signs I was trying to ignore for now. Sarah then spoke up and said “we are planning to meet at the Trolley stop Bar next for a few drinks and some dancing to celebrate Amanda’s Birthday then head home, you are welcome to come with?” Amanda looked at me and batted her eyes saying “I would love it if you would come along for my birthday!” I could not resist and said sure, let me go pee and I will meet you girls there. Sarah and Nikki split Amanda’s bill and I paid mine and went to use the bathroom. When I came out they were gone. I got in my car and drove to the Trolley Stop Bar on the near westside. I parked and they met me on the sidewalk outfront. We all went in showing our I.D. at the door and headed to the bar. Nikki got a Coors light, Sarah got some sort of fruit drink with alcohol in it, and Amanda had a glass of water. I ordered a Bud Light and stood beside Amanda and began to tell her how beautiful she is. She smiled and rested her hand on my arm saying thank you. As the night went on I bought us all a peach schnapps shot, and handed them out. Amanda took hers and smelled it and then just looked at me. Sarah walked over to my ear and said “Amanda don’t drink”. I looked at Amanda and then turned to Sarah and asked Why? Sarah shrugged her shoulders and walked onto the dance floor after downing the shot. I walked over to Amanda and said “drink up babe, it’s your birthday”. She smiled and said, but…..I can’t handle my drinking and I get out of control. I said so, you have some friends here to take you home tonight, does it matter, drink up and have some fun”. She looked at me and said “you will be sorry”. I laughed and said “I doubt it” smiling back at her. I held my drink up and said “cheers…….drink up” as I took my drink and she downed hers. I said “what are you drinking?” She said “same as you, Bud Light.” I went and bought two more. We sat and talked as she and I drank our beers and I got to know a lot about her. We danced to a few slow songs but mostly sat at the table talking. As the night went on she was getting a little silly and very flirty with me. The waitress brought two more beers to our table and we continued to drink and talk. She was now sitting next to me like up against me touching me. Her speech began to slur more as she started to really loosen up and was saying funny things. It was cute though. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said I really like you, I want you to be my boyfriend. I thought to myself, you know I really love alcohol, it makes people be honest! I snickered to myself and said “I really like you also, you are so pretty” and I kissed her back, she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately on the lips. Before we knew it the waitress had replaced our beers again and it was already almost 11 PM. Niki and Sarah came and found us at the table, with Amanda pretty much almost on my lap. I had my arm around her and she was snuggled up with me drinking her beer and laughing and talking. Niki said “we are headed home now are you ready to go?” Amanda said “Ok bye and thank you for a great night, I want to stay here with him.” Sarah said “we didn’t get you a gift today, but will have one tomorrow for you.” Amanda kissed me on the cheek and said “you brought me a great gift!” Sarah asked if I minded giving her a ride home when we are done. I said “no problem.” The girls left and Amanda put her beer down and started french kissing me there at the table. She was not kidding she don’t handle her alcohol well. She then pushed the table out of the way some and straddled me facing me while sitting on my lap and we started making out. In short time I was very turned on and holding her tight as we kissed. She stopped for a moment and said “shit, I forgot I gotta piss bad”. I said you forgot? She said yeah “I kept getting distracted. I just leaked in my underwear, I gotta go……….But I don’t want to leave you”. I whispered in her ear “then don’t leave me, Just pee right here”. She giggled and said where? I said “just let it out, then I will take you back to my place later and clean you up”. She grabbed her crotch and announced “I just peed more in my pants, I gotta go”. She tried to get up off my lap but I held her tight and moved her hand from her crotch. I whispered “just let it out baby, I promise I will take care of you when we get home”. She grinned and said “you think I should?” I pointed to the bathroom and there was a long line of women dancing and holding themselves. I said “you will never make it anyhow, you already peed in your pants, your jeans are black and it is dark in here so no one will even know”. With that she leaned in and kissed me more as I felt the warmth of her hot piss soaking thru my jeans right there on the seat. We made out even more intensely as I grew very hard and turned on. I reached a point where I almost came in my pants. This girl was so hot. Another hour went past and her jeans were still damp to the touch but not dripping and I suggested we go home. She nodded in agreement and got off my lap. We walked to the door and I held her tightly mostly because she was not walking well at this point. We got to my car and I leaned her back against the door as I leaned in to kiss her and simultaneously ran my hand up her pant leg toward her crotch only to find she was standing there peeing in her pants again as we kissed. She didn’t even ask this time. I told her how hot she was as I rubbed her wet pussy through her pants as her piss cascaded over my fingers. I then opened the car door and she got in, I buckled her up and went to the driver's side to head home. As we drove she reached over and rubbed my crotch making me hard again. I told her I had to piss pretty badly now so don’t do anything till we get home. She stopped for a moment but like any drunk, her attention span was very short. Soon she was back to playing with my man hood. As she squeezed and played with it, I felt pee coming out of me. I was literally slowly peeing my pants as I was driving home. She did not stop and nor did my bladder. By the time I pulled in my driveway my pants were pretty wet down under my bottom and over my crotch. I got out of the car and when I stood up the floodgates opened. I stood there in my driveway pissing my pants full on and I could not even stop it. She got out and stumbled over to me to kiss me. I walked her into the house and we went right to the bedroom where I laid her on the bed, removed her peed pants and panties and began to go down on her right there. It did not take long at all for her to get off creaming my face. I removed my pants and underwear and tossed everything in the bathtub. I came back in the room now totally naked with a hard on and she was passed out cold on the bed. I tried to wake her but she would not come back awake. I picked her up and laid her in the bed on one side and covered her up. I went in the bathroom and took care of myself, peed again and then went to bed to snuggle with her and fell asleep. This was about 2 AM. I woke up at 5 AM with her rolled over laying on me snoring. I felt oddly kind of wet. I reached under the covers and the bed was soaked in piss. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what happened. This girl was far from done peeing for the night when I put her in bed. I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened by her moving on her side of the bed a couple hours later. She sat up and pulled the cover off which pulled it from me waking me up. I opened my eyes as it was now morning and the sun brightened the room. She was looking around at her peed shirt and naked bottom. I gently rubbed her back and said, it is ok baby, come lay with me. She said where is your bathroom, I gotta piss again. I said um…...why bother with a toilet now baby, just lay with me. The bed is already soaked. She smiled and rolled over and straddled me kissing my neck and cheek. Soon I felt her warm stream of piss running over my crotch and making me get very hard. She felt me getting hard and sat up, picked my cock up and slowly sat down on it and rode me until I came in her. She said feel better now baby? I smiled and said “hell yeah I do”. She pulled back off of me and laid back beside me. The bed was ruined anyhow, so I just laid there and pissed in the bed too. We both drifted back to sleep under the covers for another couple hours then got up and got in the shower. She looked at me in the shower, kissed me and then said “so, I told you last night you would be sorry you had me drink”. I smiled and said “ well if I will be sorry, I am still waiting for it. I am in heaven right now!” She leaned over and hugged me. She said “can I pee in the shower?” I said “baby, you never have to use a toilet again the rest of your life if you don’t want to with me.” She giggled and soon I smelled a strong scent of pee as I washed her back. It went away in no time though. Out of the shower, I found some pants that were too big for her but had a tie string, so she could tie them on her. She figured out where things were in my Kitchen, and she made breakfast and coffee for us. I put our peed pants in the washer and started it up then joined her for breakfast and coffee. We talked more and found several things about each other that we both like. We moved our coffee into the living room and turned on the TV sitting on my leather couch. We finished our coffee and she snuggled with me between my legs with my arms around her as she flipped through the channels to find something she wanted to watch as we waited for our clothes to wash. I was really liking this girl a lot. Soon a text came through and it was Sarah wanting to know if Amanda got home ok. Amanda text back that she is fine, but won't be home till tonight……...or maybe tomorrow if things go well. Sarah text back a smiley face and said, if you can’t be good, be good at it. Amanda laughed and replied that she was being very good at it. Amanda found a TV show that she loved and moved herself to sit on my lap and lay her body against mine. In no time I felt the warmth of her piss soaking into my pants as she just let it out sitting on my lap on the couch. I didn’t say a word though I was quite turned on again. I ignored it and focused on the TV. We were startled by my doorbell ringing. Amanda jumped up and opened the door. Pissy pants and all. It was Sarah who walked down the street, she looked at Amanda and then me and said “see, Amanda don’t drink”. I smiled and said “well it will be limited from now on.” Sarah looked at Amanda “is everything ok here?” Amanda came back over and sat on my lap and gave me a huge french kiss. She turned and smiled from ear to ear and replied “this is the best birthday gift you could have given me, thank you Sarah.” Sarah said “well why don’t I get you some of your special underwear you need when you go drinking like last night….and some pants to wear?” Amanda looked at me and asked “will you be mad or make fun of me if I have to wear diapers today?” I whispered in her ear “um……...I will still be just as turned on if you are walking around here in a wet diaper as I am with you in wet pants!” She smiled and nodded to Sarah who said she would be right back and walked out the door. Amanda explained that for like 24 hours after drinking she has lots of accidents. She admitted this one was on purpose because I said she never had to use a toilet again, and she didn’t plan on it while with me, but she also wears diapers to bed for the obvious reason of what happened last night. I told her I needed a new mattress anyhow. She giggled and hugged me. Soon Sarah returned with some pants and diapers for Amanda. Amanda laid on the floor and Sarah removed her peed pants, tossed them in the corner of the room, and put her diaper on her after putting on some powder. Then put her diaper bag with more diapers in it alongside the couch. Sarah then handed Amanda the clean dry pants she brought and Amanda tossed them on the diaper bag then sat back down on my lap in her diaper. Sarah said “ok, I am leaving now. I just wanted to make sure you were ok and that you had anything you needed.” Amanda said she was more than fine and thanked her again for the help and the great night out. Sarah left closing the door behind her. I reached down and felt the nice smooth plastic of her diaper as we went back to watching TV. I thought for a moment and then said “I have to ask…..I mean that was great that she came down to check on you and bring you clothes etc. but ………...I mean she put your diaper on for you like this was not the first time?” Amanda looked me in the eye and said “well, when I am drunk someone has to diaper me, cuz I sure as hell can’t even stand up…….And……….well………………...she………….she is my girlfriend too.” I was taken back for a moment, thought about it and then replied “yeah you two are girls and friends I get that.” She said “No…...she is my girlfriend and you are my boyfriend. I sleep with both of you now.” I didn’t know what to say. She kissed me and turned back around to watch TV while I thought this over. After a while I said “so………...will I be able to watch the two of you getting it on together sometime?” She said you can watch and participate if you like? She wears diapers too and she said in the past she liked you but you never asked her out.” I was speechless. She said “do you want to have her spend the night tonight with us?” I was like………...Um YEAH!!!! She smiled as she text Sarah saying basically that it was on for tonight. Amanda then said it is a diaper party tonight. You have to wear and use diapers too and you can have us both and we will both do you!” I was like “ok, I have never done that…..I mean worn a diaper before………...ok nor have I been with two hot girls either ha ha.” She kissed me and said don’t worry, we will take it easy on you tonight. I said then we better buy me some diapers and get us a new bed mattress now. She agreed, put on her dry pants over her diaper and sent me to change my pants that she peed on earlier. I came down and we drove to get me some diapers and to buy a new bed mattress. The End! What? You want to know how the night went with two diapergirls in my bed? I will have to get back to you on that after they come over tonight!
  11. diaperedboilerman

    Hanging out at the bar on a Friday night

    well, I can only write when I am relaxed and in the right mood. Lately I have had a lot of stress going on and have been busy so I have not been able to do any. If you are looking for more like this story I do have one in the works right now that I started the other day. It is quite a lot like this one as it also takes place at a bar meeting a random hot chick who pees herself. And ends in sex. My other stories about growing up and kids in diapers are probably not something I will continue with mostly because some people take it wrong and I don't want to be accused of anything wrong! People really suck sometimes. So more stories like this is quite possible soon. Maybe I can find some time tonight or tomorrow to work on it more! Totally depends on how things go.
  12. diaperedboilerman

    Wetting a diaper from front to back.

    Good luck with that one. The only time I get my diaper wet up the back is at night because I usually wet the bed laying on my back with my "member" pointed down between my legs, so the urine by gravity fills the back of the diaper first. Then when I get up in the morning I leave it on because there is still room in it. then I am able to fill the diaper up full. I have found at times some Booster pads like from northshore will help disperse the urine toward the back of the diaper more, but it is something all of us men struggle with.
  13. diaperedboilerman

    Diaper related art work

    A folder for misc. art or photoshop work with diapers.
  14. diaperedboilerman

    MegaMax test

    They are awesome diapers. I wear them pretty much 24/7 now.
  15. I spend between $160 and $200 a month all year long on diapers. My insurance won't cover any and honestly I don't want to bother with the junk they would cover. I like using 3 to 4 diapers a day instead of 10 a day to get me through. Northshore Megamax is my primary diaper now.