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  1. diaperedboilerman

    Just feel the need

    I have never tried that, But I have my girl friend pee her pants on our way home from being somewhere when I didn't diaper her thinking we were not going to be gone as long as we were. (I never let her use a public bathroom and instructed her to always wait till we got to or in the car and just pee in her pants which she did if not diapered) and we got home and I walked her in the house and removed her pee soaked jeans and panties and began to eat her out right there. So hot.
  2. diaperedboilerman

    Just feel the need

    I wouldn't mind a lady doing that with me.
  3. diaperedboilerman

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    OH yeah. quite some time ago. But I cheat, I have OAB so when i have to go I have to go bad enough I can easily let it out. I wet my diaper while walking all the time.
  4. diaperedboilerman

    The Weekend At Our House Growing Up

    The Weekend At Our House Growing Up Introduction Coming from a family of 7 children, and a house with only one bathroom can be a real challenge. Especially when 4 of the kids are girls and 3 of them are with in a year in age. I am the youngest daughter and my name is Ariel and I am now 8 years old. I have a brother who is younger than I am by 2 years. Dad works day shift at a factory and Mom stays home with us. My oldest brother Bryan is now 16 and has his own room up in the attic of the house. It is a finished attic so he has a nice room up there. My three older sisters are Claire 14, Colette 13, and Leanne 12. My older brother Billy is 10 and my younger brother Destin is 6. Our house is large and has 6 bedrooms. So my parents have one room, Bryan has his room, Clair Has her own room, Colette has her own room. Destin has his, and I have to share a room with Leanne. Dad has talked about making a bedroom in the basement but we are all too scared to go down there especially to sleep. All of us have bouts of bed wetting from time to time. Though I think Claire and Bryan have grown out of it. So Mom buys a lot of diapers. I can still fit in size 6 overnight diapers as can Destin, while Leanne and Colette wear size 7 though they are kind of tight on them. I don’t always wet the bed, but when I get up in the mornings and have to pee really bad and the bathroom is occupied, I will wet my diaper instead of trying to hold it. I learned years ago the end result would be that I would pee in my diaper anyhow because Claire and Colette take hours in the bathroom. After I peed my diaper a couple times and Mom said it was ok, she understood that I could not get in the bathroom, I started just wetting my diaper while still in bed and not bothering to get up until I wanted to. Mom has never known the difference and I don’t tell her. I have seen my sister Leanne sitting on her bed wetting her diaper also, so I know I am not the only one. Chapter-1 Saturday morning I awake to sunlight coming in my window and lighting up the room. I stretch and realize I have to pee. I feel my diaper under the covers and it is still dry. I will fix that real quickly. I relax and pee in my diaper while still lying there all cozy under my blanket. As I finish peeing in my diaper and turn my head to see my sister Leanne is getting up. She pulls the covers off of her and sits up on the edge of the bed. We sleep in a diaper and night shirt and I can see her diaper is pretty wet. She says good morning to me as I remove my covers and sit up. Leanne stands up and walks out the door and I follow her down the stairs. We walk past the bathroom and hear the shower running so we head to the kitchen to find some food. Mom is down there and says we are going out for breakfast today, and then shopping at the mall for food etc. When we return we are going sled riding at the park. I was excited about this. Sled riding is always so much fun. Mom and Dad had a huge cup of coffee and I got some orange juice to wake me up. Leanne did the same as we sat on the couch and watched some cartoons that were on. Soon Destin came strolling down the stairs also in a wet diaper and shirt and Mom gave him the same speech about our day. Bryan came down all dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt and told us he and his buddy Doug were headed to some train place for the day and he would be back late tonight. Dad said ok have fun and he left the house and drove to his buddies place. Clair came down stairs all cleaned up and pretty and sat on the chair watching TV with us. One by one the bathroom freed up and we all had our turn to get cleaned up, get our wet diapers off and dress for the day. Finally all were done and ready and we got in the car. As we pulled into the restaurant we got out of the car and I had to go pee again. Leanne joined me as the rest waited in line to be seated. Finally we ate and one by one everyone including my parents went to go pee and then we paid the bill and left. The trip to the mall was a short one, but there was two stores we had to go through. Most of us took off for the toy section at the first store we went to while Mom and dad loaded up the cart with dry and canned food and diapers. We left that store after both mom and dad repeatedly told us no we could not buy every toy we found that we had to have. We piled into the car and headed to the next store. Dad parked in the lot out from the building some and made sure to lock the car up securely so that no one would steal the stuff we just bought. We got another cart and this time had to stay with our parents as there was no toys in this store. Long and boring was the time in here but finally they were finished. We went back out in the cold and wow, I had to pee. I told Mom I wanted to run back in the store and go pee, but she said no. It is not safe for you to be alone in a store like that and we will be home in a few moments anyhow. I was doing a little pee pee dance as I helped Dad load the car with the food. We all got in and buckled our seat belts and we drove off for home. I was starting to really be in pain in the seat and the belt was making it worse. Billy was sitting beside me and Leanne was on the other side of the car. I was squirming and kind of holding myself as we drove. Billy looked over at me and said what's the matter little runt, does her have to go potty? Poking at me and making fun of me. I said yes now leave me alone. Billy said I will fix that, I will just tickle you. He reached over and grabbed my ribs and I let out a scream and pee at the same time. Mom yelled, Billy stop it now, don’t you dare make her pee her pants or you will be grounded. He stopped tickling me and I stopped the flow of urine in my pants. I looked down and the wet patch on my pants was good size but I felt much better now that the pressure was off……...Just then I realized that I heard mom say that he would be grounded. So I relaxed and let all of my pee out in my pants. I was wet anyhow so more would not feel any worse. Then I said Mommy it is too late, he made me pee my pants. Mom was furious and said Billy you are not going sled riding today with the rest of us. You will learn to leave your sisters alone. He said But Mom, she did it on purpose. Mom said no she did it because you tickled her. I chimed in yes, I was ok until he tickled me. Sometimes I can be a brat ha ha! We got home and I got out of the car and walked out back to see if the snow was covering the doors to the shed or not. At that point I still had to pee more so I let it out in my pants walking back there while the rest of them carried the stuff in that we bought. I joined them later grabbing the last few things from the car and we went in and Mom sent me up to change my pants and clean up. I put on clean panties and some Corduroy pants as they would be warm for sled riding. Mom had also bought us some long underwear to put on under our pants and shirts to help keep us warm. Mom and Dad got the stuff put away and Mom made us some soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Chapter-2 After lunch we went up and put on our new long underwear over our panties and then put our pants back on over them. Same with the top and then doubled up our socks. Came down and put our boots on and our winter coats that mom had to zip and then button up for us. Then she slid our gloves on our hands and tied our hoods over our heads after putting on a winter cap she had made from knitting. At this point I felt like a mummy and could hardly move. But we waddled out the door and into the car as Dad drove us the few blocks to the park where other kids were already playing and sledding. We took off with our sleds in hand for the big hill. Leanne and Colette went down together on one sled, while Destin and I went down on another one. Claire met a friend of hers from school so she went off to be with them. We went down and up so many times I was really starting to get tired. All of the sudden large snowflakes began to fall and just made it all the more fun to try to catch the snow with your tongue as we walked back up the hill. Several more trips down the hill and we noticed the snow was starting to build up more. It was large fluffy snowflakes. It was like a winter wonderland. In short time Leanne and I both had to pee, After I asked her about the bathroom she said after we went down one more time we would find Dad and he can take us to the bathrooms. So we zoomed down and crashed at the bottom. Snow went everywhere and all over us. We looked like the abominable snowman. We laughed and walked over to find Dad but we couldn’t find him. We walked around looking for him and it seemed he was nowhere in the crowd. I was starting to do a pee pee dance and holding myself as Leanne suggested we go down one more time. I said I can’t, I have to go potty now. Leanne said me too, but we don’t know where Daddy is. Colette came over and asked what we were doing and we said looking for Dad, we have to pee. She said he is in the car staying warm. We took off running for the parking lot. We found the car, told Dad we had to pee bad and he shut the car off and got out and walked us to the bathrooms. At this point I was steady holding myself and crossing my legs as Dad worked on getting Leanne's coat undone. He got her unbuttoned but her zipper was stuck. I said Daddy, I am going to pee my pants...Daddy hurry...Dad was getting mad at the zipper and after a few more tries he said you know what. Just pee your pants. Your already wet anyways and I can’t get that stupid zipper down. Leanne said but Dad? He said seriously, your both soaked anyhow it don’t matter and he turned and walked to the car. At this point it had already been coming out of me as I was holding myself anyhow so I just relaxed and finished peeing my pants. Leanne soon had a puddle running from her boots also and when finished we headed back to the hill to play more. Colette and Destin came over and asked if we found Dad and the bathrooms. Leanne said her zipper was stuck so Dad told us to just pee our pants and go play. They looked down at our pants and Destin said ok cool. He stood real still for a moment and then joined us on the hill. Colette went off to find the toilets. Leanne, Destin, and I went up the hill to make more trips down. The snow had lightened up some and there was a fresh coating on the ground where no one was going down. Soon I was just too tired to go up the hill again. I walked over to the side of the hill and sat in the snow and watched the other kids going down the hill. I wanted to go home now. I was getting cold. I finally got up and walked to the car and told Dad I wanted to go home. He told me to go get everyone else and tell them we are going home now. I got back out of the car and walked down the slight hill to the bottom to try to find everyone. I was starting to have to pee again and knowing Dad said it was ok, I relaxed and peed my pants again waiting for them all to come down. One by one I found everyone and told them we had to leave now. I headed back to the car to get warm. Dad had towels spread out on the seats for all of us to sit on. We piled in the car and pulled out. On the way home Leanne said she had to pee again. I told her just go. It will take time to get her coat off anyhow. She nodded in agreement and peed her pants again in the car. The towel caught most of it anyhow. We went in the house and Mom made us all strip down at the front door to just our peed panties and underwear. Claire and Colette were the only two with dry underwear. Destin, Leanne, and I all peed our pants a couple times. Mom looked at us and said maybe next time you 3 need to wear a diaper before you go play like that. Leanne said Daddy said we could pee our pants because he couldn’t get my coat zipper down. As she said that Mom was still struggling with her zipper. Mom had dinner on the table and Dad suggested we go down in the basement and hose ourselves off before we put on clean clothes because we peed ourselves. We made Clair come down with us to watch out for the boogy man. We all three stood in line in our underwear and Claire took the hose from the slop sink and rinsed us all off. We grabbed some towels from the laundry and dried off and went back up stairs to our rooms to change. I put on a T-shirt and jeans, and Destin and Leanne put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt. We came down stairs and sat for dinner at the table. Mom had made Chicken and rice and Broccoli with cheese. It was pretty good. We got a Brownie for dessert and then went to watch TV until bedtime. Being Saturday night they let us stay up until Midnight knowing Sunday morning we didn’t have to get up early. As Midnight approached we all one by one went to go pee, brush our teeth and get our diapers and night shirts on for bed. We came down and kissed Dad and Mom goodnight and Dad patted our diapered bottoms as we went upstairs to bed. Chapter-3 Again the sun woke me up but it was brighter than yesterday. I had slept in pretty long. I felt my diaper and it was soaked under my blanket. I had peed the bed quite a lot. I looked at the clock and it said 9 AM. I usually only sleep until 7. I flipped my covers off and sat up. Stretched and stood up noticing my diaper was hanging between my legs very heavy. Looking back at the bed there was a large wet spot on my sheet too where the diaper had leaked. I had to pee again but didn’t dare use this diaper. I waddled out in the hall to find the bathroom door shut and the shower water running as usual. I went back in the bedroom and Leanne was not in her bed. I pulled my covers back to inspect my wet bed. My need to pee was getting severe. I closed my door and took my wet diaper off and put on another dry one and peed in it. Gosh that felt so much better. Now my new diaper was nowhere near needing changed or taken off as I had only wet once. I usually can pee 3 or 4 times in these before they are hanging down and feel wet and cold. I went down stairs and told Mom that my bed was wet because my diaper had leaked during the night. She looked at my diaper and said but your not even that wet? I told her I had to take the leaking one off because it was super full but I still had to pee really bad and could not get in the bathroom so I put another one on or I would have peed on the floor. She said Oh I see, alright go watch TV till I get the food done. I nodded and went back in to join the others watching TV. Soon Claire, Billy and Dad came down stairs and Mom called us in for breakfast. Sundays are our lazy days and we are in no hurry to get dressed or cleaned up for the day. As we ate Mom and Dad let us know the plans they had for the upcoming week including who was taking Claire to her cheer leading practice, and who was taking Billy to his Football practice. Mom also said she had a thing on Wednesday with some friends of hers and we would be on our own for getting dinner that night. Dad said he would just order Pizza for us. Once we finished breakfast Leanne and I wanted to play one of our video games so we went and sat on the floor in our diaper and night shirt and began to play the game. Billy went upstairs to change out of his wet diaper and clean up for the day. Destin got a book and sat on the couch in his diaper and shirt and started to read. Mom and Dad cleaned up the Kitchen and Dad went outside to get the newspaper and began to read it in his easy chair. Mom brought him more coffee and she laid on the couch on a pillow and relaxed. Soon Destin got up and went upstairs to change his diaper and put on a T-shirt and clean up. He came back down in a fresh dry diaper and shirt and went back to his book. I looked at Leanne and her diaper was so full it was leaking on the floor but our game was getting intense and we couldn’t just stop it. Sadly it was not long before Dad noticed her pee puddle and paused the game for us and told her to get her diaper changed now as he went to get paper towels to clean up her mess. Mom told me when I change my diaper to pull the wet sheets off my bed and bring them down for laundry also. I said ok and waited for Leanne to return. She finally came down with her hair all brushed and in a dry diaper and new shirt and we resumed the game. Dad was back in his seat reading the paper and Mom was actually asleep when we were startled by the door bell. Destin got up and walked over to the door and opened it. It was the neighbor who wanted to know if Dad could come help him do something. He looked at Destin, Leanne and I all in just a diaper and shirt and got a puzzled look on his face as Dad walked to the door. He never said anything and Dad left with him for a while. Once we had finished Leanne wanted to play Destin so I got up and went to my room to play with my dolls. By this time I had wet 3 times in my diaper and was trying to decide if I wanted to change it or not. I decided to just stay in it for now. I was feeling lazy. I laid on the floor with my dolls and began playing house with them. The next thing I knew it was lunchtime and mom called us down. As I stood up my bladder told me I had to pee and I let it out. My diaper was now very heavy and sagging between my legs. So I grabbed the sheets off of my bed and put them in a pile, I took my wet diaper off and put a clean dry one on and went down for lunch. Mom informed us all that we were going for a ride in the country after lunch and she wanted everyone in a fresh dry diaper for the trip. We ate, took our turns in the bathroom getting cleaned up and changing our diapers. Mine was still dry so I just put on some pants. Leanne changed her diaper and put on a skirt. Destin changed his diaper and put on some jeans, And Billy changed his diaper and put on some jeans also. Colette tried to get away with not wearing a diaper but Mom insisted, so she diapered up and got dressed for the trip. Bryan also diapered up and got dressed and we headed out for the ride. Usually we end up somewhere getting ice cream in the summer when we do this. But being winter and cold we really didn’t want ice cream. We never know where we will go on these trips but they are usually over an hour long or more and that is why Mom wanted us all diapered just in case. We eventually did stop at a store and Dad bought us all a Coke and some water to drink. We usually just look at the pretty scenery and just drive around to get out of the house. By the time we got back to the house ending our trip we were hungry and not one of us were still dry. I had peed two times in my diaper in the car, most of them only wet once. We got back in the house and couldn’t wait to get our pants back off and run around in our diapers. Bryan went upstairs to take his diaper off, and Claire did the same. Everyone from Colette on down to Destin just stayed in our diapers for the rest of the day. If it was summertime we would be in the backyard playing in just a diaper and shirt, but in winter we have to stay in the house. I quickly got depressed at the thought that we were back in school tomorrow which meant I had to get up early and had to trade my diaper for underwear first thing in the morning. I kind of like being in diapers as they are comforting and convenient. As my diaper filled up Dad was just pulling the trash from the house. I told him I had a diaper for him and he said just take it off here so I can add it to this bag then run upstairs to get your new one on. I took my soaked diaper off and as I reached in the trash bag to drop it in there I saw a plastic bag that was white and red and had a picture of a diaper on it. It didn’t look like our diapers at all. It had 4 tapes on it and said Comfi something. Dad was starting to close the bag up and I reached in and grabbed it. Dad snatched it from my hand but not before I read Adult diaper on the package. He said your naked, go get your diaper on. I ran upstairs wondering what these diapers were. I put a dry diaper on and came back down stairs and sat beside Mom. Mom was reading a book and was wearing sweatpants and a long shirt. For the first time ever in my life, I looked at moms bottom and in her crotch and noticed it was thick and bulged out a little. I have never noticed before at all but Mom could be wearing diapers too. I wanted to ask her so bad but was scared because it might be a wrong thing to do. I never had the guts to ask her about it and soon she got up to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I slowly followed her down the steps and watched her. As she bent over to put my huge sheet in the dryer her shirt rode up and her pants lowered. Her not knowing I was there she didn’t try to cover it up. There was a thick white diaper showing out of the top of her pants. I felt a warmth all over my body and a stronger connection to Mom now as she was in diapers also. I quickly went back upstairs so I would not be noticed and sat back on the couch. The evening passed and sadly we were soon in bed in our night time diaper and night shirt with the alarm set for school. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered how long Mom had been wearing diapers too, and what she looked like in just a diaper and shirt like we wear. I wondered if Dad wore them also and I thought about our car trip today how we never stopped for a potty break then entire time and even once back at the house no one not even Dad or Mom went to the bathroom after we came in. I was pretty proud of my detective work and was quite convinced that my parents were also in diapers with us. The next thing I knew the alarm was waking me up, my diaper was wet and I had to pee more and let it out as I shut the alarm off. Leanne and I got up and started our week back to school.
  5. Hanging out at the bar on a Friday night Part 1 This past Friday my buddy Mike and I decided to hang out and invite a couple women we know to come with us for dinner, drinks, and just general socializing. Mike and I are in our lower 30’s and the girls he was inviting are about 25 or maybe 28. I have met them before in the past but this would be the first time actually spending time with them. Neither Mike or I are big drinkers but we just needed a night to relax and socialize. I arrived at the bar about 6 and Mike had picked up the girls and they had a table already. I walked in and joined them. I introduced myself to them again and we grabbed the menus. This place has really good burgers and salads. The girls ordered salad, and I ordered a burger and soup. Mike got chicken wings and we all had a beer. We placed our order and began chatting about the week we had. Mike is a service tech and is on call this weekend so he has to limit his drinks to just a couple. I am not a big drinker so a couple beers will be all I have myself. The girls both work in an office at a corporation doing some sort of secretary work and both of them seemed thirsty as they had their beer gone before we even got served our dinner. After we finished the two girls got up to go pee and Mike and I chatted more about his work and some of the equipment he works on. Our paths cross on occasion as I work in a power plant and we use some if his company's motors and equipment ourselves. But Mike and I know each other from before this as we went to school together also. The girls returned and wanted to shoot a game of pool with us. So we ordered 4 more beers and headed to the pool table. I am not real good at pool but can play along well enough to stay in the game. The girls were starting to show their beer consumption was catching up with them as they were getting silly and not staying so balanced while standing. As Mike took his shot and ended up sinking the last striped ball winning the game against Amanda, Katie did the same beating me. The girls ran to the bathroom again and Mike and I did the same. We came back and sat at our table waiting for the girls. The girls were both dressed in tight jeans and heels and a pretty lace blouse. Katie had medium length dark hair that was curled and Amanda was a blond with long hair down past her shoulders. Both very attractive ladies. After more chatting the girls had yet another beer and bathroom trip. When they returned Amanda sat beside Mike and Katie sat beside me and they snuggled up with us. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my side and we continued chatting. About 11:30 Mikes pager went off and he was called to an emergency at a plant up in Cleveland and had to leave. He explained to the girls that he was very sorry and that I would take them home when they are ready. The girls understood and he paid his part of the tab and left. Amanda slid over next to me and then said they really should be getting home also because She had to work in the morning. I asked her how she could be out at night and still get up early. She did not have to be there until 10 AM she explained. I nodded in agreement that I understood and took out my wallet to pay the bill. We walked to my car and I asked where the girls lived. Amanda lived about 5 miles from where we were and Katie was up in Northfield which was a pretty long drive. So we took Amanda home first as she had to work. Katie was in the front seat of my car as we got onto the freeway and headed north I noticed she was fidgety and not sitting still. I started another conversation with her asking about her growing up and her life. She liked to talk about herself and was really getting into a story. She brought up things from her past growing up and places that I had also visited as a kid. Our conversation took us through Jr. High and into High school. It turn out she and I went to the same Jr. High school. I kept noticing as we talked that she was twisting and turning and crossing her legs and uncrossing them. At one point she took her seat belt off and turned sideways facing me sitting on her foot with her leg folded under her. I asked her about what she did for work now, and she began explaining the filing and phone calls and forms she had to fill out, when she stopped talking for a moment and slammed her legs together hard. I looked over trying not to act as though I noticed anything and I said “and?” wanting her to continue. She said oh sorry, I ………….I have to pee so bad I can’t sit still. I said it was ok, I understand we will be at your place in about 10 more minutes. She picked up with the story where she left off and we got into a very interesting conversation about her work. She kept squirming and a couple times slammed her hand into her crotch just outright holding herself no longer caring if I could see. I kept her occupied with the questions and comments as we drove. Her breathing was getting heavier and her words were broken up more as time went on. Her hand was permanently in her crotch at this point. I told her that I found her very attractive and would like to know if she would be interested in going out with me as in dating. She said I……………………..fuck………………………….shit shit……..she looked down at her crotch and them move her hand from her crotch and wiped it on her pant leg. Then she looked at me as if nothing had happened and said “I would love that, sorry I didn’t mean to say that. I gotta go bad”. I said it is ok honey. I took her other hand and held it and brought it to me and kissed it. She smiled and said that was sweet. As we held hands for the last few miles I noticed she was no longer squirming in her seat and was actually sitting much more relaxed. Yeah I notice these things being into Omo and diapers. I wanted so bad at this point to reach over and feel her pants in her crotch as I was pretty sure she just peed herself. But I had to be a gentleman and so even though I had a major hard on, I didn’t say or do anything. I asked her when she was free again for an actual date, and she said how about tomorrow………..ok I mean tonight, seeing as it was now after midnight. I said I would love that. You are so beautiful and sexy. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She pointed the way to her house as we turned onto her street and I pulled in the driveway. Her driveway was a “U” shaped drive that allowed me to pull up in front of her house. She got out of the car and ran around to my side and leaned in the driver's window and gave me a big long french kiss and held me hugging me the best she could through the drivers window. She said I wanted to give you something to remember me until I see you tonight. We ended up making out for about 10 minutes with her bent over through my drivers side window. She reached down and felt my very hard cock in my pants and said oh good. Maybe tonight I will get to play with this. She gave me one more quick kiss and turned to head off to her house saying she couldn’t wait to see me tonight. Her door was right beside the driveway and she went in and closed it. As I backed out my headlights shown on her driveway and there was a huge puddle where she had been standing beside my car. I reached over and felt my passengers seat and it was wet also. Yep she totally peed her pants in my car and then finished standing in her driveway. This was so hot. I could not wait until tonight to meet up with her again. (part 2 in the works)
  6. diaperedboilerman

    Just wondering about waking up in a wet diaper

    I wake up wet every morning. If my diaper is not full, I leave it on until I fill it while I have my morning pot of coffee and check email, and facebook, etc. on line. I first before having severe OAB wore diapers to bed for my Nocturia (getting up to pee 2 or more times at night) as diapers let me get a much better nights sleep. After doing this for over 10 years now ( the last 8 has been 24/7) I now sometimes don't even wake up to pee. or I wake up in the process of peeing my diaper and drift right back to sleep. It is nice to wake up and not be in a panic to get up and get to the toilet, and it is nice to be able to start the coffee pot, get that got to go feeling and just let it out standing there while still getting your coffee pot going and feeding the cat. I can change when I get around to it. Diapers make life much easier and less stressful.
  7. diaperedboilerman

    Tranquility ATN Tapes

    First, if the ATN is the best diaper you have ever tried you need to try more diapers. Those diapers are made in Ohio near Toledo and they are not a high quality diaper. They are way better than medical brands but the price range they are in comes along with production issues at times. In the past I have had entire wings not cut out thus the one side of the diaper was straight from the front to the back. There was a line where the die partially cut the diaper side but it didn't go through. I have had tapes that sometimes were stuck to the padding or folded up and not usable at all. They do have a good customer service department so maybe contact them and see what they say. They will probably want you to return the defective ones to them.
  8. diaperedboilerman

    How I Met My Husband

    Thank you so much. Yep a fantasy of mine for sure.
  9. diaperedboilerman

    How I Met My Husband

    Thank you so much, and good luck to you in finding your dream!
  10. diaperedboilerman

    Pampers size 8 on sale in UK

    But.........if you look as the weight on the package, they are no bigger than the current size 7. Pampers just redid the size chart to make a middle size at the lower end of the scale there! I would love to get my hands on some of them, but others in the UK I spoke with confirmed they are not bigger than the current size 7. Is this information I received true?
  11. diaperedboilerman

    The Travel Emergency

    Thank you!
  12. 5th grade in a new school and a new friend I had just moved to a new city and was placed in a new school. I knew no one and was not exactly all that social anyhow so my first few days of school were spent trying to figure out where things were and how to get back home from school when it let out in the afternoon. We were assigned our desk by alphabetical order and so I was sat next to this girl who seemed also pretty quiet. I am Alisha Porter, and her name is Rachelle Potter so in a lot of classes we were partnered up. She was nice but a lot of times smelled kind of bad. Some days when she got close to me I could smell pee on her. I figured maybe she wet the bed and didn’t get cleaned up good today. I have done that before myself. Her hair was long and pretty, and she wore old jeans with holes in them and flannel shirts over Tshirts a lot. We got to know each other over the weeks and I learned that her Mom was single trying to raise her as her Daddy left when she was really young and never really knew him. This made me sad for her. As the weeks went on we became good friends at school. One day she asked me if I could come over to her house and hang out with her after school and I said I would have to ask my mom. She gave me her phone number and I gave her mine so our parents could talk to each other. The bell rang and we said bye and both walked home. She left the school and walked south and I walked West so I had no idea where she lived. I got home and ran to use the bathroom and then told Mom all about my new friend and begged her to let me hang out one evening at her house. Mom said as I knew she would “I will need to meet her parents first”. I handed her Rachelle’s phone number and said “I told her you would want to talk to her mom first”. My mom said she would call her later on this evening and for me to get out of my school clothes and get my homework done now before dinner. I went to my room and did as I was asked. Soon mom called me down for dinner and I finished up my last math problem and came down to eat. Dad asked how my day was and I said it was ok and that my new friend wants me to come hang out with her after school one night for a while. Dad asked Mom about it and she said she was going to call her parents later on this evening to talk to them. I said well…………..she only has a Mommy so you can only talk to her. My Mom said oh, that is too bad. I will call her soon, now finish eating. We finished eating and I asked if I could go outside and play. Dad said yes but stay in the yard. I got on my bike and rode around a while up and down the driveway and then played on the swings etc. until they called me back in for the night. I came back in and Mom said she had talked to Rachelle's mom and they agreed that on Friday night I could walk home with her and stay the night there. Mom was going to meet her Mom at her work tomorrow and give her my sleeping bag, and some pajamas and clean clothes for me and then she would pick me up on Saturday afternoon if that was ok. I was super excited, my first sleepover. This would be fun. I headed to bed to get some rest and in the morning first thing in class I told her I couldn't wait for Friday. She was excited too and said she never had anyone who wanted to stay the night with her. The week went by slowly and our excitement grew as Friday approached. Finally Friday morning was here. The day went by so slowly and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and scared at the same time because I didn’t know her mom or her house. But I liked playing with Rachelle at school and we always had fun things to talk about. So I am sure it will go well. The school day ended and we grabbed our things and headed for the door. When we got to the street corner out of habit I started to head West and she said where are you going? I was like Oh I forgot ha ha ha! We crossed the street and a few blocks down she was squirming a little and I asked if she was ok, she said she had to pee but was ok. We continued on and in a few blocks arrived at her house. It was kind of run down and the yard needs mowed. She had a swing set in the back and a sandbox and a small swimming pool also. We went to the front door and she tried to open it but it was locked. She said Mom is not home yet we will have to wait. She said come on around to play in the backyard. As we headed around to the back of the house, she stopped walking a moment by the side of the house. I looked over at her and I couldn’t help but notice she was peeing her pants as a huge stream of pee was running off of her pant leg and from her crotch into the ground. I said oh Rachelle I am sorry. She said sorry for what? I said you peed your pants! She said yeah, so? And she headed to the swings to play. As we were swinging I said, so you won’t get in trouble for peeing your pants? She said no, Mom told me to never hold my bladder. If I have to go and I can’t get to a bathroom in reasonable time, I am to just pee my pants instead of holding it because it is not healthy. Mom is a nurse so she should know. I do it all the time……. also…...just so you know, I wear diapers at night because I wet the bed. I didn’t know how to respond to this. I had never heard it was not healthy to hold my pee. Mom would be very mad at me if I just peed my pants just because. But to her it was no big deal and soon it was forgotten. I was also feeling like I had to pee but it was not real bad or anything. Soon a car pulled in the driveway and she said, finally Mom is home. We ran up to greet her and her mom was really nice. Opened the door for us to go in and then told Rachelle to go change her pants. The house smelled like pee really strong but after a while it was not noticeable anymore. When Rachelle returned in dry pants I asked her where the bathroom was and went to pee and then we played a video game she had until dinner was ready. After dinner her mom said she had laundry to do and for us to stay either in the house or in the yard only. We agreed and continued our game because I won the first one and we had to play again to give her a chance to win. We ended up playing 3 games and she finally beat me 2 out of the 3. We headed outside to play more on the swings and run around her yard. We were really having a lot of fun. Soon it was getting dark and we went back in and both ran to the bathroom to pee. I used the toilet first then she did. We came back down stairs and turned on the TV and her mom made us some Popcorn and kool Aid to drink. I couldn’t believe how much fun we were having. Before we knew it, it was after midnight and we were both yawning so much. Her mom finally said ok girls, bed time. Lets get your diapers on so I can get to sleep. I thought to myself, she said “lets get your diapers on?” implying that I was going to be diapered too? Rachelle ran up stairs and soon came down in a nightshirt and I could see her diaper sticking out below it. It actually looked kind of cute. She said your turn. I was like …………..Um…………..I don’t think so! She said please, pretty please, don’t make me be the only one. Please I beg you please? I finally gave in and went up stairs. Nervous as I could be. Her mom laid me on the bed, removed my shoes, pants and panties. She put the diaper under my bottom, spread my legs some, put powder on me and diapered me up. It felt kind of good actually. I stood up and looked in the mirror. Not as bad as I imagined it to be at all but still odd, yet kind of cute just like she looked. Her mom gave me my pajama top to wear and I waddled down to join Rachelle on our sleeping bags watching TV. In no time we were sound asleep. A few hours later as always I woke up having to pee. I was disoriented as the room was dark and not familiar to me. I pulled my sleeping bag down and sat up trying to remember where the bathroom was. That is when the street light coming in the window illuminated my bright white diaper and it all came back to me that I was at a sleepover and was expected to use this diaper. It took a little time for me to relax and pee in the diaper but I did and it worked ok. I fell back asleep until her Mom woke us both up. We got up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Both of us in wet diapers. It didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would at all. I had to pee again and asked how to take the diaper off so I could pee? I was told just use your diaper that is what it is for and she would get us changed after we eat. Rachelle said yeah, I do it every morning like that. Just wait till after breakfast and if I have to go again I do in my diaper. It is ok. I relaxed and sat there peeing in my diaper at the table which was so odd but kind of cool because I was getting away with something I should not have been. Once we finished eating her mom took my diaper off and told me to get in the shower if I wanted and wash up. So I ran up stairs and showered and went in her room to get dressed. I came back downstairs and Rachelle was on the couch in a clean diaper and still in her shirt watching TV. I sat beside her and we started chatting. I could not resist asking her why she was in another diaper. She said oh, it is the weekend. Mom lets me stay in diapers on Saturdays and Sundays if I want to. I was like oh , and we moved on to another subject. I really had so much fun at her house. Soon it was time for my mom to come pick us up. Rachelle had gotten dressed by then but was still in her diaper under her jeans. I hugged her and said goodbye and my Mom and her Mom chatted a little out on the front porch as I put my things in the car. I went back to the porch to join them and her Mom said I was invited to stay again anytime I wanted. I smiled and said yes please. My mom agreed it would be ok and we headed to the car. The next weekend we did it again and had so much fun. Over time she talked me into staying diapered on Saturday until my mom came to get us and I slowly grew to actually enjoy it. Eventually we both would diaper up as soon as we got to her house and would stay in diapers until I left. Mom never knew and I am sure she would not approve. Rachelle soon became my best friend. Not a lot of people liked her or understood her, but I did.
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    The Travel Emergency

    The Travel Emergency As a teenage girl I always wanted to travel to see the nation. Once I got out of school my boyfriend and I settled down in an apartment and eventually got married and I ended up pregnant with our daughter who is now 5 and starting Kindergarten this fall. My husband and I decided we would take one last trip before school started. We were headed from Ohio across the huge state of Pennsylvania to Baltimore Maryland to see the ocean and check out the city. He also wanted to visit the huge train museum there. Our daughter Ashley was day time potty trained just after she turned 4 but still wears diapers at night. She fits in size 6 tightly or size 7 easier, but no size 7 overnight diapers are made, so we stick with size 6 because she pees a lot at night. When we go on trips like this, we let her wear diapers all day also as it makes it easier on us traveling. Thankfully after having Ashley I was able to lose my baby fat and get back down to my size 28 waist. I work very hard at watching what and how much I eat and try to work out some every day though not like I used to when I was younger. But I still look good for my age. The morning of our trip, I changed Ashley out of her soaked bedtime diaper and into another one. Brought a pack of her diapers just in case as we might just keep her in diapers the entire trip to save us some hassle. After the car was loaded, we strapped her in the seat and headed east. We brought along some drinks and sandwiches in the cooler and stopped for coffee on the way out. As we arrived in the Pittsburgh area both Bryan and I had to pee, so we got off an exit at an Arby’s and I brought Ashley in the bathroom with me. After I peed, I checked her diaper and she had wet it so I changed her. I met Bryan at the counter where he was ordering some food. I swear I can’t leave him alone with food. I patted his belly as he asked if I wanted anything and I said no and headed back to the car to put Ashley back in her seat. Soon Bryan came out with a sandwich and we headed back east. I grabbed a water out of the cooler and he needed one too. Another couple hours on the road and we stopped at a rest area. The same thing, I took Ashley in while I peed, changed her diaper and Bryan peed and we headed back to the car and back east. Finally we arrived in Baltimore and we were so tired from the long drive we found our hotel and all three of us just crashed on the bed for a while. It was now 7 PM and we were starving. We decided to go get some dinner. I changed Ashley into another dry diaper and peed and freshened up some as did Bryan and we headed out to find some food. After eating we went back to the hotel room and turned on the tv and just snuggled on the bed while Ashley played with some of her toys on the floor. At 10 PM I changed Ashley into another diaper and tucked her into her makeshift bed of blankets on the floor beside our bed. Bryan and I showered and got into our pajamas and snuggled in bed and drifted off to sleep. I got up twice to pee during the night as usual and went right back to sleep. The sun in the window woke us up and we stretched and got dressed, did our business in the bathroom and then I changed Ashley into another diaper. Today was the Railroad Museum day, so we headed out to get some breakfast and then to find the museum. Once in side the gate I had to pee again. I checked Ashley's diaper and it was only slightly wet so decided not to change her yet and headed for the bathrooms. Bryan and Ashley went on checking out the place and I caught up with them when I was done. It was a really huge place and really cool……...if your into trains and stuff like that as Bryan is. After about 3 hours Bryan had returned from the bathrooms and I took Ashley to change her. I had to pee also again. As I walked up there was a guy putting a yellow tape across the bathroom door and a sign saying Out of Order because of a city water main break. Sorry for the inconvenience. I returned with Ashley and told Bryan what was up. He said, ok…..Well there is only a couple more things I want to see and we can head back to the hotel. Bryan just kept walking deeper into the museum, but I was really having to pee badly now. I finally told him I had to pee and we need to leave. He said “oh, ok sorry”. And we headed to the car. It was a long walk to the car and my need was getting bad. The exit had a single line of people trying to get out as they wanted to hand out papers etc. As we stood in line I was wiggling back and forth and trying hard not to hold myself. My bladder was starting to spasm some and that is not good. There are people all around me so I can’t just do an all out pee pee dance or hold myself when the spasms hit. Another one hit me and I squeezed with all of my might and crossing my legs. The line was moving so slowly. We finally got to the front and as the lady handed me the papers another strong squeeze from my bladder hit. I could not react as she was looking me in the eye and I felt pee shoot out of me into my underwear and drip down my thigh. I took off running out the gate into the parking lot leaving Ashley behind with Bryan who grabbed her and caught up with me as I got the flow to stop. He looked at my pants and they were wet. He held Ashley and put his arm around me without saying a word and we walked to the car. It was over for me. Every few steps more pee came out and by the time we got to the car my jeans were wet down to my knees. He opened my car door first as I squatted down with my feet apart between the cars and finished peeing my pants. At least now it was all dripping off my bottom into the parking lot instead of running down my legs. Bryan put Ashley in her car seat and then put a towel on the back seat for me to sit on and I got in beside her and we drove back to the hotel room. Now how was I going to get from the car to the hotel room without being seen? Bryan suggested that he go in and bring me out some jeans to put on, and I decided I would just make a run for it from the car to the hotel instead. I got out and darted across the parking lot to the steps, on the way up the steps I passed a couple who just looked at me as I said Hi and ran past them to the room. Bryan and Ashley came in behind me. I was in the bathroom cleaning up as Bryan changed Ashley’s diaper. She was completely soaked and had leaked some on the back of her pants. Bryan kissed me and said he loved me and we laid on the bed and turned on the TV. I had rinsed my jeans and underwear out in the shower and hung them up to dry. The next couple days we spent touring the city and it worked out really well to let Ashley stay in diapers 24/7 while we were there. Our final night in the hotel I started to get things ready for our return trip home. We slept pretty good that night and after some breakfast we packed the car, returned the hotel key and headed West toward home. Traffic was horrible in the area trying to head west. Cars were bumper to bumper and we were going nowhere fast. The problem is the coffee and Water I had an hour ago was now in my bladder and I had to pee again badly. I was holding myself and squirming in my seat. Bryan said oh baby, you have to pee again? I looked at him and nodded. Then pressed my hand tightly into my crotch as a little pee escaped into my panties. I said God no! I looked down and there was a tiny wet spot on my jeans in the crotch. Bryan said better get a towel to sit on if your going to pee your pants baby. I said I can’t. If I turn around I will pee myself for sure. He said, how about you pee in one of Ashley’s diapers? I was like I………...umm…………...well…………..He reached behind the seat and pulled the bag up front and handed me one. I felt another squirt of pee come out of me and run down my bottom. I was desperate now. I looked at the car beside us on my side and it was some old lady staring straight ahead, and on his side was the back wheels of a truck. I said this better work as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to my feet, then pulled off my soaked underwear and slid the diaper under me. I was actually able to stretch the back tabs to almost breaking and make them just barely grab the front tabs around my waist. As I pulled the last tab around the strain was enough to make me start peeing and let it out. I watched the diaper fill up and felt it wicking under my bottom. I could not believe this diaper was working. As my flow came to a stop I felt so much better. I could not believe how thick the diaper had gotten too. Bryan reached over and poked at my diaper and patted me on my diaper crotch and said “good girl”. You look adorable in those. I giggled and looked back around at traffic which was still just inching forward. I thought now what, I take it off and put on my wet underwear. That won’t feel good at all, when Bryan chimed in, why don’t you change into another dry one and get rid of those wet underwear. I looked at him like seriously? He said then if you have to go again, you can. His idea actually made sense as I know I have to go all the time. I took my shoes off, pulled my jeans off, and my wet underwear and tossed them in the back on the floor behind our seats. Then put my jeans back on to my knees, and my shoes back on. Then took out another diaper, opened it up and removed my wet one, Rolled it up and tossed it in the back. Put on the dry diaper and pulled my jeans back up. It was actually pretty comfortable amazingly. Another 15 minutes and traffic was free flowing again as we headed west. This time Bryan had to pee bad as we pulled into a rest area. He ran in and I changed Ashley in the back of the car and let her stretch as I did. Bryan came back out and we piled in and headed west again. As we traveled we played some CD’s and passed the time watching the pretty scenery go by. I had to pee again and decided to take advantage of my underwear and relaxed and sat there peeing in my diaper with no one but me knowing. It actually felt pretty good to be able to do that. Now I know why Ashley does not seem bothered to be diapered all the time. They are quite comfortable actually. This time I did not pee near as much and the diaper did not even feel full. As we approached Pittsburgh I had already wet this diaper two times and it was now feeling full. As Bryan pulled into the rest area, I went back and changed Ashley’s diaper and then changed my own in the back seat beside her. She said Mommy diaper wet too. I laughed and said yes it is baby girl. I pulled my jeans up over my fresh diaper, kissed her cheek and went back up front as Bryan was coming back to the car. He said so how is the diaper working out for you? I said very nicely thank you. He smiled and we headed West. By the time we got home I had peed again in my diaper. After unloading the car I sat on the couch beside Bryan and we rested from the trip. Bryan said “so you are not in a hurry to get that diaper off of you now I see?” I replied “ you don’t want me to take off a diaper that is not fully wet do you?” He grinned and said let me see that. I took my jeans off and sat back beside him on the couch in my diaper and shirt. He played with my diaper some and told me how sexy I looked in it. I told him I might just start wearing these to bed at night so I don’t have to get up 2 times a night to pee. He said he was fine with that as it won’t disturb his sleep anymore either if I don’t get up. I tried it that night and it actually worked well. Now both me and my daughter were going to bed in an overnight kids diaper and waking up soaked in the morning. Soon Bryan decided it was his job to change me and I was no longer allowed to change myself. I actually liked this idea of him being in control of me so I agreed. After a few leaks on the bed over the following weeks, Bryan bought me some proper adult diapers to wear and I was amazed at just how much I can wet it. There are times he will diaper me at 11 PM and not take it off until almost 11 AM before I am wet enough to need changed. This diaper play has also brought a whole new level of sexual fun for Bryan and I and in all honesty, as I have started getting used to wearing and the freedom to wet myself when ever I needed to, I started buying double the amount of diapers I did for Ashley and anytime I left the house, I would put on one of her diapers before I left and just use it when needed when I was out. I started to also diaper Ashley for these trips out and both of us would have some girls days out at the mall. The best you can have with a 5 year old. But never again do I need to worry about her or I finding a toilet when shopping. And come black Friday, yes I will be in a thick diaper under my dress as I go bargain hunting on that shopping spree from now on. One Very hot August day I decided Ashley and I would just run around in a diaper and Tshirt to help stay cool with fans blowing. I was making dinner and lost track of time and before I knew it, Bryan was coming in the front door from work. He looked at me on the couch and Ashley on the floor, both of us wearing the same diapers and a Tshirt. He looked at me and said “I am the luckiest man on earth”. He walked over and kissed me and went to go clean up. That was my cue that it was ok for me to dress like this more often and I do. I don’t think this winter I will still dress this way, but for now this works. I thought all of my life that it would be gross to be in a diaper and pee in it. But after having Ashley I have peed myself so often I am over the “gross” part of it, and now seeing how comfortable these diapers are I will let my daughter wear diapers as much as she wants growing up as will I. It is not bad at all and quite convenient.
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    The Woman I Met At The Bus Station

    The Woman I Met At The Bus Station It was Friday morning and I had just taken the city bus to the Greyhound station to board my bus for Cincinnati Ohio from Akron Ohio. It is about a 4 hour journey. I walked in, made sure my ticket was valid and checked my baggage in then sat on the Bench in the waiting room. I was about 45 minutes early but knowing how things go I would rather be early than late. The bus from New York pulled in and I watched the passengers get off and all stretch and then head into the station. Some more quickly than others and most went right to the bathrooms. This woman about 28 or so came off the bus and into the station, walked over toward me, put her small bag down and sat next to me. She was wearing a tank top and strapless bra and tight jogging shorts that were loose in the legs. When she sat down I got a strong whiff of stale urine but it passed very quickly. She was average looking but cute in her own way and very petite with long hair which I love. She pulled out her schedule and was looking it over. I said Hi, I am Bryan, where are you headed? She said I am headed to Cincinnati and I hope I didn’t miss my connection...oh and I am Lisa. I said I am going there also, so if you missed it, so did I. She smiled and said where are you from? I said here. I am just traveling to see my brother and his family for a couple days then headed back home. I looked down and could see the front of her shorts was bulged out pretty thick. Could it be? Was she wearing a diaper? This had me curious as we continued our conversation. I pulled out a map I had to show her where we were and where we were going. As she turned toward me and stretched her leg out to get more comfortable and I got another strong smell of pee. I glanced down and could see right up her pant leg and there it was. she was in a very wet kids diaper. Might have been like a Huggies or some other brand. This had me really intrigued now. I tried not to act like I knew even though I wanted so bad to see more of it. We talked about some other things and she looked up and said, you will have to excuse me for just a moment. Now that the line for the ladies room is gone I need to use the bathroom. I will be right back. I smiled and said ok. She said hold that thought, grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. This was awesome, a good looking lady in a wet diaper. She came back out in just a couple minutes and sat back down beside me. This time no smell of urine and no bulge in her shorts. I asked, “Feel better?” She giggled and yes very much thank you. We went back to chatting and in time she finally spread her legs again when changing position, I was able to again look up her pant leg and she had indeed changed into another diaper. I had to get to know this lady better. I said “you know, if you would like, I will see if the person next to you will change seats with me so we can sit together for the next part of your journey. It is another 4 hours yet.” She said “that would be great.” I asked if I could buy her something to drink. She shook her head quickly side to side and said “oh goodness no.....no thank you. I am good.” I smiled as I knew why. She had to make that diaper last 4 more hours. As our coach pulled in and we headed to the bus to board. I sat next to her and then the lady came up and said “I think you are in my seat.” I showed her my ticket which was a window seat up front and I asked if she would mind trading me? She agreed and went back up front. Lisa and I seemed to get along pretty well. I noticed after about 90 minutes she got quiet for a while and we both laid back on our seats and rested. She soon dozed off to sleep and I didn’t wake her even at the rest stop we made in Columbus. I figured she had no reason to need the toilet anyhow. I pulled out my book I brought along to read. After I finished a couple chapters I put it down and looked over to admire how cute she was sleeping there. As I scrolled over her body and her cute skinny legs I could not help but notice the bulge was back in her crotch on her shorts. Wow she wet her diaper. I had to figure out a way to bring up the subject. But how? What could I say to bring it up and not offend her? I got up to go use the bus bathroom and realized exactly why she would choose to be diapered instead. Wow it was bad. I came back and sat down which woke her up. She looked around a little dazed and confused and then asked me if we were close yet? I said I think we still have another hour or so. She looked down and felt her crotch and then looked back up. I thought screw it, I am just going to come out with it. I looked her in the eye and said “please don’t freak out or anything but I noticed you are wearing diapers.” her face went beet red. I said “ actually it is really cool and a great idea…….and makes you even cuter than you already are...oh and I wear diapers too at night, and should have been today for this trip.” She looked relieved after my comments and then said “Oh your a bed wetter? I am a bedwetter also, and I have a tiny bladder so I can’t hold it long. And these bus bathrooms are so nasty I just wear and use diapers instead.” I smiled and said “that is awesome, I really like that idea and think I will wear diapers on the return trip home.” She said did I sleep through our 10 minute break, I was hoping to change my diaper then. I said yes “I am afraid you did.” She felt her diaper again this time not bothering to try to disguise what she was doing, even pulling her pant leg over so we both could see the diaper and how wet it was and said “well these are overnight diapers so I hope they work.” I said “well if they don’t I have a jacket in my bag you can wear around your waist but you have to promise to get it back to me.” She smiled and said “you are so kind. That does make me worry less now about letting it out if I have to. How long are you staying in Cinci?” I replied “about 3 days with my family.” She said “oh” and looked down. I said “Oh?” she said she wanted company in her hotel room at night and was hoping I could stay with her. I said “well, that can be arranged.” She smiled and told me where she would be staying and her name and said to bring diapers and condoms for myself as we would both be needing to protect the bed. I smiled and said I would. We got off the bus in Cincinnati, as she stood up she stood still and wet the diaper again. A little pee ran down the inside of her leg to the floor but it was a very minor few drops. She wiped it off with her hand and hugged me kissed my cheek and said see you tonight! She walked off the bus ahead of me. After renting a car and spending some time with my family I informed them that I think I have a place to stay tonight and would be back in the morning...late morning. I smiled and said goodbye and walked out. I found the hotel and knocked on her door. She said “who is it?” I said “it is Bryan, the guy you met on the bus.” She unlocked the door and was standing there in just a diaper and bra. I came in and she closed and locked the door. After spending 3 wonderful nights with her it was time for me to head back home. That morning she went down on me, then diapered me up before I got dressed and said make sure you don’t fill it too full before you get home. I handed her my phone number and address and asked if I can have her number to keep in contact. She kissed me and said she has a boyfriend and that would not go over well if I called her. She said however she is keeping my number in her book, so if things don’t work out with her current boyfriend she will be giving me a call. I smiled and patted her diapered bottom and headed to the bus station. The trip back home was long and boring, but it was nice to not have to use that nasty bus bathroom. I could just pee right there in the seat. I never heard from her again, but wow, what a glorious 3 nights I will never forget.
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    How I Met My Husband

    Thank you so much! Kind of a fantasy of mine! Thought I would put it in words.