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  1. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    The New Northshore Supreme will be here soon. NorthShore says the briefs with rear waistband should be available around end of 2017. Here is my review on them.
  2. My friend Avery!

    Thank you! It is fun.
  3. Deal on diapers

    Amazing price for sure. Wow. I just sold about 400 Attends pee pads to a local Abby Ann's store today trying to get rid of some of them as they don't work well for guy's! I use them as diaper boosters sometimes.
  4. Would you let a stranger online buy diapers for you?

    I will ask one of the models I deal with and see if they remember how they set up the account. I know it does not hide your name. I seem to remember the last time I bought something for someone I got her first and last name ( modeling name not her real one) and maybe the city she was in. That was all that showed. You never want to use your real name on line for anything fetish. I have never set up an account for the purpose of this, but I would try to set up a new account maybe with Amazon using Spokane Girl on the account. I would also call Amazon and play dumb....say hey, I am setting up a wish list for people to buy me things, and I don't really want my address given out to the buyers, how can I do this? In the meantime I will see if one of the three diapergirls I work with has an answer or advice also. Don't know how long it will take though. They are busy. I know Rachelle is out of town right now on a big shoot, Not sure about the other two. Good luck.
  5. Kitty and Avery and I hanging out at Avery's place a couple years ago. We ordered a pizza and were chatting about things while waiting. :)
  6. Would you let a stranger online buy diapers for you?

    If you want guy's to buy you diapers or clothing etc. which happens a lot to diaper girls and models on line, And you don't know him personally or at least have a trust with him, you should always get a post office box and at least change your last name so that if he is a freak ( probably not) he can't look you up. I know quite a few women who let people buy them things like diapers. One other way is to set up an Amazon account and you can then add the diapers you want to your wish list. Set your settings to be private and Amazon will not disclose your shipping address to the buyer. Lots of models do this all the time around the world. Always good to be safe, but if your going to be out there so to speak trust is a good, but being on guard is also good.
  7. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Ah I see.... I read about the chat issue. I missed the message about this. Ok that explains things. thanks!
  8. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I answered this before, but it seems to have disappeared for some reason? Anyhow I had lunch with a younger fellow who was in school taking Electronics and at the time I was still shooting with diapergirls. Over time I had dropped names of models like Natalia Forest, Rachelle Summers, and Kitty and Avery who I shot with. He never responded and we got into a conversation about why I had a camera with me at times at work. I told him I shoot for a fetish web page on the side and was a hobby photographer. Over time one thing led to another and one day he asked me point blank what I shoot. And told him he would not be interested in it, it is an obscure fetish. He asked again what I shot...So I fumbled around and brought up a photo I had taken of one of the girls in her diaper. He said he thought so and then told me in a low voice that he was an ABDL himself and wears a lot. From that point on we hit it off even better. He now works in a different department and different shift than I do so we don't see each other as much, but we do talk still on other social media and he now buy's diapers and has them shipped to my house to pick up so his parents and sister don't get the box.
  9. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I will second this comment on the Northshore supreme and they do come in sizes for older kids. The small is very small. I am at work, changed out of my dry24/7 and into a wellness original......and my zipper seems to have put a hole in the diaper. I just found it by wetting the diaper and feeling it drip down my leg! GRRRRR Now I had to tape over the hole and hope it holds to the end of my shift.
  10. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Ah I will look for them and see. Thanks!
  11. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I can't wear plastic pants for two reason's. One I work in a powerhouse where in the summer it is literally 118 Deg. in there and I have to change my diaper every couple hours because it fills with sweat not pee. And secondly because I have yet to find plastic pants that don't cut the circulation off to my fat legs! I am just not a fan of plastic pants. I don't remember growing up with them. Mom just kept us in Pampers with no covers. And so that is what I know and stick with even now. As I am not an AB to me plastic pants are just too much on the AB side for me. I personally like the look of the smooth diaper bulge between my legs and I also think a cover of some type hides that. But that is just me. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with anyone liking anything that they like. Just not for me! That being said, I did try for a while to save money using bath towels at night with rubber pants. It worked great except that whole no blood flow to my legs and feet part!
  12. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I don't know. You read one place on line and they say it is a defect in the plastic on the machine, and other people say it is the rough fiber piercing the plastic as you move. I don't know what to believe. Maybe a little of both. All I know is when I am at work and look down to see a big wet patch on my pants in my crotch I am not happy.
  13. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I wear them to bed at night as they are the only ones that keep my bed dry...........but lately I have been finding pinhole issues in them in the morning when I get up and wet again. So I no longer trust them out in public and have reduced my purchasing to only two packs a month now for bedtime use only. Anyone else notice this pin hole issue after it has been wet once already?
  14. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    LOL yeah, I had been having lunch with this guy who works in a different department for several months. He is still in collage and was asking me about electronics as he was studying that at the time. I have a Google Acer c720 that I use at work and there are sometimes emails like from DD that show up. He sits across from me and I try hard to sit with my back to the wall so people can't see my screen. I had told him that I shoot for a fetish web page and had women over a lot on my days off to shoot with me. He was interested but never said much for some time. I think I made a comment about one of the models one time just in random conversation, and he kind of looked at me as if he knew the name I had brought up. I am not sure if it was Natalia Forest, or Rachelle Summers, or who it was now. This was a couple years ago. Anyhow he never said anything we finished eating and he left for his department and I went to mine to clock in. The next day he came to sit with me and kind of hesitated and then said "what fetish do you shoot?" I said "oh just random things.....stuff you probably would not be interested in because it is a very unique one that most people are not into but it pays good" I was not really wanting at that point to admit I was into it also. He looked me in the eye and said "What fetish is it?" I was taken back and said .....um...I shoot for Skymouse productions out of London, You wouldn't know it" He quietly then asked. "is it ABDL stuff?" I had no choice then but to say "well....yeah! How do you know about that?" he told me he was an ABDL and had all kinds of outfits etc. at home...and actually needed to know if he could order diapers and have them shipped to my house to make it easier to hide from his parents and sister. I did not know what to say at first other than sure I don't care. LOL The next day I asked him how he knew i might have been into it. And just said some of the comments you had made and names you dropped I was familiar with, and when you told me you were incontinent I just put it together in my head. We grew a little closer after that as friends and he comes over now and then to get his diapers he orders! That being said now, I no longer hide from my co-workers in my department that I am in diapers. But I don't tell them what content I used to shoot or that I really like being in them.
  15. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Come to think of it I know 3. One in Eastern PA on Facebook, One in Indiana on Facebook but married, and one I shoot with on occasion here in Ohio. As for you messaging her....I don't know.....are you on Facebook? The one in Eastern PA is closest to you. ha ha