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  1. LMAO, so true. I would like to know who is actually testing diapers at these companies! Someone that leaks a little when they sneeze and says "yeah, this one is maximum absorbency. I wore it 12 hours and just put it back on after I peed in the toilet every time. At least places like Northshorecareproducts, Rearz, etc. get it right. There needs to be a standard both on sizes and absorbency for the diaper industry. It is a joke how Depends calls their 6 tab Maximum absorbency and by the second pee it is forming a wet patch on your pants. But then a "real" diaper you can wet 4 5 or more times in before it is full. Sizes too are a joke. Tena Large/XL are almost too small for me, but a dry24/7 L is perfect fit. Attends L is too small, but a Megamax Large fits well. I say we form a committee to force companies to hold to a scale for size and actual capacity for both press out and diaper absorbency. Some of the companies like Attends and Depend would not like that because they would be forced to stop saying their product is Maximum absorbency.
  2. ha ha, that will work too! Though I find plastic backed diapers work so much better at staying put, and hiding any odor etc. I have not tried the DG adult diapers. I only tried the regular tape diapers from Walgreens that hold a surprising amount for store brand diapers. Just wish they were plastic backed. I agree on the extra cushion between my legs! There is something great about the look and feel of diapers, especially nice thicker ones. Just have to wear looser pants like I am here at work right now in my fairly thick wet Megamax.
  3. well, I know Goodnites are very stretchy and generally one of the biggest on the market. And I know the Dollar General are amazingly absorbent as well as the CVS brand. But I can't speak for the size. I can't wear them myself as they are, I am way over 125......Sadly like 150 over it! But for $8 you get 12 diapers, you really can't lose too much. I mean you spend the money and if they are just a little too tight, you take the next one and tear the sides at the seam, and then add a little material like from the one you just took off. You can just staple the pieces in place with like 3 staples in each joint, and now you have a pull up that fits. Some trial and error will be needed to see just how much material you need to add. But to me, spending $8 on a experiment is not a big deal. I spend $2 per diaper on Megamax's diapers. These are 66 cents each and usable one way or another I would think unless you are way over the 125 pound limit. I know it depends a lot on your bottom size too as to how they fit. I wear them at home by adding material to the back and made elastic bands for the sides just to save money while I am at home. So I know they work pretty well. If you flood your diaper when you wet, you might only get one pee in them if you don't use a booster, but me, I have OAB and I sometimes pee 3 times an hour and with a little booster I can get 3 pees in one of those diapers easy every time with no leaks. Worth a shot to try I think.
  4. Generally there is no such thing as a good pull up, and especially an adult one you buy at a store. Pull ups leak before full quite often and while I have found Walgreens Adult diapers to amazingly well for as cheap as they are. if you weight less than 130 pounds, You might find DollarGeneral Nite pants pull ups with a booster in them to be better than any adult pull up on the market sold in stores. You could buy from Northshorecare.com and have your diapers shipped to a local store or FedEx drop off and you can get them there also. They come in a plain white box and I would try the GoSupreme if you did that. They will also send free samples to any FedEx location as far as I know. Worth a shot. https://www.dollargeneral.com/gentle-steps-overnight-pants-size-l-xl-12-ct.html Also while not as cheap, CVS brand kids diapers like the night pants or even size 6 over nites hold a heck of a lot too.
  5. LOL I am a very simple man! I don't have much in the way of fantasy that I have not already been able to live in my time on this earth. But these are ones I have not experienced in real life and would very much love too. I do start with the same basic root because it is what is familiar to me and I try so hard to not repeat but it is very difficult after you write a few stories and have limited experiences to write from. Thanks for the compliment and I do agree, I need to come up with some better and different situations, but I don't really know what to write about. In my real life I am an introvert more than anything, and my life has been surrounded by mechanical things and electrical things not people. My childhood was not normal and other than my 6 younger brothers and sisters, I was not allowed to have friends, and be social. In my adulthood those skills of being social and meeting new people are a struggle even to this day. I have been married once for a short time. I have not been on a date in several years. Oh there are plenty of women my age that I would like to ask out, but I can't bring myself to do it. So instead my fantasies are easier to write about in stories like this. I suppose if a miracle happens and a skinny long haired lady crosses my path who wears diapers and pees her pants and likes me ( boy I am dreaming there) I would probably never write again because I would not need the fantasy on paper so to speak as I would have it in real life. I wouldn't know how to act to be honest! LOL Thanks again for the compliment and I will see if I can break out of my comfort zone and write about something different that still ends up with diapers and pants peeing. My two favorite things I love to see a lady involved in. BTW-My grandfather was born in Sicily. I see you have listed as being in Italy.
  6. Yeah, certainly a fantasy of mine. She would be loads of fun. At my age, even a 45 year old who looked like that and was in diapers I would love to meet!
  7. There was paragraphs when I wrote it on google docs. But when I pasted it over here they all vanished! Usually when i paste over text I get a choose to paste as is or use their system. But that choice never showed up! I will go through and see if I can break it up again. It is really annoying that you can't just paste things over and have it show up as you put it. something is really screwed up with the web site and the editing tools. But I just broke it up some. Not being a writer, I don't really know where Paragraphs are supposed to fall. That long section in part 2 is all the same dialog, in the same location. Where I broke it up seems odd to me now, but what ever. I don't know how to write. I just have an imagination.
  8. Thanks! yep, took me two days to get this far. Hopefully I will have time to continue! I do have plans in mind.
  9. The Church Bake Sale! Our Church every year has a Bake sale where the ladies bake things like Cake, cookies, Brownies and they divide them up and sell them to the public to raise funds for different things. My Parents told me that I needed to go and help out this Sunday afternoon. They were holding it at the mall at the far end of one of the wings so people shopping would be able to purchase some on the way past. They didn't want to be near the food court because there is too much other stuff and smells there to distract from the sale. My shift was from 3 PM until 6 PM and I would be working with one other person from the church but I had no idea who. I grew up in this church so even though I am now 25 and only attend on Sunday mornings now, my parents keep volunteering me for silly things like this. I don't have a girlfriend right now, and I don't work weekends at my job, so I guess I have no excuse but to show up. As I walked in the door of the mall I could see the tables that were set up in the center of the isle and a couple ladies were there. One was counting the money and putting it in a security box to hand to the Pastor. As I walked up to the table I just stood there being quiet not wanting to disturb them when this really pretty woman walked up and stood at the table near me. She had to be about 20 years old, maybe 21 at the most. Her hair came down past her shoulders, she had on just enough makeup to enhance her beauty. She was wearing pretty tight red shorts that outlined her bottom and long thin legs very well. They also matched her red shoes, and bra that I was able to see peeking from her blouse which was white and was very pretty. I could just tell she was a very girly girl which I like. She was probably all of 100 pounds at most and 5' 4" tall. She smiled at me while she sipped on her can of Diet Coke she got on the way past the food court from the vending machines. Once the pastor and ladies were done, they introduced us to the ladies saying we would be taking over, if they could please show us what to do. I smiled thinking of how great it will be working with this girl for the next few hours. I shook her hand saying "my name is Bryan, Lovely meeting you!" She told me her name was Amber and it was a pleasure. We proceeded to get our training on how to store the money, how not to keep too much money in the drawer, etc. The prices were all clearly marked on the baked goods, so it was not difficult. Once the pastor and the ladies left, it was just me and Amber. I could not help but notice her lovely body. Me loving skinny women anyhow with long hair, I was really liking her. We started talking about life, and work. Soon we were hit with lots of customers and could not say much to each other for a while. It seemed the cookies and brownies were very popular and with it now being after 4 PM people were starting to come into the mall even more now than earlier. Soon I noticed she was crossing her legs as she stood talking to people and occasionally bending over a little trying to not be too noticeable. Doing a little pee pee shuffle at times I knew all too well this was a sexy woman desperate to pee and that turned me on. After she finished up with that last customer, she asked, "Where is the bathroom? That Coke is going through me." I said it is all the way across the mall by the food court." She looked down the long aisle and nodded. As she turned back around 2 more families walked up to the table, and before we could check them out we both had a long line of people lined up to buy stuff. I kept noticing her standing with her legs crossed, and sometimes bouncing up and down a little at the register. Then the unforgettable happened. She started talking to the next person and she gasped, her face turned red and she stood real still for like 20 seconds. She tried to talk to the customer but did not move her body much, legs spread slightly apart. Then she looked down at her pants and then continued working for the next 20 minutes. No more crossing her legs together, no more dancing around or anything. Once the crowd died down, she sat on the chair and we went back to chatting...but this time I noticed the crotch of her tight shorts was bulged out rounded and thick between her legs. She had to be wearing a diaper...but those shorts are so tight, surely I would have noticed this before. Being even more turned on now by her, I asked, "I thought you had to go pee?" she turned red in the face again a little and said, "Oh…..um ...it went away, I am good. Thanks!" I changed the subject to her, and finally had the nerve to ask her out. She accepted and gave me her phone number to call her. Another customer came over and as she finished I tossed a coin under her feet beyond her in hopes she would bend over and pick it up. She did and for the first time her shorts slid down in the back exposing the back of a Pull up. It was like a Goodnites one, but a different brand. This really made me smile as she handed me my coin. She said, "what are you smiling about?" I told her I was just thinking about how many exciting things I have yet to learn about her. She smiled and sat back down. I got up and said, while things are slow, I am going to zip to the food court because I have to pee, and will get us some Cokes. She quickly said, "No thanks on the Coke. I can't have more liqu……..Caffeine this late at night or I won't sleep." I smiled so big inside knowing exactly now. I will be dating a hot bed wetter. This is a dream come true for me. Once I returned from the bathroom we packed up the tables and the pastor showed back up to get the money and stuff. I took Amber's hand, squeezed it and then kissed it. I told her to be careful driving home and I would call her tomorrow. She kissed me on the cheek and said she could not wait. Part 2 That night I went to bed thinking about her and how pretty she is. And really loving how she wet her pull up under those tight shorts and how cute that was. I put my nighttime diaper on and snuggled in bed and drifted off to sleep. The alarm woke me the next morning and as usual, my diaper was wet but not full. I got up and went downstairs to start the coffee pot and peed again in my diaper there in the kitchen as I thought about what sounded good for breakfast. I made some eggs and Turkey sausage patties that I had pre-cooked and some Rye Toast and ate my breakfast. I had a small glass of OJ to wash it down with then put my dishes in the sink and went to get a shower and get my now soaked diaper off. Once out of the shower I put on some underwear, jeans, and a nice dress shirt, put the coffee in my thermos and the rest in a travel cup and headed to my car, and left for work. During work I thought about her quite a lot and wanted to call her but I knew I had better not. So at lunch I sent her a quick text saying hi, and hoping her day was going well. I told her I was at lunch and I would call her about 5 tonight if that's ok? She replied "Hi, I am doing well thank you. Sure you can call me at 5. I will be home!" I was happy to receive a text back so quickly. It really annoys me when some girls will just ignore your message as if they are really too busy to talk to a guy they like. That is so stupid and fake. This was another thing about her that I was now impressed with and the rest of the afternoon just dragged on slowly. All I could think about was calling her. I was never really one to believe in love at first sight, but these feelings I have are really strong right now. Once I arrived home, I got into something more comfortable, and sat on the couch then called Amber right away. I think it was like 4:55, I was just too excited to talk to her. She answered with the sweetest voice I have ever heard. We started talking and before I knew it, the clock said it was 7:30. I can't believe we have just been on the phone for 2 ½ hours. She asked me to please hold on, she had to pee. I did too so we set the phone down and both went to pee. Upon returning, I asked her if she would like to join me for dinner tonight and she said sure, she would meet me wherever. I suggested a place near the mall not knowing where she lived yet. We hung up and I cleaned up real quick, put on some nice clothes and headed to the restaurant. Pulling into the place I went in and sat in the lobby as she walked up from the parking lot. I greeted her with a kiss and held her hand as we walked to the hostess to be seated. I pulled out her chair for her to sit, then sat across from her at the table. I looked into her eyes and noticed how beautiful and blue they were. She stared back into mine with a smile on her face. I reached across and held her hand and she gently held mine back. I told her she was the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. She blushed a little and said thank you, but you need your eyes checked! The waitress showed up and introduced herself to us and took our drink and food orders. We both got a Grilled Chicken Salad and a cup of soup and enjoyed our dinner. Once finished we headed to pay and she ducked into the ladies room. I had found out she lived just a mile or so from me on the same street that a friend of mine lives on. I walked her to her car, she opened the door and tossed her purse into the car then shut the door and turned around pulling me close to her. She held me in her arms and I snuggled against her body putting my hands on her back and she french kissed me for a long time. She snuggled into my chest and told me she was scared of how comfortable she feels with me and that she was sure I would not like her once I really got to know her. I told her that her fears were unfounded, no one is perfect, and I am sure there is nothing that is going to drive me away. She smiled and said, well…...we will see. She kissed me, got in her car and drove home. This had me puzzled and confused as to if she ever wanted to see me again or not. I got in my car and drove home. Should I call her? Should I not? That kiss was amazing and I was so turned on, but then her comments and leaving just…….I don't know what to do or say. I picked up the phone, then put it back down…...I picked it up again and dialed her number, then hung up before I dialed the last digit. I turned on the TV and after about 10 minutes shut it back off. I grabbed my cell and text her. I said "hi babe, Thank you for a wonderful dinner." I got no response. 20 minutes went by, 30 minutes, 45 minutes...and nothing. My heart dropped from my chest and I went to bed that night racking my brain trying to figure out what I did wrong. Maybe I should not have told her how much I liked her….. Maybe I should not have looked in her eyes like that on a first date. Maybe I should have picked her up instead of having her meet me at the restaurant ...No, she wanted to do that. That was her idea. I hardly slept at all, and by morning I was very tired and depressed. I went back to work on Tuesday yawning and was not a very productive employee. People asked me what was wrong and I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I just kept to myself. When I got home on Tuesday night, I got in the door and I called her. The phone rang, and rang, and went to voicemail. I left her a message. I said, "Amber, This is Bryan. I had a really great time last night on our date. I am sorry that I did something wrong to upset you but please talk to me. Please?" I hung up… nothing. No call back,..... nothing. I munched a little on some food. Was really not hungry. I got up Wed. and called off work. I needed some time to figure things out. I always feel better after a workout, so I decided to go jogging for a while at the park. There is a fairly secluded park near my house that has paths around the river that people sometimes jog on. I grabbed a Banana and some OJ and got into my jogging pants, a T-shirt, and running shoes. I wanted to get the work out in before the heat of the day hit. I drove to the park, got out and stretched, then took off down the path. In my own little world with headphones on, I set my pace just fast enough to not wear me out, but still get a good cardio workout. Some people go clockwise, and others go counter clockwise. We all stay to the right and just pass each other. Part way into the second loop, I saw a women who looked just like Amber running toward me, also with headphones on and in her own world. As she got closer I knew it was her. She was dressed in skimpy jogging shorts, and a tank top. She was sweating but also upon further observation, the crotch of her shorts was dripping wet where she had just totally peed herself jogging. The sweat on her shirt and upper part of her shorts was not as dark or as damp as the crotch of her shorts. And they were dripping as she ran. I stopped and moved over in front of her. Once she focused on who was in her path, her face went blank. Then she turned beet red as she came to a stop in front of me removing her earphones. I said "Hi". She looked down at the ground then back at me with a tear in her eyes. I said "amber baby, what is wrong?" She turned to walk away from me and I followed her to a bench across the way. I took her arm and turned her around and I said "Please talk to me baby, what did I do wrong? I really like you!" She again looked down at her peed shorts and said "really? You really don't care if your girl pees her pants all the time?" she started walking away from me, I quickly followed and put my arms around her stomach from behind stopping her from walking and I kissed her cheek. She froze for a moment and turned to look at me. I said" ok, here is the deal, I will completely accept my girl peeing her pants all the time, if you can accept your boyfriend who wears diapers to bed because he still wets the bed!" She said "you are lying, you don't wet the bed still?" I looked her in the eye and said baby, I swear I do. I looked at the ground and she picked up my chin to look her in the eye and she said "your serious, aren't you?" I responded, "I am dead serious." She started laughing! I looked at her and said. "what the heck is funny?" I started to walk away from her. She chased after me saying "baby, I am laughing because I also wear diapers to bed for bed wetting, I was wearing a diaper on Sunday and I wet it when we were selling cookies the other night and I couldn't help it. Don't you see? I ran from you because so many guys have dumped me in the past after finding out I have bladder issues and wear diapers still. And I didn't want to go through that hurt again. I didn't want to fall for you only to be let down again. Your the first man I ever met who I am not only super attracted too, but also wears diapers and don't have an issue with me in them." I turned back around to face her and she leaned in and kissed me passionately right then and there, then she said "I am going to screw this up…..and I don't care. You have to know. I could fall in love with you so easy. You better be the best boyfriend in the world to me because baby I am yours, and I can be yours forever!" I held her sweaty body against mine, and we just stood there holding each other for a long time. She raised her head from my shoulder and said "You didn't go into work today?" I told her I was too depressed from not hearing back from her and called off." She offered for us to spend the day together then. She took me back to her place so she could shower, then we went to mine so I could shower and we spent the rest of the day together playing, shopping, eating, etc. The day went by so fast. That night I kissed her goodnight and we promised to text and chat the next day. And we did, we chatted on the phone for hours both Thursday and Friday night as well as texting all day. I hate to admit it, but I was falling in love with this girl and quickly! Part 3 Saturday morning came and I got up, took my wet diaper off and put on some underwear, but left my pajamas on. I went downstairs to start some coffee and breakfast when the phone rang. I grabbed the phone and it was Amber. She said,"I was thinking about you all night baby. I had to call and hear your voice again. I miss you!" That melted my heart and made me smile. I told her I miss her also. We started chatting about some things for a long time. I was starting to need to pee, and it was getting bad. I kept putting it off during our conversation as long as I could, but I was now sitting up on the chair, holding myself rocking back and forth trying to get the pressure to go away. I finally broke down and told her that I need to go pee really bad and I would be right back. She said "no baby, don't leave me, I need to hear your voice. Please don't go." I said honey, I will be right back I promise. She said ok hurry. I ran to the toilet. As I reached the toilet urine started coming out of me into my underwear. I clenched my muscles as hard as I could to stop the flow but it kept coming. My pajamas were doing very little to catch it So I quickly stepped into the bathtub to finished peeing my pants. I was in shock, this is the first time I have peed my pants since I was in 8th grade. I didn't know how to act. I took my peed pants and pajamas off and left them in the tub. As I dried myself off with a towel, I thought, wow ...I really waited too long this time. I walked back to my chair with my towel and sat down on the towel, picked up the phone and we continued our phone conversation. I was way too embarrassed to tell her what happened. I invited her out to breakfast, and she said "I thought you would never ask. How about I meet you at your house and we leave from there?" I agreed and hung up. I went back in the bathroom and rinsed out my pee soaked pajamas and underwear and hung them on the towel rack to drip dry. I cleaned up brushed my teeth, shaved and put on some clothes then made a pot of coffee. As I was drinking my coffee she pulled into my driveway and parked her car beside mine in the back. I met her in the driveway and she ran up and hugged me and kissed me. She was wearing a semi short skirt, a low cut t-shirt showing her sexy belly and tennis shoes. We walked into the house and she looked around seeing it for the first time. I completely forgot about my dripping wet pajamas and underwear over my tub when she walked in there. She looked at them and back at me ...My face turned red and I looked at the floor. She said, "looks like someone else needs to be in diapers all the time too!" she winked at me and we left the room. I didn't say a word. She said "I assume this was because I kept you on the phone too long baby?" I nodded yes. She walked up to me, put her arms around me and pressed her sexy body against mine firmly as she began to kiss me. I was so turned on I wanted to just lay her on the couch right there and strip her down to naked and make passionate love to her. She ran her hand around the front of my pants and gently rubbed on my very hard manhood. I ran my hand down from her back to her thigh and then up under her skirt right onto her rather thick pull up she was wearing. It felt like it was still dry but it was thicker than I thought it should be. She said we better get some breakfast before we get in trouble here. I agreed, but found it difficult to walk to the car. She got in my passenger side and buckled herself in as I got in the drivers side. Her skirt had ridden up exposing the very sexy little bulge between her legs and she made no attempt to hide it from me. On the way there I asked her how she got her pull up so thick? She said she now puts a booster in it so that if she needs to, she can wet it up to 3 times before having to change it. She explained as long as she can get to a toilet, she will use the toilet, but once she pees once in the pull up, if she takes it off it quickly gets cold. So if she has to pee in her pull up, the next two times she has to go, she will just go in the pull up so it stays comfortable. She said "sometimes I can wear one pull up and booster all day and other times I can't make it. I know I am weird, but I also hate throwing away a dry diaper, so if my 5 PM I have not wet it, I will just start going in my pull up the rest of the evening even if the toilet is right there because I don't want to take it off for bed still dry." I told her it made perfect sense to me! She smiled and held my hand. Once we arrived at the restaurant we were seated in a booth. She quickly decided to sit next to me instead of across from me. I got up and let her slide over on the inside so people could not see up her skirt. Part way through eating she said, "baby, I need to go pee, can you let me out?" I responded "nah, just use your diaper!" she grinned and went back to eating. After leaving the restaurant I took her for a short drive to the park along the river. We got out and walked along the path and enjoyed the river holding hands and cuddling on the boardwalk. The river was flowing making a lovely sound over the rocks……..one which was making me have to pee again. Soon I was uncomfortable and suggested we head home now. She said "Oh honey, I don't want to leave yet. This is so peaceful and calm. You holding me in your arms is so comforting." I whispered in her ear, "baby, I agree, but I have to pee again bad." She said " Just go in your diaper!" And giggled. I said "I wish I was wearing my diaper now". She spun me around against the handrail and leaned her body into mine and began passionately kissing me. The pressure was becoming so intense on my bladder I could lose it at any moment but I was also so turned on. I was not sure if I would pee my pants or cum in them. No one was around us this early in the morning. She reached her hand down on my crotch and began rubbing my hard cock. I tried to push her away feeling like I could explode at any second. She was holding me so tight and I soon felt urine shoot out of me into my underwear and pants. I could feel a huge wet spot had formed on my jeans. She whispered " good boy, now let the rest of it out." She started french kissing me and rubbing me until I climaxed. As I came in my pants urine shot out of me too. I would pump cum into my underwear, and as soon as it stopped urine shot out. She never moved her hand from my crotch as I came and peed all over myself and her hand. She continued to rub and told me to let it all out now. I felt the urine dripping off my pant leg as I gave up the fight and finished peeing my pants. Then I reached under her skirt and started playing with her very wet and warm diaper. I reached down inside it realizing she was peeing as I reached into her diaper. I began to rub her up and down and round and round. Then found my way into her vagina and rubbed up on the front looking for her "G-spot" as she began contracting her muscles and squeezing my body tight and moaning. More pee shot out of her onto my hand and I turned my hand around trying to wipe it on her already saturated diaper. I removed my hand and we kissed more, and then headed back to the car. All I could think about was how smooth her nicely waxed pussy was, and how soaked her diaper was. She said, "when we get home I will help you change and clean up, then I would like you to change my diaper." I was smiling from ear to ear. We passed a person walking his dog on the path who gave me some odd looks seeing my peed pants. I didn't even care. I was in uforia right now, on an endorphin high. We got in the car and drove home to my house. Once inside the house, we headed up stairs. She walked me into my bedroom and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my underwear off. She took some wet wipes and cleaned me up then kissed me. Then she removed her skirt and laid on the bed in her very soaked diaper and shirt laying on her back. She bent her legs up so her feet were flat on the bed while she laid on the bed and said "service me baby." I leaned over and kissed her lips, then gently slid her t-shirt off and she helped me remove her bra. I began kissing her nipples and gently tickling her belly and arms as I sucked on her breasts. She sighed as she laid there on the bed, slowly biting her lower lip as I licked around the outsides of her nipples. As I worked my way around her body and kissing her down her belly, I stood up, ripped open the sides of her soaked pull up and rolled it up tossing it on the floor. I got some wipes and cleaned her perfectly shaped smooth pussy and then lowered my face down between her legs. As I began to kiss and lick in her pussy, she began to squirm and almost instantly I tasted her juices begin to come out of her. I kissed up and down the inside of her legs, and then back to her clit. I got up to take a breath for a moment and she spread her legs wide open and said "I want your cock in me!" I smiled and laid down on her and gently wiggled the tip of my penis up and down on her very wet pussy driving her nuts. Finally I slid myself into her slowly at first, then after I getting her juices all over me, I went faster and faster thrusting myself into her. She began to moan a little and soon I felt her muscles contract around my cock and then the warmth of her cum as well as some urine hitting me. I couldn't hold back any more at that point and I came full on inside of her. Once I was done I collapsed onto her body and she kissed me and told me how much she needed that. As I slowly pulled out of her I felt another long squirt of urine hit me on my crotch area. My bed was really wet under her but I didn't care. I stood up and cleaned myself off, then I cleaned her up. I helped her stand up from the bed and I led her into the bathroom. We took a shower together and when done, I laid her on the other part of the bed that was still dry and put a tape on diaper on her. One that her skirt would not cover up. I handed her bra to her and she put it on and I handed her the t-shirt and told her to go down stairs and I would put the laundry in and be down to join her soon. She kissed me and went down stairs in her diaper and shirt and sat on the couch turning the TV on. I removed the bed sheets, grabbed my pajamas and underwear from this morning and tossed them into the laundry basket. I put on a diaper and t-shirt also and headed down stairs to put the laundry in and made another pot of coffee for us. Upon returning, I handed her a cup of coffee, and snuggled beside her on the couch holding her in my arms. She had taken a spare bed sheet from the bedroom to snuggle with on the couch and was covered up nice and warm. In short time her coffee was gone and she had fallen asleep in my arms. I had to pee and let it out in my diaper sitting there. I tried not to move so I didn't disturb her. She was so beautiful. And her hair smelled like strawberries which I really liked. Her perfume was gentle and just right. Time passed very quickly and before I knew it I had wet my diaper again. She finally woke up and kissed me and sat up to stretch. As she pulled the sheet off of her, I noticed her diaper was very wet. She stood up and then stood still and I watched more urine spread through the diaper as she stood there. She looked at me and looked at the steps then down at her diaper. I said, "ok, lets change your diaper". She giggled and headed up to the bedroom. I laid her on her back and changed her diaper again, putting her back into another one not a pull up. Then I changed my diaper and she watched me do it. She commented on how well I did that myself. I told her I had been doing it all my life at night, plenty of practice. She laughed and we headed back down stairs. She asked if we could order Chinese for dinner, which I had no issue with. I love Chinese. After placing the order I went up and put on some pajama bottoms over my diaper. She laid on the couch all comfy in her diaper and shirt watching a Movie. I went down and changed the laundry into the dryer and came back up in time for the doorbell to ring. I opened it and paid for our food. The delivery guy looked over at her and she made no attempt to get up or hide herself laying there in her diaper that was already slightly wet in the crotch. He smiled and said have a good day. I closed the door and sat beside her and we had dinner. She asked if I cared if she stayed the night with her and I of course said I would love it. That night we changed each other into night time diapers and cuddled in bed. I could hardly sleep I was so content and happy having her lay there in my arms. At some point I finally fell asleep and the sun woke us up in the morning. Sunday was a lazy day for both of us. We stayed diapered again all day and never even got dressed. We ordered out again for Lunch and dinner and even took an afternoon nap after making love again. With in 3 months she moved in with me, and in less than a year I married her. And lived "mostly" happily ever after! Ha ha no marriage is perfect right? The end
  10. Yeah that two to three times a night is annoying AF. there are times I need a booster in a Megamax and in the morning my diaper weighs like 15 pounds hanging off of me. In the mornings after I have my house pot of coffee, I pee 2 to 3 times an hour for like 4 hours. In the late afternoon/evening I don't hardly pee much at all, maybe 3 to 4 times in 10 hours, then at night I make up for it again in bed!
  11. I do pee up to 18 or 19 times in 24 hours sometimes. I also drink a fair amount of coffee and water through the day though. The big annoyance is peeing 2 to 4 times between midnight and 8 AM It is difficult for even the Megamax to keep up with me. I know there are some issues. Also when I was trying this, I was on a water pill for my blood pressure. Now I am not, but I still pee 14 to 18 times in 24 hours. If it was not for diapers, I would have to live my life in a bathroom or in peed pants. Diapers are a life saver for me.
  12. Wow, great picture and thank you! Happy New year to you!