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  1. I wake up from a sound sleep to the buzz of my alarm clock. I roll over and try to focus on the clock…..6:30 AM. Uhg, my first job since I graduated high school and it had to be a day shift job. At least working at the bank is not so bad, I don't have to be there until 8:30 so this gives me two hours to do my hair, put on my make up and get some breakfast and a to go cup of coffee and still be there on time. I flip the blanket off my body and sit up. I look down at the normal thick bulge of a wet diaper between my legs. I relax and empty my bladder the rest of the way sitting there in bed in m
  2. for me, one thing I have found is make sure the leg area is tight, and then I put a booster in my Megamax. That helps wick the urine under my bottom a little better. The Megamax is tricky sometimes. It is an awesome diaper and I wear up to 2 a day, most of the time no issues at all.....but every now and then I don't get it on quite right, or my....."hose" ends up to one side and I don't realize it and the already wet diaper does not absorb again as quick and I get a little overflow out of the leg guards. The booster does seem to help with that. Just a thought to try.
  3. Lately Megamax with a booster at night, XP5000 in the morning, and NS Supreme to work changing into a wellness diaper part way through my shift. If I know I am working with someone, a Megamax with a booster to work instead and it will last all shift plus.
  4. I wear the Megamax with a booster every night to bed, and also to work to get me through my shift when I know I am working with another person so I don't have to explain why I need to go change. the booster seems to help some getting the urine to the back of the diaper when standing. at night I sleep on my back mostly so it is not a problem getting the back of the diaper mostly filled. for a while I did wear only the Megamax. I pee a lot so while 3 diapers in 24 hours was all I needed, my morning and night one were quite full. In the morning sitting on the couch kind of laying back helps and d
  5. could be partly why it appeals to you today. I am not sure why I have always loved diapers but I have as far back as I can remember. That smell of powder and Desitin is very familiar to me also. There is nothing wrong with still being in diapers at an older age. Just makes your life easier.
  6. Yes, Proctor and Gamble is releasing these this month, and the XL size is now as large as Goodnites (125 pounds). Hopefully they are more stretchy on the sides than the underjams and still hold more than the goodnites. I ordered a box of each size for my kid and GF to try.
  7. In time you will be ok and more accepting of it. Diapers do not define who you are. Keep them hidden under your clothes and hold your head up and move on. Your husband is right. Go out there and try not to be so worried about others opinions. you can't stop living your life because someone might think something. And if properly covered no one will even know. But trust me, in time you will see, a tape on diaper will give you much better security than a pull up that will leak. I know, I have been through it. I have been through the times of "fear" of what if someone finds out. Guess what I foun
  8. I have to agree with Warpiper. That is what diapers and pads are for. They are to allow you to live a more normal life without worry. A good quality thicker diaper like a BetterDry, Northshore Megamax, Even Tena super and lose pants or a skirt will allow you to live life and do things without worrying about wet pants. I am in diapers 24/7 myself and have been for over 9 years now. It takes some getting used to both Mentally when you have to relax and let yourself know you are not alone, Diapers are just another kind of underwear and they make your life easier. No wearing pull-ups to bed is not
  9. I pee 2 to 4 times a night in bed. If I am not in a dry Megamax with a booster before I lay down to sleep, I am in a wet bed in the morning. I pee so much sometimes at night it is ridiculous. My body retains water in the day time and lets it all out at night. Been this way for years. Freaking Nocturia. Lately I have been developing occasional secondary nocturnal enuresis which I actually am thankful for, because I get a better nights sleep by not waking up to pee every time I pee. So in answer to your question, yes I am in a dry thick diaper before I lay down every night. I have to be.
  10. It does not take me long to learn how to put each brand of diaper on right the first time. I never use the cloth back that stretch and sag and bleed through etc. So for me the landing zone is not needed. But some people struggle either because they have motor skill issues, or just never figure it out and have to re-adjust. So for them it is a must. When I first started with the Megamax diapers, the size I bought the first bag of was too small. The bottom tapes did not reach the landing zone. but they did lay on the tabs and that was good enough. It held just fine and could wear them 8 to 10 ho
  11. I like them. But I have fat thigh's and they seem to fit well and be comfortable. I am still not sure if the Megamax holds more or these do. I find the Megamax stronger both plastic wise and padding wise. So I wear the Megamax to bed at night, and if I will be at work with no opportunity to change for hours on end...like 8 to 10, or for long journey's where I will need my diaper on for several hours. I am not a fan of changing my diaper in public and would rather wear very lose pants and thick diapers like BetterDry, Megamax, and Beyond5000 than thinner diapers that need changed after a coupl
  12. Yes, I noticed a lot of diapers have super thin plastic and other than cost I can't imagine why they would push it to the limit like that. I have learned to shy away from them more lately. My issue now is also the ABU SDK diapers. They fit and work amazing, but I have an issue with the landing zone right below my belly tearing when I sit and stretch them a little. It rips. Not cool, the rest of the diaper holds up well but that one area on quite a few tears. I have put packing tape over it and all is good again. It must just be a seam in the plastic or something that lands on the same spot ove
  13. yeah, I agree. The ATN are ok for the price, but they are not overnight diapers for me either. Shoot, some nights I can fill a Megamax. Lately I have been putting a booster in them to make sure I get through the night and into the morning a little before changing. I used to wear the Abina L4 but one time I got a case of them full of pin holes, and I stopped buying them. When you drive home and pee, and find the crotch of your jeans soaked and some wetness on the car seat, it is not a win for me. I gave them up at that time for the dry24/7. Now the Megamax is my go to for a long time.
  14. sure, also one time was in a Tranquility ATN, I was at a city bus stop and had to go so I did, as the bus pulled up, I got on, paid my fare, and had a seat over the rear axle for the ride home. I didn't think anything of it until I got to my stop and pulled the cord. I got off the bus and people were sort of looking at me out the bus windows. The bus pulled off and I took about 10 more steps and out of habit reached around to make sure my wallet was still there and found my entire backside soaked in piss. My diaper had leaked, and soaked the bus seat and my rear end. I had to walk 4 city block
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