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  1. Frustrated. In finding a thin diaper in plastic

    Also Northshore Supreme lite hold quite a lot and are fairly thin if your in the states.
  2. Boy/girl friends in Cleveland

    I am like minded if you mean in diapers 24/7 and like it! I am in Akron! But I am not an AB or a Daddy. But anyone who pees their pants or wears diapers is good people to me!
  3. My Dream Wife.

    Thank you to all of you! I have never written a story before, This was just something I wanted to try!
  4. The pictures on here are just bogus

    very true. I shoot with Kitty C. and she is an AB and a big time gamer. She wears when she plays all the time to make sure she doesn't have to get up to pee in battle.
  5. hello diaper and nappie lovers

    Hi and thanks, I am about to change my diaper soon as I am getting pretty wet here at work!
  6. Friend found out

    Yep, now that you told him you need diapers, you get to wear them every time the two of you are together! Sometimes a lie can make life better! LOL
  7. Depends are back in plastic!!!

    That is wonderful news.....though they still are not good quality, it is a step in the right direction, and hopefully others will follow suite and give us the good plastic backed diaper's back!
  8. Potty in diaper in public

    Standing in my bosses office talking to him while peeing in my diaper!
  9. My Dream Wife.

    I thought I would try my hand at writing a story and see how it went. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it. My Fantasy- Omorashi-Diaper Written by BobStewart/GalaxyPhotography Help with and Edited by Jess Kander It is late Sunday morning and we are on the road headed west. I look over to the passenger's side of the car as I admire the woman of my dreams singing along to the song playing on our car CD player while looking out the window. It is a nice late spring day. The sun is shining, the windows are down just enough to let in the cool morning air as well as all of the fresh country smells of cut grass, and flowers floating in the air. Kelly has brought along a mix CD we made of some of our favorite songs that we are singing along with in the car. We both like the ballads from Journey, BonJovi, etc. from back in the 70’s thru the 90’s. At this time of day traffic is light but starting to get heavier. Kelly is a beautiful blond, with traces of her roots beginning to return to their original natural dark brown color. I am thinking that she needs to get it touched up again soon. Her hair is down past her shoulders in length which is how I prefer it. She has it kind of feathered on the sides yet back from her face and then slightly curled on the edges and around the back. I like It that way as it really highlights her natural beauty that she has enhanced with just a touch of makeup. Just enough that it does not look fake or over the top. She is about 5 foot tall has retained her endearing British Accent despite having had 5 years of american influence on her linguistics. Her body is slender, and she has kind of wide hip bones. She is wearing dark blue very form fitting jeans that when she sits a certain way or stretches shows a little sexy cameltoe which is so hot. Her feet are in nice conservative red high heels, and her outfit is finished off with a nice low cut dark pink T-shirt that shows her flat belly. She is a simple girl. No ink, and just some lovely looking yet fake diamond earring studs in her ears. She has on the perfect red nail polish to match her lipstick and shoes. When she smiles her top front teeth have a small gap between them and I think it is cute. Her Eyes are a crystal blue, and with her eyeliner framing them, they really stand out. We are headed for a day of visiting antique dealers at a show on the fairgrounds in the next County over. It is about a 30 minute drive once you factor in the traffic through the two cities at either end of the trip. The Interstate highway is too far south from where we want to go, so we are taking the more scenic old state route which was the original East West route for this area. I like it better because we get to enjoy not only each other's company, but also the small communities and views of country living and small farm life along the way. It is now about 15 minutes later and we have now arrived at the fairgrounds. As we drive up the gravel road and then pull into the huge gravel parking lot we find it is really full. We end up having to park toward the back of the lot and actually onto the grass just off of the gravel area because we arrived late, the show started 2 hours ago. We get the car parked, and I ask her if she has everything, purse, etc. And she nods to me that she does. I lock the doors, take her hand and we walk toward the show. They are holding this show in the fair ground buildings so in case it would rain the vendors would be protected as well as those of us visiting. Each vendor has a few tables and a cash register at the end so you can shop and then pay for your goods before you leave for the next vendor. Kelly is taking her time looking at all of the things spread out on the tables. I tell her I am heading over to the tables in the back corner as I am looking for some old tools, and boiler parts from decades past and I will meet her around 2 at the furthest building down. She kisses me and says “good luck finding stuff baby”. I walk away headed for the cool tool stuff. I am not really sure what she is looking for. I would guess something for our house. As I continue to stroll from table to table on the huge fairgrounds complex carrying my bags of misc. tools and things I have purchased, I start getting a little hungry and look at my watch and I notice that it is almost 2 PM already. Kelly and I meet back up again toward the entrance to the last building on the far end of the fairgrounds. I found a few tools that I could use but no good boiler parts, and she found some books to read, and some cool antique dishes with pictures on them for the kitchen display shelf. She wants to check out one more table and say’s she will be right back as I finish up looking at an old Monkey Wrench from the 1930’s. I decide not to buy it, I set it back down and turn looking over toward her at the other table, I notice she is standing with her legs crossed tightly, and occasionally rocking back and forth. She then pace’s a couple steps forward and back and crosses one leg over the other. I know this sign, it means it is time to go. So I walk up to her and say “honey, I am getting pretty hungry! It is already after 2. ” She replies “I am hungry also, and I really need to pee.” (See we don’t use public bathrooms as they are so gross, Usually we both just wear diapers, but today she wanted to wear her tight jeans so she choose not to wear a diaper. Out here at the fairgrounds they only have a set of port-a-potties anyhow and they are worse than public bathrooms). She grabs a book she sees on the table, flips through it very quickly and heads to the checkout line. As we are in line she is pacing back and forth a little and can hardly stand still. Squeezing her legs tight together and occasionally she moves one of her bags from another vender in front of her body and reaches down behind it with her other hand and holds herself tightly in an attempt to keep from wetting her pants right there in line. As I watch her I am getting really turned on knowing at any moment she could lose it and piss her pants. All of the sudden I am jolted awake from my trance by the the person running the register saying “Sir…..SIR!!” and tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention. I was much more interested in what Kelly was doing and being really turned on watching her. I pay for her book, and grab the other bag and I take the ones she is carrying so she has nothing to hold onto and we head to the car which is a good 5 minute walk from where we ended up at the far building on the grounds. As we get to the edge of the gravel parking lot, about 8 rows of cars away from our car in the back she stops, grabs my arm and says “oh Honey, I wanted to at least make it to the car….I...I am pissing myself”. I look over at her waist and can see a dark wet patch spreading down her jeans from her nice now very wet crotch, down her legs, and slightly across the front of her jeans. There is also a small stream of piss now hitting the ground from the center of her crotch. As she shortly manages to stop peeing but the inseam of her jeans is now wet almost to her knees. I put my arm around her and walk with her next to me as we pass some people who are just coming in. They are looking at her pants and then up at me and then look away as I make eye contact with them. She asks me if I still have plans on stopping for lunch and I say “absolutely yes! I am starving” She says “ me too”. She smiles at me and says, “ you like?” I look at her, run my hand on her now wet butt cheek, and say “Oh god yes! Your awesome baby”. As we get to the car she stands next to me while I load the packages into the trunk, and she finishes peeing in her pants. I look at her as I watch the last little bit of urine cascades down her long sexy legs and drip off the bottom of her jeans onto the grass. I move my eyes slowly up her body to her face with a look of hunger in my eyes as I want her so bad right now. She smiles at me watching as I am almost drooling on myself knowing all too well I am extremely turned on by this. She takes her hand and rubs her crotch and down her leg spreading her pee more on her jeans. I walk over to her and pull her body close against mine and I kiss her. I can feel my jeans getting wet from her pee soaked pants pressing against me but I don’t care. I hold her and kiss her passionately. As I slip my tongue into her mouth and squeeze her tight against me she puts her hand around on my ass and pulls me to her. After a minute or so I lead her over to the car door and I unlock it, and then tell her to wait a second while I take the large plastic trash bag I keep in the car and I spread it out on the car seat. I then fold up one of the thick bath towels I keep in the car, lay it on the plastic bag for her to sit on for the ride home knowing full well this is only the beginning of a night I will enjoy to the fullest. She sits down on the seat and I buckle her in. I close her door and walk around to my side of the car. I think to myself This is one of the many things I love about her, the only one she wants to impress is me, and what others think of her does not matter, though it helps that we are about 30 miles from home and no one knows us out here. As we leave town headed home I am holding her hand and kissing it. I occasionally reach over and rub my hand on her wet legs and pussy just enjoying the awesomeness of her peed jeans. As we continue down the road, I spot a DQ ahead and I pull in to get us each a Burger, fried mushrooms, Vanilla ice cream and a couple large diet cokes. Obviously I have to go in to get the food while she waits in the car. My diaper is soaked as I have peed at least 2 times since putting it on at home, but my pants are still mostly dry. I purchase the food bring it out to the car and we sit there in the parking lot eating our lunch. The food is very tasty and the ice cream is starting to melt some. I pick up my spoon and hand feed her some ice cream. She laughs and it dribbles onto her chin. I lean over and gently wipe it off, and then kiss her sexy lips. This woman is so special, I would not trade her for the world. Mostly because she gets me. As I finish up my mushrooms she reaches for the radio to start the CD again that we were singing to on the way there this morning. She looks at me and smiles. My heart just melts. I would give her the world if she wanted it. And yet, she is completely happy with me just as I am and how I provide for her. Anyhow, time to get moving, we are finishing up our Coke’s as we head home. As we are driving and chatting about our day and the cool things we found. She says she has found a book at the fair that will keep her occupied for a very long time when I am at work. I respond “Oh? What’s it about?” She says “Oh…….girly things...You know...nothing you would be interested in!” she smiles at me “OH?” I ask? “Ha ha yeah, just things like whips and how to tie your woman to the bed” she laughs. I look over at her and say….”I would not be interested in that ah?” She smiles and replies “ ha ha I am just kidding, I know you know how to do that! I still remember from the other night. Actually it is a romance novel!” I look at her and she smiles at me. I smile back and reach for her hand, and bring it up to my lips, and I gently kiss the back of her hand and hold it. She grips my hand tightly and she goes back to singing along with the Journey ‘Don’t stop Believing’. It is now about 15 minutes into the ride and she taps me on the arm and points to her crotch as she is peeing her pants again. The towel is doing its job very well as I can see her urine stream as it exits through her jeans from between her legs at her awesome thigh gap, and is pooling on the towel before it soaks in, as well as wicking up on her jeans over the pockets at her waist just a little. She pulls my right hand over and pushes it between her legs as she spreads her legs wider letting me feel her warm wetness on her jeans. I am trying to pay attention to the road and driving as I began to rub round and round on her pussy as she is still peeing. I then start using my finger in a slight up and down stroke, working my way through her pussy, then slightly round and round on her clit through her jeans as she is completely soaking my fingers. I start to press and rub a little harder as she is finishing, She moans a little and says “that is really turning me on”. She holds onto my fingers and starts to press them harder against her pussy, and then she moves them as it feels the best. I am really getting turned on but trying to pay attention to the road and cars around me. I can feel my cock getting hard now as she is driving me crazy. I am about to cum in my diaper just from watching and feeling her, but I am able to keep my attention also on the road and traffic which is starting to get heavier. Thankfully that is keeping me from growing too excited so I can control myself. We stop at a red light, and I reach down with my left hand and rub my cock through my wet diaper and jeans and it feels so good. I look over at her and she is not even trying to keep composure even though there is traffic around us. She is so turned on she is beginning to yell out loud “Oh God….OH GOD…..OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO CUM”. She is squeezing my hand really tight and tensioning up her body. The seatbelt is the only thing keeping her on the seat. As we start to pull out from the green light she has stopped screaming. Her body relaxes and she starts to breathe normal again, looks me in the eye and says “I just came in my panties.” She smiles, leans over, pulls me toward her and kisses me. I move my right hand back to her crotch and feel her pee soaked jeans. Glancing over there is a little hint of white cream showing through the crotch. I ask her if she would just take her pants off and ride the rest of the way home in just her soaked panties. She says “…...If you want to diaper me will take my pants and panites off and ride home in just my shirt and a diaper with you, but these Victoria Secret bikini panties don’t cover enough….especially now that they are soaked. They might be see through…….oh and By the way these panties are yours now!” OMG I am so turned on right now.. I look at her and say “you are driving me crazy. GOD I want you right here right now so bad……...thank you baby, and yes I will be keeping those panties for ever!…...but sadly for me, I didn’t bring any diapers with us. But I will take you up on that offer in the near future for sure”. She looks at me and says “anytime you want baby, you know I like wearing diapers also”. I smile at her and blow her a kiss. I am trying to drive with my right hand on the steering wheel while with my left hand I have to reach down my pants and into my diaper to rearrange things to be more comfortable. As soon as I pull my hand out of my diaper, she reaches over and puts her hand down my pants and into my diaper and has starts playing with my cock. She is gently touching me, and slowly rubbing up and down my dick. I can feel myself getting really ready to cum. Honey I say to her “with me driving in this traffic, we really can’t play right now”. She says “Ok...then pull over in that shopping center parking lot. I had my turn to cum, now it is yours.” I can’t argue with that logic so I pull our car into the shopping center parking lot and find a spot in the back, she begins to unfasten my pants, and reaches her hand into my wet diaper. She takes off her seatbelt and says “baby the diaper has to go, it is too tight”. So turn and reach into the back seat and bring up the other bath towel, fold it up thick and slide it under me on the driver's seat for me to sit on. I slide my pants down toward my knees under the steering wheel, and she removes the tapes from my diaper and I raise my bottom up off the seat as she pulls it out from under me. As she rolls the diaper up and tosses it in the back seat, I pull my pants back up on me leaving them loose as I watch out the window for someone driving or walking near us. She grabs a hold of my now throbbing hard cock and begins to rapidly stroke me up and down, harder and harder and then stops, leans over and puts her mouth on my hard cock and with her tongue begins to move around the head of my cock and then she sucks on it. She moves her head and tongue up and down on my cock until I just can’t take it anymore and I tell yell out “OH God…….. I am going to cum!”. She pulls her mouth off of me, and cups her left hand over my dick as she strokes with her right hand until I explode with cum all over her hand. I collapse in the car seat as she reaches over and kisses me gently on the lips and says “I love you baby”. She pulls her hand away and wipes it off with a towel. As I relax and let myself recover, she gently lays my cock back facing down in between my legs, and fastens my pants. I put the car back in gear, Lean over and kiss her one more time and hold her hand as I pull out of the parking space. A short time later, I ended up getting a strong urge to pee and begin to wet my pants. I just relax and let it happen as I have little control now anyhow. I look down and can see the growing wet patch in my crotch and onto my legs as it soaks into the towel I am sitting on. “well, I guess you're not the only one with wet pants now dear” I say. She looks over at me, reaches her hand over and rubs on my jeans feeling my warm pee. She says “someone should be in just his diaper and a shirt so there would be no mess like this” and she smiles at me. I look her in the eye “ baby you know I would do it in a heartbeat with you, but I don’t have a diaper in the car”. She then responds with a sigh and says “ Gosh I can’t wait till we get home”. She smiles at me, and I smile back. As we continue on our journey home she turns up the radio loud as ‘Eye of the Tiger’ begins to play and we both start signing along to it and sort of dancing in our seat. It is now several minutes later and we are pulling into our driveway at home. I park the car in the driveway beside the house. Our house sits about 25 feet from the sidewalk on the street. I pulled the car in forward. There is a fence along the driveway from the house to the sidewalk. This means that we have to walk down the driveway toward the road, around the fence and onto sidewalk along the road to get to the front door. I get out of the car, go over and open her door for her, help her out, and then I walk back to the trunk to get our packages we bought, as she reaches in and grabs the soaked towels off the front seats and rolls them into the plastic bag I had her sitting on. I open the trunk and reach in to get our packages as she walks up and stands there beside me at the back of the car holding the balled up towels in the bag. As I start to lean over the back of the car to grab the first package, I hear the all too familiar splashing sound of liquid hitting the ground. I turn my head in her direction and she is standing there at the back of the car peeing her pants again. There is now a puddle running toward my feet from hers, I turn around and look behind me and I see traffic driving past us on the road in plain view. I look at her right in the eye and tell her “You are so damn HOT, I want you right here right now!” I reach over to touch her soaked pussy, where her jeans are now sticking tightly to her body, outlining every detail of her lovely legs and mound as jeans do when they are wet. She backs up and pushes me away, saying “Not here People driving past and can see us……….you know……. It looks as though I can’t be trusted to go without a diaper on. You need to fix that.” Then she smiles and says “just remember our deal……...I pee my pants and wear diapers for you, and you take care of me in the bedroom!” I say bad girls that pee their pants might just end up with a spanking also! she winks at me and smiles really big, then starts walking toward the street to go around the fence at the entrance to the driveway, and up to the front door and stands there waiting for me. I am just standing here in total awe at this very sexy woman as I watch her cute ass and long sexy legs walking away in her tight pee soaked jeans. I grab the packages, close the trunk, walk up and unlock the door and open it. As we walk in, I let her in first. She kicks off her wet shoes and stands on the tile at the door entrance as I close the door behind us. She is waiting for me to take her into the bathroom and clean her up. I set the packages down, and take the wet towels from her hands and head to the basement door where I toss them down the steps to be dealt with later. In the bathtub we have one of those shower heads you can remove from the wall and hold in your hand and move around your body, so I go into the bathroom, turn on the hot water and adjust it to a warm but comfortable setting. I leave the water on and go into the bedroom and light some candles, turn on some soft romantic music, turn up the furnace to make it warm in the house, then I head to the front door to get her. I pick her up legs over my one arm, and her back/ butt on my other as she puts her arms around my neck to brace herself. I carry her into the bathroom so that she does not walk dripping pee from her jeans onto the carpet. I stand her in the bathtub and take my hands and touch her. I gently rub my hands on her legs, over her pussy, and around on her tiny flat, but adorable ass through her soaked jeans. She spreads her legs and lets me play and feel all that I want to until I am satisfied and have enjoyed her enough. I take the shower head in my hand and began to rinse off her jeans as she pulls off her T-shirt and bra and tosses it across the room. I unbutton her jeans and run the warm water down the inside of her pants and onto her panties. I then peel (with her help) the jeans off of her body and continued to rinse them and hang them on a towel rack to drip dry into the tub. I then pull her pink soaked Victoria Secret bikini panties out a little from her smooth flat belly and run water down the front to try to help rinse out her panties, The water is pouring out through her panties and down her legs. It is warm and just a little pressure. as I take my other hand and run my finger up and down her clit. I then stop as she looks a little turned on spreading her legs more and holding onto the shower wall. I then slowly remove her panties and hang them to dry also for me. I rinse her pussy off and her legs. I turn the shower attachment up and with slow up and down motion I let the water jets hit her pussy as she begins to lean back, spread her legs a little and then says “That feels really good”. I keep playing there as she gets more and more turned on. I put the shower on the hook and then remove my shirt and step into the tub with her. I rinse myself off and then run the water down my jeans to get the pee off of me also. I take my jeans off and hang them up to drip dry with her stuff, and I lean over and kiss her lips and hold her tightly against me. I run my hand down her ribs and around the front of her body,...this time slowly running my finger up into her. I begin feel around for her G spot as I kiss her neck and chin and with my other hand hold her tight against me with the warm shower water on us. As I feel inside her pussy, I bend my finger back toward her belly and I can feel the slightly rough spot that I need to gently rub as I continue kissing her neck, she begins to grab onto me and I slide my finger in and out of her pressing gently on the front of her body from inside her. She says “OMG I am going cum”. I say “ let go baby, do whatever you need to do. Let it out... cum for me”. I can feel her juices running down my finger from her pussy as she begins to tension up, and I feel the familiar warmth as a little urine escapes her bladder. She wraps her arms around me and hangs on tight as she cums again. She kisses me then she slowly backs up and takes her hand and holds onto my cock slowly rubbing up and down on it making me burn with passion for her. I am so hard and turned on right now, as she is slowly bringing me to the point of cumming. Just before I get there, I take her hand off of me before it is too late. I turn around and shut the water off and try hard to think about something other than her naked body there with me and how turned on I am. I step out of the shower and I take her by the hand and walk both of us still dripping wet into the bedroom and lay her on her back on the bottom part of the bed. The candles are burning, and smell so nice in the room. The music is Low, soft, and romantic. It is soft Jazz without Lyrics to distract us. I reach over and pick up the body lotion and spread some on my hands to warm it up and I begin to rub her legs and feet. I work my way up her legs and inner thighs to her luscious juicy smoothly waxed pussy adding just enough lotion to keep my hands sliding smoothly over her body as I work the lotion into her skin, massaging up her legs and inner thighs then stopping just short of touching her pussy. I spread her legs apart more and then lay my body gently down working my way on top of hers by kissing her belly and working my way up to her neck, and then her ears, and around to her sexy lips. I begin to french kiss her as I squeeze her tightly with my arms while my now throbbing hard cock is laying right against her warm wet pussy and my pre-cum is beginning to dribble on her lower belly. I rock myself back and forth with my hard dick sliding into and out of her slit. When I feel myself getting close, so I stop moving, and then kiss her neck and shoulders, and slowly work my way down to her breasts where I then rest a moment sucking and licking on her now very hard nipples. I roll my tongue around them and then put my lips on them and suck slightly as I pull away, then when her nipple drops from my lips, I go back and lick around them more..then onto the other one. I slowly back myself off of her and with my fingernails I very lightly trace a line around both of her nipples, and onto the center of her chest where I spread all of my fingers out on both hands covering her entire chest area and in just a slight tickling fashion I move down her body and around her belly button then onto her pussy. She tightens her muscles with a combination of of feelings as it tickles a little, but also is relaxing, and is keeping her turned on and wet. I spread my hands apart and place one hand on each inner thigh and then continue down each leg to her feet. Spending time very lightly tickling her legs all the way up and down inside and out, I then begin to focus on her inner thigh muscle making light movement up to her pussy and then returning to her knee on both legs. Every time I get close to her pussy she seems to move and tension up just a little. I see her wetness actually slowly oozing out of her pussy and down toward the bed. I begin to kiss and slightly lick her left ankle and up her left leg on the inside of her thigh to the top, where I stop, kiss her pussy and then return back down to her right foot and start again. I kiss and lick slowly up the inside of her leg, and her inner thighs to her pussy and then stop and rest my tongue on her pussy taking her juices into my mouth. I go back and do more light touching of her legs and belly all around her pussy just missing it, but circling and teasing her, making her want me more. I gently raise her legs up in the air and bend her knees spreading her legs and resting her feet on the edge of the mattress. I lay myself down on the bed and have my face now right on her pussy and I begin to kiss and then lick and suck on her pussy. Working my way up the sides, and then right up the middle of her slit, I find her juices are tasting really good as she spreads her legs very wide giving me full access to what I want. I bring my tongue down lower, as I dig deep inside of her with the tip of my tongue and then work my way back to the top in a fast side to side motion sort of flicking her pussy lips as I move up and begin spending time on her clit. As I lick, kiss and suck on her pussy she is driven to orgasm again. I feel her squeeze her legs against my head as there is a sudden release of juices onto my mouth and onto my chin and her body is all tensed up hard as she begins to moan, then grabs my hand and squeezes it hard. I slowly back off to catch my own breath as she needs to rest now for a moment to recover. I then keep in mind that some time ago she made up a rule that I have to wait until bedtime before I can cum in her. And knowing that I am only good for two cum’s a day, I know I must wait now as it is not bedtime yet. Though right now it is taking all of the will power I have seeing her lying there naked, her smooth sexy skin on her long legs leading up to smoothly waxed heavenly mound. I want so much to take my throbbing hard cock, and press it into her dripping wet pussy and fill her full of my cum. She is laying there with her legs still spread just completely relaxed in ecstasy. But her rule is, She gets to cum as much as she wants and I have to make it happen for her. Pretty much almost every time she pees her pants during the day or night, or fills a diaper full, I have to changer her, clean her up, and then part of the job if she is in the mood is for me to make her cum without using my cock. She is not a fan of toy’s though we do have one that I occasionally bring out. Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder she is always so relaxed! I turn around and reach over to get the diaper wipes off the dresser and wipe her bottom, pussy, and legs, to try to clean her up from the mess we made. She is just laying there and can’t hardly move. I reach in our diaper drawer and pull out a nice thick Confidry 24/7 diaper and some body powder. I open the diaper up. I raise her bottom up and slide the diaper under her. I then apply a gentle coating of powder to her bottom, and around her pussy and legs. I use my hand to spread it out as to try to protect and cover all parts of her. I wipe the powder off of my finger so it is clean and then I run my finger in her pussy from the bottom to the top slowly and gently just reminding her that I am in control right now and she is mine, and then lick my finger to get one last taste of her before I diaper her up. I spread her legs apart and pull the diaper up between her legs, I push her legs back toward each other and take the front of the diaper one one side and wrap it tightly around her hip, then pull the back side up and tape the bottom tape. Then I repeat the process on the other side. Then I pull the back up and tightly tape the top tapes on. Now she is nice and snuggle fit into the diaper. I walk out of the room and grab her bra and T-shirt and bring it back in, I sit her up and hand them to her. she puts her bra and T-shirt back on. I reach for another diaper wipe and clean my my mouth and face the best I can, she reaches over with her hand and wipes some of the pre-cum off of my still hard cock. She holds onto it tightly and says, “this is mine as soon as I fill this diaper full” and then stands up and kisses me. She says “I love you baby.” She looks at the clock on the wall......”Oh It is time for me to start dinner.” She gets up, puts her flip flops on and walks out of the room and heads for the Kitchen. I watch her cute diaper butt wiggle as she walks away and around the corner out of sight. I grab a Northshore Supreme diaper and put it on myself. I blow the candles out, turn off the music, Put on a Tee shirt and head out of the room. For the next few hours I get to watch her walk around the house in just a diaper and a shirt. My god this woman is so hot. She looks so adorable in that diaper. Her long sexy legs bare and smooth. I go into the kitchen and walk up behind her and smack her bottom with my hand on her diaper. Kiss her cheek and then head back out of the kitchen. I go into the living room and turn on the tv to watch an old episode of Adam 12. After a while I start to smell onions, and other spices as she is busy in the kitchen. The next commercial comes on and I get up and go peek in on her as she is standing at the counter cutting away and mixing stuff, and I notice her diaper is wet between her legs as she is standing there working. I go back into the living room and sit back down on the couch and watch tv. she comes in and sits down with me and says “dinner is in the oven baby”. I hold her in my arms and kiss her. A half hour goes by as we both are kind of tired, snuggled up on the couch. The next thing I know She is tapping me on the arm and saying “wake up baby, we fell asleep and the oven timer woke me up”. I stand up and almost immediately get that sudden urge that is so strong I can’t hold it and I start peeing in my diaper. This is typical of my OAB/urge incontinence that I now have. She walks in and gets dinner out of the oven and puts together the salad and other things and brings it into the dining room table. I set the table with our plain white plates and bowls and silverware and I sit down. She made a roasting Chicken and stuffed it with Stove Top dressing mix and a salad and red skinned potatoes with butter and garlic. She brings in a pitcher of water and says “half of this is yours, we can’t get up till we drink it all. It is very important that we stay well hydrated both for our health and our diapers!” This is also her plan to keep me from eating so much and making me lose weight which I need to do. I fill up on water first, then get to eat the food and I don’t want as much. At least in theory...though sometimes depending on what it is, I still can pack away quite a lot. It smells so good I could almost taste it from the aroma in the air. We begin to eat and take the first bite of chicken as it pretty much falls off the bone and is dripping in its own juices from baking in the oven, I look over at her and say “ wow sweetheart, this is so good. I am the luckiest man alive” She blushes and says “oh stop it. You are too good to me. I was thinking tomorrow when you're at work I will……..” All of the sudden She stops and looks down at her legs, looks up and smiles..”I did it!” she says “I am so comfortable with diapers now that I actually just sat here and peed in my diaper while talking and eating! I also peed earlier making dinner. I did not even think about letting it out either time. I felt I had to go and I relaxed and it just came out. I think I am finally getting diaper trained like you want.” I give her a high 5 and say “that's my girl.” We laugh and go back to eating. I look over at her “oh...you started to say something a moment ago? You were going to go somewhere while I was at work?” She looks at me with a puzzled look..then says “oh….Oh yeah.. HA HA! I need to get some new sheets for our bed, and window blinds that keep the light out for the bedroom windows so we can sleep in longer in the summer mornings”. “Ah yes, That is a great idea baby, With us both wearing diapers with a booster in them to bed at night, We don’t have any reason to get up all until we want to, That way the sun won’t wake us up too early” I say. A few minutes later we have finished eating and I am helping her clear the table and she is starting the dishes. Kelly has a small bladder so she pees a lot, but not a lot at a time. So it will take quite a while for her to fill up that Dry 24/7 diaper I put on her. I think I should have put a thin Tranquility ATN or even Pampers size 6 on her instead though I am not personally a fan of baby diapers, she can fit in them and they work for her. I remember a few weeks ago she decided to go hiking in the national park with several others. She had tight very short shorts that she wanted to wear which would mean she would have to either show her diaper, or just pee her pants on the trail while walking with 14 other people. I suggested she wear Pampers, and she said let's try them. I drove to CVS and bought a package of size 8 Pampers underjams pull ups. She took one out of the bag and put it on and it fit her perfectly. Slightly tight but not bad at all. She was able to pee one time in it with no leaks at all. And the second time she peed in it a tiny bit over flowed the diaper and dripped down her leg. But not so much as to be an issue wearing shorts. She was happy with that solution. When she returned home she told me this: she wore the Pampers under her very tight shorts, and no one could even tell. She peed one time on the hike and it filled up the diaper and it swelled quite large so that there was now a noticeable bulge in the crotch of her shorts. But honestly it looked more like a period pad than a diaper at this point. She stepped behind a tree, slid the shorts down just a little to they were not so tight on her crotch which then left a little of the top showing. She rolled the top of the diaper down and tucked it under her shorts just incase her shirt rode up if she bent over for something. Upon returning to the car after the hike was over, most of the people shot for the single stall nasty bathroom/port-a-potty there. As Kelly arrived at our car, one of the ladies there came out of the bathroom and struck up a conversation with her. Not wanting to be rude, and not really having to be home for a while, she stood there and talked. For quite some time with her. Soon she needed to pee again and the need was getting bad. She remembered she had a diaper on and just let it go. She forgot she had already peed in the diaper and soon there was a small but solid stream of pee falling from her shorts alongside her leg and hitting the ground as the diaper was already saturated and could take no more. About the time she realized what was happening, the woman she was talking to looked down and noticed. Kelly was not sure what to say, so she said nothing for a moment trying to get her pee to stop coming out. The woman looked her right in the eye and said..”Oh...you have that problem also? Don’t worry honey, I wear poise pads all the time because I can’t hold my bladder well either. Kelly said, “yes, thank you. I should probably get home now”. The lady agreed and said bye. Kelly sat in the car not realizing that her totally soaked diaper also could not handle the pressure of her sitting on it. She sat down and entire bottom of her diaper squeezed all of the pee in it out onto the car seat, her shorts, and even onto the carpet in the car. She did not really even realize it was happening until she got almost home and happened to have an itch on her leg. She pulled her hand back up and it was wet. So we don’t use Pampers much unless she is only going to be gone long enough for one pee and then back home. Anyhow, now that things are cleaned up She walks into the living room to sit down and I say “ Baby I just remembered that I forgot to bring in a package from the car with your books in it.” She said “oh no problem baby, I will get them.” She opens the door, walks out on the front porch, down the walkway to the sidewalk along the road, around the fence and then up the driveway to the car in just her diaper and T-shirt. OMG how freaking hot is that? I hear a couple cars drive past and I just know they had to have seen her. I look out the window and she is taking her good old time walking back up to the house and comes back in closes the door, and sets the small box down on the coffee table. She comes over and sits beside me on the couch. It is StarTrek night, and we tune in as it is just starting, I turn so I am sitting with my legs spread laid back on the couch, My right leg against the back of the couch straight out, and my left leg is shifted over so my knee is bent and my foot is on the floor. She comes over and sits between my legs with her back against my diaper and her head on my chest both facing the tv. I put my right hand on the top of her diaper and around her belly and hold her left hand in mine. As we are watching the program I had to go again and so I started wetting my diaper. She sits up, and turns around and says “wow I felt your diaper getting hot, you must be peeing! LOL” I said “yes I am!” She giggles reaches around and grabs my diaper and squeezes it a little, pats my diaper and then turns back around and we go back to watching the show. It is now 90 minutes later, and the Star Trek episode is over as well as Two Broke Girls that came on directly after. She gets up and then stands really still. She says“sorry baby, I tried to pee while laying there on the couch but couldn’t do it like you do.” I look down at her diaper and watch as the front of her diaper fills up really full. “oh baby, looks like your diaper is full enough now for me to change you!” I say. She says“nope! Not yet it is isn’t, there is still plenty of room in this diaper!” She winks at me, reaches down and pats my diaper, and walks into the kitchen to get us a snack. She comes back in with some Cashews and dark chocolate that we both munch on a little. She snuggles back onto my chest and we turn the channel trying to find something to watch. Friends in on so I leave the channel there and set the remote down. Friends is not one of her favorite shows, but she is ok with it. She knows I like Courtney Cox, and honestly there is nothing else on. She rolls over pulls my right leg away from the couch some and then lays on me with body straddling my right leg. Her diaper and crotch is just above my knee, and her head on my chest. She is relaxed and getting tired. She put her arms around my back between me and the back of the couch arm I am lying against, and snuggles in. I kissed the top of her head as that is all I could reach from this position. Soon she is actually snoring lightly and I am afraid to move. I don’t want to wake this sleeping beauty. I rest my right arm on her back in an attempt to hold her and comfort her. I continue watching the show and while I am actually a little uncomfortable now, I don’t want to wake her. The next episode comes on and she is now sound asleep. I feel her moving a little like muscle twitches as she is dreaming. I try to stay really still and just rest my hand on her to cuddle her. I go back to watching the show when all of the sudden I feel my right leg getting really warm, and now a feeling of something moving down over it. It feels wet…. and an odd warmth under my leg spreading. It startles me and I jump a little which in turn woke her up. I gently rub her her and say “honey..Wake up” She raises her head up “what?” I reply “I think you peed again…and it leaked out of your diaper”. she says….”I did?....I...OMG I dozed off?” She sits up on her knees then stands up, and her diaper on the outside and my leg is soaked. Pee starts running down her legs from the saturated diaper, and there is also now a good sized wet spot on the couch under my leg just above my knee headed both toward my diaper and down toward my knee. She looks at me puzzled feels her diaper as she is trying to wake up. I say “ See honey, I told you your diaper was too full”. she says “ha ha, well maybe it was!....... Wow, I remember now…. I was actually dreaming we were standing in the parking lot of Target, I don’t know why were there because you did not have any packages or anything…. but I had to pee bad and you told me it was ok to just pee my pants and remember relaxing and letting it out and looking down and seeing it on my pants as you woke me up. it seems in reality I peed in my sleep also. I have not done that in a few months…..OMG. I guess I need to be in diapers all the time now.” I agree with her by shaking my head. I said “that has been my plan all along for you. You should always be in diapers” as I smile and get up to turn the TV and the living room light off. I take her hand and walk her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. I slightly spread her legs and bend her knees again so I can take her diaper off. I remove the tapes from her soaked diaper, and pull it down trying to rub any excess pee from her pussy and off of her bottom. I lift her bottom and pull the diaper out from under her. I roll the diaper up, tape it together so it stays in a ball, and toss it into the diaper pail. I put my face in her crotch and began to lick her pussy clean. I lick deep and hard on her clit, and rub her inner thighs and legs with my hands, I move my tongue again up and down the sides of her pussy and slide my right hand under my chin so I can insert my finger into her pussy while my tongue concentrates on her clit. Soon I haver her climaxing again. I look up and over her pussy to her face and say…."well, that is number 3 today”! I slowly back away and let her rest a moment. I stand up and remove my wet diaper, and then straddle her with my now hard cock and allow it to just lightly touch her pussy. I begin to move my body back and forth causing the head of my hard cock to rubbing up and down in her pussy on onto her clit. As I do this I am getting her juices all over me. I grab my dick and push it down into her hole, and gently push myself into her and then pull it back out and slide it up the inside of her pussy to the top spreading her cum and my pre-cum all over her. After I am well lubricated I take hold of her legs and pull them a little wider and pull her bottom up off of the bed just a little. I lower my rock hard dick down and then again slide it in her pussy. I slowly began to gently push myself into her. Slowly working in and out as I collect her juices on my cock and get her accustomed to me being there. She looks at me and says “Oh baby, I want you so bad….I want your dick shoved in me and I want you to pump me full of your cum”. I push harder and slide myself all the way in her. My balls are now against her butt hole as I am fully in her. She reacts with “oh baby, I can feel you all the way to my belly button...Oh my God, OH MY GOD” I begin to slide my dick in and out, in and out…. I move in and out of her harder. I feel her squeeze her muscles tight around my rock hard dick and I can feel myself getting ready to cum. Soon her muscles contract again and I feel the pressure in me build and build to the point of no return. I let out a slight yell as I say “I'm cumming baby” as I explode with my load into her pussy and then collapse on top of her as I finish pumping her full of my hot cum. I kiss her and tell her I love her. she says loves me too. I lay there for a couple minutes, my cock is still in her and growing relaxed now. Then I slowly pull myself out of her. Knowing we are both sensitive now, I am very careful to be slow and easy. I crawl up in bed beside her and hold her for a while as we snuggle and rest. After a while we get up and go into the bathroom again and into shower to wash off. We lather each other up and rinse and then dry each other. I look her in the eye and tell her“Kelly, You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I love you so much” She kisses me and says “aww thank you baby, I love you too more than words can say”. We head back into the bedroom, and she lays on the bed and I put her in a Northshore supreme diaper with a booster, and I put myself in the same. We put on a t-shirt and socks and crawl into bed. I turn the light off, and she snuggles up against me and we drift off to sleep diapered and relaxed after a perfect day. The end!
  10. Diapers 24/7??

    I have been 24/7 for over 7 years now. Pros....Everything. I love it, I started with thin diapers like Tranquility ATN's, and they were good 90% of the time, but sometimes failed and leaked....The final straw was a city bus ride home, standing up from the seat to find my entire rear end soaked in pee and the bus seat...that is when I stopped using the thin cheap diapers and went to only high quality ones like Northshore supreme, or Dry24/7. I love it. The two biggest negatives for me is the occasional red itchy area's on my thighs in hot weather requiring cream to heal when it hurts, and the noise in a super quiet office setting is noticeable.....though I found if I carry a plastic grocery bag with something in it like my lunch..Bannana, can of soup etc. then the bag makes more noise when I move than my diaper and people can't tell. I work in a noisy environment now so that is not an issue. I love the thick bulge and thigh gap, the feeling of a warm damp diaper, and the convenience to pee anywhere I need to anytime. I used to really love standing talking to someone, or standing in the store looking at a can of food and just letting go and know one but me know I was peeing. Though I will say...after 7 years of just letting go....I now find I can't hold it anymore very well. And I seem to get sudden and very strong urges. I find myself at times letting go with out thought which is kind of cool!
  11. Leaking diaper whilst sitting. Advice?

    I agree 100% though i must drink way more coffee and water than you. I go through 4 to 5 diapers in 24 hours. But you are right....you get what you pay for......yet you save money by paying more. One other thing I have noticed is that when I first started wearing diapers/nappies for my UK friends, I would flood the diaper because I could not just easily pee until I had to go real bad. Then the diaper could not absorb it fast enough and it would leak. Now that I have been 24/7 for several years, I pee more often but less at a time so the diaper can absorb more and actually can hold more before leaking. I am now diagnosed with urge incontinence and Nocturia (peeing several times at night) so I need diapers. Sadly my insurance won't cover them, so I now spend quite a lot on them out of my own pay check! But as i say, they last longer because they are top quality, and I go less at a time but more often so my urine can soak into the padding.
  12. Leaking diaper whilst sitting. Advice?

    I agree 100% though i must drink way more coffee and water than you. I go through 4 to 5 diapers in 24 hours. But you are right....you get what you pay for......yet you save money by paying more.
  13. Leaking diaper whilst sitting. Advice?

    What I find is there is a huge differance in diaper/nappy quality, and you get what you pay for. If I wear a Tranquility ATN I can pee once sitting down, and if I wet again, it usually leaks badly because the front of it is already saturated and it can't take more. My rear end forms a block for Dam so my urine has no where to go but up and leaks out. Now If I wear an I.D. Slip I can pee 2 times sitting....sometimes even 3 if I don't flood heavy because the padding can take more and more and soaks it up well. I also find the Wellness Superio Brief while not real strong for long time wearing, it is very fast at wicking up your urine and so seldom leaks until it is full. So in short, Fit is #1. You have to have the right fit and have it on tight. #2 the type of padding and how much/cost of the diapers. That being said.....I can't even pee once in a Depend brief with out a leak sitting down. Also for some reason the car seat seems to cause more issues with me than a chair in the house. There are only certain diapers I can wear in the car and not have issues. I also find adding a booster to the diaper, allows the urine to not pool as much so the diaper has time to absorb it. And I wear 24/7 and have for 7 years. I love it and don't ever want to give up diapers.
  14. Wicking Problem?

    I find if I use a booster inside my diaper, I can get "more" wicking to the back than just the diaper, and it extends the amount of time I can wear the diaper before needing to change....But still most of the back of the diaper is dry unless I am standing or sleeping on my back. The biggest issue I have is because both at work and at home, and driving..I am sitting, so I don't get all the use out of my diapers the same as you.
  15. Kind of surprised there isn't more of us

    I find people either don't mind diapers and pants peeing, or they absolutely hate it. I know several people I have met either dating or other wise.....I have more balls than most people when it comes to my diapers and after I get to know someone I just lay it on the table..i wear diapers...I have people respond with "EWWW, that is disgusting! you pee on yourself?" And others have surprised me by saying...."well you have to do what you have to do". One girl I met and was sort of interested in actually had serious Lactose intolerance and food allergies. She also was a very heavy party girl....so peeing herself or worse was something she was used to. I got her to even wear a diaper around me and she had no problem with it. I met a woman at the local doughnut store here and after a few days of chatting I let her know I was shooting for the fetish web pages on the side. She looked at me and told me she had a friend who was an AB, and then she looked me right in the eye and said I don't do diapers, but there are a lot of people who are kind of into peeing themselves. That being said, I would venture say with the sales of Adult diapers skyrocketing and even more and more companies opening up selling them that are probably quite a few who just don't let anyone know they wear them at night, or on car trips, etc. But I agree also there is just something really nice about a warm wet diaper against your skin. I sit here now in my soaked night time diaper.